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Gepard Antiaircraft Systems From Germany Target Iranian Drones Over Ukraine

  • Published on Dec 4, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Kimmo Koskinen
    Kimmo Koskinen Month ago +1218

    Gotta love Gepards, also cheaper to use against drones, than waste an anti-aircraft missiles on them.

    • ToSa 252
      ToSa 252 Month ago

      @Gustav Meyrink I know

    • Gustav Meyrink
      Gustav Meyrink Month ago

      @ToSa 252 These are not regular rounds. They are airburst shells which explode and release 160 tungsten projectiles.
      They are programmed as when to burst while being fired. Standard burst against low flying jets, helicopters or cruise missiles is 24 shells, 12 from each barrel. Drones are smaller and easier to destroy. They have made similar Norwegian shells compatible with the Gepard computer but it took a couple of months hence the delay in delivery.
      The radar of the Gepard is very good. A Gepard shot down a Kh-101 heading for Kyiv. The Kh-101 is the stealthy version of the Kh-55 cruise missile, on radar it appears as an object the size of a grapefruit flying at 800km/h.

    • kiakk
      kiakk Month ago

      I am curious about tha how effective could be, becuse A drone is EZ programable to change the direction continuosly while it reaches the target. While the gun should fire a "target" that predicted the drone future position. If they propgram a random direction changing flying manevuer It will only possible to catch a drone with another drone or a rocket.

    • Efe the Captain
      Efe the Captain Month ago

      You can't use missile against a 50-cm rc plane anyway. It's about iranian drones. Have you seen them ? Kamikaze rc drones...
      They are fling at 50-100m altitude from the houses. Even if you hit you'd kill your own people. At the cost of what, a toy with bomb attached.

    • CL G
      CL G Month ago

      @Michael Goetze Do you know why the Airport is such a catastrophe?
      The German government is beyond stupid. They do things like this:
      "We need an airport. Lets have a bidding "(Ausschreibung)
      Every company that believes it can do the job can apply. And they start to outbid themselves with the lowest price.
      EVERYONE knows that its just an estimate and never the real price. And the companies know they will not get in trouble if the real price to build things will explode and be 10x more expensive.
      The stupid government then chooses the "cheapest" company that lied the most about how cheap it can do things.
      There you go and then usually companies that are so absolutely not trustworthy and lied just to get the job.... hire incompetent workers mostly from abroad that do not work with the same standards and sometimes they "sell" the government quality A but actually deliver quality C concrete or steal etc. And their cables are thinnner so cant handle as much electricity etc. and then its a fire hazard as it was with the airport etc...
      Its a joke. Germany is a joke when it comes to politicians. They also like to hire companies that are owned by old colleagues or friends or cousins etc.

  • Matthias Kreidenweis
    Matthias Kreidenweis Month ago +1659

    As a german i can tell you that I am very proud that the Gepard is well suited to protect you. I hope you guys are doing well and the war will end soon with victory of Ukraine. May god bless you.

    • mourning
      mourning Day ago

      Seems a wonder to me the Ukrainian soldiers can get into position targeting the drones when they only have 16 km radar forewarning while the drones travel at around 185 km. How is this possible?
      Slava Ukraine!!

    • mourning
      mourning Day ago

      Thank You for the Gepards!

    • Daniel DRC
      Daniel DRC  8 days ago


    • Astrophotogarphy HuB
      Astrophotogarphy HuB 19 days ago

      Jo und wenn wir sie brauchen stehen wir da . Deutschland ausverkauf oder wie oder was ?? Die bekomme die geschenkt . Wir haben ja nicht selbst schon genug Probleme mehr Schulden machen etc Leute sollen Waschlappen benutzen etc bis es hier knallen wird . Weil irgendwie habe ich das Gefühl das eine kleine Minderheit jedes mal die Mehrheit etwas vor diktieren wollen wie sie zu denken haben , wie sie zu leben haben usw und ich hoffe der große flashback knall wird kommen . Denk mal drüber nach wir leben selbst in eine Diktatur die gerne durch die Aufnahme von der Ukraine ihr Reich vergrößern wollen . 100% ist die EU eine Diktatur oder dürfen die Menschen wählen gehen wenn Europa Wahlen sind . Aber das will die EU auch nicht da sitzen dann eine hand voll leute die sich gegenseitig die Kugel zu Rollen. Also schlimmer geht es schon nicht mehr und die EU will natürlich auch die vaterländer Europa killen indem sie versuchen aus ein kontinent ein Land zu machen wo es kein Deutschland mehr gibt kein Frankreich kein Polen . Spätestens da wird sich zeigen Jungs was Sache ist ich gebe meine Nationalität nich für ein links ideologisches wahn Projekt ab . Da müßt ihr mich schon killen

    • Nafis Fuad Ayon
      Nafis Fuad Ayon 25 days ago

      Turkish company Aselsan also made similar 35 mm ammunition "ATOM 35 mm". Buy from them.

  • MrCantStopTheRobot
    MrCantStopTheRobot Month ago +539

    Although I'm a former tanker, I've always admired the Gepard. I'm glad today's remote-controlled aircraft and gliding missiles fit the profile, to renew Gepard's usefulness, protecting things.

    • petunized
      petunized Month ago

      @aleman4ev Why not a single video of its massive success?
      Why Russia strikes what it wants in Ukraine, and mighty western NASAMS IRIS-T und Gepards ca't do anything?

    • aleman4ev
      aleman4ev Month ago

      @petunized IT was retired, because Germany wanted to save Money. That Was the only one reason. Gepard was and is up to date.

    • Dave Mons
      Dave Mons Month ago

      @MrCantStopTheRobot Neither of your two later comments habe that "although" word, which also means "DESPITE". You made a very strange comment and haven't explained anything at all. Never mind, a FORMER tanker , especially if it was an Abrams, will have had their brains really shaken about and are now permanently incoherent.

    • MrCantStopTheRobot
      MrCantStopTheRobot Month ago

      @Dave Mons strangely energetic comment you made.
      You never heard of someone coming from a position that their thing's the best? Like, "I'm a car guy, but that motorcycle's beautiful." Or, "I'm a dog person, but that cat's fun."

    • Dave Mons
      Dave Mons Month ago +1

      I'm a bit confused. "Although I'm a former tanker"?? What does this have to do with admiring the Gepard? "Although I'm a former tanker". This means NOTHING. If you WERE a former tanker, and your channel says you still are one, what has the US got in its arsenal that compares DIRECTLY with the Gepard? Nothing at all!!!

  • Atreyu
    Atreyu Month ago +2560

    Today it was announced that Germany wont build its ammunition in switzerland anymore since it is such an unreliable partner in terms of weapons. Really glad to see our politicians acting fast without spending months or years talking about possibilities!

    • Hans Phurz
      Hans Phurz 3 days ago

      @CCTV Cayak Crime TV Many Swiss citizens would actually love that. Then Switzerland would not be flooded with people from the EU anymore. People that only wanna benefit from high Swiss salaries or sucking the marrow out of the Swiss social welfare system.

    • Hans Phurz
      Hans Phurz 3 days ago

      @DaJo Switzerland has very restrictive laws these days when it comes to manufacturing and export of defense equipment. Thanks to the liberals.

    • Hans Phurz
      Hans Phurz 3 days ago

      @T H In 2007 the liberals in Switzerland (social democrats and the green party) wanted to introduce a law that would completely ban any export of Swiss manufactured defense material. They failed with the idea of a complete ban but instead the new law states that Swiss manufactured defense equipment and ammunition must never be delivered to a war zone. Germany new this rule when they purchased the ammunition. It's as simple as that.
      If you really need to blame somebody then blame the liberals!

    • Hans Phurz
      Hans Phurz 3 days ago

      @somali stories Switzerland has not been involved in any war for more than 100 years. Switzerland is probably the most peaceful country in the world. If all your EU or NATO countries had behaved like this the world would have been a better place. So who is to be blamed or sanctioned?

    • Denise Ross
      Denise Ross 13 days ago +1

      They launder money for the world's worst criminals, but this, this bothers them? WTF? I'm so confused. Eff the Swiss.

  • feynthefallen
    feynthefallen Month ago +46

    The Gepard always were my favorite tanks. They were soooo high tech and ahead of their time when they came out, and it greatly saddened me to see them mustered out. Although I wish to god they weren't needed, it is somehow deeply satisfying seeing them get to do the job they were built for after all, protecting the innocent and helpless from mindless violence. They are beautiful machines and they finally are receiving the accolades they so richly deserve.

  • 73kimura
    73kimura Month ago +191

    I never thought there would come a day when I would actually feel proud of my country to deliver weapons into a war zone. Slava Ukraini

    • Shakrom
      Shakrom Month ago

      @A B Nicht seine Schuld, dass du vor dem Faschisten lieber buckeln willst, als ihm entschlossen entgegenzutreten und die Menschen in der Ukraine im Rahmen unserer Möglichkeiten zu schützen.

    • hiya!
      hiya! Month ago

      @A B hä wieso
      Waffen nach afghanistan schicken damit kleine Kinder über den Haufen geschossen wird - nicht stolz.
      Waffen nach Ukraine schicken damit kleine Kinder vor Russen beschützt werden - stolz.
      Und deiner Meinung sollte man beides schlecht oder gut finden ansonsten is man inkongruent ?

    • SneggeS
      SneggeS Month ago

      @A B Kannst du auch in einer Sprache sprechen die alle verstehen oder musst du dich hinter deinem Deutsch verstecken? Erbärmlich.

    • Percy Faith
      Percy Faith Month ago

      @Claus-not-Santa Odessa Massacre? Again, rebels trying to take over territory of Ukraine for ruzzia. Engage in civil war, get the results of civil war.

    • Percy Faith
      Percy Faith Month ago

      @Claus-not-Santa I suppose you are from ruzzia or Serbia or the Dumbass region or some other ruzzia troll kingdom?
      Yeah, I know about Maidan where the people of Ukraine, at the risk of their lives, threw out a murderous puppet of that evil dwarf Putler.
      I also know that ruzzia should never have stuck its ugly nose in Ukraine's affairs.

  • ForOurGood
    ForOurGood Month ago +254

    Finally the very long Gepard story is finding its feet and purpose in Ukraine, it really is an amazing system, I cant believe how fast it can swing around that huge turrent. As a citizen of the world, I want to give my greatest gratitude to Germany and it's people for sending so many of these systems to Ukraine, please keep sending them more! As for the Swiss, I hope they can find a way to see that the right thing to do is to send the ammunition, I don't think it needs any more explaination or justification, it just needs to be done ASAP.

    • Ruben Kelevra
      Ruben Kelevra 17 days ago

      Germany decided against relying on ammunition production from Swiss in the future for their systems, as you are a pretty unreliable partner.

    • jdoe
      jdoe Month ago +1

      The only thing that can convince Switzerland is money.

    • Guido Melliger
      Guido Melliger Month ago

      The Swiss only have their own interest at mind

    • Peter Fanghänel
      Peter Fanghänel Month ago

      @jospi2 As the Qataries seem to get cozy with China, I don't think that's going to be an option.

    • MR.Chickennuget 360
      MR.Chickennuget 360 Month ago

      you are not a citizen of the world. You are a citizen of your country, or you are not a citizen and have no rights.

  • Phil M
    Phil M Month ago +288

    The difference between the German crew training and Ukraine crew training is, one is practice and the other survival. You learn fast if you want to survive.

    • Larry Nivren
      Larry Nivren Month ago

      NEVER underestimate GERMAN crew.....

    • Erika Vankerkhofen
      Erika Vankerkhofen Month ago

      Sorry that’s wrong. The German instructors have streamlined the program somewhat. Moreover, there is a difference between training the single deployment of a defensive tank and teaching the combat of linked systems and weapons. The German operational doctrine is a so-called "battle of the linked weapons". Here, however, only individual use of the tank for defense was taught. That is a huge difference.

    • Mentar
      Mentar Month ago

      @abugina: Not true. The Gepard was manned by conscripts as long as we had them. In fact, I was one of them (as a gunner).

    • Mentar
      Mentar Month ago +1

      I was a conscript gunner in the Gepard, and 2 months are fine to learn the basic operation of the Gepard. In fact, the so-called "Rote Grundausbildung" (red basic training which centered around the Gepard) only took 6 weeks. After that, you're qualified in most relevant operation modes.
      It takes longer if you get into the mechanics of the tank, or counteracting ELOKA (Elektronische Kampfführung - effectively how to deal with jamming techniques), but that's not exactly what they need to take care of in Ukraine.
      If the radar makes out a drone (or bigger air target), all the cannoneer has got to do is to mark it with an analogue stick and lock in the target. This will swivel the turret around, the tracking radar engages, and the targeting computer does the rest until it has got a firing solution, after which you can step on the firing pedal. It really is not more complicated than that.

    • Mathilde Wesendonck
      Mathilde Wesendonck Month ago +3

      @Exodon2020 I heard that too, I am a former German army doctor. The Ukrainians are incredible, they really fight until the last bullet to defend their country. What a contrast to Afghanistan…
      from 2014 on it was pretty clear for every blind man what Russia was planning in Ukraine. We (Germans and NATO) should have concentrated on training Ukrainians, instead of wasting time, money and lives in Afghanistan.
      So so sad 😞

  • Sebastian Rosenberg Lenda

    I know its an older weapon system, but i just love the Gepards, they are so OP.

    • X Y
      X Y Month ago

      It's pretty dank for being created in the 80s, innit? Yall seen how it downs these missiles & drones? That's some sick ass technology there

    • MadHatter
      MadHatter Month ago

      I also love Maxim machine gun!

    • Fuxx BayLife
      Fuxx BayLife Month ago

      INSTA NERF Gepard!

    • ClausJesup
      ClausJesup Month ago +4

      ​@Miriam Weller You can repeat it all you like but again: The video shows soldiers who claim to have taken down 10 drones in a single mission with the help of Gepard. Still not "effective anti air" enough for you? The reasons why the Bundeswehr didn't want to keep them have to do with budget cuts and changed requirements but it was surely not because they thought it was a bad system. And the 'low range': All missile AA systems may have far more range than AA gun systems. But unlike gun shells, missiles can be deflected, and a single AA missile costs easily more than the crappy drones. A burst of 6 or 9 AA shells is comparatively cheap. War is also economics.

    • Miriam Weller
      Miriam Weller Month ago

      @Semechki for Putin It's old crap not even the Bundeswehr, who is mainly using old craps, wanted to keep it. It's a shit system with way too low range for being effectiv anti air.

  • Cristobal Stark
    Cristobal Stark Month ago +14

    It is weird to find a weapon system “beautiful”, but the gepard is such a gorgeous machine

    • Larry Nivren
      Larry Nivren Month ago

      Yup because it is a DEFENCE-SYSTEM..... and it WORKS.... NEVER mess up mwih a german GEPARD!

  • Kristoffer Mangila
    Kristoffer Mangila Month ago +48

    After years of not firing in anger, the Gepards are validating their designers' faith in them. Nice work!

  • Matthias Wagner
    Matthias Wagner Month ago +111

    For many decades, Germans have proudly watched their "toys" like Gepard, Leopard, or Panzerhaubitze 2000 whenever being shown in the media, but they have never been more than that in our minds: Just expensive toys. It´s surreal to see them being placed into a real war now, it´s such a strange feeling. Playtime is over: Our toys have become lethal weapons of war now, as it seems...

    • Dieter Dödel
      Dieter Dödel 28 days ago

      @ron black ...There are no "flaws" of the howitzer, but the handling of the device! If you fire hundreds of shells a day without cleaning/maintain the device, then every device will eventually fail. Shoot all day long with an MG3 in continuous fire without changing the barrel or cleaning.....then your MG will be torn apart very quickly! It is the use of weapons that needs proper training.

    • ron black
      ron black 28 days ago +1

      yes and the war has shoen the flaws in PZ 2000 which germany is fixing i hope.

    • Friend of Tellus
      Friend of Tellus Month ago

      It is only lethal for mad murderers who want to kill innocent civilians !

    • hiya!
      hiya! Month ago +1

      @Jan van der Meer blocked by contract from sending sadly.
      We signed a contract with the allies after ww2 and the allies are not willing to renegotiate because one part of the allies was russia obviously

    • Dieter Dödel
      Dieter Dödel Month ago +1

      Canadians used the Leopards in Afghanistan, just saying.

  • Harold Barry
    Harold Barry Month ago +129

    Thank you to all countries and all people who help and support Ukraine. Please Donate and help Ukraine get through this winter. Slava Ukraine.

    • tempo
      tempo Month ago +1

      @GizzeitYes, she did mean that in the sense you guessed already. These people unfortunately tend to show up under these videos. I can only assure you that the majority in our country understands what you have to go through right now and that you need support to get through the winter.
      The problem is that the far right sees Russia as an ally against western values, while the far left sees it as an ally against the US. That’s why you see so many keyboard warriors in the comments here. They can’t realise their ideology politically, so they harass Ukraine online instead.

    • Morten Kristiansen
      Morten Kristiansen Month ago

      @Emma Smith Go away, troll

    • Gizzeit
      Gizzeit Month ago +1

      Wow, so much anti-Ukraine comments are targeted simply at the flag on user image... That shows how little mind bots have. Obviously, having no decent profession, knowledge or skill, and not even human empathy turns poor, uneducated, miserable, propaganda-cooked people into brainless bots.
      Ridiculous and disgusting.
      Come on me! You have to work harder to deserve your 15 rubles! Your petty bile words will break noone, but every coin lured from your curators is a coin not tossed into russist war mashine.

    • Emma Smith
      Emma Smith Month ago

      If people had more access to information about the real Ukraine, you would lose more than half of the support you are getting.

    • Ádám Megyesi
      Ádám Megyesi Month ago

      Sooner or later… you’ll loose this “war”.

  • I Love Aviation - Burger Club - always open.

    I still cannot understand that these were retired back then when anyone thinking defence knew that there will be drones in future and Heer will need mobileand highly dynamic protection to move forward. Feeding the Gebhard with modern munition detonating per-target laying a wolfram particle sector is just nuts and very up to date taking the twin radar system into account. Feeding HE rounds makes it a propper surface to surface weapon with both - a tremendous impact even capable to punsh armored vehicles seriously and a massive impact to moral of the opponent simmilar to incomming artillery. Sure, Rheinmetall invented Mantis and there are some more or less capable, proven and available systems out there. But vs the Gebhard they cannot stand a chance in effectivity if cost and availability, mobility, maturity and useability are taken in account. I miss that cat. She is more or less like a ground based A-10. Gotta love the Mauser twins when you think defence. Or you like it as a carussell 🎠
    P.S. Love the GoPro at the muzzle.
    Did I mention that I start to hate Swi>Z

  • Gary Jones
    Gary Jones Month ago +4

    Suddenly the Gepard goes from obsolete Cold War relic to perfect killer of slow, low flying $20k drones. Those cheapie drones are in effect armed decoys if you have to use $100k, $400k or $1 million missiles to shoot down a $20k drone. Even when you shoot the drone down with one SAM, Russia is still the big winner in that exchange. But Gepard fires 6 inexpensive shells that cost ? maybe $1K and the $20k drone is dead. Now Gepard is a rock star and the perfect solution to cheap, slow drones.

  • Aleksander Szczurek
    Aleksander Szczurek Month ago +81

    Thank you Germany and please send more. Ahh, and remember to tell France the same! Greetings from Poland

    • Adi Freitag
      Adi Freitag 19 days ago

      @Aleksander Szczurek It is solely up to Germany to decide whether, which and how many weapons it will make available to Ukraine. Poland has no say in that. Rather, Poland should stop treating Germany like an enemy state. Poland should recognize that Germany has pushed for Poland's accession to the European Community and has been subsidizing Poland with many billions of euros annually since its EU membership. Figures for 2021: German net contribution 25.1 billion euros, Polish net reception 11.8 billion euros.
      Germany is Ukraine's largest financier after the US, with the US benefiting from the Ukraine war and sanctions against Russia, while Germany is suffering large losses. This does not take into account that of all Western European countries, Germany has taken in the most Ukrainian refugees with over 1 million Ukrainians and is generously caring for and financing them. I don't think the US has taken in anywhere near as many Ukrainian refugees

    • Sigrid qwq
      Sigrid qwq Month ago

      @Karsten Seterbakken , schoen, dass sie fuer einen Friedensvertrag sind.
      Aber wer mit wem? Ohne klare unmissverstaendliche Definition kann man nicht kommunizieren, auch wenn es gut gemeint ist. Ich verstehe nicht was sie meinen... Aber trotzdem Danke fuer ihren Beitrag.
      Nebenbei, es ist geht nicht um ein Fussballspiel.........

    • Karsten Seterbakken
      Karsten Seterbakken Month ago

      @Sigrid qwq Der Russe muss nur ein friedensvertrag mit uns abzeichnen, Dann heisst es tschüss für die Tataren und andere Meister der Geschichtsfälschung aus der anderen seite des Buga flusses. Wird aber bestimmt für die nächsten jahrzehnt nicht machen wegen der Shitshow in "cocaine-ukraine"

    • Vladimir Degen
      Vladimir Degen Month ago

      Смотри не подавись сука.

    • Vermicelle De Cheval
      Vermicelle De Cheval Month ago

      You may very well ask France directly... "CAESAR commande !"

  • theacme3
    theacme3 Month ago +52

    Reinmetal bought a spanish ammo maker to produce the ammo. I think a Norwegian company also announced it would be willing to start a production run.
    I think germany should refurbish the rest of its old gepard inventory so the starting of the new ammo production run gets its maximum value. They sure are very very useful in this low cost drrone environment while at the same time russia showing complete incompetence in taking out any specific high value targets itself.

    • Norbert R.
      Norbert R. Month ago +1

      Please note that Rheinmetall has built a new production line for Gepard ammonition in Germany, production for Ukraine will starting in Januar 2023. Happy Christmas.

    • Johnny
      Johnny Month ago

      This war has shown that future wars are fought with drones and missiles. In such environment, the Gepard AA tank is a must have. Actually, if Ukraine had say hundred of these, they could build a nearly impenetrable wall of air defense.

    • theacme3
      theacme3 Month ago

      @Shlowlife olds source? German goverment announced to send 7 more as soon they are ready. But where did it say there are only 7 left?

    • Shlowlife olds
      Shlowlife olds Month ago +4

      There is only 7 more Gepard systems left with the industry that were supposed to get scrapped but are being refurbished now and will arrive early 2023.

  • T B
    T B Month ago +59

    The German firm Rheinmetall has acquired the Spanish ammunition manufacturer Expal Systems SA, so as to set up production of 35-mm ammunition for Gepard anti-aircraft guns in Spain, since Switzerland (the original manufacturer of the 35-mm ammo) refused to allow its product to be supplied to Ukraine (Swiss ideas of neutrality between warring parties got in the way apparently).

  • CDF DeSantis
    CDF DeSantis Month ago +14

    Very nice system. Ukraine needs all the help it can get against these Iranian drones. Good for Germany! The Ukrainians are so clever to be able to learn how to operate the systems on an accelerated timeframe. They don't have time to waste. Needs must. SLAVA UKRAINE!

  • S-Cut
    S-Cut Month ago +34

    Those are really wild times when Germany sells Ukraine tanks for fighting against Iranian drones in a war Russia started, while Africa is suffering a lack of food transports because of it 🙈 the fights are happening in Ukraine, but it's literally a world war

    • Careonovam
      Careonovam Month ago

      @Christian Schellbruck Yeah, but those so called "proxy wars" are not classified as war ad definitionem.

    • Christian Schellbruck
      Christian Schellbruck Month ago

      @Careonovam In most US-wars the USA let others do the main work. See in Irak they supported saddam, in Afghanistan they supported the Taliban. In Bosnien they supportet muslims. In Syria they supportet the islamic state and now they support ukraine against russia. But only for their own goals.

    • Careonovam
      Careonovam Month ago

      Also, it's hard to call it a world war, when (on paper!) only 2 partys are engaging in direct combat. Thanks to globalization and trade agreements pretty much every country will be affected by war in some way.

    • Christian Schellbruck
      Christian Schellbruck Month ago

      USA started the war

    • Mi chi
      Mi chi Month ago


  • Nene Oribamise
    Nene Oribamise Month ago +122

    Thanks to Germany God bless 🙏

    • Sigrid qwq
      Sigrid qwq Month ago +1

      Nene, God bless you, you need it more...

  • Locker vom Hocker
    Locker vom Hocker Month ago +177

    Schön zu sehen, dass die Geparden jetzt in guten Händen sind. Viel Glück und Erfolg damit.

  • Dan Pan
    Dan Pan Month ago +23

    You can also use it quite well against lightly armored ground targets or in urban combat, the twin cannons cut through bricks like butter. greetings from germany

  • Jürgen Engelhardt
    Jürgen Engelhardt Month ago +34

    As a ex-gunner and driver of Gepard i am happy to see that our Gepard´s do a helpful job and save lives!
    Take good care for them.

    • Don Mokwai
      Don Mokwai Month ago

      Nazi Scum! NSDAP/DieGrünen!

  • Tomas P
    Tomas P Month ago +33

    10 drones downed on one mission! Those guys must have been flying high after that day.

    • Friend of Tellus
      Friend of Tellus Month ago

      This weapon is probably one of the most effective conventional weapon systems ever made !!!!

    • Emma Smith
      Emma Smith Month ago

      Don't believe everything you see on the news unless there is video footage to prove it. Most information coming out of Ukraine is false to keep up the morale and support from western countries.

  • Mcrl2000
    Mcrl2000 Month ago +3

    Im german and in my opinion we should massively increase our efforts to support ukraine. Its a shame that our army is so low on ammunition and equipment. Our politicians thought we don’t need huge military spendings anymore. That was a huge mistake as we can see now.

  • Melchior von Sternberg

    Here we see a weapon in perfection, the precursor of which (of course without the radar system) was already being developed by German tank builders towards the end of World War II, but arrived on the battlefield too late in a classic way to make a difference...
    After the war, the British carried out tests with the Mk 108 30 mm automatic cannon in order to be able to examine the weapon's effectiveness in peace and quiet. It was an air gun (air force jargon "jackhammer"), which was installed in an adapted form in the air defense tank mentioned, which made it even more effective. I'm attaching the British film, which is almost 3 minutes long, so you can get an idea of how this weapon worked almost 80 years ago...

  • Don Princo
    Don Princo Month ago +9

    Thank you very much Germany, for your contributions. I was under the impression that Germany was dragging her feet, making excuses and playing delaying tactics when it came to helping their Ukrainian friends. I guess I was misinformed.

    • Andi K
      Andi K Month ago

      @honnebombll Und in Ungarn baut Rheinmetall ne ganze Munitionsfabrik wie ich auf deren Webseite gelesen hab. Früher hatte Wehrmacht und Luftwaffe modernste Munitionsfabriken hier bei uns in den nord und osthessischen Wäldern. Heute hat man keine Munition für 3 Tage und bettelt bei der Schweiz um Munition. Das ist Versagen auf ganzer Linie. Sogar Bundeswehrsoldaten müssen sich ihr Zeug teilweise selber kaufen, wie mein Cousin für Afghanistan. Walkie Talkies und Nachtsichtgeräte selbst gekauft.
      Ich wusste schon warum ich meinen Wehrdienst verweigert hab. Ich hab bestimmt mehr Munition in meiner Jugend verschossen als das jemand bei 12 Monaten Wehrdienst jemals machen wird.

    • honnebombll
      honnebombll Month ago +3

      @Andi K Nicht so ungeduldig sie ist ja noch am "analysieren" ;)
      Wir waren ja nicht die einzigen bei denen die Munition knapp ist die anderen Länder sind aber mittlerweile auf die verrückte Idee gekommen welche zu bestellen. Daraus folgt erhöhte Nachfrage höherer Preis vor allem wenn man als Letzter bestellt, plus die Inflation in diesem Zeitraum kann man vermutlich mittlerweile schon mit 40 anstatt 20 Mrd. rechnen. Also Bilanz bisher 20 Mrd. verbrannt ohne das auch nur eine einzige Socke bei der Truppe ankam.
      Da hast du völlig recht leistet man sich so was in der Wirtschaft wird man nicht nur entlassen man landet vermutlich sogar vor einem Gericht.

    • Andi K
      Andi K Month ago

      @honnebombll der 24.2 ist jetzt ein 3/4 Jahr her und in der Bundeswehr hat man es noch nicht geschafft gängiste Munition aller Kaliber weder kurz noch langfristig zu ordern. Würde manmsich sowas in der Privatwirtschaft leisten, dass nicht produziert werden kann, weil Schrauben fehlen, wäre die Firma pleite und alle arbeitslos. Diese ganze Regierung ist dysfunktional, die gehören alle ohne Altersversorgung rausgeworfen weil die es nicht verdient haben, diese Stümper. Die gehören enteignet jeglichen Privatbesitzes und dann auf Hartz 4 gesetzt. Sie wurden ihrer Arbeit nicht im Ansatz gerecht.
      In der Privatwirtschaft wären die in der Probezeit schon rausgeflogen.

    • honnebombll
      honnebombll Month ago +1

      @Andi K Was mich doch recht sprachlos macht ist auch die aktuelle Krise mit der Munition. Es werden 100 Mrd Euro aufgestellt plus die Haushalte für die nächsten Jahre mit u.a. dem Ziel die Bundeswehr wieder flott zu bekommen. Scheinbar hat man in diesen Rechnungen nicht an Munition gedacht, ist mittlerweile so wenig militärische Expertise vorhanden? Das wäre so als würde ein Elektroingenieur bei seiner Maschine den Umstand vergessen das diese Strom benötigt.
      Und Lambrecht antwortet noch auf diesen Hinweis ob ihr Haus, die Beschaffung und die Bundeswehr Strukturreformen benötigen würden mit einem klaren Nein.
      Da können wir so viel Geld reinwerfen wie wir wollen es wird sich so nichts verbessern.

    • Andi K
      Andi K Month ago +1

      @honnebombll Sie hat nicht nur keine Kontrolle, sie hat auch keine militärische Erfahrung. Unsere ganze Regierung ist eine Katastrophe.

  • Chimel31
    Chimel31 Month ago +280

    I would understand neutral Switzerland not selling ammo for offensive weapons, but the Gepard is a defensive anti-aircraft weapon. Besides, being "neutral" not selling defensive ammo to Ukraine means being not neutral by supporting Russia's invasion. There are only 2 camps here, and not selling weapons to both actually means supporting Russia in this case, making the Swiss Getards.

    • MysticHero
      MysticHero Month ago

      @Chimel31 The difference is that those have another primary purpose eg make soldiers lives a little easier. Also they really don't do much else. A little increase in morale but Ukraine is hardly lacking in that department.
      The primary and only purpose of advanced AA weaponry is improving Ukraines military capacity.

    • MysticHero
      MysticHero Month ago

      @Mark Muller " Neutrality is an ancient institution , so heating on Switzerland in the comments is a sign of extreme ignorance."
      A sign of "extreme ignorance" is thinking that swiss neutrality being "ancient" somehow makes it moral. Such a nonsense argument stated with utter confidence.

    • Chimel31
      Chimel31 Month ago

      @MysticHero Chocolate, good cheese and precise watches also make better soldiers if you go this way. So does the Red Cross healing injured soldiers. All Swiss specialties available to Ukraine...

    • Sandro
      Sandro Month ago

      @sundrenched it's not an excuse. Delivering weapons to warzones has been banned in Switzerland for a very long time already. A lot of Swiss politicians want to send the ammo but are banned by law

    • MysticHero
      MysticHero Month ago

      @Chimel31 I am not sure what any of this even has to do with what I have said. It doesn't matter if it is backline. It still increases offensive potential.

  • JeLeSachais!
    JeLeSachais! Month ago +57

    In Swiss banks there must be more large Russian accounts than Ukrainians ...

    • aegir meingot
      aegir meingot Month ago +2

      @John Sikes exactly. money makes it. but may be they will learn.

    • John Sikes
      John Sikes Month ago +1

      @aegir meingot It is as simple as that. Not exactly the first such Rodeo for the Swiss. They ALWAYS play this dishonest game. If they are going to cry neutral, they need to BE neutral. In WWII that didn't seem to concern them. One of these days they are going to scream for help and the world is going to answer, "Enjoy that neutrality thing".

    • aegir meingot
      aegir meingot Month ago +1

      @HoganTon ein schweizer spricht klartext. hat stil!!

    • aegir meingot
      aegir meingot Month ago +2

      @I B exactly. and they only accepted jews with money in these bad years. poor ones could have gone to hell.

    • HoganTon
      HoganTon Month ago +1

      Nah it's not as simple as that. The right wing/fascist party SVP is against it because they get paid by Moscow and the left wing/libtard parties are against it, because "wAr iS bAD". Just my opinion as a swiss citizen.

  • jsn1970
    jsn1970 Month ago +2

    The Gepard system was designed back in the lae sixties and early seventies but it is still relevant and helps Ukraine fight against the russian aggressor.

  • Ionor Rea
    Ionor Rea Month ago

    Funnily enough, Gepard from 70ties is still among the best systems of its kind deployed in any sizeable numbers in the West, because Eagle nation and its allies believe in ruling the skies in any conflict, they neglected self-propelled AA systems compared to Russia, but this seems to be a flaw in conflicts where we are willing to support allies with our weapons but unwilling to fight for them ourself, thus making our air superiority irrelevant for our allies that will need to depend on obsolete self-propelled AA systems using cost-effective ammunition for years to come, because using missiles against cheap drones is not a way to win wars but a way to get out of munition or bankrupt soon. Despite efforts to develop laser systems, these still seem to be years away while they aren't anywhere as adaptable to changing battlefield requirements as autocannons that can destroy from the side even the newest Russian T-14 tank.
    Hope that our military-industrial complex gets some funding for mass-producing Gepard replacement or even better make our autocannon-equipped transporters already produced in quantities to be capable take on that role, otherwise, in the next war, we and our allies will be on the wrong side of proliferating low-cost pesky combat drones operating in altitudes/swarms that make current Western AA systems difficult to deal with them in an economically feasible way. Without a proper counter weapon especially once drones start utilizing more effective countermeasures that are readily available to deal with older generation sensors used for an automated response like Gepard's aging radar which can be detected from afar, failure to achieve our goals in future conflicts is pretty much inevitable.

  • schwanzus minimus
    schwanzus minimus Month ago +8

    I have a lot of respect for the Ukranians adapting to Putins terror that fast and for not giving in. I am happy that German technology makes a difference in Ukraine, but I whish we also would send combat tanks. I realy hope, this will change as soon as possible. Slava Ukraini!

  • Strakin
    Strakin Month ago +9

    Switzerland is a bit "strange" here: If they are really neutral, then they should not produce ammunition in the first place honestly. Making money seems to be ok with them, but they knowingly ignore what ammunition is used for.

    • Jasper Zanovich
      Jasper Zanovich Month ago

      They also gladly took all that gold the nazies stole and deposited with them.

    • Strakin
      Strakin Month ago +2

      @etuanno The thing here is: They dont produced it only for themselves, they sold it. I would not say anything if they just used it for themselves. Swiss sold about 1 billion in arms in 2020 alone.

    • etuanno
      etuanno Month ago +1

      Armed neutrality my dude, to the teeth actually.
      Most ammo was used for training or stockpiling before the Ukraine conflict. In the last 77 years there wasn't a war in Europe.

    • Xander Cruz
      Xander Cruz Month ago +1

      > If they are really neutral, then they should not produce ammunition in the first place honestly.
      That makes no logical sense.
      They sell to nations that are not at war. The minute you are, the sales stop.

    • travelicious !
      travelicious ! Month ago +1

      Precisely! But in not helping Ukraine defend itself, they are in effect acting in a pro-russian way! If russia advances to Switzerland's border, they will not care about Switzerland's neutrality! Which makes me remember two quotes relevant to this situation...
      "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph in the world is that good men do nothing."
      " First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out-
      Because I was not a socialist.
      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out-
      Because I was not a trade unionist.
      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out-
      Because I was not a Jew.
      Then they came for me-and there was no one left to speak for me."

  • Hartmut Writh
    Hartmut Writh Month ago +11

    I am glad in two ways. 1) Our big leathal cats protect your country! 2) Your service men are not only extremly brave. They are very quick learners! Respect!

  • Krautmaster86
    Krautmaster86 Month ago +9

    anti drone weapons seem to be very important for current and future wars

  • Bert NL
    Bert NL Month ago +5

    When I was in the Airforce, we had to learn to aim and give fire on planes flying over. We used FAL rifles for that. At that time I thought that was rubbish, The only low flying planes were helicopters. There were no drones then. I think it may bring these drills back. If you can down a slow flying drone with some 7,65 rounds or .50 it is great.

    • Harry Bruijs
      Harry Bruijs Month ago

      Put a mach on your feet when lying on your back and shoot a salvo, that's what I learned.

  • XX
    XX Month ago +11

    German Engineering is great 🇪🇺🇩🇪🤝🇺🇦

  • Eva Lieblich꧁꧂
    Eva Lieblich꧁꧂ Month ago +116

    Glad to see we can at least help some - Love from Germany

    • Sigrid qwq
      Sigrid qwq Month ago

      Eva, wie helfen sie denn ? Warum kleben sie sich nicht in der Ukraine an? Koennte hilfreich sein...

  • Quang Nhat
    Quang Nhat Month ago +7

    When they only need 3 rounds to down a target, you know that these guys are real deal.

  • Lunak
    Lunak Month ago +2

    50 years old and still kicking - thats what i call German Engineering 💪

  • Frank Husel
    Frank Husel Month ago +1

    As far as I know, the Gepard ammo has a special feature that distinguishes it from others of that calibre. I think it's a notch or sth like that that allows the shells to be inserted into the chains of the machine guns. At least, Gepard proves to be useful, and this also demonstrates that allegedly outdated systems aren't really outdated at all: F_kking Ruzzia still kills people daily with its arsenal of old weaponry that it has accumulated over the decades. It's still a disgrace that my country hasn't started to simply produce that ammo itself right away when the problem of ammo shortage from Switzerland became apparent. I still think that we should at least deliver Leopard 1 to Ukraine, and I still think that Christine Lambrecht, the German Secretary of Defence, is simply an !d!ot. Excuse my straightforwardness.

  • AnAtheist
    AnAtheist Month ago +2

    Never thought to see one of these in real combat action, but here we are in 2022.... good to see it helps, imagine the lifes it safed in Odesa. cheers from Germany

  • John Z
    John Z Month ago +15

    Good job Germany!

  • Interactive 1881
    Interactive 1881 Month ago +4

    The whole world’s safety depends on how well Ukrainian soldiers are equipped to stop russian fascists’ invasion in Ukraine and Europe. Remember: what happens in Ukraine, may come to anybody’s doorstep‼️

  • Hector Nagano
    Hector Nagano Month ago +25

    I have confidence in anything made in Germany. Now ,if the could get a hold to a few Leopards that would be fantastic.

    • Michael Greenwood
      Michael Greenwood 6 days ago

      @Andi K Yeah... about that.

    • Andi K
      Andi K Month ago

      @Sigrid qwq no money, no tanks. Germany is no credit bank.

    • Sigrid qwq
      Sigrid qwq Month ago

      @Andi K , today no shopping, no Kredit Card fore looser...

    • Andi K
      Andi K Month ago

      Go shopping by Rheinmetall.

  • gaglikabar
    gaglikabar Month ago +43

    What a smooth sound of the engine. I like it. Old but not obsolete. Imagine that how effective could be the new version the LINX .

    • Simon _
      Simon _ Month ago +1

      @T ridder both Linux, Puma and Mantis can use AHEAD Ammunition (airburst) with modifications the Gepard could do the same.

    • FactoryofRedstone
      FactoryofRedstone Month ago +1

      @TheBlondeViking The Gepard is to my knowledge built on the Leopard 1 Frame. If it also has the same engine, then its engine can run basically on everything. Diesel, Petrol, Aviation Fuel, Sunflower Oil (Fritten Fet)... .
      The newer engine of the Leopard 2 sadly can't do this anymore, it needs at least 50% diesel.

    • II II
      II II Month ago

      @T ridder Shooting printed mass drones with programmable tungsten ammunition is insane. Germany made a big mistake in its new financial plan by dropping the energy weapons from the mobile air defense. Rheinmetall and Rafael currently calculate about $5 per counter action. A salvo of tungsten ammunition is as expensive as a luxury sports car.

    • Sugandese Nuds
      Sugandese Nuds Month ago +4

      @TheBlondeViking you guys know how we germans feel about Diesel. *SNIFF* Its fucking delicious

    • T ridder
      T ridder Month ago +3

      Well yes the linx can be used for AA, however a Mantis turret with its airburst programmable ammunition would be the better fit.

  • Chuck Griffith
    Chuck Griffith Month ago +7

    Thanks RFE for the constant and accurate reports from the field 👍

  • Marcus Krüger
    Marcus Krüger Month ago +15

    Schöner Kater, feiner Kater. Haltet unseren ehemaligen Kater stets in Ehren. Auf daß er immer genug Beute vom Himmel holt. Denn unser Kater hat ordentlich Hunger.👍👏💪

  • Klaus Haas
    Klaus Haas Month ago +17

    Für euch Ukraine viel Glück👈❤🇺🇦🇩🇪❤👈

  • Susan Smith
    Susan Smith Month ago +1

    Impressive piece of machinery. 2 months for a normally 18 month training seems short but Ukraine doesn't have 18 months to wait while those Shaheed drones wreak havoc.
    Twice, Switzerland refused Germany's pressure request to re-export Swiss made 12,400 rounds of ammo for these Gepard anti- aircraft tanks. Their neutrality law forbids re-export of ammunition to conflict zones.
    Ex NATO Secretary warned that Switzerland's refusal to supply ammo to Ukraine will have repercussions. Europe is in a existential struggle between democracy and autocracy and "no country in the world can remain neutral. It makes no sense".
    🇺🇦 💙💛 🇺🇦

  • Tasla1
    Tasla1 Month ago +2

    It is a sollid AA system. And with the appearance of drones on the battlefield, it has found its calling in modern warfare. The munition is cheap. Much better to use it instead of the more expensive system. If germany goes back to producig it themselves, the gepard system can be usefull for at least another decade.

  • tyrannosaurus in f14!
    tyrannosaurus in f14! Month ago +4

    So Ukrainians have had to not only learn the Gepard faster but destroy their targets with fewer ammunition. Also, when I first saw the Gepard, I was reminded of the poet's line "A thing of beauty is a joy forever."

  • Keith
    Keith Month ago +3

    Imagine trying to make an export industry selling weapons.... but on the proviso that if a war ensues, then you will stop selling your customers the required ammo. Who in their right mind would buy weapons from the Swiss?

  • ToSa 252
    ToSa 252 Month ago +7

    I don't understand why Switzerland lets civilians die here instead of allowing the ammunition to be delivered to Ukraine.

  • RonJohn63
    RonJohn63 Month ago +12

    These are also very good against IFVs and even tanks (of course can't _destroy_ the tank, but can damage tread, destroy vision slits, radio antennae, IR scanners, etc). The US needs something like them.

    • RonJohn63
      RonJohn63 Month ago

      @Shlowlife olds while true, it must be contrasted with the Gepard's higher rate of fire due to (1) having two barrels and (2) smaller ammunition being faster/easier to load.

    • Shlowlife olds
      Shlowlife olds Month ago

      @RonJohn63 The firing range is obviously higher with naval artillery, so that can't be underestimated

    • RonJohn63
      RonJohn63 Month ago

      @Shlowlife olds 76mm seems a bit of overkill for drones.

    • Shlowlife olds
      Shlowlife olds Month ago

      The Italian Centauro Draco fields Oto Melara's 76mm naval gun on the Centauro APC chassie in an air defence role. The states could just do the same on the Stryker chassie.

    • Claus-not-Santa
      Claus-not-Santa Month ago

      @Geopolitix I do not know where you are living and what knowledge you have, but I give you 1 example: Germany has been building a local airport BER for 20 years. Same time for railway station Stuttgart.......both NOT finished yet!! Russia has planned and build biggest bridge 🌉 in Europe during 4 years!!! So much about your “knowledge” about a paper bag!!!
      You know what? I assume you either are from US or from a small isolated island in Northern Sea. Actually you have never visited Russia and I also can tell you the reason! Am I right?

  • Juan Casero
    Juan Casero Month ago +1

    I am very happy to finally see Germany make good on its promises to help Ukraine. This was long overdue and now all we need is to find a reliable source of 35 mm anti-aircraft shells. This should be resolved as soon as possible. Thousands of civilian lives depend on it! SLAVA UKRAINI!!!!!!

  • Wudruff Wildcard
    Wudruff Wildcard Month ago +2

    I am really wondering why Rheinmetall, who have purchased this Swiss company, can't produce the munition in Germany.
    They already have a dedicated company called Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH for barrel and munitions production.
    The only thing i can think of is that even the transfer of the production plans for the munitions are subject to the export ban. 🤔

  • Fast Sheep
    Fast Sheep Month ago +17

    Germany make awesome weapons systems. Thanks

  • daeljuma
    daeljuma Month ago +2

    As a good friend of mine once said, a gun without ammunition is just an expensive club...

  • Observations from the Fringe

    Without ammo it's like an expensive paperweight. Let's get these guys what they need.

  • Rafael
    Rafael Month ago +63

    There needs to be some sort of punitive action taken against Switzerland. There is no reason whatsoever that they should be withholding defensive ammunition from Ukraine. It's an outrage.

    • Most people are obtuse
      Most people are obtuse Month ago

      @Jasper Zanovich what a naive take....
      it doesnt really matter who compromised the unity initially. we shouldnt exacerbate the rift any further for now even if it wasnt "our fault".

    • Jasper Zanovich
      Jasper Zanovich Month ago

      @Most people are obtuse Swiss neutrality excludes them from every form of unity. Also it would be switzerland who compromises european union by refusing to step in line.

    • Micha
      Micha Month ago

      @Moyprod Germany did the same thing. But even with 2 left partys in our government we're getting out shit together.

    • Micha
      Micha Month ago +1

      And who should do that? Switzerland is not a member of the EU. Their administration is independent.

    • Xander Cruz
      Xander Cruz Month ago +1

      >There needs to be some sort of punitive action taken against Switzerland.
      How fucking imperialist of you.
      Like demanding the U.S. supply Ukraine with Stealth bombers and long-range missiles.

  • Alfonso Wenzel
    Alfonso Wenzel Month ago +6

    Well done Germany, hope keep Ukraine back up.

  • Zytose S
    Zytose S Month ago +2

    If the swiss want to remain neutral as they always have thats fine, but they shouldn't be making the much needed ammunition and not exporting it when it's needed in ukraine. Who's to say they won't deliver to other EU countries if they're threatened, this makes them unreliable and it should be manufactured elsewhere.

  • PaddyPatrone
    PaddyPatrone Month ago +17

    Rheinmetall bought a spanish ammo Producer. They can also make Gepard ammo, so this problem should soon be solved. Impressive that this thing is from the 1970's

    • Michael Greenwood
      Michael Greenwood 6 days ago

      @David T or the C-130. Or OV-10 Bronco, etc etc etc

    • David T
      David T Month ago +3

      @Sorblex dont forget the MG3 which is basicly a MG42 or the legendary US 50cal Machinegun :)

    • Sorblex
      Sorblex Month ago +1

      1970's is not that long ago
      The A-10 Thunderbolt II is made since 1975, the M1 Abrams since 1980, the Leopard 2 since 1978, the MLRS since 1983
      Like the Gepard, all these weapons got upgrades over the time

  • Sandro
    Sandro Month ago +1

    Just to be clear, Switzerland did not ban exports of ammunition just to Ukraine. This has to do with neutral law that blocks Swiss insitutions to export weapons to any warzone and has been for at least decades. Even if the Swiss politicians wanted to deliever the ammo, they could only do so after putting this law up to vote for the Swiss population - which they'll not likely pass as the neutrality is deeply rooted in Swiss culture and only slowly changing

  • MikeDaV
    MikeDaV Month ago +3

    once again, Switzerland's government plays as an isolated human race in a different planet

  • A. W.
    A. W. Month ago +81

    I was a Leopard2 Driver in 1989 and I could experience the Gepard in some maneuvers I took part. I sat in the Leo2 when we shot live ammunition and it's a experience of its own. But hearing the Gepard firing his two 35mm Cannons made me Goosebumps. Holy Christ, the Sound is terryfiying.
    P.S. At this time there were more than 400!! Gepards in Service in the German Army and more than 2500 Leopard 2.

  • МЕМЕ.ехе
    МЕМЕ.ехе Month ago +2

    Slava Ukraini, Long live heroes 🇻🇳❤️🇺🇦✊

  • frantsel
    frantsel Month ago +17

    this thing is so perfect against the drones..

  • Pat Webster
    Pat Webster Month ago +23

    Love your stuff RFE!!! Slava Ukraini!

  • Oliver Garcia
    Oliver Garcia Month ago +545

    I'm Swiss and I think our Bundesräte are spineless cowards for knowingly leaving the Ukrainians without those 35mm bullets.

    • Андрей Белов
      Андрей Белов 4 days ago


    • Janek Mundt
      Janek Mundt Month ago

      @coole the German Jews deposited most of that money in Swiss banks themselves when the financial crisis happened. Doesn’t make keeping it moral, but they didn’t buy the gold from the nazis directly but indirectly profited from the Holocaust because the Dead couldn’t retrieve the money from the banks

    • Jack McLane
      Jack McLane Month ago

      @D. M. Puting ever wanted to gain more land? Is this why he annexed parts of Ukraine since 2014?
      Are you really that stupid?

    • Jack McLane
      Jack McLane Month ago

      @D. M. No war was ever solved diplomatically. None! Diplomacy can prevent a war. But once the fighting has started, it is decided on the battlefield.
      Diplomacy takes the job to negotiate and arbitrate what comes after, based on the battlefield outcome.

    • X Y
      X Y Month ago

      How about putting up some pressure making the government rethink this nonsensical approach? Let's go Switzerland 🇨🇭 u got this

  • Cecilio Mendoza
    Cecilio Mendoza Month ago +2

    Gepard is like The A10 warthog . Old system but is effective in a modern battle field. Cant imagine an A10 use by ukraine airforce agints russian armour.

  • Bradley Anderson
    Bradley Anderson Month ago +105

    How about manufacturing 35mm shells in other countries and stop purchasing anything from Switzerland?

    • Dieter Dödel
      Dieter Dödel Month ago

      "How about manufacturing 35mm shells in other countries and stop purchasing anything from Switzerland?"
      How about read more than one news source about this topic, before start typing? They already did it!

    • Heiko Lang
      Heiko Lang Month ago +3

      @Guntram Blohm in case of the Gepard it is random ammo. The 35x228 for the Gepard uses impact fuses with a timer that triggers the fuse in case the target was missed.
      I think you were referring to the 35 mm for the Mantis System which works as you described.

    • Disregardforrisk
      Disregardforrisk Month ago +1

      Oh no that would be a Non- Neutral Act …💯💰💰💰

    • Gma
      Gma Month ago +1


    • Mike Sanchez
      Mike Sanchez Month ago


  • nigh
    nigh Month ago +8

    Perfect time to release this just as we saw footage of a Gepard successfully destroying a Russian cruise missile today

  • Lory Sutherland
    Lory Sutherland Month ago +9

    Thank-You Germany and Superior Warriors. Impressive all the way around. Very disappointed in Switzerland. Europe has excellent leaders. Thought you would be a part in democracy and peace. Have always had respect.

    • Josef Aschwanden
      Josef Aschwanden Month ago

      If germany would have wanted the just could have sent the ammo, what could switzerland do about it? They just wanted someone to blame for their slowness.

  • Poivre Blanc
    Poivre Blanc Month ago +11

    We had hundreds of them in Germany, unfortunately most of them were scrapped, leaving only about 50 at the site of the producer by the beginning of this year.

    • K. K.
      K. K. Month ago

      @Geopolitix Most of them were scrapped post 2010, some were sold. There are almost none left in Germany, except for the additional 7 that will now be sent to Ukraine as well.

    • Simon _
      Simon _ Month ago +1

      @Geopolitix Romania still has 35 or something like that.

    • Батончик
      Батончик Month ago

      Sad if that's true.

    • Geopolitix
      Geopolitix Month ago

      I was wondering about the numbers still available . I thought I'd read the remaining 450 odd were mothballed but you think they are actually scraped?

  • misterbacon
    misterbacon Month ago +18

    Good gift from Germany. Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦👍

  • Phunker1
    Phunker1 Month ago +1

    The perfect weapon against drones. We had 500 of them. Now we have none - in times when drones shape the battlefield. That's today's Germany in a nutshell.

  • Walther
    Walther Month ago +29

    The Gepard always reminds me of the Hunter-Killer-Tanks from Terminator. Or let's say a predecessor of them.

    • Ben Jamin
      Ben Jamin Month ago +1

      @Eric d'Peerik yeah, they also carry a separate magazine of armor piercing rounds to fight ground targets. Although they're firing explosive rounds in this video clip-share.net/video/KkFcvIfI6QA/video.html

    • Walther
      Walther Month ago +4

      @Eric d'Peerik As far as I know they are also absolutely capable to be used against ground targets.

    • Eric d'Peerik
      Eric d'Peerik Month ago +1

      Yes, I wonder if they can fire horizontally? 🤔 They would look utterly terrifying, based on watching scifi too much

  • jan kowalski
    jan kowalski Month ago +5

    Brawo Niemcy !!! Brawo Ukraina !!! Bij kacapa!!!

  • hollymilk35
    hollymilk35 Month ago +15

    Germany ❤️ all countries help so much

  • Boo-misc
    Boo-misc Month ago +3

    Brazil could also deliver on short notice some ammo. They do have a lot laying around.

  • Web crawler
    Web crawler Month ago +17

    6 bullets for a Shahed drone and without airburst ammonition is actually pretty sick if you think about it

    • Shlowlife olds
      Shlowlife olds Month ago

      They fly at rather low pace in a straigth line, so it's basically just your usual target simulating drone that you shoot at in practice. Cruise missiles are tougher to hit, but the Russians luckily don't have as many of those as they got drones from Iran.

    • Hercool Poirot
      Hercool Poirot Month ago

      there is a video in reddit where gepard takes out a cruise missle with 10-12 rounds, 2 bursts and its down. Very efficient.

    • Ben Jamin
      Ben Jamin Month ago +2

      @Micha yeah, they do

    • Micha
      Micha Month ago +5

      I think they are using airburst ammunition though. Thats why it's so hard to find.

  • Christophe KLINGER
    Christophe KLINGER Month ago +18

    Thank you Germany !

  • Jean Townsend
    Jean Townsend Month ago +2

    I'm glad Germany is providing Ukraine with these weapons. Slava Ukraini! Heroyam slava!

  • www.williamdelange.com
    www.williamdelange.com Month ago +10

    The Swiss are in love with Russian Rubles…

  • K Cuzz
    K Cuzz Month ago +784

    I have so much respect for the Ukrainian soldiers. They have had to learn so much in such a short amount of time to hold back and push back the Russians. You all rock! Glory to Ukraine!

    • RevelGirl 1
      RevelGirl 1 Month ago

      @Marc Jakob #BuzzKill

    • X Y
      X Y Month ago

      Reminds me so much of the Polish fighter pilots who were trained in the UK during WW2, they went through their training in record time and absolutely aced it in battle. Their spirits, determined, unbroken, incredibly courageous. Similar thing with the Free French Forces who built up their strength partly in exile. Guess it's a different motivation, seeing your country in chains of a ruthless, criminal invader. My heart goes out to the heroes, fighting to free their homeland from tyranny.

    • Don Mokwai
      Don Mokwai Month ago

      Ukrainian Nazi Pedo Scums!

    • Mace
      Mace Month ago

      @Sigrid qwq Now, I want you to read very carefully, maybe shut the door to the room next door where your mom service "distinguished gentlemen", and turn down the undoubtedly poorly composed cacophony of out-of-tune instruments that you people try to pass off as "music". Are you ready? Good, _Nobody_ here gives a shit about you or your childish pro-ruSSian propaganda, and you need to drastically decrease the amount of oxygen you use, preferably to a nice round 0%.

    • Miriam Weller
      Miriam Weller Month ago

      Respect for Nazis and idiots who fight with Nazis? Nope. Never.
      But I get it that many people love fascism, especially NATO and EU, who officially voted PRO Nazism, rascism and fascism in the UN.

  • Morgan Smit
    Morgan Smit Month ago +2

    The free world should sanction Switzerland for refusing to allow the use of this life saving equipment

  • Fabian Jordan
    Fabian Jordan Month ago +4

    Funny the Gepard wars called outdated and the German army took them out of Service. But Kamikaze Drones will be an even bigger problem in the future and AA Tanks like the Gepard are a good and alredy "in use" System against this new kind of weapon. Even 100 35mm Rounds are Ceaper than an Stinger Missile i think.

    • Fabian Jordan
      Fabian Jordan Month ago

      @Ben Jamin very well. I dident expect an single 35mm round be that expensive. But still.. you can shot down Drones with about 6 35mm rounds wich means 6k Gepard ammo vs 55k for a stinger. Of cause a Gepard itself is quite expensive to buy and maintain xD

    • Ben Jamin
      Ben Jamin Month ago

      I looked it up, a stinger costs 55k€ and one of those 35mm airburst shells costs about 1000€.

  • Jon van Kleef
    Jon van Kleef Month ago +1

    A great asset for Ukrainian army against all flying objects. I have operated a Gepard for 14 months, fantastic weapon!

  • Kristal Kristal
    Kristal Kristal Month ago +9

    Thank you, Germany!

  • Mutka Luikkunen
    Mutka Luikkunen Month ago +3

    Finland had a similar SPAAGs in service (ITPSV 90), the British made Marksman with same Oerlikon 35mm guns. The Marksman system has already been retired, but I wonder if they got rid of the ammunition as well. Although I'm sure we would've already offered them to Ukraine if we had some.
    A Finnish Marksman in action: clip-share.net/video/MBUmFq7RLPY/video.html

    • Shlowlife olds
      Shlowlife olds Month ago

      Italy also has Sidam25 SPAAGS with 4 oelikon guns on them. But those only have 25mm guns. For Shahed drones still more then enough.

  • Mr misanthrope
    Mr misanthrope Month ago +15

    Thank you Germany, love and respect from Canada, keep the support flowing to our brave friends in Ukraine!

  • Jay D
    Jay D Month ago +2

    With some of the negative press for my Mother's home Country, these Gepard's are amazing. Lots of fake news out there. Thank You Germany, my faith in NATO is never shaken. Slava Ukraine...

  • Knights Templar
    Knights Templar Month ago +1

    it’s an effective anti Aircraft system but I always wondered can it take on other tanks?

    • Frank Husel
      Frank Husel Month ago +1

      That depends on the target. It should well be quite successful against light armored MTVs and maybe medium armored infantry combat vehicles, but Gepard isn't invulnerable, you ALWAYS have to apply the right tactics. I imagine Gepard could well disable the running gear of a tank at shorter distance or disable the external devices of a tank turret, but that requires a lot of ammo that isn't available. You can still use it against ground vehicles effectively. But I have no idea how deep it can penetrate into armor. Not much, I think.

  • Free-Range Motorcycling

    Let's hope the Swiss never need any help, I won't be offering and I'm pretty sure that anyone with a memory better than a goldfish will feel the same.

  • Matic
    Matic Month ago

    the fact we had the gepards in storage and had started dismantling them saddens me. They are still a much needed vehicle on the modern battlefield, maybe more than ever

  • Rubber Duck
    Rubber Duck Month ago

    I am happy...that we can help Ukraine with the cheetah to defend its airspace ❤‍🔥. Many had to be reactivated at great expense. On the other hand, I wonder how our government could decommission such an effective device? 16 years CDU? Yes, it's old....but still better than drones!

  • Lol 13
    Lol 13 Month ago +2

    On a pas ça en France, et c'est bien dommage ! Une arme anti-drones ou hélicoptères idéal. Cela, peu dans certaines situations economiser dds missiles, beaucoup plus chers.