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The Electric Car Pre-Order Problem

  • Published on Mar 29, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • I really want EVs to be the future, but this is getting ridiculous...
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  • Will Chen

    “Preorders are actually just interest-free loans.” That explains a lot about the trends we’re seeing with hype and marketing nowadays. Too many people eager to hand over their money for a spot in a very long queue.

  • Colin English

    It is so refreshing to see a technology specialist cut through the hype and spell out the problems with new EV companies.

  • Slim
    Slim  +435

    I saw a Rivian truck on the highway for the first time a few days ago. When I realized what it was, I was amazed it actually shipped. Never thought I'd actually see one driving

  • Mike Mayo
    Mike Mayo  +29

    Incredibly high quality content... thank you for this, nice reminder how tough the automobile business really is. So many tech companies struggling with manufacturing delays due to ship shortages... can't imagine how tough being an electric car company must be.

  • Jason Potzinger

    Appreciate you shining a light on this as it seems almost criminal that companies are able to do this. Build hype and excitement and not deliver. I’m sure most companies don’t do this on purpose but I believe some are taking advantage of the opportunity.

  • Michael Condon

    It’s cool to see rivian be doing great, they actually succeeded in step five and are producing both models of their car. In my opinion, probably the only startup that’s going to survive.

  • Joshtheboss74

    Every single MKBHD video keeps the same production quality, sound, and overall they are always entertaining. Not only are the videos all entertaining, but they are informative. Topics I don’t need to learn about, I still want to learn about. This Channel is like the National Geographic of tech. Love the channel, and love the value behind it.

  • Edward De Jong

    A great video. In the software field where i work, we called this kind of flabby announcement "vaporware". Since there is so much software inside these fancy electric cars, software is also a big reason for the delays.

  • Gnome Gnation

    There was a startup that I was interested in 10 years ago: Elio Motors. It was a cute little 3-wheel ICE commuter. It motivated me to get my motorcycle endorsement. They even went as far as to acquire a factory in Shreveport. They followed all the step you outlined. I am thrilled to say I never made a reservation.

  • Frankie Cuellar

    I'm so happy you made this video! 👍 I hope a lot of car companies watch this!

  • Tobin Wazzan

    I love your sense of investigative reporting. Hope you do more of this genre.

  • Jason McElroy

    I had no idea Rivian did that to their pre-order customers! I follow the stock market very closely and was wondering why their share price was taking a massive hit. Thanks for the info MKBHD.

  • 2phonesbabyken

    I love when these waveform segments get expanded into full videos

  • Surprise Mechanics

    As someone who works in project management, going from prototyping to initial rate production then full rate production, is daunting. Working in military aviation, it takes billions of dollars to push through these milestones. Thinking about it, it really is incredible what Tesla has done.

  • Jay.J Jemal

    You got to admit Rivian has raised the bar for any type of cars out there…./ just wow 😮 to details they put in their cars….

  • Mubashar Saleem

    Visited your channel after a long time. And I really liked this video. I appreciate the way you explained everything. These EV companies really do trick customers through flashy ads and futuristic prototypes.

  • Kevin Cole

    Couldn't agree more! There's always these big promises, to the point that I feel skeptical about the product a company will claim to have. And in the context of EVs, it's hugely difficult as you explained.

  • Ant Macina

    The Dyson car story is an interesting one too. (Full disclosure I worked in Dyson’s sales team in the UK until recently).

  • vidIQ
    vidIQ  +7

    So what you're saying is I shouldn't have pre-ordered the Escobar 911 EV?

  • rgl168

    Even after Step 5, there is still a Step 6 - after sales support. You need to make parts available, training service staff, service manuals and diagnostics documentation, action plans on dealing with potential government recalls in the future, etc.