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Conan Confronts Jordan Schlansky About His Cameos | Team Coco

  • Published on Oct 17, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Conan discovers that his "professional irritant" Jordan Schlansky has been selling personalized video messages on Cameo.
    Get a Cameo from Jordan: www.cameo.com/jordanschlansky
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  • Darth LT4
    Darth LT4 11 months ago +6114

    Jordan voicing all of our frustration at how long it’s taking Conan to come back is something I didn’t know I needed

    • NDE108
      NDE108 11 months ago +73

      Angry Jordan is best Jordan

    • SheppyGawdOG
      SheppyGawdOG 11 months ago +109

      Sona did less than Jordan, but she is on a Podcast, not a reduced salary, and now a Best Seller for a book about how she did less than Jordan.

    • Seesaw Massacre
      Seesaw Massacre 11 months ago +53

      What i like about this video is how Jordan came in so obviously prepared and, biting the hand that feeds him, tried to shame Conan, who calmly and laughingly dismantled him. There's definitely a Homer Simpson, Frank Grimes thing going on, if you've seen that episode.

    • Seesaw Massacre
      Seesaw Massacre 11 months ago +13

      @SheppyGawdOG Conan doesn't owe the guy anything. He's not doing anything; he's lucky to be getting paid at all. This is what's called biting the hand that feeds you, and is considered a foolish thing to do- even for a dog.

    • MarvinMarbles
      MarvinMarbles 11 months ago +42

      Jordan is the voice of the people right now. Finally someone said something like that and who would have guessed, it's Jordan.

  • Clarence838
    Clarence838 11 months ago +464

    7:08 - 7:50 I actually had tears from constant laughter. Between Conan's delivery and laughing, combined with the wheezing from behind the camera, I just couldn't take it lol. I love this duo and I hope that they will do a few more sketches. Conan's 28-year tenure was filled with golden comedy.

    • Rhysio Eren
      Rhysio Eren 11 months ago +16

      I'm going to extend that to 8:30, everybody is laughing in the back 😁.

  • Jacob Nienhuysen
    Jacob Nienhuysen 9 months ago +1830

    Jordan's life seems to be falling apart in various ways.

  • Matt Folse
    Matt Folse 11 months ago +2077

    Jordan’s mini rant from 2:14-2:43 was flawless 😂😂😂😂

    • Sean France
      Sean France 11 months ago +180

      He’s been holding that back for various years.

    • Dov Kushnir
      Dov Kushnir 10 months ago +32

      I just had to rewind it myself hahaha

    • Pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
      Pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 10 months ago +63

      Loved the bit about the different pronunciations of Caesar. Educational!

    • n1ko
      n1ko 5 months ago +3

      We are all thinking about it though? Where is the new show?

    • LionTamer211
      LionTamer211 5 months ago +11

      He went full Schlansky

  • D3Xt3rity
    D3Xt3rity 2 months ago +19

    I really love how even though this is a comedy bit, it’s still a great advertisement for Jordan’s Cameo. I think it really shows Conan cares about the people he works with

  • A
    A 11 months ago +516

    Jordan's cameo page is actually very impressive. He goes above and beyond for his videos.

  • Dave D
    Dave D 11 months ago +2279

    The fact that Coco is still paying his staff shows what an incredibly kind and generous person he is. Love this guy!

    • UnknownPlayer
      UnknownPlayer 11 months ago +15

      Any company that gets delete how they did has to pay them for some time after. Also if u get fire. Not if u quite/ leave the job

    • Jeremy C
      Jeremy C 11 months ago +256

      @UnknownPlayer It's been known that Conan has paid his staff during hiatuses even when he didn't have to.

    • Cristina F
      Cristina F 11 months ago +9

      @UnknownPlayer you could probably furlough people and then not have to pay them too.

    • Samantha Maynard
      Samantha Maynard 11 months ago +110

      This is not the same situation as it was when the Tonight Show debacle happened. His staff is much reduced. Only a few of the writers remain nominally employed. A few might be like Jordan, being paid to retain their services at a moment's notice, but the actual show crew has been disbanded, and the people in the Team Coco offices most likely left or had to find new positions if what they did couldn't translate to the (largely) podcast environment. This is not to suggest that Conan was cruel or stiffed people. Letting them go to find new work instead of having them on some kind of retainer is much kinder.

    • MarvinCZ
      MarvinCZ 11 months ago +9

      @UnknownPlayer That's generally not the case in the US. California is a bit better in employee protections but they can still fire people with a relatively short notice period.

  • Salman Khan
    Salman Khan 11 months ago +430

    Jordans ability to not bust out laughing and stay in character is truly a gift from the Gods. 😂

    • Post-Rock music is a religion!
      Post-Rock music is a religion! 7 months ago +43

      Because it's not a character. It's him.

    • TheShamansQuestion
      TheShamansQuestion 5 months ago +7

      David Montgomery If he's acting, he's an improv genius.

    • FinnGamble
      FinnGamble 5 months ago +26

      Jordan is pretty clearly on the spectrum. I bet he totally understands what’s happening, though, and is happy to play along.

    • TG PR
      TG PR 5 months ago +5

      ​@FinnGamble agreed, and many neurodivergent people do very well in show business. Everything about him is neuro-spicy

    • TheShamansQuestion
      TheShamansQuestion 5 months ago +1

      @FinnGamble yeah that's what I think it is. I don't get why everyone else seems to think that can't be true (i.e. only an act)

  • Jim Black
    Jim Black 9 months ago +83

    Jordan's deadpan delivery has always been classic....and I think Conan realizes that. These two should continue working together...hysterical stuff!

  • SalmanTheDon
    SalmanTheDon 11 months ago +38

    Conan should be a forever thing. The only talk show that actually makes me laugh

  • Nico Pillay
    Nico Pillay 11 months ago +144

    Jordan was so hilarious in this bit. The bickering and banter was top tier.

    • Tong Le
      Tong Le 11 months ago +11

      Jordan is really struggling financially. This is not a bit.

    • William C
      William C 5 months ago

      @Tong Le How do you know this?

    • Marc H
      Marc H 4 months ago +3

      @William C He really does have a cameo account and is active on it (236 reviews), so I think that pretty much proves it. Can't imagine though that someone with his skills and experience can't work elsewhere.

  • Draven
    Draven 8 months ago +27

    One of the absolute greatest comic duos in American history.

  • John R.
    John R. 11 months ago +2583

    Conan needs to make a comeback in television as soon as possible. The world needs healing!

    • Alan manRick
      Alan manRick 11 months ago +80

      Agreed. I love the podcast. It’s my favorite one and has been for years. I would love to see him continue his travel show. Those were gold.

    • Mad Titan
      Mad Titan 11 months ago +52

      It’s insane that they haven’t gotten Jordan on the podcast 😂😂

    • Anal Commando
      Anal Commando 11 months ago +59

      a sitcom where Conan, Sona and Jordan live together in a small apartment.

    • David Oliveira
      David Oliveira 11 months ago +8

      "Healing the World with Comedy..."
      (Lyrics from Bo Burnham)

    • Anthony Schultz
      Anthony Schultz 11 months ago

      There is no television anymore

  • Danny J.
    Danny J. 6 months ago +25

    This Conan and Joran Schlansky duo has (in my mind) developed into one of the best comedy duo of all time. They are both perfect for each other and MUST become a permanent component in whatever Conan does. I have seen EVERYTHING these two have produced multiple times and would love to see more. Please and Thank you!!! (PAY HIM CONAN!!!)

  • Aljunaid Baunto
    Aljunaid Baunto 11 months ago +130

    Jordan showing various emotion in this video shows he's really come a very long way

  • TheBrendanzn
    TheBrendanzn 11 months ago +46

    The crazy thing is that this thing with them as a comedic duo probably spawned randomly in Conan's offices, yet they are probably as good as any of the other "star" duos out there! Absolutely the kind of thing you'd expect out of Conan and Co 😎 This was beyond hilarious btw, one of their best together 😂😂

    • Neolexious Neolexian
      Neolexious Neolexian 4 months ago +1

      Lol Conan himself was just some random writer that they plucked out of his office one day and gave a show to, so I guess that fits.

  • Jimmy R
    Jimmy R 11 months ago +35

    This interview had me rolling on the ground. BRING JORDAN BACK, BRING JORDAN BACK, WE WANT JORDAN! Give Jordan his salary back! He’s such a big part of the show. TEAMCOCO won’t rise again without Jordan.

  • Pax Vostrum
    Pax Vostrum 11 months ago +1676

    The way Jordan throws in his encyclopedic information in the middle of the argument is priceless

  • Márcia Simões
    Márcia Simões 7 months ago +7

    I’ve been watching Conan do his magic since I was 11, I’m turning 29 tomorrow and here I am watching him still. I identify myself with Conan’s humor and intelligence and it’s a bless to be alive in his era. My ultimate dream since a kid is to meet him. Love from Portugal ❤

  • highwind6325
    highwind6325 6 months ago +12

    Many of the videos over the last few years were a little too mean-spirited for me but this was a return to form, love when Jordan fights back because he doesn't seem weak and Conan is at his best when he's on the defensive!!

  • Ann Johnson
    Ann Johnson 11 months ago +17

    OMG ... these two make my day! I agree, it's time for a new show! 😊

  • Axel H
    Axel H 10 months ago +8

    Ah good to see them both. Wasn't expecting them on top of their game but God got tears running. A genius Conan. Looking forward to his triumphant return 2044!

  • Silverlicious
    Silverlicious 11 months ago +8

    These two are one of the funniest inter-show teams ever. Conan will be over 100 years old and driving around with Kevin Hart smoking a doobie with Jordan in the back seat.

  • Steven A
    Steven A 11 months ago +1529

    I think one of the sweetest things about this whole thing is that it is obviously just an ad for Jordan’s Cameo page. And if you read the reviews, his work ethic and the reason Conan has kept him around for 20 years is blatantly clear…he works his ass off and takes his responsibilities incredibly seriously.

    • frolickinglions
      frolickinglions 11 months ago +53

      Yeah, whenever I watch one of these videos of Conan roasting Jordan essentially for his neurodivergence it makes me uncomfortable. However, this does seem like a plug for Jordan's Cameo so 🤷‍♀.

    • Otothe J
      Otothe J 11 months ago +245

      @frolickinglions if you look carefully, Jordan is about to burst to laugh like 80% of this video. I'm sure they had a blast writing this one. :D

    • frolickinglions
      frolickinglions 11 months ago +22

      @Otothe J I hope so. Being constantly berated for being who you are gets tiring.

    • frolickinglions
      frolickinglions 11 months ago +7

      @Sean O'Sullivan Let's hope so.

    • Dustin Carbonera, Designer
      Dustin Carbonera, Designer 11 months ago +47

      Let me slightly correct this: "VARIOUS TASKS and responsibilities" LOL

  • RockNRoll
    RockNRoll 11 months ago +8

    Jordan should have his own show... with Conan as his first guest. This duo is iconic.

  • Dagney Taggart
    Dagney Taggart 11 months ago +1

    LOVE THIS! Conan is by FAR the funniest late night host ever and does the internet better than any of them! M clearly his staff adore him and deeply loyal. Love any and all Jordan + Conan bits!

  • Chad Barr
    Chad Barr 5 months ago +2

    Conan and Jordan's simmering resentment with each other and life is comedy gold. As to the merits, Jordan has a point that Conan's lambasting of his work ethic has not helped his chances of finding another production job in the entertainment industry. However, when most cable or network TV shows cease to exist, everyone employed by the show loses their job entirely. Conan is a quite a sweetheart to keep some of his employees on at half salary. Jordan is a full grown adult, and many people suffer far worse from their employers than mild reputational damage: workplace injury, harassment, etc. With some networking and effort, he might be able to find another entertainment industry job, or, if not, another job outside the entertainment industry (which is probably what Jordan's wife is saying to him, which is why it gets Jordan so upset when Conan says it). There are many people working jobs or second jobs they hate in their 30s, 40s and 50s, and a half salary to do nothing is a perfect platform to find one. A swift kick in the ass might do Jordan some good. Also, if Jordan thinks everything that has happened to him to this point is bad just wait until he has start paying for his and his wife's divorce attorney which is what happens next.

  • Brad
    Brad 10 months ago +6

    i can't get enough of Conan and Jordan! it's comedy gold!

  • Captain
    Captain 10 months ago +8

    Conans reactions to Jordan always makes me feel Jordan is coming up with everything on the spot.

  • Low Key Sound System
    Low Key Sound System 11 months ago +1896

    The uncontrolled off-camera laughter is the icing on the cake. 🤣

    • Tony with a T
      Tony with a T 11 months ago +11

      It really was

    • I'mThatGuy Ace
      I'mThatGuy Ace 11 months ago +39

      Thats how you know its authentic

    • poopoo
      poopoo 11 months ago +61

      aaron bleyaert maybe?

    • psy0rz
      psy0rz 11 months ago +14

      i love it but it also make me realise i miss a public, actually laughing

    • Chris
      Chris 11 months ago +5

      @poopoo oooo great call, yes

  • Babu Babu
    Babu Babu 11 months ago +6

    Goodness, I laughed so hard my stomach hurts and I'm crying 🤣 Love u guys! I hope to see you on tv again!! The guy laughing in the back made me laugh even harder. Holy crap it feels like I've done sit ups 😂😂

  • jason kinzie
    jason kinzie 7 months ago +34

    Conan yelling out, "You're gold brickin Johnny! Get off you're ass!" , had me crying tears of laughter for like 5 minutes!

  • tj lg
    tj lg 5 months ago +1

    Conan has been my favorite host since I first saw him back in the 90s. He’s just a natural at it. Jordan has been such a great addition

  • Bobby Rudasill
    Bobby Rudasill 11 months ago +4

    I know Conan and Sona are good together. But these two are pure comedy gold! More Jordan!!

  • Scott Baker
    Scott Baker 11 months ago +2

    I never thought I'd feel sorry for Jordan Schlansky, but this video made me do just that. Conan really did publicly humiliate him several time, and Jordan took it like a champ.

  • Thr33XGaming
    Thr33XGaming 11 months ago +3195

    Jordan roasting the crap out of Conan is my favorite new wrinkle to their relationship.

    • Jacob Gilbert
      Jacob Gilbert 11 months ago +15

      New? Conans been roasting Jordan for years lol

    • SKtheCheF
      SKtheCheF 11 months ago +4

      I really enjoyed that

    • NetherWolf🇺🇦
      NetherWolf🇺🇦 11 months ago +135

      @Jacob Gilbert read his comment again, but real slowly

    • team 89er
      team 89er 11 months ago +2

      yeah but what does he do at Conan ?

    • Edgy Eggplant
      Edgy Eggplant 11 months ago +2

      Its surprising because he does absolutely nothing

  • BillyBobTurtle
    BillyBobTurtle 11 months ago +13

    "Do you think you can come back 5 years later and people will care?"
    He's actually not wrong
    The longer it takes Conan to come back, the hardest it will be for him to have people to care

    • carcharodonoodle
      carcharodonoodle 7 months ago +4

      nah just look at chappelle. conan's got that pull.

  • cgbj24
    cgbj24 11 months ago +5

    Jordan as guest on Conan's podcast will be the most played, most downloaded episode they'll ever have. Please make that happen Team Coco!

  • Adomingo2
    Adomingo2 10 months ago +6

    The only thing missing from this is a laughing audience. Conan is also such a good guy. This is a commercial for Jordan' Cameo

  • ForAllThe StupidShit
    ForAllThe StupidShit 11 months ago +2

    I love their dynamic so much. It is hysterical to me that I don't know if they actually hate each other.

  • QuantumBraced
    QuantumBraced 11 months ago +2061

    "Are you claiming you've publicly sullied my reputation to the point where I'm unemployable yet owe me nothing in return?". The man is sharp.

    • Played Out
      Played Out 11 months ago +114

      He has a point.

    • Ch6ken
      Ch6ken 11 months ago +48

      Gotta feel bad for him I had no idea

    • N
      N 11 months ago +23

      I read this comment as Jordan was saying that, and it was like subtitle serendipity

    • Daz Cleveland
      Daz Cleveland 9 months ago +32

      going by this I think Jordan is also expecting an inheritance from Conan's Will LOL

    • Adam Aza
      Adam Aza 8 months ago +27

      “I’m just asking” shows how brilliant Jordan really is

  • Lisa Beckstrom
    Lisa Beckstrom 11 months ago +2

    Priceless, these two are hilarious together!! Love their dynamic. Haha 😂 👍🔥❤

  • The North Remembers
    The North Remembers 9 months ago +2

    It’s an incredible thing how they can keep a straight face while filming these bits😂

  • Feuer Ungeheuer
    Feuer Ungeheuer 5 months ago +3

    An angry Jordan makes some fine comedian. One of the funniest bits with Jordan I ever saw. My jaw hurts from laughing and I appreciate it in various ways.

  • Abet Almanza
    Abet Almanza 11 months ago +2

    a Conan and Jordan banter is always gold.

  • ThePowerOfAngel
    ThePowerOfAngel 7 months ago +7

    It makes me nostalgic seeing the old versions of these two. And it makes me sad as well despite it being not sad, its just life.

  • operation B.E.N
    operation B.E.N 11 months ago +1019

    So glad we're still getting some Conan/Jordan vids, even if it's just them chilling in a room

    • capatasio
      capatasio 11 months ago +6

      *sees jordan and connan yelling at ech other for 10 minutes... oh yea chilling* u srs hahaha

    • Chelsea A.
      Chelsea A. 11 months ago

      @capatasio 9999l

    • Jef Willemsen
      Jef Willemsen 11 months ago +1

      Seeing them together is definitely chilling, yes.

    • Lanwarder
      Lanwarder 11 months ago

      Most rooms are pretty chilling once Jordan walks in.....Oh wait, that's not what you've said :p. (I love him for it, I do think the guy is hilarious :p)

    • Elijah Neal
      Elijah Neal 11 months ago +2

      Poor Jordan 😂

  • Loyal Lion
    Loyal Lion 3 months ago +35

    Conan: "You and I are friends."
    Jordan: "Okay."

  • Kevin Frey
    Kevin Frey 11 months ago +2

    Jordan is worth his weight in gold. I cry laughing throughout these bits, both sides slay me every time. I miss like 75% of the visual because my eyes are forced closed from convulsive laughing. Jordan = Pilkington (Ricky Gervais’s muse).

  • RawAutos Garage
    RawAutos Garage 11 months ago

    I need to hear people laughing at this more in the background. Hearing everyone laugh is the best part of this.

  • Henrik K
    Henrik K 2 months ago

    Jordan was Conans sidkick that everybody liked😂 Conan become 100% funnier with Jordan. I would pay to see Conan and Jordan on vacation.

  • Matt Vincent
    Matt Vincent 11 months ago +6

    I just received one for my birthday and it was 4 minutes of brilliance. Thank you, Mr. Shlansky.

  • DJ Dizzy
    DJ Dizzy 11 months ago +1582

    Jordan's Roman emperor rant had me in stitches, it had Conan in stitches too.

    • clever username
      clever username 11 months ago +61

      It _always_ comes back to Italy with Jordan. All roads really do lead to Rome.

    • cloudglider
      cloudglider 11 months ago +11

      That was by far his most amazing rant

    • wuziq
      wuziq 11 months ago +9

      @clever username underrated comment lol

    • Johnny Blaze
      Johnny Blaze 11 months ago +14

      It was the sub rant of the improper, non Latin pronunciation of Caesar included with his main rant that had me rolling.
      Even in the middle of a rant, he couldn't resist the opportunity to denounce bastardized versions of anything that is not authentically Italian. 😂😂

  • Dan Iel
    Dan Iel Month ago

    An entire show could be made about Jordan and Conan, traveling the world.
    China, Russia, Africa, Jordan would always have good insights.
    Far better watch than a talk show or podcast with celebrities.

  • Janet Rodriguez
    Janet Rodriguez 5 months ago +1

    I cannot watch these two without laughing so hard I have an asthma attack.... Oh guys, thank you!

  • stanford 95060
    stanford 95060 11 months ago

    I’m so glad there was a follow-up to the recent video (where Conan lamented about wanting to see the old, rather younger, Jordan). Once again, thanks to Conan, Jordan, and everyone else at Team Coco. I thoroughly enjoyed this!

  • Jan edward Manibay
    Jan edward Manibay 10 months ago +637

    His rant felt... real.

    • sanjida siddiqi1
      sanjida siddiqi1 6 months ago +31

      It is.

    • Jay Lowry
      Jay Lowry 5 months ago +18

      Because it was

    • M e i a
      M e i a 5 months ago +4

      all of his skits makes him look unemployable.... unless he switch to comedy/actor.

    • Jan edward Manibay
      Jan edward Manibay 5 months ago +26

      I think at some point in the video Conan realized this and he had to calm him down and tone down his douchey antic a bit.

  • FMFvideos
    FMFvideos 11 months ago

    the guy behind the camera couldn't stop laughing, he is really putting some effort to keep his job

  • Tom Lee
    Tom Lee 11 months ago +769

    Conan has no show and is still churning out the funniest segments out of any talk show. 😭

    • Shaun Seow
      Shaun Seow 11 months ago +24

      And his staff are still sticking with him in spite of that, is a testament of what a good boss he is.

    • AVATR
      AVATR 11 months ago +4


  • Dan H.
    Dan H. 2 months ago

    It's good to see Jordan finally push back at Conan after all the hard work he hasn't put in for him.

  • Rados Hlubiński
    Rados Hlubiński 7 months ago

    I wish I had a Friend like this😂😂😂 Love the pure emotions of Those two

  • mllop aeet
    mllop aeet 11 months ago +1

    It would be priceless if Jordan and Conan included a longer version of their Italian wine tasting podcast.

  • Riddhesh
    Riddhesh 5 months ago +3

    I don't know if it's a common norm but Conan still paying his old staff seems so nice to me even if it's just retainer of some sort.

  • Cheesecake
    Cheesecake 11 months ago

    It’s weird hearing Conan without the unanimous audience laughter… funny thing, is that it STILL WORKS!!!!

  • BadHombre
    BadHombre 11 months ago +1677

    This is Jordans funniest cry for help yet

    • George Kirby
      George Kirby 11 months ago +68

      Hilarious and sad. It made me run through the full gamut of various human emotions.

    • Lisa Lei
      Lisa Lei 11 months ago +4

      @George Kirby oh relax.

    • George Kirby
      George Kirby 11 months ago +87

      @Lisa Lei yes, relaxation is one method I use to prepare my body for the day.

    • Andy Blacksmith
      Andy Blacksmith 11 months ago +7

      @George Kirby do you have various others?

    • The Truth
      The Truth 11 months ago +8

      This is way funnier than I could have expected. His timing has become so good over the years.

  • duberdurm
    duberdurm 10 months ago +1

    All they have to do is make a show with them going places together. That's it.

  • shockwave68516
    shockwave68516 2 months ago

    These 2 might be the greatest comedic minds of all time.

  • Michael Kupfer
    Michael Kupfer 3 months ago +5

    Poor Jordan, you can feel the Anger as his life has fallen apart😢

  • Ranjit Mene
    Ranjit Mene 8 months ago

    Love it! Conan is the king of late night!

  • Christopher Arreola
    Christopher Arreola 11 months ago

    I love Jordan Schlansky skits, so damn hilarious.

  • Spectre Cular
    Spectre Cular 11 months ago +585

    What I love most about Jordan is that he's only half acting. It makes his improv that much more flawless, since he can just be an exaggerated version of himself in front of the camera and any "hit and misses" he has is easily filled in by Conan. They really are a great duo

  • Ant G
    Ant G 5 months ago

    I wish we could get a behind the scenes or some outtakes of all the Jordan and Conan bits over the years

  • ladychips
    ladychips 11 months ago +2

    i just need a reality show with these two! Preferably a travle themed one

  • Ben Sheppard
    Ben Sheppard 14 days ago

    I would legit watch a show with both of them always on. I think Jordan is almost the perfect straight man to Conans comedy.

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams 11 months ago +1

    I flipping love Jordan, hes so dry and his knife cuts deep lmao give me some Conan and Jordan segments every week 🤣🤣🤣 I also dig the gaming stuff w Aaron lol

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 11 months ago +2434

    Jordan is such a comedy legend

  • hb74803
    hb74803 6 months ago +2

    Jordan and Conan are the best comedy duo. 😂😂😂

  • PiNG is life
    PiNG is life 11 months ago +2

    My favorite comedic duo still killing it.

  • dogz
    dogz 10 months ago +2

    i love how jordan treats him as an equal whereas most of the other people on his staff act passive or subordinate.

  • Sean O'Reilly
    Sean O'Reilly 10 months ago +1

    Conans brand of silliness is so needed right now. No politics, just laughs..please come back conan

  • David Kedrowski
    David Kedrowski 3 months ago

    Greatest duo ever. Pure gold.

  • Matthew Dent
    Matthew Dent 11 months ago +708

    I am happy to admit that I purchased a Cameo from Jordan Schlansky and it is the greatest thing I have ever wasted money on.

    • Gilligan McNeuter
      Gilligan McNeuter 11 months ago +93

      Very kind of you to help him with his leg amputation fund

    • Killian
      Killian 11 months ago +30

      I’m glad you helped with pay his rent since conan isn’t

    • Lynn St Laurent
      Lynn St Laurent 11 months ago +60

      Did you get the $9.99 discount?

    • shirkisa
      shirkisa 11 months ago +94

      Did he entertain you in various ways?

    • emilio dimitri
      emilio dimitri 11 months ago +37

      good on you, i'm sure Jordan before the cameo prepared his body in various ways

  • irwin leonardo
    irwin leonardo 15 days ago

    Come on! Do a show already!! Even going to McDonald's is a funny show already 😂

  • Henrik Axelsson
    Henrik Axelsson 11 months ago

    Thank you Conan and Jordan for making these ones keep coming

  • Max Jax
    Max Jax 2 months ago

    Oh man, just being themselves is funny, just being themselves together is double mint perfection.

  • userid00 00
    userid00 00 11 months ago

    I can watch a whole season with just Conan and Jordan traveling or just doing random things.

  • Nick Starkey
    Nick Starkey 11 months ago +2

    Jordan said “people find me humorous” so robotically 😂

    YEET BOI 11 months ago +370

    Conan and Jordan are genuinely hilarious together- not sanitised kind of TV funny but genuinely gold comedy from these two guys

    • rwo6211
      rwo6211 11 months ago +1

      @Yeet Boi - You nailed it. Exactly. This gold makes just about every scripted "comedy" sitcom (maybe outside of Big Bang and Office) for me just about unwatchable.

  • Carlos Gomez
    Carlos Gomez 11 months ago +2

    Lmao we need this two back on TV or here on Clip-Share as long as we get MOREEE!!!!!

  • Katie Orjonikidze-Casey

    Such a great comedian is Jordan. Bravo. Wish you the best.

  • Sobre Jornalismo
    Sobre Jornalismo  6 months ago +1

    felt sorry for Jordan. He's got a point about the public shaming and employment situation. Conan joked about a "hostage" situation on Cameo, but that's kinda what is at play here

  • Tim Wong
    Tim Wong 11 months ago +1

    Jordan is gold. I’d pay to see Jordan simply exist in his habitat.

  • jcmad5
    jcmad5 11 months ago +2

    Conan has stated that he actually doesn't know what Jordan does And while Jordan is annoying he has a lot of affection towards him since he been with him for so many years.

  • Luis Espinosa
    Luis Espinosa 11 months ago +377

    I need more of Conan traveling and doing improv 150% of the time, his office bits and without border series was comedy gold.

    • striped sweater
      striped sweater 11 months ago +7

      A Conan and Jordan travel show would be perfect

    • aj bizelle
      aj bizelle 11 months ago +1

      IS comedy gold dammit..........is...............................

    • David Marple
      David Marple 11 months ago

      Just pray to God above he doesn’t go someplace like CNN to do it.

    • Goaty McGoatface
      Goaty McGoatface 11 months ago

      we definitely need more CWB

  • flamendless
    flamendless 11 months ago +2

    Jordan randomly saying the actual pronunciation is hilarious 😂

  • S3rj
    S3rj 5 months ago +2

    Conan, what a legend, still playing Jordan to do nothing 😮

  • Peter Dellos
    Peter Dellos 5 months ago +1

    OMG I'm going to need a whole LOT more of these two!! YESSS!!!

  • TheVidaddict
    TheVidaddict 5 months ago +1

    That's not a character he is playing ... That's just him. And he meant every word of that rant. It's sad but thankfully hilarious.

  • Janka Rieben
    Janka Rieben 5 months ago

    I want Jordan to be real so bad, I still can’t tell if this is a character he’s doing, if it is it’s ingeniously done, I love ya Jordo!

  • Thomas
    Thomas 11 months ago +1

    I found myself laughing like Conan does with Bill Burr... I love Jordan