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  • Published on May 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • A candid look at some of the complications that come along with modern relationships.
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  • Paper Mario
    Paper Mario 4 months ago +3475

    Side-chick purgatory is really just you being manipulated. If they wanted you, they would find a way.

    • Chrome
      Chrome 4 months ago +91

      Wise Words Paper Mario

    • cagethelonewolf
      cagethelonewolf 4 months ago +87

      You also don't want no one who's a leaving someone for you or has you as a side peice, cause you're gonna be next in line

    • Jay Clearmen
      Jay Clearmen 4 months ago +63

      @cagethelonewolf yup u kno what they say..😒how you get em is the same way u lose em👌🏾💯

    • Casimir’s Gamervers
      Casimir’s Gamervers  4 months ago +37

      It’s not really manipulation if you chose to be in that situation. You can leave but most side chicks don’t they stay in hopes of getting better. Even when the man clearly tells them that you are a side chick. Which is a lack of respect on their part for sticking around.

    • Ziiiiiiii
      Ziiiiiiii 4 months ago +26

      @Casimir’s Gamervers true, a lot of the time people willingly become a side chick. “I’m not looking for anything serious”, is a dead giveaway lmao

  • straightupdylan
    straightupdylan 4 months ago +1336

    These relationship videos have been giving me hope for almost 10 years now 😭

    • sWooZie
      sWooZie  4 months ago +394

      A lot of my friends don’t take my relationship advice so I’m glad to hear whenever it’s being applied and working!!

    • Ryan Swatt
      Ryan Swatt 4 months ago +35

      10 years and still nothing 😭

    • Yave Moya
      Yave Moya 4 months ago +13

      10 years and counting for me lol but it’s bound to work one day

    • Trey Sabre
      Trey Sabre 4 months ago +5

      Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result ._.

  • R4yj4ck
    R4yj4ck 4 months ago +2308

    Man Swoozie's life is way too exciting. Like, last week I got my favorite ice cream from the store and played Tears of the Kingdom in my pajamas. That was the most interesting point.

    • The Lone Wolf
      The Lone Wolf 4 months ago +68

      So I gotta ask how was it, you know… the ice cream?

    • Beware the Lily of the Valley
      Beware the Lily of the Valley 4 months ago +53

      That sounds like how I might wrap up my work week and you know what? That is 100% perfectly fine with me, lol. If I want an intetesting life, I'll travel. I don't need a 1001 failed relationship stories to be "interesting"...no offense, Swoozie 😂

    • Dubspore
      Dubspore 4 months ago +1


    • RicardoHipper
      RicardoHipper 4 months ago +8

      That sounds fine in of itself

    • Jeremy ✔
      Jeremy ✔ 4 months ago +7

      Sounds way healthier.

  • Juna
    Juna 4 months ago +710

    Becoming the side piece was the most traumatic and self confidence chattering thing that ever happened to me. I wasn’t even initially attracted to this dude but he was slowly buttering up on my feelings, idk charisma. Promising me all those things Swooz said “Ima BrEak Up wiTh her” “I’m FigUrinG Out tHe liVing siTuatioN” “YoU’re WhAt I wAnT” I wasted so much precious time because of this. So no anyone ever get to hear these kind of things LEAVE they ain’t gonna change.

    • sWooZie
      sWooZie  4 months ago +189

      Wow thanks for sharing! I’m reading other ppls testimonies here and loving that u guys are making me feel less alone on this topic

    • TheUnicornSin
      TheUnicornSin 4 months ago +6


    • Aluc
      Aluc 4 months ago +5


    • Victorious Gray
      Victorious Gray 4 months ago +4

      im glad that it didnt work out for you. ❤ imagine being such a lowlife that your talking to a taken man.

  • Spinjitzu Master Falcon
    Spinjitzu Master Falcon 4 months ago +474

    Now that I'm 18, I definitely needed this to know what to avoid. Thank you once again for another relationship advice.

    • ヾ『Divine』
      ヾ『Divine』 4 months ago +8


    • elan adeshina
      elan adeshina 4 months ago +33

      @Nicholas346this isn’t even something parents normally talk to their kids about

    • Spinjitzu Master Falcon
      Spinjitzu Master Falcon 4 months ago +9

      @Nicholas346 Dude, I have African Parents. That's a whole other story

    • TOaO
      TOaO 4 months ago

      one eight gang

    • Purple Haze
      Purple Haze 4 months ago +9

      ​Nicholas parents relationship advice could either be the best that is ever spoken, or outdated af

  • Nicholas makuri
    Nicholas makuri 4 months ago +861

    Swoozie makes me so happy and gets me through sad days

  • PantslessPajamas
    PantslessPajamas 4 months ago +120

    Never settle for being a side. Either you're their main dish or they can go hungry. 😤😤

    • Clocky 12
      Clocky 12 3 months ago +1

      Haven’t seen you post in a bit, glad you’re still kickibg

    • Jay Clearmen
      Jay Clearmen 3 months ago

      well that’s just not realistic…

    • taegutzzz
      taegutzzz 3 months ago +5

      @Jay Clearmenwell you’re a cheater so it’s not gonna make sense to you

    • Chyna Anderson
      Chyna Anderson 2 months ago

      ​@Jay ClearmenHow?

    ANYAAA 4 months ago +734

    The day a guy makes me his side chick is the day I'll enter my villain era.

    • Ex mrs now woman scorned
      Ex mrs now woman scorned 4 months ago +7

      Go gurl!

    • Prod. Young Sensai
      Prod. Young Sensai 4 months ago +76

      That villain era would just be you letting a bunch of dudes hit it for free 💀

    • Sir Brucie
      Sir Brucie 4 months ago +5

      Villain saga

    • Neon
      Neon 4 months ago +32

      @prod.youngsensai8550 Why you gotta do them like that💀

    • Prod. Young Sensai
      Prod. Young Sensai 4 months ago +23

      Olive most times when girls say this then thats what it means but what do I know 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • little miss fleet
    little miss fleet 4 months ago +123

    I was unknowingly the side-chick in someone's two-year relationship, which resulted in the most complicated situationship ever. Almost four years later, that sh*t still has me confused! Stay loyal, y'all! 😅😭😂

    • Nique
      Nique 3 days ago

      I was in a situationship with a guy who kept giving me mixed signals. Two months after I ended it, HE GOT MARRIED 🤔 I’m still wondering to this day what the heck happened.

  • Dan
    Dan 4 months ago +347

    This is so normal nowadays everyone thinks it’s ok to have a side😭

    • Ex mrs now woman scorned
      Ex mrs now woman scorned 4 months ago +27

      We yall here breaking the cycle because its never okay😢

    • 504Shotty
      504Shotty 4 months ago +8

      There are 2 million more Women than Men in the black community…and that’s not counting people who are homosexual, incarcerated, or infertile. Side chicks are inevitable there are not enough men to go around 😂😂

    • Dan
      Dan 4 months ago +65

      @504Shotty nah that’s just an excuse to be a thot

    • Casimir’s Gamervers
      Casimir’s Gamervers  4 months ago +3

      @504Shotty Not sure about the numbers but I agree non the less

  • Salt
    Salt 4 months ago +294

    I refuse to be a side chick, It don’t matter how lonely I am. Personally, don’t see the appeal of messing around with somebody that isn’t my boyfriend. Though this is coming from someone who hasn’t dated before lmao

    • Asia N. Draper
      Asia N. Draper 4 months ago +23

      I’ve dated and I agree with you. Lol

    • Nathan91
      Nathan91 4 months ago +3

      Man the only time I've ever dated was for a few hours in 2nd grade lmao

    • Steve
      Steve 4 months ago +9

      Well it's as Swooz said, the side pieces are there to fill in what's missing in the main relationship. I guess this is why I'm still single because I refuse to be anybody's side piece as well. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Kelly
      Kelly 4 months ago +10

      Girlll it’s about self respect and treating other the way you want to be treated. Nothing wrong with it. I have boundaries and don’t think girls or guys should even be trying to talk to someone with a partner. Unlesssssss they were friends before or meet you as a couple

    • Brian Armendariz
      Brian Armendariz 4 months ago

      Hey baby 😘 lol

  • JaeJae
    JaeJae 4 months ago +1606

    Side pieces are just there to fill in the cracks in ppls relationship…they don’t even bother to take up space sometimes….🤔🧐

    • sWooZie
      sWooZie  4 months ago +424

      Thanks so much for the SUPER THANKS! There are so many layers to it too! When The side piece knows they're the side. When the side piece DOESN'T know they're the side. When the MAIN PIECE knows there is a side piece...

    • Encrypted
      Encrypted 4 months ago +11


    • JaeJae
      JaeJae 4 months ago +52

      @sWooZie There’s so many layers!! its like a whole new world. Ive been a side piece before and it didn’t feel great…but now…IM THE ONLY PIECE LOL 😂 (not with the same guy im with…long story) lol

    • Ww_bz
      Ww_bz 4 months ago +26

      @JaeJae You were able to talk to Swoozie We all wish to be you

    • Jonathan Williams
      Jonathan Williams 4 months ago +8

      DAMN RIGHT!!!!

  • Mr. BlindGuy
    Mr. BlindGuy 4 months ago +360

    Forget the side chicks, I just want a main chick 😢😂

    • ShreksScrumptiousSexySweatyFeet ッ
      ShreksScrumptiousSexySweatyFeet ッ 4 months ago +20

      Grilled cheese Obama sandwich

    • Mc3D
      Mc3D 4 months ago +4

      @ShreksScrumptiousSexySweatyFeet ッ My heart cant take this damage

    • Mc3D
      Mc3D 4 months ago +38

      Foget about the Main chick i just want friends

    • Pragya Singh
      Pragya Singh 4 months ago +2

      You'll find someone right for you when the time is right. Don't lose hope!

    • Pragya Singh
      Pragya Singh 4 months ago +17

      @Mc3D Truth. A couple good friends can give you more happiness than several signficant others can. After countless heartbreaks, they were the ones who taught me how to love myself again

  • Psychonaut
    Psychonaut 4 months ago +121

    I was the side piece, too. I was romantically involved with this girl who had a boyfriend. It was frustrating because she wouldn't leave him for me despite saying she loved me. Eventually, it turned toxic. She blamed me for everything and I couldn't make any mistakes but her boyfriend could. It's been years since then but being the side piece can be a bad place to be. I don't recommend it.

    • TheFirstPrime01
      TheFirstPrime01 4 months ago +34

      Bro the moment she u heard she had a man you leave cause u don't know who that dude is why get involved in some mess

    • Chidera Kalaji
      Chidera Kalaji 4 months ago +8

      Blessings come in all forms. She wasn't the one my guy

    • Jay Clearmen
      Jay Clearmen 4 months ago +14

      @Chidera KalajiFacts..
      ”Sometimes rejection is gods Protection”
      -Some Preacher guy
      do with that tidbit of knowledge what u will.

    • carmelcutie1991
      carmelcutie1991 4 months ago +12

      Why the heck would you wanna be with someone who's cheating on their partner for you? Bro you have low self esteem? She didn't love you just said that to keep you around

  • SHOGUN Mike
    SHOGUN Mike 4 months ago +64

    I can’t wait for the day Swooz gets married, that will be the final arc Ive waited for my whole life 🤝

  • Alex
    Alex 4 months ago +72

    Imagine having a serious and loyal relationship.

    • Ishyameru
      Ishyameru 3 months ago +1

      Read the first word again brother

    • Sir Embrum49 The Great Moth
      Sir Embrum49 The Great Moth 3 months ago +6

      Yeah, Imagine.. that's all most of us can do. Especially nowadays were we often get side chicked and backstabbed. Honest commitment and loyalty is so rare nowadays.

    • secktorpk
      secktorpk 2 months ago +1

      imagine having a relationship.

  • Vergil Montiero
    Vergil Montiero 4 months ago +46

    Seeing Swoozie being animated into a slab of meat makes me fully realize what a "side-piece" actually means lol.

  • Manni J
    Manni J 4 months ago +63

    Swoozie, I want to thank you for posting so constantly lately. I was having a rough day yesterday and I watched some of your videos with made me smile. Thanks for being you❤

  • the Normal commenter
    the Normal commenter 4 months ago +115

    I'm happy to see swoozy posting these videos again

  • Dope Oreo
    Dope Oreo 4 months ago +67

    Didn’t think I would see Swoozie animated as a piece a meat, but I’m not mad at it🤷🏾‍♀️

  • steve the wraith
    steve the wraith 4 months ago +21

    Swoozie’s stories always take place over several months. I’m slowly starting to wonder if our boy is like a hundred and just looks that good.

  • callme kAdy
    callme kAdy 4 months ago +54

    Nah swoozie casually dropping a fusion frenzy reference will NOT go unnoticed

    • sWooZie
      sWooZie  4 months ago +25

      I was wondering who would rise up and mention that first. Step forward sir and be knighted *taps sword on shoulders*

    • Techno Rave
      Techno Rave 4 months ago +2


    • Michael Neel
      Michael Neel 3 months ago

      “Y’all don’t know when this happened” mentions Fusion Frenzy… I can take a guess lol

    • elhazelrah
      elhazelrah 2 months ago +1

      OG Xbox represent.

  • Edgar C. Guzman
    Edgar C. Guzman 4 months ago +6

    Swoozie it’s crazy how I’ve been watching your videos for years now and they still entertain me LOL!! 😂

  • Samantha-Jane Mbangani
    Samantha-Jane Mbangani 4 months ago +22

    It's the worst when as the side chick, you don't even know you're the side chick. It's even worse when you think you're the main chick as the side chick. 😢😢😢😂

  • Jacob Kriete
    Jacob Kriete 4 months ago +10

    I love when really likable people like Swoozie get rewarded on platforms like this for just being their likeable self! Idk just cool to see a guy like him have millions of subscribers just for being a cool fun person. I hear the stories and like I’m sure many others I just find myself thinking I’d wanna be friends with this guy if i knew him in person! Keep up that good work

  • Jordyy
    Jordyy 4 months ago +33

    It’s always a great and funny and relatable video when swoozie uploads at the right time 💀🤣😂

    • Flip
      Flip 4 months ago +2

      Glazing 😭

    • ShreksScrumptiousSexySweatyFeet ッ
      ShreksScrumptiousSexySweatyFeet ッ 4 months ago +1

      Grilled cheese Obama sandwich

    • Jordyy
      Jordyy 4 months ago

      @ShreksScrumptiousSexySweatyFeet ッ “HMMM baby I don’t under stand this?.. 🖤😭”

  • WeAreTheBentusi
    WeAreTheBentusi 4 months ago +56

    I love the image of Chun-li trying to push you onto Cammy. Chun-li: (Pushing Swoozi into Cammy's hands) "Girl you need to try a taste of this snack! It's always available and fresh whenever you need to treat yourself to something different!"

    • sWooZie
      sWooZie  4 months ago +34

      Right! Her pushing me like ‘try a little of this milk chocolate’.

    • Jesse
      Jesse 4 months ago +3

      @sWooZie What happened with Cammy?

    • Dragowolf
      Dragowolf 4 months ago +1

      ​@sWooZie yea what happened

  • hydraulic butt
    hydraulic butt 4 months ago +18

    He keeps dropping lit videos with inpressive content keep on shinin my star. You definitely aint losing your top spot from my fav youtuber.

    • sWooZie
      sWooZie  4 months ago +4

      There are a lot of yters so I’m honored tysm!

  • theFitty
    theFitty 4 months ago +2

    *it's always a good time watching your story telling videos.* :) Thanks for keeping things funny and down to earth.

  • lin_ckin
    lin_ckin 4 months ago +25

    im learning the real life experience because of swoozie, you the goat dawg now i know what to avoid in my future relationships

  • Netherwolf6100
    Netherwolf6100 4 months ago +18

    Never trust anyone who says they're *"On a Break".*
    That's just code for "I'm sleeping around right now, but I have my back-up plan on the back burner for now because I'm bored."
    Cheaters are cheaters. Never succumb.

  • Mark Star
    Mark Star 4 months ago +12

    I Like how Swoozie tells stories like he talkin to a homie👍😂

  • gos_707
    gos_707 4 months ago +14

    I love this guy forever and ever and he gave us some knowledge to be careful what we need to know to red flags to relationships to break up to toxic and onto side pieces!
    I’m no psychology person, but Swooize has good taste. 🥂

  • Sickman
    Sickman 4 months ago +14

    Swoozie has the patience of a GOD, because I can't think of many guys that would talk to a girl that long without "benefits" for over a month

  • dolphincrescent54
    dolphincrescent54 4 months ago +19

    Better to be a loner than a side piece!

  • Mister Daniel Tofu
    Mister Daniel Tofu 4 months ago +4

    It's strange how Adande just finds himself in the most peculiar situations.

  • Rikuwoblivion
    Rikuwoblivion 4 months ago +13

    Bro not only are we getting consistent Swoozie again but it's consistent A+ Swoozie with the hilarious ways he says stuff. I'm gonna be saying hungrier than a hostage the rest of my life.

  • Tumbler
    Tumbler 4 months ago +7

    For a long time I thought this was only something that happened to attractive men with rizz. But becoming a side person happens to anyone, including me. I SO related with Swoozie when he mentioned the whole "Oh you're single? But are you really?" So many people just lie in the moment to get what they want from yah, and next thing you know you an accomplice to the crime of cheating on a partner.

  • Ugwunna Odinye
    Ugwunna Odinye 3 months ago +4

    Does swoozie still expect us to believe he’s out here having 30 min make out seshes and he’s not smashing? 😭😭

  • Caleb Petrovich
    Caleb Petrovich 4 months ago

    When every sWooZie makes a video it never disappoints

  • ChellaStation
    ChellaStation 4 months ago +6

    Me: Trying to stay away from drama. Swoozie bring in drama: Oh here we go! 🤣

  • Wojciech Glinianowicz
    Wojciech Glinianowicz 4 months ago +66

    i love this guy's content! always speaking truth!

    • Gurunext - YT CEO 💖
      Gurunext - YT CEO 💖 4 months ago

      How would you know? You're his best friend?

    • Wojciech Glinianowicz
      Wojciech Glinianowicz 4 months ago

      @Gurunext - YT CEO 💖 jesus christ i just like his content you don't need to be like that.

    • Gurunext - YT CEO 💖
      Gurunext - YT CEO 💖 4 months ago

      @Wojciech Glinianowicz My plan is working - you have demoted Love to a Like 🤠 And you're trying to summon Jesus Christ - Idk how you gonna do that 🤔

    • Wojciech Glinianowicz
      Wojciech Glinianowicz 4 months ago

      @Gurunext - YT CEO 💖 i did not understand a word you just said, try speaking english please

    • Gurunext - YT CEO 💖
      Gurunext - YT CEO 💖 4 months ago

      @Wojciech Glinianowicz In English it would sound: How dare you be so offensive and insult the way I write comments?!?!?! 😲😲😮😮 Then you'll start typing under my videos that I should speak English too?

  • Anthony Scott
    Anthony Scott 4 months ago +5

    Swooz really brought the energy for this video! You know it’s a good weekend when you get a morning Sunday vid! Feels like I went to church!! Preach on my brother!!

  • NN
    NN 4 months ago +4

    "being a side chick is like being in destiny child" already starting of good🤣

  • Raneice Watkins
    Raneice Watkins 3 months ago

    I usually hate listening to long videos, but I just love watching your videos. You were just soo entertaining 🤣

  • eat my thumb
    eat my thumb 4 months ago +3

    great storyteller. long time subscriber :)

  • Salem_Waaa
    Salem_Waaa 4 months ago +12

    Was in the middle of a Craig of the creek marathon then saw Swoozie talkin about side chicks, this shit boutta be GOOD

  • Mic
    Mic 4 months ago

    Swoozie, your videos are on point and to the point. Love the way you tell it and display it. Thank you bro.

  • The Heavenly Samurai
    The Heavenly Samurai 4 months ago

    Another Fantastic video, thanks for all the fun informative stories Swooz, you the GOAT!😁

  • Nate Diaz
    Nate Diaz 4 months ago +5

    Hey sWooZie! I started watching your videos this year and I didn't have much girlfriends. If I did, it lasted a week. But now that I watched your relationship videos, I am dating my girlfriend and we've been dating strong for almost a year. Thank you for helping.

  • Mabel Pines
    Mabel Pines 4 months ago

    Hey Swoozie!Keep the awesome animation coming!😁🎉

  • Rachael Susan
    Rachael Susan 3 months ago +1

    Omg Swoozie I am so glad you are still making videos!!! I forgot your name and couldn’t find you. It’s been like a decade. You’re still here and still hilarious. I’m so happy.

  • ExoticFireGirl
    ExoticFireGirl 4 months ago +238

    Perfect timing to post, swoozie

  • Chisaku
    Chisaku 4 months ago +3

    This is the highlight of my day, and every day I end up coming back because y'all know I binge swooz even if he isn't uploading.

  • Napping Stars
    Napping Stars 4 months ago +2

    These stories are really entertaining. 😂 I love the pop 🌽 moment.

  • Lennoxrenol
    Lennoxrenol 4 months ago

    This video made me laugh and made my day LOL. Thanks Swoozie

  • Eddie Carrion
    Eddie Carrion 4 months ago

    Always here for the Swoozie wisdom as usual 😅👍🏼

  • luca maddison
    luca maddison 4 months ago +6

    i honestly dont even understand people who cheat, like either you have everything youre looking for in your relationship, or you should just move on and find someone else

  • Maxwell Ware
    Maxwell Ware 4 months ago

    This video helped me finally contextualize an interaction I had with a girl who was giving me MAD signals while she had a man she was on the outs with. People are wild 😂

  • Potato5115
    Potato5115 4 months ago +6

    I like how this video is called SIDE CHICKS when it's really SIDE sWooZie 😂😂😂 you are the best storyteller, though!

  • N.R
    N.R 4 months ago +1

    I was a side chick but didn’t even know 😭 I felt bad because I wouldn’t want it be side stepped so I told him I got with someone 😂 he ended that QUICK

  • Grimlock1997
    Grimlock1997 4 months ago +6

    26 and never been in a relationship. When I hear stories like this, I’m kinda glad I’m alone. 😅

  • AsiX_DJ
    AsiX_DJ 4 months ago +6

    It’s not a swoozie story without a crazy make out session somewhere

  • Evita Meidutė
    Evita Meidutė 4 months ago +3

    Swoozie is spoiling us lately 🥰

  • Ale Johias Teregeyo
    Ale Johias Teregeyo 3 months ago

    Yup. I’ve dodged those situations. It’s like I got ultra instinct in dodging and catching lies.

  • Lyle Holland
    Lyle Holland 4 months ago +1

    Swoozie forgot the time he was busy with a married woman that was an Uber driver 😂😂😂

  • Jack Wonderland Frost
    Jack Wonderland Frost 4 months ago

    I've been a viewer for over a decade 😂😂😂 these videos are always 🔥
    For real, tho. I am way too monogamous to deal with the side chick/poly bs. Cheating is a big no-no for me. The Destiny's Child analogy is perfect!!! Side chicks be thinking they gonna be the main chick soooo true hahahaaa

  • AghaseArmyShawolBlinkOnce
    AghaseArmyShawolBlinkOnce 4 months ago +2

    side chicks are basically free therapists 🤷🏽‍♀ (I'm saying this because I've been through this as a side chick for the first time and now I'm in therapy because of that. never again.)

  • Owen Lambert
    Owen Lambert 4 months ago +8

    Swoozie will always be my main chick

  • Crit Alps
    Crit Alps 3 months ago +1

    I was a sidechick for about a month as a college freshman. The main found out ab me real quick and ended things even quicker. I thought he was soooooo into me for those couple of weeks and had me meet all his friends. Buuuuut he ended things with me before we became official bc he felt too guilty to start a relationship by cheating. Surprise, surprise I found out he asked out and got rejected by some other guy I didn't know about the very next day.
    Needless to say, I regret the choice. He wasn't even my type. I really only did it because I had just found out I had gotten kinda sorta cheated on by some other guy I was exclusive with (but wasn't official with either so???) and was feeling VERY bad about myself.

  • Sir Bobla
    Sir Bobla 4 months ago

    This video made me realize I was the side piece. Met a girl online who pulled the whole "we're practically broken up' just a matter of time" bs and love bomb me a bunch to make me stay until she ditched me for another side piece

  • Aikira Beats
    Aikira Beats 4 months ago

    Thank you for posting this life has been difficult these last few days. I wouldn’t want to be a side chick just because it’s disrespectful to the other woman.

  • Casimir’s Gamervers
    Casimir’s Gamervers  4 months ago +2

    It’s just messed up because there are women that wouldn’t mind being side chicks and genuinely want to be side chicks. There was a literal book written on how to be a side chick by a side chick and it made millions! There are even women that would claim they would never be a side chick just to be a side chick for the “right guy”

  • King Kenzo
    King Kenzo 4 months ago

    I've been watching swoozie since 09 when i found him from wcg ultimate gamer. This guy is hands down my favorite youtuber OAT and every single upload never disappoints. needed this video fam

  • Rymates
    Rymates 4 months ago +4

    these videos are always very fun to watch!

  • TRG TehOnleyPwnerer
    TRG TehOnleyPwnerer 4 months ago

    Yo after hearing all that, speaking as someone who’s been the piece of meat and the person who got cheated both at the same time, no one deserves to cycle through all that stuff through their mind because on all sides, no one wins and when the truth comes out, it eats at people’s brains

  • eggie1978
    eggie1978 4 months ago +1

    I like the way you framed the fact these side pieces are dating cheaters. I believe in karma. When these side pieces finally find someone they want to be exclusive with, I hope they get cheated on.

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    PurpleSerenity13 4 months ago +4

    This video kind of reminds me of a "friends with benefits" situation. Back in high school, my ex at the time, before we got together, he suggested that we have a friends with benefits kind of thing going. I didn't let that happen as I was very insistent on not going that far in the relationship yet. Eventually, we did get together officially, dated for a bit but broke up as he didn't seem to put out any effort and focused on the physical part of the relationship. I have my faults too (not being more vocal about my feelings and just focusing on making him happy in the relationship, instead of making sure I was happy too.)
    Don't be a side piece or let someone think you're a meal that you can have at any time. If someone wants legs and thighs, they can go to KFC, and get a value meal.

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    Honestly, I'm bi and I think my bf would know how big of a threat "let me meet them" is. because that would be my go to. "let me meet them, let me talk to them" I have also been on both sides of this. It is interesting. At one point I just got used to being "the side piece" because it kept fucking happening.

  • Special_Beam
    Special_Beam 4 months ago +3

    I've been an unknowing side piece more often than I'd like to admit. But a big part of that is my own fault really. I don't ask half the time. I feel like if she has a boyfriend and respects him, she'll say something(as in, I won't get that far in the first place).
    The real interesting thing is how they react when everything is revealed and you're cool with it. Some girls actually just don't give a fuck and now just have another person to complain about their bf to, some get really defensive about it and try to turn on you, and other girls suddenly become guilty about it and break it off.
    But regardless... all these experiences are probably why I have major trust issues 😂😂😅

  • Pragya Singh
    Pragya Singh 4 months ago +3

    I have a gut feeling that I've been the person many guys cheated on their partners with, and it's really not a good feeling. They expect the same level of committment from you, just with zero responsibility (and I felt like I had to go out of my way to flirt with other people in front of them so they know they don't have power over me, the games were too much work). Also, I still don't know how someone can feel comfortable in a relationship where your SO cheats on their partner to be with you. If you don't have trust in any relationship, you have nothing.

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