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John Cena - How To Deal With Bullies 😳


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  • Aniket Das
    Aniket Das 2 months ago +49526

    Imagine hittin the gym for 20 years and people not even seeing him💀

  • Robert Bricker
    Robert Bricker Month ago +1070

    John would come into the grocery where i worked and buy cases of vegetables and i have to say he was a really nice dude

  • L C
    L C Month ago +3170

    The only thing John Cena fears is Chinese backlash effecting his wallet.

    • ShifflettArt Studios
      ShifflettArt Studios 5 hours ago

      Considering he isn't in charge of keeping that job. Unfortunately corporations like WB are in China's pocket. If you want to work there, tow the line. It sucks.

    • Mr.Dabber710
      Mr.Dabber710 Day ago +1

      I came to just say something along those lines. He’s a sell out

    • Powerful You
      Powerful You 2 days ago

      Thank you

    • Angel Joel Francis
      Angel Joel Francis 2 days ago

      I am Chinese bitch - John Cena

    • Pro lific
      Pro lific 3 days ago +1

      @WhoDaBoss1302 Yea whether I agree with that notion or not, it doesn't automatically make his apology a non genuine one, someone could apologize for calling the sky blue if it offends someone that doesn't consider the sky truly blue, doesn't automatically make the apology non-genuine.

  • Susan McAvoy
    Susan McAvoy Month ago +250

    One of the other wrestlers said that when they were traveling on buses & would stop in a town to eat, John would find somewhere to workout. Amazing discipline.

    • Woodsaras
      Woodsaras 7 days ago

      @Izzat Fuaad yall look like clowns right now

    • Izzat Fuaad
      Izzat Fuaad 7 days ago

      @Woodsaras haha stop embarrassing yourself! Im not a frequent gym goer but aint nothing in this world can make you buff as hell without working out consistently. Roids or not. Make it make sense dude!

    • TideFan Yankee
      TideFan Yankee 10 days ago +1

      @axxionjaxxn At least someone else knows what they're talking about.

    • axxionjaxxn
      axxionjaxxn 10 days ago +1

      @TideFan Yankee Yup absolutely, and even if u just took a ridiculous amount u would still look like complete shit without any training. Just simple facts.

    • TideFan Yankee
      TideFan Yankee 13 days ago

      @Woodsaras Yep, you're a petulant child who is incapable of having a rational, mature debate....just what I originally thought. Pathetic..

  • Balantabor
    Balantabor Month ago +24

    John Cena's body language after that first question makes it seem like he's the only one in the room aware that he's in a video loop 😂

    • Balantabor
      Balantabor Month ago

      @Gold Guard lmaoo

    • Gold Guard
      Gold Guard Month ago

      I’m surprised that you were able to see him

  • nate Del Rosario
    nate Del Rosario 2 months ago +10483

    Imagine going to the gym and seeing floating weights

  • Nathan Schipplock
    Nathan Schipplock Month ago +226

    “Just basic stuff” - Ronnie Coleman

      WESLEY JACQUE5 4 days ago

      wdym ?? like 💉😶😶😶

    • Hamno
      Hamno 7 days ago +1


    • Leon Jones
      Leon Jones 9 days ago +1

      his given name was ronnie oilman

    • AC
      AC Month ago +5

      Some tehst, some d-bawl

    • William Knifeman
      William Knifeman Month ago +1

      YES!!!! at this point, only 35 real ones know this.

  • J ake
    J ake 21 day ago +822

    He got bullied so bad he developed the ability to hide himself in plain sight with all those muscles

    • meatloaf
      meatloaf 4 days ago

      Not a real person

    • Aj Styles
      Aj Styles 4 days ago

      Erm, bullies are often stupid, but they are not retarded, a shovel to head or hard enough to the arms, breaks you just as well. My bullies couldn't beat me, 5 6 guys and I'm still walking home, I couldn't beat them, one on one yeah i win easy, I just save energy and move on, one day, one guy took a fire extinguisher, as I was walking down the stairs, hit me so hard on my shoulder it dislocated. The pain and shock, only 14 years old, I passed out.

    • Kio
      Kio 5 days ago +3

      @Atlas ...I have not even the slightest clue....u guud?

    • Atlas
      Atlas 5 days ago +4

      @Kio j… uh.. who was I talking about?

    • Shadrach George
      Shadrach George 5 days ago +8

      ​@Kio Exactly!

  • Cj Thurston
    Cj Thurston Month ago

    What kinda question.... "You walking down the street. You dont fear any man, do you.?" EVERYONE bleeds, EVERYONE feels pain. Size has nothing to do with true fear. I know for a fact that John Cena fears something. Even if he knows it yet or not.
    I didn't know I feared pain more than death... Till that situation was brought upon.

  • AlounieRS
    AlounieRS Month ago

    When John first started talking “Ahh, uhh” I coulda sworn beetle juice was there 😂

  • Krock The Indigo
    Krock The Indigo Month ago +5805

    "See bullying helps" - Andrew Tate

    • zeroday
      zeroday 23 days ago

      @Dario Del Olmo Garrido more positive of an impact than most, yes

    • Amirhossein Sanaie
      Amirhossein Sanaie 25 days ago +1

      Helps me to last year I got bullied and they broke my leg now they scare from my rage

    • Per Gottfridsson
      Per Gottfridsson 25 days ago

      Getting bullied definitly does not help lol, idiots

    • Purepeter
      Purepeter 26 days ago

      All these beta males

    • Mr. Reality
      Mr. Reality 27 days ago +1

      ​@Julia you have transgender flag behind, so pretty much I going to bet you saying bullshit 💀

  • Barliman Butterbur
    Barliman Butterbur Month ago

    John’s super talented. Even speaks Chinese.

  • MRbeater
    MRbeater Month ago

    20 years and he 29 years old 2006 this interview 😳

  • khulile mdingi
    khulile mdingi Month ago

    Dang.. Cena would have made a perfect Captain America🤔

  • pk3r4lif11
    pk3r4lif11 Month ago

    The bullies used to beat him up so he became invisible 🤯

  • Brad Stadnyk
    Brad Stadnyk 2 months ago +18348

    He started seeing results about 6 weeks into his first cycle.

    • Marco Filipe
      Marco Filipe Day ago

      He just followed the Liver King diet

    • Alan Morton
      Alan Morton Day ago

      @Noah yeah and I claim to be 300 ft tall. Both are obviously not true at a single glance

    • Chives
      Chives 4 days ago

      @Brad Stadnyk no offense, and not saying he is natural, but just because u lifted for years doesn’t mean u know who is natty and who’s not😂 some people look insane without any roids. Imo, the only people u can say for sure are the ones that have disgusting veins and hella acne. Uzoma obilor is crazy but I guarantee he is natural

    • organic thug
      organic thug 7 days ago

      Chicken rice and broccoli. I still respect the man. He’s a good dude. He’s not an asshole. Unlike stern and his spineless turncoat ass

    • Ramsey MItchell
      Ramsey MItchell 7 days ago

      @Ansh Gupta Well yeah cuz the kids(us) are like 30 now 😂

  • Austin Hollingsworth
    Austin Hollingsworth Month ago +1

    "I don't fear any man." yeah but like... a gun?

  • abdullah jandali
    abdullah jandali 17 days ago +91

    As Cena described his story, its really like the comics, he got bullied so bad that his invisibility powers awakened

  • insidiousmaximus
    insidiousmaximus Month ago

    almost every guy i know on roids was bullied at school. its not a comic book story John its a sad story. Hope you recover one day and get off the juice.

  • Tyler Boyd
    Tyler Boyd Month ago

    I met him. He was hammered drunk, about 5’10 and clearly on steroids.

  • Mike C
    Mike C Month ago

    Yeah I just “eat” a little more….juice! 😂

  • Al Kaholic
    Al Kaholic Month ago

    He doesn't fear anyone on the street. No amount of muscle is stopping a knife or a gun

  • Kc T
    Kc T Month ago

    It is good for him, muscles do not stop bullets though my head is always on a swivel and I am no where near his size

  • Tait Absher
    Tait Absher Month ago

    Sterns having a whole conversation with a chair 🧐

  • Eli Bonham
    Eli Bonham Month ago

    I love John Cena

  • Reefer Franklin
    Reefer Franklin Month ago

    ...now add some actual self-defense to that & you're really becoming something.

  • good person
    good person Month ago

    why you go to gym if you are sacred of someone😂

  • Karon Beilunka
    Karon Beilunka Month ago

    I don't get it. Is "John Cena" a conversation technique where you train your part of the conversation by yourself? Is the action called John Cena-ing? I mean the silent parts of the vid gives me a chance to reply to howard at least, as if he was talking to me...

  • D R
    D R 2 months ago +3223

    Never been a WWE fan but I read that this guy set the record for most make a wish fulfillments. A+ sir

    • SSSm0kin 24-7
      SSSm0kin 24-7 Month ago

      @R.I.P SK Sahara by Hensonn

    • Kino D
      Kino D 2 months ago

      ​@JUSTE looool

    • R.I.P SK
      R.I.P SK 2 months ago

      what is the music in the background called

    • donkulous
      donkulous 2 months ago

      @JUSTE God bless Shane, man 😂

    • Legions TBC
      Legions TBC 2 months ago +3

      @JUSTE you can’t see me! Your time is now!

    TOPSPOT Month ago

    I love Cena but my man is 100% on roids ... I've worked out for 10 years, at least 5 days a week, usually 7 and sometimes twice a day. I have a fast metabolism and at 5'7 it's pretty easy for me to get gains quick. You simply can't get those traps or shoulder cuts without steroids. Ain't possible and it doesn't matter what diet or how much you're lifting.
    Not that I blame him since his body is literally his income, and I have zero problem whatsoever of people wanna use gear up help.

  • Inumari
    Inumari Month ago

    doesnt hurt being rich af and take a limo wherever you go too
    price of being famous i guess

  • Ryan Hazlett
    Ryan Hazlett Month ago

    I think this is most of our stories who got pretty big

  • leo34657
    leo34657 Month ago

    I truly love how it's been over a decade and people still make jokes about John Cena

  • Whoisguardian
    Whoisguardian Month ago +6007

    A man with no fear is just unaware of danger -50 cent

    • Liwne87
      Liwne87 11 hours ago

      I read negative 50 cent

    • Gerard Robert
      Gerard Robert 3 days ago

      ​@Vkbrsk so he "probably" feels that way.....why is the quote definitely misunderstood

    • Brian Given
      Brian Given 6 days ago

      @D0ubleFeed nice one, you got it!

    • D0ubleFeed
      D0ubleFeed 6 days ago

      @Brian Given oh you mean after he killwd the man who shot him 😂

    • Mason Morgan
      Mason Morgan 9 days ago

      ​@Still Solid Mike Tyson actually fought professional fighters, Cena did WWE, which is mostly acting.

  • Andrew Mann
    Andrew Mann Month ago

    nice edit where he lied like liver King about being El natural

  • Md SIRAJ
    Md SIRAJ Month ago

    Imagine someone shouts Brock Lesnar name 🌚🌚🌚🌚🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶 now cena fan don't take it seriously 🤣

  • john
    john Month ago +9

    This man is my childhood hero he made me believe in WWE he really gave me the confidence of Never give up 🥺 you made my childhood better John i will defend you like a kid among my friends forever.

  • Jacob
    Jacob Month ago

    He will sure fear me as I'm standing over him, his left leg bleeding...shot. He gives me one last look as I press my cold chrome plated revolver on his temple. He closes his eyes and remembers this moment. He sure fears man now...

  • majin baby
    majin baby 2 months ago +116

    I love the fact through everything and how separated this country has become… we all still have kept the “you can’t see me” joke going.

    • KyuubiChakra
      KyuubiChakra 2 months ago +2

      Can someone explain this joke 😉

  • Oldtimer f7
    Oldtimer f7 Month ago

    Same happened to me, just later than him. I was 15 when I went from struggling to bench press 140 pounds to pressing 250 6 months later.
    Amazing how the big mouths suddenly had nothing to say.
    I was 162 pounds, benching 250 as max, did 200# 3 sets of 7. Max bicep curl was like 180# , workout was 140 pounds 3 sets of 7.
    Gave it up when that semester of gym was done. Never had a desire to be huge. It was easy for me, so I did it that semester.

  • martin Francis
    martin Francis Month ago

    Started getting big when I believed trenithing was possible

  • KogiDev
    KogiDev Month ago

    How's it feel to be on your knees for the Chinese, little Cena?

  • On Point
    On Point  Month ago

    I never worked out, I never got beat up, and if anyone decided to take me on, I beat them up.

  • JBB2938
    JBB2938 Month ago

    There are plenty of men he should fear

  • Josh Watts
    Josh Watts Month ago

    It took a long time to get big till I started steroids 😂

  • Coach Lee
    Coach Lee Month ago

    Careful, some people don't like the idea that you can improve yourself.

  • Jennifer Dana
    Jennifer Dana Month ago

    Verbal bullying, antagonistic, dysfunctional behaviors and belittling comments and lying about other people is wrong, objectionable,.spiteful and disrespectful.

  • Chewy S
    Chewy S 2 months ago +1627

    “Not even, eventually I met Chad he put me on some PEDs and I never looked back”

    • mistah mayne
      mistah mayne Month ago

      Yeah he definitely was on the juice at some point but still his genetics are crazy and he obviously works his ass off. Impressive regardless. Even without roids Cena would’ve been bigger than most natural dudes

    • Eurasian Brother
      Eurasian Brother Month ago

      @xXLEGEND420Xx not roids

    • Eurasian Brother
      Eurasian Brother Month ago

      @Joshua Oommen he uses electric pads not roids that’s why he’s so being

    • Eurasian Brother
      Eurasian Brother Month ago

      @Josh Higdon it’s electric pads not roids

    • Dave Farlow
      Dave Farlow Month ago

      @Morrn Manderson exactly lol and I'm just like water is wet haha.

  • EliteGamers DWD
    EliteGamers DWD 4 days ago +4

    He's a real down to earth kind of guy this John Cena. Doesn't brag a whole lot.

  • Shieldbasch
    Shieldbasch Month ago +8

    Jong Xins explaining how to improve your social credit.

  • Yacov Melech
    Yacov Melech Month ago

    Lol. Yeah nah when I started taking my muscle growth really steroidally. Uhh I I I mean seriously yeah. Seriously. 🤣🤦

  • Bryan Dedon
    Bryan Dedon Month ago

    Shots, shots, shots he's taken a lot of shots

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 2 months ago +3632

    He got bullied so bad he learned mandarin to apologize 😂

  • DANTE x
    DANTE x Month ago

    Starting my journey of working out, I wanna look tough, I want people to see me and say I probably shouldn’t fuck with him, boys wish me luck 🔥

    • Snake Pliskiin
      Snake Pliskiin Month ago

      Learn to fight. Body building doesn't mean you look tough, to us men that train to fight.

  • You
    You 5 days ago +48

    Damn, those floating headphones sure know a lot about the gym.

  • Richard
    Richard Month ago

    That’s a lot of discipline for that ages

  • Ben Hopwood
    Ben Hopwood 7 days ago +35

    Started seeing serious gains when he hit the steds!

  • fretsonfire782
    fretsonfire782 2 months ago +9604

    “What’s it like to be that muscular and big?”
    “Bing chilling!”

    • David Maxwell
      David Maxwell 14 days ago


    • BIg Chungus
      BIg Chungus Month ago

      @hans wurst as well as diet, sleep, and 💉

    • DanielJJ
      DanielJJ Month ago

      I was wanting him to say, "You know what? It's really funny. When I look at myself in the mirror, I just laugh. I look so funny, it's crazy!"

    • jesse day
      jesse day Month ago

      My dads friend is his cousin small world 🌎

    • CB
      CB  Month ago

      @lfkmccure 😂😂😂😂

  • TheDezembro
    TheDezembro 15 days ago

    He reminds me of a childhood friend of mine. He was really short, pretty small dude, his brother (practically a twin) was signifficantly taller which probably didn't help. He didn't really get constantly beat up or anything, violence at schools isn't THAT bad in my country (tho it still exists of course).
    But anyway, one summer the dude vanished, his brother said he had signed up for some camp thing or whatever... When he returned the next school year he was signfficantly bigger. And it just kept going that way throughout that year. He ended that year with really defined muscles and strengths. Taller too, but that's probably thanks to puberty and all that, this sh*t was like at 7th or 8th grade after all.. That's about.. 13/14 years old?
    Loved that it didn't change his personality at all. He was still a good person, didn't turn to bullying or anything like that. Actually gave him the confidence and the ability to defend his friends, which was something he really looked like he loved doing. Wonder where the dude is right now. Sometimes you really only give the true value of the people around you after they're gone/moved on from your life.

  • JON Gergeceff
    JON Gergeceff Month ago

    I’d be fearful of getting shot.

  • martijn musschoot
    martijn musschoot Month ago

    started when he was 12... doing it for 20 years. is now 45 :p euhm... muscles 1 math 0

  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson Month ago +30

    I lost all my muscle once to drugs and drinking. I used to lift like crazy and my addictions took over. I straightened up and came back stronger than ever. I lifted for years too and then cancer hit me. I lived, I survived stage four cancer and now I’m working on a comeback again. This time it’s slow tho. I’m hooked on pills still and I’m on disability. I want my life back but I have no testosterone. I have no hormones none
    I’m trying with just raw gusto adrenaline and I’m struggling but I was very glad to hear you talk Jon thank you. You are an inspiration to many. I had that flex magazine years ago when you and your brother were on the front page. Y’all got your own gym and that rocks. Stay strong champ! We love you!

    • dumb hoe
      dumb hoe Month ago +1

      My mum has stage 4 cancer, thank you for sharing. Your story gives me hope

    • Collin Kelleu
      Collin Kelleu Month ago +1

      You're a warrior man

    • Jon Doc
      Jon Doc Month ago +2

      Keep up the good fight sir . Try weed especially before you go . The right dose will help and if your new could be smaller than you think . The pills shut down protein synthesis and muscle building etc . Try and get off them if you can or get some trt . You still produce some test out of kidneys etc but not much . Do it for the mental like you are . I’m proud of you .

    • I'm A panda
      I'm A panda Month ago +2

      I’m rooting for you brother get on TRT bro you need it

    • Kiran
      Kiran Month ago +7

      I'm sorry for you man, hope the comeback is stronger .

  • Elan B
    Elan B 2 months ago +5457

    It’s so funny to see the interviewer asking questions to a floating headset

    • Glenn Mortenson
      Glenn Mortenson 5 days ago

      @Anir r.c Humor these days, especially Clip-Share humor, is just garbage in the recycling. It’s like saying “your moms a ____” over and over again 300 times in a row on stage and the audience just continues laughing.

    • Gene Kendrick
      Gene Kendrick Month ago

      @Yung Zay 😂😂😂goat comment

    • ClutchEveryTime
      ClutchEveryTime Month ago

      Nvm i thought they meant howard stern

    • ClutchEveryTime
      ClutchEveryTime Month ago

      @Dashie with nine necks idk

    • L1ON
      L1ON Month ago

      @Bakes was thinking this and found it😂

  • Sean
    Sean 37 minutes ago

    That’s one thing about John Cena. He fears no man. He will pretend fight anyone, at any time, in any place.

  • CarlosAlfredo
    CarlosAlfredo Month ago

    John cena is a beast

  • iSimply
    iSimply 14 days ago

    "Was it easy for you to get big like that?"
    No of course not, its incredibly hard in fact and takes a lot of self disipline to get up out of bed every day and work your body to the point of breaking. Of course its not easy.

  • DutchWestwood
    DutchWestwood Month ago

    I love John Cena, he’s on my Mt. Rushmore for wrestling and he’s a TREMENDOUS human being, but bro you are juicing, it’s fine, everyone does it.

  • Mr.Wagner OwO
    Mr.Wagner OwO 2 months ago +4407

    *Kids: (shadowboxing)*
    *Cena : I used to get beat up* *everyday*

  • evillink1
    evillink1 Month ago

    He gets it. At a certain point, when you're swole enough, people just don't mess with you. Even if you can't fight, it just isn't worth it.

  • NG Army
    NG Army 7 days ago

    I respect him from a long time 💪

  • Sunday Oyedele
    Sunday Oyedele 16 days ago

    Hey.... Love John Cena... That's my bro. I felt he was real. He's somebody who'll say hello back with a nod and a smile when you say hello and not just ignore you like some others did.. .

  • Tanner Torrescano
    Tanner Torrescano Month ago

    Fears no man? And he doesn’t know any self defense? Hahaha that shit is not intimidating to anybody who can actually fight. There are plenty of men that he should definitely fear.

  • Live Vine
    Live Vine 2 months ago +76

    Guy stayed humble aswell and that's what I love.

    • Joseph Ramirez
      Joseph Ramirez Month ago

      If only. He's a sell out. Atrocities happening in China, human rights violations, religious and racist persecution, protectors silenced. All of the horror going on in China and he ignores it for their money. He accidentally acknowledged Taiwan as a country and the Chinese government threatened to pull his movie and instead of saying screw you he apologized to them.... in mandarin. He's not humble but he's good at being a celebrity

    • Cooper Suho
      Cooper Suho 2 months ago +3


  • Jim Timmins
    Jim Timmins Month ago

    A lack of fear is a lack of reality. Any 80lb. Girl can stab a beast to death in 2 seconds. Muscle should be for sports, work, and show. It's not a defense.

  • Cherry Satin
    Cherry Satin Month ago

    Who the hell are they interviewing? I can’t see him

  • Soulmare
    Soulmare 16 days ago +4

    It's hard to feel fear when you're a pair of headphones hitting the gym for 20 years

  • 2 Wheel Operator
    2 Wheel Operator 4 days ago

    He really came around full circle, he even did a prank on the tv show just for laughs as a kid gets bullied then he turns into the hulk unsure if people even saw him like that though

  • TheAdSaid3000
    TheAdSaid3000 2 months ago +6

    I’m born 2000 and so I grew up with John as he grew to dominate the WWE.
    I’ve ALWAYS known this guy to be super jacked and nothing else even since I first saw him.

    • M E
      M E 2 months ago

      You can't see him!

  • ClarkyCards
    ClarkyCards 4 days ago

    Robin: “Was it easy for you to get big like that, or…?”
    John Cena: “No, No, As a matter of fact it was a while. I really started seeing results when I hopped on Tren and other HGH. A lot of people will go to the gym really strong for a month or 3 months, but 6 months on the cycle I’m on, just 3 days a week is all I needed.”

  • Starman99
    Starman99 Month ago

    I loved WWE as a kid. This is the first time I've heard him talk like a normal person.

  • zendayasbiggestsfann

    being buff doesn't always mean ur strong neither does it mean you can fight

  • Anthony !
    Anthony ! 4 days ago +9

    As a martial artist, I can tell you we fear no muscular men 🗿

    • @RealJay
      @RealJay Day ago

      I respect people who do martial arts and exercise a lot. Takes discipline. But guns are why we all must stay humble. The great equalizer.

    • Anthony !
      Anthony ! 3 days ago

      @R 1 Keep your fairy tales to yourself weirdo

    • R 1
      R 1 3 days ago

      You aren't immortal. God can send anyone your way. You better be careful he doesn't humiliate you with a muscular man.

  • Amsoil_Connoisseur
    Amsoil_Connoisseur 2 months ago +16

    This man is honestly just the greatest such just a wholesome bro

    • Andrew
      Andrew 2 months ago

      He's a sellout to China

    • J.T. THOMAS
      J.T. THOMAS 2 months ago +3


  • Powdered Toastman
    Powdered Toastman Month ago

    Started taking the juice and the rest if history

  • Paxloh
    Paxloh 5 days ago

    If only we could see what this amazing man looked like…

  • Guillermo Platero
    Guillermo Platero Month ago +2

    Oh yeah I forgot lots and lots of steroids.

  • Mandii Jönsenn
    Mandii Jönsenn Month ago +2

    I was bullied every single day on my way home from school. They used to push my head under the water in the creek. I thought I was going to die everyday. My school told me to walk away. Ignore them. When I was being dragged into the water by 8 others how could I just walk away? When I was 11 I stopped going to school. I stayed home and didn’t leave my house. I’m 44 now. I just got tired of being at home so I started going to the gym. Looking strong gives me peace. I know I can’t fight back but no one is going to try it because I look like I can snap them in two. With strength comes courage.

  • Curtis Pea
    Curtis Pea Month ago

    Thank you for this rather insightful interview on the disembodied voice legend.

  • Elisa Estrada
    Elisa Estrada Month ago +2

    I kinda felt sad for Howard when he said, “So you fear no man when you walk down the street?” He has agoraphobia, like me, and most of the time leaving the house in itself can be terrifying.

  • The Gute
    The Gute 16 days ago

    I’ve been doing it for 6 years roughly. Not as much as I’d like but I’ve definitely noticed a difference over time.
    It’s a slow process people, stick to it

  • Brett’s Brendel
    Brett’s Brendel Month ago

    He’s not afraid of anyone…..accept his Chinese masters

  • Chestnut
    Chestnut 21 day ago +6

    Really hope Cena could make it in person next time rather than just a phone call, would make an awesome episode.

  • Renz Esparza
    Renz Esparza 8 days ago +2

    I love the humility of “oh its just like everything else, just gotta eat a little more”

  • K H
    K H Month ago

    and now he fights for the CCP

  • Stackish
    Stackish 19 days ago +2

    He holds the record for the most wishes granted through Make-a-wish

    • Stackish
      Stackish 16 days ago

      @LukeyPooky He did show up. That's what the guiness record is for.

    • LukeyPooky
      LukeyPooky 16 days ago

      Wow what a shame those kids could see nothing show up😔😔😔

  • Dan
    Dan 2 months ago +3

    It's a game of attrition. Consistency and determination. Understand your body type and adjusting to what your end goals are. Also, accepting your body for what it is.

  • nguyễn trần thành

    “When you walk down the street you dont fear any man?”
    “No! They cant see me anyway”

  • nate lee
    nate lee Month ago

    Just hit the gym,eat right, all natural
    Except for all the steroids, obviously, but yeah, all natural.

  • 𝘼𝙡𝙚𝙭𝙅𝙤𝙝𝙣𝙨𝙤𝙣🦁

    He also doesnot listen to any music. While working out. Which is the right thing to do. Respect cena 🚀

  • Mustafa Ahmed
    Mustafa Ahmed Month ago

    A better question would be to ask him how often he goes on his steroid cycle.