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I Beat Minecraft Completely Underwater

  • Published on Mar 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • I Beat Minecraft Completely Underwater. This is a very long journey with success and failure. This is How I Beat Minecraft Completely Underwater...
    A Minecraft video made by Cujo and CujoXD on other platforms.
    #minecraft #cujo
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  • Micky in a suit
    Micky in a suit 5 months ago +29

    This is straight up one of the most underrated channels I’ve ever seen, the video is AMAZING, keep up the good work :D

  • Benjamin hodgkinson
    Benjamin hodgkinson 6 months ago +11

    Absolutely love your content bro please keep it up honestly!

    • Cujo
      Cujo  6 months ago +2

      Appreciate it 🙏

  • Black Feline
    Black Feline 6 months ago +8

    Amazing video man, but I would like to ask how you had a conduit before you actually brought up the fact that you looted the monument? I mean everything seemed to check out but this was a bit confusing to me.

    • Cujo
      Cujo  6 months ago +7

      since i was doing the video with someone else i had a lot of free time when he wasn't on, so to make it easier to build i just went and got prismarine at a monument not thinking about sea lanterns.

    • Laaalall Llalalala
      Laaalall Llalalala 5 months ago


  • bombird
    bombird 3 months ago

    11:00 love to see the entire stronghold change

  • Super3ror
    Super3ror 5 months ago +3

    What a creative challenge I’d say I love this video
    Tbh you remind me of a Clip-Sharer that is Kinda successful as you
    I really hope you all the good luck and prayers to get to your goals. :)
    Funny how peaple are nice even if you didn’t do a nice thing to them or something
    The video from you was absolutely gorgeous and I liked it the edits. Musics even the simple things such as zooming and subtitles.

    • Teaq4wan
      Teaq4wan 5 months ago

      Yea dude
      I know right 😉

  • RelectroPlayz
    RelectroPlayz 4 months ago +2

    I subscribe to literally every youtuber I watch, even if I only ever see one of their videos, but I can tell you definitely deserve it.

  • Corey Henderson
    Corey Henderson 6 months ago +4

    That lava bucket clutch in the end was clutch af

  • Dvniss
    Dvniss 6 months ago +28

    "and theres one last thing to do" play subnautica.

  • 1GXS1
    1GXS1 5 months ago

    keep it up! your videos are amazing so does your editing

  • Quillbee
    Quillbee 5 months ago +3

    Your editing is excellent!

  • FunnyCraftSheep
    FunnyCraftSheep 5 months ago

    this was such a good vid, I love your content!

  • Owen Pinto
    Owen Pinto 4 months ago +1

    I'm a bit confused how @ 1:50 you lose all air and start to drown on your way up, but on the way down you somehow survive despite being on 2 hearts.

    • Cujo
      Cujo  4 months ago +4

      you swim faster going down because you can crouch

    • Bobo Man
      Bobo Man 3 months ago

      @Cujo you can hold space to go faster on the way up

  • Charles The Bold
    Charles The Bold 6 months ago +3

    I'm so glad you're uploading Cujo.

    • Cujo
      Cujo  6 months ago +1

      me too

  • Galacta Bean
    Galacta Bean 5 months ago +1

    my favorite part of the video is when the block placing sound was matched with the music in the backround when building the house XD

  • Therealhampe
    Therealhampe 5 months ago

    So good video bro! Keep up the good work!

  • FireFox
    FireFox 5 months ago

    Another really good small creator, keep going!

  • Daniel Blaize
    Daniel Blaize 6 months ago +1

    that boss battle had me on the edge of my seat wtf

  • Anna Seehaus
    Anna Seehaus 5 months ago

    great vid :D thoroughly enjoyed

  • SilentPlayz
    SilentPlayz 4 months ago

    What is the mod that you use to get the blueprint for the base?

    • Cujo
      Cujo  4 months ago


  • unseeyou
    unseeyou 5 months ago +1

    Last 4 min had so much “oh my god” action

  • ChiefsFan15
    ChiefsFan15 6 months ago +1

    what a banger cujo!

  • ResistancePasta
    ResistancePasta 4 months ago

    Really cool video! :D
    But how did Cujo get a Fire Charge at 2:55-

  • blazie.
    blazie. 6 months ago +7

    cujo back at it again !

  • Eyal P
    Eyal P 6 months ago +2

    How did you get enchants without leather or sugar cane before you found the stronghold?

    • TheGuy Shorts
      TheGuy Shorts 5 months ago

      enchantment table

    • TheGuy Shorts
      TheGuy Shorts 5 months ago +1

      but he did have the same amount of xp even after the transition to better gear so its a bit weird ngl

    • Eyal P
      Eyal P 5 months ago

      @TheGuy Shorts to craft enchantment table you need a book

    • TheGuy Shorts
      TheGuy Shorts 5 months ago +1

      @Eyal P prolly a shipwreck
      again it is weird as to what i said above, but eh. the point of a video isnt about whether the person cheated or not, its about whether you enjoyed it (content wise)

    • Dundi
      Dundi 4 months ago

      There are books in the shipwreck chest drop pool

  • TheDevvSterr
    TheDevvSterr 5 months ago

    What are the presets? I'm surprised noone has asked this yet.

  • Loading
    Loading 4 months ago

    Bro deserves more subs

  • AlonePirate
    AlonePirate 6 months ago +2

    5:20 That transition is so cool but your level didn't changed it's a litle bit sus ngl

    • Koko
      Koko 6 months ago


    • Koko
      Koko 6 months ago

      Is possible he had the armor in his inv and just wanted to set up the shot

    • AlonePirate
      AlonePirate 6 months ago

      @Koko it might be actually

    • Ma Babar Doa Gaming
      Ma Babar Doa Gaming 5 months ago +1

      take a look at 10:35 and 10:34 this guy gets a lava bucket in his inventory 8 while there was leather

  • Paul Jacob Gonzales
    Paul Jacob Gonzales 5 months ago

    did this man clutch with a LAVA BUCKET

  • Bad Chess
    Bad Chess 3 months ago +1

    "Oh my god"
    -Cujo 2023

  • Luke & Gabriel
    Luke & Gabriel 5 months ago

    im surprised that you have 5k subs with 4 vids keep up the good work!

  • doggo's games
    doggo's games 3 months ago

    Wouldnt the ruined portal have broken the barriers?

  • lmfao
    lmfao 6 months ago +2

    ❤ u deserve more, new subscriber

  • NotJonas
    NotJonas 4 months ago

    well edited, nice vid

  • Reynaldo Eslava
    Reynaldo Eslava 4 months ago

    3:07 got me i thought he was mining upsidedown

  • ASN CarCast
    ASN CarCast 6 months ago +1

    Yay cujo is back!

  • Shabber Umaira
    Shabber Umaira 4 months ago

    Bro u deserve much more than 6k subs

  • Pyramid Plays
    Pyramid Plays 5 months ago +2

    #1 word in this is “oh ma gawd”

  • Sylus
    Sylus 6 months ago +2

    Hesss back welcome back sir cujo great video keep it up

    • Cujo
      Cujo  6 months ago +1

      Appreciate it

  • Lutor Great Tive
    Lutor Great Tive 6 months ago +1

    Instant subscription I thought u were big until u said u had 4k

  • TerrainDestroyer
    TerrainDestroyer 4 months ago

    What are the mods that you use ??

  • DryTCA
    DryTCA 3 months ago +1

    what mods do you use?

  • 14sirs
    14sirs 6 months ago

    Do it but you play underwater…

  • colin
    colin 4 months ago

    wtf thought i was watching someone with 800k subs dang nice editing

  • colton macleod
    colton macleod 4 months ago

    bro u should have like at least 50k subs great vid

  • ppp oko
    ppp oko 4 months ago

    this whole video was a big subnautica reference

  • ThatBlueBOI
    ThatBlueBOI 6 months ago

    get this man to 10k

  • ImAQuack
    ImAQuack 5 months ago

    is this a downloadable map?

  • Techno Boy
    Techno Boy 4 months ago

    What if there is no shipwerk near the spawn ...the whole video will ruin

  • deagleninja
    deagleninja 5 months ago

    People still say Let's Goooooo? 😂
    Great vid ty

  • Franch Dressing
    Franch Dressing 3 months ago

    Where did you find the instrumental version of Pretty Carolina? (thats the song btw for anyone looking)

    • Cujo
      Cujo  3 months ago

      i got it from epidemic sound

  • NotPcPlayer
    NotPcPlayer 4 months ago +2

    5:21 level is the exact same… cheats?

  • Aspecttt
    Aspecttt 5 months ago +1

    W videos you are way to underrated remember me when you get big! 😅😊

  • Jarif alam
    Jarif alam 5 months ago

    You guys don't even realize that your making history

  • Awto
    Awto 6 months ago +6

    Bro this video is so good. Keep it up man

    • Cujo
      Cujo  6 months ago +1

      Appreciate it 🙏

    • Heccar Muñoz
      Heccar Muñoz 5 months ago +1

      ​@Cujo this is basically Subnautica in Minecraft

  • nice German + tinchen
    nice German + tinchen 4 months ago +1

    Im so sorry for this man he has only 6k subs but 40k people watch him this is mesed up guys just Sub to this poor man

  • RelectroPlayz
    RelectroPlayz 4 months ago +1

    Also I only knew you existed because of Skeppy events.

  • BoltX2
    BoltX2 6 months ago +2


  • Moonlight Axolotl
    Moonlight Axolotl 6 months ago

    bro pls do a part 2

  • NOTleafguy
    NOTleafguy 6 months ago

    Content was so good I thought u were a 1mil youtuber gl

    • Cujo
      Cujo  6 months ago


  • yoder
    yoder 5 months ago

    Someone was playing subnautica with that base

  • Deadlox_13
    Deadlox_13 6 months ago

    Bro, amazing

    • Cujo
      Cujo  6 months ago

      Glad you think so!

  • Toe jammer
    Toe jammer 5 months ago

    Wait before they raided the water temple they had a conduit

    • Toe jammer
      Toe jammer 5 months ago

      Wich is made of prismarine

  • Pop Sensation Pierce
    Pop Sensation Pierce 6 months ago

    Your voice reminds me of wifies for some reason, but this was a really good video!

    • Cujo
      Cujo  6 months ago


  • Gish
    Gish 5 months ago

    Very good stuff

  • NoTalkingZone
    NoTalkingZone 5 months ago

    I think you're my favourite youtuber

  • Flemalo
    Flemalo 3 months ago

    Bro did lava mlg 💀

  • Broton Norgrinson
    Broton Norgrinson 4 months ago

    You are amazing

  • Avashark
    Avashark 6 months ago

    Yo let's go cujo and desicade

  • Anthony James
    Anthony James 5 months ago

    His friend's skin looks like puro from changed

  • 1 l0ve CATS
    1 l0ve CATS 4 months ago

    At the end of video be like:
    o my gawd
    o my gawd
    o my gawd
    o my gawd
    o my gawd
    o my gawd
    o my gawd

  • zapture
    zapture 6 months ago +1

    make a 100days vid completely underwater

    • Cujo
      Cujo  6 months ago

      Maybe 🤔

  • Azox Bob
    Azox Bob 5 months ago

    nice vidéo

  • da pwo
    da pwo 2 months ago

    Mod link?

  • VDX
    VDX 3 months ago

    You didn'r loot the ruined portal?

  • Polarizable
    Polarizable 4 months ago

    Hey you should collab with timearly 692,his videos are good.

  • ibi2131
    ibi2131 6 months ago +1

    banger comeback

    • Cujo
      Cujo  6 months ago +1

      thanks man

  • Happyeater 87.5
    Happyeater 87.5 5 months ago


  • Cholo cuh
    Cholo cuh 4 months ago

    Decidade had sponges bro

  • Zestied
    Zestied 5 months ago

    you were on survival, i saw the mis edit.

  • hunterlee
    hunterlee 6 months ago

    I am under the water 🫠

  • Bubbly Tee
    Bubbly Tee 6 months ago

    Yooo sick upload ngl and also hehe do you remember me?

  • NotJack173
    NotJack173 3 months ago +1

    Map download?

  • Bubba568
    Bubba568 3 months ago

    I really like the music

  • dumpling
    dumpling 4 months ago

    the amount of times cujo said oh my god near the end sounded scripted fsr

    • Cujo
      Cujo  4 months ago

      I just need to expand my vocabulary

  • Moofle
    Moofle 6 months ago +1

    u said omygod 50 times i swear love the content

  • slepyhh
    slepyhh 5 months ago

    why are you not in baablus manhunts

  • Bryan Le
    Bryan Le 6 months ago


  • NameSlash
    NameSlash 5 months ago

    Remember me when you get famous

  • Cjspeed
    Cjspeed 6 months ago

    Please tell me the texture pack

    • Cujo
      Cujo  6 months ago

      it's a custom one i made for myself

  • idk
    idk 5 months ago +1

    6:51 conduit efect fake

  • mishooga
    mishooga 4 months ago

    Jojo reference

  • Techix
    Techix 5 months ago

    Hello I’m new here but I subbed

  • zheu
    zheu 4 months ago


  • Walter White
    Walter White 4 months ago

    I’m subscribed

  • Div Boti
    Div Boti 4 months ago

    how dum you need to be to have 1 potion and not get doors for more safety in hardcore

  • Fortnite Reaper PickAxe


  • rachel ;
    rachel ; 3 months ago +1

    okay so u cheated in the challenge u werent underwater the whole time silly goose

  • Tanj
    Tanj 5 months ago +1

    Fake video 😂.
    Ench tab, 10:39 lava bucket, etc etc

  • OasisXD
    OasisXD Month ago

    do you have a discord server

  • Juras
    Juras 5 months ago +1

    If you cheat, people will never watch your videos in the amount you want, you didn't even try to hide it, the editing is great and you have potential but you need to make an effort