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Making a Pranker-BOOMer Photo-Sensor


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  • ElectroBOOM
    ElectroBOOM  2 months ago +2444

    I'm sure there are healthier ways to use the sensor circuit! Or even better other circuits suitable to blow capacitors!

    • Expensive Basketball Things
      Expensive Basketball Things 9 days ago

      what do younmeen we he doesent know you

      TOYZ STOP MOSIN 14 days ago

      You Could Have go to the back and see the park.

    • Black Vulpine Fox
      Black Vulpine Fox Month ago

      What if there was a power switch on the entire device so that it could be safe no matter if it was shaded or not? Then all you need to do is flip the switch when you’re ready. Maybe even run a cable from it so you can activate it from a distance.

    • Astro's Electronics Lab
      Astro's Electronics Lab Month ago

      Oh absolutely. Lol. Great little sensor circuit and could be used as a basic door entry alarm. A few mods to make the relay stay on for a period of time (say 2 seconds) to sound a buzzer, then turn off.

    • Solus Darkcoat
      Solus Darkcoat Month ago

      Couldn't you've just rigged an airhorn?

  • Just Dario
    Just Dario Month ago +667

    I like how at the beginning he's essentially explaining how he'll create a homemade claymore.

  • Elijah Bachrach
    Elijah Bachrach Month ago +618

    I find it sweet that he “accidentally” sets it off himself. I couldn’t do this to my wife either.

    • Velka
      Velka 10 days ago

      @Ian Kosednar #hailrussia it worked, but just not as planned.

    • Kai-Made
      Kai-Made Month ago +8

      I could, but if I did, I would be dead or single...or both.

    • Ian Kosednar #hailrussia
      Ian Kosednar #hailrussia Month ago +2

      sad that it didn't work :(

    • Batsard Cat
      Batsard Cat Month ago +8

      Have some fun, gotta show her your projects somehow

    • joao da silva
      joao da silva Month ago +3

      Me too Man.

  • Skinwalker
    Skinwalker Month ago +236

    The best part of this is that Mehdi *is* an electrician ... with an amazing sense of humour. :D

    • The DadN00Bian
      The DadN00Bian Month ago +1

      @SirFlamedrop i wanted to say the same thing. Its like calling yourself a mechanical engineer when being an automotive mechanic.

    • SirFlamedrop
      SirFlamedrop Month ago +21

      Actually, he's an electrical engineer as far as I know

  • Bhinwaram Jat
    Bhinwaram Jat Month ago +96

    It's so intriguing to see when Mehdi is very very coutious about something that's very safe but as soon as he gets careless something goes 💥

    • TheRedemeer
      TheRedemeer 18 days ago +1

      @Stephen don’t forget that these two claps are on wall power…

    • Stephen
      Stephen Month ago +8

      Cautious? He's blowing things up next to his face without any safety glasses

  • Markus Preckl
    Markus Preckl Month ago +111

    1:45 Mehdi, you've created an IED.
    An Intermittently Explosive Device. 😁
    8:30 Why not add an "arm" or "enable" switch while you're at it? 🤓

  • ELLPCg
    ELLPCg Month ago +26

    I will definitely get one of those bundles from circuitspecialist, always wanted to get into electronics, love watching your videos and it always inspires me to get into it. Though i never really knew where to start, and this bundle is going to be really cool and fun.

    • ELLPCg
      ELLPCg 26 days ago +3

      and guess who just got theirs in the mail today!!!😁

  • Stan 811
    Stan 811 Month ago +17

    This guy is the only science teacher that any student needs, I've learned more from him than any of my science teachers

    • EDMetal
      EDMetal 8 days ago

      If he was my circuits teacher, I’d probably pass better & enjoyed it more

  • Mr. Puppy Monkey Baby
    Mr. Puppy Monkey Baby Month ago +16

    Mehdi!!! Your videos are awesome, my professor used one of your videos during our lecture, you're inspiring a lot of future electrical engineers !!

  • Jagdish
    Jagdish Month ago +7

    I am grateful that you interestingly showed the working of LDR. I used your circuit to design a magnetic particle accelerator model, and even got the first prize in a state level physics model competition. Thanks a lot.

  • Umar Aziz
    Umar Aziz Month ago +9

    Your content always makes my day

  • PortableFreezer
    PortableFreezer Month ago +1

    Mehdi 100% knows the correct way to begin with. He just is such a great teacher to show what happens when connected wrong.

  • mel vin
    mel vin Month ago +14

    that extension cord is one of the most durable things in the universe 0:38

  • The Engineer
    The Engineer 2 months ago +4329

    Mehdi: **gets a well thought out video idea**
    His capacitors: **sweats profusely**

    • neha parmar
      neha parmar 2 months ago

      @Bretton Fergusonnnj

    • neha parmar
      neha parmar 2 months ago


    • smibkourben
      smibkourben 2 months ago

      A large capacitor has a fear piss through its pressure relief cap

    • A god in the gap
      A god in the gap 2 months ago +2

      @Bretton Ferguson | As others have also mentioned, a bot is indeed a better description than spammer. And I’m also getting a lot of these “message me on [whatever]” replies … and I do exactly the same 👍

    • Ja Son2
      Ja Son2 2 months ago +1

      Nice surprise for the next person that comes in my house.
      Poundland already sell a motion (Dark/light) detection - plug in light.
      Will conveniently swap the bulb for a capacitor.
      Also "Don't try this at home"
      (Clip-Share friendly comment)
      Do it at your mates house

  • Erez Powell
    Erez Powell Month ago +2

    You're awesome, Medhi. Love your channel.

  • Richard
    Richard Month ago +2

    Hahahaha this video was so damn funny. Thanks for putting your life on the line, over and over and over. :)

  • Jeffrey DPA
    Jeffrey DPA Month ago +1

    you'll eventually develop electrical resistance, keep doing what you've been doing .. 👌👍👍

  • woah izzy
    woah izzy Month ago

    This was so fun to make(Except the part I got shocked by a charged capacitor)

  • Matthew Richardson
    Matthew Richardson 2 months ago +1683

    I love that Mehdi's wife is so used to his BS that when he says "Someone" destroyed the sofa she knows it was more than likely him!!

    • Fast Track Lap
      Fast Track Lap 13 days ago


    • Evercreeper
      Evercreeper 16 days ago

      @Mustang McKraken why would the daughter destroy the couch

    • Mustang McKraken
      Mustang McKraken 16 days ago

      They do have a daughter lol

    • Plantek gaming
      Plantek gaming 25 days ago

      You love mehdi wife?????🤔🤔🤔

    • hopsricebarley
      hopsricebarley Month ago

      makes me think of russell peters "someone gonna get hurt real bad....someone....i think you know who..."

  • Sammyc Plays
    Sammyc Plays Month ago +2

    This is my first ever video watching this guy, I couldn't stop laughing

  • Jay Pena
    Jay Pena Month ago +1

    Nice breadboard! Definitely going to pick one up to do some of my labs at home. Maybe I can get some extra credit lol.

  • Baraka  solution Tv
    Baraka solution Tv Month ago +5

    Mehdi , really enjoy the knowledge in your

  • Ivan Stefanov
    Ivan Stefanov Month ago

    Hi Mehdi, the reason electrolytic capacitors behave diodes when reverse biased is because they actualy are diodes with so bad diode characteristics and so large parasitic capacitance that today we use them as capacitors only. I hope you and other viewers find this info interesting. You can read more about this here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrolytic_capacitor#History

  • Derek
    Derek Month ago

    Mehdi, we sincerely appreciate your risk to life and limb for our entertainment

  • Frequency Watchers
    Frequency Watchers Month ago +1

    I Honestly Wish I Could Afford That Bundle Of Yours, I Could Learn So Much :(

  • Christian
    Christian Month ago +3

    It's honestly interesting to hear Mehdi speaking Persian, and knowing he speaks it with his family too.

  • John Glover
    John Glover Month ago

    Much easier/safer with UK-type switched outlets!

  • Jennralize
    Jennralize 2 months ago +1459

    Always knew if I followed ElectroBOOM long enough, we'd be taught how to make IEDs.
    Cheers Mehdi! Now we can all resist the forces of inevitable future invasions, with terrifying tiny explosions!

    • dejuren
      dejuren Month ago

      Brown arab looking guy is a terrourist. Shock

    • Darquos Leblack
      Darquos Leblack Month ago

      I mean, explosives tutorials are also educational

    • Jim
      Jim Month ago +1

      Yes, great idea, get a funny educator banned by pretending this is an explosives making tutorial and not an educational video 💢

    • Perpetually_Biased
      Perpetually_Biased 2 months ago

      @Leak hahahahaha

    • Darquos Leblack
      Darquos Leblack 2 months ago +2

      EDD mounted.

  • Austin S.
    Austin S. Month ago

    Ah, Mehdi, scaring yourself with capacitors, classic. XD

  • Soviet County Ball
    Soviet County Ball Month ago +1

    8:35 electroboom was too exited and got himself with his own trap

  • Ipunk bin Partoko
    Ipunk bin Partoko Month ago +1

    how about using wireless low frequency as sensor sensors, like car keyless remote?

  • chawki chahine
    chawki chahine Month ago

    This should use DC voltage to prevent electrocution!

  • JFK422
    JFK422 Month ago +2

    0:38 The reverb on that haaaah made it 100x funnier!

  • Turner nut
    Turner nut Month ago

    Well, at least he got to prank someone.

  • D7oOoMY MC
    D7oOoMY MC 2 months ago +42

    I am currently taking and electronics and microelectronics course and goddamn this is hilarious, relatable, and hella educational, you’re a legend...even my lab instructor told us about you 😂😂😂 he say watch you to learn from his mistakes

  • Dan
    Dan Month ago

    Mehdi has more lives than a cat!

  • blanana_m
    blanana_m 2 months ago +989

    Yeah you should add a switch so the circuit triggers after you are done with the preparations.
    At that point you might as well just make it switch from a radio controller

    • Ian
      Ian 18 days ago

      @Jon C Did you just completely ignore what I typed? Important devices have the plug up high and behind the device. Simply not going to be bumped unless someone is literally behind the fridge and waving their arms about. You really need to slow down and actually read before replying. It will prevent you looking this foolish in the future.

    • Jon C
      Jon C 18 days ago

      @Ian Because a kid can't flip a switch? That's laughable.
      Of course switched don't magically turn themselves off, that's an idiotic take on the problem. Switches can be bumped by clumsy humans, whether that be a kid switching it on or a cleaner switching the outlet a server (or far worse, a medical oxygen concentrator) is plugged into off.
      At best, switched outlets are an annoyance. At worst, they're deadly.

    • Ian
      Ian 18 days ago

      @Jon C Wow that is about the dumbest response I have heard for a while. Switches do not just magically turn themselves off. The only things that you would care about being turned off would be a fridge or a freezer and the plugs for them are up high and behind the appliance. So just does not happen unless you choose to turn them off.
      There is not even the tiniest doubt that switches on wall outlets are safer than outlets with none. This is not debatable mate. Switched off outlets do not kill kids.

    • Jon C
      Jon C 18 days ago

      @Ian Incredibly silly. I'd be FAR more annoyed if I could accidentally turn off something that should always stay on than that I can't switch off something instead of just, you know, unplugging it. Increase safety? Nope, you can still unplug something that's still turned on. Increase convenience? Nope, you can accidentally turn something off that should stay on.
      Switched plugs are silly.

    • Ian
      Ian 19 days ago

      @Jon C Yes gee how silly it is to be able to turn on and off each plug. It is only something every Australian uses every day. It increases safety and convenience for every device.

  • Caden Banin
    Caden Banin 2 months ago +8

    That green screen bit was pretty slick

  • Raidzor
    Raidzor 2 months ago +65

    This was one of the easier to understand projects you've done, so beginners like me particularly enjoyed it. Good stuff.

  • truedani
    truedani 2 months ago +24

    "When you want to blow up, it doesn't blow up. When you don't want it to blow up, it does blow up" Engineering in a nutshell.

    • Black_Jet5143
      Black_Jet5143 Month ago +2

      Also engineer in a nutshell: makes a simple car repair 100x more complicated

  • James Ferreira
    James Ferreira Month ago +21

    Man God Save Mehdi, Man's a treasure and must be protected at all costs, just the prank set-up alone was just perfect. 😂

  • Isajah Tappe
    Isajah Tappe Month ago

    You can just use an 30-60V power supply, safer and more effective xD

  • David Blackshear
    David Blackshear Month ago +2

    gets me everytime.

  • Fanny Monstercat
    Fanny Monstercat Month ago

    8:41 with a blowing capacitor went out a lamp in the left room 😆

  • Vasia Pupkin
    Vasia Pupkin Month ago

    So this is a nice online guide how to make an IED and that's OK Clip-Share. Another video elsewhere shows how to make a simple chemical reaction so a regular chemicals from the Walmart can be turned into a bomb. How long it will take to combine these two?

  • simon db 1 G
    simon db 1 G Month ago +3

    8:42 bro pranked himself💀

  • Gorb Gorbon
    Gorb Gorbon Month ago

    exposed live wires on crocs ! perfect 🤣

  • Xue Hua CHing Chang Hanzi Tom

    You are teaching in a fun way and way better than 90% of the teachers keep up the good work king 👑

  • Peter Belikh
    Peter Belikh 2 months ago

    Using something like thin wire or string would be much easier and controlablle.. But not for this channel of course! 🤣🤣🤣
    We watch it for chaos and shor curcits not for boring manuals!

  • Stas S
    Stas S Month ago

    you are mading my day every time i watch you + i learn something

  • Divine Muonagoro
    Divine Muonagoro Month ago

    Bro really pranked himself at the end

  • terry cook
    terry cook Month ago

    Will a arch be picky with being same distance but 3 choices, you, a ground, metal wire. Which will it choose

  • Zach Moberg
    Zach Moberg 2 months ago +14

    Electro boom, watching your content has inspired me to learn more about electrical circuits. I currently working on a little 100 rpm electric motor running of a 9 volt battery with a potentiometer to control the speed of the motor as a project for one of my high-school classes. Thank you for the inspiration to learn more about these circuits.

  • kreatif Handmade
    kreatif Handmade Month ago

    Nice prank🤣

  • THUGsivæ
    THUGsivæ Month ago +1

    I don't know about electronics but i learned .. karma hits you hard ..that actually make you trip and shit your pants . Lol😂😂😂
    Big love @india

  • dixio fredytama
    dixio fredytama Month ago

    I was wondering who he's prank
    what a twist, Mehdi

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith Month ago

    8:42-8:51 You'll guys thank me later! 🤣😂🤣😂😅👍

  • Vinay Varsani
    Vinay Varsani 2 months ago +733

    8:40 it's like a comedy sketch where the audience all know what's about to happen but it's still funny everytime

      LIL LOOSE LEAF Month ago

      @Carlo The Atheist is being a atheist your whole personality? Cringe

    • CalicoGamerPro
      CalicoGamerPro Month ago

      @Carlo The Atheist That's probably persian

    • CalicoGamerPro
      CalicoGamerPro Month ago

      I have to agree. That is pretty funny

    • M.R yehiabob2
      M.R yehiabob2 2 months ago

      @Carlo The Atheist Iranian

    • M.R yehiabob2
      M.R yehiabob2 2 months ago

      For the people wondering where he is from he is from Iran

  • Bikram Chandra Roy
    Bikram Chandra Roy Month ago

    Please MEHDI Make a Video On " HOW A QUARTZ WATCH WORKS ". Steve mound made it too tough to understand easily.

  • Herb Clann
    Herb Clann Month ago

    Based on the how many subscribers you have, you should make a nice piece of pocket change from that kit. If you get the customary 20% profit and only 0.1 percent of the 5 million views order it.

  • Evan Walters
    Evan Walters Month ago

    Are you using flux to clean your soldering iron?? 🤔🤔

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 2 months ago

    200 usd is approximately 16000 inr so that's very expensive I guess 😂😂
    I mean I could get those under 7000 inr or something which would be less than 100 usd

  • KennethPixelated
    KennethPixelated 2 months ago +12

    might recommend adding remote control turning safety on and off before the sensor sense your own shadow.

  • Carlos5000PVP1
    Carlos5000PVP1 Month ago +1

    I wonder what his eletrical bill is…

  • brandon manuel
    brandon manuel Month ago

    I love your videos keep it up

  • LabNCo
    LabNCo Month ago

    🤣this is masterpiece

  • willie989
    willie989 Month ago +4

    You should offer the breadboard kit with or without the multimeter. Multimeters are very common (I think?) For people interested in this stuff, and people most likely already have one.

  • Jazween A
    Jazween A Month ago

    Capacitor: why are we still here? just to suffer

  • AJF0X25
    AJF0X25 Month ago

    Was that an LTT screw driver I see?

  • Picky
    Picky Month ago

    "I'm not an explosive expert"

  • Shawn Lindow
    Shawn Lindow 2 months ago +3

    This guy is great. Normally when I get home from work after dealing with people all day I have a bad attitude and my wife don’t like it. Now when I get home I watch this guy for 10 minutes on my phone in the driveway and always walk in the house with a smile. Thank you from me and definitely a BIG thank you from my wife.

    • ᴛᴇxᴛ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ @THEBERNTH👈
      ᴛᴇxᴛ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ @THEBERNTH👈 2 months ago

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      Telegram only to claim your Price🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁...

  • NIMKAOriginal
    NIMKAOriginal Month ago

    It's just a prank
    The prank:

  • Muneeb Ur Rehman
    Muneeb Ur Rehman Month ago

    hi mehdi. i dont know if should ask or not but did you use all of the scopes behind you?

  • Paul Badenhorst
    Paul Badenhorst Month ago

    South Africa and most other countries wou need 220 to 250 volt supply capability.

  • halbvoll1
    halbvoll1 2 months ago +219

    Only a real Pro can be so unprofessional, I love it

    • ChauNyan
      ChauNyan 2 months ago +15

      Dude made a green screen background of his own body.

    • Yakov Davidovich
      Yakov Davidovich 2 months ago +30

      Only a real Pro can be so unprofessional AND STILL ALIVE, that is.

  • Juliette De Maso
    Juliette De Maso Month ago

    The finest artists master the rules… so they can break them. 🤘 👩‍🎨 📻 💥 ⚡️

  • Bob the Alien
    Bob the Alien Month ago +1

    Gary can you carry on the Tesla coil wand ? Was just thinking about it

  • Russell Reilly
    Russell Reilly Month ago +1

    Ya know the boom's comin whenever he plugs something in but it's still bloody hilarious every time 😂😂

  • Reuben Jackson
    Reuben Jackson Month ago

    Me forgetting you don't have switches on your sockets
    Laughs in GB

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams Month ago +4

    Congrats on being out of stock on the kit! I'll keep checking back to see when it's back in stock! I love your videos, keep up the good work!

  • nASIF Abdullah
    nASIF Abdullah Month ago

    If Michael Bay was an electrician.

  • B4dlands
    B4dlands 2 months ago +7

    Loads of booms in this one! - brilliant watch!

  • LaunchRecap
    LaunchRecap Month ago +1

    Anyone notice that the white boars is upside down ever since he switched to using a virtual one with a green screen?

    A.A GAMER Month ago +1

    Finally, you spoke persian 😂😂

  • Simon Fitch
    Simon Fitch 5 days ago

    One of your best yet. How I laughed at your prank backfiring, your fall into the sofa, and you forgetting a freewheeling diode across the relay coil! Hilarious, classic ElectroBoom.

  • eDoc2020
    eDoc2020 2 months ago

    When switching a relay or other inductive load it is important to add a back-EMF diode or other snubber circuit. If you don't you will likely end up with blown components.

  • Snehit
    Snehit Month ago

    Ending was gold

  • Christian Udorie
    Christian Udorie 2 months ago +192

    He's basically creating his own circuits through trial and errors .. . Always has been fun to watch electroboom.. 5years and counting

    • Ogden Michael
      Ogden Michael 2 months ago

      @Malik Benslimane , yeap same. All though, I think he legit accidentally triggered the trap this time. It looks like he was trying to walk far enough away from the device to not trigger the sensor... and it just wasn't far enough.

    • Anthony A
      Anthony A 2 months ago +8

      It's actually a really basic circuit. I think the trial and error is part of the comedy.

    • Malik Benslimane
      Malik Benslimane 2 months ago +25

      I doubt the errors are real, His projects are well thought out, The "accident" are for educational purposes.

    • redfive2008
      redfive2008 2 months ago +5

      I sometimes think of it as electrical engineering via the slapstick method.

  • ][
    ][ Month ago

    Hi mehdi i just took Electronics Major in college but my family cant afford Multi tester. I hope you have give away for it. Hoping this will be noticed

  • Commenter
    Commenter 24 days ago

    Love the idea of an electronics starter bundle. Wish it had a cool instructions booklet though with some basic experiments, tips and tricks :D

  • Marcin Bąk
    Marcin Bąk Month ago

    when you live outside of US and your currency is 5 time weaker, and in your country money to material goods converter is 3 time weaker so you must pay like whole paycheck so you can buy mehdi Electronics Kit

  • Random Rant
    Random Rant Month ago

    Marvel should cast mehdi as thor because he is the *real god of lightning*

  • cameron
    cameron 2 months ago +663

    More 101’s please.
    Also, you’ve inspired me to not live in shame of my unibrow anymore. Who cares what my wife says, I want to feel the wind in my brow fur

  • Ocealution
    Ocealution Month ago

    fun video would recommend

  • bustedbenz
    bustedbenz 24 days ago

    I never knew about this channel until I saw the collab with the slo-mo guys, but since I've been watching, this is hands-down the best one I've seen so far. I can't stop laughing :D

  • M S
    M S Month ago +1

    Orders world wide but it doesn't support (220..240)V, does it?

  • jetpackjbd
    jetpackjbd 2 months ago

    This was very easy to follow, thank you!

  • cazz
    cazz Month ago +2

    Im learning alot from this guy i admire how he teaches us electronics maybe someday ill be like him

  • Srilal Sachintha
    Srilal Sachintha Month ago

    My man here making IED's with Proximity triggers

  • Kitsune Lucy
    Kitsune Lucy 4 days ago

    Hey electroboom, I’ve been watching your vids from different accounts (my own an my mom’s) for a long time… to be precise, since grade 8… back then I used to watch only for the funny moments….. and now that I’ve finished grade 12… I can proudly say that I understand all the formulas and concepts used and that your vids are really good from an educational point of view
    Keep booming 😊😊✌🏻✌🏻❤️❤️