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Fixing A Ferrari F430 In My Garage

  • Published on Jan 17, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Watch me, AlexMartini, a master mechanic, work on my Ferrari F430 hood latch because it broke randomly while I was driving down the street. 💀
    Ep 2 - • youtube.c...
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  • AlexMartini
    AlexMartini  2 months ago +4544

    Everyone thinks i'm rich forgets this car was dropped onto a trailer from a junkyard with a forklift.
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    • dragon king
      dragon king 7 days ago

      how muc h is that car worth

    • 1Marty Mcfly2
      1Marty Mcfly2 17 days ago

      Hey man, if it works it works.

    • D Klassen
      D Klassen 23 days ago

      ​@AlexMartini I think it was more the choice of footwear

    • Pete Roz
      Pete Roz 23 days ago

      @Litvid yep, that's right... but at least you could fix it fo the price of today's coffee at sturbucks...🤷‍♂️

  • Elmer M
    Elmer M 2 months ago +34205

    Love to see the “fuck it we ball” energy used while working on a Ferrari

    • Handley Page Halifax
      Handley Page Halifax 12 days ago

      Buy a 2006 Toyota corolla better value

    • Valid but at what cost?
      Valid but at what cost? Month ago

      @Callum Lambkin Lamborghini is better than Ferrari for many reasons, and Lamborghini does make tractors which is a plus. Also their cars didn’t break as much as Ferraris.

    • Callum Lambkin
      Callum Lambkin Month ago

      ​@Valid but at what cost? Lamborghini >>>> Ferrari. I don't see Ferrari making tractors smh

  • Caleb Hall
    Caleb Hall 15 days ago +160

    Fun fact: Lamborghini exists as a sports car brand because the person who started it was upset at the way he was treated by customer service from Ferrari.
    Edit: I have been informed that not only was the Ferrari Company's customer service poor, but Enzo Ferrari directly insulted Ferruccio Lamborghini.

    • Insight
      Insight Day ago

      @idkwhattoputhere Lamborghini was started because he was tired of Ferrari.

    • idkwhattoputhere
      idkwhattoputhere Day ago

      Ferrari was started because he was tired of Fiat and Pagani was started because Pagani was sick of Lamborghini. Lucid was also started because the ceo was sick of Tesla never listening to him.

    • Insight
      Insight 2 days ago

      @cyber truck You mean the vaporware company that sometimes makes cars that are put together like crap even at $155k?

    • cyber truck
      cyber truck 2 days ago

      Good thing now we can buy a Tesla.

    • abyudh mukkavilli
      abyudh mukkavilli 4 days ago +1

      literally everyone knows this lmao

  • Apletree Music
    Apletree Music Month ago +239

    My mans a master mechanic. Clip-Share certified

    McLOVIN 2 months ago +9132

    Later that day, Ferrari sued him for not using the official drivers mechanic tools

    • emes
      emes 11 days ago


    • dalstar925
      dalstar925 12 days ago +1

      No wonder my pal hates Ferrari so much. He has like 6 lambos and loathes Ferrari. He mentioned the snobbery but I had no idea it was at this level. It’s amusing they think so highly of themselves 😂

    • xxBoxofMuffinsxx
      xxBoxofMuffinsxx 15 days ago

      @Ihateithere A lot of these cars are rare and aren't sent to dealers for sale. Those ones ARE all yours. But the special-order ones approve you as a certified buyer and have a contract for ownership of the vehicle. It's not just Ferrari that does this.

    • TheWiseOne
      TheWiseOne 18 days ago

      @Ihateithere when you buy a Ferrari from them you have to sign a contract saying you won’t do modifications that aren’t Ferrari approved, which is kinda stupid since you gave to drop hundreds of thousands of dollars for their cars just to not actually own them, that’s why even if I end up rich enough, which is unlikely, I will never even think of owning a Ferrari, a Lamborghini will be my first option bc I will actually own the damn car

  • Itz_EIijah😋
    Itz_EIijah😋 Month ago +66

    The guy has the self respect we need

  • NEMESIS Family
    NEMESIS Family Month ago +25

    The f430 is such a good looking car. Gg on fixing it yourself man!

  • あきら
    あきら 2 months ago +6834

    Careful, Ferrari might sue you for opening up the bonnet of their car.

    • Ob Rodriguez
      Ob Rodriguez Month ago

      ​@Salmiakki theres a couple of famous people who got sued actually cause they modified their Ferrari. deadmou5e is one of them i believe and two other people. tbh

    • Sip Dhit
      Sip Dhit Month ago

      ​@BigWheel also appreciate not picking a side on dialectical differences in english

    • Sip Dhit
      Sip Dhit Month ago

      ​@BigWheel or trunk, just because it's in the front doesn't mean I can't still call it a trunk

    • RangeRov49
      RangeRov49 Month ago


  • youvebeen hacked
    youvebeen hacked 19 days ago +6

    Later that day: he recieved a cease and desist letter because ferrari didnt like how he handled his.

  • Mikael Mahbubian
    Mikael Mahbubian Month ago +17

    My guy put on a full suit for a hood latch replacement!😂

    • SpiderMax
      SpiderMax 8 days ago

      he owns a ferrari and you are just a dude making fun of someone on the internet

    • Eduardo Seitz
      Eduardo Seitz 10 days ago

      Maybe he was doing other things on the other cars.

  • Dustin Fake
    Dustin Fake 2 months ago +8548

    He then proceeded to get a letter from Ferrari telling him that they want their car back

    • Insight
      Insight 2 days ago +1

      @Jimmy Canzoniero I saw the thing about the infotainment, that's fucking sick! That means these cars can get a new life with a simple infotainment swap for CarPlay and Android Auto

    • Bryan Dedon
      Bryan Dedon 19 days ago

      ​@Victor Macieira what does that matter to Ferrari? Ferrari isn't getting any of the money once someone sells their car 20 years down the line. It'd be on the owner who modded it. They'd be losing money. People do some weird and ugly shit to their vehicle but they think it looks good. If you have the money to buy it and want to change it up you should be able to. The depreciation of it would just affect that person. And any time someone does something to their vehicle I don't think differently about the brand. I just think the owner is weird or has shit taste.

    • Matt v
      Matt v 22 days ago

      @Medic6934 Well it seems like he heard it hahahaha

  • Samuel Brown
    Samuel Brown Month ago +5

    You perfectly captured the wave of emotions we all feel when working on our cars
    "God damn I'm so good at this"
    "Fuck why isn't working? I probably shouldn't have done this"
    "Oh shit I got it, I'm a fucking God!"
    Literally every time

    • Dominik Maslyk
      Dominik Maslyk Month ago +1

      Same energy as Clarkson yelling “I MENDED SOMETHING!!!” after fixing the taillight on his 924

  • Beast
    Beast 9 days ago

    This guy never stops talking legends say he’s still going

  • Adam Thomas
    Adam Thomas 2 months ago +8293

    A mechanic that drives a Ferrari is like a doctor that smokes
    Edit: after reading all the comments, why are you guys so caught up and triggered with the doctors part? do I really need to explain my analogy? Lol. I'm basically saying mechanics knows which cars are hardest to work on, so if they choose a Ferrari, it's like they're digging their own graves, the same goes with doctors that smoke, they know exactly how bad it is for them but still do it. It's not that deep guys.

    • xorkatoss
      xorkatoss Month ago +1

      how dare you make a joke on the internet?? BEFORE you even clicked post, people got offended LOL

    • hdrjunkie
      hdrjunkie Month ago

      @Adam Thomas yep. People today got out of their way to get angry!

    • Adam Thomas
      Adam Thomas Month ago

      @Transfer Lynx this is the best reply yet

    • Adam Thomas
      Adam Thomas Month ago +1

      @hdrjunkie you're so right. It's so annoying now, people will deconstruct jokes and take it out of context and make it all controversial when it's just a simple joke

  • Scorp
    Scorp Month ago +42

    Ferrari is foaming at the mouth over this video. I just know it.

    • MembraneAlpha
      MembraneAlpha Month ago +1

      @Scorp gottem

    • Scorp
      Scorp Month ago

      @backonyeon i can't imagine not understanding what sarcasm is.

    • backonyeon
      backonyeon Month ago

      Ferrari is not a rabid dog and does not at any time foam at the mouth.

    • backonyeon
      backonyeon Month ago

      Nope you don't know it. You are in fact wtong

  • GLeonid Fedorchuk
    GLeonid Fedorchuk 23 days ago +1

    U have to adjust the locking mechanism it should be able to slightly move up or down when you loosen the two bolts holding it

  • ItsGrzli TV
    ItsGrzli TV 2 months ago +1366

    Dude just saved himself 10k

    • Insight
      Insight 2 days ago

      @Yew Han Lim Good.

    • Ryan Huang
      Ryan Huang 17 days ago

      If Ferrari wants their car back,better refund the owner's full price with taxes.

    • ItsGrzli TV
      ItsGrzli TV Month ago

      @Sanger thats an entire different situation than this

    • ItsGrzli TV
      ItsGrzli TV Month ago

      @2Mamba24Forever8 no they can't do that thats a whole different thing he can still get his car fixed or replace parts.

    • ItsGrzli TV
      ItsGrzli TV Month ago +1

      @Fharish Ahmed yes

  • LandingMan
    LandingMan 29 days ago

    i’d just get hood pins at that point

  • GangBalls69_Estonia

    "eventually got it fixed"
    *goes to mechanic*

  • Xer0 Kills
    Xer0 Kills 2 months ago +2377

    And then Ferrari sent him a cease and desist for this video

    • Tofu 🏳️‍🌈⃠
      Tofu 🏳️‍🌈⃠ Month ago

      @Ethan Huebner no Ferrari doesn't sue for this stuff

    • backonyeon
      backonyeon Month ago

      But Ferrari Didn't get the video removed as hate speech. This guys lucky. Spoke his truth without repercussion.

    • Jeff Wilson
      Jeff Wilson Month ago

      @NJG then buyers should be aware and agree to the manufacturer’s terms, you break their contract you get the consequences. Ferrari is historically choosy with their owners. Although why they’re not going after Liberty Walk for hacking up an F40 and putting a widebody kit on it or last year’s Tokyo Auto Salon having the pink wrapped F40. If there’s any car they should keep pure and preserve, it’s that

    • NJG
      NJG Month ago +2

      @Jeff Wilson Maybe Ferrari should just let people own their cars instead of being so controlling? Once you buy a vehicle, it's no longer their property.

    VLADthePISTOL Month ago +4

    proceeds to do cpr on his ferrari

  • Ken Agaro
    Ken Agaro Month ago

    after the video was posted Ferrari sued him for fixing the Ferrari saying, "you should not fix our cars. We fix it ourself."

    CHIEF_BOI 2 months ago +1785

    *gets cease and desist letter from ferrari*

    • dj jay sky
      dj jay sky Month ago

      @Walrous Ferrari has a lot of lawyers if you try to paint your car pink it doesn't matter you didn't buy it directly from you them they will sue you and win

      CHIEF_BOI Month ago

      @Walrous oh i never thought of that

    • Walrous
      Walrous Month ago

      @CHIEF_BOI if my cousin gives me a Ferrari I haven’t signed anything with Ferrari

    • Orisha Eshu
      Orisha Eshu Month ago

      *uses it as toilet paper*

  • Sahmuss
    Sahmuss Month ago

    bro gets a ferrari to work on it himself

  • leo nardo
    leo nardo Month ago

    Conclusion is you’re a master mechanic

  • COLT Fin
    COLT Fin Month ago +3145

    Lesson of the day: Don't buy a Ferrari. Buy a Lamborghini.

    • Insight
      Insight 2 days ago

      @Electronica Ferrari for the crusher

    • Insight
      Insight 2 days ago

      @George Young Ferrari's drop value like stones unless it's the ultra rare ones like the Enzo or LaFerrari.

    • Ziedmac
      Ziedmac 12 days ago

      ​@Slappy W

    • Cobyfield
      Cobyfield 15 days ago

      Definitely buy a Porsche. What a complete shitfight for anything else.

      SHOTGUN STRAT 17 days ago

      Buy a functional car

  • W0LFY
    W0LFY Month ago

    I’m surprised Ferrari didn’t sue him lol

  • Brayden Conroe
    Brayden Conroe Month ago

    Crawfish finds out he's been called a lobster

  • Daniel Morgan
    Daniel Morgan 2 months ago +768

    After seeing this video, Ferrari filed suit against this man, claiming he was damaging the brand.

    • Lucian Tabria
      Lucian Tabria Day ago

      @Insight I don't think so Buddy, I saw a lot of defects on other brands but not on Ferrari. I think you should reconsider that, just talking because you feel to do so it's like dust in the wind, not only meaningless, but even annoying. Instead their politics I don't like either, but figure this, I see more often similar cases in North America not the same in other parts of the world, not that often. Maybe it's a thing even for US lawyers mentallity, they need to issue someone to make Money knowing that they will win.

    • Insight
      Insight 2 days ago

      @Lucian Tabria They're built like crap, and they overcharge for everything. Not to mention the shitty behavior of the company towards its customers

    • Insight
      Insight 2 days ago

      @ERRATAS 0202 They boutta hear Mississippi Queen very soon

    • Jordan Monroe
      Jordan Monroe 2 months ago

      Good lol

    • Lucian Tabria
      Lucian Tabria 2 months ago

      ​@STGeorge what? Buddy, check your facts man..

  • Mycheal H
    Mycheal H Month ago

    Quite literally why Ferruccio Lamborghini started making his own line of cars

  • Ruby Gloom
    Ruby Gloom Month ago

    They can’t sue you for using your car the way you want

  • King Riftz
    King Riftz 2 months ago +2969

    The fact you have the storage of a kangaroos pouch in your car is mindboggling

    • bctowing
      bctowing 2 months ago

      High end cars are trash for anything but being flashy

    • Kuru Kuru
      Kuru Kuru 2 months ago

      @darth jar jar road trips? I think you forgot the part where the car doesn't have storage space for your luggage.

    • Kuru Kuru
      Kuru Kuru 2 months ago

      @garticus yeah, tell that to the bunch of supercars in grocery stores I keep seeing.

    • JonYonDon
      JonYonDon 2 months ago

      @Hydroxide u say sum plebe?

  • Daniel Souza
    Daniel Souza Month ago

    that looks so cleannnn

    JASON GROVE Month ago

    Cheers to the only dude working on a F-Car in a 1000 mile radius that HE owns

  • Coltin Walter
    Coltin Walter 2 months ago +901

    One of the few Ferrari owners in the world to actually do any work on his own car

    • Ruffy van Houn
      Ruffy van Houn Month ago

      Because he‘s a master mechanic

    • Leo Horse
      Leo Horse 2 months ago

      If you have the money to afford a Ferrari - you have the money to afford not having to work on your Ferrari - master mechanics excluded

    • ra stock
      ra stock 2 months ago

      Well that’s because he’s a master mechanic

    • Jesse Sturtevant
      Jesse Sturtevant 2 months ago

      Cause if you do they’ll probably take it away from you.

      REVENGE OF 2 months ago

      @DB key word “few”

  • TTVjoeybadass_55
    TTVjoeybadass_55 Month ago

    Me on my resume applying to a Honda dealer ship 😂

  • Demo Account
    Demo Account 20 days ago +1

    Ferrari wants to know your location and ban you from owning one

  • Epic Baller
    Epic Baller 2 months ago +557

    bro gonna get a cease and desist letter after ferrari finds out he's shitting on their company like that

    • Insight
      Insight 2 days ago

      The interesting thing about the Mk5 Supra is that it uses a B58 engine, which is a pretty reliable engine, not to mention easy to make power with. On top of that, Toyota validates every engine that's used in Supras. It's still a Supra (a 2 door straight 6 tunable Japanese sports car).
      Had to resend cause Clip-Share mobile garbled it up while editing. @Beezow Doo Doo Zoppity Bop Bop Bop

    • Beezow Doo Doo Zoppity Bop Bop Bop
      Beezow Doo Doo Zoppity Bop Bop Bop 2 months ago +3

      ​@Nicefail87 Not just that, but they're assholes to deal with. A car made by and for full blown psychopaths. Alex seems nice though. But many psychopaths do 🤨. Lambos are cool, but after watching Tavarish rebuild his Gallardo I'll stick to the MKIV Supra as the dream car, since working on Japanese cars>working on German cars. And yes, the Gallardo is a German car. While we're at it, so is the MKV "Supra". Thanks for attending my TED talk.

    • ApocalypticADHD
      ApocalypticADHD 2 months ago +7

      Watch out, you too might even get a "Cease to exist" letter

    • Nicefail87
      Nicefail87 2 months ago +22

      Lamborghini literally exists because Ferrari can‘t built a good car.

  • Tom Riley
    Tom Riley 29 days ago

    Lesson of the day don't buy a Ferrari if you're not a master mechanic...

  • James Rosengrant
    James Rosengrant Month ago +4

    So I'm not a car dude, but I'm kinda glad I fell into the car section of Clip-Share for the past 20 minutes. Yall chill af

  • Blank R
    Blank R 2 months ago +1069

    As the Ferrari, I can confirm he is a Master Mechanic

  • Barbara Todd
    Barbara Todd 26 days ago +2

    You're definitely a master mechanic, I can tell you are because of the coveralls

  • Larry Nason
    Larry Nason 29 days ago +2

    Wow, just wow! That hood sure did take one helluva beating. I'm impressed. Now he needs to ALIGN the new latch.

  • JonSoloCup
    JonSoloCup 2 months ago +877

    This man’s some sort of master mechanic or something

    • Purlypurlington
      Purlypurlington Month ago

      What makes u say that

    • TheGreatsagegoku
      TheGreatsagegoku Month ago

      So it would seem...

    • xHamster
      xHamster Month ago +10

      ​@Doug Smith I've worked with many mechanics but none of them had those shoes because they were not masters

    • Doug Smith
      Doug Smith Month ago +11

      Yea...mechanic gloves &a full onesie to remove 2 bolts and 4 plastic clips.....oh yea, don't forget the yeeze clown shoes, can't be a master without em

  • Streetbby
    Streetbby Month ago

    I can’t believe those cars give the most headaches than regular cars we typically call pains

  • bryce hutcheson
    bryce hutcheson Month ago

    fun fact, all the board members sit around and smell their own farts

  • IamTheaveragegamer
    IamTheaveragegamer 2 months ago +683

    This video is the equivalent of finding a forum post with your issue and the poster saying "solved it!" And nothing else

    • Bio Emiliano
      Bio Emiliano Month ago

      Lmao happened to me so many times

    • Jam Pac
      Jam Pac Month ago

      ​@Mango Makaveli those are the best finds though. Really let's you know how worth it it is to find the solution. Those were my younger loldays

    • Jam Pac
      Jam Pac Month ago

      ​@Mango Makaveli those are the best finds though. Really let's you know how worth it it is to find the solution. Those were my younger loldays

    • Daniel Varela
      Daniel Varela Month ago

      I check like 5 other forums first 😂😂😂

    • Mango Makaveli
      Mango Makaveli Month ago +20

      Bro I hate that shit 😂
      Everytime I post A question/problem I make sure I update with a detailed explanation that’s idiot proof.
      Because I’m an idiot and needed that information before finding it on page 71 in a post under a completely different topic.

  • Wateringman
    Wateringman Month ago

    Lesson learned. DO NOT EVER BUY A FERRARI! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Chum Bucket
    Chum Bucket Month ago +2

    Ferrari about to have a field day with this man

  • Hugh Manatee
    Hugh Manatee 2 months ago +391

    The latches and hinges on my $18 Toyota are immaculate

    • CyberGlob
      CyberGlob Month ago +4

      @UnKbrnUsername I have a Maserati brother. I know first hand just how unreliable super cars can be

    • UnKbrnUsername
      UnKbrnUsername Month ago

      @CyberGlob cope

    • CyberGlob
      CyberGlob Month ago +2

      @UnKbrnUsername exactly. It’s reliable

    • Specialopsdave
      Specialopsdave Month ago

      The latches and hinges on my '02 Subaru Outback are immaculate too

    • ArchMage
      ArchMage Month ago +2

      I had to replace them on mine 21 year old volvo

  • Mightykartracer
    Mightykartracer 9 days ago

    The best looking F430 i’ve seen

  • AlexMartini
    AlexMartini  27 days ago

    Episode 2 is here! - clip-share.net/user/shortsm37oZwUv4Qg?feature=share

  • Simple & Clean
    Simple & Clean 2 months ago +298

    Ferrari: Sends Cease and Desist for not posting a positive video about their product.

    • Awesomegumball14
      Awesomegumball14 2 months ago

      This is the comment I was looking for lol.

    • nurpurp15
      nurpurp15 2 months ago +4

      You'd think they'd be okay with seeing themselves being portrayed in a negative light since they do it themselves so easily

  • Ward Wrenching
    Ward Wrenching Month ago

    Proof that you don’t need expensive tools to work on cars

  • jcMarcell
    jcMarcell Month ago

    *Ferrari: damn most people just pay us to get their Ferrari fixed, this guy must be some sort of master mechanic*

  • Abz Farooq
    Abz Farooq 2 months ago +270

    I can confirm that he is a master mechanic

  • kam vaughn
    kam vaughn Month ago

    he was later sued by Ferrari....for being a master mechanic

  • Stephen Wang
    Stephen Wang Month ago

    Ship it to Cuba, you’ll get back two F430 in a week🎉

  • Abhishek Sathe
    Abhishek Sathe 2 months ago +130

    Ferrari calling their lawyers to file a cease and desist

  • DripArt
    DripArt Month ago

    last time the world heard some one complain bout Ferraris craftsman ship and decided to fix it themselves we ended up with Lamborghini 😂

  • HowToBasic(short)
    HowToBasic(short) 11 days ago

    Later that day he was sued for making a video of him using non-ferrari tools and fixing his car

  • Sound By Instinct
    Sound By Instinct 2 months ago +152

    If you guys didn’t hear … he’s a master mechanic

    • AlexMartini
      AlexMartini  2 months ago


    • ed
      ed 2 months ago

      Master bater more like

    • Moweey
      Moweey 2 months ago

      ​@Redshift 🤣🤣🤣 lmaoooo

    • Redshift
      Redshift 2 months ago +4

      Pretty sure he bought that jumpsuit for this one repair

    • James
      James 2 months ago +2

      Arent we all

  • jeramey lipps
    jeramey lipps Month ago

    One of best all around cars Ferrari has made in the last 20 years.

  • trey kearns
    trey kearns Month ago

    U got an f430, there's no judgement brother!

  • Gerardo Hernandez
    Gerardo Hernandez 2 months ago +487

    Much easier than the sagging glove box in my e36 m3s 😂

    • Gerardo Hernandez
      Gerardo Hernandez 2 months ago

      @Reality my m3 is sitting at 320rwhp @6psi

    • Reality
      Reality 2 months ago

      @phoenix_plays _ I don't have a clio, I own a e92, used to have an e36, too. That's why I said his car is very old

    • phoenix_plays _
      phoenix_plays _ 2 months ago

      @Reality go ahead and outrun us in your clio, we will be laughing

    • Reality
      Reality 2 months ago

      Boy that is an old car, I bet a Clio can outrun it

    • Omar
      Omar 2 months ago

      Saggy glovebox and loose door cards

  • Gary Morris
    Gary Morris Month ago

    Ferrari like “take this video down or sell us back the car” 😂

  • Uriel Uribe Fregoso

    It was the latch, happens a lot if you misalign it

  • Ka0s_theory
    Ka0s_theory 2 months ago +151

    Personally I admire the fact you own a Ferrari and work on it with Autocraft tools. Whatever gets the job done.

  • Aquero
    Aquero Month ago

    Bros giving his car CPR💀

  • Jamie
    Jamie Month ago

    Bro is doing an CPR on his Ferrari

  • WildzGarage
    WildzGarage 2 months ago +87

    Better be a Ferrari paint job cause if not they'll sue your ass like that

  • James Middleton
    James Middleton Month ago +1

    Man those f430s still look gorgeous compared to other cars of the time

  • Tonythetiger
    Tonythetiger Month ago

    Looks like they worked in there a lot judging by the air bag system

  • Akhil Gopi
    Akhil Gopi 2 months ago +79

    As Nicki Lauda once said: "It's a shitbox!"

  • Skiboot Dier
    Skiboot Dier Month ago

    Saved himself $10k fixing it..
    Good job 👏

  • MrSkeleton53c
    MrSkeleton53c Month ago

    *puts AutoLite branded windshield replacement on ferrari*
    *Ferrari: oh no, I don’t think so. **-sends cease and desist-*

  • Cool Kanchu
    Cool Kanchu 2 months ago +244

    Next video title: *Looking for my missing Ferrari F430 hood in the streets* 😁

  • eliteEVIL darkness
    eliteEVIL darkness Month ago

    Mans on Ferrari's hit list now

  • Jacala
    Jacala Month ago

    F430 was such a Beauty

  • Marshall Lawhorn
    Marshall Lawhorn 2 months ago +36

    Ferrari finna give him a cease and desist, for “ruining its natural beauty”

  • Eric Mihailescu
    Eric Mihailescu Month ago

    this happened to my 2000 porsche boxster, because the cable connected to the lever inside the car was pulled, i had to push it back in for the bonnet to close

  • jayphelps415
    jayphelps415 Month ago

    Bro put on a whole suit for that 😂

  • MOPARman345 HEMI
    MOPARman345 HEMI 2 months ago +8

    $3,000 hood latch be like

  • Ryan Ridout
    Ryan Ridout 22 days ago

    Wears shop clothes at home certified mechanic

  • Kennedy Mattox
    Kennedy Mattox Month ago

    My wife's hood wouldn't close much like this. I greased the wear part on the latch and oiled the hinge. Closes like a dream now😂😂

  • Gunderson Flooring and Design _

    Part 2 "Hood fly's off at 160mph"

  • Marshall Chin
    Marshall Chin Month ago

    Don't forget, he's a master mechanic 👍

  • Din Babwa
    Din Babwa Month ago +4

    Master mechanics never show their work

  • newguy N/A sti
    newguy N/A sti 2 months ago +340

    Congratulations master mechanic. Living the high life big baller in the junkyard Ferrari lol.

    • Anthony
      Anthony 2 months ago

      ​@210david52 *bought it just for the video SMH

      BUNDA DADDY 2 months ago +1

      @newguy N/A sti i see....sorry....MY Bad

    • 210david52
      210david52 2 months ago +3

      Bro really put on a whole mechanic outfit just to do this 💀💀

    • Dorklepuss
      Dorklepuss 2 months ago +1

      Tough life….
      You are somebody to be looked up to you with your integrity and Hardwork of the “ Master mechanic”

    • newguy N/A sti
      newguy N/A sti 2 months ago +11

      @BUNDA DADDY no no no. I meant no disrespect to him. I love the car. Just saying don't call it junk all the time it's a Ferrari he got an awesome deal on. If jigga in the hood is proud of his junky cadi. Alex should be even more proud of his rari lol

  • Just Breathe
    Just Breathe Month ago

    Ferrari wants to know your location.

  • Jacob Hessler
    Jacob Hessler Month ago

    Don't do literally anything with your Ferrari, cause they think they are the modern day police of vehicle manufacturers

  • Joey Le Bard
    Joey Le Bard 2 months ago +116

    That's the first time I've ever seen anyone give CPR to a car.

    • jabzilla21
      jabzilla21 Month ago +1

      My exact thought. Take my thumb.

    • Darkening Skies
      Darkening Skies 2 months ago +2

      Underrated comment award goes to… 🏆

  • Sircade
    Sircade Month ago

    This happened to my normal car trunk and with 1 pull of the kidnap string it was fixed

  • Random_Dude
    Random_Dude Month ago

    If Ferrari sees this they might ban u from buying them

  • Thomas  Gumersell
    Thomas Gumersell 2 months ago +141

    Great to see you actually doing your own work on your Ferrari. A Ferrari car dealer would have charged you alot for the same work. Love your auto tool brand also. 💪🏻🙏🏻✨

    • Borga Sahbal
      Borga Sahbal 2 months ago

      The problem was this piece of lint between the hatch. That will be around 15,000.

    • 2 2
      2 2 2 months ago +2

      They charge a lot because they don't just shove a lock in and hope it works...

  • Blazin
    Blazin 29 days ago

    When he hit that Ferrari with his fist while closing I felt dollars fly

  • SAJAD .M
    SAJAD .M Month ago

    guys in case you didn't know he is a Master Mechanic

  • JustSpeakingFacts
    JustSpeakingFacts 2 months ago +24

    F430 is so fucking clean bro

  • SomeRandomGuy369
    SomeRandomGuy369 28 days ago

    I'm a professional mechanic and would have just installed hood pins. No worries master you'll get to own your title one day.

  • LifeOfJelllo
    LifeOfJelllo 26 days ago

    master mechanic: *starts twerking on the hood to get it to close*
    me: *”write that down, write that down!”*