cinnamon rolls are hard but i tried

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 5 989

  • Kassandra Nguyen
    Kassandra Nguyen 8 hours ago

    I got scared from the amount of Aries energy emitted from Julien when he “picked” up that bowl in the beginning

  • devan Sanchez
    devan Sanchez 10 hours ago

    that dough actually looks kind of beautiful and light

  • Corrine Brown
    Corrine Brown 14 hours ago

    Imagine being as cool as Julien and you get to call a rectangle, "a long square" at 9:33

  • Rowboat L
    Rowboat L 16 hours ago

    Vegan tacos, make the shell and salsa from scratch

  • Miss Minka
    Miss Minka 18 hours ago +1

    Who puts caramel on cinnamon rolls!? It's called Cinnamon rolls, not caramel rolls!

  • Red_Vibe
    Red_Vibe Day ago

    That knife is cool af

  • C
    C Day ago

    do jackfruit burrito!!

  • Pelican74
    Pelican74 Day ago

    It does look like a

  • nicole a
    nicole a 2 days ago

    beech this my fave cooking show

  • rhiannan murphy
    rhiannan murphy 2 days ago

    Julien: pours hot water into glass container
    Also Julien: sticks finger into hot water

  • Haleigh Lee
    Haleigh Lee 2 days ago

    PLEASE make vegan macaroons !

  • Linky Boo
    Linky Boo 2 days ago

    That plastic wrap joke was such a dad joke lol

  • Emery Bingham
    Emery Bingham 2 days ago

    Can someone explain to me how his dough is rising even though it's gluten free and there isn't any developing of gluten....?

  • Haidy Bug
    Haidy Bug 3 days ago +8

    How come Julian’s videos aren’t monetized, he deserves dat cash.

  • I'm a bitch because
    I'm a bitch because 3 days ago

    Its raw

  • Renjuoy Yenruoj
    Renjuoy Yenruoj 3 days ago

    Why’re you putting caramel on that picture?

  • Courtney Roland
    Courtney Roland 3 days ago

    What do you call rectangles Julien? "Long squares"

  • Akihiro Sama
    Akihiro Sama 4 days ago +1

    When Julien flips that glass bowl my heart stops. And I'm a Taurus not even a Virgo

  • bri2uty
    bri2uty 4 days ago

    Omg now I have a timer for 2 hours. Thanks.

  • jack ryan
    jack ryan 4 days ago


  • Elena Grutter
    Elena Grutter 4 days ago

    If you roll the dough ball out on a floured towel, you can use the towel to help roll the dough into the snake shape

  • Morgan Trulley
    Morgan Trulley 4 days ago

    I could watch that drizzle all damn day

  • A P
    A P 4 days ago

    (all advice from me, a former pastry chef) next time, for cinnamon rolls specifically, you should make a paste with the butter and cinnamon/sugar mixture, so that there's just more flavor. try adding a mix of brown/white sugar for it, and some very high quality cinnamon (like vanilla, there are different qualities of cinnamon! try indonesian or vietnamese cinnamon, they taste vastly superior to the store-brand kinds)! combine your sugars and spices (a pinch of things like nutmeg and allspice won't disappoint), then add your melted butter and stir until it's a paste. spread that over the dough so there's more of that mixture in every bite! also several people have talked about over-proofing as well as not following recipes exactly for the dough--baking is a science, it's very precise. not enough or too much of an ingredient will very much ruin your end result. good luck next time you bake!

  • ReadMyAudio
    ReadMyAudio 4 days ago

    Confirmed Virgo and Julien you give me ANXIETY.

  • Madison Line
    Madison Line 4 days ago

    Get Julian on next food network star for the meme

  • Foxy Princess
    Foxy Princess 4 days ago

    CREAM CHEESE FROSTING!!!! only way to do it to em

  • Aubie Rose
    Aubie Rose 4 days ago

    I adore how much wonderfully constructive and supportive advice there is in the comments. Love this part of the community 💖

  • Chris Patrick
    Chris Patrick 5 days ago

    You must absolutely get the cookbook "Bunner's Bake Shop Cookbook", it's great for gluten free vegan baking MAKE EVERYTHING FROM THERE

  • Mary Oberkrom
    Mary Oberkrom 6 days ago

    You should do this with Rosanna pansino

  • Erika Detlof
    Erika Detlof 8 days ago

    Your google didn’t set a timer but you made mine set a timer🤣.

  • Kyla Schafer
    Kyla Schafer 9 days ago

    Your channel is awesome 🤘

  • Blue Bepsi
    Blue Bepsi 11 days ago

    He never used the stand mixer...:(

  • Panda Cameron
    Panda Cameron 11 days ago

    Yo I live on a street called sweet street tf get outta here julen

  • Darker Doll
    Darker Doll 13 days ago

    "This might be my first admitted defeat."

  • Georgia O'Leary
    Georgia O'Leary 14 days ago

    jpeg rolls

  • Messr's kitchen
    Messr's kitchen 17 days ago

    I was a chef at the highest rated gf Italian restaurant in Phoenix. If anyone wants any recipes feel free to ask.

  • Anna Bella
    Anna Bella 17 days ago

    “We are going to turn it into a long square” *makes a rectangle* me: *starts calling rectangles long squares*

  • J-Hopes Hope
    J-Hopes Hope 20 days ago

    Tell Jenna to plz deep-fry Flex- tape products? Or dip them in paraffin wax? Idk, no one will like this because it's a stupid idea. ☠

  • abigail levin
    abigail levin 20 days ago

    if you ever make this recipe again you should pack as many cinnamon rolls as you can in a dish so that they grow up instead of out, since you spaced them out that’s why they looked like video game food

  • Rina Noya
    Rina Noya 21 day ago


  • Hanna Schnell
    Hanna Schnell 21 day ago

    omg i died at “looks like food from a video game when u look closer”

  • Brittney Athey
    Brittney Athey 23 days ago

    I love this. He has flour in his hair.

  • anthony jarrell
    anthony jarrell 23 days ago

    You set my Google home hub off 😂😂

  • Allie Cat
    Allie Cat 23 days ago

    Ahh that bowl flip gave me anxiety.

  • anna w
    anna w 23 days ago

    “i wanna use my stand mixer!!” proceeds to get dough all over hands and complain about it

  • marina henry
    marina henry 23 days ago

    pizza or more desserts

  • Kimberly Sanchez
    Kimberly Sanchez 24 days ago +6

    Am I the only one Truly Impressed at how Julian is improving with his cooking‼️
    he found a hobby he likes im proud of him 👏🏽💙

  • Morgan Muldoon
    Morgan Muldoon 24 days ago

    JULEN PLEEEASE do a reacting to skinwalkers caught on tape video! Especially for Halloween time, you and Jenna care scare yaselves for entertainment! Love you beech.

  • brianna castro
    brianna castro 24 days ago

    It’s ok if you can’t make proper cinnamon rolls julien because you’re all the cinnamon roll we need 😀

  • Adrianna Miller
    Adrianna Miller 25 days ago

    Don't worry Julien- baking is tricky enough with glutinous flour, proofing can be a b*tch.

  • houndo is obsessed
    houndo is obsessed 25 days ago

    i want julen as a personal chef

  • Castastic
    Castastic 25 days ago

    i firmly believe that julien is the chaotic bob ross of cooking

  • cort mae
    cort mae 25 days ago

    When he tried turning on his google home, it turned mine on 😂

  • Emily Blanchard
    Emily Blanchard 25 days ago

    I just want to say that while I am not vegan/gf, I have been trying to cut down on meat and animal product intake and your videos give me so much inspiration! I feel like my biggest struggle is coming up with recipes that actually sound appetizing and that I want to cook. So thank you!! Aries kitchen is one of my absolute favorites ❤️🔪

  • jocelyn wagner
    jocelyn wagner 25 days ago

    i bake and i always use an oil to oil my hands before trying to mix anything.

  • Softie gacha
    Softie gacha 25 days ago

    you’ve been eating my family NANI-

  • Michelleiscul
    Michelleiscul 25 days ago

    "Also, shout-out to my trainer for not firing me as a client." 😂😂😂

  • Ash Elle
    Ash Elle 25 days ago +3

    Also: “A long square” so... a rectangle. Lol you’re the bomb julien I’m sorry

  • skiddlydoo222
    skiddlydoo222 26 days ago

    I would love to know your gluten free flour recipe.😊. I've seen so many. I have no idea which to try.

  • HanyouxFromxHell
    HanyouxFromxHell 26 days ago

    "half a half, I learned that recently" juliEn!