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  • Morganesensort
    Morganesensort 5 minutes ago


  • Vincent Silva
    Vincent Silva 5 minutes ago

    American has their sports and the UK has their sports, what's the big deal?

  • Soccer is life
    Soccer is life 12 minutes ago

    Also the earliest records of soccer being played were actually in modern day China the joke still holds though.

  • Aadhi Senthivel
    Aadhi Senthivel 18 minutes ago

    England called it soccer for a bit, then they took it to America and then they changed it back to football, meanwhile Americans had already decided to call their version of rugby 'football'

  • EDG Gamer_TV
    EDG Gamer_TV 19 minutes ago +1

    they were who named it soccer before America so they were the first ones to call it soccer instead of football they stop saying it because they said it sounded to American even do the came up with the name

  • Hannah W
    Hannah W 22 minutes ago

    You are so underrated

  • Jayden King
    Jayden King 24 minutes ago

    I mean it was england that called it football not the uk but okay

  • kaorikai ツ !
    kaorikai ツ ! 24 minutes ago

    exactly tho💀

  • Alexander Svane
    Alexander Svane 31 minute ago

    Petition for next April fools we switch it around so American football is know soccer and football is football and then we never switch it back

  • Dylan Herron
    Dylan Herron 51 minute ago

    Aussies also call it soccer

  • Brooke Mallen
    Brooke Mallen 51 minute ago

    Do people really think people in the uk talk like that like no we dont bruh~

  • Joey B Smooth
    Joey B Smooth Hour ago

    Soccer was first used in the Uk

  • Jyrone
    Jyrone Hour ago

    The UK originally called football as soccer.
    The US just continued calling it soccer whereas the UK changed the name.

  • Assasinking
    Assasinking Hour ago

    Singapore:we use both because it's FACTS

  • Maryam Khan
    Maryam Khan Hour ago

    US- association football> assoc > soccer

  • Sommerville
    Sommerville 2 hours ago +1

    We all know America was going through their hipster phase where they took things that were already well establish sports, tweaked them slightly and renamed them as if they came up with them. Embarrassing.

  • • l a k e l l a •
    • l a k e l l a • 2 hours ago

    Damn America

  • Alexsander Saintjames
    Alexsander Saintjames 2 hours ago

    Damn, that made me lol.

  • [ASR]Luggatz
    [ASR]Luggatz 3 hours ago

    Hey We got a new sport in Europe where you are 7v7 and throw the balls with your hand
    Most country’s named it Handball so we just call ist Handball
    America: wait, we have Handball too
    Yo play 1v1 against a wall with a tennis Ball
    What do you want to call it then?

    Idk. We don’t care
    Ok, then call it European Handball
    Na mate, let’s call it Field Handball
    Uk: yeah, but there is also a type of handball where you play on fields outside which we call Field handball

    Ok, then we don’t care:

    *Handball gets an Olympic Dicipline*

  • Spongy 12
    Spongy 12 3 hours ago

    England made football first

  • Victoria Lunden
    Victoria Lunden 3 hours ago +1

    USA is the definition for “I’m not like the other girl”😌✋🏾

  • Cobalt
    Cobalt 3 hours ago

    This is why I want to leave America. Nothing makes sense

  • Joren HN
    Joren HN 4 hours ago

    Petition to make American Football called Rugby worldwide.

  • ka hei chan
    ka hei chan 4 hours ago

    The accents, how???

  • Uchiha_ Murilo
    Uchiha_ Murilo 4 hours ago

    fuck the US

  • the real kayla
    the real kayla 4 hours ago

    people l making TikToks about the uk- accent from just England

  • N0rdlys_
    N0rdlys_ 4 hours ago

    I feel that this guy has the condition where he could easily mimic foreign accents.

  • Jack Richard
    Jack Richard 4 hours ago

    I luv the accents but the British and the French one is the funniest so they are my favourite.

  • Josiah McCallister
    Josiah McCallister 4 hours ago

    This is false

  • Adrian Alavez
    Adrian Alavez 4 hours ago

    I had this rude lady as a guest once, I couldn't handle it so I soccer in the throat.

  • RPD Ghouls
    RPD Ghouls 4 hours ago

    i’m straight out of maine and i prefer to call it football instead of soccer same goes for my boots aka cleats

  • Basic Alien
    Basic Alien 4 hours ago

    In uk ita actually fütball which is a german name

  • Matthew Angelo Villanueva

    Honestly youtube should be banning the russian twins and that "oh my god guys" magic dude so that this guy would be shown on stories more often.

  • Midhun midhun
    Midhun midhun 5 hours ago

    It's football you American *Soccers* 😂.

  • Charlie Junior
    Charlie Junior 6 hours ago

    Australia calls it football as well instead of soccer

  • gold rush653123
    gold rush653123 6 hours ago


  • Wolo
    Wolo 6 hours ago

    This still triggers me

  • 7seven seven7
    7seven seven7 7 hours ago

    Shin guards?? You mean shin pads 😂

  • I'm Bored
    I'm Bored 7 hours ago

    The lack of a brain is really showing lol

  • •Lee Know •
    •Lee Know • 7 hours ago

    "You're such a sucker"
    "Hey that could be a sport"

    KALIA GAMES 7 hours ago +1

    Did u have any other shirt ??😂

  • Nompumelelo Zungu
    Nompumelelo Zungu 7 hours ago

    Nice soccer

  • Matej Jovanovic
    Matej Jovanovic 7 hours ago

    Ok that's good soccer

  • London Girl
    London Girl 8 hours ago

    Plz do hindi also

    CHAT MAŚALA Gamér 8 hours ago

    Hey u are totally wrong uk gave US football name soccer not Us itself
    The name comes from association football from the ssoc part

  • Dimitrius Mendez
    Dimitrius Mendez 8 hours ago

    I don't know why we named it football, I just watch and play the sport

  • শুভ
    শুভ 8 hours ago

    I have seen this before i guess 🤔Ryan George.. I guess 🤔... 😒

  • Cartrez Reliford
    Cartrez Reliford 8 hours ago

    Football used to be called soccer because tackle means socking someone and soccer was football

  • Isaac Symons
    Isaac Symons 8 hours ago +1

    Mean while rugby

  • Patrick Walters
    Patrick Walters 8 hours ago

    The word soccer comes from the UK my guy

  • Luqmanul Hakim
    Luqmanul Hakim 9 hours ago

    That is so American😂

  • J Ü
    J Ü 10 hours ago

    You need to work on your English accent a little bit, but it's pretty good

  • Strikerz16
    Strikerz16 10 hours ago

    but but I like soccer..

  • LB Good
    LB Good 10 hours ago

    Britain had football first and introduced it to the Americans

  • 4 Ur Entertainment
    4 Ur Entertainment 10 hours ago

    The name soccer comes from Britain. It's origin is not American.

  • Fernando Luis Ruelas
    Fernando Luis Ruelas 11 hours ago

    No, no. He’s got a point

  • Daniel Perez
    Daniel Perez 11 hours ago

    Yeah. All sports played on foot, rather than horseback, were called football.
    Soccer was the British name for the sport today know as soccer in the US.
    The UK later renamed their sports with the creation of their athletic associations and official rules.
    American football's name never changed from football.

  • ReaperTheKilla ThroughTheStarryNight

    Soccer sounds like Sock her like kick her and balls usually are given gender appropriate names leading to soccer

  • Pumaklo
    Pumaklo 12 hours ago

    I Know tjat because i live in Sweden

  • Annie Baker
    Annie Baker 12 hours ago +1

    UK - We call it Autumn, from the French word "autompne" and later, the Latin "autumnus"

  • Pumaklo
    Pumaklo 12 hours ago

    In Sweden soccer Calles football but soccer on Swedish ar fotboll

  • whathaveyoudonejaryn
    whathaveyoudonejaryn 12 hours ago

    Uh- wait Australia also calls it soccer it ain’t just America being special

    • Lily Price
      Lily Price 12 minutes ago

      The entire British commonwealth and the US does it I think, so basically when it comes to English, it is the British who are weird

  • Savannah Springer
    Savannah Springer 12 hours ago +1

    Uniqua: "Ahhh! The soccer monster!"
    Pablo: "Sooooocccccerrrrrrrrrrr"
    Tyrone: "Run!"

    • Emily Bui
      Emily Bui 3 hours ago

      Why do I know what you’re referencing

  • RA
    RA 12 hours ago

    Dude football ie . Soccer came first
    Usa was not a thing when it came

  • Phillip Doran
    Phillip Doran 12 hours ago

    The name soccer is of European origin and is derived from the word as(soc)iation

  • Jared Anderson
    Jared Anderson 12 hours ago

    Soccer was a UK term first, we just kept it... Like imperial measurements

  • Lee Lee
    Lee Lee 12 hours ago

    The new sport is soccer and football why does the guy who has the laptop doesn't know

  • Toad Remixes
    Toad Remixes 13 hours ago

    Not to ruin the joke but it actually originated from asSOCiation football, which is the full name.

  • Jordan Davies
    Jordan Davies 13 hours ago

    Soccer was the short form for Association Football

  • Bres
    Bres 13 hours ago

    soccer? i barely even know er!