Warriors | Season 2020 Cinematic - League of Legends (ft. 2WEI and Edda Hayes)

  • Published on Jan 9, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Warriors: We are warriors. Season 2020 has begun.
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    Original song by: Imagine Dragons
    Featured artists: 2WEI and Edda Hayes
    Produced by: 2WEI
    Vocals performed by: Edda Hayes
    Video created in partnership with Blur Studio
    As a child you would wait
    And watch from far away
    But you always knew that you'd be the one
    That work while they all play
    In youth you'd lay
    Awake at night and scheme
    Of all the things that you would change
    But it was just a dream!
    Here we are, don't turn away now,
    We are the warriors that built this town
    Here we are, don't turn away now
    We are the warriors that built this town
    From dust.
    Here we are, don't turn away now,
    We are the warriors that built this town
    We are the warriors that built this town
    From dust.
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  • Niklas Stein
    Niklas Stein 10 hours ago

    an sich macht das game bock
    bin halt nur scheise und die leute die dann rumflamen gehen mir derbe auf den sack deswegen spiel ichs selten

  • Sants
    Sants 10 hours ago

    urgot died with 2 autos

  • ekas L
    ekas L 10 hours ago +1

    니들이 그렇게 원하던 한국댓글 여깄다

  • Irva Sudrajat
    Irva Sudrajat 10 hours ago

    Who's the girl? The last girl?? Somebody tell me!! Please

  • Sammed Kawade
    Sammed Kawade 10 hours ago

    When LoL Wild Rift I'd coming?

  • wesly medeiros
    wesly medeiros 10 hours ago

    cade o taric ? ele tbm e de demacia

  • LoVe Rem
    LoVe Rem 10 hours ago

    I accidentally loved you, Kai'sa ♥♥♥

  • iSileentzZ
    iSileentzZ 11 hours ago

    Tira últi garen cagon

  • Teacher Che
    Teacher Che 11 hours ago

    *if you still watch this and its 2020 like it🤗🤗*

  • SkillShot Gaming
    SkillShot Gaming 11 hours ago

    3:01 you when you homie needs you.

  • Muhammed Ensar Aydın
    Muhammed Ensar Aydın 11 hours ago


    LUL OMEGA 11 hours ago +1

    When someone messes with your class and the quiet kid has had enough xd

  • Kiko Rocha
    Kiko Rocha 11 hours ago +1

    cara cm e lindo essa porra gálio 100%

  • Frost !
    Frost ! 11 hours ago

    Ezreal : Ult for 1 malzhar mob

  • federico filipiak
    federico filipiak 11 hours ago +1

    Why im crying? lmao

  • Rrraaasssmmmuuusss
    Rrraaasssmmmuuusss 11 hours ago

    the game and the cinematic are two different things...

  • Alvian Dewari
    Alvian Dewari 11 hours ago

    when League Of Legend have the own film?

  • Александр З
    Александр З 11 hours ago

    solid pathos, uninteresting

  • randomyoutubechannel
    randomyoutubechannel 11 hours ago

    Ebig :')

  • Mehmet Can Kılıç
    Mehmet Can Kılıç 11 hours ago

    Wow good video gooooog 😍

  • crosby 30
    crosby 30 11 hours ago

    eva elfie?

  • Warwick - Chó con sổng chuồng

    Lux is cute ❤❤❤

  • 샤코박스
    샤코박스 11 hours ago

    댓글보고 리그오브레전드 한국꺼 아닌줄 알았네 왤케 외국인들이 많아;;

    MISTER ABDUIIAH 11 hours ago

    عربي مر من هنا

  • thierry yves
    thierry yves 12 hours ago

    Lux of my team pressing R to the wrong direction : 2:36

  • Mikhail
    Mikhail 12 hours ago

    Sylas and not neeko?

  • Edwin Diansyah
    Edwin Diansyah 12 hours ago

    maybe someday u guys should consider about making the movie universe of League. Starting with Freljord or Demacian that would freaking awesome considering all of the cinematics and music videos u guys made hey why not right

  • Erick Valente
    Erick Valente 12 hours ago

    Warriors is the best music ever made for League of Legends

  • Ana Lívia
    Ana Lívia 12 hours ago


  • technosbrother
    technosbrother 12 hours ago +1

    Kai'sa is soo hot like if u agree

  • xRosii
    xRosii 12 hours ago


  • 章ウ一
    章ウ一 12 hours ago

    Is it just me or does this video's hidden vibe feel like all those cringy feminist movies? I wish I could get a refund on those movie tickets :(
    Good cinematic quality nonetheless better than anything they've done so far in terms of visual fidelity. I love the violin instrument in the sound track mixed with the heavy metal drumming, epic.
    My only complaint is Garen's face looks a bit small compared to the rest of his body. Need to have a more flared jaw, wider face like John Cena or Danny Green.

    CELİL 12 hours ago

    muhteşem diye biliyorum sadece

  • Mark Rainier Ybiernas
    Mark Rainier Ybiernas 12 hours ago

    Anything for the tear of the goddess

  • Monica Animates
    Monica Animates 12 hours ago

    I always come back here to watch it and I'm not even a league player.

  • Akalius
    Akalius 12 hours ago

    fan. Netflix do something.

  • Rodrigo Moreira Silva
    Rodrigo Moreira Silva 12 hours ago

    With Imagine Dragons♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Gddfy Ffjjy
    Gddfy Ffjjy 12 hours ago

    When your adc became a melee type(Kaisa,Ez)

  • yannalogy
    yannalogy 12 hours ago


    EBUZEYTIN 13 hours ago +1


  • kiki lu
    kiki lu 13 hours ago

    who has followed league of legends since season 1 2009 until now?

  • shenshine
    shenshine 13 hours ago

    can someone tell me whos the girl in the beginning? the girl with a white hood? shes so beautiful. thankssssssssssssssssssss

  • Ender Zone
    Ender Zone 13 hours ago

    0:30 that why you shouldn't buy tear when you are an ezreal sp :/

  • Gluck
    Gluck 13 hours ago

    Estou chorando

  • Venuxx mono Jungle
    Venuxx mono Jungle 13 hours ago

    0:09 Guts joins the battle.

  • Mehmet A.
    Mehmet A. 13 hours ago

    Sylas looks like draven more than draven himself.

  • Kunal Kumar
    Kunal Kumar 13 hours ago

    The ending of this video is so epic.......

  • Taison Jun
    Taison Jun 13 hours ago

    WHERE'S DIO ?!!

    EUKAP 13 hours ago +1

    League of "Legends"

  • EwokeonPrime
    EwokeonPrime 13 hours ago +2

    for a second I thought that was lilypichu's lux aiming at the sylas " 2:38 "

  • Enrico Di Lorenzo
    Enrico Di Lorenzo 13 hours ago

    I bet that ezreal was bronze cause he could teleport with his E through that wall🙄

  • Pat Lin
    Pat Lin 13 hours ago

    When the Cinematic trailer is better than the game...well ain't hard to be better than LOL.

  • Hải Hoàng
    Hải Hoàng 13 hours ago

    Eva elfie :))))

  • fran ortiz
    fran ortiz 13 hours ago

    Did ez took manamune s tear?

  • way2ez
    way2ez 13 hours ago +1

    this is a remake of a classic song right?

  • Jayesh Vaishnav
    Jayesh Vaishnav 13 hours ago +1

    Legends Never Die will Remain on Top no matter what new comes

  • Reactions
    Reactions 14 hours ago

    Sgt Sizzles will bring them back in the kitchen (the fans only will understand)😂

  • 최Choi
    최Choi 14 hours ago +1

    2:35 아니, 럭스궁 어따 쏘는데
    2:42 카이사 얼굴이, 이즈 앞비전쓰고 공허충에다가 1인궁쓴거보고 '이 ㅅㄲ진심이냐' 싶은 표정인데...
    그와중에 궁맞춰서 뿌듯해하는 이즈충 ㄷㄷ

  • 레인하트
    레인하트 14 hours ago

    한국인 화이팅~

  • thang nguyenba
    thang nguyenba 14 hours ago

    hot girl k