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Forza Motorsport - Developer_Direct, presented by Xbox & Bethesda

  • Published on Jan 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Check in with Turn 10 Studios and Forza Motorsport as the development team reveals how they’re building cars, tracks and audio that take full advantage of the Xbox Series X|S.
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  • Phoenix Ward
    Phoenix Ward Month ago +7639

    As much as I love the collector aspect in horizon, I really hope this has real progression. I want to earn my cars, get attached to them. I want to do a full championship in a shit box and slowly upgrade it

    • CnPx
      CnPx 3 days ago

      @LastWil All racing games seem to do this now where you start with a half decent car and then within a couple hours you have a 500 million £$€ garage.
      I miss the days of starting in a hatchback and working your way up to the Bugatti, Lambo and so on. You feel like you earned it then.
      This is why GT started to loose it's appeal when you could buy cars. Cos if you give players the option to buy cars for real money it takes away from those who earned it.

    • ETP3300
      ETP3300 8 days ago

      @LastWilit most likely won’t be on game pass for a long time

    • LaMelo Ball
      LaMelo Ball 9 days ago

      i want a formula 1 car off the bat

    • Dylan Manly
      Dylan Manly 12 days ago

      @LastWil Duuuuuuuude I forgot it will be on game pass day one 🤤

    • NYCYABBER710
      NYCYABBER710 14 days ago

      I kinda hate this take tbh. A lot of us just want to compete against one another with an unrestricted access to whatever cars we want. Since 15 years ago I've been collecting cars. Now I just want to race.

  • ThayGWAR_Whiz
    ThayGWAR_Whiz Month ago +492

    I hope they add in more realistic sim options like tire wear, gas weight, track temp, etc. looks really good so far.

    • CnPx
      CnPx 3 days ago

      @Apollo XV No it wouldn't. That's why you have difficulty options. Like traction control, abs, steering assist... So those who aren't that good can still perform well. Then those who want the more realistic experience can turn them off.

    • TheAlexTime
      TheAlexTime 7 days ago

      @Apollo XV isnt motosport a sim?

    • ThayGWAR_Whiz
      ThayGWAR_Whiz 12 days ago

      @Bob Bart sim changes are limited. hopefully they'll be more robust in the future.

    • Bob Bart
      Bob Bart 12 days ago

      @Apollo XV I don’t think I did, unless you’re suggesting that you are a professional race car driver (which to be fair I did imply that I doubt that you are), or that you don’t drive sims for fun. Just because you didn’t directly say something with the intention of discouraging the aforementioned groups doesn’t mean that the snobbery and disdain that you and those like you show towards FM and other “childish” games doesn’t have the same impact on them.

    • Apollo XV
      Apollo XV 12 days ago

      @Bob Bart you’re assigning things to me I never discussed and you’re talking about straw manning? Haha. Nah mate.

  • Nazgu
    Nazgu Month ago +21

    Would love to see 'Windshield Banner customization' as part of livery design options! It would really give the feeling that the cars that you modify belong on the race track. Minor I know, but not many games do this and most of the cars in real life series have this. The livery customisation in Forza games is already great, but for a motorsport focused entry into the series it would be right at home. Very low on the priority list I'm sure, but cool nonetheless.

    • DIVAL
      DIVAL 21 day ago +2

      yes!!! this is something i’ve wanted since motorsport 4, little detail that would make your custom touring cars feel a lot more real

  • prod.roadrunner
    prod.roadrunner Month ago +43

    Would love to see more engine upgrades made available as well as more in-depth tuning.

  • my name jeff
    my name jeff Month ago +20

    Always a game I go back to. This looks insane. Please live up to the expectations

  • Pepe Ruelas
    Pepe Ruelas Month ago +5

    Me gusta todas las actualizaciones acerca del aspecto de imagen del juego, pero me gustaría que hubiera mas desarrollo en el aspecto de sensación al conducir, mejores aspectos en sensaciones de realidad en frenada y movimientos mas realistas en el auto.

  • AAT
    AAT Month ago +4574

    car-building focused single-player sounds great

    • EazyComeEazyGo
      EazyComeEazyGo Month ago +1

      @Alberto521 ooooh like the height/depth/width alterations? Yeah that sounds nice.

    • Alberto521
      Alberto521 Month ago +1

      @EazyComeEazyGo what if they add sliders for aero like how Need For Speed Carbon had?

    • AAT
      AAT Month ago

      @SomeGuy97 you're right

    • Lewis Tilbrook
      Lewis Tilbrook Month ago

      @Gradient skill issue

    • SomeGuy97
      SomeGuy97 Month ago

      They could just remaster motorsport 4 and it would be a better game than this will be

  • 6ixValley Mafia
    6ixValley Mafia Month ago +55

    I’m super excited about this one right here
    Thank you so much to the people working so hard on this game & giving the players what they want

  • JDKoenig
    JDKoenig Month ago +9

    This will be amazing! This looks great and I'm glad to see the progress!

  • Guilherme Marins
    Guilherme Marins Month ago +8

    Esse vai ser o melhor Forza de todos os tempos ❤️

  • Quick Learner5G
    Quick Learner5G Month ago +45

    Engine Sound in this is the most realistic sound i have ever heard in a game

    • Recon
      Recon 6 days ago

      @MarquisDeSang Raceroom is an amazing game. It just sucks you gotta buy basically every car.

    • MarquisDeSang
      MarquisDeSang 11 days ago +1

      It sounds like RACE ROOM

    • Perfect Mazda
      Perfect Mazda Month ago +5

      i hope to hear a nice rotary sound with cat and decat or even bridgeport (wishful thinking tho)

  • No Love
    No Love Month ago +5

    Can't wait for the release....would be crazy if you could actually adjust level of boost you want on turbos,procharger,superchargers

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +637

    This truly looks worth the wait.

    • Chris Vaccaro
      Chris Vaccaro 7 days ago

      @KiwiStyles bruh your never gonna get anything good if you dont have patience. How you gamers can vomplain about unfinished games but when a game takes more than 2 years to develop its too sliw pick which one you want because hood games arent gonna get any quicker to make

    • Venomized
      Venomized Month ago

      Until they ban you and you can't play it anymore

    • Hassnat Samir
      Hassnat Samir Month ago


    • Kuldeep Soni
      Kuldeep Soni Month ago


    • Subhash Chandra
      Subhash Chandra Month ago


  • Miho
    Miho Month ago

    I'm definitely excited for this one. It's looking pretty awesome if you ask me!

  • Chris Clemmons
    Chris Clemmons Month ago

    I have been playing Forza since the beginning and have loved all of them but I hope they don’t shy away from the heart of Forza but make it the biggest baddest one yet. Hopefully there will be more engine combinations and swaps and some of the old cars like the country squire. Can’t wait to get it and play it.

  • KingOfBass37
    KingOfBass37 18 days ago

    I cant wait for this game to come out. This is going to be an awesome Forza game to play.

  • Tre
    Tre Month ago +8

    Most anticipated game of the year for me.
    Hope the presentation and lobbies are on point just like the gameplay

    • basshead
      basshead 21 day ago

      Looks too much like FM7/FH5. Starfield looks much more interesting.

  • Dan Miranda
    Dan Miranda Month ago +5

    Make sure this game comes out perfectly fine just like the other guy said take your time but I’m really glad you guys are coming out with the new one. I’ve been waiting a long time for this can’t wait.

  • Kennard Cristoval
    Kennard Cristoval Month ago +513

    I believe the graphics and sounds will be really good, like other forza games as usual. But I wonder why the dev never do a marketing scene where they talks about tyre physics, penalty system, pit stop, etc.. you know, something’s important in a ‘motorsport’ world..

    • SerPurple
      SerPurple Month ago +2

      They'll hype it all up and make the footage look awesome. But wait until the actual game comes out before you purchase it. Remember all the "in-game footage" of the pit crews in FM6 but there wasn't a single person on the track in the pits? I love the series but they have a habit of deceptive and untruthful marketing.

    • ExoticTE77
      ExoticTE77 Month ago

      @HawfHuman because it’s a decently cool thing that will add to racing

    • HawfHuman
      HawfHuman Month ago +3

      @ExoticTE77 I know they can't make something as elaborate as BeamNG or Wreckfest, but if they can't really do anything then why spend so much time talking about it and why try to make it seem as if it's some big new revelation

    • ExoticTE77
      ExoticTE77 Month ago

      @HawfHuman they literally cannot make a realistic damage model because of licensing. The way they describe it is scratches exactly how they would appear based on what you bump and where which is cool considering many companies that would flip out if they saw their car damaged

  • That one guy 1000
    That one guy 1000 25 days ago

    I remember how realistic Forza Motorsport 6 was in 2015, I can't wait for this!

  • Chris K
    Chris K Month ago

    Well done Turn 10. This looks amazing!!

  • Rattenschwanz - Film und Fotografie

    The Forza Team is Amazing. Cant wait to see more. 💥🤩🤩🤩

  • Mason Hadley
    Mason Hadley Month ago +4

    Dude I really hope drifting is just as good as it was in Motorsport 7. The drift lobbies were incredible!

  • Efrain Alameda
    Efrain Alameda 26 days ago +1

    This looks so awesome 👌!!!!!! Pumped up for this release! Hoping it's on gamepass

  • Callum Brown
    Callum Brown Month ago +405

    A lot of talk about the tech behind the graphics and audio, but I wished we'd get more of a breakdown on the tech behind the driving and how handling, and info and stuff like the pit lane.

    • AAX
      AAX Month ago

      The physics are what's most important to me.

    • Darkside 20B
      Darkside 20B Month ago

      @Pug Rcz Gran Turismo only had one issues with one game so far Forza Motorsport is three in a row for broken games

    • Darkside 20B
      Darkside 20B Month ago

      @Criminal Mindz something tells me you did not play Forza Motorsport 7 for the first like 3 years of the game being out because nothing worked everything crashed FM7 was the start of shitty racing games because unfortunately we haven't got anything good since either if it's sim or arcade

    • Criminal Mindz
      Criminal Mindz Month ago

      @Darkside 20B sure, thing... also nothing wrong with servers for me never has been seems like a u issue or horizon

    • Darkside 20B
      Darkside 20B Month ago

      @Criminal Mindz so how about them Forza Motorsport 7 servers

  • loukas371
    loukas371 Month ago

    Give us solid support for all the common and DD wheels out there and people are going to love this. The community is thirsty for a truly new sim!

  • Akkar_Unbekannt
    Akkar_Unbekannt Month ago +3

    I love Forza Motorsport, always come back to play a couple of laps on the Nurburgring. Hopefully it is back and I hope they offer 120 fps in the near future.

    • alexy626
      alexy626 16 days ago

      They do. Just have to play on a good PC.

  • Alberto521
    Alberto521 Month ago +2

    I'm excited, wish list would be a high def version of Fundidora Park Raceway, Monterrey, Mexico. Indycar raced there, last time in 2004 i believe.
    And I want that "HPDE" feeling, FM1 kind of had that feeling when you would choose your region when starting and most tracks would be in that region for the first couple of times.
    Interior car customization, different brands for upgrades that have different specs (for example one exhaust weighs less than another but makes more peak HP, or another one has less peak HP but a flatter power line, or one has more torque vs HP)
    Different wing options would be sweet as well

  • Wockydab
    Wockydab Month ago

    I have always been a huge fan of the forza series ever since I was introduced at forza Motorsport 3. But they should definitely add lil tweaks to the look of the game when inside the car like for example steering wheel rotation degree and also camera adjustment cause some cars have weird first person views compared to others.

  • GK101
    GK101 Month ago +1

    Looks incredible... really excited for this one, take my money already

  • John
    John Month ago +819

    In the first Forza Motorsport on the original Xbox if you hit or scrape the concrete wall, you can actually see the car’s paint color on the concrete wall itself. That was a really cool attention to detail for a racing game in that time. It will be great to see something like that in the newer games.

    • falconater68
      falconater68 Month ago

      @TheForza Gamer Dude...Obviously sarcasm. Wow.

    • Alex
      Alex Month ago

      I still dont understand why the older games arent BC. They clearly have the ability to re up the licensing for those cars.

    • G M
      G M Month ago

      Fm2 was the one for me, god that was a good game I wasted hours as a kid 😂

    • shinski
      shinski Month ago

      everything about AAA gaming development is how much money they make not the quality.

    • that guy
      that guy Month ago

      @I.N.S.H. this gama looks like it will be very good . The horizon series is very fun to .

  • Cesar Neander
    Cesar Neander Month ago +2

    è um sonho um jogo desse , ele esta lindo

  • Gabagool
    Gabagool 4 days ago

    I hope they get more contracts this time around. Having cars that I love not in the next game is something that disappoints me every year, and I'm not the only one.

  • Chandler Cole
    Chandler Cole Month ago +21

    Told myself I was done buying video games, but this is incredible. It seems like something an “adult” would play which makes me feel less guilty for wanting it so bad.

    • Chandler Cole
      Chandler Cole Month ago +7

      @Blue Bandit lol well I downloaded lawn mowing simulator and if adults really play that then there is a problem

    • Blue Bandit
      Blue Bandit Month ago +3

      I take it you havent heard of simulators? Thats what us adults play

  • BaronGlory
    BaronGlory 10 days ago +1

    I'm really stoked to play the new Forza game, one thing I think they should add is the odometer where the speed tachometer, just to see how much you've driven each car.

    • Spadookie
      Spadookie 2 days ago

      That's in forza 7 already

  • Mix Studio -Sham
    Mix Studio -Sham Month ago

    The drift lobbies were incredible

  • Kona The Wolf
    Kona The Wolf Month ago +439

    One thing that I’m still hoping for that not a lot of people for some reason talk about, is the steering wheel being able to turn more than 90 degrees, no Forza game has ever had any sort of steering animation past 90 degrees, Im hoping we might see this possibly in the new Motorsport.

    • The Night Hob
      The Night Hob Month ago

      @attack helicopter 🤌🏻🤌🏻

    • The Night Hob
      The Night Hob Month ago

      @natedog796 lol I have content manager only because of forza 🤣

    • Pablo Cabezas
      Pablo Cabezas Month ago


    • Pablo Cabezas
      Pablo Cabezas Month ago +1

      @Lwazi Luvuyo what??? We have games that keep us very satisfied. Like assetto corsa, asseto competizione, rfactor 2, Ams2, project cars 2, dirt 2. Awesomes video games.
      Forza is Just like granturismo or NFS

    • VerticalStrafes
      VerticalStrafes Month ago

      @EverythingArsenal - yes, look at the steering wheel

  • TexasWarbird
    TexasWarbird Month ago +15

    I'd like to see more about Forza's driving mechanic's realism factor as well as information around how car data is collected.
    How do you ensure each car behaves the same as it's real life counterpart?

    • CharlesFreck
      CharlesFreck Month ago +1

      @Zs Bacskai Bro go play mario kart then

    • Justin Holloway
      Justin Holloway Month ago +2

      @Rchey Snarfs In that case most are "simcade" It's hard to get every cars geometry all the way down to the motion ratios and how the suspension design as far as tie rods/control arms/angles and etc. But regardless just getting realistic car behaviors down is good. Meaning my race car in the game might have to be modded differently to achieve the results I want out of the car, but I would like those results to be able behave the same as real life. Makes for good practice.

    • Rchey Snarfs
      Rchey Snarfs Month ago +1

      They don't, this game is a simcade and not a simulator. They'll get authentic enough handling based on a vehicles weight distribution + downforce + grip.

    • HIT ME UP ON DISCORD AT 👉👉 Forza#5032
      HIT ME UP ON DISCORD AT 👉👉 Forza#5032 Month ago

      Thanks for feedback...hit me up for more surprises 🎊🥳............

  • AscendantRobin
    AscendantRobin Month ago +5

    looks absolutely stunning 🤩

  • Marc Wilson
    Marc Wilson 2 days ago

    The track racing looks similar to current. Interested to see how this compares to iRacing as far as car feel. I wish they could play that sim and use that. I feel however it will be another arcade game.

  • Mr Harris1993
    Mr Harris1993 Month ago

    And hopefully the car customization is better as well. With more body kits, wheels, spoilers, be able to change exhausts and mufflers, more drift cars and drift tracks this time

  • OnyxStudios
    OnyxStudios Month ago +1

    LETS GOOO! 🔥They are really putting in the work for this game. Can’t wait to see it run on my Series X.

  • Diggy
    Diggy Month ago +548

    We're building hype for this game,
    from the ground up.

    • kangaro jack
      kangaro jack Month ago +1

      Watch out that’s what happened with cyberpunk

    • Deep Blue
      Deep Blue Month ago

      @Area11Sakai found the polyphony employee!

    • Deep Blue
      Deep Blue Month ago

      @GeoffPeterson I can't wait to see the new Forza vs GR7.

    • CoLLCaTiLLWiLL
      CoLLCaTiLLWiLL Month ago

      Same thang same thang.

    • Anshul _
      Anshul _ Month ago

      @Area11Sakai tosser

  • Brenton Willingham
    Brenton Willingham Month ago +7

    If this game focuses on being a driving simulation as opposed to arcade racing, I commend Turn 10 Studios for its great endeavor in doing so.

    • Brenton Willingham
      Brenton Willingham 18 days ago

      @David Yeah, I don’t actually drive a car; I just have my chauffeur drive me around town in my Rolls Royce 😎. Lol. Jk. 🤣. But I still think Forza would make a fantastic racing simulator if they worked on the in-game physics.

    • David
      David 19 days ago

      For those who haven't driven a real car. This is not a sim. It's only saving feature is that it helps keep mouthy children off real sims.

    • HIT ME UP ON DISCORD AT 👉👉 Forza#5032
      HIT ME UP ON DISCORD AT 👉👉 Forza#5032 Month ago

      Thanks for feedback...hit me up for more surprises 🎊🥳........

  • Alan Mouchet
    Alan Mouchet Month ago +1

    I'm curious about turbo flutter when changing your air intakes if noise will change . Also if you spent out and don't hold the clutch in will the car kill. Last thing will the g920 be compatible with lsb and rsb button mapping?

  • kanyedian
    kanyedian Month ago +2

    Badass! Gonna like watching SuperGT rip this around 🤙🏼🔥

  • David Webb
    David Webb Month ago +1

    Looking forward to getting this up and running on my sim rig. Fingers crossed that VR or triple screen support is included on the PC version.

  • Corey Vlogs
    Corey Vlogs Month ago

    I wonder how the wheel setups will work. Horizon destroyed my taste for having a wheel so I’m hoping this is better or at least more tunable

  • Synthetic Synapse
    Synthetic Synapse Month ago +412

    My biggest concern about this trailer is that you guys spent more time talking about how realistic your paint is, than talking about any gameplay-relevant aspects such as game modes or how the progression is gonna work. Those things are all pretty cool, especially the new sounds which are a long overdue thing imo, but literally all I know about this game right now, is that it's pretty to look at. I'm fairly sure players will be more busy thinking about how well your cars drive, how fun it is to progress in your career, get new cars, upgrade them, etc, rather than closely inspecting your multi layered car paint.

    • Nightbeat91
      Nightbeat91 7 days ago

      It’s the same old thing under the new coat of paint, it has been like this ever since 2015. If they got anything new, they would not hold it back like this.

    • Robert T
      Robert T Month ago

      @Kyle Schack then you hadn’t played horizon.

    • GuTOHGT - Benchmark and Gameplays
      GuTOHGT - Benchmark and Gameplays Month ago

      And he forgot to talk if the wheel will turn more than 90 degrees on cockpit view.

    • Damian S
      Damian S Month ago +1

      @Azali No... Forza was never built or designed to be a sim. It's always been designed as the mid between a "Need for Speed" and a Sim... Basically "Realistic" but not alienating.
      Not trying to be that guy but there are plenty of Sims out there for those that want it.... Forza is not a Sim, and never will be.

    • Damian S
      Damian S Month ago +2

      @Vulture Damage modeling is actually limited by licensing agreements... Dead serious. Licensing cars in games doesn't allow for "excessive" damages. That's why they went so heavy on dirt and cosmetic damages...

  • JayCBoss84
    JayCBoss84 Month ago

    WOW this looks incredible!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Chris Niswonger
    Chris Niswonger Month ago +3

    The cars look HUGE on track!

  • Cars N’ Scars
    Cars N’ Scars 23 days ago

    Wish they’d add a garage and walk around effect etc like they did in driver ahaha would be sick

  • Carl McShane
    Carl McShane 2 days ago +1

    Looks awesome! 😍

  • Malicious Clouds
    Malicious Clouds Month ago +7

    As a sim racer who prefers titles like Assetto Corsa, i have to say, even I'm excited to try out this excellent looking game 👌

  • ShanyeB YT
    ShanyeB YT Month ago +476

    If they can deliver even 90% of what they have mentioned in this trailer then this game is going to be awesome. Visually it looks stunning so far.

    • Vinny
      Vinny Month ago

      @ShanyeB YT when you drink it, it's half empty, if you fill it halfway, it's half full. It's common sense.

    • Unknown
      Unknown Month ago

      Shanye the Simp.

    • ShanyeB YT
      ShanyeB YT Month ago

      @TacticalFallout I'm just a glass half full kind of person bro. I'd rather be optimistic about nothing than pessimistic about everything.

    • Vinny
      Vinny Month ago

      @TacticalFallout if i had 0,0000000000000001% of space, I would have the solar system! That's quite a lot, no?

    • TacticalFallout
      TacticalFallout Month ago

      90% of nothing is still nothing dude. They havent told us anything other than the graphics. Plus all the info we did get is already in FM7 and FH5. So they've told us essentially nothing.

  • Justin Nettelfield
    Justin Nettelfield Month ago

    Would love to have the new gen of Aussie Supercars!

  • Trilobite MMMXXX
    Trilobite MMMXXX Month ago

    I hope this time we will see a better pit management and actual crew pit animations.

  • Manpeace
    Manpeace Month ago

    I'm just nosalgic but nothing beats the time when I played Gran Turismo on Playstation back in the 90's whn like 6 years old. I loved the slow progression system and my dad always smiled when choosing new tires or upgrading the engine to get more horsepower. It felt like if we just did that next race we might be able to upgrade something on our beloved Lancer Evo :D I hope Forza will be able to make me wanna progress like this again.

  • Asaulticannoli
    Asaulticannoli Month ago

    For all the progress they've made with some of the new things added to this game. Am I the only one who think that track commentators may be the best? like are we talking announcers narrating the race? cuz if so I've been waiting for that in a race game for so long lol

  • archechme
    archechme Month ago

    I feel like the Forza Motorsport title has been neglected a little in favour of Horizon and it's nice to see a new game is in the works. I have a lot of love for the Motorsport series and I cannot wait for this.

  • fadinrenegade
    fadinrenegade Month ago +489

    I think "built from the ground up" is going to turn out to mean something totally different to T10 than it does to us.

    • Capt Iceberg
      Capt Iceberg Month ago

      @Riccin Frickinbono I mean that’s only the model for every game company out there right now? Bethesda remakes, cod is a rerelease every year with maybe a different era attached to it. Gran Turismo follows the same method. No matter where you go as long as the gaming industry is making lining pockets then the foundation isn’t going to change. You want to see real change? stop buying games lmao

    • Riccin Frickinbono
      Riccin Frickinbono Month ago

      "We copy and pasted the same the stuff from all the other games and it look a little cooler to save money" doesn't sound as good from a marketing perspective.

    • SpeeKer_LIVE
      SpeeKer_LIVE Month ago

      I love how half the comment section wants the game to be heavenly and perfect day one. They want the game to have no bugs and wants everything to be pretty and perfect with no updates or anything 😂

    • Md:Sikandar Abu Jafor
      Md:Sikandar Abu Jafor Month ago


    • Purwanti Allan
      Purwanti Allan Month ago

      @Damian S hope its not a terrible take.

  • camaxide
    camaxide Month ago +1

    Looks very impressive, feels next gen

  • JetTheAviator
    JetTheAviator Month ago

    Can’t wait to play this! Hopefully the nascar expansion still exists!

  • Ryan John
    Ryan John Month ago

    Hopefully fully customizable racecar suits with our own graphics

  • Alan Mouchet
    Alan Mouchet Month ago

    I'd also like to see them add some more realistic cockpit view showing the car lean

  • Dr. Jay
    Dr. Jay Month ago

    looking forward to trying the driving in this,,,, needs to be considerably better than fm7 if its gonna be worth it imo

  • Carbine Element
    Carbine Element Month ago +387

    i hope the game feels good on wheel and pedal setups with a really good online competitive mode. its something that horizon lacks, motorsport has the perfect opportunity to make that happen. then Forza will have both competitive and casual racing games with loyal fanbases

    • J P
      J P Month ago

      @Piston Broke AMS2 over Raceroom !!

    • DoWorkNP
      DoWorkNP Month ago

      @Piston Broke No pc and I don't play video games enough to justify buying one :/

    • Nordic watch addict
      Nordic watch addict Month ago

      @Jack Armstrong yeah you are correct, all have their place. Just from my experience with all these games i made those recommendations.

    • Jack Armstrong
      Jack Armstrong Month ago +1

      @Nordic watch addict ACC and Iracing lack the car diversity though. And many Forza players do not have access to a PC

    • Piston Broke
      Piston Broke Month ago

      @DoWorkNP 'Acc is fun but im bored to death of gt3 lol....' - Raceroom and AMS2 👍

  • mmBiNK
    mmBiNK Month ago

    I really hope the vinyl editor gets fixed with most vehicles at least! I like to make my own personal race car liveries and its frustrating when you apply vinyl to the hood/roof and yet it falls off onto the fender, bumper, or the quarter panels. Other than that the gameplay looks fun!! Looking forward to more engaging accidents let's gooo!!👉🤯👈

  • PatrickEVRAable
    PatrickEVRAable Month ago +1

    I was so addicted to Forza 1 and Forza 2, there was such a sense of progression, you get invested in your cars, and earning the money to upgrade them slowly, it was so satisfying. I don't want to just be given a GT3 RSR Race car after my first race, It's so meaningless and I lose all investment in the game. And I feel like that's been the problem since forza 3.

  • The Real Chuck Norris

    You guys need to add mid ohio raceway to the game!! Have been waiting to see this for 10 years. Its so underrated

  • Pawcio2115
    Pawcio2115 Month ago +2

    I'm very excited and I can't wait to play this game, it looks amazing

  • 7-Smilla
    7-Smilla Month ago

    It's been a long time since I've been able to touch a Forza apart from the Forza Horizon, because Forza doesn't have in mind to become an icon of sim racing (what I'm looking for), the game is much too arcade. I plan to stay with Assetto Corsa Competizione, Automobilista etc. This is real racing and the possibility to play in VR is really a plus especially when you have a steering wheel, the immersion is crazy. Anyway, happy for the fans !

  • DanteEightSix
    DanteEightSix Month ago +448

    I want to see details used in other franchises in the past. If I change the exhaust, it has a different exhaust. If I do weight reduction, it removes interior.
    Also, bring back Toyota and Japanese tracks like Tsukuba, Fuji, and Motegi.
    I also want to see more street cars. It's more fun to build up a street car for the track.

    • Heavy-ang-patay
      Heavy-ang-patay Month ago

      @DanteEightSix Still Forza. You need not worry about Toyota. They'll appear.

    • DanteEightSix
      DanteEightSix Month ago

      @Heavy-ang-patay This is Motorsport, not Horizon. FM7 had some Toyotas, but they were all purpose-built track vehicles from 3rd parties and not actually from Toyota.

    • LeCoureurDesBois
      LeCoureurDesBois Month ago +2

      Fujimi Kaido

    • 03056932R
      03056932R Month ago +1

      imo people love to drive supercars and things they can aspire to or see on the road. I don't know why there is such a focus on these soulless race cars

  • Brian A
    Brian A Month ago

    Cant wait to play this game from the ground up!

  • Jean Carlo
    Jean Carlo Month ago

    Y’all need to add more more lightweight racing wheels like more variety to the weld wheels maybe add forgestars,etc on the upcoming games and maybe more cars that the people would like and diversity on maybe adding more trucks like in the older forzas but keep up the good work

  • Enoxix
    Enoxix Month ago

    Car building focused singleplayer career? That sounds very nice! 😁

  • babayagg
    babayagg Month ago

    the game will look like, we know it! I wish the list of tracks was as big as possible, so that the best Misano, Nurburgring would not be missing ... the biggest downside of the intermediate part was the time measurements, looking at the competition there are at least tables of the best runs, I missed it terribly in 7

  • McCain Racing
    McCain Racing Month ago

    Would be nice to have real drag racing and I’m willing to help make it happen!

  • Utahraptor
    Utahraptor Month ago +913

    Only thing that bugged me is the fact that we are still using the same Forza aero that we've been using since what Forza Motorsport 5? Other than that everything else looks incredible

    • Fun 🅥
      Fun 🅥 Month ago

      God i love this community

    • a7xgunslinger
      a7xgunslinger Month ago +1

      @El Loco copy and paste from other games? hahaaha but it was literally Forza Horizon that redefined the genre, before Horizon we only had Need For Speed ​​and simulators 🤣🤦‍♂️

    • Steve Kong
      Steve Kong Month ago

      @x808drifter bro the first fm i played was fm2. those were the golden days. FM4 is the lastforza that i actually finish. The sense of progression, the obvious attention to the cars, you could feel the developers actually love cars.

    • babaluk
      babaluk Month ago +2

      If T10 really did build a new game "from the ground up" they wouldn't be featuring their most hated feature, the ugliest wing in gaming history, which is forced on players to have decent car builds. This forza will be the same rehash as always. And yes I've played every FM. I'm a fan. I'm an OG. That's why I'm disappointed as usual.

    • x808drifter
      x808drifter Month ago

      @Steve Kong Haven't been here long have you. Us OG's have been disappointed since FM4 on the 360.

  • Purple Helix
    Purple Helix Month ago

    I hope someday we have true binaural audio. And many many free roam tracks with traffic.

  • Samuel Nolasco Nolasco

    After collecting all of the fh5 cars this is going to give a new tough challenge 🤯

  • Mr. Madhatter
    Mr. Madhatter Month ago

    things I want to know in the next update:
    wheel support- any innovations here? are you guys going to try to compete his ACC level of car physics and detail?
    Single player- a more in depth look at what we are getting
    Online- are you guys adopting the old motorsport models? or are you going to try something new here
    release date- its already February guys, we need a specific date if you are serious about this year

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    This is beyond amazing

  • An Hell
    An Hell Month ago +1

    Incredible...great job

  • PDR TV
    PDR TV Month ago +147

    2 Questions:
    1. Full Pit Stop animations?
    2. Endurance Races?
    Love to see Foza Motorsport back, I have faith in Turn10

    • JJ's Grand Adventure
      JJ's Grand Adventure Month ago +1

      @Nii Key maybe they don't want to reveal that just yet...my concern is that old forza aero is all we get

    • ColoradoStreaming
      ColoradoStreaming Month ago

      A Pikes Peak track would be legit too.

    • Nii Key
      Nii Key Month ago

      5. Why are they showing the old forza aero when they could show the new ones?

    • hkpkppq
      hkpkppq Month ago

      1 Answer
      Gran Turismo killer

  • Ryan Titus
    Ryan Titus Month ago +1

    I'm looking forward to this game big time! Think it's time to invest in the steering wheel setup properly.

    • Ryan Titus
      Ryan Titus 3 days ago

      @David always great to get feed back from people who have a steering wheel setup or have tried game's.

    • David
      David 3 days ago +1

      I have a mid-level Thrustmaster wheel/pedals. It's wasted on this game ($1500 with load cell). The poor physics engine makes for a childish waste of time, and money. There's far better titles to choose from. Even Nascar2003 offers a much more realistic drive--it's free and there's no constant 'attitude' from admin..

  • Andrew Terry
    Andrew Terry Month ago

    I wonder what they'll do for the drift community on this one.

  • LocalChubbyBeardedMan
    LocalChubbyBeardedMan Month ago +3

    I hope there's more than 1 wing option. It's not hard to add a low, mid, and high height options with different wing tips

    • LocalChubbyBeardedMan
      LocalChubbyBeardedMan Month ago

      @GBalao888 exactly. Gt7 wings are so good

    • GBalao888
      GBalao888 Month ago

      Instead of the hideous traditional Forza wing, they should take some inspiration from GT7 with custom wings where you can change the stand, support and side blades.

  • cadillacdon46
    cadillacdon46 Month ago +3

    When talking about detail, I’m a man of detail and the things that I like to see is the cars features , such as changing the color of the interior, upgrades for sure is a big item to execute , we wanna see the parts change on the car as you upgrade , bigger turbos , aftermarket supercharger ,intercooler being present especially when you upgrading a N/A car , I wanna see these the parts I buy , new exhaust tips or mufflers …….also the cars crashes on the Forza franchise has always seemed arcade which kinda singles itself away from the simulation of the game let’s seem the cars actually roll and total out or the damages actually look real wherever the gets hit at …I think you get what I’m saying here

  • GuyRightSome
    GuyRightSome Month ago

    So ready for a new Traditional forza game. Ready to be back on Race tracks

  • Fisken
    Fisken Month ago +500

    The looks and sounds of this game i have no doubt in but the by far most important thing in my opinion is the car physics and the feedback you get through your wheel. Hope you put in even more time into these things than the graphics

    • Alden Mahoney
      Alden Mahoney Month ago

      @Purwanti Allan pretty much yeah

    • pluggotic
      pluggotic Month ago

      @Purwanti Allan I love that you expect me to know that obscure pervy stuff🤣

    • Purwanti Allan
      Purwanti Allan Month ago

      @Alden Mahoney more like Arcade Hybrided game like PROJECT CARS 3 and Daytona USA 2.

    • Purwanti Allan
      Purwanti Allan Month ago

      @pluggotic FORZA MOTORSPORT 8 maybe gonna do EXACTLY the same like Nijigasaki High School Idol Club do on their 2nd anime season. Dont forget that their 2nd anime season also a BIG generational leap.

    • Purwanti Allan
      Purwanti Allan Month ago

      @Fisken FORZA MOTORSPORT 8 gonna get 100 on Metacritic.

    KADEN SMOKEZ Month ago

    That means if you’re drifting and you hit like another tire mark you’re gonna catch more traction or something that sounds so cool

  • Miley
    Miley Month ago +1

    I like how it's built from the ground up

  • Jack Lougheed
    Jack Lougheed Month ago +1

    4 things: make sure it works with a logitech g920/29/293, and could more specific tuning such as engine management, and high/low speed damping, make sure it runs smoothly on an x-box one, even if that means that you limit the graphics, and split screen multiplayer.

  • Kyle Russo
    Kyle Russo Month ago

    I might be the only one but I’ve always thought a few more pivotal cars were always missing from the game. For example the first generations of the Ford Taurus SHO, the 1998 Grand Cherokee 5.9 limited ( the grandfather of all fast SUVs) Mercedes’ and BMW wagons/estates. Hoping to see them soon in game.

  • falconater68
    falconater68 Month ago +3

    3 and 4 were my favorite by miles. The carlist was great. I like things I can afford, no interest in the latest super car.

  • SirCharles
    SirCharles Month ago +308

    would love to see more customable body kits not the same back wing we've been seeing for the last 10+ years

    • Mexican Americans in the Denver Colorado
    • 999JW
      999JW Month ago +1

      100% I was like bet you they using the same old junk styling as first forza and then that rear bumper and front bomex bumper on the mx5 comes up whilst talking about styling and I thought. Fml really guys!? Nothing new just copy and paste again????

    • luke WTHLR
      luke WTHLR Month ago +4

      just saw the wing too. Seems there is no "new" stuff. just nicer grafics

    • Brian Griggs
      Brian Griggs Month ago +5

      They need voltex wings lmao

    • The official Unofficial
      The official Unofficial Month ago +8

      Built from the ground up, out of old models lol

  • Gabriele Fusto
    Gabriele Fusto Month ago

    Hope they bring this wild stuff to Horizon as well

  • Stumpy McStump
    Stumpy McStump Month ago

    Sounds fantastic. What will the in-game monetisation look like, will cars (as opposed to cosmetics) be able to be unlocked through an in-game currency mechanic that is tied to real world purchases or will that be purely game placed or a mixture of both?

    • XDLugia
      XDLugia Month ago +2

      Who knows, but Forza hasn't had any microtransactions since Forza Horizon 3, so it's likely that it will continue.
      Of course, they will still charge for the same things as VIP membership and car packs, just like before.

  • CoffeBlack
    CoffeBlack Month ago

    If the is300 isn’t included I’m gonna be depressed. Otherwise I’m super stoked. My favourite racing game of all time and I’m so glad it’s back 🥰

    • Austin Baccus
      Austin Baccus 28 days ago

      FM doesn't have "regular" cars anymore.