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I bought a $1000 cookie 🥺❤️

  • Published on Jan 17, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • MDMotivator
    MDMotivator  2 months ago +22167

    If you want to support future videos, please click the link below to donate! Every dollar goes directly back to the strangers I meet. Thank you for reading this and supporting love and kindness ❤️🙏

    • Hockeyisfun
      Hockeyisfun 12 days ago

      Do you know the shop name?

    • Aint Misbehavin
      Aint Misbehavin 12 days ago

      Nana's Bakery, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

    • Barbie Blue
      Barbie Blue 12 days ago

      Use wrapper to get cookie. Not hard

    • Tiffany Lastinger
      Tiffany Lastinger 12 days ago

      You have 5 M subscribers and make so much money....why would you try to take the money from your followers
      ....kinda ick

    • T11
      T11 13 days ago

      Do you have another handle here on YT implying telegramme , or is that a scammer I'd imagine for not matching your original profile YT name .

  • Raziel Moreno
    Raziel Moreno 2 months ago +96484

    You didn't buy a $1000 cookie. You invested in a man's good character.

  • Demonative99
    Demonative99 21 day ago +3319

    He has a wife, 5 children, owns a bakery, is nice to strangers, offers them more than they ask for even if they don’t have money. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a superhuman.

    • Radiation_McCartney_666
      Radiation_McCartney_666 3 days ago +2

      @Child of YAH have you ever heard of SOAP AND WATER?! His hands might be clean since he works with food and from the video the place seems pretty clean to me

    • ItzRitzee
      ItzRitzee 4 days ago +1

      ​@Child of YAH Asian's hands are cleaner and sanitized

    • Richard Roberts
      Richard Roberts 5 days ago +1

      The saddest part is that this shouldnt be what we call a superhuman. It should just be human

    • Angel-Andres Diaz
      Angel-Andres Diaz 6 days ago

      Reminds me of my cousin 😅

    • EyeSeeYou
      EyeSeeYou 7 days ago

      I would call him *a prime example of a great American.* ❤ 🇺🇸

  • McKenzie
    McKenzie 14 days ago +456

    If anyone’s wondering, I’ve researched this man’s business and from the looks of things business seems to be booming and he’s still a very kind gentle soul ❤ he deserves every good thing coming his way!

    • Straze
      Straze 19 hours ago

      Amazing to know, thank you for this kind update.
      Love from France ❤️

    • AzurE🦋
      AzurE🦋 2 days ago

      Would have paid a visit if I was in that Province ❤

      DING DONG 3 days ago

      ​@RoyalQueenWolf @ me in the comments if you actually do it, I wanna know how it goes lmao

    • Mary Keegan
      Mary Keegan 3 days ago

      Thanks for update. Australia

    • ShinZou X
      ShinZou X 3 days ago +1

      Good to hear 🤝

  • Houston Darner
    Houston Darner Month ago +25013

    I love that he offered coffee as well. He treated you more like a friend than a customer

    • Fly
      Fly 6 days ago

      With the camera ofc 🗿

    • Lettuce All Eat Green
      Lettuce All Eat Green 11 days ago


    • So Sleepy
      So Sleepy 21 day ago

      @Sherif Hashish except he probably did. in the back of his mind. like he said those cookies were $1.65 that means it cost him almost nothing to make. giving it away for free he literally loses nothing but gains the chance that the customer comes back later to buy more. or they tell all their friends and family how nice the guy was and to go support him. everything is a business perspective

    • Terry Kroboth
      Terry Kroboth Month ago +2

      @18 Years bruh whether it was staged or not, it's about the principle, and unless you were there, you don't know if it was or wasn't.....move around

    • damonvi013
      damonvi013 Month ago +1

      That's called establishing loyalty and customer retention.

  • MixedKnot American Asian Family Life

    The fact that his wife is not working and he has 5 kids plus his bakery is still new, yet he did not hesitate to share. He's an amazing man! People like him are the reason why I still believe in the kindness of humanity. I love how he said, "Why not? It doesn't make me a lot richer."

  • Duda
    Duda 17 days ago +123

    I work at checkers, I'm a shift manager. We get around a $20 meal every day we work, (used to be higher but something happened,) so I can't always use it on others, but when I can I love to. Last night I gave a man who drove an hour away to get his daughter who works in the hospital some food. He only had enough to get her a $5 meal, so I gave him a really nice sized meal to show him fathers like that are still appreciated. We both teared up as I never had a father that did much for me and I was telling how much it means, and he told me about raising her by himself since 3 months. The small things you do matter.

    • Justin Mudford
      Justin Mudford Day ago

      Truly beautiful never change the world needs more kind souls

    • SSJ Karyuu Sennin
      SSJ Karyuu Sennin 5 days ago

      @@PFChangs double @ tho

    • Alicia
      Alicia 8 days ago

      Thank you for sharing. It reinforces the reasons we survive to give another day - kindness is potent and when shared like a story over the fire among friends. Thank you!

    • @PFChangs
      @PFChangs 8 days ago

      @Kayla Powell 😫👐

    • Kayla Powell
      Kayla Powell 8 days ago +3

      ​@@PFChangs that was a weird way to interpret someone simply sharing their life experience on a video with a similar topic.

    DJ NO PLAY 2 months ago +88865


    • Dustin Lunsmann
      Dustin Lunsmann 7 days ago

      @Debra Guffie thanks doll we love our family over here! Y’all sound like you need some good family time.

    • Jay king
      Jay king Month ago

      Lol that's pretty much everyone else in the world. What planet do you live on?

    •  X Æ
      X Æ Month ago

      he is very poor at decision making.

    • M4levolence
      M4levolence Month ago

      alot of people do that ... lmao

    • Jodi deGroot
      Jodi deGroot Month ago


  • Karma Pending
    Karma Pending 18 days ago +15

    “We need to learn to love” well said brother well said

  • Lee Womack
    Lee Womack 7 days ago +11

    This man has character and he so deserved this $1,000 dollars! I know this helped him greatly. God bless him ✝️🙏

  • Oscar Aguilar
    Oscar Aguilar Month ago +5749

    "it doesn't make me a lot richer"
    He knew it wouldn't hurt him but it would benefit you. Pure heart.

    • So Sleepy
      So Sleepy 21 day ago

      @George T which is why he gave him the cookie idiot. he sells them for 1.65 that means it’s dirt cheap to make. he literally loses a couple of cents in ingredients, but he hopefully gains a loyal customer. and then hopes that customer comes back buys more or tells friends family how nice of a guy he was and to go buy from him etc. you get the idea the hardest part of starting a business is getting that first customer. that’s why he was treated so nice in hopes he spreads the word

    • miss Vlogging Blag Tv
      miss Vlogging Blag Tv Month ago

      Pure heart

    • Savoir Faire
      Savoir Faire Month ago +2

      This made my day, really genuine guy!

    • Miguel Coutinho
      Miguel Coutinho Month ago

      Everyone be when was last time went to coffe N noticed didn't had enough money N they let you go without a issue?

    • Miguel Coutinho
      Miguel Coutinho Month ago

      ​@UnFunny Guy what expect.?

  • MechaPlays
    MechaPlays 21 day ago +39

    I wish I could go to this guys bakery daily and buy a cookie just to help a little. Seems like such a nice dude

  • Alice Rodriguez
    Alice Rodriguez 15 days ago +45

    I'm in tears. I love this man and his humbleness. One cookie n coffee won't make the difference. Love it❤

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago +9344

    Dude has 5 kids and hustling hard, much respect

    • Vincent Li
      Vincent Li 29 days ago

      exactly, ive only got 1 kid and im totally beaten. Respect.

    • Chris Caviness
      Chris Caviness Month ago

      Hope he does great :)

    • Hepta
      Hepta Month ago +2

      ​@Белый Кузнецов so true. I don't think it's even legal to spit so much facts on the Internet.

    • Julyon Brown
      Julyon Brown Month ago +4

      MUCH respect.. "everyday is a good day!" I'm going to start living by that 💎

  • Jack
    Jack 9 days ago +5

    There is still good people out there❤

  • Mike McCann
    Mike McCann 15 days ago +18

    This baker deserves all good thing to come his way. He's a wonderful human being 😃

  • Bae Lee
    Bae Lee 2 months ago +6580

    You can see he's actually stressed about this new business he has, but he's putting on such a kind, brave face. I love good people ♡

    • Louie Nineball
      Louie Nineball Month ago +1

      True I see that too, I hope to get his address

    • Vu Hoang
      Vu Hoang Month ago

      Strong faith in God he has. "HE Will Provides!"🙏 ✝️

    • LQ
      LQ Month ago

      ​@L_z Sounds like you're projecting your own insecurities on this good man working hard for his family. The fact that he's just bought a business shows that he's doing not too bad in the first place. Yet he's still willing to take the risk and commit to it, while doing it with a full heart. Why judge such a man? Is that gonna be your takeaway from this "motivation" video?

    • L_z
      L_z Month ago

      @A K when parents doesn't even considering their finance & keep on birthing children out of their financial ability scoop, I don't really think they're really that great of a thought in the first place, else they'll eliminate the variable of possibilities in which their children supposed to be worried needlessly of having too much siblings yet their parents unable to afford the money to barely make ends meet & I speak from ex-child point of view from such a parents. Surely my parents try hard to make the end meets ,but I assume you know the rest of problem I mean, when supply will always barely meet the demands it's not what I would love my child's life to be.
      Do you even watch the video on how many children that dude have?

  • _Ketosucks
    _Ketosucks 8 days ago +4

    a nice soul that owner has, spread the love

  • Joseph Clark
    Joseph Clark 9 days ago +3

    He hit the spot with his words “every day is a good” and “learn to love” are what people need to learn. He’s a hard worker for sure to support his family. I truly hope his bakery will be a success. He seems like a humble lovely guy.

  • Chef Nelly
    Chef Nelly Month ago +2092

    5 kids at home, just invested in a bakery and he didn't hesitate to help you out... What a guy. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    • Lil homie bro
      Lil homie bro 14 days ago

      This is fake. I challenge you to walk into a struggling bakery and ask for free goods. I promise you 99.99% of the time you won’t get it, but somehow these fake influencers happen to run into the .001% of people who will actually give them free stuff. Bro this stuff irritates me so much, because simpletons give influencers like this likes for fake charity and then they get rich avoid getting a real job all the while being immorale.

    • hamster1
      hamster1 Month ago +1

      I’ve started a business at a young age I can’t imagine trying it again with 5 kids that’s just way to hard

    • Minus32
      Minus32 Month ago

      5 kids almost 10k free money from the tax you paid.

    • Jose
      Jose Month ago +1

      And u think is true with the Camera on him, yea okay. + He started the restaurant.

    • Chef Nelly
      Chef Nelly Month ago +11

      @The official ice spice💅 no argument there... But it sounds expensive. I guess he felt the bakery could earn AND feed his family lol.

  • RON Ray
    RON Ray 14 days ago +7

    That shop owner is the coolest person I’ve never met, instantly want to be friends with this guy.

  • Klapy
    Klapy 22 days ago +22

    This guy is so nice if only there were more people like this in the world

  • Rawkstar
    Rawkstar Month ago +3324

    You can tell he's really hurting inside but still chose to be kind.. And he's right we need more love!!

    • Sagenose
      Sagenose Month ago +2

      @Haven yes, you are right. kindness doesn't really exist. Happy?

    • Haven
      Haven Month ago

      Its staged

    • Chris Shuo
      Chris Shuo Month ago

      If all leaders or politicians we're like him 💯💯

    • Meghan Sullivan
      Meghan Sullivan Month ago +2

      Ugh yes so stressed

    • Hundvd7
      Hundvd7 Month ago +3

      I should rewatch Everything, Everywhere, All At Once again...

  • esperanca Fernandes
    esperanca Fernandes 8 days ago +4

    Such a wonderful man. So kind.

  • p_Quruta
    p_Quruta 8 days ago +5

    "You sure?"
    "Why not?"
    He's sounds so nice, that's truly heartwarming to hear

  • dobsonslvnr
    dobsonslvnr Month ago +2460

    i love how positive he is despite he might be going through hardships.

    • Chris Cuts
      Chris Cuts Month ago

      Omg I got likes on a Clip-Share comment! Tysm!!Tysm!!! Lmfaooo

    • Chadwick S. Tate
      Chadwick S. Tate Month ago

      Everyone goes through hardships and you'd likely never know. One thing I try to take into consideration is that your words can and potentially WILL have consequences when it comes to saying it to the wrong person. Whether that means getting a beat down or the person find that it was the last straw and ending their life, later that day. Whatever the potential, it's sometimes just not worth it to be mean to people. Everytime I think about this I'm reminded of that public speaker who was born with no limbs, save for a hand and foot, I believe. He's got some crazy looking nubs right at the shoulders and hips. And he said he almost ended it all one day but someone said a kind thing that changed his perception that moment. And he's been an amazing inspiration ever since. Can't remember his name but should not be hard to look up given the description. The dude is now married with a child. Good on him. And I hope you're doing well, yourself.

    • Leonard Lopez
      Leonard Lopez Month ago +1

      The man is blessed- gave and expected $ nothing back.

    • bruh momento
      bruh momento Month ago +3


  • Squid678
    Squid678 18 days ago +2

    I love actually making conversation with small store owners. Its always so heartwarming to hear their story and treat someone like a friend.

  • Edward Clay
    Edward Clay Day ago

    that baker is the nicest man who shows kindness warmth. and compassion. what a gem what a gem!!!

  • KimSunoo2.0🦊🌞
    KimSunoo2.0🦊🌞 Month ago +3131

    Bro......I'm in tears....he has FIVE children, no employees and still gave him something for free, he deserved that money

    • Jay king
      Jay king Month ago

      You must be soft, probably cry to a leaf blowing in the wind

    • LQ
      LQ Month ago +2

      ​@Himanshu Singh Don't be so sinister and negative, learn from this man's outlook in life. Man's gonna be running a family owned bakery with 5 kids helping him bake cookies and croissants, I personally think it's a pretty sweet goal to fight for.

    • Sue W
      Sue W Month ago

      ​@ĒāřťhłīňğHave the kids, trust in God and he will supply the rest. You still have to work hard, though, but you'll be rewarded in Heaven!

      SHUTENSE PC Month ago

      Bro its cheaper to not hire stuff

    • DannyGG
      DannyGG Month ago

      @Himanshu Singh true. But we don’t know what led him to even start a bakery. He could’ve had a great job, but things happen. It’s not fair to just assume.

  • Itsgrace! ♡
    Itsgrace! ♡ 9 days ago +2

    This, this just made my day😢❤ this is what I want around the whole world. This is perfect 🥰✰♡!

  • Casey Wilkes
    Casey Wilkes 8 days ago +1

    Every day is a good day. This man has 5 kids and a small business and a wife at home. So much pressure but he still manages to keep a wonderful outlook on life

  • OverLordHermit
    OverLordHermit 2 months ago +32388

    That guy is on another level of kindness

    • Susan 'Sooz' Waller
      Susan 'Sooz' Waller Month ago +1

      He is the way mankind was created to be. Loving, humble, generous, and a protector and provider for his family. My guess is his wife is a jewel in his crown as well, the kids arrows in his full quiver! Pour out on him, Father! Hallelujah! Look what You’ve done!!!

    • Misfit Gaming
      Misfit Gaming 2 months ago

      He's the rl Teuchi Ichiraku

    • Kirby the cat
      Kirby the cat 2 months ago

      Your not being kind if you must record your self and show people it

  • D Pagne
    D Pagne 18 days ago +3

    Aawwee bless him. I pray his business blows up amd he looks forward to work everyday. Its not easy to make your own business work and this man is kind he knows what its like to be down on your luck or struggling ... I hope more kindness spreads in the world we live in which makes it incredibly hard to be kind

    BEE.KEEPMOVINGFORWARD 18 days ago +2

    We all need to learn to love one another. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Well lived life- Desiree G

    The fact that he also offered coffee along with his cookie shows he is a genuinely, kind hearted man❤

    • flappergastermaniac
      flappergastermaniac Month ago

      @Aparna Rai didn’t asked for it answer asked for someone’s else

    • flappergastermaniac
      flappergastermaniac Month ago

      @Carl Christopher still no proof

    • Carl Christopher
      Carl Christopher Month ago

      @M D Lmao

    • M D
      M D Month ago +3

      ​@Carl Christopher you clearly don't understand what a genuine human interaction looks like, I've seen his extended videos, it's all authentic. Don't hate just because he's successful and you have nothing

    • M D
      M D Month ago +1

      ​@Aparna Rai ever heard of a chest strap GoPro old man? He's not holding his phone in his hand 😂

  • M Travis
    M Travis 12 days ago +1

    Wow. This brought tears to my eyes.

  • Jessica Anderson
    Jessica Anderson 10 days ago +2

    Much positivity to him and his family. ❤ I hope his business grows and his kids can have a bakery. ❤

  • Andrew Nguyen
    Andrew Nguyen Month ago +963

    “Hahaha it doesn’t make me a lot richer so that’s fine” - words of a gentleman with an immeasurable value and character of soul. God bless you Ray.

  • Jason Arias
    Jason Arias 12 days ago +7

    This is the most polite man I've ever seen in my whole life,God blessed you❤

  • Maya Retreat
    Maya Retreat 12 days ago +1

    What a sweetheart may God bless him, his family abd his bussiness 🎉

  • Enjoi
    Enjoi Month ago +2227

    “I have no choice I’m fully committed now”. Brother that shit right there man. That shit hit me hard

    • Enjoi
      Enjoi Month ago

      @Odd Tomatoes at the end of the day we all just want a better life

    • Odd Tomatoes
      Odd Tomatoes Month ago

      @Enjoi me too, that's why I'm tryna said that most of asian raised that way. To be tougher especially men.

    • Enjoi
      Enjoi Month ago +1

      @Odd Tomatoes I’m Asian tho

    • Odd Tomatoes
      Odd Tomatoes Month ago +1

      He's Asian tho

    • quantumtripper
      quantumtripper Month ago +1

      ​@SLOMoMatthew 7:3
      "Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?"

  • Natty Bumpo
    Natty Bumpo 5 days ago +1

    That man was broke, trying to make this business fly.
    He gave away a cookie and coffee with a laugh.
    That is a good man.

  • Mom Plays Dark Souls
    Mom Plays Dark Souls 22 days ago +3

    The World needs more people like this!

  • Lenny - evaDevetSmElleT
    Lenny - evaDevetSmElleT 2 months ago +4717

    The fact he asked if he wanted something else, shows this man is genuinely nice.

    • Mark Felton
      Mark Felton Month ago

      nah he saw the camera for sure

    • Marcovalerio Franco
      Marcovalerio Franco 2 months ago +1

      ​@eNemy UAV usually i think that these are staged too
      But this one can't be;
      If it is then that guy HAS to invest on acting or smt like that

    • RemedyPlaysFEH
      RemedyPlaysFEH 2 months ago +1

      ​@T K you act like hidden camera's /body cams aren't a thing

    • eNemy UAV
      eNemy UAV 2 months ago

      @T K let them…. They are just enjoying the content

    • T K
      T K 2 months ago

      @eNemy UAV but thats not exactly true. theres a large number of impulse watchers that do believe its real

  • Cheryl Collins
    Cheryl Collins 19 days ago +3

    Amen brother 🙏 we need to learn to love more! 👍👍❤️✌️😊

  • Madhatter Gaming
    Madhatter Gaming 12 days ago +1

    This honestly gives me some slight hope for humanity

  • Porche Nicole
    Porche Nicole Month ago +2362

    “ I HAVE TO MAKE IT WORK!” He said he’s all in. Faith at its finest.

    • Kim Hwee Chua
      Kim Hwee Chua Month ago

      @Burrito Adversity

    • stu
      stu Month ago +1

      that... is not faith, that is called grit. faith is believing in something without a substantive reason to do so, grit is just putting in the work every day and believing the effort will return dividends

    • Patrick Holst
      Patrick Holst Month ago

      Learn to love 💘 beautiful words

    • Jimmy O
      Jimmy O Month ago

      @Dan L it's 100% not over sunshine. Oh shit it auto corrected the wrong word. I'm now the devil with no soul. I'll say it once again for maybe the 5th time. I'm giving you facts and "you're" (just for you) giving me utter nonsense back...... here we go,
      PROVE TO ME THAT "FAITH" IS REAL AND EXISTS AND ILL BELIEVE YOU. Until then, your comments are irrelevant and stupid ok :) have a good one champ!

    ASSASSIN 15 hours ago

    I like when people be kind to people who doesn't really have it and still willing to give their last we need more people like that

  • Isabella Wong
    Isabella Wong 17 days ago +3

    We need more people like this

  • Master Yoshima
    Master Yoshima Month ago +1303

    Mans got 5 kids and still has this kind of patience and love. Absolute beast of a human being.

    • Master Yoshima
      Master Yoshima Month ago

      @Ēāřťhłīňğ and you dont think hes stressed about not getting much business and worried about putting food on the table, bills to pay? You dont have a family do you squidward 💀

    • karinakeo
      karinakeo Month ago

      Just a kind correction, not beast, but blessed human being. 😉

    • Ēāřťhłīňğ
      Ēāřťhłīňğ Month ago

      @Master Yoshima if he's at work with NO BUSINESS coming in, he doesn't have to worry about patience he has all the time in the world.. now the mom at home? Yeah..

    • Ēāřťhłīňğ
      Ēāřťhłīňğ Month ago

      @Master Yoshima yeah but the mom is the one dealing with 5 kids. Keep crying though.

  • Selamawit Mengisteab
    Selamawit Mengisteab 4 hours ago

    What a sweet bakery man❤😊

  • Martin Ngigi.
    Martin Ngigi. 9 days ago +1

    I started my own shop 3 months ago and to hear him say he's fully committed was funny and encouraging its tough but with time it will pay

  • Sampson Wrestling
    Sampson Wrestling 2 months ago +2934

    If you want to support him further; his shop is Nanas Bakery in Windsor, Ontario.
    EDIT: Best way to support him if you don't live nearby is drop his Bakery a good review online, it goes a long way!

    • Rurudo66
      Rurudo66 Month ago

      thank you

    • Minolta Araya
      Minolta Araya Month ago

    • Raph
      Raph Month ago

      Dang if it was somewhere in the GTA I would of definitely went but unfortunately the place is too far. Y'all at Windsor I hope you eat something for me

      👁️LIKEDATME 2 months ago

      Thanks for sharing

    • Lazarus Bell
      Lazarus Bell 2 months ago +1

      Thank you! It really rubbed me the wrong way that the creator didn't share the shop's name or location.

  • Vegasghostgirls Paranormal Investigators

    You are such a beautiful person I love your videos so much they make me cry tears of joy! God bless you my friend 🥰❤️😘

  • EyeSeeYou
    EyeSeeYou 7 days ago +1

    I hope his new bakery business does well. He's clearly committed and a doer. Good man 👍 🍪

  • Howard Fong
    Howard Fong Month ago +1937

    I hope his kids understand how hard their father is trying to provide the best life to them

    • DaFawk
      DaFawk 12 days ago

      @smellsuperb1 I’m just saying man, if my parents became a widow/widower I’d check up on them and shit too, I’m grateful for the life they gave me and everything they give me. My parents don’t know I know what they do, I’m sorry for calling your kids assholes. They probably do know what you’re doing and struggling with.

    • smellsuperb1
      smellsuperb1 Month ago +1

      @DaFawk My kids are 14 and 17, and therefore far from what you stated. Teenagers tend to not comprehend significance of certain things. Doesn't make them a holes. You on the other hand, that's another matter entirely.

    • QwertyMehta
      QwertyMehta Month ago +1

      @Erdem Toker she’s raising 5 kids, one of the most important jobs in the world

    • Brian Ochoa
      Brian Ochoa Month ago +3

      @smellsuperb1 you’re going good. Keep up to great work! I’m sure they will understand when they’re older.

  • WorkHard BeNice
    WorkHard BeNice 12 days ago

    Oooh, that was a good cry. I needed this.

  • Slayvid Flores
    Slayvid Flores 13 days ago +1

    That's awesome man. I'm sure the fact he got to speak about his buisness made him feel good already

  • Javier Cordova
    Javier Cordova Month ago +1106

    Bro, the baker must be a good father. Despite not having much, he’s still a humble individual. We need more people like this.

    • lamosos
      lamosos Month ago

      Despite being broke, I still feel like I don't have a lot of money.

    • masoncage420
      masoncage420 Month ago +5

      Despite not having much, he's still humble??
      Wtf does that mean? The most humble people have nothing, that's why their humble. People who have everything aren't usually very humble at all....

    • Argabileg • 69 yr ago                           .
      Argabileg • 69 yr ago . Month ago +12

      We need to BE like him*

  • The Dapper Wolf.
    The Dapper Wolf. 5 days ago

    Love that guy's attitude right at the beginning. "Every days a good day" didn't you think twice about giving him a cookie AND offered coffee

  • Phanh Luu
    Phanh Luu 17 days ago

    “Everyday is a good day”. How positive. I love these guy

  • Takisanti Sumauraiku
    Takisanti Sumauraiku Month ago +2583

    This baker man gives some serious positive vibe! I wish him success. Good people deserve the best the world has to offer.

    • Claire I
      Claire I Month ago +1


    • Ok
      Ok Month ago +13

      You aren’t lying, good people often get used.

  • 711phoenixrising
    711phoenixrising 4 days ago

    it's videos like this that give me hope in humanity! love these types of videos..! keep sharing and caring 😇👍

  • Sam Estes
    Sam Estes 9 days ago

    I love this guy .....i hope you make it my man

  • Left Twix
    Left Twix 2 months ago +3272

    Bro this dude's bakery needs its own channel

    • Butterfly
      Butterfly Month ago

      I would watch it!!

    • Holo Scope
      Holo Scope Month ago +2

      @Maria Lindell You are wrong, He can absolutely make shorts for his channel and do decently with that.

    • StudioMG
      StudioMG Month ago +3

      @Maria Lindell dream big

    • Patrick Feeley
      Patrick Feeley Month ago +1

      Hell yes

    • npc rizz
      npc rizz Month ago +1

      And that's called a side business! He might be busy with 5 kids though 🤯, so it's understandable

  • Stuart Hutchinson
    Stuart Hutchinson 12 days ago +2

    The moral: kindness is so underrated

  • Mega The Dank
    Mega The Dank 9 days ago +2

    Lesson learned: give customers filming a tiktok a free cookie

  • Wade Alexander
    Wade Alexander 2 months ago +6430

    This guy deserves a line outside his bakery.

    • Butterfly
      Butterfly Month ago +1

      @El Yory Archila I'm baffled they don't say where his shop is. Would have helped far more than the $1K donation.

    • Butterfly
      Butterfly Month ago +1

      @Angel Saucedo I never got the impression that he isn't proud of his work. He's stressed out because he has 5kids and unfortunately money matters. The business needs to be successful regardless of how much he enjoys baking.

    • Sue W
      Sue W Month ago

      @The Midnight Train 👍🏻

    • The Midnight Train
      The Midnight Train Month ago

      @Sue W I was wrong. That guy is the new owner, I had info on the previous owner

  • Daniel
    Daniel 14 days ago +1

    I'd quit my job right now to work with this guy for less just because he's so authentic. Love it

  • nikiguess
    nikiguess 9 days ago +1

    I want that guy as my father, he was so nice and humble ❤

  • Mark Howard
    Mark Howard 2 months ago +1738

    "because you were kind to me" is one of the greatest reasons to do anything.

  • _NG_
    _NG_ 13 days ago +1

    Kindness goes a long way

  • OttO
    OttO 18 days ago +37

    The Asian people I know are always nice and generous.

    • OttO
      OttO 9 days ago +3

      @Zheg Don't be a racist hater.

    • Zheg
      Zheg 9 days ago +2

      You need to learn some history about asian country's

  • Maven
    Maven 2 months ago +8964

    This dude is a real man. What a father. Respect!

    • PuttyPate 83
      PuttyPate 83 2 months ago +1

      That’s what u call a Provider 💯💯💯💪

    • Ragnar
      Ragnar 2 months ago +2

      @It's_Dey_mate People love the negative shit man. How do these people expect the Clip-Sharer to give money if he has no money source, lmao. Makes no sense right, lmao.

    • Lou Sassol
      Lou Sassol 2 months ago +1

      I love you

    • It's_Dey_mate
      It's_Dey_mate 2 months ago +8

      @Ashish sharma This is shorts dude, he doesn't get that much from it. And I think that the homeless people he gave 500 or 1000 dollars wouldn't care he *also* made money from that. Stop being so cynical.

  • AwakenedWordsmith
    AwakenedWordsmith 8 days ago +1

    So fucking wholesome. Y’all both such beautiful beings

  • M yellow dissasembly drones

    Even if he need that work, he still want to be kind even with stranger
    This man was a giga chad 🙏🏻

  • Dr. Gonzo
    Dr. Gonzo 27 days ago +3988

    I hope his bakery has alot of success, he seems like such a friendly good guy.

    • Me Myself and I
      Me Myself and I 8 days ago

      A doctor would know that "a lot" is two seperate words

    • CLunited
      CLunited 9 days ago

      Bahar is it not true though

    • Taylor Brothwell
      Taylor Brothwell 11 days ago

      ​@Randy Cotton he must not get very busy. Try to be efficient on waste so that he's not just throwing product and money away.

    • Lettuce All Eat Green
      Lettuce All Eat Green 11 days ago


    • Dun Goofed
      Dun Goofed 13 days ago +1

      he knew he was on tiktok. He was forced to give it away or the video would be about how evil he was

  • ian jordan
    ian jordan 11 days ago +1

    What a guy , deserves success forever

  • Jason Lucas
    Jason Lucas 5 days ago

    Wow that made me cry, just amazing!!!

  • Aristides Colon-Castillo
    Aristides Colon-Castillo 2 months ago +1378

    Give this guy's bakery a shout out. He deserves all the business he can handle.

    • Lori Miller
      Lori Miller Month ago

      ​@Rara D.My bet is he's a Canadian. We're pretty nice people, most of us that is.

    • Rara D.
      Rara D. Month ago

      ​@cjb100 how did you find out and Ontario what ? Canada or California???

    • Rara D.
      Rara D. Month ago

      Right, where is this place???????

    • Mykola T
      Mykola T Month ago +1

      ​@The Ludaku Project may any, all, and even the only Gods bless this man

  • Wyndm Clark
    Wyndm Clark 9 days ago +1

    God bless him I wish him nothing but success. Man we need to make his store up we need to make him so busy he has to hire nothing but employees.

  • Mary Poppins
    Mary Poppins 7 days ago +1

    Awwww I hope everyone local goes to this bakery and supports this kind soul, and his family. Sending love and light to everyone who is reading this.

  • Muhammad Haris
    Muhammad Haris Month ago +2085

    He's energetic, positive and kind. A lot of good fortune is on his way.

  • ForealAJ🗿
    ForealAJ🗿 12 days ago

    I've been seeing so many wholesome videos right now I think it's a message from jesus

  • Andy Louis Lea
    Andy Louis Lea 11 days ago +1

    People like you prove we can save one another with out trying to CHANGE EACH OTHER AND THIS individual IS RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!!

  • Jace Jackson
    Jace Jackson Month ago +1519

    The baker is the most valid and amazing human being

  • David Collins
    David Collins 2 days ago

    more people like you, and it's not the money, shine on bro ✌️✌️✌️👍

  • Bruno Lapke
    Bruno Lapke 8 days ago +1

    We need more like these people. Kind and give even if you have not enough

  • Yujiro Hanma
    Yujiro Hanma Month ago +2348

    When you have no money so technically you're not a customer, he then proceeded on treating you as a friend. What a heart 🥺

    • Effendi Hong
      Effendi Hong 21 day ago

      We truly need to learn to love...😁👍👍✍😇

    • Lisa
      Lisa 25 days ago +2

      @Donald Ortiz Because these days it's really rare.

    • Donald Ortiz
      Donald Ortiz 25 days ago +3

      Common decency often gets rewarded

    • Dritan Tahiraj
      Dritan Tahiraj 29 days ago +4

      Not many like him hes a genuine humble person great guy i wish him all the luck in the world

    • Lisa
      Lisa 29 days ago +5

      This guy is so awesome!!! I love his message to the world!!!! LEARN TO LOVE 💕💕💕💕

  • Bigfoot
    Bigfoot 12 days ago

    You are a beautiful soul. Thank you

  • Wanda Curry
    Wanda Curry 9 days ago +1

    I would love to be able to do what he's doing.

  • Geoffrey Soo Chan
    Geoffrey Soo Chan Month ago +1369

    This man’s love language to his family is “sacrifice”

    • SCREAM
      SCREAM Month ago

      I really thought you meant he was going to sacrifice them to the devil

    • Tris Venus
      Tris Venus Month ago +2

      I also love that he's doing something that I can only assume he loves doing. And baking is very fulfilling when you get to see people enjoy your treats.

    • Your Highness
      Your Highness Month ago +6

      Even a real mother's language it is... just that we don't see it that often. I've seen it, so I know it 😌
      Love you Mom ❤️

  • Cameron Lazo
    Cameron Lazo 5 days ago

    I love people like these 😢

  • Audrey Ann
    Audrey Ann 16 days ago

    What a nice man. And I love that his wife is home with the children. 5 children. It's wonderful. He will make it work. So funny... I'm going to give you this napkin. The baker was so happy.

  • Grayman
    Grayman Month ago +831

    the man has 5 kids to feed, and a shop to carry alone, yet he said "everyday is a good day" respect

    • atticus
      atticus Month ago

      666th like👑

    • Naaaag
      Naaaag Month ago +4

      @senaglion we heard

    • senaglion
      senaglion Month ago +11

      and he said "1 cookie doesn't make me richer" and also "do you want a coffee"

  • What's in a name?
    What's in a name? 7 days ago +1

    I love his energy. He's so respectful too

  • Sailawayron
    Sailawayron 19 days ago

    Beautiful, great message. Just be kind to everyone.

  • Dominic Hayles
    Dominic Hayles Month ago +2041

    Every person in the world who is as kind as him deserves $1000

    • Benjamin De Wit
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      @armor power and @dilara respect

    • Dilara
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      @armor power exactly 💯

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      no no they dont deserve a thousand they deserve much much more then that

    • Julz XD
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  • Laydee Willis
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    This made my day❤

  • Hopeful
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    I like it “every day is a good day, & we need to learn to love “👏👏