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$70,000 Extreme Hide And Seek - Challenge


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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  2 years ago +80728

    Subscribe and I might invite you next time ;)

  • TheLastChip
    TheLastChip 2 years ago +33328

    Imagine if they found someone that wasn't a hider

  • Cookiemonster
    Cookiemonster Month ago +350

    Blizzard: exists
    Jimmy: sun hat and merch hoodie

  • Dog
    Dog Month ago +727

    Mr. Beast: "Karl we're coming for you"
    Karl: "Why me??"
    Chandler: "I'm with Karl"

  • Toasty Toad
    Toasty Toad Month ago +140

    clap it up for chandler bro didnt snitch on karl

  • Dino Mati Gamer
    Dino Mati Gamer Month ago +106

    Soy el primer comentario en español vamos gracias a mr beast por traducir sus videos y espero que sigas siendo muy humilde y ayudes a los demas

  • lowkeyvibes
    lowkeyvibes 2 years ago +5611

    if there was a prize for second place, Karl would be a millionare

    • Alexis Sitzman
      Alexis Sitzman 9 months ago


    • jiska edel
      jiska edel 10 months ago

      so true... yet so sad

    • Daisy Yanto
      Daisy Yanto 10 months ago

      @Heavenly Kuhon who spoiled it?

    • RE4L1TYY
      RE4L1TYY 11 months ago

      @laycie fanguy 😱‼️

    • laycie fanguy
      laycie fanguy 11 months ago +1

      @RE4L1TYY we are looking at the comments cuz we have the right to according to king potato 🥔

  • ghostbunny
    ghostbunny Month ago +28

    Karl : " yes we can!"
    Me : some hope finally!

  • giftofnothing
    giftofnothing Month ago +55

    Chris "I feel a strong pull to this spot" is he psychic!?

  • George Michel
    George Michel Month ago +17

    I’d love to to do this but they should of invited Nolan I’m a huge fan

  • itsVanezaYT
    itsVanezaYT Month ago +39

    bro I feel bad for Karl man 😭

  • Princejaredford
    Princejaredford 2 years ago +36735

    Dude Chandler is such a homie, he kept Karl secret

  • Aryan
    Aryan Month ago +18

    cody keeps jinxing himself

  • Meloman Gaming
    Meloman Gaming Month ago +25

    8:38 ain’t that fiberglass😭

  • Tamara Gutierrez
    Tamara Gutierrez Month ago +2

    amazing mr beast

  • Lasith Hettiarachchi
    Lasith Hettiarachchi Month ago +11

    This is hilarious 😂❤

  • i do stuff
    i do stuff Year ago +3224

    Let’s take a moment to appreciate the chandler Karl friendship

  • Afiada
    Afiada Month ago +10

    Eu torcendo pelo Karl...

  • Thandekile Moyo
    Thandekile Moyo Month ago +36

    Chandler who eats at this current moment when people are near your area, I'M STILL A HUGE FAN

  • SidneyBates
    SidneyBates Month ago +32

    I always feel so bad for Karl he has those puppy eyes :D ♥

  • Aymen Doubal
    Aymen Doubal Month ago +2

    I am an Algerian Arab, and how much I wish I could see, even if only for one time. I see Mr. Beast. I don't need money. I just see Mr. Beast and open a conversation with him.

  • Jed Spinks
    Jed Spinks 2 years ago +11203

    Kelly: *hides in something extremely toxic* “it’s a bit itchy”

    • kris fitz
      kris fitz Year ago

      I was looking for this comment thanks 😂😂😂

    • Jared H
      Jared H Year ago

      @Hammy Of Doom Ikr lmao what are they talking about , ‘toxic’ usually implies the ability to cause death. There’s no evidence of long term long damage from it, and I couldn’t find any record of deaths besides a mysterious case of 4 people lmao.

    • Random Alt
      Random Alt Year ago

      It’s wool and glass shards

    • Hammy Of Doom
      Hammy Of Doom Year ago

      @LtBreezy that doesn’t mean it’s toxic

    • ACruelAdriansThesis
      ACruelAdriansThesis Year ago

      @Kelly Nguyen wait tf r u actually kelly

  • Základní škola Velehrad

    Мне нравиться что он заплатил за переклади спасибо MrBeast

  • Forris
    Forris Month ago +10

    Poor Chandler.

  • Fadil Zaki Pamungkas
    Fadil Zaki Pamungkas Month ago +4

    16:13 so funny 🤣

  • gus no oficial
    gus no oficial Month ago +1

    Eres increible mr best me pregunto de donde sacas tanto dinero 🤩🤩🤩🤑🤑🤑

  • marks ābeltiņš
    marks ābeltiņš 2 years ago +2788

    Man this looks so fun, even if there wouldn't be a prize i would still participate and have a blast

  • Sven Günther
    Sven Günther Month ago +4

    Ich würde so gerne mitmachen das könnte so viel verändern :o

  • Claudia Clark
    Claudia Clark Month ago +6

    I feel so sorry for karl

  • Jaz.
    Jaz. Month ago +6

    Karl, confío en ti otra vez, yo sé que ganarás eres bueno en ésto, igual si ganas o pierdes modificaré el comentario, ¡VAMOS KARL!

  • Miqueias de Matos
    Miqueias de Matos Month ago +2

    Existe prova que as crianças têm mais energia que os adultos

  • Peace Man
    Peace Man 2 years ago +6706

    *_MrBeast will have the coolest stories to tell when he’s a grandfather..._*

    • Mary Javarez
      Mary Javarez 10 months ago

      How do you know he is even gonna have children??

    • Srk Sharma
      Srk Sharma 10 months ago

      To Show*

    • Jasmine Gardner
      Jasmine Gardner 10 months ago

      True dat

    • plvjhvj
      plvjhvj 10 months ago

      This was 2 years ago it might be legit

    • deez nuts
      deez nuts 10 months ago

      his grandkids will prob think these graphics suck

  • Axx TR
    Axx TR Month ago

    ILove MR.Beast!

  • Caty 3031
    Caty 3031 Month ago +2

    for a second i thought yes theory had a snake around his neck

  • tamanya mwandila
    tamanya mwandila Month ago +3

    Love Carl ❤ is so sweet

  • Yudi Arvi
    Yudi Arvi Month ago +4

    6:42 look the door hahahah

  • Mordi
    Mordi 2 years ago +27797

    “Why is everyone walking, is there a speed limit?”

    • Brooke McCollett
      Brooke McCollett Year ago


    • Kaylee S
      Kaylee S Year ago

      don't forget NERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    • Deepak
      Deepak Year ago

      Words of a wise man

    • lucilfer
      lucilfer Year ago

      @RealJayden the f7ck?

    • lucilfer
      lucilfer Year ago

      @Lina what-💀

  • Model A Shane
    Model A Shane Month ago +5

    Yoooo this chick hid in fiberglass….

  • Dumb and Dumber
    Dumb and Dumber Month ago +8

    Chandler and Karl are such a loyal powerhouse combo, they always bring it as a team

  • Zackary Edoin Villeneuve

    MrBeast i love you

  • R.PUTRA123@
    R.PUTRA123@ Month ago

    hey mr.beast you must uphold the country in Indonesia

  • leemYT
    leemYT 2 years ago +3230

    Chandler waiting for the billion dollar challenge so he can show his true power

    AMEGASTER Month ago +5

    pls send karl 130000$😂 He tried

  • Caro Montes De Oca
    Caro Montes De Oca Month ago

    Me encanta tus videos soy una niña 👧 de 8 años

  • Erin Wilcox
    Erin Wilcox Month ago +1

    I love you guys

  • Locke Locke
    Locke Locke Month ago +1

    I know it’s been 2 years but I have both of the mr beast dragons

  • fishing lots
    fishing lots 2 years ago +1105

    Chris: that would of been a good hiding spot
    everyone watching: that was the first spot you guys looked

  • life with Sonia Abid
    life with Sonia Abid Month ago +1

    Hello I'm From Pakistan ❤️ I love your videos

  • Craig Sutherland
    Craig Sutherland 27 days ago +2

    Let’s take a moment to appreciate Chanler and Karl’s friendship

  • Ereska(Анна Кирпич)

    Обожаю тебя!

  • GO_siblings1
    GO_siblings1 Month ago +26

    I loved it when Jimmy said, " We are coming for you Karl " and Karl is so angry and chandler is just mindless and says, " Im with Karl"

  • Syr0x
    Syr0x 2 years ago +1495

    Imagine if they find someone that wasn’t a hider xD

    • Qrbital
      Qrbital 2 years ago

      You just stole this and added 'xD' st the end

    • paperbagman
      paperbagman 2 years ago

      ANTT 999 I watched it, sucked

    • X Tominy
      X Tominy 2 years ago

      There are 3 of these comments all stolen -_-

    • Noor ahmed
      Noor ahmed 2 years ago


    • Gold-198
      Gold-198 2 years ago +1

      Hope they don’t find the guy in my basement

  • enisengin karabulut

    mr beast my favorite

  • Jordeke Rojas
    Jordeke Rojas Month ago +6

    Alguien mas extrañara esta voz? :(

  • Mohamed Mansour
    Mohamed Mansour Month ago

    at first i thought they found tom

  • Ash The fox  ;b
    Ash The fox ;b Month ago +1

    I love Chris 's pants😆

  • Raffie H
    Raffie H 2 years ago +1591

    I love how no matter the weather, Jimmy is always wearing his funny little straw hat.

  • itz.Alinochka💕
    itz.Alinochka💕 Month ago +3

    Какой ты прекрасный

  • Arbaz khalid
    Arbaz khalid Month ago +2

    Love from Pakistan 🌺

  • lxnwwr
    lxnwwr Month ago

    Жора легенда

  • Ten_Tatt
    Ten_Tatt Month ago +1

    Tyler love your food

  • Don’t watch my videos you will regret it

    *Put everybody in a different room and last to leave the room wins. That way they won’t know when others have left and how long they need to stay*

    • lucilfer
      lucilfer Year ago

      @Zai toga?

    • lucilfer
      lucilfer Year ago

      @Tiffariff walking w

    • lucilfer
      lucilfer Year ago

      @Rokka LMAFO

    • S801gaming
      S801gaming 2 years ago

      Wait wtf? Saw this twice

    • Chase Potter
      Chase Potter 2 years ago

      Don’t watch my videos you will regret it that’s evil but smart

  • MiNa
    MiNa Month ago +1

    am i the only one that still watch these videos and saw a shrek in the toilet

  • ting ting
    ting ting Month ago

    saya sangat suka mr beast karena memiliki bahasa Indonesia

  • Ren
    Ren Month ago

    Jimmy : yippe kiy!. (checks spot) yaye?

  • Axel Ramadge
    Axel Ramadge Month ago

    why do your trucks look beautiful

  • Zombie Roadkill
    Zombie Roadkill 2 years ago +2093

    Chandler: "why is everyone walking."
    "Is there a speed limit."

  • Albert Game
    Albert Game Month ago +3

    Quiero ir 😂

  • YT Abilll
    YT Abilll Month ago

    Chan chan:"mau nongkrong nanti malam"
    Chris:"maaf aku sibuk nanti malam"

  • Andrew Day
    Andrew Day Month ago

    Why 70,000 dollars?

  • Леонид Егоров

    This song at the end is the most beautiful

  • Feing
    Feing 2 years ago +1229

    Everyone : Staying in their house to avoid getting coronavirus *
    MrBeast : Nope, Coronavirus won't find us

  • Muhammad Al
    Muhammad Al Month ago

    I love Carl because he is pity😔

  • Paul Higdon
    Paul Higdon 2 months ago +15

    Chick was really hiding in fiber glass insulation 💀

    • ඞ
       2 months ago


  • Reski Jaya
    Reski Jaya Month ago

    Ilove mrbeast🇲🇨

  • حسن عمر
    حسن عمر Month ago +1

    The best way 🥰

  • Maddyston.e
    Maddyston.e 2 years ago +533

    Chandler: why’s everyone walking, is there a speed limit?

  • amazing facts
    amazing facts Month ago +2

    16:05 Chris 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Iyad Chanawi
    Iyad Chanawi Month ago +1

    رائع 😎

  • José Vilchez Shorts
    José Vilchez Shorts Month ago +3

    Ahora está en español 😎❤️

    DADAŞ BEY DADAŞ BEY Month ago +1

    beautiful content with continuity from each other MR BEAST 👑
    you really do this job well

  • Nick0la
    Nick0la Year ago +3375

    Everybody gangster till they find someone who ain't playing..

  • Bang Anh
    Bang Anh Month ago

    I entered the event and got dragon Mr beast

  • itto_766
    itto_766 Month ago

    Pauvre Chandler mon préféré

  • Minecraft Bro's
    Minecraft Bro's Month ago

    Imagine being the last found

  • جعفر العبادي


  • Don’t watch my videos you will regret it

    *Put everybody in a different room and last to leave the room wins. That way they won’t know when others have left and how long they need to stay*

    • NN98B
      NN98B 2 years ago

      That's actually really brilliant hahaha

    • Donut Addict
      Donut Addict 2 years ago

      That's evil

    • BlaZe
      BlaZe 2 years ago


    • *. Jen .*
      *. Jen .* 2 years ago +1

      This was actually copied-

    • junction road
      junction road 2 years ago

      Some people just want to watch the world burn

  • Mayara
    Mayara 20 days ago +1

    o chandler e o chris são meus favoritos

  • 텐확
    텐확 Month ago

    2:29 Shrek? what's going on...

  • Jenuin Frog Man Styles - 803 Garage

    This would be so much fun!!!!!!!😂 ❤

  • Sihana Kadriu
    Sihana Kadriu 12 days ago

    I honestly wanted Karl to win
    But I felt the sadness when he got found

  • TheLastChip
    TheLastChip 2 years ago +30486

    Imagine if they found someone thar wasn't a hider

  • John Harjo
    John Harjo Month ago

    If Karl got a dollar for everytime he got second place and lost, he'd be richer than Jeff Bezos

  • CYINY Ckd
    CYINY Ckd Month ago

    Orang kaya😎💸💵

  • Лойс Тв
    Лойс Тв Month ago


  • Saif Csc
    Saif Csc Month ago


  • Morally Grayson
    Morally Grayson Year ago +1794

    Kelly laying in Fiberglass with no care in the world is a mood-

    • Cute kitty 63
      Cute kitty 63 Month ago

      There is a chance that it could be asbestos insulation bc they still used it around the time that the park opened which was 1961

    • bzuku
      bzuku Year ago +1

      @Calven Muswagon google's free

    • Morally Grayson
      Morally Grayson Year ago +2

      @Calven Muswagon Stuff they put in ceilings and walls for insulation- it’s really bad if you lay in it for too long or breathe it in

    • Calven Muswagon
      Calven Muswagon Year ago +1

      Wats Fiberglass?

    • legit_Astra
      legit_Astra Year ago

      @Insanely Alice same

  • Duy Bình
    Duy Bình Month ago

    So funny

  • emre berk
    emre berk Month ago


  • TürkSigma
    TürkSigma Month ago

    Ben olsam paralırı alır kaçarım