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Excuse me BRAH

  • Published on Feb 3, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Thanks to @Druew for providing their voice!
    Idea from: ShazoomToons
    Song: yally - Party Party | TikTok Remix
    My twitter: FSRiko1
    TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@fsriko
    Insta: fsriko65
    VRChat World: Minecraft Dream SMP world - By Níxen
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  • FSRiko
    FSRiko  Month ago +420

    Thanks to Druew for providing their voice! Their channel: www.youtube.com/@Druew
    Idea from: ShazoomToons
    Song: yally - Party Party | TikTok Remix

  • HotTub Party
    HotTub Party Month ago +1275

    ngl, I fully expected Steve to get buffer than Kermit this time

  • CampusPlayz
    CampusPlayz Month ago +167

    Iron golem be hitting the griddy this month 💀

  • ghostrider
    ghostrider Month ago +243

    Kermit gangsta until Steve turns into Herobrine 💀

    • the group
      the group 25 days ago +1

      ​why you say ong

    • scout1000
      scout1000 Month ago

      @shekilmakka6293 fr

    • ghostrider
      ghostrider Month ago

      Yooooo I got 101 dat is the most likes I have evergoten tanks

    • Bray_tk
      Bray_tk Month ago +1

      @Pancho cuartero ong

  • T-rex
    T-rex Month ago +6

    Herobrine: "Actually, I am your brah 🗿"

  • Sartaj Gill
    Sartaj Gill Month ago +22

    the iron golem getting sturdy tho 💀

    • Tobey BG
      Tobey BG 8 days ago

      Hitting the Griddy*

  • Ganyu the goat🐏
    Ganyu the goat🐏 Month ago +18

    Kermit turned into a bodybuilder💀

  • DJ tutti
    DJ tutti Month ago +49

    "You're excused"
    Kk cute

  • Steak cake grill bake
    Steak cake grill bake Month ago +6

    Nobody noticed Steve was strong enough to not take any damage from kermit he was holding back

  • Hernan jaja
    Hernan jaja Month ago +3

    La leyenda dice que alex sigue volando por los aires despues de la exploxion del creper

  • Dimashdim
    Dimashdim Month ago +301

    Steve is the type of character to carry a whole Empire State Building in one slot, so I don’t see why Steve is afraid

    • Mp Madhabi pal
      Mp Madhabi pal Month ago

      @Exnotyy 72042

    • Soul Master
      Soul Master Month ago

      ​@سيف الحق الملا Steve can lift two pyramids of Giza without being affected at all and can infinity come back to life

    • Rickydo
      Rickydo Month ago

      She's afraid cuz Kermit is not his bro.

  • SubtoUltraFoot
    SubtoUltraFoot Month ago +3

    "Daddy" had md dying💀

  • Александр Гавриш

    Even Minecraft didn't survive that frog's power 💀

  • Faye Daguio
    Faye Daguio Month ago +129

    Alex tried to run fast but tanned into a creeper problem💀

  • Шлёпа - Повелитель Пельменей

    Normal Day in Ohio be Like:

  • Mr Buck
    Mr Buck Month ago +2

    Kermit wants reparations.

  • AmazingFrezzX
    AmazingFrezzX Month ago +159

    Legend says Kermit is still walking around Around other video games and worlds

  • Just Bread
    Just Bread 22 days ago

    New skill learned
    Never call kermit brah

  • Sizzles
    Sizzles 27 days ago

    plot twist: steve will store kermit in his pocket like a feather

  • Elijah Nope
    Elijah Nope Month ago +59

    With each shoulder bump he grows stronger.

  • Aeion
    Aeion Month ago +5

    Bumps into each other: ughh
    Steve: excuse me brahh.
    Steve: **gets shocked**
    Kermit: **turns daddy mode on** your excused.
    Kermit: and I'm not your bro. **Steve gets finger pushed**
    Kermit: **continues to stare while music keeps playing**
    Kermit: **gets shocked**
    Steve: **turns daddy Herobrine mode on**
    **music replays but bass boosted**
    Steve: nah your excused.
    Steve: and watch where your going next time. **finger pushes Kermit** I own this world, watch who your messing with.

  • Vulprex
    Vulprex Month ago +1

    ill never get over the person running like "aaaaah"

  • Dr. Jack Bright [SCP]
    Dr. Jack Bright [SCP] Month ago +11

    “Daddy K” 💀

  • Hetagrem
    Hetagrem Month ago +1

    The iron golem just getting sturdy in the background 💀

  • Saphary Hayedes
    Saphary Hayedes 29 days ago

    are we not going to talk about how Kermit killed the spider behind him with one step 💀

  • Tony Leee
    Tony Leee Month ago +29

    The Iron Golem just casually hitting the gritty and da floss in da background

    • LittleTimmy445
      LittleTimmy445 Month ago +1

      And the smol anime kitten villager or the chicken villager

  • JodaroKujo
    JodaroKujo Month ago +1

    I get to throw hands as Ryu Kermit in smash
    This is how it feels

  • Raged_demon
    Raged_demon Month ago +2

    Why would Steve care he’s the strongest gaming character ever 😂

  • Helai Aman
    Helai Aman Month ago +8

    Kermit be flexing while Steve gets the 15 ton netherithe sword ready

  • Tim Moiseev
    Tim Moiseev Month ago

    Normal day in Ohio 💀💀💀

  • WoLLyyy PlayZ
    WoLLyyy PlayZ Month ago

    if u ever felt useless remember iron golem dancing

  • The Name's Godsvoice
    The Name's Godsvoice Month ago +54

    Iron golem getting sturdy in the background 😂😂

  • stactii
    stactii Month ago +1

    bro the villager nextti steve just has me dyin

  • amazing uploader 🔥🔥

    Seeing iron golem being sturdy was the best thing I have seen in my life

  • ForceOfAxol
    ForceOfAxol Month ago +9

    Literally the most insane Minecraft animation 💀

  • RedLYT
    RedLYT Month ago

    MC in Ohio💀🥶

  • Nathaniel Armendariz
    Nathaniel Armendariz Month ago +1

    This would actually be a interesting fight to watch

  • India countryball
    India countryball Month ago +56

    Steve challenging for a PvP match 💀

  • Your local goofy ah monkey

    Legend, says
    The iron golem is still hitting the griddy

  • melon king
    melon king Month ago +2

    steve be like: gamemode 0

  • ShadyYT
    ShadyYT Month ago +47

    Someone needs to stand up to Kermit we can’t let him walk over everyone like this

    • Fish
      Fish Month ago

      my dad is using my iphone so i am on a chrombook and i cant watch tiktok on this and how is this meme just getting to shorts its like 6 months old

  • Michael Afton
    Michael Afton Month ago

    "your excused, and I'm not your bra"

  • Ahaan Gupta
    Ahaan Gupta Month ago

    Therapist: every dream has a meaning
    My dreams:

  • JJ YT
    JJ YT Month ago +126

    The iron golem hitting his lil jig be like

  • Jymyrion Washington
    Jymyrion Washington 29 days ago +1

    Gangsta Kermit in Ohio. 😂😂🤣🤣👍👍💯💯

  • AstroFooTX
    AstroFooTX Month ago

    Bro Steve’s girlfriend left him💀💀

  • Clareece Adams
    Clareece Adams Month ago +38

    The reason why Steve was scared was because... He wasn't scared he was just confused that Kermit thought that he could actually beat him

  • لعيب جدا
    لعيب جدا Month ago

    Minecraft in Ohio be like 💀

  • The Nasons
    The Nasons Month ago

    “DADDY K” 💀

  • okafor dennis
    okafor dennis Month ago +32

    Kermit in Ohio be like:

  • Chocolate
    Chocolate 6 days ago +1

    He’s like bro get this face out of my freaking shoulders The people in minecraft be like bro got a tattoo of daddy

  • Seek-Chan
    Seek-Chan Month ago

    Steve's shadow has left the chat:

  • AZE monster
    AZE monster Month ago +5

    Meanwhile, Steve: What would you do if I painted my eyes white?

  • The Madden God
    The Madden God Month ago

    Kermit in fighting game be like

  • memdeppurple1
    memdeppurple1 Month ago

    Golem getting sturdy in the background tho

  • rosè_are_rosiee💖💖

    Peasant-headed chicken at that time 💀

    • Flavio Rodrigues
      Flavio Rodrigues Month ago

      O dinaria ordinário

    • Flavio Rodrigues
      Flavio Rodrigues Month ago

      Você é menino você tá se sentindo em você menina você tá se fingindo fala logo se você é menina ou não não importa se for japonês fala

  • gorilla tag player!

    Damn iron golem got those dance moves

  • Katherine Saltzman
    Katherine Saltzman Month ago

    I literally see this everyday, everywhere 💀💀💀💀

  • Elite_Editz
    Elite_Editz Month ago +7

    Bro really went from fat to a dam bodybuilder

  • ✨Ray F.A✨
    ✨Ray F.A✨ Month ago

    omg finally a guy who has the courage to face what has been

  • Арт13
    Арт13 Month ago

    2B2T be like:

  • WillowXedits
    WillowXedits Month ago +8

    that villager and iron golem more sturdy than me

  • Cesk Millja
    Cesk Millja Month ago

    The iron golem in the background be like: I am doing perfect acting and THERE ARE MONSTERS RIGHT THERE

  • Circle_Dude Gaming
    Circle_Dude Gaming Month ago

    i never expected an iron golem griddying 🗿

  • VincePlayz
    VincePlayz Month ago +7

    When he pisses off Steve
    (Steve goes to Creative mode💀)
    Him:shi- Naw Im running

  • ★Destiny★
    ★Destiny★ Month ago +1

    Those villager birds tho😭

  • Giant_Alex
    Giant_Alex Month ago

    I'm in love with this man, I always come across the man I love

  • Xman King
    Xman King Month ago +11

    Iron golem was hitting the griddy while trying to rizz us up.

  • Imran shorts
    Imran shorts Month ago

    Golem's dance is perfect👌
    Another lvl 💫

  • Lorexi_kit
    Lorexi_kit Month ago

    Minecraft in ohio be like:

  • {🌌MoonShine!🌠}
    {🌌MoonShine!🌠} Month ago +67

    Iron Golem got them dance moves
    Edit: and the small villager 💀

  • @ Ruhi.shakya
    @ Ruhi.shakya Month ago +1

    With bomb shoulder and strenger 🔥
    Ngl!! Fully expected Steve to get buffer
    than Kermit this time ✈️🍎

  • Twin Nd'em
    Twin Nd'em Month ago

    Kermit turned into a bodybuilder no cap🤤

  • JP73RS
    JP73RS Month ago +50

    "steve proceeds to get a full netherite set and destroy kermit"

  • Raphael Kettel
    Raphael Kettel Month ago +1

    Minecraft in Ohio be Like:

    • Eli Reid
      Eli Reid 13 days ago

      Please🙏 don't you

  • _.CarKilling._
    _.CarKilling._ 29 days ago

    The dancing villager head chicken had me laughing

  • Mary W.
    Mary W. Month ago +15

    “Daddy K”💀💀💀

  • The DanTist
    The DanTist Month ago

    I like how kermit says: You’re eXcIuZeD

  • Kxller
    Kxller Month ago

    Daddy kermit is my new comfort character🤭💗🤣

  • Kilim
    Kilim Month ago +3

    bro keeps shiting out kermit getting buff videos 24/7.

  • Purpletrap6
    Purpletrap6 Month ago

    Are we all gonna ignore the iron golem just dancing

  • Bruh 🤨
    Bruh 🤨 25 days ago

    Kermit got me acting up 🫦😋😉😫😏😩

  • DJ tutti
    DJ tutti Month ago +27

    That's literally the definition of
    "the longer you look, Worse it gets"

  • Nicat
    Nicat Month ago

    Steve goes to creative mod*
    Kermit - h-how are you bruh?

  • Glichts2029
    Glichts2029 22 days ago

    * dream has joined the game *

  • Janet Ventura
    Janet Ventura Month ago +108

    The griddy gods have set ventures upon that golems potential.

    • フリスクチャンネル
      フリスクチャンネル Month ago

      Dir, deen dëst iwwersat hutt, wäert verflucht sinn … stierft Dir bannent enger Woch …
      ↓Wéi de Fluch ze briechen
      Mäi Kanal
      Registréier dech elo

  • da blazing guy
    da blazing guy Month ago

    The iron golem in the background is just vibin😂

  • Ravi's channel
    Ravi's channel Month ago

    “Daddy k”💀

  • Mr chicken
    Mr chicken Month ago +7

    Can you make one where he's the one saying "Excuse me brah" with a new challenger facing him?

  • XxGodxXwastaken
    XxGodxXwastaken Month ago

    Steve: proceeds to go in creative

  • ♡Frisky So2♡
    ♡Frisky So2♡ Month ago

    Never say "excuse me bruh" to kermit or else.....

  • Knocktopus
    Knocktopus Month ago +6

    Yo this is like the 30th time you’ve uploaded this exact thing just in different locations wtf

  • Billy D' Kid
    Billy D' Kid Month ago

    Alex really tried to run away and got blowed up 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • AlexNonEsisteツ
    AlexNonEsisteツ Month ago

    Bro I kept watching only the Golem hittin' da Griddy 💀

  • AdamPlays
    AdamPlays Month ago +31

    Kermit: Brah, this isnt even my final form yet 😑

  • Alamar Lags
    Alamar Lags Month ago +1

    The iron golem is doing the griddy and flossing lol
    Edit: also look at the villager it’s a chicken

  • 🔥FIRE BOY!🔥
    🔥FIRE BOY!🔥 Month ago

    Most normal minecraft in ohio:

  • Bawithaplayzzz
    Bawithaplayzzz Month ago +6

    I wanna see kermit the frog do the excuse me bruh now next time I hope that happens it will be a worthy opponent

  • Grumman F-14 Tomcat

    The iron golem hitting the griddy in the background💀💀💀💀

  • Baller
    Baller Month ago

    The iron golem hitting the gritty in the background 😂😂😂