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Double Life Episode 5: I Made Terrible Mistakes!

  • Published on Jul 14, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Welcome to Last Life season 3 renamed Double Life SMP - episode 5! We start Double Life Ep5 by regrouping with Grian and running from the red names who are hunting up.
    Hope you enjoyed episode 4 of Double Life session 3 on the Life SMP! See you in episode 5!
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Comments • 1 697

  • Snowowlmv3
    Snowowlmv3 4 months ago +3102

    3rd Life had 8 episodes.
    Last Life had 9 episodes.
    At the pace everyone is going, Double Life will have *6* .

    • theAstarrr
      theAstarrr Month ago +1

      @WL_Gacha I guessed that too lol.
      Honestly with 3 red teams and 2 yellow teams it’s fairly likely that next episode it ends, not too many deaths are actually needed to end the series(only 6 deaths which leaves one winning team)
      I mean could you imagine they do like 2 or 3 kills in episode 6 and only one team is eliminated while everyone is red? I figured that would be boring, hence probably 6.

    • SkSkNutella🤍
      SkSkNutella🤍 2 months ago +1

      @HiPeople aged SO WELL

    • leanne Xu
      leanne Xu 3 months ago +1

      Time traveler

    • WL_Gacha
      WL_Gacha 4 months ago +1


    • Snowowlmv3
      Snowowlmv3 4 months ago +3

      @Stickman Gaming I should’ve lol

  • Astrophynix
    Astrophynix 4 months ago +3204

    That was insane!!! Also, can we just talk about how smart Scar is for a minute? Dude‘s got multiple gear stashes across the whole map, told Grian not to open any chests, successfully hid from 3 hunters, made a better bargain than Grian with 12 sand and got entchanted diamond gear for days! Truly impressive! Not to mention how good he’s gotten at MLG’s and planning out PVP strategies. Gosh, I cannot wait for the next episode!

    • A_uman
      A_uman 4 months ago +1

      It’s all that mcc practice

    • Jessica C
      Jessica C 4 months ago +3

      Yeah and then he mines the block below him and it’s a “oh yeah that’s scar”

    • DarkFire
      DarkFire 4 months ago +1

      Yeah but he never set his spawn in any of the secret bases unlike grian

    • Dustin Joosen
      Dustin Joosen 4 months ago +4

      And when he fell in the zombie pit, he made a tunnel and placed down water so the zombies would go away. That was top tier thinking, in a stressful situation

    • AliceTheAxolotl
      AliceTheAxolotl 4 months ago +3

      Yea, and then he walked towards TNT (After saying earlier to avoid anything that could explode), heard it ignite and just shifted instead of jumping in the river

  • Califul Dance
    Califul Dance 4 months ago +3521

    The "Jellie, just a moment, I'm negotiating with terrible people" caught me off guard
    And the fact that she's repeatedly meowing in the background makes me smile. Wish we could see more of her cute IRL face!

    • Uniwolf gamer
      Uniwolf gamer 4 months ago +2

      @TheCamillaRose I thought that was Tango or bdubs making that sound, it doesn't sound like a normal meow

    • TheCamillaRose
      TheCamillaRose 4 months ago +3

      @Jam_med okay sorry bro

    • Jam_med
      Jam_med 4 months ago +1

      @TheCamillaRose bro you timestamped the part after

    • Arianna Pagdanganan
      Arianna Pagdanganan 4 months ago +2

      @☀️BlueToadCentral☀️ oh lol i didnt notice xD imma edit it

    • ☀️BlueToadCentral☀️
      ☀️BlueToadCentral☀️ 4 months ago +1

      @Arianna Pagdanganan *he

  • bleachbleachBLEACHER
    bleachbleachBLEACHER 4 months ago +1236

    People just never seem to want to kill you Scar. The reds at the start all came together and said "We're gonna surround Scar and Grian and kill them without negotiating" and then later on three of them corner you and let you go for 12 sand! It's madness! They all seem to subconsciously think it's too cruel to kill you, you're like their favorite son.

    • tumblingartist
      tumblingartist 4 months ago

      @im koqifu this is why Scar made such a good businessman (esp during his and Cub’s Convex times)

    • im koqifu
      im koqifu 4 months ago +16

      I saw a post on tumblr talking about SPECIFICALLY about this, like; Scar has such a silver-tongue, he nevers stops speaking! And it's more a bless than a curse, I would say, whoever wants to kill him always want the final words, and when Scar just doesnt stop speaking they don't get the chance to get it, or that they seem to be disrespecfull to kill someone in middle of speaking, lol.

    • BabyCakelings
      BabyCakelings 4 months ago +4

      @pallas proserpina one wasn’t a real trap, it was the left overs of a previous one they intentionally went towards because their them and got overly curious. The other was so obvious it could have been avoided easily.

    • Swampy mender
      Swampy mender 4 months ago

      He is like Dr who, They are too afraid to kill.

    • Mystic BDA
      Mystic BDA 4 months ago +8

      @pallas proserpina that we’re avoidable. No one directly killed him

  • Aiman Arafat
    Aiman Arafat 4 months ago +120

    “They’re for your secret soulmate.”
    That line just sent chills down my spine. Scar knows, he knows about the whole thing with BigB.
    Somehow, in that same episode, Grian kills BigB. I hope Scar adresses this in the next session.

  • Super Pumpkin
    Super Pumpkin 4 months ago +712

    Scar's last green words, "I am inviting you to a funeral."

    • Rain of Time
      Rain of Time 4 months ago +31

      Everyone, noticing the TNT ignite: "Whose funeral? Yours?"
      Scar: "What?"

    • cZEE
      cZEE 4 months ago +3


    • Jerez Iwiski
      Jerez Iwiski 4 months ago +59

      That was his yellow life not his green one

  • Everything Dolphins!
    Everything Dolphins! 4 months ago +316

    Scar: i took down a small child for those shoes.
    Techno watching over him: nods in approval

  • Idk idk
    Idk idk 4 months ago +634

    I find it kinda poetic - Ren made a trap that killed Scar and Grian’s trap at the end killed Ren & BigB. After all the cheating throughout the series, Grian at the end chose to avenge his real soulmate 😌

    • Chimera
      Chimera 4 months ago +7

      Ren didn’t make the tnt trap tho, that was Joel and etho

    • Drake Balzer
      Drake Balzer 4 months ago +9

      @Idk idk He didn't want to admit that he had a Secret Soulmate, watch other perspectives before you jump to conclusions. Scar's even shows Grian talking about a funeral for Bigb.

    • Drake Balzer
      Drake Balzer 4 months ago +6

      Ren didn't kill Scar, Zombies from a different spawner did.

    • Praecantetia
      Praecantetia 4 months ago +14

      I think grian in the moment was more concerned with protecting his and scar's life after a direct declaration of war from Rendog.

    • Trent H.
      Trent H. 4 months ago +28

      @Idk idk He was smiling because that was the most epic kill ever i'd be smiling too

  • Ajmal Zuhair
    Ajmal Zuhair 4 months ago +426

    After scar proved he was S tier last episode by being the last green on the server with Grian, he just goes to red life in the span of 10 minutes. That is indeed a scar move.

    • Rafael  Mtz
      Rafael Mtz 4 months ago +11

      My skill after beating a level

  • Prince
    Prince 4 months ago +500

    I love how they survived to be the final greens... and then immediately lost two lives LOL. But on the upside, two teams are now GONE forever, so we're getting closer to the endgame! I'm rooting for Scar and Grian so hard, it would be such lovely cinematic justice for them to get their double win after being told they weren't allowed to in season one.

  • JDW101
    JDW101 4 months ago +278

    This episode had some really good moments, from the timing of Pearl's "oh they're red names now" as Scar respawned next to her, Grian matching Scars Waterbucket clutch with a stalactite clutch, the constant thievery and burning, and the unfortunate nature of the zombie pit, it was great

  • Kirby?
    Kirby? 4 months ago +366

    “Don’t worry, I’ll bring guests to the funeral”
    That could be taken 1 of 2 ways

  • Azure Kutella
    Azure Kutella 4 months ago +484

    The comments : F tier Scar.
    The stats: last on green, 5th on red, 2 pairs dead (one by you and Grian!), and you’re still alive with great abs.

    • Columbian Ranger
      Columbian Ranger 4 months ago +5

      Jellie MLG

    • Talia Dumont
      Talia Dumont 4 months ago

      Plus he did an epic water bucket clutch
      ( ・∇・)

    • Solar_Winter
      Solar_Winter 4 months ago +36

      a lot of comments i’ve seen are implying s tier scar, with a few stupid decisions they’ve both made to bring it down to a or b, never f tier though...

  • thegameplayer125
    thegameplayer125 4 months ago +2902

    this episode proved 2 things, jimmy will always die 1st and scar can somehow go from green life to red life quite quickly.

    • Why_not_ Be
      Why_not_ Be 4 months ago +1

      Alternative title to this video: Speedrunning to red life

    • Alberto
      Alberto 4 months ago

      @Best of Regulars I mean it was tho

    • Mazen Dude
      Mazen Dude 4 months ago +1

      True lol 😂

    • Hyperon_Ion
      Hyperon_Ion 4 months ago +1

      Grian’s slowly getting fed up with keeping Scar alive. I’ve noticed he’s been letting Scar get more and more reckless each episode.

    • Gygax_The_Ever_living
      Gygax_The_Ever_living  4 months ago +1

      This is known as the snowball effect

  • SkylightCiel
    SkylightCiel 4 months ago +128

    It's always so shocking how often Scar finds a way to escape people trying to kill him but ends up dying to the dumbest mistakes.

  • keco185
    keco185 4 months ago +68

    4:20 "We shouldn't be touching things that could potentially explode"
    Cue Scar trying to touch a pile of TNT and getting blown up

  • John Dumont
    John Dumont 4 months ago +148

    The “Hello there” to Pearl after the 2nd death is hilarious, it’s a mix between Obiwan Kenobi and a serial killer lol

  • Lords of Rand-dumb
    Lords of Rand-dumb 4 months ago +150

    “I can’t believe I’m the one who died.”
    -Goodtimeswithscar, the guy who always dies, 2022

  • SkSkNutella🤍
    SkSkNutella🤍 4 months ago +1701

    Them: “We are the last greens on the server”
    also them: *goes to red in a span of 10 minutes*

    • jugnot
      jugnot 4 months ago +3

      do you know what that music at the end was?

    • Roze706
      Roze706 4 months ago +19

      @datingzone Q begone bot

    • Btoos Maged
      Btoos Maged 4 months ago +9

      @datingzone Q wtf

    • anita
      anita 4 months ago +58

      And proceed to kill the oldest, most agressive redlives.

  • MJGamermom
    MJGamermom 4 months ago +184

    Unbelievable that Grian was able to kill Ren like that. It was an amazing kill but then the sadness hit when he realized he murdered his "soulmate". Scar you deserve better. Eat the golden apple scar and just kill everyone next time. LOL

    • ZeenoAsh.
      ZeenoAsh. 4 months ago +1

      @Spiriox watched them. Thanks for the update tho.

    • Spiriox
      Spiriox 4 months ago +7

      @ZeenoAsh. spoilers for scott, cleo, martyn, and pearls pov
      They did team up recently, kinda? I only watched Scott and Martyn’s POV so Idk if I have it right

    • ZeenoAsh.
      ZeenoAsh. 4 months ago +8

      Surprised Pearl hasn't yet.

  • ⚯͛ Alaina Titus ⚯͛
    ⚯͛ Alaina Titus ⚯͛ 4 months ago +109

    Grian crying “I saw Pearl and then I was going to find her, and then- and then- and then there were THREE of them!!!!”
    Sounded exactly how my sister cried to my mom about me today.

  • David Marques
    David Marques 4 months ago +139

    You gotta love it when Scar makes a specific skin for each life he loses.

    • Kikusohame
      Kikusohame 4 months ago

      just wish theyd be accessable, cause that buff scar is awesome 👍

    • Brian K
      Brian K 4 months ago +7

      @TheCamillaRose Not everyone

    • TheCamillaRose
      TheCamillaRose 4 months ago +6

      They all do

  • spo0pti
    spo0pti 4 months ago +16

    i feel like scar is very under appreciated in his ability to play in these survival worlds. yeah, in hermitcraft he’s very feckless with health and hunger but when it matters he’s INCREDIBLE. mlg bucket master, constantly calm around threats, secretly prepared, terrifying good at getting his own way, amazing at creating chaos and his greatest quality is being unpredictable in fights. he’s like jack sparrow where his opponents are always too stunned to kill him.
    honestly one of the best members of the life series, and it shows as his often in the final few.

  • nicknack125
    nicknack125 4 months ago +107

    I absolutely love that Scar's reaction to TNT igniting above him is to go "... what was that?" instead of running away

  • D-Jams
    D-Jams 4 months ago +62

    Scar is literally the most chaotic player on this series, and somehow his nice demeanor is carrying him. It's pretty funny.

  • _shy_borg_
    _shy_borg_ 4 months ago +65

    Grian going absolutely manic after successfully killing Ren the way he did was so glorious, he sounded so happy 😂

    • Letitia Yates
      Letitia Yates 4 months ago +1

      And then at the end of his video he realised the consequence of killing Ren, since he and BigB’s (AKA Grain’s secret soulmate) were soulmates.

  • NinjaBearFilms
    NinjaBearFilms 4 months ago +71

    It would have been a nice mechanic if when one Red Life died the other got a totem of undying effect.
    It would really unhinge the red lives knowing they could survive their partners death.

    • Congele
      Congele 4 months ago +5

      Omg that would have been so cool!

  • Navy
    Navy 4 months ago +18

    Grian: We shouldn’t be touching things that could potentially explode, 15 minutes later, Scar: I’m gonna bridge over and steal that huge pile of tnt 💀

  • Никиw JesQew
    Никиw JesQew 4 months ago +50

    17:47 whenever you fall into a mob pit like this, all you have to do is just to go to a corner and to start holding up your shield. Every time a mob hits the shield you can strike back once and then continue blocking.

    • Jerez Iwiski
      Jerez Iwiski 4 months ago +2

      That didn't help Sapnap in the 3 hunter manhunt when he was trapped in a corner against 2 wither skeletons

    • Sorin Markov
      Sorin Markov 4 months ago +7

      The other mobs will hit you while you're swinging and with mob cramming it's hard to get to the corner and clear it of any mobs that would push you out. Still probably your best option though

  • Dio- chu
    Dio- chu 4 months ago +18

    3:24 & 5:22 You can taste the bitterness behind Scar's words 😅
    11:19 This from Grian's pov was terrifying but good thing that Scar was near
    17:45 "Is this safe" What this poor panicked soul did not know was that it was, in fact, NOT SAFE
    21:48 At least Grian didn't blame Scar for this so you're good 👍
    24:38 Oh that felt good to watch
    27:01 The evil little hum at the end

  • Meep Monstare
    Meep Monstare 4 months ago +34

    "Jellie just a moment I'm negotiating with terrible people" lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  • P.A.R.
    P.A.R.  4 months ago +1424

    Grian saying “THAT WAS THE BEST THING IVE DONE (other than getting married)” is so wholesome

    • Ravn
      Ravn 4 months ago +5

      You mean Chobblesome

    • FideliaNerina
      FideliaNerina 4 months ago +16

      I totally missed the "other than getting married" bit so I had to go rewatch even though his screams hurt my ears.

    • Cateclipse
      Cateclipse 4 months ago +3

      hahaha Hermitcraft

    • Root
      Root 4 months ago +15

      @LavGemini 30:32

    • LavGemini
      LavGemini 4 months ago +4

      Time stamp?

  • BRUCE2600
    BRUCE2600 4 months ago +56

    This has been the most eventful episode of Double life yet ... Grian and Scar went from green life to red life, Scar successfully hid from multiple hunters, the relation ship was burnt down, Scar managed to explode while inviting people to a funeral .. Insane

  • Rudrodeep Chatterjee
    Rudrodeep Chatterjee 4 months ago +42

    Grian genuinely sounds so happy at getting the Ren kill, I don't think even Last Life Joel got so happy realizing Cleo's death was his fault!

  • Damian0816
    Damian0816 4 months ago +33

    I love how in the chat you can see drama between the yellows and reds increasing while grian and scar are just running around trying to not die.

  • OR56
    OR56 4 months ago +21

    Other Side was the PERFECT music to watch the Relationship burn down to. I still think you guys have a chance to win this. I beleive in S tier Scar! That was some epic outro music too! Can we get a full version?

  • Switzerland
    Switzerland 4 months ago +1521

    Grian and scar are the type of person to ask a crazy lady "can we go into your giant tower?", And not wait for an answer

    • Sunnyside
      Sunnyside 2 months ago

      And then they survive

    • Atticus :]
      Atticus :] 3 months ago

      Yessssss the pog reference

    • sscyross
      sscyross 4 months ago +1

      soo true

    • Rafael  Mtz
      Rafael Mtz 4 months ago +1

      @Egnition what's next? Jesus?

    • Egnition
      Egnition 4 months ago +7

      @Bennett R. Davis yeah, I saw someone get verified as God on pornhub the other day

  • Damian0816
    Damian0816 4 months ago +27

    17:50 Karma was so upset with scar evading death so long that it tossed him into a pit with a good 50 zombies in an unsurvivable situation

  • Curtrolz
    Curtrolz 4 months ago +29

    Grian and Scar are the most menacing duo. Both are destined to be each other to cause chaos and sociopathic behaviour when it comes to this series.

  • Denmark
    Denmark 4 months ago +26

    Grian's been trying to kill someone with dripstone this entire series, and it finally worked XD

  • Katherine C
    Katherine C 4 months ago +31

    Scar, I found you through Grian and Hermit craft about two months ago, and I'm so glad I did! You have such a calming voice to listen to, and such a fun perspective on the things that go on in Minecraft.
    Interesting side note: I had to have a C-section a month ago, and apparently they give you an oxygen tube while they're doing the surgery. They put it in, and all I could think about was "So this is what Scar must feel like." :)
    (Also, I had just subscribed at that point, and now I am indeed... SCARRED for life! :D)

  • •I Love Cats•
    •I Love Cats• 4 months ago +1130

    I love how Grian and Scar went Pearl for protection even though she's the most unhinged person on the server 😆

    • ZelliusRhussem
      ZelliusRhussem 4 months ago +18

      1-Grian knows pearl very well. She is basicly a female version of Grian in terms of chaotic mindset so he knows when she is really dangerous
      2-She is feeling LONELY the entery series, Grian knows that and know she will accept any friendship doesnt matter how dangerous it is
      3- She got insane and self destructible, so be at the side of most wanted pleople is exciting for her
      4- She will accept Scars presence just to play "lets torture our soul mates" together
      She is the most relevant ally to have at this point and no one wants to dare to climb that tower cause she has been killing people for fun even without being in red life

    • Lord of Leviathans
      Lord of Leviathans 4 months ago +21

      She's also the most unaligned, and she doesn't have anything against them, while everyone else is either red or has had some bad experience with them

    • Krissy Baglin
      Krissy Baglin 4 months ago +28

      She'll do anything to endanger her soulmate, including teaming up with the most hunted players on the server

    • E. V.
      E. V. 4 months ago +11

      @Jeez In Knee Considering the two that rejected and stayed away from their partner are the only yellows left.

    • CMinorOp67
      CMinorOp67 4 months ago +43

      Lol, that’s prob why they went to Pearl.
      They know she’ll prob kamikaze into a sea of red, giving them a chance to bolt.

  • Mya Dreamer ARTS
    Mya Dreamer ARTS 4 months ago +6

    3:25 “I made them, they’re for your secret soulmate.”
    Chills…..just chills.

  • CMinorOp67
    CMinorOp67 4 months ago +16

    15:00: “You almost got killed by Australia.”
    16:12: 😳 I think I missed the scene explaining why they did this.
    19:55: lol, is Pearl chatting with the voices in her head?

    • starryflame01
      starryflame01 4 months ago

      Pearl has applied the fan theory of her being a "wet cat" due to being abandoned, and then that message was her coming back to her base and realising people took her stuff after she took them in

  • Ali
    Ali 4 months ago +12

    4:20 "We shouldn't be touching things, that could potentially explode."
    Oh, the foreshadowing...

  • Niels Richter
    Niels Richter 4 months ago +21

    My faith for them surviving just went flying out the window- yet I still have very faint hope that they'll survive :)

  • JLAR 17
    JLAR 17 4 months ago +5

    Its amazing the amount of foreshodowing in the first few minutes of the video. Dripstone kills, stay away from explosions, everything will burn.

  • Violet Majesty
    Violet Majesty 4 months ago +18

    Ah, there’s nothing like watching a Goodtimeswithscar Double Life episode in the morning to get the blood pumping!
    That was an amazing video Scar, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time!

  • Arcane Soul
    Arcane Soul 4 months ago +5

    I feel like those “scar stop!” and the sound of taking damage from he cactus will become quiet a nice song

  • Gretta Carlson
    Gretta Carlson 4 months ago +21

    "THAT WAS THE BEST THING IVE EVER DONE!!!!..........except maybe, getting married"
    This episode was so chaotic, I can't.
    Also calling it now, this is gonna be the shortest life series yet

  • Jeremy Rosa
    Jeremy Rosa 4 months ago +1369

    Scar is shockingly strategic when his back is against the wall.

    • Miah
      Miah 4 months ago

      @István Szikra yes

    • Arbitrary Thoughts
      Arbitrary Thoughts 4 months ago

      Less so when his head is against the floor.

    • Homophobait🏳️‍🌈
      Homophobait🏳️‍🌈 4 months ago +4

      @Douglas Noroña Scar never really had any sense of survival or cautiousness, he just happens to be witty at times

    • 650Massive
      650Massive 4 months ago +2

      @Douglas Noroña he didn’t ask scar to come with him, and he wasn’t the one to lose the life.

    • István Szikra
      István Szikra 4 months ago +2

      That's what we are calling it digging straight down into a mob pit?

  • Kahandran
    Kahandran 4 months ago +4

    The chaos trio
    Grian: Chaotic Good
    Pearl: Chaotic Evil
    Scar: Chaotic Chaos

  • Runic Raptor
    Runic Raptor 4 months ago +12

    "This is the site of a murder."
    "Lost a lot of property value after that"

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 4 months ago +6

    “we shouldn’t grab things that could potentially explode” and Scar goes on to try to steal TNT, a block designed to explode

  • Kiso Dannete
    Kiso Dannete 4 months ago +4

    The reason falling stataclites do a lot of damage is because they aren't allowed to wear helmets. If there were helmets it wouldn't do too much.

  • Chichen
    Chichen 4 months ago +3311

    If you two survive this I will be in absolute shock (I mean surviving without getting kicked out of the series) you are a major target

    • o_p0tterhead
      o_p0tterhead 4 months ago +1

      When you die while being on red, you are out of the series which is what OP is referring to with "getting kicked out of the series".

    • Bee
      Bee 4 months ago

      @Ice So did everyone else that died. I thought they meant like banned from the series, not out.

    • Ice
      Ice 4 months ago +1

      @Bee Grian got kicked out when he died last season though

    • Dane Jeciel Gomez
      Dane Jeciel Gomez 4 months ago

      @BlockedUser probably

    • Hmmmm
      Hmmmm 4 months ago

      @Don't read profile photo ok

  • Selenny
    Selenny 4 months ago +4


  • Dred Pirate Trygle
    Dred Pirate Trygle 4 months ago +9

    Everybody: Grian and scar are the last green lives, yay!
    Scar: I can fix that

  • Dushan Jayasekara
    Dushan Jayasekara 4 months ago +7

    Scar with 3 lives: "Hellow, do you like to see my pandas" skin
    Scar with 2 lives: "Oh no, I'm stranded in a jungle" skin
    Scar with 1 life: *LAUGHS IN FLINT AND STEEL* skin

  • Adam Collier
    Adam Collier 4 months ago +7

    I would love to see everyone react to Scar in his creeper skin in this series. I know it's against the rules but it would just be too funny.

  • This World Sans
    This World Sans 4 months ago +2

    I'm now curious to see the mini panic attacks Grian must've had throughout his video.

  • HAVgiraffe
    HAVgiraffe 4 months ago +3

    Scar's comment on the Ally giving him away was yet another foreshadowed event in episode 5 of this series. so many POVs foreshadow something that happens in the same episode and I for one am here for this story telling.

  • Aru
    Aru  4 months ago +7

    Can we take a moment to appreciate scars skins and how linear changes they have? They are so awesome, the artist’s a genious

  • Christina Johnson
    Christina Johnson 4 months ago +5

    Grian's trap is like an episode of deadly affairs 🤣 Love how Scar immediately went for all the diamond gear for grian since he was in shock.

  • iGlowBerries
    iGlowBerries 4 months ago +1397

    Bdubs, Impulse, and Tango were surrounding Scar like a group of vultures

    • Hero Wither
      Hero Wither 4 months ago +1

      And then they proceeded to get scammed, just like Joel and Grian in Last Life.

    • Varshini.K
      Varshini.K 4 months ago +1

      @Candy! Ooh is there another dam fan here ???

    • Candy!
      Candy! 4 months ago +3

      @Duskstorm hey dusk, fancy seeing you here from a different Fandom (riptide)

    • Duskstorm
      Duskstorm 4 months ago +4

      The Red Committee

    • HyDra
      HyDra 4 months ago +31

      This scene was so funny from Pearl's prespective.

  • Gingy1000
    Gingy1000 4 months ago +3

    I watched from someone Ethos perspective first and the foreshadowing at the start with both grian figuring out dripstone kills and Grian later saying "we shouldn't touch things that should potentially kills us" is insane

  • Maithax
    Maithax 4 months ago +4

    Having a super S tier episode before dying twice the next episode is the world righting itself. I love Jellie being a menace in the background the whole episode

  • Lonely Biscuit
    Lonely Biscuit 4 months ago +2

    15:01 "You almost got killed by Australia" has gotta be the best quote of this series.

  • Dzaeson P
    Dzaeson P 4 months ago +6

    Scar's S tier moment was short lived, and also that secret relationship I guess

  • Snickers Eats Cookies
    Snickers Eats Cookies 4 months ago +905

    Gotta say Ren and BigB’s death was quite epic
    Also bravo going from green to red in the span of like 10 minutes

    • DaMathBoiPlayz
      DaMathBoiPlayz 4 months ago

      My ears!

    • TamTroll
      TamTroll 4 months ago

      Grian is REALLY embracing the whole stalactite thing!

    • Duskstorm
      Duskstorm 4 months ago

      It's a christmas miracle!

    • Stop asking for attention
      Stop asking for attention 4 months ago +8

      youtube should really break down on these bots, shouldnt even be too hard, just check if a bot keeps spamming the same comments all the time and then just shadowban the spammed comments

    • Random Animations
      Random Animations 4 months ago

      season 1...

  • WackoMcGoose
    WackoMcGoose 4 months ago +3

    4:19 "You are so right, we shouldn't be touching things that could potentially explode."
    21:52 _Well in Scar's defense he never had a chance to TOUCH the thing that exploded..._

  • Montavious
    Montavious 4 months ago +2

    Dude Grian and Scar are actually an S tier team, Grian with his traps, Scar with his persuasion, and their strategies together, unstoppable.

  • {Taurus}
    {Taurus} 4 months ago +3

    Scar freaking out on his red name after death:
    Pearl in her base also worried:
    Scar: ***well hello there***

  • adoreshelby ♡° - kinda quit?

    This episode is literally "Well that escalated quickly" in a nutshell. GREEN TO RED IN A SINGLE EPISODE D:

  • Spiffyman 30
    Spiffyman 30 4 months ago +4

    21:50 The logic thing to do when you hear TNT above your head is to run. What does Scar do? Hope for the best.

  • nounbeast
    nounbeast 4 months ago +2

    The thing with the cookies in the beginning is so telling hahaha. "Those are for your secret soulmate," with all innocence, yet we've always known that BigB's thing has been the MC cookies.

  • Piggo564
    Piggo564 4 months ago +2

    grian: “we shouldn’t be touching things that could potentially explode”
    scar: “goes to touch a big pile of tnt”

  • matheusGMN
    matheusGMN 4 months ago +2

    But honestly, as the last green, you should've just moved to the deep dark or below and stayed there lol, let them come to you!

  • iGlowBerries
    iGlowBerries 4 months ago +660

    The statistical odds of Timmy dying first in 3rd Life, Last Life, and Double Life is a 1/3332 or 0.030012% chance. Although knowing Timmy’s Minecraft skills, it was close to 100%.

    • Paige Singleton
      Paige Singleton 4 months ago


    • AnonymousTheSneaky
      AnonymousTheSneaky 4 months ago +7

      Based on empirical data, it IS 100%

    • Butelek Butelkowany
      Butelek Butelkowany 4 months ago +1

      @iGlowBerries 1/100 is 1% 1/33 is 3.(03)%. Easiest way to calculate percentages is by multiplying the number over the slash by 100. In this case 1 so you have 100/3332 which is 0.03%

    • iGlowBerries
      iGlowBerries 4 months ago

      @Butelek Butelkowany 0.03 is 1/33

    • Butelek Butelkowany
      Butelek Butelkowany 4 months ago +1

      That's not how percentage works. 1/3332 is 0,03%. Also considering the lives and possibilities of the first death were halved this season the chance was closer to 0.06%

  • Nikole Sandy
    Nikole Sandy 4 months ago +2

    That moment when you realise that all the insane deaths Scar has had over 9 seasons of Hermitcraft gives him the upper hand. He knows what to look out for.
    Ren and his forgotten zombie army: 'Hold my drink a sec.....'

  • Beca Anarchy
    Beca Anarchy 4 months ago +5


  • MommaSkelly
    MommaSkelly 4 months ago +8

    GoodTimesWithGrain (yes I spelled it that way) has been a great duo this season lol. I've laughed at pretty much every video. Dare I say it's been a Great time ♥
    I've been under the weather the past few weeks it seems, but the laughs have been great and I've looked forward to every Friday seeing the flood of videos from all of yall and seeing the diff perspectives. ♥

    • [a r i]
      [a r i] 4 months ago

      Aww hope you get well soon!! :))

  • Emmett w
    Emmett w 4 months ago +2

    All the little meows in the background are so cute, Jellie my beloved

  • Draxt 9001
    Draxt 9001 4 months ago +1

    Whenever Scar and Grian get together, it's like they're harbingers off chaos. So much fun

  • Shadow_Drip
    Shadow_Drip 4 months ago +2

    The 'S' in 'S Tier' stands for Scar by this point. Amazing

  • TurpinSoups
    TurpinSoups 4 months ago +2

    Scar: running past his hiding place for the Enchanter while talking about finding the Enchanter.
    Me: face-palming.

  • Cody
    Cody 4 months ago +1

    I want to say this is my first Double Life Watch and this series is amazing I'm loving every min. All the players creating this bring such great personality to this series.

  • Elizabeth P
    Elizabeth P 4 months ago +725

    The irony from last episodes title where it was Scar being S tier, to him now dying twice in one episode

    • mop themop
      mop themop 4 months ago

      @Homophobait🏳️‍🌈 so like karma?

    • Homophobait🏳️‍🌈
      Homophobait🏳️‍🌈 4 months ago

      @mop themop not exactly, maybe just "be humble or regret later"

    • mop themop
      mop themop 4 months ago

      is that called karma?

    • jonah hill
      jonah hill 4 months ago +2

      balanced as it should be

    • LonelyLooney
      LonelyLooney 4 months ago

      I was just thinking that , we're on the same brainwave there

  • living the MC dream
    living the MC dream 4 months ago +8

    I never thought I would see the day where Grian would be the voice of reason but here we are

  • Orange Slice
    Orange Slice 4 months ago +1

    You know the season finale is close when you're always hanging off the edge of your seat! There was soo much going on, now I have to watch everyone's pov

  • Shoshana Loomer
    Shoshana Loomer 4 months ago +3

    Grian scared the ever-loving soul out of my body when he killed Ren, like I went full panic mode

  • SemiHypercube
    SemiHypercube 4 months ago +2

    Man the fact that there wasn't any specific indication for the death by dripstone really made it more surprising here

  • Emojiface
    Emojiface 4 months ago +2

    Scar: Bothers to carry around a shield
    Also Scar: Doesn't bother to use it against all the zombies that were slaughtering him

  • DustSayian !
    DustSayian ! 4 months ago +2

    i still love the fact the the last green names are the ones that start with G

  • Doug F
    Doug F 4 months ago +2

    “Good sir; what’s that sound?”
    Ohh Scar I saw this from Ren’s view as the TnT was triggered.
    Then the “I was inviting them to a funeral… and they murdered me” was first seen from Pearl’s view.
    Scar you’re chaos is amazing and I absolutely love you in this series

  • Aquaticgamer
    Aquaticgamer 4 months ago +1

    The foreshadowing with the stalactite will never fail to impress me, Grains been playing with them all season and he actually managed to kill someone with it 😂

  • Tamás Dukán
    Tamás Dukán 4 months ago +4

    Scar is like: "I hid in a hole because i was so afraid of dieing."
    Also Scar: hugging cacti til death...

  • Nyx
    Nyx 4 months ago +1

    I love how when grian takes damage scar just causally continues on without even pauseing!

  • Erukolindo
    Erukolindo 4 months ago +1

    Digging into a zombie infested cave, getting exploded, negotiating with the reds while constantly trying to rob them; that's the Scar that I expected to see starting in the very first episode.

  • Windish
    Windish 4 months ago +1

    Scars Double Life series has been a rollercoaster and I am so here for it.