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Minecraft BUILD SWAP - With Grian!

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • We play Minecraft build swap with Grian today! This is a crazy fun game with some very strange builds themed around My Cat Jellie and Grian's cat Pearl. I hope you enjoy the video and new Hermitcraft videos will be back soon!
    My Links and stuff:
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    * My Steam Group: bit.ly/1jq5fGZ
    * Business Email: gtwsbusiness@gmail.com
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  • Joseph Rooks
    Joseph Rooks 3 years ago +2503

    We NEED Mumbo to make that Tall Jellie walk using slime and honey blocks.

  • Nyphron
    Nyphron 2 years ago +1521

    The fact that Scar's spirit animal is a dragonfly makes me love him 20x more

    • Ring of Tomato Resistance
      Ring of Tomato Resistance 11 months ago

      @SomeRandomKid dude SO many other people have corrected that already, and besides, "ur dumb"? they just made a simple mistake, no need to be rude

    • Rex Ousley
      Rex Ousley Year ago +3

      Why, you got a thing for dragonflies

    • Nirmalveer Singh
      Nirmalveer Singh Year ago


    • Toxy Toxel
      Toxy Toxel Year ago +2

      Maybe 1.5x more but definitely not 20x more

    • Herby Playz
      Herby Playz Year ago +5

      Dude omg patronus wow my brain just died Wooah

  • MiloChord
    MiloChord Year ago +39

    Grian: My videos have improved a lot, huh?
    Scar: *Tactically avoids question*

  • Bubble Tea
    Bubble Tea 2 years ago +519

    Scar: "A cave update with crystals that produce light!"
    Minecraft: *1.17 update*

    • TheCamillaRose
      TheCamillaRose 4 months ago

      Hahaha 1.19 finally brought it

    • Mayank
      Mayank 7 months ago +2

      @NyanDoesThings stained glass with sea lanterns can be used for that with RTX

    • ShadowPhoenix
      ShadowPhoenix 7 months ago +2


    • 1 Fandom Queen
      1 Fandom Queen 8 months ago +2


    • NyanDoesThings
      NyanDoesThings Year ago +4

      @Im_Marco well you're right, but the original quote was wrong, scar wanted colored light which the amethyst doesn't do :/

  • Tamary Gaianova
    Tamary Gaianova 2 years ago +783

    Scar : "Nobody wants to live in the underworld"
    Less then a Year : "Hermitcraft S7 Ep 28: Welcome To The UPSIDE-DOWN!" :D

    • Ella Ross
      Ella Ross 2 months ago

      My stranger-Things-fan-sense is tingling
      *Upside down*

    • Boxed_Water
      Boxed_Water Year ago +1

      How was the fall

    • Danish Greenmark
      Danish Greenmark Year ago +1

      he just said this while i was reading this

    • Lauren • Turtle
      Lauren • Turtle Year ago +14


    • A potato
      A potato Year ago +1


  • Tanner Cellich
    Tanner Cellich 3 years ago +5249

    Scar in hermitcraft: builds elegantly structured stained glass cloud
    Scar in build swap: *SNOW*

  • cofee
    cofee 2 years ago +87

    The fact that Scar made Grian smile/laugh so much his cheeks hurt warms my heart

  • obama bin laden
    obama bin laden 2 years ago +778

    scar: "everyone loves a goat"
    docm: *happiness noise*
    bdubs: Am i a joke to you?

    • Sehtareh
      Sehtareh 2 years ago +1

      G O A T S S S S

    • _ Eleb
      _ Eleb 2 years ago +1


    • SammyBeaver
      SammyBeaver 2 years ago +9

      Doc would probaly prank bdubs with hundreds of goats in his base

    • Glenn Skywalker
      Glenn Skywalker 2 years ago +5

      DeathBoy 666 wow lol #hermitcraftseason7

  • pitbull enthusiast
    pitbull enthusiast 3 years ago +1854

    scar: is an expert at terraining snd working with glass
    scar when he has to make lightning: hehe con creat

    • Wild Potato
      Wild Potato 9 months ago

      @Brady ilr iab very food at spelinng

    • Forg
      Forg Year ago

      Ah yes S N D

    • Aridabagin Indabag
      Aridabagin Indabag Year ago

      @Thomas B lmao

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B 2 years ago +6

      This video fits perfectly in top ten anime battles

    • Brady
      Brady 2 years ago +3

      Max Hudson what do you mean he spelled it cor rectly

  • JyuK
    JyuK 3 years ago +256

    This isn't the collab we deserved but
    *The collab we needed*

    • Vani Soni
      Vani Soni Year ago +5

      Pssst remember this comment form a tear ago

  • Jonathan Shaw
    Jonathan Shaw 2 years ago +241

    They tried to put Jellie on the cover of Vogue, but Jellie’s legs were tooooooo long

  • Anna Lindhaus
    Anna Lindhaus 2 years ago +315

    The dragonfly patrons means that you have a light spirit and are full of joy... it’s perfect for scar. 💗💗

    • InfinitePossibilities
      InfinitePossibilities Year ago

      I'm in Hufflepuff and I have a honey badger for a patronus

    • IndyGibb
      IndyGibb Year ago +1

      Except on Last Life where he’s… less light and full of joy

    • Ren
      Ren Year ago +1

      scar’s patronus suits him so much. mine is a red squirrel and i’m a slytherin

    • Theodore
      Theodore Year ago +1

      My patronus is a jack russel terrier and I’m a Slytherin

    • Anna Lindhaus
      Anna Lindhaus Year ago +2

      Mine is a thestral and I’m in ravenclaw

  • skog skog
    skog skog 2 years ago +18

    Ah yes, we love watching grown men giggle while building each others cats.

  • Emily Martinez
    Emily Martinez 2 years ago +51

    grian helping scar out with reading is the most wholesome thing i've ever seen in my flipping life oh my god

  • Nico Richards
    Nico Richards 2 years ago +104

    18:16 “oh my cheeks hurt from smiling too much” wow that’s just too pure

    • Ella Ross
      Ella Ross 2 months ago

      _Cough cough_

    • Saga Johansson
      Saga Johansson Year ago +2

      In case you needed reminding of something sweet

  • Awesomeness Does Stuff Sometimes

    Scar: Clip-Share recommended things from *years* ago that I was watching...
    Grian: oh no.

    • Andor Mák
      Andor Mák Year ago +6

      Elmo is coming for you, Grian.

    • Mimi Holend
      Mimi Holend Year ago +2

      @Syres 😅

    • Syres
      Syres Year ago +3

      @Scypek same

    • Scypek
      Scypek Year ago +5

      I can't believe Clip-Share would do that...

  • Storm
    Storm 2 years ago +582

    Scar: I probably have the worst patronus ever
    Me: Well its probably better than my dumb Dragonfly
    Scar: Its a dragonfly
    Me: _Disappointed dragonfly sounds_

    • Oddity
      Oddity Year ago

      I'm a dhun mare Hufflepuff with a chestnut wood 11" and Phoenix feather it's cool but you are awesome dude dragonflies are beautiful up here in Canada

    • Sophie
      Sophie Year ago

      I got a dolphin, then did the quiz again and I got dolphin again so I guess my patronus must be a dolphin
      (Not complaining though dolphins are cool)

    • Ella Tao
      Ella Tao Year ago

      Mines is an osprey :/

    • Blue cat with an ever changing name
      Blue cat with an ever changing name Year ago

      @Someone's Side Channel I had a beagle when I was younger and they were so sweet. They were also very active and smart, and we had to outsmart them so they wouldn’t get to the neighbor’s dogs. But they were amazing and that probably goes for you as well!

    • Rohan Beezadhur-Neetye
      Rohan Beezadhur-Neetye Year ago +2

      I am a hare, I am sad

  • Jumar Jimeno
    Jumar Jimeno 2 years ago +213

    "i'm sorry, i was just remiscing about my failures in life"
    Same, Scar.

  • _Call_Me_Blue_ Pokemon Openings

    I love how almost everything that scar said about the future updates came true

  • Wrench Clips
    Wrench Clips 2 years ago +70

    Scar: Nobody is going to build a base in the nether
    Grain in season 7: Builds is mega base upside down in the nether

  • ⌜ cxtrus ⌟
    ⌜ cxtrus ⌟ 2 years ago +98

    Scar then: "nobody would want to live in the underworld"
    The piglins:

    • Maddie
      Maddie 2 years ago +6

      Scar then: "nobody would want to live in the underworld"
      Grian and scar now making nether bases:

  • vuatson
    vuatson 3 years ago +15

    Grian being a Slytherin makes 1000% perfect sense

  • Brown Sugar Down
    Brown Sugar Down 4 months ago +6

    It’s so interesting to hear them theorizing about the caves and cliffs update rn

  • Ultimu Shadow
    Ultimu Shadow 3 years ago +55

    Hey now, dragonflies are the most accurate hunters in the world, and also they look cool

    • leo song
      leo song 2 years ago +4

      They also have dragon in their name

    • SkyHacker
      SkyHacker 2 years ago +4

      they've also been called baby helicopters

  • lipamanka
    lipamanka 2 years ago +50

    Awww scar is so cute messing up words! He makes me feel not alone in this world full of people without dyslexia

  • bee
    bee Year ago +11

    watching this back in 2021, Scar must be absolutely thrilled with the new cave update, crystals, AND goats? mojang must've watched the video XD

  • TheCoffeeMaker
    TheCoffeeMaker 3 years ago +2066

    Therapist: Tall Jellie isn't real, she can't hurt you
    Tall Jellie:

    • Brady
      Brady 2 years ago

      Qeris so

    • Hern
      Hern 2 years ago

      Qeris I’m so sorry

    • the troll in the comment section
      the troll in the comment section 2 years ago +1

      How even in the world that this is funny

    • h h
      h h 2 years ago +3

      Oceanti but her legs were tooooo long

    • Oceanti
      Oceanti 2 years ago +7

      They tried to put Jellie on the cover of Vogue

  • Kyson Plant
    Kyson Plant Year ago +7

    I came back and watched this video a year later and everyone was doging on the mountains and now everyone is happy they won so that just goes to show minecraft will always come out with amazing content

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson 2 years ago +3

    Scar’s laugh is absolutely amazing.

  • beanless_joe
    beanless_joe Year ago +7

    12:25 Scar: I'm a mask guy!
    That statement didn't age very well.

  • Light'em Up
    Light'em Up 2 years ago +24

    "One cat is enough!"
    "Its never enough"
    Me: agreeing, with 3 cats

    • Mark0_Poli0
      Mark0_Poli0 Year ago +1

      Me agreeing, with 5 cats. . . . .

  • AeroCow
    AeroCow 2 years ago +42

    Scar: No one would live in the nether.
    Mojang: Well see about that

  • Markus Baute
    Markus Baute Year ago +2

    Something noone really never notices is that scar is overall a really good minecraft player. He might not be awesome at pvp or redstone but hes decent at both and he is obviously ridicoulusly good at building.

  • Silver Rayn
    Silver Rayn 2 years ago +322

    Grian: Im a slytherin
    me: that.... makes alot of sense actually tbh XD

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh Year ago +1

      @Lorelai Allison probably in real-life too

    • Lorelai Allison
      Lorelai Allison Year ago +18

      Yeah. He’s gonna slytherin to your house

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh Year ago +8

      @GOD-LOK and he's powerful

    • GOD-LOK
      GOD-LOK 2 years ago +13

      @A_Viewer I see you are a man of remembering

    • A_Viewer
      A_Viewer 2 years ago +30

      @GOD-LOK think about it. He's cunning, ambisius, and likes to be a leader.

  • Emma Preston
    Emma Preston 2 years ago +62

    I love that so much!

  • Sheev Palpatine
    Sheev Palpatine 3 years ago +821

    Kinda refreshing to finally see Grian go against someone who's on his level of building
    (Sorry Taurtis!!!)

    • CAldwell
      CAldwell 2 years ago +2

      Sheev Palpatine yeah

    • Snowy Dragon
      Snowy Dragon 2 years ago +2

      Sheev Palpatine i dont know what i was asking that was a month ago..

    • Sheev Palpatine
      Sheev Palpatine 2 years ago +6

      Snowy Phoenix I thought you were asking what happened to everyone else in the old build swaps

    • Snowy Dragon
      Snowy Dragon 2 years ago +3

      Sheev Palpatine ??

    • Sheev Palpatine
      Sheev Palpatine 2 years ago +8

      Snowy Phoenix he’s featured Dom in some videos like trap testing. Gareth, J, and Danny made appearances in Taurtis’ streams

  • BongoTheGongo
    BongoTheGongo 2 years ago +5

    grian saying bruh creates an emotion ive never felt before, and I don't think I ever will again

  • Caitlin Johnston
    Caitlin Johnston 3 years ago +211

    “Oh sorry I was just reminiscing about my failures in life”

  • JohanniklasLp
    JohanniklasLp 3 years ago +22

    I love being in the nether. It's so peaceful with beautiful music. Only the occasional ghast and fortresses may make problems. I would probably live in the nether if beds wouldn't explode

  • Noot Noot
    Noot Noot 2 years ago +11

    "Hello my fellow miners and crafters goodtimeswithscar here" That's such a catchy intro love it

  • Ξενοφώντας Σούλης

    Now that both the mountains and the swamp have been added, Scar was definitely right in his vote. Although I too preferred swamp at the time.

  • Ant Craft
    Ant Craft 3 years ago +1

    I'd love to see you and Grian do some more stuff together - both in small videos like this and on Hermitcraft

  • Rachel Shadows
    Rachel Shadows 2 years ago +9

    "And why are there men in a boat?"
    Trust me, Scar, you'll get use to it

  • DaGamingSloth
    DaGamingSloth Year ago +3

    I voted for the mountains too scar! Don’t worry! I feel for the majestic wonders and goats with beards!

  • Keichi Akechi
    Keichi Akechi 2 years ago +3

    I love how I come back 4 months later, just to rewatch their build swap but this time in Scar's point of view, to realize that Scar and Grian actually made two different build swap videos for Maui and Pearl.... Oof I'm glad I came back to watch. XD

  • GamerCory
    GamerCory 3 years ago +1

    This is too funny! Amazing to see two great builders.

  • Cats Rule
    Cats Rule 4 months ago +3

    Wait it is so cute to hear you guys talk to each other in this video versus now! Your friendship has blossomed so deeply

  • lanaomi
    lanaomi 2 years ago +2

    16:34 This whole exchange was strangely adorable

  • Colin Henslee
    Colin Henslee 3 years ago +1292

    Jellie: Dont question the elevated one

    • Symplytra Ac
      Symplytra Ac Year ago

      @Deevano Akbar you messed up the meme

    • Vani Soni
      Vani Soni Year ago

      Hallo remember this comment u made from a year ago? Lol i am just re-visiting old vids cuz i am bored

    • Bush Boy
      Bush Boy 2 years ago

      Jellie: I see no god up here. OTHER THAN ME

    • Downhour Productions
      Downhour Productions 2 years ago

      She has the high ground

    • shadoedoe
      shadoedoe 2 years ago +1

      @Snowy Dragon tahts not from flamingo, thats just a meme dudr

  • Emma-Cailin Cavanagh

    “I only have one cat... it is never enough Grian!” lol love Grian and Scar ♥️

  • herman lakner
    herman lakner Year ago +2

    Scar's swamp ideas hit diffrent now when we've gotten new concepts

  • Jen Shaw
    Jen Shaw Year ago +1

    I can’t believe that in 2 years, Scar went from building like umm, that, to making gigabases in hermitcraft!!!

  • Aaron Mueller
    Aaron Mueller 3 years ago

    This was the most wholesome thing I’ve seen it a while. Love both of you!

  • Adam Palma
    Adam Palma 3 years ago +363

    Really love seeing the Hermits just having fun playing games like these outside of HermitCraft. It's fun for them, it's fun for us. :)

  • V S
    V S Year ago

    Honestly, scar's nether ideas remind me of the Twilight Forest mod! It's still in progress atm though, but basically it's a dimension where every biome has a boss you'd need to fight so you can progress to the next biome :)

  • TheADaMBacon
    TheADaMBacon 2 years ago +1

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate the genius of the judges?

  • Zi Xiong
    Zi Xiong 2 years ago +4

    Grian: I'm a Slytherin.
    *Ahh. It's all coming together.*

  • Nyxen
    Nyxen 2 years ago

    Wish you would do more of these. They're awesome

  • Just Another Dude

    This was quite a good bit of fun to watch and listen to your laughs. Cheered me up

  • Razzamatrazz
    Razzamatrazz 2 years ago +4

    “I’m a mask guy” didn’t exactly age well

  • kittygirlRC
    kittygirlRC Month ago +1

    Scar: The hermit who dies the most
    Also Scar: "The nether should be filled with bosses."

  • BigfootBanshee
    BigfootBanshee 3 years ago

    I never realized how well these two played off of each other

  • Lord Sushibar
    Lord Sushibar 3 years ago +700

    GrianTimesWithScar. That’s a good combination.

    • TOXIC Starbot
      TOXIC Starbot Year ago +3

      @Melissa Blankenburgh Scarian

    • Isra Mubashar
      Isra Mubashar 3 years ago +3

      @Peachjuice Grar. *Perfect.*

    • Evan The Duck
      Evan The Duck 3 years ago +1

      If u want more then grian's video is different things

    • Peachjuice
      Peachjuice 3 years ago +3

      Grar or srian

    • Adventa
      Adventa 3 years ago +1

      @Melissa Blankenburgh Scrian

  • Salamence Robot
    Salamence Robot Year ago +1

    Dragonflies are actually one of the most efficient predators, almost always killing whatever prey they go for!

  • Sabin Thapa
    Sabin Thapa 2 years ago +1

    Legend has it Scar's still building that cloud

  • ender wolf
    ender wolf 2 years ago +5

    Jellie: I see no god up here
    Other than me

  • ScreenTea
    ScreenTea Year ago

    Pleaaaaaase bring it back more often! These where awesome. Maybe with the other hermits?

  • Lee's Safe space
    Lee's Safe space 3 years ago +490


    • Yogit Shankar
      Yogit Shankar 3 years ago +1

      @Lee's Safe space Jk
      PewDiePie and Jack

    • Lee's Safe space
      Lee's Safe space 3 years ago +1

      @Yogit Shankar nope

    • Yogit Shankar
      Yogit Shankar 3 years ago +1

      PewDiePie and Ken

    • lukaza12
      lukaza12 3 years ago +2

      What do you Mean "didnt know we needede"?

    • nightowl
      nightowl 3 years ago +19

      The classic Taurtis and Grian combo is the best.

  • Teched Penguin
    Teched Penguin Year ago +2

    Scar: I was really hoping for a cave update with crystals
    Me: The prophecy has been fulfilled!

  • KingEd_zo
    KingEd_zo 3 years ago

    First time seeing you do a build swap yay!!! :D more build swap you grian, mumbo cubfan as iskall are my favorites but I must say I love all you hermits. The stuff you all build and the fun you all create and have is brilliant

  • itsjustjoel
    itsjustjoel 2 years ago +4

    I almost forgot Scar had a skin that isn’t the wizard skin.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 years ago +2

    Nether Update: Done!
    Cave & Cliffs Update: Still in the works

  • Magnificent FrigateBird

    listening to them talk about the mountain update now is just perfect

  • Lance
    Lance 2 years ago +1

    I wanna know how long Grian was waiting for this collab to say "GrianTimesWithScar" 😂😂😂
    Also: I'm a Ravenclaw and my patronus is a lioness.

  • florence fraser macduff
    florence fraser macduff 2 years ago +3

    Scar then: Who wants to live in the nether?
    Grian In Season 7: Join me, my friend, to the nether.

  • Sean-key Kong
    Sean-key Kong 5 months ago +2

    More blocks been added and more options of building unique structures with more textures. So it would be cool to see Build Swap Returns before 1.20.0, or will the just say hey let’s just realize 2.0 already.
    So if you decided what the next episode of build swap and what to do I will watch it.
    At the moment the hermits are on season 9 of hermit craft and last life season 3.
    So The next Build Swap could have more hermits, same or more challenges, so if you want to build something for an hour or build and swap something in an area of about 4 chunks or just create something different within an hour go for it.
    Suggest start date is after last life 3. No set release date.
    They did add frogs just took a few more updates. Good luck and have fun.

  • Artorvian
    Artorvian 3 years ago +170

    I'd like to say I missed Grian playing with other people...
    ...but I think I missed Dom and Row even more =P

  • Aaisha Ismail
    Aaisha Ismail 3 years ago

    More Grian and Goodtimeswithscar please! You guys are awesome

  • Holphana Scott
    Holphana Scott Year ago

    I bet grian is feeling silly now. The caves and cliffs update is awesome.

  • Kz-12 Prototype
    Kz-12 Prototype 3 years ago

    I really wanna see a Scar/Grian co build.... that would be epic

  • Erin Jackson
    Erin Jackson 2 years ago

    I love it when they both laugh, it’s so cute

  • Shane Churilla
    Shane Churilla 3 years ago +355

    Of course Grian is a slytherin

    • Amber Borowski
      Amber Borowski 11 months ago +1

      Arent gryffindor colors red and yellow not red and black?

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh Year ago

      @fiCCe5084 y?

    • fiCCe5084
      fiCCe5084 2 years ago

      @The Chaos I have quite a bit against slytherin

    • Olive The Hermit Fan
      Olive The Hermit Fan 2 years ago

      Lolitacrow okay that’s fair

    • JackDaw
      JackDaw 2 years ago +2

      Fish Face The Sea Turtle Queen clearly he’s a slytherin pretending to be a hufflepuff

  • the_Lena _girl
    the_Lena _girl Year ago +1

    I've to agree, one cat is never enough.

  • Mally
    Mally 3 years ago

    You're not the only Gryffindor / Dragonfly combo! Glad to see you back! :)

  • Alanomaly
    Alanomaly Year ago

    "What could they actually add to the mountains to make them better?"
    Mountains Update announcement a year later: *ends up updating caves*

  • Anuj Jani
    Anuj Jani Year ago +1

    Grian: “What could they add to the mountains”
    Mojang in 1.17/1.18: hold my beer….

  • Ray
    Ray 3 years ago +886


  • Dalí Torres
    Dalí Torres 2 years ago +8

    Scar's challenge: Casting a thunder spell
    "You are about 5 months too early"

  • Mara Sedai
    Mara Sedai 2 years ago

    I have to say I love Scar's laugh. :)

  • James
    James Year ago +1

    Scar, you don’t need to worry about your patronus. It’s officially stated that the size and shape of a patronus doesn’t matter. In fact, the most powerful patronus ever cast, was a mouse.

  • Akash Karthikeyan
    Akash Karthikeyan 2 years ago +1

    from scar and grian's discussion about frogs giving damage, imagine getting killed by a frog...

  • bonkey
    bonkey 10 months ago +1

    Lol it’s so weird hearing grian and scar talk about what they thought mountains would be like

  • Sehtareh
    Sehtareh 2 years ago +2

    “No one wants to live in the Nether”
    All of Hermitcraft after the Nether Update: Really?

  • Aarav Prasad
    Aarav Prasad 2 years ago +3

    3:39 Grian predicted what mumbo will build in season 7!

  • EventHorizon
    EventHorizon 3 years ago

    I’m so happy build swap is back! And hat your back!

  • Sejer Alne Bolin
    Sejer Alne Bolin 3 years ago +1243

    Scar: Nobody wants to live in the underworld.
    (sad Zedaph noises)

  • Hyrulian Hero
    Hyrulian Hero 4 months ago +1

    No need to feel self conscious about your patronus being a dragonfly, Scar. You should look up the story of Illyius...a young orphan wizard, who saved his village from the dark wizard Raczidian, with his mouse patronus.

  • Freya Eberman
    Freya Eberman Year ago +1

    Honestly a dragonfly is one of the coolest patronuses you could have

  • kittygirlRC
    kittygirlRC Month ago +1

    When you realize the fact Scar is predicting the future 1.17, 1.18, and 1.19 updates with goats, new mountain generations, frogs, frog lights, and swamps.

  • What the Fox
    What the Fox 7 months ago

    I like scars idea of a new design for the nether 👍