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The Magic Trick That Surprised Scarlett Johansson Beyond Belief

  • Published on Mar 9, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • The best funny moment you absolutely have to see : • 🤯😱The Spellbindin...
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    Join Scarlett Johansson and renowned magician Dan White as they explore the world of magic in this mind-bending video.
    From card tricks to illusions, Scarlett is left speechless as Dan reveals some of his most incredible feats. With exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and insightful interviews, this video is a must-watch for anyone interested in the art of magic.
    Discover the secrets of sleight of hand, mind-reading, and stage magic as Scarlett and Dan take you on a journey you won't soon forget.
    Here is the full Scarlett Johansson magic trick with Dan White on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon if you want to know more about : Scarlett Johansson Gets a Special Magic Trick from Dan White
    • Scarlett Johansso...
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Comments • 4 605

  • Haut Hisse
    Haut Hisse  2 months ago +755

    The best funny moment you absolutely have to see : bit.ly/BestFunnyHHMoment
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  • J C
    J C Month ago +24230

    Jimmy is that dude that constantly has to remind everyone he’s still in the room, but gets ignored anyway.

    • Affendy Amir
      Affendy Amir Month ago +82


    • Francisco Partida
      Francisco Partida Month ago +271

      Yeah, he's annoying.

    • Kirito L
      Kirito L Month ago +298

      he is the host whats wrong with yall lmao

    • Steven Kool
      Steven Kool Month ago +125

      He is SO ANNOYING

    • Memu
      Memu Month ago +173

      ​@Kirito L Being the host doesn't mean he isn't annoying as hell.

  • Phantomonum
    Phantomonum 25 days ago +2348

    Dude has learned magic his whole life just for this moment.

    • Dave
      Dave 20 days ago +28

      Not gonna lie...imma start practicing now in hopes that by the time I'm 60 I can do this haha

    • Nova
      Nova 20 days ago +4

      @Dave 😂😂

    • Not Sober Over Analyzer
      Not Sober Over Analyzer 13 days ago +5

      And it was not wasted.

    • weaponized glitter☣️
      weaponized glitter☣️ 9 days ago +3

      Worth it

    • Lamar Adams
      Lamar Adams 8 days ago

      As soon as she wipes that saliva on my suit eBay… that’s all I got 😂

  • Jimmy Farrow
    Jimmy Farrow 28 days ago +867

    Jimmy is like the third wheel guy who won't shut up when you're trying to get a girl's number.

    • D
      D 26 days ago +14

      its almost like he gets paid to talk

    • Charred FrogLegs
      Charred FrogLegs 8 days ago +4

      Alternatively, he's the guy that was ready to stand up for her and protect her if the guy had actually tried to make a move where some other more slimy hosts may have encouraged the magician to make a move.

    • That Guy
      That Guy 3 days ago

      I was like number 666, my job here is done.

    • Dr Diabolical
      Dr Diabolical 2 days ago

      ​@Charred FrogLegs yeah

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia Month ago +13372

    “I felt nothing, by the way!”
    *-every 3rd wheel ever*

    • Ivan Cvetnić
      Ivan Cvetnić Month ago +62

      Three's a crowd, ha ha ha

    • Kurt Brown
      Kurt Brown Month ago +43

      When she brings her friend

    • SiriHakuoh
      SiriHakuoh Month ago +7


    • brandon kaghee
      brandon kaghee Month ago +17

      Said the same thing, he was definitely hating on him on the low loll

    • Ryan
      Ryan Month ago +4

      I'm in this comment and I don't like it hahahaha

  • Nick T
    Nick T 24 days ago +1221

    Jimmy is the kind of Childhood friend that blows every chance you have when he is around

    • Mary Puleo
      Mary Puleo 17 days ago +3

      Scarlett and Pink have got to be long lost sisters or something. They should do an DNA test!

    • Felipe Q F de Souza
      Felipe Q F de Souza 8 days ago +1

      Even his chances. Like that time with Nicole 😂

    • Sashenka
      Sashenka 7 days ago

      Nah, you blown your own chances mate.

    • Zapkin (⌐►_◄)
      Zapkin (⌐►_◄) 5 days ago

      more like that kid who trying to hard to look cool with the homies.

    CONTACT JOY Month ago +347

    I love Scarlett. She's always such a good sport.

    • Imisambi
      Imisambi 25 days ago +1

      i was thinking this..((( :

  • s0meguy9
    s0meguy9 Month ago +9631

    "did you feel anything"
    "yes I did"
    "you're pregnant with my baby now"

  • Dave
    Dave 20 days ago +175

    There is NOTHING sexier than seeing that moment when a beautiful woman like Scarlett has that "oh God" melting moment

  • Lynne VanVorce
    Lynne VanVorce 18 days ago +93

    Absolutely loved her response, she’s so funny 😂

  • Marcio Couto
    Marcio Couto 2 months ago +53406

    "Scarlett, did you feel anything?"
    "Oh yes, I did 😏"
    I love her sense of humour.

    • Dias
      Dias 2 months ago +500

      It wasnt humour

    • I am vangeance
      I am vangeance 2 months ago +160

      ​@Dias 😏😼

    • basic bitch
      basic bitch 2 months ago +54

      Sagittarius energy

    • 🎶FrokuBabayy
      🎶FrokuBabayy 2 months ago +493

      ​@basic bitchStop it. Get some help

    • ItsGoofyMF
      ItsGoofyMF 2 months ago +13

      ​@🎶FrokuBabayy "go to Mcdonalds!"

  • meg
    meg Month ago +57

    Everything about this is perfect 😂 Scarlett’s reactions are so genuine & Jimmy’s would be like mine if I were in that situation 😂

  • The Rich Action Show
    The Rich Action Show Month ago +242

    Scarlet is literally one of the most beautiful woman on earth. The guy from snl is so lucky

  • just a guy who's a bible for fun

    My man really stole scarlett's heart, pun intended.

      SPLITTMUSIC216 Month ago +20

      😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 W comment

    • Sylliboi Swag
      Sylliboi Swag Month ago +11

      Underrated comment

    • DJRevan
      DJRevan Month ago +8

      Stealing the heart of a triple divorcee? He can have it, go ahead...

    • Knight Light
      Knight Light Month ago +7

      Magician: cause in her mouth, is my phone number

    • matrix
      matrix Month ago +6

      I think she actually wanted that kiss too

  • Grisel
    Grisel 3 days ago +5

    I love how Jimmy protected scarlet like “dude, step out, you are at a danger zone”

  • Rob Tinsley
    Rob Tinsley 27 days ago +6

    Scarlett is such a great sport, loved her since “The Horse Whisperer”!❤

  • Elizabeth Augustin
    Elizabeth Augustin 2 months ago +25072

    Jimmy " I felt nothing by the way " was on spot.....

    • AJ
      AJ 2 months ago +55


    • Sammy l Senpai
      Sammy l Senpai 2 months ago +22

      1k likes and no replies, wait lemme fix that ;)

    • Macroni
      Macroni 2 months ago +24

      ​@Sammy l Senpai it had one reply though

    • Sammy l Senpai
      Sammy l Senpai 2 months ago +2

      @Macroni yep 🤓

    • gryffindor'ssword
      gryffindor'ssword 2 months ago +50

      Why do I feel jealousy fumes around Jimmy..😂😂

  • Dien Truong
    Dien Truong 24 days ago +5

    " this is not a trick, your the worst!" He drank haterade that morning 😅

  • Mermaid N Disguise
    Mermaid N Disguise Month ago +35

    My favorite part is when she shakes her head at her security that they don't need to intervene. Mr. Magic Man almost had troubles lol

    • SILK OG
      SILK OG 25 days ago +1

      That is not what happened lol

  • Peter Keeling
    Peter Keeling Month ago +4895

    "Scarlet, did you feel anything?"
    "Yes I did!"
    "Free up your diary in 9 months time!"

  • Jmpmaster83
    Jmpmaster83 Month ago +9

    Dude to be that close to Scarlett Johanssons face I could die knowing life was complete lmao

  • llayton Shuemaker
    llayton Shuemaker 22 days ago +4

    Jimmy was the kind of kid that when someone asked how old they were his answer would end in “… and a half”

  • Cendra Miley
    Cendra Miley 2 months ago +12729

    The trick was invented when he found out that she was on the show

    • Daniel Eskildsen
      Daniel Eskildsen 2 months ago +183

      The trick is a Shin Lim classic.. How he preformed it was decided when he saw the guestlist.. Did you feel it? Dude I felt it from here.. We all felt it!

    • Jon T
      Jon T 2 months ago +39

      ​@Daniel Eskildsen That trick is not his, I seen it well over 20 years ago and the person that did it said he learned it from another magician when he was younger and its probably even older than that.

    • Detth
      Detth Month ago +4


    • Johnprakash #
      Johnprakash # Month ago +2

      Two like hunting comments!😒

    • Sigh Phi Guy
      Sigh Phi Guy Month ago +3

      if that were true he would have had her hold the card somewhere a bit......... lower.

  • Joe Evans
    Joe Evans Month ago +9

    When I was a kid I thought she was the most gorgeous woman alive and I'm 32 today and I still think she's one of the most beautiful women alive it's those eyes dad anyhow what a friggin Trick

  • Michael Marchelli
    Michael Marchelli 27 days ago +1

    She's so amazing ❤ Love that smile. That's the real magic! 😃

  • Taka Etono
    Taka Etono Month ago +1036

    when scarlett johanson gets the hots over you,
    you know you just reached level 9000.

    • EL
      EL 23 days ago +13

      I'd say IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!

    • Benjamin Gilman
      Benjamin Gilman 20 days ago +2

      he’s gay

    • Michael Payne
      Michael Payne 15 days ago +2

      She made him go straight

    • U.N.Owen
      U.N.Owen 11 days ago +7

      @Benjamin Gilman Of course he became gay, he just won heterosexuality. He's going for gold on all categories

    • Nate Christie
      Nate Christie 11 days ago

      @U.N.Owen LMAOOOO

  • Fernando Hernandez
    Fernando Hernandez Month ago +6

    Him blushing after she says "Yes i did" kills me. Hahaha.

  • j s
    j s 24 days ago +5

    She is just breathtaking

  • Matalynn White
    Matalynn White Month ago +5623

    Jimmy sounded like a five-year-old😂. “You’re just trying to kiss Scarlet. “ 🤣

    • glauber silva
      glauber silva Month ago +112

      looks like he was jealous

    • Nick Holmes
      Nick Holmes Month ago +75

      Jimmy is a 5 yr old. Or at least as smart as one.

    • Hidden within Edgar Móde No capes
      Hidden within Edgar Móde No capes Month ago +25

      Well if you had the chance wouldn't you?

    • XxKarlosxx XxxX
      XxKarlosxx XxxX Month ago +13

      ​@glauber silvai mean I'm gay and I would kiss Scarlet cause she's so freaking cute 😂

    • Mark
      Mark Month ago +10

      @XxKarlosxx XxxX good for you ig

  • Corpse
    Corpse 21 hour ago

    And that, my friend, is how you get close to a girl, without making her angry.

  • Annette Guerrero
    Annette Guerrero 20 days ago +2

    Just got to love Scarlet ❤️

  • spiritofvengeance
    spiritofvengeance Month ago +3346

    "I kinda felt something too". Bro was ready to risk it all !

    • ThatSpiderguy
      ThatSpiderguy Month ago +118

      Bro tried that premium rizz

    • Hanz Grueber
      Hanz Grueber Month ago +44

      @ThatSpiderguy I think he’s married so he was just trying not to be on the couch all week. Just one night..😂

    • Kurt Brown
      Kurt Brown Month ago +26

      Bro seized his moment

    • Michael Zamora
      Michael Zamora Month ago +7

      On national TV too 😂

    • Zeyy
      Zeyy Month ago +1

      @ThatSpiderguy magical rizz

  • rajwashot
    rajwashot Month ago +32

    Jimmy legit freaked out that he might have to be the one to stop sexual harrasment on national TV.

    • Eduardo Mendez
      Eduardo Mendez 27 days ago +1

      Yeah the guy needs to chill out, he looks like he has never seen a magic trick in his life. David Copperfield gets close like this all the time! 🥶

  • Karen Donley
    Karen Donley Day ago

    Love her, she's sooo gorgeous and as an actress, she is underrated!!

  • R L
    R L Month ago +1706

    Jimmy is the kind of guy who really thinks someone took his nose.

  • Lost'n Reality
    Lost'n Reality 8 days ago

    I remember doing this trick back in hs, such good times

  • Geronimo Lives
    Geronimo Lives 5 days ago

    Thats a very reassuring confidence booster of a moment for that guy. When she said that

  • Pam Cutler
    Pam Cutler Month ago +1318

    Jimmy screaming, “This is not a trick! You’re the worst!” Is my favorite part. It’s like he stepped out of the 1950’s 😂😂😂

      PRINCE AYERE Month ago +14

      That’s my favorite part too! He sounded so genuine 😂

    • matrix
      matrix Month ago +18

      He said it like a child after their XBOX gets taken for bad grades

    • Joe Manna
      Joe Manna Month ago +7

      third wheel syndrome

    • George
      George Month ago +3

      I still like him better than Lenno

    • Ebony Faith
      Ebony Faith Month ago +1

      ​@GeorgeI agree! However, Kimmel is the best (in my opinion)! ❤

  • Luciano Marinho
    Luciano Marinho Month ago +2

    She is soooooooo nice

  • KlyddKorupt
    KlyddKorupt 26 days ago +13

    Sheesh, that woman gets more and more beautiful everytime I see her!❤❤❤

  • Gigi Brady
    Gigi Brady 2 months ago +5617

    101 ways to pick up Scarlett.

    • TheHailstorm77
      TheHailstorm77 Month ago +19

      No one way to make Scarlett pregnant and become your woman.

    • Vernon Immamak
      Vernon Immamak Month ago +3


    • Destroyer
      Destroyer Month ago +6

      @TheHailstorm77 brother she is married and had kids ,

    • Nick Hargreaves
      Nick Hargreaves Month ago +12

      ​@Destroyer dude a sense of humor, find one

  • Raphael Coelho
    Raphael Coelho 18 hours ago

    Probably the trick didn't include that approach but once it was with Scarlett he rapidly adapted it.

  • Blake Petrolia
    Blake Petrolia 28 days ago +1

    God she is so perfect!!!!

  • HMNIJ Shorts
    HMNIJ Shorts Month ago +1896

    Once she wiped that card on his sleeve, I would already be heading to the laboratory to make a clone

    • morgellons PROOF
      morgellons PROOF Month ago +21

      I'm sure there's enough of her by now like12

    • Reyden Reign
      Reyden Reign Month ago +3

      @lifeofcobypersin I bet you he can

    • Nkhatho Seleke
      Nkhatho Seleke Month ago +3


    • God Style
      God Style Month ago +27

      clones of clones never come out right. You will need a sample from the real Scarlet

    • Joshua Moore
      Joshua Moore Month ago +3

      Are you ok?

  • Tim Allen
    Tim Allen 22 days ago +1

    He's awesome and She is Amazing for playing along so Playfully. Awesome!

  • VOiD AK47
    VOiD AK47 16 days ago

    Watch her heart beating a little bit faster as he goes close to her haha 💕

  • Jonathan Montalvo
    Jonathan Montalvo 2 months ago +3541

    - Scarlet, did you feel anything?
    - Yes, I'll be knocking on your door in 9months

    • Sigmatic
      Sigmatic Month ago +33


    • Dr. Loomis
      Dr. Loomis Month ago +26

      That's...not how it works

    • Mason Allison
      Mason Allison Month ago +9

      ​@Dr. Loomis after 9 months, he won't knock lol

    • Kay Cee
      Kay Cee Month ago +11

      ​@Dr. Loomis neither does your sense of humour

    • Andrew R
      Andrew R Month ago +19

      ​@Dr. Loomis He's a magician, he could've slipped something in

  • Creed Bratton
    Creed Bratton 26 days ago +2

    That coat of Jimmy is now worth thousands

  • Reish Baboolal
    Reish Baboolal 26 days ago

    I absolutely love Scarlett!❤

  • gopal krishna aika
    gopal krishna aika Month ago +4521

    "Yes i did" was the best part. She is an absolute beauty.

    • King Ayy
      King Ayy Month ago +12

      The most beautiful woman on Earth.

    • toux
      toux Month ago +19

      Simp sesh

    • tnbill
      tnbill Month ago +3

      ​@King Ayy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • tnbill
      tnbill Month ago +3

      absolute for humour?? i thought she's the goddess of beauty when she talk 😭😂🤣🤣

  • Soul Link
    Soul Link 25 days ago +4

    She is the only female celebrity that I am absolutely coo-coo ga-ga over

  • Tudo o que for bom - Aleksander Camisão AleksCam

    Scarlett just is awesome.

  • Craig Narramoore
    Craig Narramoore Month ago +1913

    I love how comfortable everyone is with Jimmy.

    • DjentmetalD90 g
      DjentmetalD90 g Month ago +53

      Said no one ever 😂

    • ace
      ace Month ago +8

      @DjentmetalD90 g LMFAO TRUE

    • Rachel Varas
      Rachel Varas Month ago +1

      Guy totally practice for this the night prior.. with Fallon

    • Large and in Charge
      Large and in Charge Month ago +1

      It's all a staged act you know that right?

  • Chris Ferguson
    Chris Ferguson 12 hours ago

    I wanna practice this over and over

    TRUCKERSiVIEW 9 days ago

    They are freaking hilarious. She's such a good sport!!

  • Justin Credible
    Justin Credible Month ago +855

    Scarlett is one of the rare women where every hairstyle she has done fits her

    • Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder Month ago +12

      Plus been a beauty at every stage in her life. Even the movie Perfect Score so was stunning lol crazy

    • Greg
      Greg Month ago +17

      Are you kidding? Her hair looks terrible

    • Justin Credible
      Justin Credible Month ago +2

      @Greg She is wearing a rock singer hairstyle in the video. She is a singer as well

  • *Better Praise That Erd Tree*

    Fallon is me when I see someone flirting with my crush.

  • J T
    J T 23 days ago

    Her smile is just.... dang some guy out there is a very lucky man.

  • Marianka
    Marianka Month ago +998

    For me, it’s Scarlett cleaning the card by using Jimmy Fallon’s jacket 😂

    • Eli Cat
      Eli Cat Month ago +5


    • Ong Ee
      Ong Ee Month ago +3

      Should ask the guy who clones people to get access to his suit jacket......

    • derrick aldana
      derrick aldana Month ago +5

      He probably licked the spot when he got home

    • cindy coostallat
      cindy coostallat Month ago +1


    • daonlyrainsolo
      daonlyrainsolo Month ago +1

      That's when the switch took place bro

  • Shay C.
    Shay C. 11 days ago

    Scarlett is soo incredibly beautiful and talented. Gotta love this handsome magician, and, oh yes Jimmy Fallon! 😂

  • Risingofthephoenixx x
    Risingofthephoenixx x Month ago +1

    That magician and how he performed and blew smoke out of his mouth was the sexiest things I’ve seen a man do in a looooong time!

  • Stormcloack Soldier
    Stormcloack Soldier Month ago +761

    the magic trick here is to have the courage to walk to scarlet so close and look her in the eyes without panic

    • Justin Wentz
      Justin Wentz Month ago +3

      His eyes were closed lol.

    • Drain Sewer
      Drain Sewer Month ago +7

      She was the one all flustered.

    • Clever Youth
      Clever Youth Month ago +6

      She's human...

    • TheOneWho_Loves_Marvel
      TheOneWho_Loves_Marvel Month ago +7

      @Clever Youth yeah but she’s so beautiful that one would easily panic at the sight of her: eg , me

    • King Karri
      King Karri Month ago

      I'll look her in the eyes everyday ❤😂

  • Joy Long
    Joy Long 4 days ago

    Omg she's adorable! What a trick 👏

  • Quiet Storm
    Quiet Storm 16 days ago

    That's an old Shin Lim trick. The trick is that the original never went into her mouth. It was a card switch at the beginning.

  • todoelmundoapesta
    todoelmundoapesta Month ago +82

    Making Scarlett Johanson blush is an acomplishment by itself

  • Riele Durr
    Riele Durr 20 hours ago

    i love her response yes i did 💀

  • It’s me The guy
    It’s me The guy Month ago +1

    Jimmy’s jacket worth a ton of money now.

  • Army Pedia 💜
    Army Pedia 💜 Month ago +661

    “Scarlet, did u feel anything?”
    “Yes, I did… I M DEAD!”

  • Dustin Teal
    Dustin Teal 16 days ago

    Okay but she tensed up so quickly 😂😂

  • Ruteger100
    Ruteger100 3 days ago

    Scarlet is so cute no matter what she does.

  • JS
    JS Month ago +697

    The guy making eye contact like that to Scarlet and not fainting is a magic in itself

  • Siddharth
    Siddharth 20 days ago +1

    If I were that magician I would have heartbeat reaching 10000 beats per minute.... ❤️

  • DDbraster
    DDbraster 27 days ago

    Jimmy was trying to make sure he wasnt just trying to play them and make moves on Scarlett 🤣
    Hes a good man, I love how he cares about his guests🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Matt Lunetta
    Matt Lunetta Month ago +110

    Everytime I do this trick I get a new restraining order.

    • matrix
      matrix Month ago +3

      It depends on the person
      Luckily for him he’s handsome enough to pull it off

    • Privacy Comm
      Privacy Comm Month ago +1


    • Guolong Li
      Guolong Li Month ago +2

      This is underated

    • Nikki Marie
      Nikki Marie Month ago

      Lmfao!! 😂😂😂

    • Matt Lunetta
      Matt Lunetta 27 days ago

      @Guolong Li story of my life. Haha

  • howard andrews
    howard andrews Month ago +1

    She looks so good with short hair, I'm not a fan of women with boyish haircuts, but she looks amazing with that hairstyle.

  • Larry Izenberg
    Larry Izenberg Month ago

    She is so adorable!

  • Sophia Marzolo
    Sophia Marzolo Month ago +674

    “You’re the worst! Just trying to kiss scarlet!”
    a true gentleman this guy

  • Mr Legendary
    Mr Legendary 16 days ago

    Jimmy is like the 5 year old 3rd wheeling in elders dictions

  • Christi Staggs
    Christi Staggs Month ago

    Fallon has the funniest stuff on his show

  • Vala Red
    Vala Red Month ago +91

    Fav part, his sincere reaction to her response. Boy was knocked out but managed to finish the trick 😂

    • beepboopbeep
      beepboopbeep 29 days ago +8

      Lol thats my fave part lol and then he recovers by saying he felt sometbing too😂😂😂😂 but he was honored and flabbergasted for sure

    • JE Walters
      JE Walters 28 days ago +2

      Yep yep!!❤

  • Naz B
    Naz B 11 days ago

    Colin Jost must've felt that spirit move when this magician moved in

  • Joana Jandoh
    Joana Jandoh Month ago +1082

    It’s the casual rubbing the card on jimmy’s suit after she took it out for me🤣🤣

    • Anthony Brown
      Anthony Brown Month ago +55

      Had to disrespect the beta

    • Gaspard I
      Gaspard I Month ago +11

      Yeah thats some serious disrespect imagine it the other way around

    • Joseph Patton
      Joseph Patton Month ago +25

      imagining it the other way around, with an incredibly sexy man doing it to an average-looking comedian host-woman, would happen pretty much the same way without incident. its called human interaction

    • Pup Duffy
      Pup Duffy Month ago +32

      That’s a sibling move. No harm.

    • Alyssa Sitanggang
      Alyssa Sitanggang Month ago +10

      As u can see, she is holding the part that she bite and rub the other part which is clean, to jimmy’s suit

  • A
    A 22 days ago

    "It's not a question of how, but when."

  • Pamela Friedman
    Pamela Friedman 29 days ago +1

    Looks like Dan White…if that’s him, he is one hell of a magician. Caught his shown in NYC about 8 years ago. My mind is still blown!

    • Katho Productions
      Katho Productions 28 days ago

      Yeah somebody said it's Dan White and he does internet magic and 1st once you sign up he send you a box and does the magic from the items he sent you in the Box!! I might even have to do it!

  • SugarTea
    SugarTea 2 months ago +841

    The way jimmy is like “what is going on 😀😳”

    • Gaby
      Gaby Month ago +3


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      rcrly Rubro Month ago

      😂😂 yelled out you're the worst 😂

  • Maverick
    Maverick 28 days ago

    Jimmy- “yeah I don’t wanna give you a foot massage either…”

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    Jeep 25 days ago

    Scales better check for her actual heart 😂😂😂

  • Teyr5
    Teyr5 Month ago +104

    He's literally the Rizzard of Oz

    • Lisa
      Lisa Month ago +1

      I've literally never in my life heard "rizz" before today and now I've read/seen it in 3 different videos... Like 1 video and 2 comments sections

    • LaDarius Kelley
      LaDarius Kelley 28 days ago +1

      Underrated comment 😂

    • It is Me
      It is Me 28 days ago

      These teens making up words 😆 reminds me of Regina George saying, “stop trying to make fetch a thing!” Lol

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    israel Month ago

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  • JassyUnlimited
    JassyUnlimited Month ago +1

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    Wallace White 2 months ago +531

    She is absolutely gorgeous

    • Usama Ali
      Usama Ali 2 months ago +15

      Divine beauty

    • Wallace White
      Wallace White Month ago +6

      @Red Eye Stones eye of the beholder, Thier are a lot of women I think are beautiful that some do not and vice versa. It's all about personal choice and likes

    • Diamond Eubanks
      Diamond Eubanks Month ago +5

      She's been my girl crush for a long time lol

    • Advait
      Advait Month ago +6

      ​@Diamond Eubanks wtf is girl crush , does that mean you have boy crush also...
      Did I just assume your gender!?

    • Mason Allison
      Mason Allison Month ago +4

      ​@Advait Did you just assume thou has a gender?????

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    Sceneanue RebelRebel 10 days ago

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  • TortillasAreNotBiceps

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    Jimmy: Your the worst, you're just tryna kiss Scarlett!!!

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    Yeah Jimmy, we were wondering if you felt anything with Scarlet standing there!

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    They say Jimmy has kept that jacket in a glass box as a monument.