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Battle of Diu 1538 - Ottoman-Portuguese War for India DOCUMENTARY

  • Published on Oct 3, 2020 veröffentlicht
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    Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series on the history of the Ottoman Empire, continues with an episode on the Ottoman-Portuguese War and the siege of Diu of 1538, as 2 empires vie for the control of India and the lucrative spice trade on land and sea.
    Previously in our animated historical documentary series on the Ottoman Wars, we have covered the battles of Kosovo (bit.ly/2JI3F0p), Nicopolis (bit.ly/2zUNRre), Ankara (bit.ly/2uW7r0D), Varna (bit.ly/2JIK2VG), Second Kosovo, Constantinople (bit.ly/2uELWlI), Belgrade, Targoviste and Otlukbeli (bit.ly/2JOBlcQ), Vaslui, Valea Alba (bit.ly/2C9Cm0l), Skanderbeg's rebellion (bit.ly/2BYMYgW), Breadfield, Krbava, Otranto and Chaldiran (bit.ly/2DUa3mJ)the Ottoman-Mamluk War of 1516-1517 (bit.ly/2CxSkyp), siege of Rhodes in 1522 (bit.ly/2GHrRTC), the battle of Mohacs of 1526 (bit.ly/2V1YgeQ), the siege of Vienna of 1529 (bit.ly/2VRujdc), the battle of Preveza (bit.ly/2KR1uwf) and the battles of Gorjani, siege of Castelnuovo (bit.ly/2MoDZMa), sieges of Buda and Eger (bit.ly/2kcVkuK). the siege of Malta (bit.ly/374kXSh), siege of Szigetvar (bit.ly/2Nj6xVW) Famagusta (bit.ly/3b5dXX0) and Lepanto (bit.ly/2SocQcX).
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    The video was made by our friend MalayArcher ( / mathemedicupdates , while the script was researched and written by Ethan Symons-Ferraro. This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( / @offydgg & / @gameworldnarratives )
    Machinimas were made on the Total War: Empire engine by Malay Archer ( / mathemedicupdates )
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  • Kings and Generals
    Kings and Generals  2 years ago +816

    Ottoman series is back, baby! New and improved! Please, consider liking and sharing the video - that will allow more people to see it and will tell us that this series is in demand. :-)

    • Galland780
      Galland780 2 years ago +16

      Yay I'm glad it's back!

    • ioulianos santo
      ioulianos santo 2 years ago +18

      We were waiting 8 months since the battle of Lepanto!!

    • Osman Gazi
      Osman Gazi 2 years ago +5

      Can you please help me with no Turkish subtitles?
      I'm a really good follower. You're making good videos, but please take care of this subtitles.

    • md miloy
      md miloy 2 years ago +5

      Thank you so much kings and generals!

    • Osman Faruk
      Osman Faruk 2 years ago +2


  • Danny Flood
    Danny Flood 2 years ago +1454

    Portugal is such a tiny country with limited manpower. It's amazing that they could create an overseas empire like this!

    • Nuno Amaro
      Nuno Amaro 2 years ago +153

      We are an amazing people, capable of great acomplishments

    • JoDoSa
      JoDoSa 2 years ago +144

      The feitorias system and a powerfull navy was cleary the key here. In the case of ship building, Portugal was ahead of on the vanguard, due to it's experience in open sea travels, before Spain and other nations of it's time.

    • Nirupama Kumar
      Nirupama Kumar 2 years ago +40

      Plundering of South America though

    • Fed_Express
      Fed_Express 2 years ago +87

      @JoDoSa Very true. Although the portuguese influence was on the downward trend by mid eighteenth century and Britishers were the real rising power, had it not been for the earthquake of 1755 in Lisbon which completely destroyed the city, Portuguese would still have given the other European powers a run for their money and probably would've had significant footprint in Asia and North America.

    • Anomalous Viewer
      Anomalous Viewer 2 years ago +102

      @Nirupama Kumar more like settling and developing what would become Brazil.

  • Camilo Fernando
    Camilo Fernando 2 years ago +302

    I am of Tamil-Portuguese Ancestry. My ancestors fought the Battle of Diu alongside our Portuguese allies. We are a sea faring people and settled predominantly today around the coasts of Tamil Nadu & Sri Lanka.

  • I am a Heretic
    I am a Heretic 2 years ago +2738

    Portugal is like a tourist who goes everywhere. No matter whose history you research. If they existed in the 1500s you can bet portugal was there

    • Alias Anybody
      Alias Anybody 2 years ago +183

      Good chance some Dutch were also right around the corner.

    • Mike Rodrigues
      Mike Rodrigues 2 years ago +170

      Dutch replaced Portuguese tourists in 1600s.

    • Michael Huber
      Michael Huber 2 years ago +163

      well ...i think every city or area called 'Natal' in the world means the Portuguese have been there

    • activsyst3ms
      activsyst3ms 2 years ago +15

      @Michael Huber true

    • Stephen Thomas
      Stephen Thomas 2 years ago +168

      The Portuguese were the first Europeans to visit Ayutthaya (Siam) in the early 1500s. They brought with them some dessert recipes which are still used today, and the Thai word for "bread" is derived from Portuguese. Most notably, though, they brought with them some spicy plants from South America, called chili peppers, which caught on rather well.

    TMTDX 2 years ago +652

    Grandes portugueses, fizeram de um país minúsculo, um império espalhado por todo o planeta, graças ao dom da navegação .
    Um abraço do Brasil.

    • kapri mat
      kapri mat 2 years ago +17

      sou os dois 🇵🇹🇧🇷😏
      edit: mas naci na 🇬🇧

    • Alexandre
      Alexandre 2 years ago +4

      Minúsculo ? Portugal tem ume ZEE de 3 millions km2

    • Lucas Andrade
      Lucas Andrade 2 years ago +14

      @Alexandre, ele quis dizer no tocante ao tamanho do país.

    • Ricardo Pereira
      Ricardo Pereira 2 years ago +22

      Abraço de Portugal caro irmão brasileiro 🇵🇹🤝🇧🇷

    • Bartolomeu Lança
      Bartolomeu Lança 2 years ago +1

      Também inclui povo daí hein, cabe tudo no rolé 💙

  • Daniel Antônio
    Daniel Antônio Year ago +86

    Portuguese history is full of fantastic things and heroism! It is a small country only in geography, as in values, achievements, culture and history it is one of the largest in the world. Brazilian greetings!

  • João Gabriel
    João Gabriel 2 years ago +347

    I'm Brazilian, very connected to the Portuguese, and I have to admit that the Portuguese were very brave to fight with ottoman empire at its peak. Many respects for my irmãos. ✝️🇵🇹

  • TheRiot46
    TheRiot46 2 years ago +553

    Imagine if Portugal was a big country. Portuguese are incredible brave and strategistic warriors.

    • Ruthieal
      Ruthieal 2 years ago +4

      Look at it now.

    • Francisco Antunes
      Francisco Antunes 2 years ago +109

      @Ruthieal still a great country...wher are the ottomans?

    • Boss Enes
      Boss Enes 2 years ago +26

      @Francisco Antunes the republic of turkey is the ottoman state with a changed name and system
      İts like german empire into germany
      Turkey is the diplomatic follower of the empire
      And surely todays turkey is a more powerful and influencel state than portugal

  • Kalil Tannuri
    Kalil Tannuri 2 years ago +521

    As a Brazilian, everything that I learned in school about the Portuguese Empire was related to Brazil only. It is funny to know that at the same time, they were fighting countless battles and colonizing places all around the world

    • A&B
      A&B 2 years ago +22

      The border between Spain and Portugal has been the most stable in Europe ever since Portugal and Castile signed the treaty of Alcañices in 1297.

    • André
      André 2 years ago +40

      Tu és eu 500 anos depois no outro lado do atlantico. Portugues vai ser falado no espaço. l 🇵🇹 🇧🇷

    • Kalil Tannuri
      Kalil Tannuri 2 years ago +12

      It can't be real! Boto fé, português vai ser a língua oficial da humanidade

    • Javier Peralta
      Javier Peralta 2 years ago +29

      What's funny is that Brazil wasn't important to the Portuguese until the late 17th century, when they lost the monopoly of the Spice Trade. Only after that, they focused on building up Brazil

  • Naz Dhillon
    Naz Dhillon 2 years ago +343

    Damn, never was there a word mentioned regarding the Ottomans in any of my Indian school history books ! All thanks to you guys for bringing this content to us (even when India doesn't provide you with much viewership currently)

    • Devang Nivatkar
      Devang Nivatkar 2 years ago +31

      Also Indian, also had no idea about this.

    • Abhishek
      Abhishek 2 years ago +56

      @Devang Nivatkar in college book or school book? In school there is only Mughals, Gandhi and ww2 And WW1.

    • Devang Nivatkar
      Devang Nivatkar 2 years ago +6

      @Abhishek I haven't had History as a subject beyond school. I'm from state board, so we had two years of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj as well.

    • Manoj Choudhary
      Manoj Choudhary 2 years ago +57

      @Abhishek We are not taught about our own great empires like Srivijaya, Satvanah, Kalinga, Shungha, Chola, Sinhala, Pandya empires who were not only rulers of Indian subcontinent but also out of Indian subcontinent, Our history books are only contains information about how invaders invade us and how we got independence from British, that's all

    • Ikraj mohammad
      Ikraj mohammad 2 years ago +11

      Me too an Indian, love history channels such as this one. I have looked at a lot of Ottoman history but didn't about this either.

  • Adam Neuser
    Adam Neuser 2 years ago +309

    *Fun fact:* The Ottoman’s inability to consistently maintain a large fleet of galleons in the Indian Ocean meant that Admiral Sefer Reis would often counter the larger Portuguese galleons by timing his rowed galley attacks against them so that they would be forced to sail against the wind. Thus separating one galleon from the rest of the fleet and defeating them in detail. Often his strategy would prove incredibly effective due to his ability to hug the coastline and evade the open sea.

    • Adam Neuser
      Adam Neuser 2 years ago +69

      Вхламинго Whilst you are correct that the more heavily armed galleons were far more durable in open sea, the idea that galleys were no match for them at all is a common myth. Contrastingly, the tactics employed by galley captains adjusted accordingly to deal with them. The strategy of Admiral Sefer Reis in the Indian Ocean during the 16th century is a testament to this.
      Would recommend reading The Ottoman Age of Exploration by Giancarlo Casale. Specifically page 112 where he elucidates upon this further.

    • Adam Neuser
      Adam Neuser 2 years ago +45

      Вхламинго It is true that overall, large sailing ships proved more effective and durable in the long run, however Ottoman galleys definitely weren't powerless against Venetian galleons during the 16th century, and vice versa. The result of such engagements often varied depending on the amount of ships of either side, distance from the shore, wind strength and direction, and most importantly, the skill of each admiral to take advantage of these factors.

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy 2 years ago +18

      Вхламинго still ottomans won most of their battles against venice

    • Berrak kısa
      Berrak kısa 2 years ago +21

      @Adam Neuser Great explanation. Most peoples really thinks galleys always useless against galleons. This is really common myth.

    • enonh82
      enonh82 2 years ago +7

      Not true. Countries with long and shallow coastlines used updated versions of galleys as late as the 18th century as far away as the Baltics.

  • Francisco Caixinha
    Francisco Caixinha 2 years ago +47

    We have a story/legend from this siege. It was said that when the part of the wall fell, 5 men jumped to fill the gap and held the line against 300-400 ottoman soldiers. The narrow passage was enough for them to hold the line while being wounded, this ended up giving the rest of the men a morale boost to keep fighting. Another story tells of 2 other artillery soldiers who held part of the wall alone with their spears killing several ottoman soldiers. Fun legends we managed to pull from the writtings of that time.

    • Sylva Hodracyrda
      Sylva Hodracyrda 2 years ago +20

      Good evening. Never heard anyone implying it is just legends, it was against 500 however. Besides, their names are recorded. One of these died, although I can’t recall which one at the moment:
      - Sebastiam de Sá;
      - António Pessanha;
      - Bento Barbosa;
      - Bartolomeu Corrêa;
      - Master Joam, surgeon of Diu.
      Best regards.

    • tadeu soares
      tadeu soares Year ago

      @Sylva Hodracyrda 7

    • Paulo Valente
      Paulo Valente Year ago +1

      “A fortuna do mundo é serem eles tão poucos, porque a Natureza, como aos leões, felizmente os fez raros”
      Gaspar Correia, “Lendas da Índia”
      (referindo palavras do inimigo, durante o cerco de Diu, em 1538)

  • João Teixeira
    João Teixeira 8 months ago +13

    Proud to be portuguese,no matter what haters say..

    • Darkz
      Darkz 2 months ago


  • иван1808
    иван1808 Year ago +40

    VIVA PORTUGAL 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹
    I'm proud that we share the Iberian Peninsula with the Portuguese
    Saludos de España🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦

    • Joao Nogueira
      Joao Nogueira 10 months ago +1

      É recíproco no que me toca 🙏

    • Décio Freitas
      Décio Freitas 5 months ago

      Deviamos ter lutado os dois no mar da india :P

  • Zergle Jerk
    Zergle Jerk 2 years ago +673

    The Portuguese always seem to amaze me the more I learn. They're basically the underdogs every time and still win like, half the time.

    • Trinitatis Sanctorvm
      Trinitatis Sanctorvm 2 years ago +80

      Imagin if we had the manpower...

    • DidacusAugustus
      DidacusAugustus 2 years ago +24

      @Trinitatis Sanctorvm "A power that surpasses Metal Gear"

    • Zergle Jerk
      Zergle Jerk 2 years ago +4

      @Trinitatis Sanctorvm
      20-500 really ballsy men?

    • Aprouzen
      Aprouzen 2 years ago +70

      Not half the time, like 95% of the time, we were in no position to lose wars, usually when it did it meant the end .

    • DidacusAugustus
      DidacusAugustus 2 years ago +41

      @Zergle Jerk search the War of the League (1570-1574)
      Now thats Portugal in its most ballsy mode

  • Ralph Machado
    Ralph Machado 2 years ago +278

    I live in India in a town named VASAI ( called BASSIEN by the Portugese) , my town was also captured by the Portuguese Admiral Nuno Da cuna and we also have Portuguese era Forts and churches in my town. Portuguese ruled in my town for 250 Years until the Marathas liberated it in 18th century.

    • Ralph Machado
      Ralph Machado 2 years ago +1

      Paulo Jorge Cruz Pereira Rodrigues Melo e Almeida yes

    • Lenowaver
      Lenowaver 2 years ago +45

      Your surname is portuguese. Honor your ancestors my friend!

    • Ralph Machado
      Ralph Machado 2 years ago +65

      @Lenowaver yes I am honoured!! They did many reforms in my town...when ever I visit any European countries ppl are surprised to find an Indian with a Portuguese surname.

    • Porotha Shawarma
      Porotha Shawarma 2 years ago +19

      @Lenowaver honor both of his ancestors you mean hehe

    • zedascouves21
      zedascouves21 2 years ago +10

      Marathas didnt liberated , portuguese just abandon it

  • Lusus 1143
    Lusus 1143 2 years ago +19

    Yeah!! Another video about Portuguese history! Thank you kings and generals for this, I know me and my fellow Portuguese always appreciate having our history told. Would love to see more about Portuguese adventures in Ethiopia!
    Another great battle I'd like to see you guys cover is the siege of Cochin, that battle is one of my favorites in all of history simply because of the characters and just the drama of it all. But still thank you for this video.

  • Nirav Parikh
    Nirav Parikh Year ago +5

    Diu is still a major tourist destination in India. A must visit for anyone planning a trip to India.

  • Rares Mincan
    Rares Mincan 2 years ago +349

    Really, what impresses me most is that only 40 men remained able to fight in Diu at the end, yet the Portuguese managed to trick the numerically superior Ottomans to abandon the siege altogether. De Silviera was truly a master of warfare by deceit.

  • Justinian
    Justinian Year ago +31

    As an indian I'm ready impressed by the Portuguese. They did such great things so far way from their homeland. It's a true inspiration.

    • PatMan GP
      PatMan GP 10 months ago +7

      Ya ya, great things like the inquisition in Goa, you mean?

    • Alani
      Alani 9 months ago +2

      What happens when you have low population, & desire for science & tech.
      They had the best navigation tech of the 1500s.

  • João André
    João André 7 months ago +7

    As a portuguese, im very sad that we lost all the importance that we had around the world, making all this sacrifices unworthit today

  • Antonio Ribeiro
    Antonio Ribeiro Year ago +12

    the secret of Portugal's success in the Ottoman confrontation was already having closed-back firearms. These cannons were very powerful. They fired five shots and with another kilometer longer in distance (one detail - 300 years later the Battle of Waterloo still used front loading cannons)

  • TheMokaKiller
    TheMokaKiller 2 years ago +17

    Great video!
    I was actually expecting the 1509 battle when I saw Diu in the title. Due to the events that led to the battle, the battle itself and the repercusions in the geopolitics of the time after the battle I believe it's a much more interesting and important one in History knowledge.
    Also Afonso de Albuquerque deserves it's own video. The things he did were just wild and wicked!

  • Sushil Chauhan
    Sushil Chauhan 2 years ago +12

    I am from Diu where the Battle was fought.
    I never knew that on this land where I stand had encountered such a fierce battle.
    Thank you for imparting education.

  • Olav
    Olav 2 years ago +1680

    The Ottoman's forgot to turn off "fire at will" during the assault.

  • Paulo Portocarrero
    Paulo Portocarrero 2 years ago +168

    Herois do Mar, Nobre Povo, Nacao Valente e Imortal. Portugal, SEMPRE...:)

    • Wolraad Tuis
      Wolraad Tuis 2 years ago +5

      I know that anthem. A friend of mine translated it for me. I get goose-bumps just writing this.

    • Aasams P B
      Aasams P B Year ago +1

      They maybe brave. But they were not immortal all the time, half of them were not heroes and noble.

    • Rufino
      Rufino Year ago

      Já cá faltavam os patrioteiros!

    • Daniel Rodrigues silva
      Daniel Rodrigues silva 8 months ago +1


  • Flavio Silva
    Flavio Silva 2 years ago +31

    Portugal is a country of heroes and warriors that could very well be a saga of movies 🇵🇹

  • NapoleonBonaparte
    NapoleonBonaparte 2 years ago +683

    I love how the Portuguese casually had 400 ships in India in 1538 lol

    • Loneaxe
      Loneaxe 2 years ago +45

      Plundering a whole continent gives you enough resources to build that many ships. Then again they where ahead of the curve when it come to sea I guess

    • NapoleonBonaparte
      NapoleonBonaparte 2 years ago +135

      @Loneaxe Lol which whole continent? the Portuguese owned trade posts

    • Pedro Costa e Silva
      Pedro Costa e Silva 2 years ago +23

      Stolen by the British armada, after the death of Sebastião

    • Loneaxe
      Loneaxe 2 years ago

      @NapoleonBonaparte rally?

    • Kangkan Lahkar
      Kangkan Lahkar 2 years ago +4

      Hey Napoleon, Tipu Sultan need some help. He is fighting against the British

  • Fatal Shore
    Fatal Shore 2 years ago +19

    My god, that is a heroic defence. What absolute legends.

  • öykü
    öykü 2 years ago +200

    it's a beautiful video. as a Turk, I admire Portugal and the Portuguese 🇹🇷🤝🇵🇹

    • Wolraad Tuis
      Wolraad Tuis 2 years ago +19

      I admire them too. Years ago as a loudmouth no back-down youngster. I once helped a Portuguese guy get his old jalopy going after he stopped for me hiking on the road. We pulled away in his VW beetle and it stalled and wouldn't start. My oldman was a avid fan of VW Beetles and we owned six through the years. He was a part-time mechanic and taught me well. I just set the points and we were off. About 4 months later I was in a town away from home and picked up shit with 2 bullies but I pounded them both. Walking back to my friends house I saw them in 2 cars in a group of 8 getting out behind me and charging I laid out the first but the 2nd and 3rd bashed me too much and before the others got too close I gapped it across traffic with all these punks chasing me. Then I saw my Portuguese buddy and a friend driving by in the opposite direction with his eyes wide open looking at me. I couldnt stop because the ones chasing me were just like 7-8 m away. But my buddy turned the vw around and they came by shouting at me to get in. I jumped in and we got away but my buddy decided to turn back. As they were getting back in their cars we stopped by them, My buddy said wait here but I didnt. I got out with them and the 3 of us Pounded the CRAP out of 7 of them. 1 managed to get away with my buddy hot on his tail but he still got away. They helped me because I fixed his car with a screwdriver. We are still friends and even the guy who got away, we became friends later. He ended up marrying my sisters friend. A cute chick which I had an interest in but she had none for me. Good because I married a beautiful girl 4 years later with whom I have 4 children. She and I have till today not once argued about anything. I met her at another Portuguese friend of mine's house. She was his chick's best friend. I became an admirer of the Portuguese because many of them are upright no nonsense helpful friendly true friends and I love their history. I just love their amazing alone against the world history.

    • mr darkness 3000
      mr darkness 3000 Year ago +10

      I’m Portuguese I know we had our differences in the past with the Turks but hopefully 🙏 we move on and try to get along and bring peace

    • O Condestável
      O Condestável Year ago +7

      @Wolraad Tuis my house is your house. If you ever come to Portugal let me know here. I will sort you out with a place to stay and a car to drive around. My respect and admiration to you my friend. 👏🏼💪🏼

    • Devil10
      Devil10 Year ago +10

      👏👏👏what a beautiful message you posted
      🇵🇹 🇹🇷 from Portugal

    • Sonic
      Sonic 11 months ago

      Hug from Portugal.

  • Napoléon I Bonaparte
    Napoléon I Bonaparte 2 years ago +1601

    The time when Spices were the Oil of their century...

    • Juan De la Cruz
      Juan De la Cruz 2 years ago +173

      It seems that India needs some... freedom

    • Taistelukalkkuna
      Taistelukalkkuna 2 years ago +59

      Someone say "Oil?" Prepare your channel to be liberated. =)P

    • Iulius Constant Cornelio
      Iulius Constant Cornelio 2 years ago +36

      @R J A lot of wealth....
      East Europe: I am going to pretend I didn't hear that !

    • Artur M.
      Artur M. 2 years ago +43

      The spice must flow!

    • Iulius Constant Cornelio
      Iulius Constant Cornelio 2 years ago +16

      @R J Western World ! What does East Europe have to do with that ? We were under Ottoman opression when Britain was making moves in India !

  • Craig Dillon
    Craig Dillon 2 years ago +11

    Great video. This is an area of history I know little about. I generally knew that the Portuguese had altered the trade routes of Asia away from the Arab world, and that it was a major reason for the long decline of the Ottoman Empire. This also caused a major shift in wealth to Europe. However, I have no idea of the people involved, the battles, and the process by which it was done.
    It is fascinating. I look forward to more.

  • Cato Elder
    Cato Elder 2 years ago +106

    What an incredible subject! Portugal has a rich history of conquests in the Orient.

    • Ana Casanova
      Ana Casanova Year ago

      El Imperio portugués sobre todo defendía factorías y puertos para efectuar la compra de especies y la trata de esclavos.
      No colonizaron ni exploraron grandes territorios en sus viajes.
      Excepto Brasil la costa y Angola y Mozambique capturando y comprando negros para llevar a América o venderlos a los ingleses y holandeses mayoritariamente.

  • Vasco da Gama
    Vasco da Gama 2 years ago +21

    Legend says that the ottoman commander was a eunuch and that when he wrote the letter to Captain Silveira. The Portuguese captain replied. " Most honourable commander Pacha. May you know that behind these walls there are men with balls bigger than your cannonballs and they do not fear those who don't have them".
    There is also the story of a Dutch priest that says that a portuguese soldier who ran out of bullets started shooting his own teeth

    • kursemaster
      kursemaster Year ago +1

      Yes. He was eunuch. "Hadım" is actually his nickname, which means eunuch in Turkish. His full name is Hadım Süleyman Paşa (Suleiman "Eunuch" Pasha)

    • kursemaster
      kursemaster 8 months ago

      @Jaif No. Servant is hizmetçi/hizmetli. Hadım means eunuch. Hadım etmek means to castrate someone.

  • pedrovskis
    pedrovskis 2 years ago +21

    As a Portuguese I enjoy this new series! But I will cry in the last episode

  • Nelson Barrios
    Nelson Barrios Year ago +4

    Nothing is comparable to Lepanto, that battle definitely decided the fate of the entire world 🌎🌍

    • 19A_9155 Shanto
      19A_9155 Shanto Year ago +2

      Lepanto decided nothing after lepanto ottoman navy conquered create even raid England and Iceland

    • Nelson Barrios
      Nelson Barrios Year ago

      @19A_9155 Shanto inanmıyorum...

    • Simão Gonçalves
      Simão Gonçalves 21 day ago +2

      This battle is pointed as one of the most important in History because it crushed the economy of Muslim world, because after the fall of Constantinople the turks controlled the spice trade and made them and other muslims states top dogs, but after this battle in 1538 for the first time since 1453, the muslims lost all the trade from India because the Portuguese crushed them there and took over, that did put a halt on Ottomans conquests, there´s a document that claims the Ottomans wanted to push deeper into Europe along with other muslim states but ran out of money because of this Battle, they lost all their income to build armies and sustain campaigns.

  • Malay Archer
    Malay Archer 2 years ago +197

    “The Spice has great value to us. The spice must flow. That is...the law”
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    -1600AD (TW:Empire)
    Best wishes,
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      Penso que desconhecemos muito porque além de ser um vastíssimo compêndio histórico, desde peças (hj de museu, ex: a maior colecção de arte japonesa antiga é em Lisboa, o Museu do Oriente) a documentos até ao acervo das cidades, portos de mar, países, exércitos, bla, é também necessário entender em que lugar da narrativa se encontram os vários pontos de observação. Mas acredito que se pode sempre melhorar. Abc

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    The Portuguese attack of Diu in 1509 wasnt planned.
    That attack occurred when the joint Mamluk-Gujarat navy attack Cochin in 1508 and killed Lourenço de Almeida, the son of Francisco de Almeida the 1st Viceroy of India.
    For 3 days he mourned the death of his son, when he approach his men he said:
    "He who ate the chick must also eat the rooster or pay for it".
    Refusing to accept the orders of his King by giving the position of Viceroy to Afonso de Albuquerque, due to Francisco's hate for him as Afonso was responsible to intercept any Muslim fleet coming out of the Red Sea and die to the fact that Francisco wanted to personally destroy the Mamluk fleet.
    Before moving his navy to Diu he wrote a letter to the captain of Diu, Malik Ayyaz:
    "I the Viceroy say to you, honored Meliqueaz captain of Diu, that I go with my knights to this city of yours, to take the people who were welcomed there, who in Chaul fought my people and killed a man who was called my son, and I come with hope in God of Heaven to take revenge on them and on those who assist them, and if I don't find them I will take your city, to pay for everything, and you, for the help you have done at Chaul. This I tell you, so that you are well aware that I go, as I am now on this island of Bombay, as he will tell you the one who carries this letter."
    P. S. : Don't underestimate the love of a father for his son.

    • Ustanik
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      Didn't this happen in the second siege of Diu?

    • DidacusAugustus
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      @Ustanik Francisco de Almeida died in 1509 or 1510 so no...
      The Battle of Diu 1509 was a Portuguese counterattack of the Mamluk-Gujarat attack in Chaul in 1508.
      The 2nd siege of Diu (in 1546), Diu was in Portuguese hands since 1536, the first siege was in 1538.
      Gujarat, with Ottoman support, had an army of 10.000 soldiers vs the Portuguese 440 men, receiving reinforcements, near the end of the siege, of 3.000 soldiers including Indian (hindu) militias. As soon the fleet arrived they bombarded the enemy and they had to retreat.
      The Portuguese always had cities like Goa and Diu bcz those cities were basically islands extremely defensable by using cannons of the ships to disperse the enemy.

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      The reason was Bahadur shah of Gujrat was facing hardships. He went on war with mewar, malwa sultanate, Deccan sultanate ,Mughals and kept on expanding his kingdom. Bahadur shah went to deal with Potugese was assasinated and thus sultanate falling end started .Many years before Mahmud Begada defeated Portugese with the iron hand known as battle of chaul.

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    Looking forward to the next video.

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    João de Castilho was the name of this mysterious portuguese hero, who died after killing Gragn.

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    they took a firearm that the Japanese did not know!

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    Secondly, the similarity between this battle and the battle of Constantinople is astounding. The use of chains between islands, Ottoman Janniseries, Ottomans breaching the wall and almost on the verge of victory. The only difference between Constantinople and Diu was that in Constantinople, the relief from the papal states never came and Ottomans despite being on the last stretch were not pressed for time. Here they had a time crunch and they mistook a small fleet as a relief fleet and fled.
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    • EM
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      Portugal lost not only Influence in Morocco, they lost their King and their Independence to Spain for 60 years.
      Ottomans where the Superior Continental Power and Portugal Maritime Power at these Time.
      Alfonso de Albuqerque's main goal was to reach Mecca through the Red Sea and exchange the Corpses of the Prophet Mohammed and Mecca for Jerusalem. In Terms of Trade, too, he had aims to bring the spice trade to Portugal via the Mediterranean Sea and North Africa. These goals could no longer be achieved after the emergence of the Ottomans as the successor to the Mameluks. The Priority of the Turks was the Land and the Security of the Red Sea & Aden. The Portuguese put their Priority on the Trading Posts and Fortresses on the High Sea.

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