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This decision took Ukraine off the podium 😳

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • ahchiu9
    ahchiu9 Month ago +62348

    I've always felt he should have gotten credit for the dismount but with lots of execution errors

    • Dolores Chansey
      Dolores Chansey 25 days ago

      @Aush Begosh for scoring they call it a dismount unless you are completely over the horse, then they call it a fall. That's the rules.

    • Dolores Chansey
      Dolores Chansey 25 days ago

      @ChrisAndCats no falling, he slipped.

    • John Renz Mercurio
      John Renz Mercurio 28 days ago +2

      He might be the greatest but he's not perfect

    • Eco STW
      Eco STW Month ago

      Yeah I always felt the same, that damn dismount man…..

    • poop on my chest  (Cussyclopping)
      poop on my chest (Cussyclopping) Month ago +1

      Yeah it looks like a mistake but a hell of an effort

  • DGXD 2008
    DGXD 2008 Month ago +27880

    Personally I think they shouldn’t have excluded his dismount when scoring him but instead subtract points from the execution because it was pretty sloppy and flawed.

    • lickmywookie
      lickmywookie 18 days ago

      only reason he got credit is he hit handstand, and corrected his direction....just a deduction for that

    • Mr. Serious
      Mr. Serious 28 days ago

      @Crystal M I don't get what you're trying to get at with that second paragraph. That's how competitive sports especially ones like these are, it doesn't matter how perfect you are most of the time when practicing or whatever if you make a mistake on stage that's it, better luck next time which should be easy enough if they're as skilled as you say. Not shitting on him for his mistake just saying it's unfair for the other teams to play favoritism like that.

    • Crystal M
      Crystal M 28 days ago

      I do think that almost any other gymnast in that situation would have lost total control of the dismount. The fact that he kept any control AND managed to land on his feet deserves to be recognized and respected.
      It’s also well known that he could slay that routine 99 times out of 100 compared to the other two teams - so for his country to lose out entirely on a medal - JUST because of that routine….. I understand why it was looked at a second time.

    • JxWE2009
      JxWE2009 29 days ago

      @Mr. Seriousshoot it’s better than what I can do lol

    • D S
      D S Month ago +2

      ​@Lark Mancer right and that's why he got a really low score once they correctly counted the points after initially taking off points for a rule violation that never happened. That's.... What they say in the video.

  • Jennifer Oviawe
    Jennifer Oviawe Month ago +23814

    I think because it wasn't controlled, it should partially count.
    Thank you everyone. I did a lot of gymnastics, so I'm not just talking out my neck.

    • Khan
      Khan 8 days ago

      Why would you talk out of your neck and not your mouth?

    • Thanatos
      Thanatos 20 days ago +1

      ​@Matthew Hines Are you familiar with the rules and code of points for both men's and women's gymnastics? The only time I can ever think of a skill getting partial credit would be if a gymnast needed a C dismount but competed a B.

    • Cj Money
      Cj Money 26 days ago

      @Matthew Hineseven by definition fly means travel through the so a flying squirrel by definition is actually no its not propelling itself through the air, but gliding which is synonymous with flying.

    • Cj Money
      Cj Money 26 days ago

      @Matthew Hinesyoure like a doctor arguing the difference between throat and trachea.

  • Антон Симановский

    To be fair,this dismount looked more like he fell and tried to improvise that fall into a failed dismount.

    • Nia
      Nia 17 days ago

      ​@StarWarsomania actually it would be more like when u don't know the answer but randomly stumble into it but you don't actually know how to show your work

    • 猫Crazzy
      猫Crazzy 27 days ago

      @sarah shaw that was also writen in the rule page
      And that only mean he lost points and not that it doesn't count as a dismount

    • sarah shaw
      sarah shaw 27 days ago

      @猫Crazzy he didn’t even land facing the right way nor with his feet next to each other. He quickly turned his body and told upright.

    • 猫Crazzy
      猫Crazzy 27 days ago

      @sarah shaw actually the comments that I see being told by actual gymnastics said it was a dismount
      I just saw the rules in the regional rules and there it was said that if landed oblique there would be points taken
      Normally it should be adjacent but if not the points will be taken which was his case
      I'm not a gymnastics but that's what I understand when reading the rules

    • sarah shaw
      sarah shaw 27 days ago

      @猫Crazzy I mean believe what you want but I don’t see these same comments you talk of. And I also see that the said person doesn’t dismount within the rules. The rules the judges follow. Japan threw a hissy fit so nobody wanted to look any further into it.

  • Kate Sclabassi
    Kate Sclabassi Month ago +4437

    While I think they should give him partial credit for the dismount, the look on Uchimura's face makes it pretty clear he was not happy with how he performed.

    • Masked Angel
      Masked Angel Month ago

      @Wizard Syndicate I don't think you know who I'm talking to lmao.
      Edit: I'm so confused about your comment so what the original reply said??

    • Wizard Syndicate
      Wizard Syndicate Month ago +2

      @Masked Angel he said no shit because he did get a lower score on the dismount…

    • Masked Angel
      Masked Angel Month ago +4

      ​@ɪ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ᴋɴᴏᴡ :D I don't know who says "yeah no shit" to strangers unless my intention is to be rude lmao. But the original commenter was giving their opinion and they seemed really upset just with the general observation in the second half .

    • ɪ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ᴋɴᴏᴡ :D
      ɪ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ᴋɴᴏᴡ :D Month ago +6

      ​@Satirics that's probably how they talk, and their intentions wasn't to become rude or anything that's considered bad.

    • umrasangus
      umrasangus Month ago +5

      ​@carson jeez, those lonely balls seem to be loading lots of stress

  • Ra'heli Da`Nubian
    Ra'heli Da`Nubian Month ago +1690

    Way to fight for your athlete coach!

    • crafting mac
      crafting mac 15 days ago

      @I Fly Kaya wahhhh wahhh 😢

    • I Fly Kaya
      I Fly Kaya 15 days ago

      @crafting mac .. I was discussing why this behavior from a coach isnt a vibe and used my 10 year old self as an example… meanwhile you’re throwing a temper tantrum because you have no real point or opinion.

    • I Fly Kaya
      I Fly Kaya 16 days ago

      @crafting mac Well now we both know that you’re the one crying about it because you can’t come up with anything more intelligent to say than “cry about it”. Chronically online much?

    • crafting mac
      crafting mac 16 days ago

      @I Fly Kaya cry about it

  • GoodPersonTestDotCom
    GoodPersonTestDotCom Month ago +498

    I'm not a gymnast but to my untrained eye it looks very sloppy ans like an accident, and I can understand why they chose not to give him the points.

    • Miko_
      Miko_ Month ago +5

      ​@Ptoktedia he can but he doesn't understand

    • Ptoktedia
      Ptoktedia Month ago +24

      @Pointless Guy can you read?

    • Pointless Guy
      Pointless Guy Month ago +3

      But really you dont know anything about it do you

  • Genji
    Genji Month ago +96

    Man really put Ukraine in the title for the views

    • frog
      frog 2 days ago

      ​@Kaliana Ke-Leibner but he only put #Ukraine not Japan or any other country he was up against

    • Kaliana Ke-Leibner
      Kaliana Ke-Leibner 4 days ago

      Since he went to second place that knocks Ukraine into 4th and off the podium. He’s right though

    • pucci
      pucci 26 days ago +1

      I mean Ukrainians are great gymnasts.

    • Kristel Mpone
      Kristel Mpone 27 days ago

      Thank you! Like ... wth? 🥴

    • MrAnderson
      MrAnderson Month ago +8

      smh u right

  • Kait Cervi
    Kait Cervi Month ago +625

    That's wasn't a dismount, that was, in the words of buzz lightyear, falling with style. He didn't land in line with his last hand placement, nor was he facing the long side of the horse.

    • Kait Cervi
      Kait Cervi Month ago

      @nono7105 omg duh, of course it was!

    • no no
      no no Month ago +2

      @SoloingYaVerse I don't remember that.

    • SoloingYaVerse
      SoloingYaVerse Month ago +4

      ​@no nothen buzz at the end of the movie, byt when buzz said it, it was a call back and had a more meaningful impact so that's why people remember that but not Woody's jab/joke

    • no no
      no no Month ago +6

      It was Woody that said that.

    • Kait Cervi
      Kait Cervi Month ago +16

      @TheRobotello well a good few of us know the sport well. I was a competitive gymnast then a coach then a judge so yah I'd say I understand how it works.

  • mEtil5656
    mEtil5656 Month ago +264

    Honestly feel like he shouldve gotten some points, but with a lot of error deduction

    • 猫Crazzy
      猫Crazzy 28 days ago

      ​@John that's cause they saw the video again and it matched the criteria of dismount
      So even if sloppy he shoulg be given points

    • John
      John Month ago +2

      @LobbyTheLobsterTV after the dispute though

    • LobbyTheLobsterTV
      LobbyTheLobsterTV Month ago +20

      That’s what happened, they added the dismount to his original score but with the error deductions still making it a low score but pushing him onto the podium

  • Ben Eachus
    Ben Eachus 14 days ago +13

    As someone who has no idea what they’re looking at, it looked like he fell off

  • HickoryDickory86
    HickoryDickory86 Month ago +4368

    Phenomenal gymnast, yes, but even he can make mistakes, and that was a sloppy dismount. The judges' initial ruling was accurate, in my opinion.
    EDIT: I know it still technically counts as a dismount and amended my opinion later on in the comments.

    • ShieAyla
      ShieAyla 29 days ago

      ​@HickoryDickory86 I admire you for your honesty and willingness to admit your error. Idk enough about gymnastics, although I once did when I was like 8 or 9, to say one way or the other. However, as long as it WAS a dismount? Getting some credit for your overall performance is sure as Fuck better than many other reasons. It could have been for status, or race, gender, sexuality, country of origin, or even money! I'd rather have it be from a history of doing exactly what you're being judged on.

    • The Main Attraction
      The Main Attraction Month ago

      They were wrong & the coach just used his gymnast’s status! Even so-called greats phukk up & he definitely deserved to be fourth! The judges screwed Ukraine.

    • National Socialism
      National Socialism  Month ago

      It was a dismount even us a sloppy one... he should have medaled but as Bronze not Silver

    • 우유렌
      우유렌 Month ago


  • Sabrina Pohja
    Sabrina Pohja Month ago +22

    No hate but... clearly he fell and tried to make it look like messed up landing. 😒

  • Silver Scythe
    Silver Scythe Month ago +25

    To be fair, he didn't dismount, he fell off and just managed to find his footing. So I think the judges initial score was the correct one.

    • Jesus Da Christ
      Jesus Da Christ  Month ago +2

      He still managed to dismount even though he fell so the inquiry was justified

  • Arnold J. Samson
    Arnold J. Samson 19 days ago +11

    I swear olympic gymnasts have the most annoying and goofiest rules imagineable.

    • ep
      ep 16 days ago

      Second only to figure skaters, who can't even dispute their scores at all 🙃

  • Naiya Luse
    Naiya Luse Month ago +177

    Am I the only one who daydreams about myself doing amazing stuff like this😭

    • Alicia x
      Alicia x 20 days ago +1

      @ItWasMe! He actually is, he’s highly rated

    • ItWasMe!
      ItWasMe! Month ago

      The guy fell that isn’t amazing dream higher and train to be better

    • sakurakou2009
      sakurakou2009 Month ago

      These people train since very young age

    • Naiya Luse
      Naiya Luse Month ago

      @LinkEX You're so sweet! I'm already a teenager though, it's not likely I'll be able to develop the skills for something awesome like this.

    • LinkEX
      LinkEX Month ago +1

      Depending on how old and how dedicated you are, you can get there.
      But you'll have to be very deliberate, and it will take years of small steps on the way to that level of skill.
      If you can learn to enjoy the process, you don't have to just daydream about that.

  • GOPMichael1
    GOPMichael1 Month ago +149

    That's not a dismount. It's a sloppy fall off the apparatus and he put his hands up at the end.

    • Mar P
      Mar P 27 days ago

      ​@Emily Hu they did take points off for the poor execution, that's why he only got 7 points for the dismount

    • Emily Hu
      Emily Hu Month ago +13

      It’s still a dismount. It was sloppy but he did all the things for it to be considered one. Plus he didn’t fall. So it is considered a dismount. Didn’t know why they just didn’t take points off his execution though

    • Eric Plays Games
      Eric Plays Games Month ago +13

      Sloppy fall but stuck the landing and made it look good

  • Jason Curry
    Jason Curry Month ago +18

    I’m no gymnast expert but to my eyes that dismount looked sloppy as hell

  • José Baeza
    José Baeza Month ago +85

    I mean, it's an awful dismount, but it is a dismount.

  • Sankalpa Banerjee
    Sankalpa Banerjee Month ago +25

    Personally in my professional opinion having carefully meditated in the multitude of factors invilved and after thorough and meticulous analysis of the incident and all of the possible ramifications it is my conclusion that I know exactly jack shit about gymnastics and therefore don't have an opinion.

  • Taylor Uhlman
    Taylor Uhlman Month ago +23

    Sorry but that was a bad dismount. That’s 100% not what he meant to do and what happened to judges not watching videos and changing their choices

  • IrishRebel92
    IrishRebel92 Month ago +12

    that wasn't a dismount, that was a controlled fall. there's no way someone as good as him would purposely dismount that sloppy. no way that's worth 2nd place

  • Tetra Resinstone
    Tetra Resinstone Month ago +16

    He fell off lol😂 he saved it but idk how scoring works

  • Mikehawk
    Mikehawk Month ago +4

    Lol bro definitely fell off

  • Sarah K
    Sarah K Month ago +15

    To go from 4th to 2nd was unfair. He didn't land it properly and should have been penalised for it. To knock Great Britain off Silver was completely unjustified.

  • Tesh Govindji
    Tesh Govindji Month ago +11

    I have no idea if he should've got the point or not, my opinion is worthless as I know nothing about gymnastics and I'm about as coordinated as a drunk elephant. I'm just here because I find gymnasts to be impressive as fu*k. That's my 2p. 👍🏾

  • Adam Steiff
    Adam Steiff Month ago +15

    Yeah he shouldn’t have been given the points. Sometimes people mess up and even the best in the world shouldn’t get free points for it

  • kenshin5150
    kenshin5150 Month ago +6

    Great job, coach

  • TCt83067695
    TCt83067695 Month ago +70

    I want a deeper dive into this from both sides of the "debate"
    Also why is there a debate? There is video recording and there are rules. It should be easy for the judges to be consistent in their scores and not as vastly varied as this one turned out to be.

    • Sabrina
      Sabrina 18 days ago

      ​@Sodapop Cowboyit was before the war

    • Sodapop Cowboy
      Sodapop Cowboy Month ago

      ​@Pedro Thevenard Also politics. Think of the morale boost for Ukraine to be at the top.

    • Pedro Thevenard
      Pedro Thevenard Month ago +4

      The rules are vague and open to interpretation, if it says he has to land facing a specific point to count, if you take a computer and he is 5 degrees the wrong way should you count? 99.99% of all athletes will not receive credit if that's the case because it's nearly impossible to be that precise, so you need tolerance, but since you can't measure properly that tolerance can't be written, it needs to be interpreted, and that allows that everything can be counted, and everything can be discounted, it really depends on the judges, and that's how every single sport with judges rating athletes work, from surf to boxing, from gymnastics to synchronized swimming, etc... Every sport with judges rating athletes are EXTREMELY subjective.

  • James Sylvestre
    James Sylvestre Month ago +11

    That wasn’t a dismount, that was falling with style

  • Jay Suma
    Jay Suma 6 days ago +5

    When you work incredibly hard to become the greatest anything of all time, you definitely deserve the benefit of the doubt. No foul.

  • John Parrott
    John Parrott Month ago +8

    wow. imagine being so good, when you obviously mess up you still win.

  • Cassilee Clark
    Cassilee Clark Month ago +17

    He looks like he fell and tried to make it count

    • Julián Macaró
      Julián Macaró 25 days ago

      He fell and and the coach made it count*
      Unless is against the rules the coach is right
      As they say technically right is the best kind of right

  • Jake Brown
    Jake Brown 16 days ago +6

    I mean he clearly messed up, but it looks like he salvaged it. Should definitely get partial credit imo

  • werethless12
    werethless12 Month ago +25

    Looked sloppy af like he had something else planned but then messed up.
    The judges were right

    • werethless12
      werethless12 Month ago

      @arzfan29 Oh okay, so if he just fell off and broke his neck, he should get full points? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • JanDarky
      JanDarky Month ago +1

      They werent, of course its not a good dismount but just score it low not with a 0 since its still a dismount per rule

    • arzfan29
      arzfan29 Month ago +2

      No they weren't, a dismount is a dismount

  • Ricky
    Ricky Month ago +25

    That wasn’t a dismount. He fell and then tried to recover.

  • Stella Rae
    Stella Rae Month ago +7

    I mean regardless of how it fit the rules, it was really sloppy, uncontrolled, and looked like an accident. Give him some points, but not a lot.

  • Critmic
    Critmic Month ago +15

    Idk, it looked like he fell off

    • Critmic
      Critmic Month ago

      @largest brain true but less points makes sence since it looked really scuffed

    • largest brain
      largest brain Month ago +1

      Still a dismount, whether you fall off or not

  • ShieAyla
    ShieAyla 29 days ago +5

    No offence, but..... If there's gonna BE A "reason," that's a pretty valid one. It's not his race, height, country, coach, bribe, or status in society. It was still his overall ABILITY. I say there are worse reasons.

  • L. G.
    L. G. Month ago +33

    He fu**ed up. Still, he is the GOAT.

  • JumpingJJ
    JumpingJJ 18 days ago +6

    It was sloppy yes, but excluding points is unnecessary, he should’ve gotten the points, but they could’ve subtracted the points instead, that way it’s not making it seem like it’s rigged in anyway

  • phoenixlmao
    phoenixlmao Month ago +9

    to me, someone who has no idea how gymnastic scoring works, it just looks like he fell, but he fell with ✨️style✨️

  • BList
    BList Month ago +11

    As somebody who doesn't know gymnastics it just looks like he slipped off and got lucky by landing on his feet

  • Çadaverese
    Çadaverese Month ago +19

    Looking at how the man almost fell and could've landed really ugly yet managed to save himself does deserve some credit.

  • Andrew Ellison
    Andrew Ellison Month ago +16

    No way that dismount deserved second place...

    • Sebastian Jaque Inzunza
      Sebastian Jaque Inzunza Month ago +3

      It wasn't just his, it was the team score but that dismount deserved at least a 0.5

  • Pass!
    Pass! Month ago +11

    Somehow, everyone is now a gymnast on Clip-Share comment.

  • Jacob Straughan
    Jacob Straughan Month ago +2

    It's obviously a tough one but regardless you can see how hard Kohei tried to save it. What a gymnast

  • TomFredMoe
    TomFredMoe Month ago +12

    Nah he missed the dismount , it was sloppy and uncontrolled and the jduges decision is good
    He was the best , this wasn’t his best

  • paul alcohol
    paul alcohol Month ago +5

    I'm not a gymnast... But that dismount was an obvious woopsie lol

  • GillianGS
    GillianGS Month ago +8

    i don’t think he should have gotten like full points for it but definitely should have originally been included. the rules are “clear” and he did what he technically was supposed to do, don’t like it? should have clarified the rules when being written then

  • The_Bob_147
    The_Bob_147 Month ago +77

    He looked like he lost balance and fell. The judges' reaction was appropriate

  • TheCephalon
    TheCephalon Month ago +15

    How about not having sports where 99% of the scoring of subjective. Also talking to you ice skating. Just stupid

  • aaa
    aaa Month ago +48

    i know nothing about gymnastics but to me it just looks like he fell off and saved the landing

  • PrettyBoyJaco
    PrettyBoyJaco Month ago +4

    Me as a judge: oh that was cool 10 points

  • RaigenCat
    RaigenCat Month ago +9

    when the judges get judged

  • TT65
    TT65 Month ago +7

    He fell tho.

  • bipo
    bipo Month ago

    Not gonna say my name, but I remember competing against cypress my whole life and seeing you a couple age groups above me. Glad to see you bringing some publicity to the sport!

  • Majidah
    Majidah Month ago +12

    I'm no gymnist but I like seeing Japan beat Europe because of how salty they get when losing at any competitive sport. Such salt lasts several months after so it is known as the gift that keeps on giving

  • Milk Tea
    Milk Tea Month ago +9

    If we’re being one hundred percent unbiased, he looked like he fucked up. I can’t imagine as the best male gymnast *ever* you decided to dismount diagonally for some reasons because you thought it would give you extra points or something? Like everyone knows you’re better than everyone else and that you usually have full control of your body, but even from a first glance you can see he messed that the fuck up. There’s no and, it’s or buts, you fucked that shit up, but got away with it because of your status. I don’t believe anyone else gets away with that as someone who likes sports, you only ever get overturned things if you are very persistent and famous.
    I’ve watched other saves in gymnastics that made it look like you meant to do that, but that was clearly uncontrolled and you were able to get lucky with the landing tho. Yes you should get partially points for a great landing, but definitely did not mean that at all.

    • unknown living being
      unknown living being 29 days ago

      Yk no one is perfect...so even the BEST can make mistakes sometimes . It's like u think BEST ever cannot make mistake and they shouldn't f- up

  • SlashZaku
    SlashZaku 8 days ago +3

    It was a sloppy dismount but it was a dismount

  • Daniel McCarthy
    Daniel McCarthy Month ago +9

    It straight up looks like he slipped off from the first angle

  • Gator Dragon
    Gator Dragon Month ago +11

    Count it, but it looks so sloppy. Execution errors all around. It looks like he half fell off the horse. I keep watching and it looks like he technically fulfilled the requirements for the dismount, just not very well.

  • Callmekingnicholas
    Callmekingnicholas Month ago +2

    That song fire asf no cap🔥🔥🔥

  • Kebogu
    Kebogu Month ago +12

    I dont know shit about this sport, but its kinda weird for him to get a 0 on somethingnhe managed to do, albiet looking sketchy as hell.

  • TheComentingCat
    TheComentingCat  Month ago +26

    Wow, a Japanese person actually arguing. That must have been scary

    • STRAFE eto
      STRAFE eto Month ago

      Btw the coach knew the rules, the judges didn't. I wouldn't qualify this as arguing.

    • STRAFE eto
      STRAFE eto Month ago

      Have you been to Japan?

  • Elizabeth Shaver
    Elizabeth Shaver Month ago +16

    Bro fell off and got full points 💀

  • Zaxi0
    Zaxi0 Month ago +7

    Why da heck can you earn 0.001 of a point

  • avinash praveen
    avinash praveen Month ago +4

    Yeah his dismount should have counted (I've never ever seen gymnastics even once in my life wth is a dismount)

  • Antonio Brooks
    Antonio Brooks Month ago +5

    I mean after being iced out for so long u gotta give him credit for still landing the botched dismount

  • Curisuta Bentley
    Curisuta Bentley Month ago +5

    He clearly fell, it's not a dismount if you fell

  • Pᴀʀᴀsᴇʟᴇɴᴇ Tᴀᴏ

    I mean no disrespect, but it looks like he fell. I dunno, I'm not a pro gymnast. 😅

  • Random Topics
    Random Topics Month ago +5

    But it met the requirements, right?

  • sebas hernandez
    sebas hernandez Month ago +4

    For those who wonder why his record would give him the benefit of doubt, look at it as if it where a banks credit, the more you have, the more money you can borrow. So the better your reputation, the best outcomes you can get form others.

  • ItsDelly
    ItsDelly Month ago +6

    I mean he technically landed it.. but it was kinda slopsters

  • Jeff Tickleschitz
    Jeff Tickleschitz Month ago +6

    I'm no gymnast, but it looks like he falls off to me.

  • Aiden Brokar
    Aiden Brokar Month ago +6

    How is the debate whether he dismounted or not? He got off the thing, therefore "dismounting". What's the issue????

  • Zach T
    Zach T 14 days ago +7

    it looked like he fell off of the horse why would he get credit for that.

  • ScreechingSergal
    ScreechingSergal Month ago +4

    It did look sloppy. Not gonna lie.

  • Wabi Sabbi
    Wabi Sabbi Month ago +6

    He did what the rules say but it was extremely messy but he’s better then I could ever be in my life 😅

  • Honey Daddy
    Honey Daddy Month ago +10

    I'd say he got it. Based on the rules, he falls within bounds.

  • Melody
    Melody Month ago +10

    I mean it looked messed up but shouldn't have hurt him as badly as it did. Four places down? For the fucking dismount?

    • EXCUSE ME?
      EXCUSE ME? Month ago +4

      Eh? Which also means that he scored pretty high than others cuz it’s still 4th place and others had their dismount counted

  • Elizabeth Bottroff
    Elizabeth Bottroff Month ago +11

    He had a coach that knew how to appeal.

  • Josué Valar
    Josué Valar Month ago +7

    I mean I don't know jack about this but he did look like he dismounted, just didn't do it properly

  • Mr Dark
    Mr Dark Month ago +2

    I was under the impression that a dismount was something you did on purpose, rather than missing with your hand and falling off the damn thing LOL

  • Stjepan Salmanic
    Stjepan Salmanic Month ago +4

    He landed it he should get the score

  • David Martin
    David Martin Month ago +6

    To be honest for me it looks like he made an error and than tryed to save himself by quickly changing the weight of his center in order to get a somewhat safe dismount instead of risking his body and creer as an athlet.

  • Jeanette Johnson
    Jeanette Johnson Month ago +13

    Give his coach props. He went in for him

  • NoisyPR
    NoisyPR Month ago +6

    I mean it looked kinda janky, almost like he slipped and tried to improvise with it

  • Go away I have comments to make

    Nah, he basically fell off but managed to keep his footing. His shoulder was under the horse as he went off the side. It’s a half score at best.

  • Vape Kitty
    Vape Kitty Month ago +6

    That dismount was horrible and I only did gymnastics for 2 years and I could see that. Now given he was doing something I could not but that doesn’t take away from the fact he fucked yo and tried to cover it with a “smooth” dismount which didn’t happen smoothly

  • William Adair
    William Adair Month ago +13

    Honestly when you’re the goat of your sport, I think you’ve earned the benefit of the doubt at least once

  • Malal
    Malal Month ago +4

    I mean he did land facing the other direction and had to turn with half step to face the proper direction so I'd definitely ding him for that.

  • MrQuote Shorts
    MrQuote Shorts Month ago

    Dude! The greatest gymnast of all time is Sawao Katō. He is Kōhei's coach btw (he also dedicated his post-gymnatics career to training over 10 generations of Japanese male and female gymansts)

  • BVB
    BVB 28 days ago +3

    He got lucky. That wasn’t a dismount. Plain and simple.

  • sue fergusson
    sue fergusson Month ago +7

    Aw now come on!, he may have landed here he was last hand placement was, but only barely, then he lost his balance, negating his actual landing, as he didn't stick' his actual landing, Sorry but I'm with the original judges decision here

  • Panty Soup
    Panty Soup Month ago +2

    how can u end with a statement like that after saying and showing he followed all the requirements of the dismount. I dont know a thing about gymnastics but looks like he did follow the rules so if anything the controversy should be the judges didnt want to give him a score for it.

  • Ribusu Dragneel
    Ribusu Dragneel 17 days ago +5

    If someone could react to themselves falling that quickly and make it seem fine in a matter of point second reaction, I'd give em the points cause I know ain't no normal person doing something like that that well

    • Oochi Boo
      Oochi Boo 9 days ago

      @DeliriumCS it did cost him points, he just got some back

    • DeliriumCS
      DeliriumCS 17 days ago +1

      No shit that's why it's a competition, this isn't normal people it's professionals, mistakes happen but it should of costed him the points

  • user
    user Month ago +2

    People named „Kohei“ are basically always incredibly gifted with talent

  • K D
    K D 18 days ago +2

    That's called a good coach with a good eye

  • Nathan Monahan
    Nathan Monahan Month ago +9

    Sorry but I'm with the judges first call. That did not look like he even intended to come off the horse and just made the best of it without completely falling.

    • Dicey
      Dicey Month ago

      @Nathan Monahan yeah but that doesnt mean what you said is worth a dime girl