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Why can’t Germans take compliment?

  • Published on Jun 7, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Medusa
    Medusa 3 months ago +27228

    French people don't tolerate any France slander except if you're french yourself. It's a "No one can bully my sibling but me" kind of patriotism

    • Synka
      Synka 3 months ago +362

      with germans its not too unsimilar tbh, I hate germany but get irrationally mad at others talking shit about it

    • Valej
      Valej 3 months ago +535

      Untrue ! You're welcome to criticize everything about our country, please just specify that you're in Paris when you do so, most of the complaints usually are about Paris anyway. We're just tired of being associated with parisians. Would you go to New York, find a new Yorker rude and then go on the internet and tell everyone that AMERICANS are rude ? NO!
      You can trash talk our train system and our poor english as much as you like though, we do it ourselves.😂

    • Sk Chabauzinha
      Sk Chabauzinha 3 months ago +145

      ​@Valej While I completely agree with you about Paris being something of its own, when it comes to foreign criticism about the rest of France I do tend to be a bit defensive I'll admit, although I trash talk my city all the time xD

    • ~Riko~UwU
      ~Riko~UwU 3 months ago +24

      Same with asian countries lol asians r very patriotic

    • ThisNthaT
      ThisNthaT 3 months ago +13

      Like India!?😂😂😂😂

  • EmeraldViola
    EmeraldViola 2 months ago +1060

    Yes!!! And whenever someone says “German is so hard” to a German person they’re like “YES! YOU ARE CORRECT!” They love being humbled I swear.

    • hot damn!
      hot damn! 2 months ago +35

      That's because we can barely speak that language ourselves 😭 I haven't heard of a single native German who advised someone foreign to learn the language, and I've been to two language exchanges. I'm just glad it's my mother tongue, because I know dann well I wouldn't want to learn it

    • Bijyo
      Bijyo Month ago +7

      @hot damn!Well I’m American and I’m quite proud of the 3 German words I know lol 😌

    • P. Enis
      P. Enis 18 days ago +7

      "Deutsche Sprache schwere Sprache"

    • Robert
      Robert 13 days ago

      I’ve been learning for like a year and I still don’t really know what I’m doing lol. (Learning German)

  • katt
    katt 2 months ago +271

    In America it's 50/50 you get "patriots" who will immediately tell you to "go back to your own country if you hate it here so much" or you get the "new age" American who's like "yeah, everything sucks here, y'know we drive to the ER instead of getting an ambulance because its too expensive"

    • Bartosz Rodziewicz
      Bartosz Rodziewicz 19 days ago +37

      Well, the second part is a kinda strong reason to not like your country you know

    • katt
      katt 15 days ago +16

      @Bartosz Rodziewicz I agree, I'm also not fond of not having healthcare or jobs that have time off.

    • Shiva.B
      Shiva.B 10 days ago +6

      Most people are the new age Americans at this point.
      I’m a mix of both. I know that a lot of people can’t get health care here since it’s so expensive, and I do feel like that’s really messed up. But at the same time America has allowed my parents to raise me and my sister in a safe environment, and in so many other countries I would have been killed for the simplest things like being a Hindu or exploring my gender identity. So I’m proud to be an American, but also not exactly proud of some of the shit that the US has done and is known for.

    • ARIANA
      ARIANA 8 days ago +4

      ​@Shiva.BAmericans aren't likely to ever get free healthcare or reduced healthcare cost tho. One thing that I've learned while living here is that people HATE TAXES. A free healthcare is sustained by higher taxes, that won't fly in the states

    • 々〆Soul Collector 々〆
      々〆Soul Collector 々〆 4 days ago +3

      ​@ARIANAthey also won't stand for less of the tax being allotted to the military, which really annoys me

  • Jake
    Jake 3 months ago +3680

    As a New Zealander, WE can make fun of ourselves, but NOBODY is allowed to make fun of us. Except Australia, because we love to make fun of them back. That's our big bro.

    • K-lam
      K-lam 3 months ago +132

      As a French, we have this exception too with Belgians. They can make fun of us publicly because we know we are going to roast them back 😂

    • sm au
      sm au 3 months ago +78

      absolutely, we love our kiwi mates x ☺️

    • Steve
      Steve 3 months ago +87

      I took a business trip from our Australian office to our Auckland office once. A bloke in the Auckland office pulled out a newspaper with 2 pages of jokes about Australia. He'd saved it for months just to show me! 😅

    • No.1 Colleen Hoover Hater
      No.1 Colleen Hoover Hater 3 months ago +60

      Agreed bro, if I hear anyone making fun of New Zealand i immediately start writing essays in their defence 😭 no one is allowed to make fun of New Zealand but us 🇦🇺 and no one is allowed to make fun of us but New Zealand. “You cant bully my brother that’s my job”

    • Namarrkon
      Namarrkon 3 months ago +9

      HeHe "Fush un Chups"

  • Vibeit
    Vibeit 2 months ago +566

    It shows that they are realistic & don't boost fake pride. Also I hope they appreciate the good stuff too.

    • Fae
      Fae 2 months ago +3

      You mean the Pfand System right...?
      Or ... Okay - you have to mean the Pfand System.

    • xel simone
      xel simone 27 days ago +12

      being super pessimistic doesnt make you a realist! it just makes you a pessimist lol. theres ALWAYS room for critique but acknowledging strengths and things done properly is also important for progress! i too hope they can appreciate the good :)

  • ? ven
    ? ven 3 months ago +145

    We don't necessarily praise you for complaining, we probably join in with our complaints 😂
    The one truly German hobby apart from spying on neighbours and checking if said neighbour sorted their garbage correctly is complaining

    • SJW Tears
      SJW Tears Month ago +2

      And again: talking germans bad 😂

    • Fotter
      Fotter 15 days ago

      😂😂😂 so true.

    • Danny Esse
      Danny Esse 2 days ago

      Well personally I spent some time with some German friends and the next time I saw them they asked “is there anything you like about Germany?”

  • Conner Dalton
    Conner Dalton 3 months ago +14603

    Canadians tend to love making fun of ourselves until it’s in a negative comparison to the United States lol 😂

    • maruia
      maruia 3 months ago +312

      I recognized this in Canada that literally everyone was complaining. I was like HUH

    • Nikki
      Nikki 3 months ago +403

      Hope you’re doing okay up there neighbor! It’s hazy and smoky af down here.

    • Puppy queen
      Puppy queen 3 months ago +278

      I mean comparing ourselves to the us is a pretty low bar

    • Jennifer Hanses
      Jennifer Hanses 3 months ago +54

      Aww. You're our adorable kid brother. I think that describes the good and the bad of both of us.

  • LillBoo
    LillBoo Month ago +26

    I live in America.
    It’s more of a “everyone bullies us, but we get it” situation. 😂

  • Dima Ibrahim
    Dima Ibrahim 2 months ago +53

    Sooooo true my German friend agrees with me every time I complain about Germany and she complains about her country herself 😂

  • music addict
    music addict 3 months ago +8689

    That's why "Kann man nicht meckern." is such a huge compliment!
    It means despite trying, you can't find a thing to complain about, which is the biggest compliment one can get.

    • Lauren in Germany
      Lauren in Germany 3 months ago +79

      I never realised that! Well done!

    • Ya Girl
      Ya Girl 3 months ago +157

      In case you're learning German - you could also say "man kann sich nicht beschweren", which means that you think thre is nothing to complain about from your perspective.

    • GscheitGschmeidig
      GscheitGschmeidig 3 months ago +55

      Ned gschimpft is globt gnuag.

    • Lauren in Germany
      Lauren in Germany 3 months ago +11

      @GscheitGschmeidig aber das ist ein bisschen anders, dachte ich? I thought schimpfen is kind of more telling someone off, than complaining?

    • Lauren in Germany
      Lauren in Germany 3 months ago +6

      @Ya Girl genau!! LOL! I will never keep a straight face again, when I hear these phrases...!

  • just a silly tomato
    just a silly tomato 2 months ago +19

    In Australia, no one is allowed to make fun of us except for New Zealand because our countries do secretly love each other lol

  • pearlynya
    pearlynya 2 months ago +5

    Russians: hold my vodka.

  • Emibee
    Emibee 3 months ago +6258

    As an Italian, you can complain about a lot of things in this country, but touch the food AND YOU SIX FEET UNDER

    • Ashley N
      Ashley N 3 months ago +235

      But why would you criticize the food, that stuff's God-tier

    • cloudface von ruckus
      cloudface von ruckus 3 months ago +182

      Sometimes for a fetish I just snap dry spaghetti and imagine infuriated Italian women watching me with rage fueled eyes barely able to hold themselves back from attacking 😏

    • Tesi Vora
      Tesi Vora 3 months ago +61

      What about pineapple on pizza? 🤣

    • Prince Moonbeam
      Prince Moonbeam 3 months ago +44

      ​​@Tesi Vora 6 wooden boards🤌

    • Solar Wind
      Solar Wind 3 months ago +44

      Hmm, Italian food is delicious if you're into pizza and pasta, but if these are not your absolute favourite foods, they gets boring quickly. I like Italian food, but I ate too much of it because where I lived it was the only decent restaurant that had a delivery service, and now I'm not a big fan anymore. Imo: potatoes, quinoa >> pasta, rice. (Now I triggered not only the Italians, but also south Asians. But South Americans should love me now😂)

  • Kathrine Fer
    Kathrine Fer 2 months ago +13

    Germany is probably is going to be mad at how humble you’re making them sound 😂

    • EmLaney
      EmLaney 3 days ago

      Self deprecation is not the same as humility

  • ©®y 𓆌
    ©®y 𓆌 Month ago +10

    I have always been told it's because of WW2 as everyone after WW2 felt so bad about what was started by their country and generations have been apologising and thinking the country sucks and it kinda just became a thing, no one knows why they think they suck, they just do. I love Germany (I live like 30 minutes from Germany and it's one of my favourite places to visit) and I don't understand why Germans don't see how beautifully and amazingly their country blossoms.

    • Shiva.B
      Shiva.B 10 days ago

      That… actually makes a lot of sense

    • EmLaney
      EmLaney 3 days ago

      Exactly this! My great grandmother moved to the US as a child before WW1. German was even my grandmothers first language. I've found it very interesting to see the cultural differences then vs now. It's really sad. Modern Germans have such a hard time seeing the good in their culture and in their history compared to pre war immigrants. There's a book called belonging, about a German woman's journey in embracing her cultural heritage. It's really good, and really helped me understand more

  • BearOfOhu
    BearOfOhu 3 months ago +4186

    I have a German friend who told me in German schools a whole lot of the historical curriculum is about hammering in the horrific magnitude of the actions committed during WW2 and the Holocaust. That probably makes pride in their country an idea that is uncomfortable at best.

    • L R
      L R 3 months ago +411

      Very uncomfortable! (Signed by a German)

    • Rwaida ALkhoury
      Rwaida ALkhoury 3 months ago +254

      Yes that's very true though, 3 years of school in Germany and WW2 was running theme in all 3 of those years

    • Booo Booo
      Booo Booo 3 months ago +281

      That’s amazing. Wish all countries had carriculums like that. God knows a lot of them could use it.

    • Lecker Druppels
      Lecker Druppels 3 months ago +9


    • Captain Three
      Captain Three 3 months ago +81

      The tragedy of the Holocaust spans farther than anyone could have predicted. Who would have guessed an entire nation would end up with low self-esteem?

  • tk
    tk 26 days ago +1

    Need my American brethren to get this level of self aware 😂

  • Toni Glick
    Toni Glick 12 days ago +2

    We Americans could use some of that humility.

  • Lecker Druppels
    Lecker Druppels 3 months ago +3443

    As a German I once kind of insulted a Japanese friend by telling her that no, actually Germany is really bad, when she was trying to compliment Germany for something. We‘re just kind of hardwired that way.

    • ffkkfkelkg
      ffkkfkelkg 2 months ago +42

      not me. very proud of our germanic brothers, germany swiss and austrain brothers. and no, I'm not a n@zi, I'm just proud of our culture

    • Southamericunt
      Southamericunt 2 months ago +16

      Well you shouldnt be lol. That mentality would only stop people taking care of the country

    • Shigaraki_wasgivencoffee
      Shigaraki_wasgivencoffee 2 months ago +3

      Yeah I joke around about how My country Germany is bad to lol

    • WaryDoughnut200
      WaryDoughnut200 2 months ago +50

      Must be that ww2 guilt

  • roblox_mollyy
    roblox_mollyy Month ago +1

    The voice when she said “yeah, we suck!” was cute

  • Seb0rn
    Seb0rn 2 months ago +16

    As a German, I think that this is a serious problem in our country and it has to change. People mistake patriotism with right-wing nationalism and it's bad.

    • Mari Day
      Mari Day 29 days ago +2

      Well, that was the weakness Hitler exploited to gain power 😅

  • Delphia O.
    Delphia O. 3 months ago +4366

    One cannot improve if one does not see/complain about the bad things! We just want to be even better. XD

    • stringsattatched
      stringsattatched 3 months ago +46

      Comlaining is a Volkssport in Germany 😁 I told my ex he has to complain more if he wants to get German citizenship. In the worst case you can also always complain about DB

    • Marc Denoire
      Marc Denoire 3 months ago +12

      It's not complaining to improve. It's a way of communication. We (Europeans), expect that if we complain, a foreigner will say "oh no, it's not so bad, in my country it's much worse!". If you just confirm the complaint and say "yes, your country really sucks" the Europeans will be very dissapointed.:)

    • stringsattatched
      stringsattatched 3 months ago +9

      @Marc Denoire I'm not against some people saying Germany really sucks. And you dont always have to complain to get improvment. It's sometimes nice to have a good bitching and whining and complaining about something to get frustration out of your system. Even if you take some accumulated smaller frustrations from other things to bitch about something else. The small frustrations from work can be funnelled into complaining about the amount of roadworks in your city, for example

    • Frogenius W.
      Frogenius W. 3 months ago


  • Dak Loli
    Dak Loli Month ago

    As a Nigerian we don't tolerate compliments but slander

  • Monica Dragonheart
    Monica Dragonheart 3 months ago +1834

    Every German says "why are you here? You could be in the sunshine! You chose wrong"

    • Sam seyver
      Sam seyver 2 months ago +41

      In Belgium too haha, if someone comes for a casual holiday here we all just stare at them "???"

    • no no
      no no Month ago +3

      ​@Sam seyver😂😂😂

    • Cris B.
      Cris B. Month ago +12

      Very true!!!!!
      "Where are you from? When are you going back?"
      This irritated me so much that I started answering "Ja, it's much better there, you are right. I am exclusively here because it's better for me financially."
      But nowadays it doesn't bother me at all!!!And of course, I don't hear that so much.....

    • Mia Rose
      Mia Rose Month ago +3

      Okay but as an Oregonian I say the same thing😂 you could have gone anywhere.

  • The Starlight System
    The Starlight System 2 months ago +2

    As a Dane, I never really spoke highly about my country, and was always confused when people said it was great. I ended up being best friends with an American and I definitely see how much better we have it

  • Tiziano Romano
    Tiziano Romano 3 months ago +1

    Italians:hold my pizza

  • Nerves of Steel
    Nerves of Steel 3 months ago +2598

    "yyyeeAAHHHHH wE'Re SUCK" was adorable lmao
    Edit: lol over 2k likes and no one commented, I love you people

    • Caroline
      Caroline 3 months ago +2

      ok lemme change that 😂

    • Nerves of Steel
      Nerves of Steel 3 months ago +2


    • Jae Grant
      Jae Grant 3 months ago

      Or bots. Almost the ssme st this point lol ;)

    • BBirch
      BBirch 3 months ago

      They have to say they suck because of uh, past events….. even though it’s not their fault. It’s like Americans with slavery.

  • Sheila R
    Sheila R Month ago

    In the US, we're definitely going through some things at the moment and not at our best, but I'm pretty happy to realize that I could also be coming upon random strangers peeing in the street, which I'm not. Suddenly a bit happier. 😂

  • xs :-)
    xs :-)  19 days ago

    I love my german country 🥰

  • Duncan O
    Duncan O 3 months ago +334

    My relatives are from Germany and they carry shame in their hearts so deeply about the past. It’s carried forward even to today.

    • Lara Lange
      Lara Lange 3 months ago +56

      Thank you. I was trying to find a way to sumarize it. I am German and I think for many people this applies

    • S JB
      S JB 3 months ago +41

      I think the world judges them enough for the past and they do what they can to atone for it. In the U.S. we still got Nazi's walking around like its nothing (thats shameful). Germany is a beautiful country, with seemingly lovely people, and i reapect the heck out of them😊
      Plus beer!!😂

    • Infinity Plus1
      Infinity Plus1 3 months ago +24

      my friend is the same way, he says his people still carry an immense guilt, and i hope one day they see that they aren’t responsible for atoning for the sins of their ancestors

    • blitzspitz
      blitzspitz 3 months ago +35

      ​@Infinity Plus1 I don't think young Germans such as myself should feel guilty for the past, but I also think that it's our responsiblity to not let something like it happen ever again.

  • Catalina Ruggiero
    Catalina Ruggiero 8 days ago

    Argentinian here, and we often sound like we hate our country and like it's shit but then we're the most patriotic people ever

  • Travel and Life blog
    Travel and Life blog Month ago +1

    Hi there !
    I have a high respect with German people ,we have a lot of german guest in our boutique hotel in Srilanka .
    So i had a chance to know them most kf the time ,simple,humble, very appreciative people !
    I hope you guys visit srilanka and come to our place in Dambulla Srilanka .
    Athena Lake boutique hotel ❤

  • F. R.
    F. R. 3 months ago +2941

    So true! Every time I tell Germans people I love Germany, they look at me totaly amazed and only after a long series of compliments and encouragements do I manage to draw out them some timid appreciations of something about their country, and usually is like, "Free college education is great!" "Oh, yeah I guess that's not so bad" 😂 Germans are great

    • Eva Keeslar
      Eva Keeslar 3 months ago +68

      Their walls, compliment their sturdy walls

    • C. H.
      C. H. 3 months ago +155

      Yeah, because of the 2. Worldwar. We have a very bad self-image. To be proud for our country feels very strange sometimes for us. You don't find many countryflags in public except it's football time. In school we learn much about the world war so we grown up with the mindset that we have done teribble things to others country's and to the Jews.
      We want to make clear that this doesn't happen again so we watch Movies about this time in school and visit holocaust places so that we are rememberd and make sure that everybody and every children knows about that. So for us to say "we are a good country" doesn't fell right for us.

    • z_bennet
      z_bennet 3 months ago +12

      @C. H. i didnt know about this side. i understand.

  • Milica Vujicic
    Milica Vujicic 2 months ago +1

    I agree on most of your videos, but here I have had different experiences. Mostly they tell you to go back where you came from if you don’t like it😅

  • Fussellinchen
    Fussellinchen 2 months ago

    Well I mean… as someone from Berlin, everyone definitely pees in public 😂

  • A.B
    A.B 3 months ago +2039

    So true ; honestly I really respect Germans in that way. They wear their heart and thoughts on their sleeve

    • Erin
      Erin 3 months ago +19

      It can get a little obnoxious, though.

    • z_bennet
      z_bennet 3 months ago +2

      @Erin yeah

    • Sahal Belajar
      Sahal Belajar 3 months ago +18

      I guess when you're the "villain" in WW1 and WW2, people won't be very patriotic

    • Brendan
      Brendan 3 months ago +3

      I mean they did do a really bad thing, I get how maybe you’d want to be humble about your free college or whatever.

    • Pascal Sick
      Pascal Sick 3 months ago +10

      @Brendan Have to remember that „they“ was first and foremost a single guy who wasn‘t even german

  • Chenle
    Chenle 2 months ago

    Omg you just describing me better than myself with your videos-

  • Bathroom tile anon
    Bathroom tile anon Month ago

    As an American, most of the people I've met will agree with insults to our country and even slander our own country. We've given up.

  • Cakeboy RiP
    Cakeboy RiP 3 months ago +1350

    Don't forget the Dutch. We are masters in conplaining

    • sarah m
      sarah m 3 months ago +14

      So true

    • Ryuu
      Ryuu 3 months ago +8


    • Cakeboy RiP
      Cakeboy RiP 3 months ago +59

      @Ryuu there is always something that can be improved. Thank you for pointing out my weak points

    • fruit  ݁ ˖ . 𖥔 ݁ ˖
      fruit ݁ ˖ . 𖥔 ݁ ˖ 3 months ago +18

      very random but i love the dutch word kanker it makes me laugh so hard but i forgot what it meant and everyday i thank the dutch for having the word

    • The real
      The real 3 months ago +5

      ​@Cakeboy RiP 😂

  • Laura K.
    Laura K. 28 days ago

    Thank you so much for recognizing that! ❤

  • Flynn Fluff
    Flynn Fluff 23 days ago

    Filipinos really need to take notes from Germany

  • Cassie.
    Cassie. 3 months ago +408

    In Poland we are the same as Germans but when someone is rude we protect it like French people😅

    • Roni dm
      Roni dm 3 months ago +19

      I'm Polish and there's nothing to protect 😂

    • Marc Denoire
      Marc Denoire 3 months ago +23

      @Roni dm But still Polish are very pleased if they hear from a foreigner that Poland is a great place.

    • anulkaaw
      anulkaaw 3 months ago +7

      ​@Roni dm Oh yeah? Have you ever lived abroad? Try getting some perspective first.

    • Elyjah
      Elyjah 3 months ago +2

      Exactly the same here in England

  • CyberWomble
    CyberWomble Month ago

    Guilt is a powerful thing.

  • Kat Cruz
    Kat Cruz Month ago

    I'm from USA and Germany is so clean and pleasant compared to us.

  • jojo_nautin
    jojo_nautin 3 months ago +950

    On a more serious note, as a German you can’t really say that you like/love your country without having a weird feeling because of our past (NS-regime etc) so maybe that’s why French people(with France being said to be very patriotic) tend to praise their country more.
    Or us Germans are just humble af idk

    • XX
      XX 3 months ago +81

      personally think germans usually are just more region-proud, ie. bavarians and their beloved bayern, the love hate between saarland and rlp, the 'berlin ist wunderbar/arm aber sexy/etc.'mindset etc.
      you would only single out germany as a whole towards non-germans and in that context yes no one wants to appear racist by complimenting it too much except for the landscapes maybe
      and there are different standards ( yes free health care is great but try getting an appointment on time, yes we have free education but not enough teachers blabla)

    • M. S.
      M. S. 3 months ago +27

      @XX it is also probably that we don’t compare us with other countries. Like the appointment problem is much worse in any other country, free health care or not… even in the USA you have to pay a fortune and wait for the appointment longer than in Germany…
      We complain on a high level…

    • N. Mason
      N. Mason 3 months ago +36

      As I always said: Armes Deutschland...
      I mean it really! Ganz ehrlich!
      NS-regime was almost 90 years ago now ... Germany should be more proud of themselves and should stand more for theirs own rights in THEIR country!
      No drama: I'm a asian living in Germany for 20 years now.

    • Jason Reed
      Jason Reed 3 months ago +64

      ​@N. Masonthe other way to look at that is as being ONLY 90 years ago, there are around 147,000 Holocaust survivors still alive. WW2 is still very much in living memory, so its makes sense that Germany/Germans would try to avoid being associated with THAT regime. (And as a consequence would avoid expressing nationalism/patriotism, although the extent to which it is a conscious decision is an individual matter. It could be as automatic as most Americans trying to avoid appearing racist, something that is also a result of historical events still within living memory.)

    • Lourila La petite louve
      Lourila La petite louve 3 months ago +7

      I’ve never through of seeing my country as a patriotic one (more like a chaotic one) but that’s maybe the reason.
      I like your view into this

  • wassup
    wassup 28 days ago

    As an American most younger people openly roast this hell place

  • L Uns
    L Uns Month ago

    I always interpreted that as internalised guilt from WW2.

  • Ivory Academy
    Ivory Academy 3 months ago +565

    We Chinese just don’t give compliment and are taught not to accept compliments. It’s “No I still have much to learn” or “IS THAT SERIOUSLY ALL YOU CAN DO?” Type of vibe.
    Whacking with a shoe is also quite common. Quite lovely. 😅

    • CockmageLVL99
      CockmageLVL99 3 months ago +3

      So that is why I always liked my Chinese co workers!

    • adrin lotw
      adrin lotw 3 months ago +16

      Wow it's the same situation in Iran too like every time someone says something nice about another they would be like no you're so much better than me I should learn a lot from you

    • Aiden
      Aiden 3 months ago +2


    • Linghui Weng
      Linghui Weng 2 months ago +1

      Not really Chinese do accept compliments but don’t give compliments. I know that because I’m Chinese too

    • Gwen Catz
      Gwen Catz 2 months ago +1

      There's a part in Everything, Everywhere, All At Once where the MC sends her adult daughter off with, "You've gotten fat. Make sure you eat more vegetables" 😃❤

  • Alex L.
    Alex L. 2 months ago

    I have German ancestors and this explains so much about how I act. People make fun of me and like downgrade me and I get excited about it

    • Bijyo
      Bijyo Month ago

      Would you please explain what you mean by you get “excited” about it?

  • Propio
    Propio Month ago

    When my German roommate lived here (US) for a year, I had to stop her a few times from complaining about US things in public because we were getting some very angry looks

  • lul
    lul 3 months ago +93

    As Jan Böhmermann said "We are proud of not being proud"

    • Firesdale
      Firesdale 28 days ago

      We germans love complaining just soooo much

  • Pix3ls Spud
    Pix3ls Spud Month ago

    the entirety of yurkish youth had entered the chat:

  • greysfreak1992
    greysfreak1992 2 months ago

    I’m assuming the bathroom in public is because people don’t want to have to pay to go to the bathroom

  • pan pani
    pan pani 3 months ago +512

    I think most Europeans will complain about their own country but will not let anyone else do it.

    • NobodyDrinksFromMyGal
      NobodyDrinksFromMyGal 3 months ago +11

      I had a few Finnish teens tell me Reykjavík was better than Helsinki. My reaction? "What are you talking about? Helsinki is way better than this crap excuse for a city!" :o Overall though, I think Iceland fits in with that comment quite nicely.

    • Nadine Rick
      Nadine Rick 3 months ago +3

      Apart from the French and Italians.

    • M Z
      M Z 3 months ago +32

      ​@Nadine RickNo, as an Italian I assure you we are the best at complaining and criticising our own country, it's our national sport and the standard topic for smalltalk. But the moment a foreigner does it, we get all defensive and proud.
      Well, except for food, we do know our food is the best 🤭

    • Nekroz
      Nekroz 3 months ago +13

      ​@Nadine Rick as a french, we complain about EVERYTHING unless a complete stranger from another country does 🤣 See how many strikes we do? 👀

  • Aaron Ren
    Aaron Ren Month ago

    As a Taiwanese myself (it is a small island next to China ), I like Germany the most in Europe, even though I have a French lover. The German, they really behave like us lol.

  • Isabella Francis.
    Isabella Francis. Month ago

    Your videos just convince me to move to Germany because a lot of the social customs you talk about we do them in the Midwestern area of the US

  • Milo The Viewer
    Milo The Viewer 3 months ago +95

    Americans come in two varieties:
    1 - “Yeah America kinda sucks I’m ashamed to even be from here”

    • Cinnamon
      Cinnamon 3 months ago +17

      Basically one group who got out of the cave from Plato’s Cave Allegory and one who never did

    • szeddezs
      szeddezs 3 months ago +14

      Sometimes they're the same person.

    • manderly
      manderly 3 months ago +10

      I’m not ashamed to be from the USA. I know we have a lot of work to do. Regardless I love living here.

    • Großer Hahn
      Großer Hahn 3 months ago +2

      @manderly Congratz on beeing priviledged heh

    • Sara Basturk
      Sara Basturk 3 months ago +3

      We’re not great at nuance 😂

  • Gracie Goodwin
    Gracie Goodwin 3 months ago

    Danke for making this video! As a German part of a German family, they do this a lot

  • don’t at me i’m moody

    “The germans are the only people who praise you for complaining about their country”
    *Americans have entered the chat.*

  • poponachtschnecke
    poponachtschnecke 3 months ago +722

    This is exactly how I react whenever someone complements me 😅. You want to say something nice about me? Have you not actually been paying attention?

    • Lynn M
      Lynn M 3 months ago +20

      Girl, you are awesome! Start nodding and smiling when being given a compliment..
      If anything, it will at least make the other person feel good.

    • Edwina Aryeetey
      Edwina Aryeetey 3 months ago +17

      Maybe you should pay more attention to how awesome you are if others notice it.

    • HungarianGiraffe
      HungarianGiraffe 3 months ago +7

      Way too relatable!😂

    • Snow Fox
      Snow Fox 3 months ago +16

      But it kind off gives of a mean vibe when people do that yk.
      Or like attention hungry vibes.
      There’s this girl in my class and she’s always like “ew nOoo I’m SooOo uGly” and then everyone like “oh no, you’re really pretty!!” And then she’s like “nooOo you’re just saying that. I’m actually really ugLyyy”
      One day she started with this crap again and she expected me to compliment her but I just said “Yeah you’re ugly, really happy with the fact that you’re self aware and accept it. Maybe stop with the whining though”
      And then she got offended.

    • Katrina Witt
      Katrina Witt 3 months ago +8

      Aw... Say thank you when someone gives you a compliment! It's a gift from them and your "thank you" is a gift in return. If you have a hard time actually BELIEVING the compliment, you could say, "Thank you. I appreciate that." Or, "Thank you. That's nice of you to say." Because, even if you don't BELIEVE the compliment, it was nice of them to give it to you. 😊
      We are all terribly flawed, but, in most cases, our good outweighs our bad!

  • NightWink
    NightWink 2 months ago +1

    That's so sad. I hope they can grow a bit of healthy pride in their own country again.

  • Aidan Lutz
    Aidan Lutz 29 days ago

    This is like New Yorkers when people outside of NYC give it shit

  • Aissata D. Cissé
    Aissata D. Cissé 3 months ago +195

    I really admire the ones who recognize the flaws of their countries. It tells a lot about their integrity. You have to be really honest to recognize the flaws.

    • Saloni
      Saloni 2 months ago +3

      But don't let outsiders humiliate your country that's not a good trait

    • Danielle Rounds
      Danielle Rounds Month ago

      @Saloniidk chica, its hard to defend my country,. in person or online😂 Im always too busy defending anyone with potential mental health issues, with disabilities(like me) & alllll the other seriously oppressed people FROM my damn country & like half of its population 😭 #USA

  • Ray Safonov
    Ray Safonov 2 months ago

    As a Czech, my people complain all the time, but when someone says something bad about Czechia, we are ready to defend our country. It can be crap sometimes, but it's our crap and you can't insult it.

  • S.K. chandra
    S.K. chandra 26 days ago

    Germans have to be the most realistic people in the world.

  • Sadie Dol
    Sadie Dol 3 months ago +152

    I live in The Netherlands and tbh I do believe there's a lingering trauma in younger generations from both WW 1 and 2. People expect that lingering trauma to present itself as hatred and discrimination. And while that's true for a smaller group of people, I think it's more common for most people to feel a sense of "we know this happened and must improve- we must do better" and has manifested itself in activism and lowkey a bit of perfectionism. Which has its own problems, of course.

  • Lady Cipher97
    Lady Cipher97 14 days ago

    I mean... Germany feels... like that-

  • Thoon Htaik
    Thoon Htaik 2 months ago

    They are just to kind to take it

  • Cee
    Cee 3 months ago +428

    Not just the Germans, the Irish can’t take a compliment either.

    • Sebastian Anders
      Sebastian Anders 3 months ago +42

      But if the British criticise Ireland there'll be hell to pay!

    • Zadquiel
      Zadquiel 3 months ago +15

      ​@Sebastian Anders Or a French talking about Spain 💀

    • AdityaDsr
      AdityaDsr 3 months ago +17

      @Sebastian Anders colonial effect on Irish like Indians I guess, Even when we love certain British thing we don’t express it 😂

    • magnus granskau
      magnus granskau 3 months ago +8

      Get in line, its a cold climate thing. We all suck and we all hate it all bc it sucks and it cold, and all the hate, cold weather and it all suck suckidy suck suck,weather ,rain,suck,cold hate hating sucky cold weather

  • Daria Ślipek
    Daria Ślipek Month ago

    As a Polish i feel Germany, WE DO THE SAME

  • Live More
    Live More 2 months ago

    Truly an Oppenheimer moment

  • Lana :з
    Lana :з 3 months ago +50

    you've never talked to a Russian person 😂 they'll complain about their government and country and the second you say something they will start being so patriotic

    • deaddeadtape
      deaddeadtape Month ago +3

      It’s because many Russians are still raised in the the same style the Nazis or the Soviets were raised. Love of the country & the leaders above all else. The only difference is they know their whole system is fundamentally broken and hence complain a lot.

    • cloudsofsunset
      cloudsofsunset Month ago

      loool Spaniards too

  • o
    o Month ago

    Me growing up normally
    Happy tree friends:

  • Werners Gaming Lounge
    Werners Gaming Lounge 29 days ago

    I feel like most Germans silently agree that it's better here than anywhere else, but still it's far from perfect and you just don't take complaining out of us. It's something that happens at every family gathering or when friends meet up or just in general: There will always be something upsetting about this country and it will be talked about!

  • Nur Adlina Khazali
    Nur Adlina Khazali 3 months ago +993

    Malaysians love compliments but we are shy to admit it and we tend to shy away when someone compliments too much or overdo it. We don't know how to take compliments elegantly.😂😂😂

    • Destitute and Decadent
      Destitute and Decadent 3 months ago +10

      Compliments about your country feel very different from those about yourself. It's weird when people compliment my country but act like it's me they're talking about... All I can say is "well I guess I'm lucky that our trains run on time?"
      I know it's not that deep, but I don't have much to do with how my fellow citizens are or how our systems work 😂
      A drop in the ocean isn't responsible for qualities of the ocean as a whole, ya feel?

    • hortihorteae
      hortihorteae 3 months ago +6

      Well, I love Malaysia.

    • Nor Aniza Azmi
      Nor Aniza Azmi 3 months ago +4

      Malu malu kucing 😂 (shy like a cat)

    • Lisa Franklin
      Lisa Franklin 3 months ago +2

      I got a rating question under your comment and just FYI, I gave you 5 stars😂🫶🏼🙌🏼

    • I Learn Malay
      I Learn Malay 3 months ago +1


  • Emily Straight
    Emily Straight Month ago

    America is the little sibling/cousin that gets away w anything and has the biggest ego bc of it lol

  • Tay
    Tay Month ago +1

    As an American, if you want to make fun of us, don’t worry, we do it too! You might be laughing at us, but we are laughing ten times harder

  • AEChronicler
    AEChronicler 3 months ago +429

    I honestly love that. It takes a lot of humility to accept and not deny reality.

    • Cosmic Muffin
      Cosmic Muffin 3 months ago


    • Epoch of An Era
      Epoch of An Era 3 months ago +5

      It depends. There's definitely a fine line here. But since I haven't interacted with Germans much, I don't have an opinion.

    • ghostly
      ghostly 3 months ago

      might take some world wars too

    • Platypus Paws
      Platypus Paws 3 months ago +3

      But its not acceoting reality if it's not true. Its pretending in order to not look like a bad person by twling the truth.
      Individuals do this too.

  • Potchary
    Potchary Month ago +1

    It depends who’s criticizing, if it’s France we’ll defend our pride

  • 소봉찬열 [Ji]
    소봉찬열 [Ji] 2 months ago +1

    As an American, I highly encourage America slander. Not everybody does, but I appreciate the people who do because America sucks.

  • Panncakes444
    Panncakes444 3 months ago +219

    People who can admit their flaws are good people. Recognizing your problems and admonishing them is how you raise the standards and get better results.

    • Samuel Cooper Lyngdoh
      Samuel Cooper Lyngdoh 2 months ago +5

      Ofc but looking down on yourself is something else. You're setting up something bad in the future

    • Saloni
      Saloni 2 months ago

      But looking down on people or country who don't fit into those standards is really bad

  • Average_Bulgarian
    Average_Bulgarian Month ago

    As a Bulgarian, I can say that in Bulgaria a lot of people like when a foreigner talks bad about our country. But I think this is changing

  • Der_Tod_und_das_Mädchen

    That's the same in Italy 😂 we always complain about our country and its culture but when a foreigner dare to criticise us for the same reasons we get mad 😂
    Anyway, Germany is beautiful and I hope to go there someday

  • Denisse Vega
    Denisse Vega 3 months ago +269

    I recently met some Germans that were visiting my country and us mexicans were talking about some bad stuff about our country but then we ended by saying but anyways Mexico has really beautiful places and the food is just the best, we then asked them if they think or talk about Germany like that too? And one of them quickly answered nah we just talk shit about our country, it's rare to find a German who would talk proudly of their country like you guys did with yours and I'm aware of the reason but i still find it a bit sad

    • diveblock
      diveblock 3 months ago +19

      They were proud twice in history

    • max
      max 3 months ago +59

      i really don't like the idea of taking a compliment for something i didn't do. i was born in germany. but that doesn't mean i contributed to brewing beer or baking bread or building cars or whatever people are proud of when they think about germany.

    • Alex Hebi
      Alex Hebi 3 months ago +13

      What is often forgotten to mention is that when it's about region or city we are very different. We still often talk shit, but in a much more friendly way and more importantly we usually have good things to say
      Honestly pull up a map of the holy Roman empire and you'll see where current patriotism in Germany roughly lies. Except in the Ruhrpott, that was organized very differently back then but is now a region people are proud of

    • Pixel Mango
      Pixel Mango 3 months ago +20

      ​@max Maybe you are right but you Germans actually almost all the Europe should proud of protecting the human rights better than many of the countries in the world. (From my perspective)

  • derin
    derin 2 months ago

    As a Turkish person , we make fun of ourselves so much. But if a different nationality makes fun of us, our wild mode is turned on.😂LMOA

  • Raffaele Valente
    Raffaele Valente 21 day ago

    We Italians complain of our country, but when we are abroad we complain of the country we are in for not having what we have at home 😂

  • Myra
    Myra 3 months ago +103

    As a French person, I just want to restablish (?) the truth: Paris IS A WHOLE WORLD different than France 😭

    • Athénaïs
      Athénaïs 3 months ago +14

      As another french person, i second this 😭

    • Ah Lee Nah
      Ah Lee Nah 3 months ago +7

      But Paris is also like 20% of France’s population-

    • Myra
      Myra 3 months ago +8

      @Ah Lee Nah So non Parisians are 80% of french population

    • NathanM
      NathanM 3 months ago +5

      Y’a toujours un provincial pour la ramener avec ce genre de remarque. Que vous le vouliez ou non, on est aussi français. Arrêtez avec votre mépris, et surtout remettez vous en question. Parce que c’est un peu facile de toujours rediriger vers Paris les critiques qui visent les français, alors que la majorité des parisiens viennent justement de province 😂

    • JonMalone
      JonMalone 3 months ago +9

      @NathanM Le mépris est mutuel j'ai l'impression, le terme "province" fait vraiment terrain conquit je trouve. Genre y a Paris et *sa province*

  • Śmiecioszop
    Śmiecioszop Month ago

    Polish people: *start to sweat*

  • hanajak
    hanajak 2 months ago

    Trinidadians have entered the chat 🌺

  • Nikki
    Nikki 3 months ago +260

    Sounds like Germans are realists. I like it 👍

    • Chrissi Enby
      Chrissi Enby 3 months ago +3

      At least with most people here you know exactly what you are getting into

    • J.M. Olsen
      J.M. Olsen 3 months ago

      No, it is British style self-depreciation. Both fake and really annoying.

    • Chrissi Enby
      Chrissi Enby 3 months ago +1

      @J.M. Olsen we just like to constantly complain. "Nörgeln". All fucking day long. Lol

    • Dude Gal
      Dude Gal 3 months ago +2

      ​​​@J.M. Olsen it's not self-deprecation.
      We complain about our country not about our selfs.

    • mango
      mango 3 months ago

      ​@J.M. Olsen british?.. lmao they prob act like that bc of the world wars

  • Aksel Villy Bach -
    Aksel Villy Bach - Month ago +1

    Danes also tend to downplay compliments a lot. Since we believe a lot in equality, we don't like to talk about some being better than others, when it's not neccessary. Fx: "oh it's a nice house you've got here" "yeah, but i was just lucky to get it cheap", and stuff like that.

  • Ann Dorothy Firmann

    Germany is one of the countries that had to face a very heavy past history and they learned to not idealise their country or culture. It is one of the things that led to Germans being so self aware and ready to make the necessary changes for the greater good.

  • Isis Bedian
    Isis Bedian 3 months ago +38

    That means they're AWARE: self aware and society aware, which makes them good😊

  • 느트수미_템베드자

    Zimbabweans and South Africans have left the chat

  • Rachel Craig
    Rachel Craig 3 months ago

    They always feel the need to be apologizing for the Wars

  • Juan Passive Menis
    Juan Passive Menis 3 months ago +32

    Liam Carpenter enters the chat.

  • Ray
    Ray 7 days ago

    As a german, i can confirm, we love insulting our country

  • Paloma S Sousa
    Paloma S Sousa 2 months ago

    As a Brazilian, only we can talk shit about our country, and we do this a lot! But whenever other people from different countries do, we united to defend it 😂

  • A
    A 3 months ago +69

    😂😂 meanwhile, in South Africa we're cheerful so ofc we love compliments about our home, and will even start telling you about more things just to really ride the compliment train... all aboard! ❤

  • Aaris Howton
    Aaris Howton Month ago

    See, this thing happened a while ago that we still feel pretty self conscious about 💀