I Got Addicted to Heroin in Front of 1.5 Million YouTube Subscribers

  • Taylor Nicole Dean is queen of PetTube, a Clip-Share niche for bloggers with dozens of pets. But after disappearing for a few months, she finally came back with a video explaining how she had been addicted to heroin. In this episode of MY LIFE ONLINE, we track Taylor’s meteoric rise to celebrity and how addiction took over her life.
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Comments • 80

  • the telemarketer goof
    the telemarketer goof 34 minutes ago

    Going on 3 months clean off of benzos and alcohol

  • ChrisWojoDotCom
    ChrisWojoDotCom Hour ago

    *Actual original comment deleted... SMH...*

  • ShapeyFiend
    ShapeyFiend 2 hours ago

    This is mad I remember hearing about this Clip-Sharer around the time she was blowing up and people were speculating about there being a negative relationship I didn't expect it to go this bad.

  • randy daniels
    randy daniels 4 hours ago

    Ya pretty ass doing heroin wow........

  • LuxeLifestyle
    LuxeLifestyle 4 hours ago

    "Thank you guys for "STICKING" around" @ around 11 mins. Am I a bad person for chuckling at that?

  • Thomas Pridemore
    Thomas Pridemore 5 hours ago

    Fuck Johnny craig hes a loser and always has been like he got famous from like what 2 songs that are mediocre at best 💀😂

  • Anika xx
    Anika xx 6 hours ago

    I’ve been watching her for years and she is so sweet and so open about everything as she try’s her best to stay open and honestly love her and her animals

  • Taco Bello
    Taco Bello 6 hours ago

    ADDICTION IS NOT AN ILLNESS. people who have cancer took their first bump of cancer and decided to keep going right? Sounds like an excuse. I’ve been addicted to drugs before and I continued to use them as a choice. Not because it was an illness. I stopped using drugs because it was a CHOICE. Stop throwing a saftey blanket over these people who use illness as an excuse.

  • Taylorhugstrees
    Taylorhugstrees 7 hours ago

    oh my god. i love Taylor. literally my favorite youtube’s, i was crushed when she told the world what she was going through 😭 love her so much.

  • JanineBean
    JanineBean 8 hours ago

    I wish this video addressed her animal care and whether her drug use affected that

  • Angel Games
    Angel Games 8 hours ago

    Subscribe to my channel and rate the video..Support me

  • Jeffrey Carignan
    Jeffrey Carignan 9 hours ago

    Why tho.

    RABID CUJO CRAZY 9 hours ago

    That thumbnail doesnt say PetTube.

  • Dana Ott
    Dana Ott 10 hours ago

    "i was sick for 14hrs" lmao

  • Leena Martinez
    Leena Martinez 10 hours ago

    My uncle is addicted to heroin, most of my family is addicted to drugs. It’s so heartbreaking.

  • J C
    J C 11 hours ago

    Heroin is going to turn that pretty girl ugly.

    • Shannon
      Shannon 6 hours ago

      She's good now.

  • Cindy Castro
    Cindy Castro 11 hours ago +1

    Im currently smoking Heron as im watching this. I want to get help i really do but the fucked up part is its always when im WELL then i wake up sick and rit back at it. > FML!!

    • Cindy Castro
      Cindy Castro Hour ago +1

      @Dana Ott 8 years and i still havent tried to shoot

    • Shannon
      Shannon 6 hours ago


    • Dana Ott
      Dana Ott 9 hours ago

      try shooting. smokings a waste. youve been helped!

  • RogerThat
    RogerThat 11 hours ago

    Dude I was a drug addict and no one knew it for so long. No one saved me. I did math, coke, drank, smoked weed, adderall. Hearing this is hard but as an addict we have to realize we aren't victims.

  • Christen Zavala
    Christen Zavala 14 hours ago

    Johnny Craig? The alternative singer? Man crazy

  • Christina Martinez
    Christina Martinez 14 hours ago

    I remember watching her baby hedgehog video. I'm so glad to hear she went to rehab. ❤❤🙏🙏

  • MrShanester117
    MrShanester117 16 hours ago

    I think her real addiction is make-up. She wears about thirty pounds of it. And she blames everything on a boyfriend.

  • Carson Noble
    Carson Noble 18 hours ago

    this making me think that rice gum is a addict, he doesn’t post at all ever

  • isbsey
    isbsey 18 hours ago

    Oh goodness!! I was crying along with her at the end. When bad things happen to you, you prepare yourself for the negative comments, but it's when people are nice to you that it takes you by surprise and you can't handle it and say "Oh please don't be nice to me, you'll make me cry!!"

  • kat s
    kat s 20 hours ago

    she has such a beautiful soul i love her🥺🥺

  • Lil Overdose
    Lil Overdose 21 hour ago

    If you love animals so much you wont keep em. Animals don't belong in boxes.

  • Amanda Heriberto Austria

    Kuddos!!!head up stay beautiful ♥️

  • Cuckleberry Finn
    Cuckleberry Finn 23 hours ago

    I've been off cocaine, opiates and alcohol for 12 years now. Life's so much better.

  • Cuckleberry Finn
    Cuckleberry Finn 23 hours ago

    11:09 oh man, she looked rough there

  • Barrett Simmons
    Barrett Simmons 23 hours ago

    Me and this girl used to follow each other on twitter before she really blew up and she was always weird

  • Frankie Bars
    Frankie Bars Day ago

    I'm an a addict myself I'm proud to say I've been clean now for almost 3 yrs. Getting clean has been the best thing I could of ever did for myself. Thank u for sharing ur story

  • Mo Salah
    Mo Salah Day ago

    After a hard relationship, am hooked to drugs to kinda numb the pain, it's been 3 years and I stillmiss u aurel

  • Dave Danger
    Dave Danger Day ago

    Face tattoo.....gross

  • Mr. HiBye
    Mr. HiBye Day ago

    I'm using this quarantine as an opportunity to try and really focus on my sobriety. Spending a lot of time with family.

  • shitty mcr vids
    shitty mcr vids Day ago

    Don't do -drugs- opioids, kids!

  • mahbal Zitch
    mahbal Zitch Day ago

    Poor animals haha

  • Chop Sticks
    Chop Sticks Day ago

    If your battling addiction its comes with a shitty price, your "going" get that thought of ......Psst hey it'll make you feel "poweful" or some form of "comfort". Makes you feel great bro we got this! Dont you want to feel Great! Man lets relax from the "stress". Whatever it may be when your fighting addiction your mind is going to come up with alot excuses to continue its journey. In the beginning your going to hear deperate knocks on your door just begging to be let in, if you open it your soul going to get robbed again and again. Then your going wake up feeling like crap again because you been fooled again but somehow someway you want to get robbed again in this "great" adventure, same routine, same excuse over and over. You listen to your mind and its shitty excuses. But if your struggling to quit its because your mind is in "panic mode" it wants to consume but you have restrain it and train it. The first week your going to hear crys of want. Second week the wants are still there. Third week you still hear it but its getting softer. Month goes by but your mind still has tricks. 2 Months the reminders are still there. Its a post-it note hanging in front of your face . 3 months in things will start to change. But if your really determined enter yourself and open the door and claim whats yours. Take a seat and strap yourself in because your going for a ride. Addition will suck you in but "you" have fight to get out. You dont need drugs to feel great, there are natural ways to feel just as great. 1 more thing dont think big, think small and grow like a seed in this fight.

  • Michael Jacob
    Michael Jacob Day ago +1

    I quit heroin crack meth cocaine xanax percs alcohol codeine weed cigarettes adderall klonopin vicodin pcp lsd and acid in one day cold turkey. 😊

  • Dustin Rhodes
    Dustin Rhodes Day ago

    Thank you for putting all of this out there, I think your struggle and you’re story is probably helping more people than you think. It takes balls to come clean and get clean. Good for you.

  • me me
    me me Day ago

    ugh...she's insufferable

  • Jackie Edwards
    Jackie Edwards Day ago

    I used to watch her ALL the time. And it’s sad to know this was going on behind the scenes. I loved her videos

  • Dominic C
    Dominic C Day ago

    What is her channel?

  • ernestmorse1
    ernestmorse1 Day ago

    Respects to Taylor for speaking about her experience. She will help many people.

  • thegreendank1
    thegreendank1 Day ago

    11:34 Suboxone, I'm on it right now and it's worked wonders for me but I was a pill head and never went into heroin

  • Lina
    Lina Day ago

    Ok, i'll try to not be a hater or a troll.
    But i've seen drug addicts next to me and in the mirror, so i know that she undoubtedly used but never abused. No, her addiction is drama and being the center of attention. Oh, and money to buy anything that will aid in being the drama queen. Unfortunately, she did not have to acting classes in ordre to have her own show in front of millions thanks to social media.
    She uses people, but loses them cause they are not captive like the poor creatures she hoards and neglects. She considers animals like props. She has no empathy for those innocent beings.
    There, i think i managed to speak my mind without using any profanity nor intimidation techniques.

  • Ven0mous
    Ven0mous Day ago

    Pretty crazy how this all played out. She is brave for talking about it and owning up. Something most would not do. God bless you Taylor! Be well.

  • Biggitybaked
    Biggitybaked Day ago +1

    Why is this even a vice story. There are alot of drug addict youtube skanks out there, what makes her so special? 🤨

  • Egypt Cat of Denial

    Food for thought: how about we stop talking about heroin and piss poor life choices and instead talk about what lead up to this and how almost EVERY SINGLE PERSON BORN FROM 2000 ONWARDS HAS AN INSATIABLE NEED FOR ACCEPTANCE AND TO BE VIRAL ONLINE...
    With the way things are going this entire next generation will be addicted to something or another because they can't cope with their surroundings and because they have no sense of Independence. All of the twenty something's and younger are always worried about what others think of them and their opinions, etc. How many people look up to the Kardashians, Jeffrey Star and other celebrities and try to emulate them? Hair extensions? Lip injections? Prada and LV handbags? Face tattoos? It's the dumb and blind leading a bunch of lemming bumpkins directly over a cliff. Just look at what's on Clip-Share or all of these movements and protests that are utterly meaningless. People don't even know what they're fighting for anymore. They just do it to fit in with the masses and to look cool and be accepted by their peers. God forbid they freely think for themselves and disagree with the majority or with what the media is pushing. Idiots EVERYWHERE.
    She has a tattoo on her wrist? I want a tattoo on my wrist! She has rainbow hair? I want rainbow hair! She got microblading? I want microblading! She vapes? I want to vape too! I could go on for days and it's appalling. You want women's rights and women to be empowered and women to be taken seriously and and and...? Then stop being a follower! Independent, strong women DO NOT FOLLOW. They are inspired and inspire others but the key factor is that THEY THINK FOR THEMSELVES.
    Think about that. Long and hard.

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko Day ago +3

    Yadda yada,. Addiction talk starts 6:35

  • KarmA WaffLe
    KarmA WaffLe 2 days ago

    Taylor is a beast. It took massive bravery and courage to be so open about this, hope she is doing better

  • Btozer05
    Btozer05 2 days ago +1

    I want Liberian warlords like butt naked again vice has gone to shit

  • Luke Quin
    Luke Quin 2 days ago

    I have vascular Ehlers-Danlos without knowing for 15 years, decided to jump on my bed then I had ruptured my aorta bleeding internally.

  • Huawei Seremban
    Huawei Seremban 2 days ago

    THERE'S a reason why they call it Heroin.Trust me immediately you're a hero after a session.Fully recovered after 2 years, no bad habits at all with a bonus which is a SHOULDER TO CRY ON doesn't matter pls be prepared to carry the URGE not the ADDICTION to your grave.The only way is WILL POWER.Then again different environment and stay away from frens who do drugs which means not only Heroin, any sorts of drugs.Alcohol immediately becomes best fren with your brains.Oh Mike why not once in a while have a session the answer is FUCK You.That's how bad is the urge.
    Again the only way is WILL POWER.
    Doctors,counselling and being loved are nothing.It helps however
    WILL POWER that's the only way.

  • James Laspesa
    James Laspesa 2 days ago

    Be strong girl and take care of your babies.

  • Sin13X
    Sin13X 2 days ago

    Been binging vids like these all night. So fucking glad I chose to be straight edge at a young age and still am at 28.

  • Tommy Mills
    Tommy Mills 2 days ago +1

    You dont get obsessed with coke from a " tiny tiny bump" lol most likely did a good bit. Thats what would cause that depression and want for it.

  • James R. Ackerman
    James R. Ackerman 2 days ago

    The title of the video is incorrect it's lady gets heroin addiction to gain Clip-Share subscribers

    • Boris G
      Boris G 2 days ago

      James R. Ackerman wow

  • Joshima M
    Joshima M 2 days ago

    My problem with her was never her or her addiction. My problem is with the fact that people are using her addiction and munchausen to justify her terrible husbandry and inability to care for her HOARD of animals.

  • Pappy
    Pappy 2 days ago

    the first 1 minutes put me off so much but im gonna power through. That was fucking aids bro js.

  • Abel Alvarez
    Abel Alvarez 2 days ago

    There is no real coke she probably snorting aspirin or MSM...

  • SimplyLizzie Logical


  • Rajah Jordan
    Rajah Jordan 2 days ago

    Glad she spoke on EDS

  • w00dy
    w00dy 2 days ago

    keep up the good work! I heard it always ends well! 😃

  • brit brattt
    brit brattt 2 days ago

    i relate to her a lot. i’m a heroin addict. i hit 200 days clean today & it’s mind blowing. i was abusing opiates since 2009 & i was addicted to heroin for 8/9 years. i never had this much clean time in my life, but i’m so glad i’m doing what i am doing now. i started making vids just telling stories about me in my addiction and i love my subscribers. but i know how hard it is to stop using and the fact that she stopped what it seems like once and never looked back is amazing. idek how many times i tried to stop, but finally this time it stuck. to whoever is still running, please be safe and come to ur scenes soon & try to stop... xo

  • Yozora67
    Yozora67 2 days ago

    whoa whoa whoa she can jump on me god damn where has this angel been all my life. She would not have had a drug addiction with me I'd be the addiction and she'd be mine.

  • Brian Kessler
    Brian Kessler 2 days ago +4

    I worked in a drug rehab for three years, and met literally more heroin addicts than I could count. Hundreds, perhaps thousands. Taylor is absolutely stunning, and just as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. I met a lot of addicted girls with similar qualities, and often wondered how they end up with such terrible boyfriends.

    • l l
      l l 4 hours ago

      they chase the bad boys. the quiet nerds end up with no girls. hence incels.

    • Joshua Cook
      Joshua Cook 5 hours ago

      @Brian Kessler you're really creepy. Proper rapy face lol

    • Brian Kessler
      Brian Kessler 8 hours ago

      @Dana Ott That's an oversimplification, but technically true.

    • Dana Ott
      Dana Ott 9 hours ago

      Okay so your saying you met alot of hot heroin girls and wondered why they had aweful boyfriends/?

  • Poop Brain
    Poop Brain 2 days ago

    hey i recognize her. i used to watch her videos when i was going through my wild animal phase. i didnt know all this drama happened after.

  • creation rebel
    creation rebel 2 days ago

    yawn. 7 minutes of this enough.

  • Ryan Lankford
    Ryan Lankford 2 days ago


  • Shaun Gunning
    Shaun Gunning 2 days ago

    So good looking

  • Christopher Adam
    Christopher Adam 2 days ago

    I remember when heroin was the worst drug to be addicted to, now it's that poison Meth.

    • Mei Chong
      Mei Chong Day ago

      Yeah because theres no real heroin anymore

  • Ryan Downing
    Ryan Downing 3 days ago

    Lololololololol 😂😆 y'all need to seek help. I don't feel bad for you. Folks have REAL struggles around the world.
    This is just pathetic. And funny.... And if want to be mad at me, my point is stop caring about people who mean nothing to you.
    seek the approval of your family and loyal friends. And no one else.

  • Deist Kalashnikov
    Deist Kalashnikov 3 days ago

    You killed tons of animals...many youtubers out making videos on this fact. Animal killer

    BULL SCHEIST 3 days ago +1

    Beautiful women getting tattoos is like spray-painting gang graffiti on a new Ferrari.

  • Bridges K2
    Bridges K2 3 days ago

    Why do people do coke and heroin when they know how addictive and harmful they are.

    • Mei Chong
      Mei Chong Day ago

      Because it feels so good !!!

  • Remona Rattigan
    Remona Rattigan 3 days ago

    Taylor please stay close with your DAD praying for you🙏

  • mark kevorkian
    mark kevorkian 3 days ago

    This is the problem with this internet age that is being shoved down our throats. We have become a nation of complete narcicists. Well i mean more than before. The more we get "connected" the more alienated we become. Your talking to a machine not a person so people dont know how to behave in social interactions. Now we have this political climate with adolph trump who just lives for shock and headlines. It doesnt matter what fucking terrible satanic thing he says or does as long as he makes headlines which puts us in this worldwide humiliation and danger that we are prisoners to.

  • tess
    tess 3 days ago +1

    I hope none of her pets died or suffered during that time.

  • Storm Rider
    Storm Rider 3 days ago

    She sounds like me

  • J.A.M
    J.A.M 3 days ago

    I can’t tell if she’s hot or not...🧐
    Like... she’s got great skin and features, but something is off.
    Ohh it’s her lips!! Those fake ass lips look like shit!
    I’m sure she’d be very pretty without those lips, poss Vogue status..

  • Danky Skull
    Danky Skull 3 days ago

    When that snake kills you in your sleep nobody will be surprised.