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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen - Season of the Seraph Trailer

  • Published on Dec 5, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Blindluck92
    Blindluck92 Month ago +1702

    I swear to God, if Bungie had a nickel for every time someone said "Darkness/Witness/whatever is coming" they could afford to give us the entire Eververse store for free.

    • Alexander Rego
      Alexander Rego 21 day ago +1

      Its crazy to think of the speaker in vanilla destiny telling us the darkness is returning and now we have 30 days left till lightfall

    • SidNightWalker
      SidNightWalker Month ago

      That's just conflict escalation, and a lot of franchises are guilty of it. It doesn't mean it doesn't work. As long as the new villain is interesting, it works, and The Witness frankly makes all the other villains so far look like absolute wussies in comparison by that brilliant character design alone. A true Eldritch horror.

    • Aysin Bora
      Aysin Bora Month ago

      neden bu kadar sevinç

    • Kassandra of Odyssey
      Kassandra of Odyssey Month ago

      @KillbotY’know *Cyberpunk trailer music* has a name right? Hyper - Spoiler. You’re doing that music a disservice.

    • Phonky Dude
      Phonky Dude Month ago

      @HLGpanda and a good pvp

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +533

    This actually looks sick

    • Vasile Marian Giarap
      Vasile Marian Giarap Month ago

      Foarte frumos

    • Mukesh Rathod
      Mukesh Rathod Month ago


    • Rahul Kumar Manjhi
      Rahul Kumar Manjhi Month ago +1


    • Salima Khatun
      Salima Khatun Month ago


    • Sandor
      Sandor Month ago +2

      so did all the other videos of "gameplay" for seasons. Yet they are LITERALLY identical. New place to 3x plays to get an item. GO to the HELM and repeat basically the same HELM quests just with new NPC's and items... Vanguard system is the same, its whatever. Unless yuo spend hours and hours, min/maxin, its just the exact same thing over, and over again. Hopefully the new one coming out in Feb wont be like this season system

  • Rainstater
    Rainstater Month ago +91

    Took some time off last season but this new season looks fun. Glad to see Seraph weapons come back to the main stage.

    • snipertoaster
      snipertoaster 19 days ago

      well that aged horrendously

    • Foogley
      Foogley Month ago +3

      How does it look any different than the other "seasons"? Just shoot same mobs since release.

  • TwintailedDragsune
    TwintailedDragsune Month ago +33

    The music in this is amazing, no matter the season the ost always seems to be wonderful.

  • 606 Films
    606 Films Month ago +5

    The music, the visuals, the armor, the weapons, THE STORYLINE ALL LOOKING INCREDIBLE

  • Tüpo
    Tüpo Month ago +4903

    I really wasn’t expecting Osiris to wake up and actually say “It’s [REDACTED] time” sick trailer tho

  • Мистер Огонёчек

    Looks like a genuinely good season, worth the wait

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    i love when savanthun said “the witness is coming” … really big fan of that

  • Firat Akyl
    Firat Akyl Month ago +6

    I actually like the vibe. It doesn't look as epic as other final (or even middle) seasons but I hope it's fun

  • Joshua`
    Joshua` Month ago +7

    This looks better than the last season I nearly played season 18 so hopefully I can come back to the game with this one

  • Mouse Music
    Mouse Music Month ago +1

    This is so great. Perfect mix of all out party but also kind of chill. Perfect background music for almost anything!

  • alyssa smith
    alyssa smith Month ago +91

    The season Better have amazing weapons and activities. If not we better be captivated by the story! Excited over EXO Rasputin too!

    • NumbZkull
      NumbZkull Month ago

      So far the story's been interesting, at least imo. This week came with a good twist.

    • Judge Artyom
      Judge Artyom Month ago +1

      Spam bot, report and move on.

    • SCP-001
      SCP-001 Month ago +2

      I mean it’s Warmind weapons idk about you but I’ve wanted them back for a while

  • Christian d
    Christian d Month ago +7

    This actually looks sick. So hyped to play it

  • Jessie Lewis
    Jessie Lewis Month ago +1

    The Rasputin story was always the most interesting to me but everything just develops too slow. I started playing this game ages ago and the traveler is still sitting in the same spot doing nothing, Rasputin nothing. I get that the guardians are supposed to be the main focus but everything just seems to lead back to nothing and more grinding. I miss Rise of Iron, I miss enjoying this game.

    PRTY BEEST Month ago +1034

    Glad to see [REDACTED] make a return this season. Was really sad when they got [REDACTED], and felt they could have done more according to the [REDACTED] lore.

    • Logan H,
      Logan H, Month ago +4

      That is pretty well the lore

  • Ordinary Space Mantis
    Ordinary Space Mantis Month ago +121

    The armor is actually so good compared to some of the other seasons, the weapons also look sick. And the setting and characters? I'm loving it so far.

    • Ordinary Space Mantis
      Ordinary Space Mantis Month ago

      @BLUEPANTS Ah see, that's the difference for me. I didn't. Season of the Plunder was the first season I actually wasn't that excited about.

    • Chels The Game Ruiner
      Chels The Game Ruiner Month ago +1

      @BLUEPANTS I dunno if it's just me, but so far I can't even progress through the opening mission. Also, the AI (for me at least) is fucked beyond belief, won't even shoot back. If that's not a bad omen already, I dunno what is.
      Also, to add onto this, the armor and season pass universal ornaments are mid as fuck. But hey, good ol' Eververse has some good stuff, that's all that matters!

      BLUEPANTS Month ago

      I thought the same when I saw the season of the plunder trailer . I regretted that lol . I hope the seasonal activity isn't too bad this season

    • Josh
      Josh Month ago +1

      It's old war mind armour again

    • DT-1294
      DT-1294 Month ago +12

      A pulse rifle that can switch into a sniper rifle with a flip over scope??? As a pulse rifle user since beta this is a dream come true!

  • Agent Metal
    Agent Metal Month ago

    Looks amazing can't wait as well as the 3 round burst into a sniper looked like it will be fun to use

  • Cupcake
    Cupcake Month ago +2

    You gotta give it to Bungie. They know how to make trailers.

  • Alex Hall
    Alex Hall Month ago

    Looks like I'm getting back into Destiny! Warmind was my favorite DLC and I haven't played since then.

  • El1te Noodles
    El1te Noodles Month ago +423

    Rasputin in a Clovis type of Exo looked really cool. We already had a season of restoring Rasputins power with the Warsats and that wasn’t the most fun season , so I’m hoping this season has more to it because the trailer looks hype !

    • WMV Gaming
      WMV Gaming Month ago

      @El1te Noodles sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ino

    • El1te Noodles
      El1te Noodles Month ago

      @WMV Gaming you are an alright person lol

    • WMV Gaming
      WMV Gaming Month ago +1

      @El1te Noodles ha jokes on you i didnt use a dictionary! Haha nerd!

    • El1te Noodles
      El1te Noodles Month ago

      @WMV Gaming Your use of the English dictionary and language is horrible, have a good day 😊

    • WMV Gaming
      WMV Gaming Month ago

      Wish u kids wud stop misusing the word hype...things cant look hype, u can be hyped! About a thing, fuckin morons

  • Titan Gainz
    Titan Gainz Month ago +1

    The season Better have amazing weapons and activities. If not we better be captivated by the story! Excited over EXO Rasputin too!

  • Kazutrash
    Kazutrash Month ago

    Looks pretty dope! Can’t wait to play it.

  • Shadow man 54
    Shadow man 54 Month ago

    I love this seasons armor sure the season pass armor is kinda lame but the seasonal armor hits sooooo goood and the new exotic be fun as hell to good around with

  • Allen Tayoto
    Allen Tayoto Month ago

    I get the feeling that we'll see Rasputin and Clovis fight in a digital world, hacking each other kinda like with Jarvis and Ultron. Then, Rasputin would be pushed to a corner until Banshee shows up and take over all of Clovis' network. That'll be pretty cool. For Rasputin and a Clovis that actually cares to work together.

  • NitrousGranola
    NitrousGranola Month ago +954

    Clovis and Elsie getting involved? Just what I hoped for!

    • WillWhiskey
      WillWhiskey Month ago

      nice bot reply, bot

    • Garrett Viewegh
      Garrett Viewegh Month ago +1

      Looks like the whole Bray family is getting involved. I thought Clovis would be reluctant to help, but I guess he didn’t like discovering he’d been used as a pawn by the Witness. Or he probably only cares about saving his own skin. Either way, it looks like a fun season full of revelations, new weapons, and more Bray familial drama! I can just imagine Osiris going up to Zavala with a smug: “say I was right, say it”, with a recorder. Because, technically, Osiris has been proved right. About questioning the Traveler’s motives, Guardians wielding Light and Dark in unison, what the Darkness really is. He never guessed right, but his once radical views still prove he’d been on to something. Funny how he was one of the first catalysts to spark the grey outlook we now have on good, evil, and the nature of Light and Dark regarding Guardians. I can easily see Osiris working with the Dark Vanguard this season and maybe during, and after, Lightfall.

    • ScorchingFlames
      ScorchingFlames Month ago

      @Obliterate it's the Clovis AI giant Exo head.

    • Obliterate
      Obliterate Month ago +2

      Clovis is in the tower selling guns.

    • ASURA
      ASURA Month ago

      [REDACTED] is gonna do work next season

  • Feri
    Feri Month ago

    This looks awesome, genuinely, bungie trailers bring hype that I never even knew I had, excited!

  • Drake Holt
    Drake Holt Month ago

    Yes!!! I'm so ready for this! Awesome tune as always 👌

  • Kal Kestis
    Kal Kestis Month ago

    Rasputin has always fascinated me, can’t wait to find out more

  • YT_PrimaryBarrel
    YT_PrimaryBarrel Month ago +1

    The Warmind DLC from back then was my favorite. Glad they brought it back again.

  • demonicsnake3
    demonicsnake3 Month ago +2

    A pulse rifle that has not only a alternative optic but becomes a sniper? HOLY MOLY

  • ZRTL
    ZRTL Month ago

    "The Bray family shaped me to be an all-seeing savior...while your Vanguard sought to wield me as a primitive weapon. But today, that ends, and I define the reality of my own existence. My sight will stretch to the edge of this system and beyond. Never again will a threat go unseen. From this day forward, I will defend humanity on my own terms. I am Rasputin. Guardian of all I survey. I have no equal."

  • NamelessEmperor
    NamelessEmperor Month ago

    A lot of people thought there would be some tie in with warmind, I don't think anyone thought the entire season would be based around it

  • Michael Rivera
    Michael Rivera Month ago +2

    Oh I miss season of the worthy and the Seraph bunkers and those quarantine vibes 🥲❤️

  • OsirisMafia
    OsirisMafia Month ago +1024

    Honestly almost made me cry when our guardian said it’s guarding time and guarded everyone.

    • 606 Films
      606 Films Month ago

      Best scene when Zavala went “Don’t give up hope, this is our Destiny!” Literal chills

    • OsirisMafia
      OsirisMafia Month ago

      @plebius jonbson Are your feet cold? Eyes red?

    • OsirisMafia
      OsirisMafia Month ago

      @Chicken Rump this is it.

    • Some Person
      Some Person Month ago +1

      Small baby

    • Jeff
      Jeff Month ago +2

      That made you cry?

  • HintedImage
    HintedImage Month ago +3

    The BrayTech/Seraph aesthetic has always looked clean from all aspects (shaders to be determined) so this might be a season I actively enjoy.

  • SMToon Türkçe
    SMToon Türkçe Month ago +1

    *Clovis and Elsie getting involved? Just what I hoped for!*

  • Declan Sonzogni
    Declan Sonzogni Month ago

    I would’ve been so hyped for this season if we heard any information about it at least a week ago, but sadly I’ve just been apathetic towards Destiny since the Guardian Games

  • X-ler
    X-ler Month ago +2

    This season looks so cooool!! I hope it's the best season ever also I haven't played destiny 2 since witch queen :/

    • NoNoSquare
      NoNoSquare Month ago

      @Zero Todonaitch stfu they release one cutscene with a sec of them kissing and ya’ll cry and call it “gay propaganda”

    • Zero Todona
      Zero Todona Month ago

      You haven’t missed anything but bungie’s gay propaganda.

  • brindogger494
    brindogger494 Month ago +355

    If the dungeon takes place in the same areas as deep stone imma cry. I just wanna explore more areas of the place

    • Micah Pittman-kidd
      Micah Pittman-kidd 3 days ago

      Seraphs shield is practically a dsc dungeon

    • hurtfulchalice0
      hurtfulchalice0 22 days ago

      @Jayden Cross you were right lol

    • chillidari -
      chillidari - Month ago

      @be a light you think crucible players aren't pissed? This season is the worst pvp has been since curse of osiris

    • be a light
      be a light Month ago

      @kjf 365 a game is in a pretty sad state when unsatisfied players are the majority. seems the only people defending it are bungie employees, disabled people, and crucible players.

    • kjf 365
      kjf 365 Month ago

      @be a light No, and I wouldn't want to. I'd put my heart and soul into making something cool for the game and some unsatisfied players would threaten my family. No thanks.

  • archonoid
    archonoid Month ago

    Yes! At last decent looking weapons! Super hyped!!!

  • Jeffrey Aguilar
    Jeffrey Aguilar Month ago +1

    I hope he gets an actual body and becomes his own character.

  • Quiet Person
    Quiet Person Month ago

    I love the part where we crash the space station and then it teleports back into space for the new season

  • Facts By Wolf
    Facts By Wolf Month ago +1

    Looks like a genuinely good season, worth the wait

    • Sohsuh
      Sohsuh Month ago +1

      @Giles. no. Just all the seraph vaults being reused and other areas and weapons and everything

    • Giles.
      Giles. Month ago

      @Sohsuh yes because it being a rasputin based season automatically makes it a bootleg season of the worthy.

    • Sohsuh
      Sohsuh Month ago +3

      How so? It's all recycling and most of it is recycling season of the worthy which is the worst season of all time.

  • Ivaylo Preslavski
    Ivaylo Preslavski Month ago +47

    The exotic looks hella fun, can’t wait to get my hands on it later. Seasonal activity looks not bad as well, and there are huge story possibilities. Definitely excited

    • Jeff C.
      Jeff C. Month ago +1

      Excited about the 42 step quest giving no loot at the end too?

    • Gerard Eibel
      Gerard Eibel Month ago +7

      You know, everybody says that every season

  • Garrett Viewegh
    Garrett Viewegh Month ago

    Looks like the whole Bray family is getting involved. I thought Clovis would be reluctant to help, but I guess he didn’t like discovering he’d been used as a pawn by the Witness. Or he probably only cares about saving his own skin. Either way, it looks like a fun season full of revelations, new weapons, and more Bray familial drama! I can just imagine Osiris going up to Zavala with a smug: “say I was right, say it”, with a recorder. Because, technically, Osiris has been proved right. About questioning the Traveler’s motives, Guardians wielding Light and Dark in unison, what the Darkness really is. He never guessed right, but his once radical views still prove he’d been on to something. Funny how he was one of the first catalysts to spark the grey outlook we now have on good, evil, and the nature of Light and Dark regarding Guardians. I can easily see Osiris working with the Dark Vanguard this season and maybe during, and after, Lightfall.

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  • Jay
    Jay Month ago +1

    I have the feeling I’ll be disappointed yet somewhat satisfied with this season like I am with literally everything else about this game… 😅

  • Leski i
    Leski i Month ago +2

    Ok so probably we need to spend the next couple of months throwing balls into something in a six man activity, which will unlock a mission area that we need to run through each week for a couple of lines of story in order to bring Rasputin back to life.

  • Tre Guatlo
    Tre Guatlo Month ago +755

    Imagine they pulled a fast one on us and revealed Curse of Osiris and Warmind are returning with 0 changes to them.

    • Brian Cohen
      Brian Cohen Month ago

      @Beast Mode Not EP, that was fun. I meant the towers one, where you had to defend the platforms and dunk orbs (there were events in the EDZ and on the Moon).

    • Ben Klein
      Ben Klein Month ago

      I’d go right back to not playing them.
      Garbage ass dlcs

    • Joshua Dameron
      Joshua Dameron Month ago

      @Kyle Smith They are on record saying they will not charge for any rehashed content. Case in point even if you didn't own season of the haunted you were able to enter the Leviathan patrol space

    • Shawn The Cyborg
      Shawn The Cyborg Month ago

      That would be peak bungie . Taking something away and reselling it with barely any changes and the way low enemy density

    • NitrousGranola
      NitrousGranola Month ago

      Not sure in any way how this makes sense

  • Kuma likes knives
    Kuma likes knives Month ago

    Iron banner was my favorite in d1, and I know this season will be great.

  • Shawn the Prawn
    Shawn the Prawn Month ago

    So we'll be heading back into Morningstar station, now with Scorn as well as House of Salvation. Looks like with Eramis on the Witness' side, the Scorn and House of Salvation are now allies. And with the Xivue Arath's Hive too? All that's missing is the Cabal Shadow Legion (And they won't be until Lightfall), but it looks like we're up against all the Witness' current forces on this one.

  • Saladmancer
    Saladmancer Month ago

    Love how the destiny community will be in rage over the past seasons yet this season drops and suddenly everything is OK now

  • Cr1ptostorm
    Cr1ptostorm Month ago

    hell yeah new exotic smg!!! I am definitely gonna like this season since its an activity I would farm for loot.

  • Beast03
    Beast03 Month ago +1

    Oooh! this looks good
    though hopefully the quests for the narrative each week aren't as much as a slog. really kills the flow if it's like do this exact same thing, and this exact same flow of content will happen, you will get l o r e and then two weeks later the season is finished and whoopdedoo a new thing to do for like 2 weeks. I like the content, just the way it's delivered is getting a bit stale by this point.

  • Cardecito
    Cardecito Month ago

    Dude for someone who really wants to get something done, the witness is taking his sweet ass time. Man I really hope this season is at least decent.

  • Kemren's livin on a prayer

    Actually looking forward to play this one good job Bungo

  • xXLil-_-StinkXx
    xXLil-_-StinkXx Month ago

    OMG, this looks amazing!!!

  • JDesroch 98
    JDesroch 98 Month ago

    Looking like I will play this season after missing the last 2

  • Kevin Geremia
    Kevin Geremia Month ago

    One thing we know. If the darkness keeps staring at Rasputin's monitors in the dark, they won't see the guardians coming.

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo Month ago

    Clovis and Elsie getting involved? Just what I hoped for!

  • perky
    perky Month ago

    i adore that bungie uses old content that never was as old stories, it's really incredible the almost-lost media we get treated with
    for context, d1 was originally going to have rasputin as the main villain in an exo body that soon turns into a massive amalgamation of roboty shizz

  • John II
    John II Month ago

    Finally a season based on Rasputin. Also, was that the Plaguelands I saw?
    I mean it's lame that this season makes the third time we have to power him up/reboot him in Destiny 2 (fourth if you played D1 vanilla campaign), but at least he is relevant to the plot again.

  • BIG EDM Music
    BIG EDM Music Month ago

    Love this not joking it is amazing good job at this

  • Heroiixz
    Heroiixz Month ago

    The timeless moment when rasputin in clovis bray exo said "its time" at the perfect timing

  • Jose Plaza
    Jose Plaza Month ago

    What if we give Clovis a moving body by accident, seems to be the trend that we can't catch or defeat the villains, feels like they're reserving them as enemies for the next chapter

  • Jakepopper01
    Jakepopper01 Month ago +6085

    I almost cried when [REDACTED] said “oh yeah, it’s [REDACTED]” and our guardian [REDACTED] all over the [REDACTED]

    • Addicting TikToks n Shorts
      Addicting TikToks n Shorts Month ago

      I promise you‘ll get hooked to my channel😎

    • Honed Hero
      Honed Hero Month ago

      @Cameron h he's funny cause they legit did this... the hour of its release.

    • KB
      KB Month ago

      Call upon Jesus Christ. Only He can save us and He loves us.

    • Jakepopper01
      Jakepopper01 Month ago

      @GerachtZombie correct

    • JDiabl0
      JDiabl0 Month ago

      Y’all need to dead this joke shit not funny at all

  • Fadedagent64
    Fadedagent64 Month ago +1

    Alright jokes aside about [REDACTED], bungie is always makin bangin trailers and it gets me hyped for the new season/expansion. Its been a long week for me so lets hope this season lives up to the trailer.

  • FuSiioN_CrYPtiCZ
    FuSiioN_CrYPtiCZ Month ago

    Yes yes yes i love Anything involed with ikeoles and warmind ( hoping for a outbreak perfected type weapon )

  • wildinthesky
    wildinthesky Month ago +1

    i loved hearing Garrus tell Shepard the Warsat network needed to be secured

  • Furion Max
    Furion Max Month ago

    So Rasputin will finally be coming back online after all these years.
    I was holding off on the season due to my own reasons mostly money. But maaaaaaybeeee I can scrounge up a little bit of cash for this one. Depending on how things go

  • zeuslegen
    zeuslegen Month ago +567

    I wish I could see the season trailer before the season is launched. I would like to know what I'm getting into before I dive into it.

    • Noble VI
      Noble VI Month ago

      @Rondale Gray 🐐

    • Shawn Kenneth
      Shawn Kenneth Month ago

      ​@ArtNoctowl Exact same for me between Violet/Scarlett and God of War I alsmot forgot Destiny 2 existed and I run a clan 🤣😂

    • Martini
      Martini Month ago

      @Milos Radmilac Big agree.

    • NumbZkull
      NumbZkull Month ago

      You got 3 hours left from the writing of this reply, so wish granted lol

    • Ryan Molloy
      Ryan Molloy Month ago

      Bro, it give you 2 hours before the launch. You’ll be fine 😂

  • Vince Bruh
    Vince Bruh Month ago +1

    Imagine if the valkyrie from warmind became a exotic glaive missed opportunity

  • Fine Ol' Chap
    Fine Ol' Chap Month ago

    The last time we had a warmind focused season it didn't turn out... good to say the very least. I hope they know what they're doing in this one

  • Jacob Cervantes
    Jacob Cervantes Month ago

    These weapons actually look sick af. Oh yeah, it's [REDACTED] time!

  • ReVan Prime
    ReVan Prime Month ago

    Loved it when the guardian [REDACTED] all over the place.

  • UltimateFinn22
    UltimateFinn22 Month ago +6

    Now this is a season right here hope I don’t leave half way through the season

    • Zwerb Servo
      Zwerb Servo Month ago +1

      Probably will but it always nice to take a break here and there throughout the season.

  • LifeWulf
    LifeWulf Month ago +1

    There was no reason to hold this trailer till right before launch. Everyone knew it would be Rasputin themed!

  • Rogue-07
    Rogue-07 Month ago +1

    i cried when rasputin said "ra ra rasputin" and warsated all over the traveller

  • SMToon Larva Gold
    SMToon Larva Gold  Month ago

    I almost cried when [REDACTED] said “oh yeah, it’s [REDACTED]” and our guardian [REDACTED] all over the [REDACTED]

    • Bree Yiol
      Bree Yiol Month ago

      Jesus loves you he died on the cross for your sins. Believe in him and you will be saved and go to heaven

  • SpUdistis
    SpUdistis Month ago +393

    I love when the trailer for the season comes out at the same time the season starts

    • John Price
      John Price Month ago

      @Stephen Grimm ask Scott Cawthon. Man literally released the FNAF 3 trailer 5 minutes before it launched.

    • Nick Zanini
      Nick Zanini Month ago +4

      They do that because they know their content is trash 90% of the time. Last good season was season of arrivals

    • Short Stories
      Short Stories Month ago +1

      I mean I’m at work lol

    • ahre
      ahre Month ago +1

      @ArgentumAMVs marketing suicide

    • Gato Preto
      Gato Preto Month ago

      I hate it

  • Da dank engine
    Da dank engine Month ago +3

    How many times are we gonna repair Rasputin ffs

  • Kitties
    Kitties Month ago +3

    This is a well-shot Eververse showcase, wow.

  • CyanideSprinkles
    CyanideSprinkles Month ago +1

    this is truly the trailer of all time

  • Josh Kowalski
    Josh Kowalski Month ago

    This season actually looks really cool based on the trailer. Why the hell did bungie keep this under wraps so much? The game is in serious trouble. People are leaving left and right....pre orders are being returned....people aren't coming back. This is the kind of shit that bungo needs to pay attention to. Put trailers like this out way ahead of time to get people to want to play this game again. I took a good month off during the last season and only came back to grind out the grenade launcher. I can't say that I really missed the game much during that time off.

  • Terrible Warden
    Terrible Warden Month ago +3

    Ana: Babe, it's 3 a.m., time to restore the Warmind again
    The Guardian: Yes honey...

  • Kvng Atlas
    Kvng Atlas Month ago +1

    Did you see those new [REDACTED] exotics. And those new [REDACTED] weapons and armor! truly this will be the most [REDACTED] season of them all

  • CJ Welch
    CJ Welch Month ago

    Hoping for wrath to return…eventually

  • TheLegend27
    TheLegend27 Month ago +2

    Bungie must have increased void titan shield throw by 200% for it to hit 2 targets and not one and fly of to space

  • The Lamb
    The Lamb Month ago +18

    Finally, another Rasputin season! Thank you! I hope we get new Warmind armor!

  • ItsExoticChaos
    ItsExoticChaos Month ago +1

    This truly is a certified [REDACTED] moment

  • Larudantex1991
    Larudantex1991 Month ago +1

    This is one of the [REDACTED] seasons ever !

  • Vash Carrison
    Vash Carrison Month ago +1

    Everytime I'm out, y'all pull me back in. Feels that way for a lot of us. What are we, some kind of [REDACTED]?

  • LarryTheASSdestroyer

    This is a good trailer imagine the hype it would have generated if you posted it earlier

    • HintedImage
      HintedImage Month ago

      I mean, we more or less already knew what the season was gonna be, only thing we didn't know was it's payoff-
      Everyone believed that we would have heard of this 'secret of Neptune' after we restored Rasputin, but it seemed Osiris beat him too it.
      So I guess the 'oldest man' will tell us precisely where it is...

  • Jeffrey Ross
    Jeffrey Ross Month ago +5

    Just from the small bits we can see of the weapons this season, I'm HYPED

  • Loring Sol
    Loring Sol Month ago +1

    New season trailer the same day the season starts, now I know what not to expect: Nothing good.

  • Black Panther T’Challa Lem

    this looks like a much better story than season of the plunder

  • Vipermon
    Vipermon Month ago +2

    Oh boy! I sure do love taking 8 weeks of playing [Seasonal Activity 1], [Seasonal Activity 2], and [Mediocre in-game cutscene] to slowly unlock a 3x7 Seasonal Upgrade station!

    • SOVL
      SOVL Month ago

      Yep. Best thing to do is to wait until the seasonal story is over, unfortunately

  • Daniel Munroe
    Daniel Munroe Month ago

    Watch everybody who was crying including all the youtubers come crawling back. Bravo bungie looks insane as always.

  • Cheonbu Gang
    Cheonbu Gang Month ago

    Damn for something that supposed to be an extremely powerful ai we sure have to save it alot

  • Superdave OZY
    Superdave OZY Month ago

    Excited to get more sick looking robot armor.