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Matteo Lane - Cheating Husband

  • Published on Jan 19, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • J'sDesireForAKittycatPersists

    Dude was married but knew the joke had to be made.

    • Maddie McNugget
      Maddie McNugget 5 days ago +1

      Tbh I’m the same way

    • BlueHundred
      BlueHundred 22 days ago +1

      You can tell he's a dad

    • Thegrey Area
      Thegrey Area 23 days ago +1

      Great comedic reaction by the dude... it's was fast but his response was quicker!!! 😆

      YME APOLLOS 25 days ago +2

      took one for the team. once in a lifetime opportunity. did it for the boys. ✅✅✅✅💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago +7245

    Just some advice: if you're in the middle of a divorce, DON'T cheat on your partner even if they cheated on you first, it's just going to make you look bad and can negatively impact you. Just wait until it's finalized, be smart.

    • Yiling Patriarch
      Yiling Patriarch Day ago

      well, they separated two years ago, would it still be considered cheating if they’re not really dating anymore and are only still married on the papers?

    • Esther Bjerga
      Esther Bjerga 3 days ago

      I totally agree but if you’re going to, at least don’t get caught, so many people cheat with someone their separated spouse knows like of course they’re going to find out and now it gets brought up in the divorce and you’re at fault too

    • Eian Klock
      Eian Klock 3 days ago

      As someone who watched my aunt's beautiful family fall apart due to cheating and retaliation with more cheating. I second this so hard. Both of their reputations aren't so hot anymore. Everyone loves them, but everyone knows. (Also, make sure not to cheat on with an in-law or step-something. That'll really throw you for a ringer.)

    • Dynasty Pierce
      Dynasty Pierce 3 days ago

      It's only bad if she gets caught.

    • Aeryn
      Aeryn 5 days ago

      If you're legally separated, you're free to do what you want even if the divorce isn't finalized. They're two separate things. The actual divorce part is more about splitting assets. Saying you can't move on just because the divorce isn't finalized is a manipulation tactic and needs to be stopped.

  • Ebechiefin
    Ebechiefin Month ago +3232

    “So you had problems the whole time, and you had a kid? Good Job.” Was absolute Gold

    • CricketXing
      CricketXing 17 days ago +4

      Absolute facts, I know someone on kid number 5

    • Summer T.A
      Summer T.A 18 days ago +16

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that it didn’t fly over my head 😂

  • Kelly Cantú
    Kelly Cantú Month ago +51342

    The way Mateo immediately grinned after she dropped the divorce paper question is so fucking funny he KNEW he was gonna get a BOMB yt short out of it

    • Nine Mo Problems
      Nine Mo Problems Month ago +1


    • Landon Grove
      Landon Grove Month ago

      He knew he'd finally have something actually good to put up lmao

    • Nishtha Gupta
      Nishtha Gupta Month ago

      ​@Riley Kelleyyes gossip 🤣

    • Nishtha Gupta
      Nishtha Gupta Month ago

      Lol yes 🤣❤️

    • Sahiba Thind
      Sahiba Thind Month ago +3

      It's the gasp for me 😅❤️

  • Leche 【Kaigainiki】
    Leche 【Kaigainiki】 Month ago +1389

    Married bro's immediately follow up with "How you doing?" is so freaking smooth, but every married guy is most likely smooth enough to get a girl so I am not too surprised

    • Dan T
      Dan T 22 days ago +1

      The less you care the more balls you got to say things like that.

    • drivven15
      drivven15 23 days ago +2

      😂😂 Exactly! He made the sacrifice for the sake of the joke. He understood the assignment. 😂😂 I have no doubt his wife was proud.

    • vynsunn
      vynsunn 23 days ago +5

      ​@Noah Mitchell Yeah, no. If the sexes were reversed y'all would be calling them names, but suddenly if it's a dude--and a married one at that--it becomes just some "game'.

    • The Hunt
      The Hunt 25 days ago +6

      I'm about as smooth as 100 grit sandpaper

    • Noah Mitchell
      Noah Mitchell 25 days ago +18

      Definition of “You can take the player out of the game, but can’t take the game out of the player”

  • Franks
    Franks Month ago +369

    When you decide to make the comedian your therapist in a middle of a set

    • NekoChan
      NekoChan 18 hours ago

      all she did was provide him comedy material. cheating husband can be joked about. if she said something horrible like kid has cancer then he can't work with that.

    • ♡Mently_unstable♡
      ♡Mently_unstable♡ Day ago +1

      Its the advice special thats the whole point of it!😂

    • Anomaly
      Anomaly 19 days ago +5

      Well, actual therapists are expensive. Tbh, this comedian is much better than an average therapist...

  • Leia Crochets
    Leia Crochets Month ago +45229

    “How you doing?”
    -Married Straight Man

    • Vibek Roy
      Vibek Roy 24 days ago

      Joey alive 😂😂😂😂😂😆

    • Smee
      Smee 28 days ago

      I think he meant it jokingly. I'm straight and I do that with my friends.

    • Sam Mitchell
      Sam Mitchell Month ago +1

      Good to see Matt LeBlanc going to comedy clubs now and then

    • Brandy WaWa
      Brandy WaWa Month ago

      ​@Travioli Ravioli 🤣🤣🤣

    • Casual Tea
      Casual Tea Month ago

      A warrior of comedy fighting the good fight, his wife thought it was funny.

  • Amy lynne
    Amy lynne Month ago +201

    I would be so proud of my husband if he was the how you doing guy LOL

  • Yesu
    Yesu Month ago +86

    It's the *"HOW YOU DOIN"* for me from straight guy 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I wasn't ready for that. Chiillleee, the mess.

  • SwordTune
    SwordTune Month ago +7529

    He gasped like he lives for this.

    • dash
      dash Month ago

      I mean she’s cheating on her husband and talking about “ when should I give him the news😅😊😊” likes it’s funny and the whole room clapping and cheering , pray we don’t have another war because men ain’t fighting for you

    • Elysion
      Elysion Month ago +1

      ​@Qix I have a gay best friend and can confirm this 100%. My guy's always the first one to suss out the tea.

    • BlackGirlLovesAnime6
      BlackGirlLovesAnime6 Month ago

      Because he does😂

    • SwordTune
      SwordTune Month ago +1

      @Qix Too late I have multiple gay friends. Probably half my friends are some flavour of gay.

    • Tink the art Fairy
      Tink the art Fairy Month ago +20

      @Qix Coming from the perspective of the gay friend, I would say yes we do 100% live for this. That is like our sole purpose

  • wolfie
    wolfie Month ago +28

    maybe it’s the indecisive in me who adores this woman’s straight answers; yes. yes. no. one. straight to the point i love her

  • Markus
    Markus 28 days ago +46

    It's always that one person who stops you to tell them about your life story that you don't care about but you have to listen anyway.

  • Lottierule♡
    Lottierule♡ Month ago +32912

    The audiences gasp was hilarious 😂

    • radi cola
      radi cola Month ago +1


    • nikk
      nikk Month ago +1

      ​@Nimsshowtf bro🗿

    • brie
      brie Month ago +5


    • Nimsshow
      Nimsshow Month ago +108

      The gay gasp

  • Pamela H
    Pamela H Month ago +38

    I love it when a comedian gets comfortable to interrogate the audience

  • Bella
    Bella Month ago +5

    That dude in the crowd just pulled a joey immediately and i love it

  • I'm TMZ
    I'm TMZ Month ago +6537

    as a single kid of divorced parts I really felt that, "one kid? fine." my friend's parents had 3 and you could tell they were sticking together cause the youngest was still young

    • Slightly_Insane_Bean
      Slightly_Insane_Bean 19 days ago

      @Anomaly I've never met anyone who's gone straight to divorce. Ever. Everyone always tries to stay in the marriage and make it work. They try compromising, begging, therapy, even sometimes just ignoring the problems. No ones first instinct when they have an argument Is to get a divorce. No ones first instinct for any problem in their marriage is to get a divorce.

    • Anomaly
      Anomaly 19 days ago

      ​@Slightly_Insane_Bean It depends. If the reason is something like abuse or cheating, divorcing would be better. If the reason is things just aren't working out or financial problems it's better to try and solve it than go straight to divorce.

    • Wall Family Farm.
      Wall Family Farm. 24 days ago +1

      ​@Xiomi nanda so kids grow up learning that staying in a fucked relationship is normal? No.

    • Clarify
      Clarify 29 days ago

      When things get rough we siblings stick to each other.

  • daisyhinojosa23
    daisyhinojosa23 22 days ago +4

    The “how you doing” was so perfect 😂

  • Krystal NeVair
    Krystal NeVair Month ago +10

    Matteo is great at audience interaction and I'm here for it

  • KitKat
    KitKat Month ago +13091

    “you’ve been having problems the whole time so you had a kid? good job” 😭😭😭💀

    • it's not that deep
      it's not that deep Month ago +1

      ​@Mysta you realize that most abortions are for victims of rape. All of those 'irresponsible women' are actually women in abusive relationships whose partners will refuse to use protection, limit their access to birth control, or tamper with the protection and use the pregnancy as a way to force dependency. And a lot of states won't allow abortions for those women. Studies also show that children born of rape are at higher risk of having PTSD, depression, and anxiety. They're also more likely to be neglected or abused in their homes, and experience severe bullying in school. There aren't any efficient and effective programs designed to help these traumatized women get through their tough pregnancies, which why many would want to abort. Instead we just have protected and privileged people like you who get all your facts from Fox News. FYI, everything I stated literally came from the CDC.

    • MoBGoblin 116
      MoBGoblin 116 Month ago

      @Femto apparently not

    • Femto
      Femto Month ago

      @MoBGoblin 116 I think you’re the one that needs to do some research.

  • Abby's Tarot
    Abby's Tarot Month ago +5

    The random “how ya doin” is sending me 🤣💀

  • M
    M Month ago +3

    I loved this! He is like a friend and the entire room soon became her friend too.

  • Momo Chan
    Momo Chan Month ago +7140

    Joey tribianni entered the chat.

  • Pri-The-Writer
    Pri-The-Writer Month ago +8

    The “How you doin’” made me straight up cackle

  • Ari
    Ari Month ago +10

    That gentleman with a southern accent had the best entrance to this conversation. I would literally ask him out for a coffee. Only if he's single

  • Lauren W.
    Lauren W. Month ago +7733

    Matteo is LIVING for this drama 😂😂

    • Poutine McFlurry
      Poutine McFlurry Month ago

      We all are

    • TyL3r iS g1itching!
      TyL3r iS g1itching! Month ago +3


    • Pamela H
      Pamela H Month ago +2

      @JASON VARGAS disrespectful lol

    • Awae Elnaw
      Awae Elnaw Month ago +1

      @E. G.I’ve seen this Jason dude on Stan twitter clips before he used to comment the weirdest sexual jokes about his dad 😂

      JASON VARGAS Month ago +8

      @E. G. both hands actually, because your dad was helping me take care of business 🥰

  • Stef
    Stef Month ago +8

    It’s true once you leave your unhappy life I swear the sun and outside feels lovely

    • T Hunter
      T Hunter 24 days ago

      Stop choosing unhappy lifestyles and you would never have that issue

  • Carter Gulyas
    Carter Gulyas Month ago +1

    “How you doin?” Buddy was practicing his material, keeping the rust off.

  • Brennan Rentz
    Brennan Rentz Month ago +9759

    There’s the gasp of every best friend when you hear that fresh steamy, hot tea
    Oh my God, I’m famous

    • Rodney Crittenden
      Rodney Crittenden Month ago +1

      ​@Brennan Rentz 💅💅

    • Brennan Rentz
      Brennan Rentz Month ago +4

      @Mehki girl slay

    • Mehki
      Mehki Month ago +18

      My bf cheated on me and after a little detective with I confronted him and his gf. 😳I got so much milage out of that story with my bffs spilling the 🍵 🤣

    • RJ KORE
      RJ KORE Month ago +25

      its an anticipation of the hot tea gasp...lol

  • Sando
    Sando Month ago +6

    When the audience member makes the best joke

  • Intrinsically Last
    Intrinsically Last Month ago +4

    I like how people just spill the tea to Matteo and he still expertly crafts them into his routine like that's what he was there for.

  • Iphigenia
    Iphigenia Month ago +1661

    I love how 99% of his audience interactions are people looking for relationship therapy 😆

  • Jesus Sandoval
    Jesus Sandoval Month ago

    I remember first hearing Matteo on Round table of gentleman and loved him as a comic ever since it's great to see his highlights come up on my feed

  • Cloud
    Cloud 24 days ago +1

    “How you doin”😂 what a great response lmfao

  • betp
    betp Month ago +824

    "how long should i wait" brenda, you already waited nine years tf are you talking about

    • Deanna
      Deanna 29 days ago

      And 2 living apart 🤣

    • my notifs are off so don't bother replying
      my notifs are off so don't bother replying Month ago

      not even that they've been separated for two years. like you obviously know you're not meant to be??

    • MrJoeylj
      MrJoeylj Month ago

      ​@Jasmine Davis I think he cheated once. I think it more to the story. Want receipt

    • Space Bar
      Space Bar Month ago


    • Faye Taylor
      Faye Taylor Month ago +18

      @Daniel D Having a kid to try to stop your partner from cheating and take your relationship more seriously is a lot more common than you think and it never works

  • M D
    M D Month ago

    Mateo, I love you. You are so fierce and funny 😂😂😂

  • Emily Newsome-Burt
    Emily Newsome-Burt Month ago

    He’s basically leading a group therapy session right there.

  • Adrian Gomez
    Adrian Gomez Month ago +820

    “you just cheated on your wife then, LOOK WHAT YOUVE DONE”

  • GolbezSuccessor
    GolbezSuccessor Month ago

    I love this man, he's so funny😂
    I need to see him live soon.

  • Yousef Imran
    Yousef Imran Month ago +1

    That's the funniest "How you doing" ever. Not even Joey Tribbiani beats it.

  • maria yallop
    maria yallop Month ago +741

    the sarcasm behind the "good job" 💀

  • 🍄 Tea Jay 🍄
    🍄 Tea Jay 🍄 15 days ago

    I was 22 and had a boyfriend while waiting for the divorce to go through. Dude was abusive and dragged his feet for two years. Shit was horrible.

  • Hunter Jackson
    Hunter Jackson 22 days ago

    Married dude is so dedicated to the comedic craft he risked it all just for the joke 😂

  • Evelyn Krull
    Evelyn Krull Month ago +411

    Two years separated? Dang I filed and served after 2 months.

      TH3MARK3DWARR10R 29 days ago +1

      @Evelyn Krull no i was not lmao

    • Evelyn Krull
      Evelyn Krull 29 days ago

      @TH3MARK3DWARR10Rare you aware im talking 2 month post separation, not 2 months into marriage right? And yes. He did really mess up. Not about anything small either.

  • mahima prasad
    mahima prasad Month ago

    Best advice ever with regard to a cheating spouse 💕

  • 🌌Blue Space Cowboy🌌

    "How you doin?" 😭killed me

  • Jess E.P
    Jess E.P Month ago +513

    The synchronised gasp 😂

  • Sam Rodriguez
    Sam Rodriguez Month ago +1

    Nah that “so y’all been having problems the whole time so y’all had a kid; good” took me out

  • littlespaceboy
    littlespaceboy Month ago

    imagining this convo but with my mom so its like “20 years, 1 step-kid (her bio kid) and 2 bio kids, and hes abusive” and cheering her on i love my mom

  • Soupington
    Soupington Month ago +562

    Wait wait, according to Malone Law P.C., “Adultery, if proven, can be a bar to receiving spousal support. If there is a claim for support involved, there can be a benefit to bringing in the evidence of adultery,” so maybe they should focus on the divorce case first

    • The Dog
      The Dog Month ago

      No fault divorce

    • Bob Bobert
      Bob Bobert Month ago +2

      Yeah that's what I'm saying. Following his advice could be bad for her legally.

    • Just another weirdo
      Just another weirdo Month ago +1

      Yeah exactly. She should leave the marriage clean to improve her side of the divorce case.

    • Erin Mackenzie
      Erin Mackenzie Month ago +1

      @Qix it does lmao if you bring an issue into court you need evidence to prove it

    • Qix
      Qix Month ago

      “If proven” like that actually needs proving

  • Spooky Camille
    Spooky Camille Month ago +1

    “Get on Grindr, girl!” 😂💀 loved that.

  • Zach Thompson
    Zach Thompson Month ago

    I fucking love this guy. 😂 definitely one of my new favorites

  • Natalie Borrini
    Natalie Borrini Month ago +326

    Love Matteo’s gasp 🫶🏼

      JASON VARGAS Month ago

      It was so cute and tiny and short 🥰

  • Insanity Virus
    Insanity Virus Month ago

    "How you doing?" Man couldn't pass up the perfect opportunity, even when married lmao

  • Grace
    Grace Month ago

    He has the best advice ever

  • sheep icecream
    sheep icecream Month ago +20

    "Do you have kids together?" "Yes" *literally everyone in the audience shares a synchronized gasp*

  • SpookyBur
    SpookyBur Month ago

    I love that his show is just an hour of tea.
    I want him to start a podcast of just conversations with anonymous drunk people.

  • Meridian
    Meridian Day ago

    if i didn't make the joke then my wife would have made the joke lol dude had good timing and made a story for everyone to tell

  • Watermelon sloth
    Watermelon sloth Month ago +50

    That first gasp killed me. Matteo does exactly what I'm thinking. Love him.

  • SpadesofHearts77
    SpadesofHearts77 26 days ago

    Love how chill this man is

  • Lucy Goosey
    Lucy Goosey Month ago

    This is honestly great advice and I can speak from personal experience lol
    Backstory: I highly suspected my fiancé was cheating so I moved in with a friend for a few weeks. He begged for me back daily, brought me flowers at work, stuff like that, and I eventually caved and move back in. One week later he tells me to my face that he’s going out of town for the weekend with a girl I’d never even heard of. First thing I did was throw a house party and return the favor. It didn’t necessarily make me feel like I had the upper hand, it just made the breakup feel more even and like I didn’t get a few jabs in. It wasn’t a total KO, I put up a good fight and it was messy enough to walk away knowing I was doing the right thing. One of the best decisions I ever made in a relationship honestly.

  • MrDiscoDavo
    MrDiscoDavo Month ago +64

    Please, please, PLEASE do another advice special.
    The world needs this.
    Ok, I NEED THIS.

  • Selina Thoma
    Selina Thoma 28 days ago

    Your gasps are Oscar worthy 😂

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver Month ago +1

    I felt that first gasp in my soul 😂

  • Memo
    Memo Month ago +79

    Even the people in the audience are hilarious 😂

  • Kate Hornby
    Kate Hornby Month ago +2

    Mateo please please do a whole show of answering questions like this. I love how your reactions are exactly like ours at home and you want to know the gossip just as much as us haha

    • Carl Andreasson
      Carl Andreasson Month ago

      Ye already did, check out his Clip-Share channel

  • Samuel Lipscomb
    Samuel Lipscomb 15 days ago

    Seriously though. Don't cheat even after being cheated on. Leave them with no excuse to try and blame you and get your head straight first. Give yourself a few months.

  • Holly Shaw - Ellie Mae & fosters

    this is like, dear abby ... dear matteo,,,, the advice sessions = next special

  • Adam T
    Adam T 29 days ago

    love how he said so you been having problems this whole time and you had a kid good job

  • Sheridan
    Sheridan Month ago +1

    Agree, I made sure to cheat before leaving my ex. I didn’t feel sad at all when I left him.

  • more snqp
    more snqp Month ago +15

    people saying "hi" is such a weird little positive thing
    as someone with pretty bad social anxiety, it makes me feel very welcomed

    • aloe
      aloe Month ago +1

      Me too!!!

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones Month ago

    You'll say hi to your kid. 🤣 I felt that one.

  • Ciara Simone
    Ciara Simone Month ago +1

    😳mans got ME blushing
    *keeps watching*
    “I’m married”

  • cxzact
    cxzact Month ago +4

    I live for that gay gasp at the start XD

  • Stay in the corner M.A.X

    That "How U doin?" was smoother than my hairy legs.

  • Bri, 2, 1!!!
    Bri, 2, 1!!! Month ago

    I love how she’s just spilling the tea and they are all here for it 🤣

  • Vivian P
    Vivian P Month ago +9

    Saying "hi 2 your kids"- breath taking.

  • VEY_
    VEY_ Month ago +1

    That married guy who answered basically show the loop that happens in world... the husband find a divorced woman, the wife finds out, they want to divorce, other married man want the divorced woman, the loop never ends

  • Rosen
    Rosen Month ago

    I love this guy, he's smooth and you can feel some punch line hanging thick in the air 😆

  • ChanCeNecK
    ChanCeNecK Month ago +5

    This special was so great. He should do more.

  • salvador
    salvador Month ago +2

    That audience sounded like a canned audience the reactions were PERFECCCTTT 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bea
    Bea Month ago +2

    His gasp is adorable and full of subtext, specifically “dish bish”

  • Potёmki
    Potёmki Month ago +26

    If they are not living together for 2 years now, i wonder what even is she waiting for

  • DP C
    DP C Month ago

    Oh, Matteo and the gay inhale! I love him.

  • Alec Reents
    Alec Reents Month ago

    Even Mateo as a man knows how it works, and I respect him for knowing that better that 80 percent of the strait guys

  • Cowgirl Cookers
    Cowgirl Cookers Month ago +5

    That gasp!! I'm dying.

  • VintageGeek
    VintageGeek Month ago

    Matteo is 100% hilarious! Always a killer!

  • Brenda Morales
    Brenda Morales Month ago

    “You’ll be saying hi to your kids” THATS THE LINE 😂

  • Valente Garcia
    Valente Garcia Month ago +8

    “The whole time.” Why were y’all married in the first place?

    • MrJoeylj
      MrJoeylj Month ago

      That's why I called cat she's only going to stay all day been together for 9 years and only got one kid but she ain't going to tell you that they haven't really had sex in like 4 years

    • KPepper L
      KPepper L Month ago

      Probably because she got knocked up... Hence the one kid

  • first canon kill
    first canon kill Month ago

    “Look what you’ve done!” Got me 😭

  • stephanie andrews
    stephanie andrews Month ago

    I just loved your gasp 😂😂
    Straight away your like this is gonna be good ❤❤❤

  • SailorYuki
    SailorYuki Month ago +37

    I just divorced my husband of 8,5 years. Looking forward of being a single mom of one, rather than two.

    • Vx
      Vx Month ago +1

      He’s prob got a very different story👀🤷‍♂️

    • Lina Mustapa
      Lina Mustapa Month ago

      Rather than two 🤣🤣

    • The Dog
      The Dog Month ago

      Dont take child support

  • Un autre point de vue hear hear

    « 1.. okay fine » he’s killing me 😂😂😂🧡

  • Christopher Bruening

    honestly really solid advice

  • Mouse
    Mouse Month ago +19

    Men:why are women filing for divorce at higher rates than us?

    • G
      G 28 days ago +1

      Why do I have a feeling that if it was reversed, you'd then blame the guy still lol

    • MrJoeylj
      MrJoeylj Month ago +4

      Women: why you want a dna test
      Judge : he isn't the father of none of your children

  • username
    username Month ago +1

    girl the best time to serve the papers was *TWO YEARS AGO* !!

  • yucki
    yucki Month ago

    “you’ll say hi to ur kid” idk why but that sends me

  • Dot in Alaska
    Dot in Alaska Month ago +3

    The only bad thing about these is there aren't enough! 😊😊

  • xmarksthespot
    xmarksthespot 13 days ago

    Still waiting for this iconic mateo water bit 😆😭💀💀

  • Allen Dishman
    Allen Dishman Month ago

    Matteo's gasp at the beginning had me 🤣🤣

  • BigBrothaBo
    BigBrothaBo Month ago +10

    Matteo is so fine!