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Hacking a weird TV censoring device

  • Published on Dec 2, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Technology Connections
    Technology Connections 12 days ago +18299

    Well, this is ' delightful! A triumph for science. Thank you!

    • Veemon657
      Veemon657 14 hours ago

      Ever since seeing that video i too wanted to know the list of censored words, for science of course.

    • Veemon657
      Veemon657 14 hours ago +1

      @Wesley Van Pelt same

    • Brandon
      Brandon Day ago

      @technology Connections it looks like all that zero effort paid off!

    • Carter Cole
      Carter Cole 3 days ago

      @Honzecki sus detected

    • Ken Bread
      Ken Bread 4 days ago

      oH mY sCiEnCe!!!

  • Scott Strehlow
    Scott Strehlow 2 days ago +48

    So, the chip is writable. Once you've figured out the coding, it could be fun to replace the lists and substitutions with something even more fun. Like translate a bunch of ordinary words into nasty ones!

    • Dreadpirateroberts
      Dreadpirateroberts 3 hours ago +1

      I would totally love to do that 😂
      Just plug that bad boy into my mom's TV and run 😂
      ™Bad boy as it's name 😂

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  • PerfectionHunter
    PerfectionHunter 2 days ago +85

    Mad props to you for...
    1: Not having a stupid and LOUD intro.
    2: Immediately getting to the point.
    3: Giving all the creds to Technology Connections and rerouting traffic to his channel. People in general despise those who just keep surfing on others work.

    • Saylor1496
      Saylor1496 2 hours ago +1

      This is why Ben Eater is great, definitely check out his other stuff, or if you are curious about his background check out the Ben, Ben, and Blue podcast which is also amazing

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  • Michael
    Michael 2 days ago +54

    Not gonna lie.... not once in my life, since I've been doodling with electronics, have I ever opened up a device and been able to identify every IC that was attached to the PCB! Not only that, but even if I could read the imprints and/or figure out what it is, only about 20% of the time am I able to find a datasheet for it. Must be nice!
    Lots of times a Google search of a chip will only lead to one link that directs you to a Chinese website that describes a gadget of some sort that contains the same chip, but those rarely tell you what it is/what it does either!

    • Das s
      Das s 19 hours ago +1

      "Not going to lie" because I lie a lot to most people. For you in this case I will give you some truth.

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  • Jonathan Korman
    Jonathan Korman 7 days ago +1367

    It's hilarious to me that in the effort to keep (arbitrarily) naughty words out of one's home, you could buy a device that sat quietly in your home, secretly filled with profanities and blasphemy, whispering them to itself every cycle

    • Nathan Day
      Nathan Day 5 hours ago

      Dude, thank you for the laugh. I was thinking a very similar thing and then reading your comment made me lose it. 😂

    • InSomnia DrEvil
      InSomnia DrEvil 5 hours ago

      That is such fun meta take on this 😂

    • Sheryl Davidson
      Sheryl Davidson 19 hours ago

      I was so hoping for a Teddy-Ruxpin-style hack where all the words are read out by a speech synth, but we don't want any demonetization here.

    • Stephen Mason
      Stephen Mason Day ago +1

      It's a simple filter! What's more worrying is a society that requires it?

    • CCC Tube
      CCC Tube 2 days ago

      golden comment

  • Eliasdbr
    Eliasdbr 12 days ago +4479

    Is anyone gonna mention the amount of skill this man has with spreadsheet functions?

    • Random user #74652819
      Random user #74652819 3 days ago

      @HouseGurke I have hardly done any Excel programming, but the fact that you consider ABAP preferable means it must be absolutely horrible.

    • Joe Shmoe
      Joe Shmoe 4 days ago

      I wasn't going to comment on it, but I was definitely impressed, and thought so to myself, before I saw your comment. I think it shows there is probably a ton of function in may programs that most of us are unaware, or have clue how to use. - Cheers

    • hey you in the bushes
      hey you in the bushes 6 days ago +1

      A real freak in the sheets

    • Frank T
      Frank T 6 days ago

      I'm convinced that he's just an AI stuffed into a human body. Ungodly fast typing, and brilliant. I would imagine he has no trouble paying his bills.

    • Treska
      Treska 6 days ago

      *Me, having put "Excel" on my resume before*: ;>_>

  • ProtoV33 MK1
    ProtoV33 MK1 2 days ago +2

    I've been wanting to do this with an old trivia plug-and-play console I have. Sadly, when I took apart one of the cartridges, it was just an epoxy blob connected to the edge connector. I suspect it's just a bog-standard ROM chip connected straight through, but I'm still not sure how I'd go about figuring out the pinout to even try to dump it. I'd love to be able to make my own cartridges with custom questions on it but the only way I can think of finding the pinout is to hook a logic analyzer to every pin and look for patterns while it plays.

    • ProtoV33 MK1
      ProtoV33 MK1 Day ago

      @Phi L3MM4 Apparently my other reply was hidden, I was trying to tell you I made it with Illegal-ferret's protogen generator

    • Phi L3MM4
      Phi L3MM4 2 days ago +1

      cool pfp!

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  • Philip Partain
    Philip Partain Day ago +7

    How entertaining must the naughty word brainstorming sessions have been. 😂

  • Izzard
    Izzard Day ago +5

    A superb exploration from first principles, as you say. You explain it all beautiful.

  • MG
    MG Day ago +2

    Mate you code at the speed of light.
    You are one of those people who can ACTUALLY CODE and kill everybody else's self-esteem.
    Good job

    • ThatThingCalledTheGalaxy
      ThatThingCalledTheGalaxy Day ago +1

      He probably already had an idea of how to write the code and recorded him writing it in. Or just experiences enough, because I had to sit and think what "data

  • B J
    B J 12 days ago +3450

    13:04 I don't know what I was expecting, but I've never seen a chip respond with such hostility to being probed

    • SubZero
      SubZero 2 days ago

      @zaraak323i be right want a list and I would say that this is a pretty definitive list especially because it's pretty close in timeline

    • SubZero
      SubZero 2 days ago +1

      @chitlitlah I think George Carlin would've loved this video

    • Brian Donaldson
      Brian Donaldson 3 days ago

      @Andy Lundell Back in the day, I did that with my VIC20. I dumped game cartridges to the tape drive, then could insert a ram cartridge with a few toggles, run a program to reload from the tape, then flip the switches and reset and play the game.

    • Antti Mäki
      Antti Mäki 6 days ago +1

      An old game from Commodore 64 comes to mind (The NewZealandStory), the cute little game sporting a cute kiwi, had a not so cute phrase to get cheats enabled.

    • Vousie V
      Vousie V 6 days ago +1

      @Bob Holowenko I guess it would be angry, given that it's filled with so much profanity. 😂

  • Chauvin Emmons
    Chauvin Emmons 8 days ago +669

    I am so envious of how he can just type out a search line of code without any pause just like a little machine gun.

    • Billie Q
      Billie Q Day ago

      @jeffel80 not really, i am overstating it though, 120 is probably more realistic

    • jeffel80
      jeffel80 Day ago

      180 wpm with .2% accuracy maybe

    • Jib Cot
      Jib Cot 3 days ago +4

      where is the 3 hours he spends searching on StackOverflow for every code block, or is that just me :)

    • Mavinice Sumaljag
      Mavinice Sumaljag 4 days ago

      When i do this is kind of code tutorial, i usually have to record several times. So have to memorize what code to type and errors that may appear to make the video seamless

    • Billie Q
      Billie Q 4 days ago +4

      im a 180wpm typist and his typing footage looks sped up to me. I pray it is for my ego's sake

  • Sheryl Davidson
    Sheryl Davidson 19 hours ago

    By hokey, this was hilarious! Thank you. I love that BJ becomes "kiss". Many of the substitutions are brilliant. Great technical lessons in there, too.

  • Phil
    Phil 2 days ago +7

    Jerk van Gay made me laugh far more than it should have.
    Great video. Hats off to you, sir.

  • PIcoAirBearings
    PIcoAirBearings 7 hours ago

    It would be cool if you could get something like this working real-time with earbuds

  • ikkuranus
    ikkuranus 11 days ago +1978

    So, do you have any plans to modify the word list and make a follow-up video? I think it would be funny to have a TV guardian which replaces common words with profanity

    • Howard Chambers
      Howard Chambers Day ago

      @Backward Sabotage and then send it back to be put into circulation again

    • HAG'S LAB
      HAG'S LAB 3 days ago

      I was hoping for the same thing, haha 😂

    • Greg Hilton
      Greg Hilton 5 days ago

      Or change everything into Cockney. 😁

    • Paul Crowder
      Paul Crowder 7 days ago +2

      Where do I donate money to make this happen?

    • C6 Modellsport
      C6 Modellsport 7 days ago

      @Wisteela Replace it with the world shit.

  • Sam The Mighty
    Sam The Mighty Day ago

    Now that you have that eeprom out of the board you can reprogram the word lists so that it will make any perfectly normal text as naughty as possible.
    Then put back the chip and see how well it works and complain how useless the device is. :D

  • Ashutosh Singh
    Ashutosh Singh 2 days ago

    This might sound naive, but I was actually working with arduino uno and for my purpose, it needed 2 SPI. I was worried that I might have to get a different uC. But after looking at your video, it makes sense that I can use the other digital pin as SPI, it will do the job. Thank you!

  • 21ST
    21ST Day ago +1

    Hello Ben , can you tech us how to code a tool that saves your time ,therefore let you explore and learn new stuff ?
    Example 0 to extract information from Google that you need
    Example 1 by others [comment]

  • Luis Fernando
    Luis Fernando Hour ago

    Getting a pdf with all technical information about a chip or component is impressive. Manufacturers should be forced by law to provide an understandable electronic diagram like they used in the past. Nowadays in easier to just drop that thing into the garbage.

  • jameswalker199
    jameswalker199 3 days ago

    I have to say, I love how "wuss" is one of the naughty words, something totally innocuous over here in GB. Then again, apparently the Americans don't see any problem with the word "spastic" but over here its a very taboo insult against people with cerebral palsy, and other brain and mental conditions.

  • Llohr
    Llohr Hour ago

    This was a really elaborate way to slap a whole bunch of "bad words" in a youtube video. Nice work.

  • cgsound
    cgsound 3 days ago +4

    That is insane....the device and how you code-decode it .... great video

  • Rick C
    Rick C 2 days ago +1

    Very cool - I have done this type of decoding of binary data on proprietary hardware before. It can be a lot of fun.

  • czerro1
    czerro1 18 hours ago

    I think the whitelisted elements that confused you like 'that/this/the' are probably test elements.
    They are control variables for testing and demonstration, but aren't to be confused with anything else that is programmed by someone using this firmware.
    We don't really know how this was programmed, but they might be 'baked' as well, and you might not be able to rewrite these test codes.
    There is a secondary thing as well. You are believing that every word falls exactly in the phrasealogy of the word. There are situations for example that 'asshat' could be something like two different reads. There is no way to safely whitelist everything without allowing in bad words. 'asshat' could fall through the cracks.
    The other thing you mentioned was the double ended libraries.
    I suspect this is a restriction of the memory available on the device. So the libraries are alphabetized libraries and called up and examined in series, but need to be loaded and unloaded out of memory. Those demarcations are instructions to unload/reload the next block of keywords, probably due to a memory constraint.
    This is actually super interesting and weird. Does this even actually work? Is the timing of closed captioning that tight? Modern closed captioning in 2022 seems pretty weak, so I'm not sure how effective this was back in whatever year this was created...but a really odd and clever idea...
    Actually, I think this is correct, as 'asshat' WOULD get caught by this, as 'shat' is a keyword, so it would catch 'asshat' if it spanned two words, despite I'm not sure 'shat' is vulgar, but 'asshat' is. 'Four letter words' is the idea here, and it probably has a pretty complete lexicon for combating 'bad words' of 4 letters or less, or anything based off those words. Probably catches most bad words or those that are derived from 4 letter words.

  • Yellow Ticket
    Yellow Ticket 2 hours ago

    Can you imagine the guy who built and sold the TV Guardian, seeing a sudden jump in sales 30 years later...

  • Dean Martin
    Dean Martin 3 days ago +1

    Joking apart, if you had this device hooked up, you could still watch old classic B&W movies, and you wouldnt even know they were being censored, as nothing would happen. Sadly, the dross which the so-called "woke" Hollywood brigade turns out these days, would be almost unwatchable, as most of the "dialog" would be missing. Am I wrong?

  • Niv88
    Niv88 21 hour ago

    Just looking at that scope on the Internet. I spent the last few hours trying to find a storage oscilloscope that is not made in China - is there such a thing?

  • Kedo
    Kedo 10 days ago +1747

    Now that we know how this works, it wouldn't be too hard to rewrite the EEPROM to basically make a reversal device that would take G-rated words and replace them with unsavory ones. Run your old tapes of Barney the dinosaur through that version and never sleep well again. I suppose if you did that and then twitch streamed it, you could make some good money.

    • dman35
      dman35 3 days ago

      Kedo lucky for you it's already been done, sort of...clip-share.net/video/fxvYbQ6P2C8/video.html


      The best thing about this is that for the most part you'd just need to switch the censored words with the substitutions and BAM:
      "hugs and kisses!" becomes "sex and blowjob!"
      Also, I suggest to censor "love y[ou]" and substitute it with "wanna fuck y[ou]". That's definitely not gonna turn some wholesome child shows into sweet home Alabama! 😂

    • Alex Crane
      Alex Crane 4 days ago

      You, sir, have won the internet. Show up at the internet main office to claim your prize. You deserve it.

    • Sean Whatshisname
      Sean Whatshisname 4 days ago

      @Argon the Sad because he a devilistic a hole...from planet earth

    • spblackey
      spblackey 4 days ago

      A Joel Dongsteen guardian

  • TrasherBiner
    TrasherBiner 3 days ago +118

    loved how you explained it thoroughly and easily. It's refreshing to see someone trying to honestly educate being informative without being pretentious or arrogant. Good video man helped me think of a couple of projects for my arduino, thanks.

    • David Tate Sr
      David Tate Sr 2 days ago

      Just think if they made one now it would have millions of words

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  • John Jackson
    John Jackson 2 days ago

    Thank you for teaching me the ‘off by 1 error.’ On line 39 you you say you are iterating through all 2048 but your code says “read address < 2048.” So won’t the system obediently read bytes 1 through 2047, that is all the ones that are less than 2048?

    • juryrigging
      juryrigging 20 hours ago

      @John Jackson
      It will read from 0 through 2047. That's the full 2048 bytes.

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  • Latvieshu Puika
    Latvieshu Puika 2 days ago

    Stumbled on this video absolutely accidently. This is amazing stuff! Thank you!!!

  • Cc
    Cc 12 hours ago

    You would make a excellent teacher.
    Probably not the compliment you were looking for. But you made it fun. Thanks

  • Rusty
    Rusty Day ago +1

    I'm impressed more with your spreadsheet skills :D

  • Jay Ramsey
    Jay Ramsey 2 days ago

    Amazing! This is showing a true understanding of your craft.

  • billyhatcher643
    billyhatcher643 Day ago

    i find it amazing how you did this after technology connections did his video on it

  • Mr.Mister
    Mr.Mister 5 hours ago

    9:47 For a little while I couldn't understand what you meant here but I think I get it now. I will attempt to explain for anyone else like me that this might have been a part that you didn't get. Please do correct me if I'm wrong. So he says if the digital pin we are reading is high then we shift the data byte one bit to the left and OR data byte with 1. So from what I understand now we shift one place to the left to read the next bit and since we read the digital pin as high we OR data with 1 to set the first bit that we just read. So we start with data being 00000000 and since the digital pin was high we shift one bit and place a 1 in the previous slot so we have 000000*1 where the star is the next bit we are going to read.

  • markspc1
    markspc1 17 hours ago

    Great video. You are very good with Arduino programing, impressive

  • Notim Portant
    Notim Portant Day ago

    By the looks of it this would only work with languages that have little to no verb conjugation, or noun declension.

  • vasyasmanager2you
    vasyasmanager2you 3 days ago +6

    Now i want to deconstruct old something that has any storage chip and dump it using my raspberry pi. Hope it is that easy as you made it to look like🤦‍♂😁
    Good stuff. Way to go🙂 👍🏼

  • Der Muschelschlürfer
    Der Muschelschlürfer 2 days ago +2

    Never in my Life have I seen such great excel use!

  • Subhasis Chakraborty
    Subhasis Chakraborty 12 days ago +1233

    you are the only one who breaks down technology every bit by bit, just to let us understand. Thank you man, you are the best teacher.

    • Crabby
      Crabby 5 days ago

      @Subhasis Chakraborty yes just one solar flare and rude words will rule the earth again! 😊

    • Subhasis Chakraborty
      Subhasis Chakraborty 7 days ago

      @Cooper yah, i agree but all i want to say is, this kind of channel/people are very very rare..

    • Subhasis Chakraborty
      Subhasis Chakraborty 7 days ago

      @Andrias Stefandi yes, all it takes is one soler flare or one asteroid unfortunately ☹️

    • Andrias Stefandi
      Andrias Stefandi 7 days ago +2

      I'm a bit afraid that future generation will not know something like this.. and if something happens, the technology will forever be lost, and we have no idea how to rebuild it.

    • RogerRamjet
      RogerRamjet 7 days ago

      I've based entire units of work I do with my students from Ben Eater's videos! They're so good.

  • electriclott
    electriclott 2 days ago +1

    Would have been interesting to see the device in action.

  • Mike Morrow
    Mike Morrow 3 days ago

    Love the nerd posts. Always fun to watch. Thanks!!

  • Jeff McCrea
    Jeff McCrea Day ago

    The Bee Gee's song "WORDS" comes to mind. "It's Only Words..."
    You should reverse the functions of banned and replacement words. I'm sure it would be a hoot on a children's show or Sunday morning sermon.

  • Veemon657
    Veemon657 14 hours ago

    now i wonder if you could program it to run in reverse so it the replacement words are swapped with the supposedly censored words

  • mauro foti
    mauro foti 11 days ago +1689

    In Technology Connection's video (at time 7:07), you can see that the Guardian removes articles attached to the foul word (in that cases it censores "What the fuck is that?" into "What is that?"). The whitelisted words are all articles (the, that, those) that would have to be removed to maintain the sense of the phrase. Probably for the microcontroller firmware, the fact that the word is whitelisted and has a substition bit (0x1) flags it as "if encountered before a foul work, also remove that article"

    • Sa'ruk Maktao
      Sa'ruk Maktao 8 days ago +2

      In the google docs spreadsheet, you can actually check all the words and phrases. It looks like it's looking for the language listed, so if you were to blacklist "word", it won't filter out "wor" but it will filter out "word" and "words" or "wordlist".
      It does also include "the fuck" on line 142, and it's set to replace it with, nothing.

    • JdeBP
      JdeBP 10 days ago +1

      @NeunEinser No. He noted that he misread "go go away" as "go go away your". Because of course "fuck you" is in the list, and matches "fuck your". You are trying to guess at meaning when there is no extra behaviour to actually account for.

    • NeunEinser
      NeunEinser 10 days ago +5

      @JdeBP In Technology Connection's video at 13:10, he noticed in edit that "your" was additionally removed but "fork off your" is not directly in the wordlist, yet "your" is one of those curious words.
      Presumably, "the fork" is just there additionally to have a different replacement word compared to just "fork", so it would probably already have included "the" and replaced "the fork" with "wow" if "the fork" wasn't explicitly configured to be replaced with blank. Similarly, both "hell" and "the hell" are specified but "hell" only applies in strict mode whereas "the hell" is always filtered.
      As for the 01's and 02's it's hard to guess since they are so rare and we don't have enough data of examples where words with those numbers specified are filtered, especially in conjunction with the special allow words. One guess is it could be a bitmask for which of these allow words can be applied (where all are applied when the bitmask is not specified) but it's impossible to say exactly without either decoding the program or experimenting with the device a lot. I also doubt it applies serious advanced grammar rules of some sort given the very simple nature of its design.
      So in short, I agree with the op's theory that those allow words are additionally removed around censored words, and as for the additional numbers we can only guess.

    • jort93z
      jort93z 11 days ago +6

      @JdeBP I am not gonna scroll through a thousand comments to find yours, lol.
      Edit, found it. It's not really addressing anything I said. Most of the stuff in that comment is pretty obvious.
      Still, as I said, I believe the pronouns were intended for dick and woody.

    • JdeBP
      JdeBP 11 days ago +3

      @jort93z Go and read what I actually wrote in that top-level comment before asking what I realize. (-:

  • Beau W
    Beau W Day ago

    That was a very interesting video to watch, thank you and subscribed

  • Swan Ronson
    Swan Ronson Day ago

    Dick van Dyke exists
    TVGuardian: We're gonna censor this man's whole career
    Whitelist: Hell no, you ain't messing with Diagnosis Murder!

  • MakkuSaiko
    MakkuSaiko 3 days ago +1

    I'm guessing the 01 02 03 bytes are relating to the strictness level as seen on the Technology Connections video

  • Null Field
    Null Field 2 days ago +41

    I think your two mysteries are related... Maybe the 01s, and 02s are meant to convey what to do with the surroundings of the word using the connection words - whether to remove extra words for the sentence to make sense, like in TC's video about the sentence "What the F was that" that was changed into "What was that".

    • Null Field
      Null Field 2 days ago

      @Hyrriss You're right! I noticed it afterwards, but I still can't shake the feeling that the 01s and 02s are telling something about the word that would help in using it.

    • Null Field
      Null Field 2 days ago +1

      @Hyrriss You're right! I noticed it afterwards, but I still can't shake the feeling that the 01s and 02s are telling something about the word that would help in using it.

    • Hyrriss
      Hyrriss 2 days ago +3

      That might be, but in that specific example the list does have "the F" as a censored word that's replaced with nothing (line 142 on the spreadsheet) to separate it from the isolated word which is replaced with "wow" (line 42)

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  • mabus42
    mabus42 12 days ago +378

    Now that we know how this works, it wouldn't be too hard to rewrite the EEPROM to basically make a reversal device that would take G-rated words and replace them with unsavory ones. Run your old tapes of Barney the dinosaur through that version and never sleep well again. I suppose if you did that and then twitch streamed it, you could make some good money.

    • Mission: Ed Possible
      Mission: Ed Possible 6 days ago

      I was looking for this comment, and if I didn't see it, I was gonna post it :)

    • mickey thompson
      mickey thompson 9 days ago +3

      @mabus42 Cool idea... it could replace the word ''love''' with the F-word.
      (Sing the Barney song...)

    • mickey thompson
      mickey thompson 9 days ago +1

      @Stephen Walker "Oh sod it, the bloody thing's stuck again."
      (That out-take actually got used much later in the plush toy Clanger with the sound chip.)

    • WeatherStone
      WeatherStone 9 days ago +2

      happy to see that i was not the only one to thought of that, except the barney part, he give me creeps no matter what he says.... geez

    • TheDuplicator
      TheDuplicator 9 days ago

      I'm sold.

  • Martin Wilkinson
    Martin Wilkinson 10 hours ago

    Great fun and perfect pacing. And no stupid censoring.

  • W.C. Smith
    W.C. Smith Day ago

    I watched just to see a glimpse of the "bad" words.
    Liked to know just what all fell under that label

  • CuriousCyclist
    CuriousCyclist 2 days ago

    Great video! Just one thing, in the for loop you write address += 1. A bit weird.

  • Riley Stewart
    Riley Stewart 2 days ago

    Hell yeah! I've watch both of your channels for quite a while, good to see the cross pollination!

  • Deraco1
    Deraco1 13 hours ago

    Ha this is great!! very informative on how the TVGuardian works. Pretty funny

  • Andrew Casey
    Andrew Casey Day ago

    So does it just do the teletext / subtitles? or does it mute the audio for a short time when it detects that word?

    • Jason Scott
      Jason Scott 6 hours ago

      My cousins had this device. When it detects a bad word in the closed captions, it mutes the audio and displays the censored closed captions.

  • Polar Blue
    Polar Blue 6 days ago +30

    First I didn't even know there was such a thing as a TV censor device. Second the way you tear through the layers of unknownium as if it were tissue paper is truly amazing. I am astonished by seeing stuff that only a true Brainiac would know about thanks for making the video it was really a neat ride through the Wabbit hole territory!

    • Gordon Freeman
      Gordon Freeman 3 days ago

      Without editing and experience, this video would have taken hours.
      He makes it look easy because he has experience, I wish I was that smart lol.

  • Simon Smith
    Simon Smith 12 hours ago

    Great stuff. That's how we did it in the 80s/90s!

  • Gwonk Reefkeeping
    Gwonk Reefkeeping 8 days ago +139

    As an owner of the TV Guardian, and a tech guy, this was a delightful deep dive. I will be rewatching this video several times. Thank you.👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    • William Campbell
      William Campbell 4 days ago

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    • Zolf Kimbly
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      I believe that's usual to have CC for TV programs in US? Cause here in Ukraine we didn't had that.

    • Jim H
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    • Sitra Ahra
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      @Friendly Octopus Actually, that's exactly what happened! 🤣
      I was wondering about the Dick van Dyke thing and whether it might be related to some odd lawsuit so I went and googled for: Dick van Dyke "TV Guardian".
      It gave me a WSJ article[1] from '99 where the creator mentioned that they tested the device with Mrs. Doubtfire where DvD was mentioned - and his name consequently got butchered. He then went and fixed it...
      And the original "bad word list" came from Carlins "7 Dirty Words" script. 🤣
      [1]: WSJ: articles/SB919287241129534500

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    The reverse circuit engineering reminds me of the work Big Clive does on his channel. I wonder if we can get him to puzzle out the purpose of the comparator? Imagine that: my three favorite YT channels all dissecting the same device! A nerd's dream, come true.

    • Squelch's stuff 'n' things
      Squelch's stuff 'n' things 9 days ago

      @Marc Intosh Absolutely. I'm not even sure if that was in doubt, and Ben shows his method admirably here albeit with some questions remaining over some of the word flags. The whole Big Clive thread was just more cross pollination I believe, and somehow meandered into NTSC and TV ownership. Neither of which are prerequisites.

    • Marc Intosh
      Marc Intosh 9 days ago

      @Squelch's stuff 'n' things While that certainly would be interesting, it's not needed to reverse engineer the circuitry.

    • Squelch's stuff 'n' things
      Squelch's stuff 'n' things 10 days ago

      @Marc Intosh Indeed, but to fully understand the replacement words/phrases, it might be useful to run some "live" tests. Alec certainly found some doozies where it failed or simply produced nonsense dialogue in the closed captions.

    • Squelch's stuff 'n' things
      Squelch's stuff 'n' things 10 days ago

      @ce neblock I seem to recall that he doesn't think much of TV fare so doesn't have one. I know he likes to let TV licensing waste their time badgering him. TBH, I'm in the same boat, and only watch streaming services, but did acquiesce and report I didn't need one.

    • Marc Intosh
      Marc Intosh 11 days ago +1

      @Squelch's stuff 'n' things You don't need a TV to reverse engineer this.

  • sourand jaded
    sourand jaded 2 days ago

    this is all good and well, but wow... this is just easy memory retrieval.
    my brains breaking thinking how a damn pic chip is capable of analysing voice patterns to point to the word as WRITTEN, and applying the delay necessary to filter out "butt" but not "butter"... unless its using... iunno... captions? does VCR have captions?
    that sort of makes life a lot easier, doesnt it?
    fine, ima going to go watch tc...

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    Here's what I've gathered:
    - If a word has a $00 after it, I think that's a null terminator, which would, as you said, indicate an exact match as opposed to an unterminated word. This is true of replacement words, which are all null terminated. The weird thing, however, is many of the phrases you'd expect to be null-terminated are not.
    - For words that are allowed, the final 5 bits seem to only equal 0 or 1, and every word that has a 1 there is an article or pronoun, as opposed to just a normal phrase.
    - The only two words that have a $01 immediately following them are DICK and WOODY, both of which are names. Perhaps the value indicates it's a name? The weird thing is that DICK has a $00 after the $01.
    - I can't quite understand the $02 pattern. I think that essentially we have an enum of some sort that has three byte values, and these "flags" can appear in any order after the string. $00 seems to mean exact match (though we don't see it nearly enough IMO), $01 seems to indicate a name, and $02 is still unknown to me.
    PS: Anyone else catch that GAY is replaced with GAY?

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  • Brian Butcher
    Brian Butcher Day ago

    I think the subsequent 1 and 2 bits, could be looking for specific word combinations, perhaps slang or street phrases which are deemed racist or sexually implicit. e.g. camel toe, mud duck, dirty jew.... all of which are not bad words but,,, as phrases they convey derogatory meaning.

  • CJ Hicks, PE
    CJ Hicks, PE 3 days ago

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  • Justin Franks
    Justin Franks 5 days ago +13

    The different values separating the "naughty" words is probably to set which level of filtering the word applies to. There are a few different modes on the TV Guardian with different levels of censorship. _Edit: You figured it out at the end._

    LJB ENG 3 hours ago

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    And then the silly scope! Double win!
    Glad I found your channel! Looks like Clip-Share thinks I’ll like watching you as much as I like watching Mark Rober!
    (Subbed to your channel, and also that of technology connections - thx!)

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    • Jere Pakkala
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      @megabooooo The reason why "condom" is censored is the same reason why American sex ed takes place far too late in schools and is extremely surface-level. Sex is seen as obscene and crude and not as something natural that children should know about. It's the same reason why the entire nation lost its mind when Janet Jackson had her nipple showing for less than a second during the Super Bowl halftime show in 2004

    • Anthony Berube
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    John Jones 12 days ago +438

    The PIC microcontroller used only has 2K of program memory. Besides doing the word substitution, it also interfaces with the CC decoder IC, on screen display IC, and mutes the audio. All in 2K. That's some neat and tight coding.

    • John Hodgetts
      John Hodgetts 5 days ago

      @Al Banana I was about to comment about Elite. By the way, of the 32K the BBC Model B computer had, 20K was used for the screen display memory, leaving Ian Bell and David Braben only 12K for their code, written in assembler! The eight galaxies, together with their planets, their locations, economic data, population, etc was not stored, but procedurally generated using the Fibonacci series and a starting seed number. They had to reject a certain starting seed when they discovered a planet "Arse" had been generated.

    • Smidge204
      Smidge204 7 days ago

      @Meneldal I've done a fair amount of hobby-level development for the Attiny series, which typically only have 1 or 2 KB of flash, so it's always in AVR assembly. There's basically no other option!

    • Meneldal
      Meneldal 7 days ago

      @Smidge204 If you remove the printf dumping over serial which probably takes a lot of space, code like this should compile to something quite small. A pretty straightforward translation of this to ARM/AVR assembly or similar RISC with 16 bits instructions would definitely not take anywhere close to 2k bytes. 200 bytes however seems like a pretty difficult ordeal, even for handcrafted code.

    • chitlitlah
      chitlitlah 8 days ago

      @Al Banana I'm checking it out right now. I love tricks like that: using code segments as data segments, overwriting code, etc. I've made small programs just to see if I can do stuff like that.

    • 16vSciroccoboi
      16vSciroccoboi 9 days ago

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    And there's a mental image I just. Can't. Shift.

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