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[LIVE] Adin Ross vs. FaZe Rug $25,000 1v1 Game!

  • Published on Jun 26, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Watch Adin Ross vs. Faze Rug vs 1v1 for $25,000! Winner takes all! Tune in at 4pm EST/ 1pm PST! 🔥
    Comment below who you think is going to win!

Comments • 1 823

  • Pop Pop
    Pop Pop Year ago +2125

    i refuse to believe these two will scrap in a ring. they’re too nice

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Year ago +334

    Maybe Adin isn’t short than we thought he is

    • CRIPbk
      CRIPbk 4 months ago

      @Caleb he definitely isn’t that tall

    • Caleb
      Caleb 4 months ago

      @CRIPbk or maybe is 5'9 I was watching a video of his the other day he said 5'9, 5'10

    • CRIPbk
      CRIPbk 7 months ago

      Rug claims 5’6-7 and admin has almost 2 inches on him. Someone is definitely lying

    • Spencer King
      Spencer King Year ago

      @Westley denny i think you just need to talk to sumone about what's rlly going on I'm here for you🤣

    • Spencer King
      Spencer King Year ago

      @Westley denny woah calm down bro its just a comment no need to get emotional

  • ViggyWithIt
    ViggyWithIt Year ago +1218

    Imagine calling this “rigged.” Adin vomited and STILL worked his ass to win the damn thing. Shame…

    • xerox
      xerox Year ago

      @UCBGT30AG4gOV2GcRsJZGBiw he has stomach problems u dumbass

    • big bungus
      big bungus Year ago

      @Rcky Sxna such cap, rug lost trying👍 L

    • Ben Cantrell
      Ben Cantrell Year ago

      Time stamp of vomit?

      DEATH_SLAYERSツ Year ago

      @Sammy _ that was one time dumbass he just ate pizza yesterday

      DEATH_SLAYERSツ Year ago

      @Sammy _ that was one time dumbass he just ate pizza yesterday

  • Swoop Gang Frankko
    Swoop Gang Frankko Year ago +401

    Adin Ross is bringing so many ppl together it’s crazy ppl we never seen together b4 this guy is something

    • Sol_merew
      Sol_merew Year ago

      On God!! 27:45 Never would I have imagined seeing B Lou and Mark standing side by side. Long live Adin man frfr

    • D1ner0
      D1ner0 Year ago

      @hoepocalypse savior bronny said he would always watch adins streams so they played together

    • DatMayneKill
      DatMayneKill Year ago +6

      @hoepocalypse savior 2k20 wager against Tyceno

    • hoepocalypse savior
      hoepocalypse savior Year ago

      @Omar Savage what did adin do to get clouted by bronny?

    • Omar Savage
      Omar Savage Year ago +6

      @Ina Obasi Because they made Adin to famous. Obviously Everyone knows Adin from Bronny simple. He got clouted from Bronny

  • Jerryjeudy SZN
    Jerryjeudy SZN Year ago +564

    Adin is probably gonna gamble it all away after this💀

    • Dominic Suffolk
      Dominic Suffolk 10 months ago

      @FaZe Chuky hey I love your videos on Clip-Share and instagram and Facebook and more

    • J. osway
      J. osway Year ago

      Bro what you mean gamble away are you dumb he gets paid and refunded to gamble to promote the company it was literally shown😂

    • whoa
      whoa Year ago

      roobet gives him that money, he doesn't spend any many while gambling

    • Brandon Keltner
      Brandon Keltner Year ago

      roobet pays him around 2 mil a month so im pretty sure he only gambles that money

    • Mr Dot
      Mr Dot Year ago

      Have y’all seen the video titled “Flightreacts Daughter Face Reveal” by someone named Greedy on Clip-Share bro I’m telling his kid is so cute ☺️ U gotta watch it 😱

  • Extensed
    Extensed Year ago +151

    alternative title: Two famous people who don't know how to shoot, try to ONLY shoot 3s!

    • Jonah Cannon
      Jonah Cannon 5 months ago

      @MrFrinZy they both shoot pretty well what u talking about?
      They definitely can’t shoot like the pros but they shot pretty well especially in a intense atmosphere.

    • Broke Dolph
      Broke Dolph Year ago

      but you really expecting seth curry os

    • Terrell Mims
      Terrell Mims Year ago +1

      @Tookevali and stll made 25k lol

    • Tookevali
      Tookevali Year ago +1

      Form is bad, no post moves, can’t drive properly. Ya they are not ballers lol

    • Joelle Gonzalez
      Joelle Gonzalez Year ago

      @ItsValenz he was playing his best both guys and adin came out victorious

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts Year ago +109

    Adin is a prime example of anything is possible, a year ago he was broke playing 2k now one of the influential creators Crazy Wadin

    • Top Floor Boss
      Top Floor Boss Year ago

      @ipitythefool97 they were no were near wealthy and wym every advantage ?💀

    • SB
      SB Year ago

      @ipitythefool97 he lived in a 600 a month place as a kid

    • SB
      SB Year ago

      @ipitythefool97 before u comment do some research

    • christopher argueta
      christopher argueta Year ago +6

      @ipitythefool97 your so dumb. He literally lived in a trailer and when he was streaming you could tell by his background that he was struggling.

    • ChillrKillr7103
      ChillrKillr7103 Year ago +10

      @ipitythefool97 if u had seen his dad talk he said they lived in a trailer where he had to kick his car to start to go to school every day

  • Bokuwabryan
    Bokuwabryan Year ago +76

    Adin was honestly out of it props to him he came back after a 1-0 first game lost W💪🏼

    • Thxndershock
      Thxndershock Year ago +1

      @Je 6 he’s talking about the series dumbass

    • Je 6
      Je 6 Year ago +1

      He lost against cheeseaholic

  • Carlo
    Carlo Year ago +3

    Soo proud of you adin good shit my boy !!!

  • Kyler M
    Kyler M Year ago +4

    The respect they have for eachother is awesome

  • Ibrahim patel
    Ibrahim patel Year ago +567

    man in the back really said “its june” when flight was called out😂😂

  • Kyle Kuzma
    Kyle Kuzma Year ago +12

    Down 0-1, Threw up, lost a tooth, RESILIENCE AT IT’S FINEST! LET’S GO ADIN!!!

  • Christopher Hernandez

    I like how Rug forgot the rules of basketball at least once in every game 😂

  • JJ Flynn
    JJ Flynn Year ago +130

    Seeing Shnaggy next to all these people make me realize how big he really is😂

    • Simon Long
      Simon Long Year ago

      @Plug 😭😭

    • Cole Slayz
      Cole Slayz Year ago +2

      @Mazin Robow if u think thats “buff”… yikes

    • Renqar
      Renqar Year ago +3

      @Plug no cap 😂😂 who looks at him as buff nigga is obese

    • Dival Hans
      Dival Hans Year ago +3

      @Plug LMAOO

    • Plug
      Plug Year ago +44

      @Mazin Robow this shnaggy burner acc

  • XmpaLxmpa
    XmpaLxmpa Year ago +17

    33:01 Adin is so deadly that he pump faked the entire court AND the camera man

  • Julius Batali
    Julius Batali Year ago +2

    Rug is one of the greatest Clip-Share basketball players I watch. Good to see Adin win, that's amazing. SSB ON 🔝😁

  • The Cams
    The Cams Year ago +30

    They both missed for 5 minutes straight and then needed a water break lmao

  • Slimekin Joe
    Slimekin Joe Year ago +55

    Rug literally snatched the ball from Adin at the end and people saying Rug let him win😭😭😭💀💀💀💀

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa Year ago +2

    The worst part about this is Adin literally did the same thing everytime… and won

  • Abraham Levy
    Abraham Levy Year ago +47


    • Joelle Gonzalez
      Joelle Gonzalez Year ago +1

      Definitely not impossible

    • Get Paid
      Get Paid Year ago +1

      He really didn’t they went to 3 wtf

    • u suck
      u suck Year ago +2

      @Bekkfist he can shoot tho

    • u suck
      u suck Year ago

      @Salam rug has much more basketball skill than adin just go to his channel and go to his basketball vids he literally makes deep threes and half court shots like they're nothing.

    • Bekkfist
      Bekkfist Year ago +2

      @Salam like I dont follow these guys but have seen some of that faze rug guy's games and man they're hard to watch 🤣

  • Tyler G
    Tyler G Year ago +338

    It’s like watching two kids play at recess

    • Richie Rich
      Richie Rich Year ago

      @John Riosa yes any half decent ball player (like a someone who played varsity Bball) looks at this crap and laughs. If you can’t beat either of these clowns 10/10 times easily at 1v1 then you’re absolutely terrible at ball.

    • Oso
      Oso Year ago

      @John Riosa I never said they weren’t ass but If you’re gonna talk all that shit, you better back that shit up, but this shit is just for money, I promise you, it ain’t that serious lil bro calling everyone fanboys cause they don’t agree with you 🤣

    • u suck
      u suck Year ago

      @John Riosa dude faze rug never missed a wide open layup correct me if I'm wrong

    • John Riosa
      John Riosa Year ago

      @u suck these clowns are absolute trash. "A bad game" does not mean you miss that many wide open shots or smoke that many lay ups. Ball dont lie.

    • John Riosa
      John Riosa Year ago

      @Richie Rich exactly! All these fan boys see it go in a few times and ignore the 15+ terrible misses. Then they think they know ball and that these cats are good lmao

  • akagrim
    akagrim Year ago +2

    BIG W FOR ADIN!! 🔥💯

  • Atakan Klc
    Atakan Klc Year ago +241

    istg adin needs to play against flight. woulda been one of the funniest 1v1‘s

    • BBPD
      BBPD Year ago +1

      @Some Guy Flight is 🗑. Adin can easily post up on him cause flight doesn’t use his height at all. On top of that he’s way more consistent with shots.

    • Mr Dot
      Mr Dot Year ago

      Have y’all seen the video titled “Flightreacts Daughter Face Reveal” by someone named Greedy on Clip-Share bro I’m telling his kid is so cute ☺️ U gotta watch it 😱

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy Year ago +1

      @FUKAH8TER flight is beating adin. Adin’s best move is posting up, flight is 6’3ish he aint short like faze rug.

    • Freshboi_ RJ
      Freshboi_ RJ Year ago

      @FUKAH8TER not in June

      FUKAH8TER Year ago

      @Melles Ghiday no it would be too short tf it would be 11-0 cuz flight is ass

  • RodzVibin
    RodzVibin Year ago +1

    Adin is a fighter, bro really fought through his stamina fucking goat🏆

  • Zavion Woody
    Zavion Woody Year ago

    These dudes have so much respect for each other

  • Victor Garza
    Victor Garza Year ago +193

    There’s probably better one on one games going on at the retirement home.

    • Joelle Gonzalez
      Joelle Gonzalez Year ago

      @Swimfan I’m not defending nobody I’m just speaking facts to y’all ignorant people. Not pathetic at all and I’m not a fanboy just speaking facts

    • Swimfan
      Swimfan Year ago

      @Joelle Gonzalez bro you’re in here defending them on every comment it’s just pathetic. They suck fanboy

    • Joelle Gonzalez
      Joelle Gonzalez Year ago

      Nah they ain’t professionals

    • GV Honcho TV
      GV Honcho TV Year ago

      Me vs adin set it up me vs rug set it up me vs flight

    • GV Honcho TV
      GV Honcho TV Year ago

      I’m dead asf

  • Hilarious MariTV
    Hilarious MariTV Year ago +2

    Game starts at 28:15 thank me later

  • JxniorSZN
    JxniorSZN Year ago

    Adin has a lot of work to do but I can’t wait to watch his journey

  • IgI
    IgI Year ago +7

    Imagine just driving to basketball practice and you randomly see adin and faze 1v1ing .

  • froggo
    froggo Year ago

    The worst part about this is Adin literally did the same thing everytime… and won

  • ZAMNS!
    ZAMNS! Year ago +27

    LOVE MY BOY ROSS MAN BIGG Ws in the chat

  • Slayerrr_07
    Slayerrr_07 5 months ago +1

    Both guys played great they a little out of shape but still did amazing. I think Rug could’ve pulled it off if he wasn’t too cocky about his heat checks and deep threes. Tbh I’m glad Adin won bc Rug don’t really need 25K win u live in a mansion

  • Juan Morales
    Juan Morales Year ago +82

    How they start playing better when they were all exhausted? 😂😂

  • Yasin 714
    Yasin 714 Year ago

    I feel peak for Rug he was literally on fire the whole game. Fair play to my boy adin too. Rugs too nice he probably felt bad for the tooth and let him win 😂

  • Chieferson Bieferson

    Honestly these dudes are both so chill😤👌

  • Kerriann Robles
    Kerriann Robles Year ago

    Who would have guessed this would be that intense with them

  • HarrisonArgomanizVlogs

    Lets go ADIN!!!!!!!! The winner the champion

    MOVONI Year ago


  • kove
    kove Year ago

    Lowkey This is really fire 17:50 i actually thought Rug was gonna win but congrats to adin tho 🔥

  • Gonzo
    Gonzo Year ago

    Adin been sitting in that streamer chair too much haha good shit though 😂🔥🏀

  • Armaan Bagai
    Armaan Bagai Year ago

    Rug is always a legend

  • Cory Anderson
    Cory Anderson Year ago

    After watching the first 2 minutes 2 games first to 11 is gonna take a life time gg who ever won. The real mvps are the spectators and camera men for enduring that

  • JAE V.
    JAE V. Year ago

    Bro if Adin could make a layup, these games would've been easier 💯💯

  • NINERS Baby
    NINERS Baby Year ago

    Damn it rug, you had it lol I’m surprised he missed them long shots cuz he usually makes them

  • Dee2s
    Dee2s Year ago +79

    The way adin made the cameraman think that he was going to shoot

  • EndingGamertag
    EndingGamertag Year ago +1469

    Adin did the impossible. Legend

    • SiNiSTeR MiNDS
      SiNiSTeR MiNDS Year ago

      @M S Rug has a nice three bruh

      OGSELLOUT Year ago

      @Dominic Dumo bro if you think flight us gonna win you have brain problems

      OGSELLOUT Year ago

      If it was flight it would be been the impossible

    • Bat
      Bat Year ago +1

      Impossible you mean rug selling on purpose?

    • Apple Care
      Apple Care Year ago

      @sam yea I guess but next time just screen the video don't look anywhere else that's what I do

  • Lil Curry
    Lil Curry Year ago

    427k views in 2 hours for a 56 minute stream that we didn't even know was finna happen. Adin is at the top of his prime rn

  • Itz.dtwacco Sanchez
    Itz.dtwacco Sanchez Year ago +7

    Idc what y’all say im always gon stick to rug he was part of my childhood he an og✅

  • Nesrin Jaddaa
    Nesrin Jaddaa Year ago +161

    This is just a 3 point contest with like 20% shooting

    • DJSPIT
      DJSPIT Year ago

      That half court fatigue is crazy especially with no AC

    • u suck
      u suck Year ago

      @Smdd yeah a really good shot

    • Smdd
      Smdd Year ago +1

      @u suck ehh yea ig think he Just got a good shot tbh 👍

    • u suck
      u suck Year ago

      @Smdd true but what I'm saying is that hes so short but can play ball

    • Smdd
      Smdd Year ago

      @u suck how he play like he 6ft man got 95 percent his points from 3s lmao

  • Q
    Q Year ago

    Broooo it was hard watching these two throw up bricks for 25k 😭 . Lemme get the opportunity to feed my family like this im winning 11-0 10 times

  • iTz_ NiKzz
    iTz_ NiKzz Year ago +1


  • Sarah Castillo
    Sarah Castillo Year ago +14

    they gassed in the beginning of the first 1v1, imagine the boxing match 😭

  • Antony M
    Antony M Year ago +47

    Adin has the toothless curse 😭

  • Bippy G
    Bippy G Year ago

    Adapt: “ he’s having a hard time with his cardio” to nobody 🤣

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez Year ago +29

    If adin feels bad about his tooth, at least he got 25k🤷‍♂️😂

  • yuzzy 14
    yuzzy 14 Year ago

    The concords gave Adin superpowers 😂

  • Aj
    Aj Year ago +1

    the fact this is one of the best youtuber 1v1’s in youtube history lmao

  • 2 Drippy
    2 Drippy Year ago +2

    Rug was lighting that shii up in game 1!💯

  • K C
    K C Year ago

    Nicest guys in the Clip-Share scene. Happy to see it

  • Conner C
    Conner C Year ago +1

    17:47 Adin: SHIT! *as he misses the shot* 😭

  • Will Chambers
    Will Chambers Year ago +32

    They should do this every week

    • dliteoftheworld
      dliteoftheworld Year ago

      $100k a month

    • Mr Dot
      Mr Dot Year ago

      Have y’all seen the video titled “Flightreacts Daughter Face Reveal” by someone named Greedy on Clip-Share bro I’m telling his kid is so cute ☺️ U gotta watch it 😱

  • A1
    A1 Year ago +732

    Whoever the camera guy is, demote the dude, put Kenny Chao as the camera guy

  • Jimmie Rustler
    Jimmie Rustler Year ago

    I think we know who's carrying, this already got 4x the views of Rug vs Brawadis less than 24 hours in. Adin got home crowd too, his dad and family was there and alot of his boys. I think Rug had like 3 people there rooting for him.

  • Jxyツ
    Jxyツ Year ago

    Adien my guy from rags to riches for real. Much love

  • Midwest
    Midwest Year ago +2

    I feel like if they are like gaming content creators and nof just hooping creators they should definitely be taking halftimes on these 1v1's. Any1 who has ever hooped knows that it's so tiring playing like this while not being in the greatest shape, especially with the adrenaline going crazy from there being a crowd n all.

    • Bryce Alfred
      Bryce Alfred Year ago

      Yah everyone who's saying adin has no stamina doesn't know shit about basketball. It's tiring af

  • J Alexander
    J Alexander Year ago

    Dam... OK Rug I see you out there 🏀🏆

  • Mohammed Usman
    Mohammed Usman Year ago

    32:38 bro idk if yall seen the way the bros help pick up rain to see what’s going on was wholesome to me man

  • Rob Sports
    Rob Sports Year ago +16

    Adin Genuinely got better. Him and Rice low key play ball everyday at that Faze House

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni Year ago

    They should do this every week

    EGO CHALL Year ago

    After Game 2
    Adin: now it's for my tooth😂

  • Leo Carrillo
    Leo Carrillo Year ago

    Faze adapt was so confident mans was gonna collect the bag 😂😭

  • Callum
    Callum Year ago +6

    Adin is a legend

  • S Esparza
    S Esparza Year ago

    I just want for rug to say "I’m too strong" 😂

  • mnz1017
    mnz1017 Year ago +1

    LETS GO ADIN!!!!!

  • Kirsty Mcrae
    Kirsty Mcrae Year ago +9

    Rugs shot was off, hes normally sinking way more with less effort. But hes a baller for sure.

  • 2 Drippy
    2 Drippy Year ago +1

    Adin just racked up in Mexico n came back home to double up!!🤣🤣💯

  • Ap quixy v2
    Ap quixy v2 Year ago +1

    Can’t wait to see flight and cash react to this vid

  • Gabriel Sanchez
    Gabriel Sanchez Year ago

    “Win by two” I’m dead🤣🤣

  • HEAVYDHighDef HD
    HEAVYDHighDef HD Year ago +2

    Life: You can win 25k, but you got to lose a tooth for it.
    Adin: Fine with me. 🙂

    • Javier Cruz
      Javier Cruz Year ago

      He’s *

    • Javier Cruz
      Javier Cruz Year ago

      It’s going to be more because she’s going to gamble it

  • Captain KapAlot
    Captain KapAlot Year ago +1

    28:15 shit had me dead😂

  • Jason Rhone
    Jason Rhone Year ago

    Happy for my boy, Adin

  • Roberto Serrano
    Roberto Serrano Year ago

    Rug can shoot tho. He made 3 in a row two times!

  • J
    J Year ago +5

    adin's gotta work on his stamina

  • Shivani Satam
    Shivani Satam Year ago

    mannnn those 3 shots by Rug was smooth like butter

  • Jalen Hurts
    Jalen Hurts Year ago

    My respect for adin Ross just went 📈📈📈📈

  • Local Pharmacist
    Local Pharmacist Year ago +6

    hearing blou in the crowd man so inspirational.

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts Year ago +172

    This was Jordan’s Flu Game mans lost his teeth

    • Ben Cantrell
      Ben Cantrell Year ago

      Time stamp?

    • Dude 95
      Dude 95 Year ago +1

      @Mr Dot your weird

    • Mr Dot
      Mr Dot Year ago

      Have y’all seen the video titled “Flightreacts Daughter Face Reveal” by someone named Greedy on Clip-Share bro I’m telling his kid is so cute ☺️ U gotta watch it 😱

  • S2savv
    S2savv Year ago +1

    That boy rug got green machine on gold 😂😂

  • Randell6
    Randell6 Year ago +1

    Man i wish i could 1v1 adin or rug for 25,000 im retiring my family

  • ItsAlphaGFX
    ItsAlphaGFX Year ago

    Damn Adin needed the prize money just to pay for that tooth lol

  • Leonator
    Leonator Year ago +2

    ik the crowd is there to hype them up but they don’t gotta cheer on every point🤣

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini Year ago

    Adin is a Legend

  • IShowShorts
    IShowShorts Year ago +32

    man adin your stamina gotta work on that🖤

    • ForgiveDon~
      ForgiveDon~ Year ago

      @Casual_player_12 what does that have to do with stamina? He just needs cardio its healthy and it would be better Invalid ass point.

    • Jaxson Nowik
      Jaxson Nowik Year ago

      Won’t be able to do anything if he keeps smoking and doing stuff similar to that.

    • IShowShorts
      IShowShorts Year ago

      @u suck lol i guess not💀

    • u suck
      u suck Year ago

      @Casual_player_12 don't u know that they have a boxing match coming up bud

    • Casual_player_12
      Casual_player_12 Year ago

      It’s a 1v1 between you tubers your acting like he’s about to play lebron lol 💀

  • Pxshing
    Pxshing Year ago

    No way adin won that ggs holy i thought rug got it but its ok i love them both

  • Theplug21
    Theplug21 Year ago


  • Oscar Alejandro Alfaro

    Cash says the top of the key is mine
    Adin has entered the building 😂

  • Jace “DIESEL” Chambers

    If I played either of them that’d be an easy 25k😭😭

  • kruz3rr
    kruz3rr Year ago

    man I wish I could play against them for 25K… easy money lol

  • NotAuthorized
    NotAuthorized Year ago +1

    Faze rug could of been won the game 💯

  • Baby
    Baby Year ago +1