Colin Kaepernick Addresses NFL Teams, 'Ball's in Their Court' | TMZ Sports

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Colin Kaepernick just addressed the media, and thanked them for coming out. He says he and his team were seeking transparency in his workout process and felt he wasn't getting that elsewhere.
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Comments • 4 285

  • Jarren Enriquez
    Jarren Enriquez 18 hours ago

    I just came back here to laugh. 😂😂😂

  • razorback9926
    razorback9926 Day ago

    More like the balls are in his mouth.

  • Waylon Parker
    Waylon Parker 2 days ago

    And what exactly are they running from 😆 😆

  • Vii N
    Vii N 2 days ago +1

    How you gonna sue a company and ask for a job back 😂😂😂😂 smh

  • Francis Castle
    Francis Castle 4 days ago

    Fuck this anti american asshole

  • Sublime Bud
    Sublime Bud 4 days ago

    Soo strange hes just an average QB but he is acting like hes a prophet and only in him acting in such a way is why the cameras are there..... So they may see some wild shit go down or see him shoot himself in the foot. Just keep refreshing ur bank account and look at all that Nike money

  • Fire Ice
    Fire Ice 6 days ago

    Colin and Nike are Trash

  • Cajun Floridian
    Cajun Floridian 10 days ago

    This dude is a piece of shit

  • Phillip Strenger
    Phillip Strenger 10 days ago

    His stats were mediocre at best in 2016 when this all started, and he's saying they're "running"? No Cuckernick, they're not running, they have no trouble filling their rosters. They know for a fact that if they sign you, you'll start the attention whoring/kneeling again, and cause them a ton of unneeded headache.

    Wish this living identity crisis would just shut the fuck up and enjoy the millions of dollars he bilked out of Nike, already. What a disgrace to athletics.

  • Nobody Unknown
    Nobody Unknown 10 days ago

    "Stop running from the truth....stop running from the people". Colin thinks he's at a civil rights. You play fucking football and get paid millions for it. Do you want a job or not?

  • Oliver Lala
    Oliver Lala 12 days ago

    This dude is such a phony

  • MuddyChevy
    MuddyChevy 12 days ago

    Yeah the ball is in your court if you want to be a stupid fuck like me and throw your money and future away follow me come on guys let's go

  • H U
    H U 12 days ago

    He's on the TV this morning I guess he's just upset he can't suck solemanies dick no more

  • Ryan Ladewig
    Ryan Ladewig 13 days ago

    I believe all Americans have free speech. But when a person who does not want to be an American but yet want his honey and oats and disgrace his country should be treated like treason

  • J Dorst13
    J Dorst13 13 days ago

    “Ball in their court”? More like balls on your chin, you fake ass.

  • Mr. Hitman
    Mr. Hitman 13 days ago +1

    “We have nothing to hide (except the accent I picked up being raised by white people from Wisconsin).

  • I-T iyah man
    I-T iyah man 13 days ago

    This guy is a 🃏 JOKER nobody wants him he is toxic

  • gbot3377
    gbot3377 14 days ago

    Ya'll still waitin foo?

  • gbot3377
    gbot3377 14 days ago

    They just running far away from you foo. No one else. Yo sayn/ Ya mean?

  • The Best Album Ever Made

    It doesn’t sound like an urban accent he sounds like Matthew Mcconaughey trying to win another award.

  • Santacruz Hippysurfer
    Santacruz Hippysurfer 19 days ago

    Sounds like a Las Vegas Raiders ~ 🐧 let Colin kaepernick play ~ he is very very serious, should have played already, people hate the NFL authorities not because of who kaepernick is because who and what the NFL represent ~ 🐧 very bad n.f.l. very bad leadership ~ 🐧 personally would love to see kaepernick and mcaffery teamed up ~ 🐧

  • MaximilianMus 2.O
    MaximilianMus 2.O 20 days ago

    When you finally text your crush and she starts typing 00:34

  • Jay Scraggs
    Jay Scraggs 21 day ago


  • Kenneth Weis
    Kenneth Weis 21 day ago

    I wish that ALL NFL PLAYERS would realize what their contract says!!!
    When playing for the NFL. you are part of an organization, your job title is an entertainer, same as a wwe wrestler, Your job is to play a GAME that is entertainment to fans, The NFL reserves the right to fire you or terminate your contract at anytime for any reason....YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL, YOU ARE NOT ABOVE ANYONE, YOU HAVE LESS RIGHTS THAN A FACTORY WORKER....

  • Daniel O.
    Daniel O. 25 days ago

    Tell this guy to cut his hair yo 😂 it’s really a force at this point

  • Chad
    Chad 26 days ago

    If y’all wanna laugh, go listen to his old interviews and listen to him now. This attention chasing fool tries to talk like a southern thug to try to make himself seem more “urban.” All he is, is a joke.

  • Arton Sadiku
    Arton Sadiku Month ago

    The Kanye west in the nfl "Goddell you don't have the answers"!!! lol

  • Southern Gypsy
    Southern Gypsy Month ago

    What a tool!

  • A P
    A P Month ago

    This guy was over 3 years ago and this workout proved it

  • Paul Gullage Jr
    Paul Gullage Jr Month ago

    I don't appreciate you coming out you don't do nothing for me as an NFL fan your piece of s***

  • Jason LeClair
    Jason LeClair Month ago

    lol bozo

  • christopher cruz
    christopher cruz Month ago

    We dont wont to sign your sorry ass people dead for are country and what you did to are American flag was so wrong I hope no one signs your sorry ass your a fucking loser and a disgrace to are country

  • Annihilate3275
    Annihilate3275 Month ago

    What a doofus.

  • DeZ Nutz
    DeZ Nutz Month ago +1

    Martin Luther king would approve of this 1 min and 30 seconds...... NOT

  • James Bottoni
    James Bottoni Month ago


  • Wrong Target
    Wrong Target Month ago +2

    Wait, this guy was black? He is the whitest guy on that field that day!

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris Month ago

    Is he ready?

  • Gary
    Gary Month ago

    This dude is a clown

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha Month ago

    Fuck this idiot

  • ghoszer
    ghoszer Month ago

    Well said 💯

  • J
    J Month ago

    Stop your whining if you were good enough you would be playing ball. You sir single handedly almost killed the NFL.
    NO sympathy from this combat Veteran

  • Paul Federico1992
    Paul Federico1992 Month ago

    With kaepernick kylar Murray, Lamar Jackson, and Russell Wilson will have competition. In the pass game and especially the run game.

  • Juan Jeremy
    Juan Jeremy Month ago

    This dude gonna play for the Washington Generals next!

  • Jason Bequette
    Jason Bequette Month ago

    No Colin, the ball has always been in your court. Stop letting yourself down and blaming others.

  • caligula minus
    caligula minus Month ago

    This man is a disgrace to the US. He is a traitor and needs to be deported to the bottom of the ocean.

  • Murray Family
    Murray Family Month ago +1

    Lmao you want a job but just called out all 32 teams lol

  • Murray Family
    Murray Family Month ago

    He went all gangsta tone

  • Rich Miller
    Rich Miller Month ago

    Collin is a total disgrace

  • Jeremy 1
    Jeremy 1 Month ago

    I think I read that Costco is hiring seasonal help....try there.

  • Patrick joseph
    Patrick joseph Month ago +2

    That guy reallly destroyed his career.......

    DANIEL OSAROBO Month ago

    Every thing about Mr. Kaepernick is a blessing. I can’t wait for his sneakers to be out. I will buy a whole lot just as I bought his Tees. I’m with Kap for LIFE. Those men hating should suck a dog’s dick, choke and die choking.

    • Richelle Flores
      Richelle Flores Month ago

      DANIEL OSAROBO he said stop running!!!! Look who ran away he did

  • john smoot
    john smoot Month ago

    Look at that big ass smile he’s walking into the interview like he’s finally getting the attention he wanted then calls out the nfl when they helped him set up teams to watch him which he then decided to move and then wanna demand some nfl team to sign him he’s been a free agent for years. Like how misguided can you be.

  • Colin Karton
    Colin Karton Month ago

    I really dont like the fact that he and I have the same first name.. hes a joke. I think its hilarious that he thinks that his stupid behavior isnt the reason no team wants to touch him. Whatever racial bias that he thinks haunts him, is total bs. Fuckin dude is more white than anything, look at his skin color, look at his pointy ass beak he calls a nose. He lays that accent on thick as well but we all know it's all a facade.. hes just a loud whiny snowflake crying for attention. Hope his bank accounts run dry, and none of the 3e teams touch hi.

  • Joseph Hannigan
    Joseph Hannigan Month ago

    “We’re ready to play,” - Who else would Colin be referring to? Wasn’t the workout for him alone?

    • TimePieceTre
      TimePieceTre Month ago

      He's being backed by his liberal team this entire time thats why he spilled the beans and said we.

  • Highway Star
    Highway Star Month ago +1

    This guy is a one man circus act reeking of fakeness and douchebaggery.

  • Ian McGregor
    Ian McGregor Month ago

    We don't care about this idiot's low IQ or his anger and bitterness because he was abandoned at birth.

  • christopher cruz
    christopher cruz Month ago

    No one what to sign your sorry ass

  • william terry
    william terry Month ago

    Could someone just walk up and shoot him in the head that would be so great

  • Travis Frost
    Travis Frost Month ago

    Don’t get it. Vick got a second chance Kareem hunt got a second chance, Josh Gordon got 4 or 5 chances . You have Antonio brown running around causing trouble with 3 teams and multiple off the field issues . Eric Reid did the same thing Kaepernick did and he got a job?? Kaepernick has great talents been to the super bowl and way better than more than half the starting or back up qbs in the league . He deserves another shot and hope he gets it soon ... good luck Kaepernick

  • Mark Whitfield
    Mark Whitfield Month ago

    Give us a kiss sweetheart