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Concreting the tunnel

  • Published on Dec 1, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Part 6 next week folks

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  • Callum Izzard

    this man literally takes home DIY to the next level, his wife must be afraid to ask him to hang a photo on the wall incase he builds a house to hang it in.... lol

  • Ding Bat
    Ding Bat  +271

    It doesn’t matter how long I watch this, it always needs more concrete. WTF?

  • Overland One

    The concrete company has been delivering truckloads of concrete to this residence but, they see no concrete construction going on anywhere.

  • Deb Oxy
    Deb Oxy  +19

    Crazy, I just clicked “LIKE” on 12 seconds of a concrete pour 🤪

  • teamidris
    teamidris  +75

    I tried this, pouring concrete down a hole in my driveway and now my toilet doesn’t work?

  • Bill Benedict

    This new

  • Shane's Getting Handy

    Colin. We love you. But... Clip-Share Shorts is a waste of your time... really it's a waste of everyone's time. Keep digging that tunnel!


    What if everyone watching this dug a tunnel under their house and we all linked together. We could have an entire underground world away from people who don't watch Colin Furze.

  • NxP
    NxP  +26

    You think he’s making this for content? 😂 he’s giving us a sign to prep for doomsday

  • Viwrage
    Viwrage  +3

    Man your videos are just my dreams back in the old days

  • Acid DotCom

    We want

  • Garage Projects

    Cool project, i would have loved for the music to be more colin-furze-style tho

  • Darren Charge

    I'm surprised Colin hasn't created a device that send the conreate to all parts of the tunnel tbh lol

  • Conan Seibel (rabbithowls)

    I want longer clips, and faster. But, this is an enormous amount of work. I can wait.

  • Kristian Dalsjø

    looking forward to next weeks upload :)

  • Klas Andersson

    You are certainly getting there Colin, but it´s a whopper of a project you´ve taken on and I´m bloody impressed with your work!

  • Wayne Gavin Sivell

    Dude! We need the next video! We are dying out here! 😂

  • Milo Corkey

    Colin Furze, you're my hero. <3

  • Peter
    Peter  +4

    Really been enjoying this series, Colin. A small boys dream!!

  • leizer posner

    Love it, but doesn’t count as a furzeday video. Can’t let you off the hook with a 10 second clip.