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Note 7 Battery Explosion!! CAUGHT LIVE ON CAMERA!!

  • Published on Sep 3, 2016 veröffentlicht
  • Why does the Note 7 explode? This video will explain why Samsung recalled over 2 Million of their Note 7 Android Smart Phones. What part of the phone failed? And why? Are batteries safe? Can they be trusted?! Should we lock our doors at night!?! All of these questions and more will be answered during the duration of this video.
    More about the Note 7 Recall HERE: www.theverge.com/2016/9/2/1276...
    Ironically, parts of this video were filmed with a Note 7.
    The other camera I used to film this video: amzn.to/1IjlaCD
    The Lens I used for this video: amzn.to/1QOXDw2
    And this Metabones adapter: amzn.to/1R7Ltic
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  • The other "No" dude
    The other "No" dude 6 years ago +36004

    I'm currently watching this on my note 7, I hope it doesn't explo

  • wii43j
    wii43j Year ago +1141

    I guess you could say Note 7s had an explosive performance.

    • Game 5000 washer fan
      Game 5000 washer fan Month ago

      Wait but mine still hasn’t ex-

    • lorSOSA
      lorSOSA 6 months ago

      @wii43j ironic 😂

    • BiskoIsTasty
      BiskoIsTasty 6 months ago

      Get my like and get the fuck out of here

    • essay
      essay Year ago


      STARWAYS GAMING Year ago

      @wii43j I have been using this phone from 3 years but when ever I use phone I use it like a toffu

  • permanno4
    permanno4 Year ago +929

    Title: note 7 explosion caught on camera
    Reality: humiliating the battery until it explodes

  • Magolor
    Magolor Day ago

    Me: That's pretty interesting to see the inside of a battery and to see how it reacts to being punctu-
    My brain: *Eat it*

  • KB4
    KB4 2 years ago +3001

    Zack: Note 7 explodes on camera
    Reality: Zack stabbing the battery to set it on fire

    • MellowGamerYt
      MellowGamerYt 11 months ago

      he’s just trying to replecate about it hes trying to show us how it should it explode it

    • Jamal F
      Jamal F Year ago

      @Stephen Snell shut up he did

    • OT
      OT Year ago

      you know Zack gotta get that bag

    • Texas Mama
      Texas Mama Year ago

      @MenOfWar yeah when it’s inside the phone pressure builds up and makes it explode. The battery on the outside just catches fire.

    • Dwyane Matthew
      Dwyane Matthew Year ago


  • napalm
    napalm 6 years ago +4877

    "Random explosions are not a feature that most people look for when purchasing a cellphone" :D

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 27 days ago

      Except explosive performance

    • CJCorex
      CJCorex Month ago

      Me with my phone that I dropped in my toilet six times so what did you want

    • Detective
      Detective 2 months ago

      @CIRCADE see urself out

    • ryan00101101
      ryan00101101 5 months ago

      It'd be better with a self destruction sequence.
      Sent from Ryan's Note 7.

    • Random User
      Random User 5 months ago

      Not if you want to blow up a tower

  • Thatnicerocco R
    Thatnicerocco R 2 years ago +140

    You know things are about to get serious if jerry uses gloves for the teardown

  • Yamin Elrayah
    Yamin Elrayah Year ago +173

    There's a very big difference between something getting caught on fire and exploding.

    • francis ap
      francis ap Year ago +6

      @adityathombre Yes this is absolutely correct. But it's not what happened in case of the galaxy note 7. It just burst into flames. It didn't violently disintergrate like a bomb like many people make it out to be.

    • Xominus
      Xominus Year ago +3

      @adityathombre Finally someone who explained it.

    • Yamin Elrayah
      Yamin Elrayah Year ago +1

      @adityathombre Wow, thanks for the short lesson teacher Aditya1440

    • CrazyPlayer51251
      CrazyPlayer51251 Year ago +9

      Yes! Finally someone shouts out!!!
      You are a genius!!!

  • Eliezer Joel Parlade
    Eliezer Joel Parlade 2 months ago

    I remember watching this 6 years ago for the first time. Damn time flies, back when a fingerprint scanner on the phone is a big deal and cool. Smartphones were much simpler back then and there weren't heavy games yet.

  • Vasu Tyagi
    Vasu Tyagi 2 years ago +188

    0:24 "Random explosions are not something people are looking for"
    Thats not entirely true, if you know you know.

    • Zahid Hussain
      Zahid Hussain Year ago +1

      @Arya Abnave be pooite buddy ,atleast 😊

    • Saturniun YT Tech
      Saturniun YT Tech Year ago +3

      @Zahid Hussain try to not leave your personal info on the web because hackers could access your account. And that's also why you should use discord instead because you don't need to know others phone number on discord.

    • mOuNdAiN
      mOuNdAiN Year ago

      @That Is Rare Nope its a joke broo...

    • mOuNdAiN
      mOuNdAiN Year ago

      @Zahid Hussain I don't use whatsaap

    • That Is Rare
      That Is Rare Year ago +1

      @mOuNdAiN shut your mouth

  • миша michael
    миша michael 3 years ago +8035

    It is a good phone for survival in wild: compas, light and fire for food

      AGENT BURNING BUTTERS 🧈 💨 Year ago

      @boah then the htc wildfire was born

    • Brayden Ruble
      Brayden Ruble Year ago

      True, true

    • Xominus
      Xominus Year ago

      Not fire for food.

    • Andrey Ivanov
      Andrey Ivanov Year ago +1

      Guy 1: "Do you know why theres a mirror on back, on your compass"?
      Guy 2: "No... Why?"
      Guy 1: "...So that you could see who's lost." 😏
      Anyone remember this reference...?

    • EnchantedFailure
      EnchantedFailure Year ago

      Not sure the fire would be very safe for cooking with due to all the chemicals but don’t trust me completely- I may be a scout but I’m only 14 so it may be safe😂😅

  • Er0 G3niu5
    Er0 G3niu5 2 months ago +3

    And 5 years later we still find samsung having battery problems.

  • Kert P
    Kert P 2 years ago +9

    1:17 you can see how scared he is from opening the battery that his hands are shaking

  • JerryOnlyChild
    JerryOnlyChild Year ago +2

    Tesla is an example of correcting a problem the right way regardless of cost. They said steel? No. We’ll use titanium thank you.

  • Duckwindow That One Guy

    Me when I see him unwrapping the battery
    “Mmmmmm *Forbidden Chocolate Bar* “

  • i am SO stressed ha💜

    Keeping the original charging is incredibly good, my phones used to die in one year...now I'm more careful, it's been 3 years with me now

  • Hunter Ruschli
    Hunter Ruschli 2 years ago +449

    2:36 “A small issue”

    • Cheeky Baboon
      Cheeky Baboon Year ago +1

      @CuteDogs 345 I love how people ignore that with any combustion engine cars, there is literally an explosion happening every second in front of you when you are driving and you have the same risk of the car catching fire

    • CuteDogs 345
      CuteDogs 345 Year ago +1

      @Luke Missirian-Parise the downside is when you can't see youd crash and risk your life

    • Buttered_T0ast
      Buttered_T0ast Year ago +1


    • ibrahim majid
      ibrahim majid Year ago +7

      @minecraft0james lol love how we both here in 2021

    • minecraft0james
      minecraft0james Year ago +11


  • Wieland Bach
    Wieland Bach 2 years ago

    You saying that not using a charger, which is specifically designed for the phone, might damage the battery is just not wrong. There are USB and charging protocol standards...

  • carterdoesthings
    carterdoesthings 8 months ago

    PSA: Please don't open lithium ion batteries. Or any batteries, for that matter. Seriously, don't

  • Jack b
    Jack b 4 years ago +8455

    Kid: i’m going to bed
    adult: wait
    kid: yes
    adult: don’t forget your fire extinguisher
    kid: oh yeah thanks

    • Dell Optiplex 9020
      Dell Optiplex 9020 2 months ago

      @Antioxidon't that second part was with a Xiaomi phone as far as I know

    • Luis Barriga
      Luis Barriga 9 months ago

      This wasn't even funny

    • Paramita Roy
      Paramita Roy Year ago

      @Hayden Lockhart hgfvcxbczv, fzssyidiydyGdkbkvvkvjcjvkgkvkvkgkvmvnvmvnvmvmvmvkfhzfhzzxzssssssccvgjo

    • Ahmed :)
      Ahmed :) Year ago

      My dad always said never plug in phones at night while sleeping.

    • Galilea Martinez
      Galilea Martinez Year ago


  • Dark Phox Gaming
    Dark Phox Gaming Year ago +1

    I had heard rumors that it was the manufacturing process that put excess stress on the battery terminals

  • Rishabh Rawat
    Rishabh Rawat 2 years ago +3

    Bruh. That wasn't an explosion that was recorded. That was intentional!!! Didn't expect you to put on fake titles like this.

  • woogies sketch channel
    woogies sketch channel 2 years ago +1

    What makes you think it's safe to tear apart a lithium battery like that

  • Central New York Responses

    *The battery itself is not behaving*
    Seems like a legitimate claim.

  • Hải Đỗ
    Hải Đỗ 6 years ago +1762

    Samsung: It's our fault, we will give you another one.
    Apple (iPhone 4): It's our fault but beacause you hold it wrong.
    LG: I don't give a f......

    • Prime Killa1474
      Prime Killa1474 3 years ago

      Sappo Park my iphone SE exploded soooo

    • Aiden ReItZ
      Aiden ReItZ 4 years ago

      Hải Đỗ the iPhone 4 is a old phone I have the iPhone 8

    • X Mark
      X Mark 4 years ago

      Roasted Lemon When you wake up in the morning and found your hair scorched and your Samsung destroyed. How fun is this.

    • Rena kobi
      Rena kobi 4 years ago

      TszzzLok So motherboard what?
      What does that mean cause I'm using LGg5 right now

    • Raul Muñiz
      Raul Muñiz 4 years ago

      Lg g4 likes this

  • Aziz
    Aziz Year ago +49

    Explodes on a level 3, scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7

  • Martin Shadrack
    Martin Shadrack Year ago +3

    Random explosions aren't a feature that most people look for when purchasing a phone. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lord Abbadon
    Lord Abbadon Year ago +2

    So...should I consider the title a bait? There's no explosion caught on camera. Just a provoked combustion, which is totally different. Very useful and educative, but it does not change the tittle bait...

  • chiangmaicharlies
    chiangmaicharlies 6 months ago

    Very interesting and easy to understand video. Thanks!

  • Zeyad Ashraf
    Zeyad Ashraf 3 years ago +1736

    Tesla cars had a "small problem" where cars would suddenly start on fire from a lithium ion fire
    small problem indeed

    • Gamer du Québec
      Gamer du Québec 2 years ago +1

      @Pravda I don't care how decent it is, it's electric therefore it sucks. Electric is so boring. You accelerate fast and then what? Nothing. There's no soul. No sound, no vibration, just nothing. How is that fun? And man stop saying boomer it makes you look like a fucking moron. I said I was 16 already, I can't be a boomer.

    • Pravda
      Pravda 2 years ago

      @Gamer du Québec then you're a giga-boomer because you probably never even tried a decent electric car lol

    • Gamer du Québec
      Gamer du Québec 2 years ago

      @Pravda I'm 16 you idiot. Boomer is such a dumb insult.

    • Pravda
      Pravda 2 years ago

      @Gamer du Québec boomer

    • Gamer du Québec
      Gamer du Québec 2 years ago +1

      @Daniel I Gas cars are still better. I hate electric cars.

  • Richard Alfaro
    Richard Alfaro 2 years ago

    Just so you guys know you can make a fire like this in the woods if your ever lost just be careful normally its a lot larger and speeds faster

  • Man in Tidy Whities
    Man in Tidy Whities 5 months ago

    Dammit, Samsung! Why did you have to take "blowing up my phone" so literally?

  • Morgan Calvi
    Morgan Calvi Year ago +3

    Yeah, I'm in a wheelchair and have the NaviONE power assisted wheels, which either come with a Nickle battery or a Lithium one. Because the Lithium one weighs a pound more, gets hot and catches fire...I'll stick with the Nickel one. I wonder why the Lithium is a grand more though?

    • SatellaChannel
      SatellaChannel Year ago

      Better charge capacity? Or less expensive (i am throwing that without knowing)

  • Timber’s Rc adventures

    This doesn’t apply to rc batteries they have no built-in protections the charger instead has it.

  • Phoenix Constellation

    I guess you can call the failsafe a passproof.

  • Ferb
    Ferb 2 years ago

    This is really dangerous. Especially gen z keeps their phone next to them over night and charging over night

  • Shapeless
    Shapeless 2 months ago +1

    Remember that explosions are not the only danger. Fumes coming out of a burning battery are TOXIC.

  • Rio Pacheco
    Rio Pacheco 2 years ago +7

    "Rapid unplanned catastrophic disassembly" is now my favorite euphemism for explosion.

  • BitSmythe
    BitSmythe Year ago +3

    1:33. Unplanned “disassembly”. LOL!,

  • qwertyuiop
    qwertyuiop Year ago +2

    Top 10 fails Samsung wants you to forget

  • phil1pd
    phil1pd 4 months ago

    This happened to me when I was removing the battery from my s7 edge. I was using a plastic spatula carefully removing the battery when I felt the sides of the phone got really hot. I knew immediately it was thermal runaway. The phone turned into a blowtorch for about 20-30 seconds and I had to hold on to it while running down the stairs to the front door. Burned my thumb pretty bad, and it hurt like hell. Thanks Samsung!

    • spidey
      spidey Month ago

      @phil1pd np

    • phil1pd
      phil1pd Month ago

      @spidey Yes, thank you.

    • spidey
      spidey 4 months ago +1

      Are you ok now?

  • Hippo Pilot
    Hippo Pilot 3 months ago +2

    The Note7 is the greatest phone for self defence. Simply light it with a charging case and then throw at your enemies.

  • PhantomMatrix
    PhantomMatrix 6 years ago +979

    Samsung could have hired you to fix their note 7

    • Retired Degen
      Retired Degen 4 years ago

      PhantomMatrix they already do
      Note FE is proof

    • Jonassan
      Jonassan 4 years ago

      PhantomMatrix yeah for the same cost as an iphone 4s

    • Johnathon Snow
      Johnathon Snow 5 years ago

      PhantomMatrix cant. Like apple, samsung buys third person batteries, so they are not peoduced and owned by them.

    • Systamatic
      Systamatic 5 years ago +1

      Syuna WRONG

    • Alonson
      Alonson 5 years ago +1

      potato potato potato potato potato potato potato Vice versa

  • The Batman
    The Batman Year ago +2

    I remember when my dad bought that phone, he had a blast!

  • Watch out
    Watch out 9 months ago +1

    Imagine getting a charger WITH ur phone...

  • solarsynapse
    solarsynapse 2 years ago

    Device makers routinely set the charging circuits to over charge, over discharge and charge too fast to shorten the life of the battery so consumers will buy more. You need to open the phones and measure the battery to see this. You can't trust the intentionally modified reporting hardware and software. It is always about the money. Each LiPo cell should never be above 4.20V or below 3.00V and not be charged faster than the C rating of the cell. Unique to lithium cells is that they become cool, NOT warm, when charging. Zach, since you open many phones, could you check some of them to show which units do this? Thanks!

  • Iphone 14 Check About Page

    Thanks for all the work you put in all your content! 1:30 this part! haha.

  • keyona keeks
    keyona keeks 6 years ago +10

    I love how you simplify everything, making it easy for anyone to understand. I really want to keep mine. But my brother has me so worried of what may happen. Are they any precautionary measures I can take to avoid trade in?

  • LKR
    LKR Year ago +1

    2016, the year where you take a fire extinguisher with you to bed just in case your phone blows up

  • jvnnylol
    jvnnylol 2 years ago

    My phone isn't even the phone you reviewed but I am still scared of it exploding:(

  • Mystery Guy
    Mystery Guy 2 years ago +1

    Well you could just freeze the phone while charging problem solved!

  • Masi Karimi
    Masi Karimi Year ago

    Really appreciate the info!

  • poiso nous
    poiso nous 4 years ago +2391

    Jerry buys a phone
    Jerry torture the phone
    Jerry teardown the phone
    Jerry punctures the battery
    Jerry get scared of the burning battery
    But still love watching his vid
    Edit:his realname is zack btw

  • F4res Playon
    F4res Playon 2 years ago +1

    3:04 is the moment you were waiting for ...

  • The Dawner
    The Dawner 2 years ago

    Random explosions are not a feature that most people look for.

  • Prachi Kulshrestha
    Prachi Kulshrestha 2 years ago +1

    It is because of the lithium and other metal inside the battery exposed to the air which causes this explosion. Samsung could protect this explosion by adding an extra cover to the battery

  • King Alpha 475
    King Alpha 475 2 years ago +10

    After watching this
    Im afraid of using my phone while charging, thanks alot...

    • Halyna Malyna
      Halyna Malyna 2 years ago

      @Typical Testr oh ok

    • Typical Testr
      Typical Testr 2 years ago

      @Halyna Malyna no that's normal

    • Halyna Malyna
      Halyna Malyna 2 years ago

      @bruh moment my Phone and charger is always hot When i use it...
      Should i be worried?

    • bruh moment
      bruh moment 2 years ago

      It's ok if you use it while charging, just make sure the phone and charging brick doesn't get too hot

  • Dzheezus
    Dzheezus 6 years ago +2706

    You're popular, they showed this video on national Russian television :D

    • Jon Einar Mattias Visser
      Jon Einar Mattias Visser 2 months ago

      @Nachda Dragon I don't think that classifies as copyright law or breaks any rules. This video is available to everyone, so, in return, it is legal when someone shows it via television. You could have whatched it on youtube, doesn matter. Everyone know that isn't copyright infringement, whatching a public video on youtube...

    • szewei1985
      szewei1985 2 months ago


    • Keynan Martinez
      Keynan Martinez 3 years ago

      @JerryRigEverything In Borderlands 3 their is a grenade call the Echo 2 as a reference to this phone, I'm not lying look it up.

    • Nachda Dragon
      Nachda Dragon 3 years ago +1

      @ChikinOnFrydai ikr!! 😂

    • ChikinOnFrydai
      ChikinOnFrydai 3 years ago

      @Davidwise They did give credit.

  • 0RIG1N
    0RIG1N 2 years ago

    I actually quite liked the extra feature of the handset tho...

  • brandon lewis
    brandon lewis 7 months ago

    These were selling for $10k and higher on Ebay right after the recall was announced. EBay started deleting and banning the listings pretty quick. I don't know if people were buying them as collector's items or if they had some weird plan to stage an explosion and sue Samsung. I remember Samsung covered it's legal bases by mass spamming the phones with message warnings and they fucked with the network signal somehow. I don't remember exactly. I just know it was all because they wanted to save a few pennies by using cheaper batteries than they had in the past.

  • sidevalve337
    sidevalve337 Year ago +2

    Lol "if the charger isn't designed specifically for your phone" now you don't even get one in the box

    • Shubham Johri
      Shubham Johri Year ago

      Can't have explosions if there is no charger to charge the phone 💯💯

  • Jay
    Jay 2 years ago

    honestly i think the battery just inflated too fast as i have a old nokia 6350 and its battery had to be replaced once as it had inflated to where it would make contact with the pins and that could be from all the times the phone charged in the 11 years i've used it

  • alfveba 1
    alfveba 1 6 years ago +240

    I was expecting to see the Samsung fans saying crazy stuff in response but as of yet its people who are glad you are doing what you are doing and informing people how stuff works I think that's great I hope the comments stay positive you do a great job

    • Anna Bella Posadas
      Anna Bella Posadas 6 years ago

      Bе theе first tо win iРhоnе 7 => twitter.com/484245dda2e4d4152/status/790428760050798592 Nоoооtе 7 Batterуууу EЕхрlоsiоn CAАUGHТ LIVЕ ON CАMЕRA

    • Henny Capital
      Henny Capital 6 years ago

      Yall get hyped about the smallest shit and make such big commotions about it

    • Henny Capital
      Henny Capital 6 years ago

      hmm maybe because most isheep are dumb asf? Its so stupid to the point there was this one cartoon article in a newspaper section where apple was holding a blue cord and said ITS a new product a NEW BLUE CORD. And the fans in the crowd were hyped asf about it lol

    • harampug
      harampug 6 years ago

      @***** wow much rude m8

    • harampug
      harampug 6 years ago

      @name's ash, housewares Thats why we call them Droid Fanboys

  • 100 Lives Sasha Rosa
    100 Lives Sasha Rosa Year ago +31

    “Hold on a second, I think someone’s trying to dock with me”
    *answers call*
    “Hello-“ *BOOM*

  • Y.Ghejevito Lohe
    Y.Ghejevito Lohe Year ago

    OMG! Really scary..... Caught live on camera.

  • Bad Mr. Frosty
    Bad Mr. Frosty Year ago

    I loved my note 7. I remember going through a mess trying to take it back, had to get a galaxy s until they sent new notes. Then they just canned the notes and i think it was shortly after that i got the pixel xl and i have been with pixel ever since! (Got my 6 yesterday!)

  • finn4kill
    finn4kill 2 years ago +4

    if the battery were dead (no charge) would it still catch on fire when poked?

  • mackjeez
    mackjeez 6 years ago +31

    Here's the scoop:
    Samsung investigated 35 cases of issues with the Galaxy Note 7, 2 cases involved an exploding battery on social media while the others were reported as fires, no injuries were reported. After running extensive tests Samsung concluded that a certain batch of the Note 7 batteries has a potential risk factor and could be a fire hazard when charging,from reports
    Samsung produced the cells but used Korean ITM Semiconductor to produce the battery pack sold in South Korea which had the problems, meanwhile, most phones sold in China and internationally are going to have battery packs from Chinese company Amperex Technology and other suppliers which have no problems.
    Instead of just recalling specific batches they issued a worldwide recall just in case someone received their phone from a supplier that were selling batches meant for South Korea.
    So to get things straight:
    1: Unless you got your phone in South Korea you shouldn't have an issue with your Note 7 since the faulty battery pack that was produced by ITM Semiconductor and was only sold in the Korean market.
    2: Samsung made a worldwide recall in order to relieve everyone's stress not because your phone will explode or catch fire.

    • Goro Akechí
      Goro Akechí 6 years ago

      These issues are about 70% in America, making it more than contained in South Korea

    • MacDaddyDev
      MacDaddyDev 6 years ago

      @*****​​ As someone who resides in Florida, I'm honestly doubting the credibility of that specific report. I believe the others, but that one looks like a grab for attention just so they can receive paid compensation from Samsung. Us Floridians are known for doing some stupid stuff at times, so it's possible that it was staged.

    • Nick Richard
      Nick Richard 6 years ago

      +Andrés Iniesta Agree, there're some good China Brands Battery like Panasonic & Sony. Amperex and TLC are one of the best Battery in China, they're also supplies to many corporation.

    • Andrés Iniesta
      Andrés Iniesta 6 years ago

      it's marketing and PR. not economics. but then the marketing and PR move is actually for long term economic reasons :)

    • Andrés Iniesta
      Andrés Iniesta 6 years ago +7

      TL;DR chinese batteries good. korean batteries bad.

  • Luo Zheng
    Luo Zheng 2 years ago +5

    I still wanted to get the FE version of this for my collection.

  • ashi01c
    ashi01c 2 years ago

    the battery was just too big for the body it was going inside of

  • Kelly Resende
    Kelly Resende Year ago

    Meu sonho até hj era ter esse Note 7

  • Kareeb Hasnat
    Kareeb Hasnat Year ago

    0:45 "If The charger is faulty, or not designed specifically for the phone, it can effect the safety of the battery. It can destroy the battery's protection circuit"
    Major Smartphone Companies in 2021 : Let's Remove the charger coz we want to "SaVe tHe EnViRoNmEnT"

  • jakey Dee FPV
    jakey Dee FPV 3 years ago +928

    Im currently watching this on a potato, I never worry about lipo fires.

  • umbrieliya
    umbrieliya 2 years ago +3

    I remembered that I had friend who told me that her classmate's note 7 started to burn in his pocket. No one was injured though cause he got it out of his pocket on time.

  • Rohit Parajuli
    Rohit Parajuli 2 years ago

    Imagine this phone being launched on 2020

  • Speaker Central 123

    Random explosions are a feature I look for! Perfect phone.

  • pranav bhoir
    pranav bhoir Year ago

    For those who don't know spontanious combustion it means the battary suddenly go brrrrrr

  • Matthijs Kik
    Matthijs Kik 3 years ago +1428

    Zack: unwraps the battery and pokes it with his tools
    Battery: explodes
    Zack: *insert surprised pikachu meme*

  • Maddie barr
    Maddie barr 2 years ago

    Imagine people watching him do this 😂

  • John Caleb
    John Caleb 2 years ago

    Moral learnt from the video :
    Don't use your phone while charging it

  • Gore Obsessed
    Gore Obsessed Year ago

    Rapid unplanned catastrophic disassembly. I was watching phone failures and just learned about these things that's hilarious

  • Inde Roasts
    Inde Roasts 2 years ago +1

    The reason for explosion of note 7 batteris is actually two of the electrodes are unnecesarily touching each other resulting in short circuit and the battery gets so much heated till explosion
    still nice try

  • Marine0816
    Marine0816 6 years ago +9

    How can anyone give this guy a thumbs down?.. Videos are always highly informative

    • Ed. B.
      Ed. B. 6 years ago

      Environmentalists panicked once they saw Lithium burning.

    • A42yearoldARAB
      A42yearoldARAB 6 years ago

      +Christopher Taylor exactly

    • classicgc8
      classicgc8 6 years ago

      +Christopher Taylor yes other manufacturers just refuse to agree to an issue

    • Captain Falls a Lot ATP, PIC
      Captain Falls a Lot ATP, PIC 6 years ago

      +Aaron You may or may right. But, as for the ratio, there were over 2 mill. units sold and out of those 2 mill. units 35 had a defective battery. So, the the ratio is 35 of 2+ mill units. Samsung is not sure how many are affected. Remember, this recall is NOT mandatory. It is totally at Samsung's very own will, it is voluntary. The reason Samsung is doing the voluntary recall is because they want to do right by it's customers. Unlike some other company that would never do the same for it's customers, such as Apple.

    • Aaron
      Aaron 6 years ago

      I do agree but the whole 35:1M ratio thing everyone keeps talking about is wrong, more will probably catch fire in the coming days, I'm sure, and if they're recalling them now, who knows how many could have blown over the coming months. Samsung are recalling every phone, obviously they identified a big (manufacturing/design) defect.

  • Rams Hacks
    Rams Hacks Year ago

    It's 2021 and my dad still owns a new iPhone 13 pro max, the last time he had a android was this galaxy note 7 I think samsung did a badass job on the note 7 everything but the battery is where they messed up and I'm the only one in the family with a Note 20 ultra 5g😂

  • Gokulakrishnan Ravichandran

    POV: you came back here after Samsung's batteries got pregnant

  • Badass MoFo
    Badass MoFo Year ago

    I studied about lithium batteries in school, they use it on hoverboards and they usually exploding catch on fire, now that's one hell of an electric shock!?!

    RANDY MARKENTASH 2 years ago +1

    i always watching your video sir 💖 its good to us ✌😎👍

  • Nauman Javed
    Nauman Javed 6 years ago +73

    LOL Love all the salty bitter hate coming from the non-samsung fanboys. Let's see whats actually going on:
    1. Samsung does not manufacture the batteries for the phone, just how it doesn't manufacture the Corning Gorilla Glass that goes up front. The fault is in the battery, not in the phone. Two manufacturing plants are used for the batteries, and apparently one of the plants has had a bad batch.
    2. 35 or so phones have been reported and Samsung recalled over 2 million units. So doing some math, let's take 40 out of 2 million which will give you 0.05% of the phones being defective. Samsung recalled ALL the phones to protect their users, promising to replace the phone with a new one once they were sure the issue was resolved. Most likely, they will track the phones which had batteries put in from the faulty batches using the IMEI numbers, and re-package the other returned phones.
    3. Last I heard from Apple about a fault was earlier this year, about them using shitty soldering (DIRECT manufacturing fault) which caused the screens to flicker, shut off, or not display images properly, it was affecting ALL the phones they released. They couldn't even give a shit about their customers, but instead said "no the phone is fine, you guys just don't know how to hold the phone" (in essence, they're calling their customer base retarded).
    You know... Stick with Apple. At least Samsung doesn't treat customers like worthless retards and has the professionalism to immediately recall a faulty product, even if it is their flagship phone, RIGHT before the IFA. This has even further solidified their customers' loyalties. But yeah, tell me again how your iPhone's flickering screen was resolved?

    • Iván D
      Iván D 6 years ago

      @Nauman Javed WTF! lol i dont even like the new stupid iPhone 7 without headphone jack.

    • Nauman Javed
      Nauman Javed 6 years ago +1

      @Ivan D People like you are the reason why brands like Apple flourished.

    • Iván D
      Iván D 6 years ago

      @Nauman Javed You are just a hoolingan but with phone brands its ridiculous. Apple is shit and Samsung is shit, i buy their shit if i need to but i will never love a brand as you fanboys do and what is worse... hate the other brand because its the "enemy". You are just an idiot. Any way i will not comment anymore about this topic, you people keep linving in you non sense...

    • Nauman Javed
      Nauman Javed 6 years ago +1

      @Ivan D 1st of all, I'm not handing out medals, I appreciate that even though I am not one of (only) 40 people on planet Earth who's phone was faulty, Samsung has the good sense to call back all the issued phones, to correct the issue, and get on with life. Not a single person was harmed because of this fault... property only.
      Meanwhile, the iPhone's shitty, flimsy body design which causes the phone to warp, bend, and damage the battery resulting in MULTIPLE PEOPLE BEING SERIOUSLY INJURED SINCE 2014.
      But yeah... You're right... I'm a fanboy... not a person who respects a company which does things right. By the way, did you see the "new" iPhone 7? Same screen as iPhone 6, same size size as iphone 6, smaller battery, bigger camera bump, no wireless charging, no expandable memory, no dual sim card support, no headphone jack, still no edge-to-edge screen... but wait! If you pay them more money they will let you use wireless headphones

    • Iván D
      Iván D 6 years ago

      @***** Right, the 4 reviews i saw about it says otherwise, but hey if you say so i believe you.

  • Aware Pine
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    3:06 is when you see a fire battery

  • Azophi
    Azophi 2 years ago

    The year is 20XX.
    Apple: *We have created a revolutionary technology, never before seen, our phone can start fires.*
    True Samsung fans:

  • Pough
    Pough Year ago

    i like how people are disliking this video like he's literally saving yall?

  • nic
    nic Year ago

    damn time goes by fast.... alrd been 4 years..

  • Joe Caruso
    Joe Caruso 6 years ago +1583

    Who the hell knows what burnt Skittles smells like

  • Martin Shadrack
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    Thus protecting the lithium inside from 'rapid, unplanned, catastrophic disassembly. 🤣🤣🤣

  • the same jackal sniper that killed you on halo 2

    POV: You are a note 7 as a camera watching your brother getting ripped apart.

  • Wilbur Jaywright
    Wilbur Jaywright Year ago

    I thought it was a model of the galaxy that was exploding. I feel a little silly.

  • Juliana
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    A arte é uma explosão

  • Drake, The Dragon
    Drake, The Dragon 2 years ago

    True fact: any charger (Apple or Samsung) can be used if it supplies 1A and/or 2.1A at 5V on any phone/device that charges this way

    SRUJAN 2 years ago

    I'm sure his hands were definitely shivering while teardown

  • Bxtterz
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    a CAR battery exploding is not a "small issue"