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Is DKOldies REALLY a Scam?

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Chapter Titles:
    0:00 What is DKOldies?
    1:55 "Refurbished"
    2:39 Unboxing Dreamcast & Wii
    4:34 Unboxing GameCube & PS3
    6:00 Unboxing Xbox 360 & Game Boy Color
    7:33 Testing Xbox 360
    8:32 Testing PS3
    9:03 Testing Wii & GameCube
    10:10 Testing Game Boy & Dreamcast
    11:19 Xbox 360 Teardown
    14:38 PS3 Teardown
    18:14 Is DKOldies a Scam?
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  • Karim Jovian
    Karim Jovian 2 months ago +3444

    Thank to all these Clip-Sharers they saved me so much money. I was so close to buying a TON from DK oldies

    • ThickGirlsNeedLove
      ThickGirlsNeedLove 2 months ago +23

      Not a scam

    • PlasterChief
      PlasterChief 2 months ago +91

      The games seem fine, it's just the consoles

    • Charles Krone
      Charles Krone 2 months ago +318

      @PlasterChief They’re still overpriced. Plus, it’s known that they, as a company, would use bots on eBay and buy up every console, game, etc for cheap, and resell them on their site for a huge markup. It’s caused the market prices for retro items to drastically increase. So yes it’s a scam and they are scumbags.

    • Shadey Mcbones
      Shadey Mcbones 2 months ago +107

      @ThickGirlsNeedLove It is a scam. If they actually refurbished everything they had and sold it would be overpriced and bad value but not a scam. But the fact that they claim that everything is refurbished when they do not refurbish anything at all, and put in stickers to scare away people that do not know any better from opening it (so they dont find out that it is in fact not refurbished) IS a scam. They dont give you what they sell you. Simple as that

    • hmmtaco
      hmmtaco 2 months ago +11

      ​@PlasterChief something other posters haven't mentioned is dk oldies resurfaces all disks regardless of amount of scratches or if there working which decreases the lifespan

  • Mathias Maximus
    Mathias Maximus 2 months ago +1440

    $180 for an OG 360 is absolutely insane. I see them in mom and pop stores for $30-40 all the time

    • bigstop
      bigstop 2 months ago +31

      i have 3 of them just sitting around in drawers

    • funderburke43
      funderburke43 2 months ago +14

      Like three years in a row GameStop was doing $50 360s in a row with a 49.99 instant rebate on black Fridays, this was around the time of the slim PS4/spiderman deal iirc

    • Mathias Maximus
      Mathias Maximus 2 months ago +6

      @funderburke43 yup I remember that deal. I bought a super slim 360 for my nephew and it even came with the official camo controller. They were basically giving them away. Probably to clean out their overstock. Everybody had a 360 back in the day. they are easy to find

    • Mathias Maximus
      Mathias Maximus 2 months ago +2

      I could MAYBE understand if they were selling the 250gb slim with 2 controllers. MAYBE.

  • Big Deano Plays
    Big Deano Plays 2 months ago +873

    The worst part? The fact that they seem to be deliberately putting their own warranty stickers on to discourage people from doing exactly this, because if you do and it is like this? Guess what, they can basically tell you to beat it and run off with your money because you voided their warranty.

    • Saybro WT
      Saybro WT 2 months ago +122

      Nope. Those stickers don't legally mean anything at all. If they wanna deny your warranty they gotta prove you broke it.

    • John Clark
      John Clark 2 months ago +79

      Those stickers don't do jack anymore. That became illegal a few years ago. It's why you don't see them much anymore.

    • the_one_and_only_carpool
      the_one_and_only_carpool 2 months ago +3

      worst part is the whole video

    • Mariusz Tyrański
      Mariusz Tyrański 2 months ago +16

      Although people often do not know this, and they are genuinely afraid of breaking those stickers

  • PartyUpLive
    PartyUpLive 2 months ago +112

    Man, this is why I'm very grateful that I've been able to keep all of my older consoles and didn't need to trade them to when I moved on to the next generation.
    I tend to take really good care of my consoles and at least twice a year I'll open it up and clean the inside, fans, etc...
    Luckily my consoles going back to the Xbox 360, PS3, and even my PS2 are still in good condition.
    These Retro games prices are pretty outrageous.

  • Chanman21titans
    Chanman21titans 2 months ago +1012

    Saddest part of this video is it came a little after a ton of the backlash they were receiving and clearly they changed nothing. They could have such a thriving business if they just did what they said they would do. I was very close to buying from them till I heard about all of this a month or two ago.

    • Ell
      Ell 2 months ago +41

      It's been months since they said they would fix it. They had a huge order of a ton of consoles. They knew the order was important and prob a youtuber. They clearly don't care.

    • a shadow in time
      a shadow in time 2 months ago +1

      ​@Ell yeah that was silly to buy so much in a single order AND using his real name apparently..

    • Conald Eugene Peterson
      Conald Eugene Peterson 2 months ago +22

      @a shadow in time dude literally says “I did not order these, and my name is not on this packaging”.

    • Zuxyr
      Zuxyr 2 months ago +6

      They have a very thriving business clearly if all these Clip-Sharers are buying their stock to do “check” videos lmao. Marketing W

  • Elijah Dungan
    Elijah Dungan 2 months ago +71

    I bought a "refurbished" gameboy from DKOldies. The funny thing is that this was the clear version so you could see into the console without opening it and it was clear that they left dirt inside and the only thing the actually did was replace the plastic screen protector

    • IAmDeFish
      IAmDeFish Month ago

      Did it work doe

    • Rxze Sereniti
      Rxze Sereniti Month ago +7

      @IAmDeFish doesn’t matter if it works, they monetize, refurbish, clean consoles. I didn’t pay for dirty consoles with a new screen protector

    • Yea OK
      Yea OK Month ago +3

      @IAmDeFish Was it refurbished "doe"

    • Grim!
      Grim! 18 days ago +2

      @IAmDeFish They payed extra for a working console.

  • matt manley
    matt manley 2 months ago +3836

    There’s a difference between a store having overhead and straight up overpriced products that aren’t even cleaned much less in working order

    • BroadCrawler
      BroadCrawler 2 months ago +61

      ​Don't Read My Profile Photo Don't come around here no more. (Good song)

    • somerandomguy
      somerandomguy 2 months ago +19

      ​​Don't Read My Profile Photo ok I wont

    • arturocookinup
      arturocookinup 2 months ago +48

      Yeah, their prices are absolutely insane. They're selling PS2 slim models for $185. I have multiple slims I spent no more than 40-50 on per console on (locally, online, marketplace), which came with games, memory cards and multiple official controllers. I have no idea how DKOldies even lists their consoles for that much but people still buy them

    • SyzerX
      SyzerX 2 months ago +31

      See this is the thing. They buy their consoles and games in lots and yard sales and save BIG on it. They have absolutely no issues with profit margins. This is just laziness and greed from the owner.

  • MinutesFX
    MinutesFX 2 months ago +333

    Should’ve ordered each one individually to different addresses because having a batch order alerts them to be more cautious since they’ll suspect it’s a content creator’s order

    • Aetherion
      Aetherion 2 months ago +109

      Well they clearly weren't cautious here so I would hate to see what a normal order would look like.

    • Kritya
      Kritya 2 months ago +39

      If this is what they do for a suspected content creator then half their consoles must not work.

    • Big.G.
      Big.G. Month ago +20

      If this is DKOldies working with caution then I hate to see the shit they throw at other people.... Clearly they weren't "alerted".

    • Roy Liber
      Roy Liber Month ago +4

      Exactly what I thought. Maybe not a content creator, but they definitely would be more "careful" if one guy buys like 10 consoles for himself from them.

  • idle hands gaming
    idle hands gaming 2 months ago +363

    Hey Austin, make sure to play that Dreamcast for longer than just a few minutes. It's a common issue with older Dreamcasts where the solder on the power port will become brittle enough that once it heats the system will reboot, cooling the solder just enough for it to boot back up almost immediately. It looks like a software reboot, but it's a full power circle due to bad solder.

    • jabron destoroyah
      jabron destoroyah 2 months ago +9

      That thing is a nightmare if not resoldered and fixed, shades of rdod. The gdemu one that I got had that same issue thankfully local game store fixed it up.

    • Rishav Ganguly
      Rishav Ganguly 2 months ago +5

      Now you have me worried, I have played my Dreamcast for hours on end (finished sa1 in one sitting due to lack of vmu). It terribly heats up but I never had this problem before. I bought it used.

    • Rishav Ganguly
      Rishav Ganguly 2 months ago

      Update: days later my disk drive stopped working properly. I've owned this for almost 6 years and it spent the last six months in a box and has somehow become yellow.

    • J.P. Simen☆
      J.P. Simen☆ 2 months ago +4

      @Rishav Ganguly it is sad the plastics have a self life of 15 years and they yellow quickly, especially under UV lights and sunlight.

    • the Game, Review and Reallife Channel
      the Game, Review and Reallife Channel 2 months ago

      Lol my Dreamcast doesn't heat up like u all say,why

  • Drawingfan
    Drawingfan 2 months ago +17

    9:55 as someone who browses Ebay you can buy a Japanese game cube sometimes for extremely cheap (usually non functional) but that's probably what they did for any American GameCubes that have visable scratches or cracks so they could make it look as good for as cheap as possible

  • Vinny
    Vinny 2 months ago +119

    Dkoldies seems like the one game store guy at your local flee market who buys all the good stuff from other vendors and then tries to sell it for online prices as long as it works

    • Hemmid
      Hemmid 2 months ago +5

      Ohio vendors be like

    • Mr. Shogun
      Mr. Shogun Month ago +6

      Scalpers in a *nutshell*

    • Don Lalo
      Don Lalo 11 days ago +5

      Reminds me of the people who go to yardsales and take advantage of homeowners' lack of knowledge of what their goods are actually worth and resale them online 3x the amount.

    • BigDavoNorriwong
      BigDavoNorriwong 9 days ago

      @Don Lalo That's just good business. It's their fault if they don't know the value of what they're selling

  • Jacob Peacy
    Jacob Peacy Month ago +3

    Man, I'd be freaking furious if I had received that PS3. That thing ain't worth more than $50 in that condition. It's honestly a miracle it still works as well as it does. I see why they have those warranty stickers on them, since opening them up voids their warranty and they don't have to do crap even in these types of events.

  • GoldenPandoria
    GoldenPandoria 2 months ago +3242

    I would dare to say this is a pretty final, ultimate nail in the DKOldies coffin, honestly. Thank you for covering the topic, guys.

    • RowanCrE
      RowanCrE 2 months ago +126

      If I bought a "refurbished" console for more than it cost new 15 years ago and it was a fucking rustbucket I wouldn't be buying from them anymore

    • Damage876
      Damage876 2 months ago +19

      If Unbox therapy refuted the scam claims then that would be the final nail 😂😂😂

    • Muhammad the fabulous 💋
      Muhammad the fabulous 💋 2 months ago +8

      @RowanCrE I bought most of my super slim ps3s from gamestop around that time and it was less then used and new. Powergamer same thing. Regular used 64 in my area was 40. Refurbished was only 30. So you're lying

  • Shane Dumond
    Shane Dumond 2 months ago +85

    I didn’t even know who DK oldies was until about a week ago, and I can say they are the reason I have never once bought a single refurbished or used item, because I know companies will just absolutely rip you off and get away with it. Rather just buy one at a garage sale

    • Direct-Prime
      Direct-Prime 2 months ago +1

      not everyone's like them I ordered a refurbished gpu off amazon, amazon will test it themselves and if it doesn't function like its brand new they wont allow it to be sold.

    • Jack Wagon
      Jack Wagon Month ago +2

      I once got a refurbished Wii U from Ebay & I still have that Wii U, it's in great shape & is working perfectly!

    • King Cosmo
      King Cosmo Month ago +1

      So you have NEVER bought anything refurbished because of a company you heard of a week ago? The math dont be mathing.

    • Lego Yoda
      Lego Yoda Month ago +1

      You'd probably get a good quality product if you bought from a trusted and good company. The issue is that DKoldies is not one of those companies.

    • Shane Dumond
      Shane Dumond Month ago +1

      @Lego Yoda my cousin bought a PS4 Refurbished from GameStop, the top was scratched to hell, I had to add thermal paste for him since it came with literally none, and the fan was caked in dust.
      My girlfriend bought a refurbished monitor from Amazon, the backlights in it were bad. The screen word turn on but it was so dim you couldn’t see. Had to replace those too.
      I rather just pay the few extra bucks and get new. Companies “refurbished” is slang for “might work” and I don’t like gambling

  • TheDuckumz
    TheDuckumz 2 months ago +42

    I can almost guarantee that 360 was returned early in its life cycle to Microsoft to be fixed, i had my first gen 360 for only a few weeks before it started having disc read errors and had to be shipped back to them. I was lucky and never got the red rings but they tried charging me another $100 for the repair claiming it was out of warranty, it did however come back with the updated cooling design...

    • Brendon Wallace
      Brendon Wallace 2 months ago +2

      Yea me too hell I had a PS5 that went up I’m smoke when they first came out sent it back to Sony took them like 5 months to give it back I almost bought another one

    • TheDuckumz
      TheDuckumz 2 months ago +2

      @Brendon Wallace Damn man thats crazy, at least MS returned mine in a week after i had to argue with them about the warranty.

  • Sean Pittillo
    Sean Pittillo Month ago +4

    Austin, I hope you will consider a follow-up video down the line. Did they stand behind their warranty and how was their customer service regarding the subpar condition vs expectation? I've had very few issues with eBay, but a shop with proper support is appealing.

  • sportsnut198
    sportsnut198 2 months ago +6

    I would imagine the scuffing on the top of the Sunshine disc is due to a common problem with resurfacing GameCube discs. Because they’re small, they often times like to get covered and have residue left over that would normally be left to like, the very sides of a normal disc. Super common to find that residue and scuffs on resurfaced GameCube games sadly

  • WeerdMunkee
    WeerdMunkee Month ago +3

    After buying old consoles, retro systems, and Raspberry Pi consoles, I'll stick with PC/Android/Mac emulation. Not always 100% smooth, there's glitches, but they are ALWAYS upfront about this aspect of emulation, along with how the options for playing can't be compared to, and fact you save a TON of money, makes it the only way I want to go now!

  • MrMcFeely
    MrMcFeely 2 months ago +1028

    This is an absolute kill shot. All the negative press over the past few months and they get a relatively suspicious looking order asking for one of each of their consoles. Almost like someone might be gearing up for a massive review and they still send out worse than some of the original examples to start all of this. Gonna be hard to recover from these bigger channels calling them out.

    • TheCommanderTaco
      TheCommanderTaco 2 months ago +74

      Especially with how one of their ex-employees called them out on an interview with Rich from review tech recently in that they play favorites with repeat / high order customers.
      So if what they gave Austin was the premium treatment then just imagine regular customers lol.

    • Degenerate
      Degenerate 2 months ago +36

      It will be game over when mrwhosetheboss and mkbhd reviews them.

    • katsudon
      katsudon 2 months ago +7

      Probably not mrwhosetheboss because he's in UK.

    • motherurck
      motherurck 2 months ago +16

      ​@Degenerate or LinusTechTips

    • Pixle Paranormal and Ration Reviews
      Pixle Paranormal and Ration Reviews 2 months ago +13

      @katsudon I know he's not in the UK, but TheRetroFuture just did a video on them as well. It's entirely possible for someone in Europe to get an order from them, I wouldn't be surprised to see MrWhoseTheBoss make a video on them in the future.

  • Nathan Hall
    Nathan Hall 2 months ago +11

    Would love a follow up to this showing us what the customer service experience is like when you try to get something like this fixed.

    • BakedBeyondBelief
      BakedBeyondBelief 2 months ago

      at this point I don't think they can do this because they technically voided the warranties by removing the stickers

    • Brooke Winters
      Brooke Winters Month ago +1

      @BakedBeyondBelief Warranty stickers are illegal, bud.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 2 months ago +1

    I guy locally told me a lot about these consoles. Many people have no idea how many on the market are never actually cleaned. GameStop was literally forced to actually refurbish these consoles once the word got out. The same goes for TVs & other electronics. The major failure is dust build up. Eventually the fans can't disperse the heat, & they start overheating which slowly kills the boards

  • Obese pope
    Obese pope Month ago +4

    Probably been said in here already but those paper stickers on the inside on the OG 360 was an indication that it's been sent back under warranty and had RROD fixed.

  • FouEmperor
    FouEmperor 2 months ago +13

    8:00 the grease makes sense cuz you have to grease the mechanical parts in the disk drive in order for the tray to come out smoothly on the 360. So with that said, you are always gonna have a little bit of residue left over. As for the dust, yeah there is no excuse for that.

  • Joseph Robertson
    Joseph Robertson 2 months ago

    Makes you wonder on the warranty and how they will honor it. Like how do they know if it should be covered if they never actually cleaned it, and how can we trust their records?

  • Kedo
    Kedo 2 months ago +1154

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, DKOldies need to be held accountable for what they're doing to people. Not just the ridiculous pricing but the way they don't even touch the inside of their "Refurbished" consoles. Good to see Austin showing his viewers this!

      DONALD HILL 2 months ago +1

      exactly i seen a video from facebook that they giving people 3rd party items and dirty consoles that are"refurbished"

    • Chelsea Chelsea
      Chelsea Chelsea 2 months ago +5

      Bro why should the price be a problem only real problem is that they lie about there Products

    • Jacob Bocks
      Jacob Bocks 2 months ago +12

      they aren't "doing" anything to people. People are making their own choices to shop with them, choosing to pay more than market value for subpar consoles/games. It's the buyers fault for paying enabling these people.

    • John Goodman
      John Goodman 2 months ago

      I agree it's a straight open scam

    • B
      B 2 months ago +5

      Accountable for what? Y'all have your own free will to buy from there or at a pawnshop or ebay etc

  • Cheez It
    Cheez It 2 months ago +1

    I have a massive pet peeve about them changing the screen lens on the Game Boys. I think it should be an option, not something done automatically. If someone wants to collect these they will want to have the original screen, even if it's scuffed.

  • Dias Setyanto
    Dias Setyanto 2 months ago +3

    You should've bought it separately and accept the purchase at different locations so that they won't suspect you bought it for the purpose of creating content

  • Samuel Carvalho
    Samuel Carvalho 2 months ago +1

    That’s all I needed to deter me from ordering from them. Ordered elsewhere, thank you!

  • XYAH
    XYAH 2 months ago +6

    I was gonna order stuff from them a few months back but didn't cause it seemed like a scam then, glad I was right lol. Been seeing a lot more of content on the DKOldies store lately and all of it is exposing them for being incompetent lol

  • WindTengu
    WindTengu 2 months ago +2

    Regarding the Gamecube, its pretty common/easy for people to mod, you just short out 2 connections and that is how it determines which region its in. I've bought gamecubes from eBay (for like $80) claiming to 'play american games' and it turns out they did this mod on a japanese gamecube. It isn't incorrect, but selling it as an English Gamecube is VERY scummy.

  • Nova
    Nova 2 months ago +685

    11:44 Funny enough those void stickers are actually illegal in the United States under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, so even if they did enforce that, you can probably fight them over it, assuming you didn't break it when opening.
    Edit: I am aware that the sticker itself is not illegal, but many companies do void the warranty if the sticker is tampered with, which is illegal according to the FTC.
    And also, please do not take this as law advice BTW, as I'm not a lawyer.

    • Mel Staub
      Mel Staub 2 months ago +18

      Commenting to give this a bump

    • Mews
      Mews 2 months ago +15

      A very important fact here.

    • Chv Mtz
      Chv Mtz 2 months ago +5

      Get this comment on the top

    • Adam Savage
      Adam Savage 2 months ago +5

      this comment shall go to the top

    • Maxwell Winter
      Maxwell Winter 2 months ago +5

      comment for importance

  • George Willoughby
    George Willoughby 2 months ago

    I think something I haven't heard said in any vids is that these consoles are only opened in the games don't run 'refurbished' meaning it worked for them and they operate at high cost so if they have to send another unit under warranty they haven't lost money. Still every console should have been cleaned and damaged parts should be noted and in the listing.

  • jarred gallaher
    jarred gallaher Month ago

    Dont forget to point a thermal camera at their housing. We love tests and videos that give us no information or information that would actually be bad to use!

  • Grim
    Grim 2 months ago +10

    I’ve seen so many videos but this one by far was my favourite. No insulting whatsoever but still managed to absolutely scold DKOldies. 😂

  • Mooure Muzyk
    Mooure Muzyk Month ago +1

    Honestly I have found all my retro consoles at Goodwill ( a GameCube , Wii , Xbox , Xbox 360 , PS2 , and a PS3 and each one was between 30-70$ and had cords and controllers so always best to look around before ordering online especially if you are willing to clean and repair but for the price you can get them at sometimes is well worth it.

  • Chris G
    Chris G 2 months ago +1316

    Shoutout to Rich from ReviewTech and ESPECIALLY Jacob R. For brining these issues to light. Y’all should definitely shoutout those channels cuz they did the hard work before anyone else

    • random name
      random name 2 months ago +52

      i bet that reviewDKOLDIESusa will be reacting to this video tomorrow

    • Pepechu
      Pepechu 2 months ago +56

      For real Jacob R is the one who started this smh

    • Corrado Soprano
      Corrado Soprano 2 months ago +47

      Out of all the small channels covering this in depth Austin shoutouts to Charlie, the guy who clicked through a youtube video for 10 minutes and called it a day. 😐

    • Taugs
      Taugs 2 months ago +5

      ​@random name lol try today

    • Malice Mizer
      Malice Mizer 2 months ago


  • Sonny
    Sonny 2 months ago +19

    Glad you’re covering this. I’ve had a nightmare of an experience with dk oldies. They’re terrible to deal with.

    • fran
      fran Month ago

      Hey do you mind me asking about your experience? I've been thinking about buying from these guys for a while now

    • Sonny
      Sonny Month ago +3

      @fran I ordered a GameCube from them (heavily marked up in price) but I decided to pay it thinking it’s going to be properly refurbished and so on. Got the package and the system looked like it was so poorly taken care of. Insane amount of scratches everywhere. I know its not new but you can’t sell a GameCube in this horrible of a condition for over $200. Then the games I placed in it to play didn’t work. Communicating with support at dk oldies just got me the run around. They kept saying “oh well it’s going to have wear and tear on it” yes wear and tear I understand but this GameCube was abused. After a ton of back and forth, they agreed to a return. Honestly my advice is don’t support companies like this. It’s a much better idea to buy privately on Facebook marketplace or something. DK oldies marks everything up so high because it’s vintage. They’re taking advantage of people who are interested in older systems. Don’t buy from them is my advice.

    • fran
      fran Month ago

      Thanks for the advice I appreciate it!

  • Midwest Menace
    Midwest Menace 2 months ago +8

    I'm happy you did this we needed a hero like you with an audience as big as yours!!!

  • 9pathNick
    9pathNick 2 months ago +2

    I was looking at their Dreamcasts lol. I haven’t touched one of those in forever and it was my first ever system. But the price alone I was like eh I don’t care that much for it 😂

  • 91.5, the phoenix! archive

    Incredible you'd actually get better results at your local thrift shop also I knew how this video was going to end the second that it was revealed that that Super Mario disk was scuff to glory on top of all things.

  • Congslop
    Congslop Day ago

    Its so weird seeing this store called out, back in the day they were the main store I bought from, never had a problem except with an old Genesis, which they replaced promptly and sent me my money back even though I also got a replacement.

  • cman
    cman 2 months ago +947

    The most mind blowing fact about this is how not one person found it suspicious that someone ordered that many consoles and that MAYBE someone was going to review how well they 'refurbish' their consoles. I came across DKOldies a few months back and was going to order a couple retro consoles and with all the heat they're getting, I'm glad I did not.

    • Markus
      Markus 2 months ago +33

      What was going through your mind when you considered buying from them ?? Did you not realize the huge price difference from literally everywhere else on online ?? 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

    • cman
      cman 2 months ago +32

      @Markus I didn't buy from them, I was considering it. I had assumed, like many others, that when they offer them refurbished that they're in a 'like new' condition. Ordering retro consoles is iffy because you never know what you're going to get when you buy from a private seller.

    • Markus
      Markus 2 months ago +4

      ​@cman where did I say you bought from them ?? Even considering is idiotic when you can get on Facebook marketplace and find them for a fraction of the price in better condition. I've had no problem at all finding anything and everything on there and ebay in like new condition. You'd have to be a real sucker to even consider buying from someone who charges double the normal asking price 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

    • Mj
      Mj 2 months ago +2

      Same with me for the purchase thing. Ill trust my local places or Facebook market

    • Eddie Q
      Eddie Q 2 months ago +15

      @MarkusBecause some people have more money than time and would rather just order something rather than go around hunting for one. That’s just a thought.

  • Anonymous Anon
    Anonymous Anon 2 months ago +2

    Rip dk newies. One of the first channels to make an amazing parody of dk oldies before everyone else was doing it.

  • Clark Creations
    Clark Creations 2 months ago +1

    I wonder if the warranties even mean anything here also. It's one thing to offer a warranty, but I would like to hear if anyone has gotten a warranty honored by them. It's important for consoles like the PS3 and 360 as they are so easy to have die from normal use.

  • Danny Villaseñor
    Danny Villaseñor Month ago

    I was so close to buying a gba from di oldies when I first heard about em saw their prices and was like oh man ima wait it out for my next check and I’m glad I did I saw video after video that they were scamming and even found out about anbernic from which I bought one of their handhelds to play gba Pokémon games and some Pokémon roms

  • FlacoFr
    FlacoFr 2 months ago +7

    I’m so glad I decided to watch this, I’ve been wanting to buy a GameCube w/ Super Mario Sunshine to bring back the childhood memories but I’m glad I watched this, you got yourself a Sub my guy 😄

  • Rich Martin
    Rich Martin 2 months ago

    Has anyone tested their 1 year warranty to see if they would actually honor it, and if so would they open it up and refurb it properly, or if they just swap it out for another one?

  • Cheeks_702
    Cheeks_702 2 months ago +5

    Super slims trays are like that. It's a friction lock of some sort. You have to close it all the way or it will not function at all. Granted after you opened it up I'm confident that what you meant was excessive stickyness and not the normal

  • Tokyo Sour
    Tokyo Sour 2 months ago +3

    I purchased a gameboy color in the purple clear plastic, I was super hyped when it arrived. It was in decent condition but the screen wasn't new, as it had a pretty deep scratch right through it, and the battery cover was clear plastic, not the matching purple clear one. Never ordered another product since

  • Gameslord
    Gameslord 2 months ago

    You should have asked for it to be filmed.
    Would be interesting to see what bonus would they throw in.
    Maybe Virtual Boy or something

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 2 months ago +1

    Oh wow, I ordered a copy of Tetris from them around the time the Pocket came out and it didn’t work/was in real bad condition. It was relatively cheap so I didn’t bother returning it but didn’t buy from em anymore. I didn’t know they had so many issues.

  • Dan James
    Dan James Month ago

    In regards to opening the Xbox case to get to the fans… even in the video they say that the device was taken apart to replace the laser. I’m thinking that if it tested fine they may not have had a reason to take it apart completely to clean it. I *do* however think that if you’re going to sell as refurbished that you should absolutely take every console apart, replace commonly worn parts and clean it and retest it.

  • Joey Huab
    Joey Huab 2 months ago +336

    Finally even bigger Clip-Sharers are exposing these scammers. Good on Austin for doing this video.

    • Team Of One
      Team Of One 2 months ago +9

      TronicsFix also exposed them as well.

  • Marquavious Chester
    Marquavious Chester 2 months ago +1

    Bruh looks like a save a lot logic
    Also, with the Japanese backplate on the GameCube, I bought some Wii remotes from there and one of them came with a Japanese backplate (with the sync button on the outside). Idk why they do it, but it's pretty cool

  • Hopkins Tree Experts
    Hopkins Tree Experts 2 months ago +3

    Damn, that’s kinda wild to be honest. Given that it’s their sort of thing you’d think they would at the bare minimum pull off the housing and run a duster can in there 🤣🤣

  • Collin Huxford
    Collin Huxford Month ago

    i thought they would of gotten better after the whole situation thank you for this video you saved me from wasting my money

  • C Kim
    C Kim 2 months ago

    they need to define what refurbished is basically. i think their selling point is that you can rely on a working console and there’s some warranty behind it, which can be difficult to find reliably elsewhere consistently. and theres a premium price to pay for that peace of mind. they just need to portray the refurbished condition more explicitly as what they do.

  • MrDirtyHippy
    MrDirtyHippy Month ago

    Yeah I’ve bought a lot of stuff from dk oldies but never consoles, strictly games and I can say some of their games are genuinely a really good price and I’ve always been happy but you’ve got plenty on there that are ridiculous as well. Just gotta pick and choose

  • stabtarzan
    stabtarzan 2 months ago +521

    Also keep in mind, there was an interview with Jacob R with an ex-employee of DKoldies where he explains that they are trained to not open up the consoles unless they’re literally rattling. Also those warranty stickers are intentionally put in place over screws necessary to open the console as a deterrent for people to open them up and inspect them themselves. They know exactly what they’re doing.

    • Gnarlywoolysloth
      Gnarlywoolysloth 2 months ago +24

      i mean that’s exactly how warranty stickers work 😂. it’s to prove that you didn’t mess with stuff inside and therefore the warranty is still valid

    • stabtarzan
      stabtarzan 2 months ago +62

      @Gnarlywoolysloth yeah but what I mean by that is that they know they’re not cleaning the insides of these consoles, and are using warranty stickers in an attempt to cover their lazy “refurbishing”. And people go and open them up anyways and now all dkoldies has to do is basically say “well you voided the warranty, nothing we can do”

    • Two-wheelsCollector93
      Two-wheelsCollector93 2 months ago +24

      @Gnarlywoolyslothyou’re slow

    • Shadey Mcbones
      Shadey Mcbones 2 months ago +33

      @Gnarlywoolysloth Also, atleast in the USA, voiding warranty because of stickers like these is illegal. You still have your warranty if you open up your electronics.

  • blaidddrwg86 000
    blaidddrwg86 000 2 months ago

    Former gamestop employee. The proper procedure for refurbishing a console is its supposed to get sent off to the repair warehouse. They take them apart, clean them and check the most commonly damaged components then do any repairs. However. They have a habit of just trying to sell a console if it doesn't have any immediate issues. That means it skips the entire refurbishment process if it works and has no noticeable damage.

  • Lunartrigger
    Lunartrigger 2 months ago

    it's not that hard to take a soft tooth brush and some 91% isopropyl and go to town. they dont even have to use good replacement thermal paste as anything is usually an upgrade from the stock paste(I use kyronaut) but all of these are at minimum double the price. This is a GRADE A fleecing operation if I've ever seen it.

  • turtle squad
    turtle squad Month ago +3

    8:15 "is that morse code?" HAD ME DYING

  • Brian Cohen
    Brian Cohen 2 months ago +1

    I’ve ordered from DKOldies many times. I’ve gotten an N64 with four controllers and several Gameboy Color and a few Gameboy Advance games and I’ve never had a problem with them.

  • Cody
    Cody 2 days ago

    I use to work at gamestop. My first two weeks there, our store leader had us "refurbish" the console but we never were instructed to clean them. One day I said, "can I clean this? this is really gross." she goes, "only if we have time." As if its not literally the first thing people look at. I couldn't believe it. If I was working by myself or someone or we were slow, I would clean tf out of the controllers and accessories with a clorox wioe.

  • Archangel Michael
    Archangel Michael 2 months ago

    In my experience, the biggest problem is not that the product isn't quality, or doesn't work, it's that the website you buy it from is always out of stock and backordered.

  • Roar Keven
    Roar Keven 2 months ago +659

    You mentioned it in the beginning but the fact that there was a huge batch order on systems, which should've alerted them it was probably a content creator, and they still couldn't be bothered with refurbishing them is quite concerning.

    • Melly Melvin
      Melly Melvin 2 months ago +38

      Cause the employees don’t care, they want this company to go down as much as everybody else, this has been going on for about 2+ months with no changes soon they’ll go out of business

    • Ell
      Ell 2 months ago +10

      They only take care for repeat customers it seems. But even then it's a stretch.

    • Alexis Rivera
      Alexis Rivera 2 months ago +32

      You have to pay attention to the DKoldies stickers. Its straight dishonest how they sell you the thing as having a warranty then the stick those where the screws or the seams are so you can't open it without voiding the warranty. They fully expect you to not attempt to open them at all so they don't bother with the inside. They insidiously hold the implied value of the warranty which is their entire selling point at those exorbitant prices over you, so you reasonably as a consumer will simply take them as is and not check the inside.

    • Eddie V.
      Eddie V. 2 months ago +7

      ​@Alexis Rivera not many people know that those warranty stickers don't mean shit in the USA, you can open and explore all you want, as long as your attempt doesn't directly cause a malfunction

    • Tachibana
      Tachibana 2 months ago +2

      @Alexis Rivera Which is hilarious because you can't legally void warranty in the US because of warranty stickers being torn anyways lol Maybe if the customer legitimately damaged the consoles

  • Slowku Gaming
    Slowku Gaming 2 months ago +1

    I wish you did a tear down on the Cube. Interested to see what they did with it

  • Michael Fuller
    Michael Fuller 2 months ago +2

    Good on you for exposing them like this. Even some refurbished consoles on eBay for prices similar or less for a PS3 wouldn't be as bad as what you experienced.
    I've never ordered from DKoldies, but now? Not a chance. Straight up overpriced for everything they sell.

  • Krispy Dream
    Krispy Dream 2 months ago +2

    I was about to buy every Tekken and Twisted Metal ''loose'' games and I was shocked because the price is equivalent to a brand new ps4/ps4 slim today luckily the reddit community helped me an alternative store that has a reasonable price and was glad because some were loose and complete but the most important thing I got to replay my childhood games and got to keep them forever.

    • 7Cs_
      7Cs_ Month ago

      What store did they recommend?

  • The Aquatic Library
    The Aquatic Library 2 months ago +14

    Refurbished just means it works and maybe got cleaned a little for most retro gaming stores. Generally they won’t take apart the console to clean the inside unless it isn’t working for some reason.

  • moo mäh
    moo mäh Month ago

    Oh, taking a Wii apart is a pain. I question them opening and cleaning these on the inside as long as nothing is obviously broken.
    I took all my old consoles apart as the big plastic box I was storing them in smelled really bad (chemical) and I feared leaking caps. Later I found out that the plastic used for this box secretes this stench, gathering it inside when being closed for a while, even though I have other similar boxes that don't do this...
    Btw, we have a 20GB 360 and it's loud like a hover. Cleaning on the inside and replace thermal paste (remember this being a pain) did nothing to improve this. But the one in the video sounds even worse, not louder but like it will break down any moment now. 15 years isn't a "very old console" though. 15 is nothing. xD

  • Coco HJL
    Coco HJL 2 months ago +631

    Well, goddamn. Even a big Techtuber like Austin is calling out DKOldies now. They really HAVE to straighten their business practice if they still want to stay... well, in business. No sweeping anything under the rag anymore, I'm afraid.

    • jaime rosas
      jaime rosas 2 months ago +28

      Unfortunately I don’t see that happening, I think the owner of dk has to much pride for that

    • Josef Rudy
      Josef Rudy 2 months ago +11

      Don't Read My Profile Photo Okay

    • Wubbers
      Wubbers 2 months ago +8

      There are too many casuals. So unless an anti-DKOldies video goes trending, and a lot of their casuals watch it, not likely for now.

  • Learn from a Lunatic
    Learn from a Lunatic 2 months ago

    Fun fact about a Japanese consul it’s able to play all of its sub country sections. I had a Japanese super Nintendo and he could play all of the super Nintendo games from the US but the US consul couldn’t play the Japanese games so I think it’s just they make the Japanese consuls more universal

  • Jack
    Jack 2 months ago

    Never bought a console from them, shame as they looked like a great supplier. I don’t think it’s the same as the 360, but the caked dust on the PlayStation is usually a good sign it’s been in a smoking household, you get that tar with dust caked on the fan blades, bearings, etc.
    Source: smoked for 8 years, regularly cleaned PC and laptop but not console until recently.
    Oh and as for the beige color, classic PC cleaner will bring it up to be white/r again which is probably what DKOldies did. Either spray on one, or you can take it apart and bathe the parts

  • Zephyr Blackwood
    Zephyr Blackwood Month ago

    I’ve had the 360 sound like that 😂 it’ll be alright but! I do warn not to have it standing up. The side is better, had issues for me standing up the way it was when you heard that noise. Which indeed, does improve when you turn it over like you did. 👍🏻

  • Mr. Bread
    Mr. Bread 2 months ago

    I didn’t know these kind if consolse still go for that amount, a couple of years ago I picked up an og xbox 360 out of the condo’s recycling room, it was relatively clean, it was missing the cables but I was able to luckily pick one up at a value village, and a rock candy controller, I was able to play a couple of games on it, mostly skyrim and about a year or two I threw it out. Same goes for the Wii and PSP, parents gave it away, I Should have just sold it.

  • The Stray
    The Stray 2 months ago

    I was wondering why I wasn't seeing much of their videos on the shorts areas of Clip-Share anymore.
    Just kind of knew about them from their ad-like YouTueb shorts that occasionally popped up. Thought they were neat but probably were overpriced because retro stuff are these days. But I guess all of this isn't so surprising.

  • ShaqFuGuru
    ShaqFuGuru 2 months ago +332

    DK Oldies have been around forever like Lukie Games and come up on Google searches for anything. Their target audience is casual nostalgia players that will never bother opening these up or comparing prices.
    It’s still crazy that with all the negative videos about them, a huge order like this didn’t set off some red flag.

    • ひっかもりいDaniel
      ひっかもりいDaniel 2 months ago +4

      Issue is that you need to actually service consoles for people like this because they don't know much about it, they won't be servicing them themselves, and in the case with more modern consoles (like early PS3s and xbox 360s) that will lead to the disaster. On top of that, it's really immoral in my opinion to take money from people who don't know any better.

    • fizdog
      fizdog 2 months ago +1

      And that's why they can say whatever they want on their site knowing the average Joe won't be opening it. Whether that's legal to lie about refurbishing wel......just my thoughts

    • notoriousbig3k
      notoriousbig3k 2 months ago

      @ひっかもりいDaniel most nostalgics are collectors and do the maintance service them selfs they even prefer it like that bcz they are basically odl tech junkies

    • ひっかもりいDaniel
      ひっかもりいDaniel 2 months ago

      @notoriousbig3k I agree, but I get why not everyone would want it, and so the service that they provide makes sense. To bad they don't do it...

  • johnathan penczek
    johnathan penczek 2 months ago

    Wow, glad I haven't bought anything yet from them. Definitely will have to reconsider.
    Thanks for the video, gonna take my money to a thrift store, it may be the same quality, but will definitely be cheaper.

  • mark Gr
    mark Gr 2 months ago

    Thanks for those awesome reviews. I was about to spend over a 1000 on DK old school refurbished consoles wanna bees

  • The One Nerd
    The One Nerd Month ago

    After seeing other videos like this, I am convinced DK Oldies stays in buisness because of youtubers buying a bunch of stuff from them to see if they are a scam or not.

  • Vedant Kapila
    Vedant Kapila 2 months ago +3

    You need to get 4 separate orders, under 4 different names, AND going to 4 separate addresses. Ask your friends and then do the test! They definitely know a Clip-Sharer ordered this lmao

    • bigstop
      bigstop 2 months ago +1

      but yet that ps3 was awful still, its like they didn't care even when they knew

    • Vedant Kapila
      Vedant Kapila 2 months ago

      @bigstop it’s to throw us off 😂 we know though….we know.

  • Azmith the drolf
    Azmith the drolf 2 months ago +1

    I've ordered many items from them over the years and never had a problem

  • Anthony Marquez
    Anthony Marquez 2 months ago +118

    My issue is I imagine Austin ordered these things AFTER they were exposed, and they STILL are not refurbished😂

  • Floating Sunfish
    Floating Sunfish 2 months ago

    I suppose they figured they could get away with this because most people wouldn't open their units.
    Except anyone willing to pay for these are definitely going to open them up at some point.

  • Louis Hartley
    Louis Hartley Month ago

    There’s a company that’s pretty similar to this in the UK called CeX . They do second hand games like gamestop, but also do vintage consoles and give a *2 year warranty*. They also sell consoles for pretty close to second hand price.

  • Worstedfish
    Worstedfish 2 months ago

    I saw gameboy coolors with basic casing but lighting screens installed at my local shop for $99... The owner of DK Oldies needs an old school public trial cause thats villainous pricing

  • TAZ52888
    TAZ52888 2 months ago

    Thank you for this, I was thinking of getting some consoles from DKOldies. I will not be after this unless they can prove they actually refurbish the consoles.

  • Miss Informer
    Miss Informer Month ago +1

    I think i might be able to tell what's going on with their console pricing. The warranty isn't free. You're paying $100 above what they think the console is worth for it. But because they don't offer an option to not have the warranty, they can pitch the warranty as free and the price as just a "bargain for a restored vintage console"

  • Bryan O'Brien
    Bryan O'Brien 2 months ago +158

    What I find interesting is that several of the consoles in these unboxing videos had the residue of a previous DKOldies seal peaking out from the current seal including this Dreamcast . This leads me to believe that they were previously sold by DKO and were returned , most likely with a problem , and then checked/fixed and were resold . They must have a pretty high return rate which is understandable given the lack of actual refurbing going on there .

    • E L Δ T E
      E L Δ T E 2 months ago

      Nah those stickers are suppose to leave a seal after you remove them even when it was just 1 sticker, these are special stickers that leave a seal that's the whole point of those translucent stickers

    • nonya biz
      nonya biz 2 months ago +4

      In an interview a previous employee stated their refurbished consoles are all previously returned "used" consoles that had since been repaired.

  • Will Stephens
    Will Stephens 2 months ago

    I will say, if I was a business owner and I saw an order that was essentially 1 of everything, I’d make the assumption it was from a product reviewer

  • That One Friend
    That One Friend Month ago

    i am so glad i went with ebay directly over these guys, i know theres very few success stories with it but i dodged a MASSIVE bullet

  • agent807
    agent807 Month ago

    I bought my Dreamcast new on release day for $199. The fact they want $165 for it today is insane. I am glad I still own my old consoles and they are still in decent condition. I try to take care of these and not abuse them. These prices are a ripoff.

  • L
    L Month ago

    I think the price is crazy but I understand that retro consoles should hold some value as they are not being produced anymore / units fail over time = less supply... but still yeah not a fan of the dk oldies mark up

  • Nolifepride
    Nolifepride 21 day ago +1

    Man I remember my friend and I fixed our 360's by opening them up and gluing pennies onto certain spots to help the heating issue. And it worked.

  • Just a turtle
    Just a turtle 2 months ago +5914

    Calling DKoldies a trustful company is like calling GameStop a great store.

    • YK10
      YK10  2 months ago +439

      @Don't Read My Profile Photo can you stop being a bot please

    • Tartarsaws
      Tartarsaws 2 months ago +140

      Like saying GameStop gives best value for trade-ins

    • Karp
      Karp 2 months ago +72

      ​Don't Read My Profile Photo shut up

    • Il
      Il 2 months ago +15

      Bro is literally everywhere.

    • Picmanreborn
      Picmanreborn 2 months ago +79

      For other stuff it's pretty great tbh. Just don't try to trade in games. But they have some nice clothes and figures in there

  • Sam Solano
    Sam Solano 2 months ago

    Always knew it was a scam, back in 2020 I first saw them n saw them on tik tok n was checking their consoles out and saw how a ps2 was $200. Absolutely insane! Went to eBay and found one for $38 and it works to this day.

  • Cannabino
    Cannabino Month ago

    When DkOldies first started making videos, I remember telling people that shit was over priced and I bet all he did was use air duster and packaged it. You could just tell by his “packaging” videos, the way he would just toss the stuff around that he doesn’t give a shit.

  • Juan Javier
    Juan Javier 2 months ago

    I bought a truly refurbished wii u from the manufacture. And it was actually like brand new with the peel off stickers and everything. Im not sure exactly but i think it was sent back from nintendo. I saved probably like 100$ and the system was mint

  • SonicGodOfTheAncientPast

    From what I learned they do refurbish them but sometimes they forget which sucks but hopefully they learn their lesson