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Postgame Interview: Shedeur Sanders and Shilo Sanders after Colorado's 2OT victory over Colorado St.

  • Published on Sep 16, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Shedeur Sanders and Shilo Sanders sat down with reporters and discussed the Colorado Buffaloes' 2OT victory over the Colorado State Rams.
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    Postgame Interview: Shedeur Sanders and Shilo Sanders after Colorado's 2OT victory over Colorado St.
    • Postgame Interview: Sh...
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Comments • 0

    CFB ON FOX  16 days ago +1107

    Will Shedeur win the Heisman?

    • TrueEmpire89
      TrueEmpire89 16 days ago +77

      Yes! He should!

    • CEO NEO
      CEO NEO 16 days ago +56


    • Letz GO 76
      Letz GO 76 16 days ago +98

      He stepped up today and went Brady mode for his team his composure was just incredible he’s definitely in the conversation for real.

    • Keiron Ausar
      Keiron Ausar 16 days ago +16

      Hopefully 🙏🏼

    • Selfish Stockton
      Selfish Stockton 16 days ago +31

      Caleb Williams will win it again.

  • NaNoska “Nono” Parker
    NaNoska “Nono” Parker 16 days ago +2648

    Please let Shilo comes to the postgame press conferences more! He’s too funny😂

  • Unkwn
    Unkwn 16 days ago +348

    Respect… Shedeur letting the interviewers know his kicker was there to take questions as well. Real dude.🙏

  • Uni Allah
    Uni Allah 16 days ago +181

    Shilo is more like prime than any of his kids. He’s hilarious, mixed with confidence. Definitely a peoples person. Just interview him, and he’ll talk for everyone. Also a musical savant. Salute lil bro…

    • C J
      C J 15 days ago +9

      Shilo is that dude, dawg!

  • Lord Drewcifer
    Lord Drewcifer 16 days ago +434

    Usually brothers aren't on the same team. Dad is coach, one brother leads the offense, the other leads the defense. What a family legacy they're building.

    • Steven Simpson
      Steven Simpson 15 days ago

      They getting special treatment because daddy is the coach

    • Josiah
      Josiah 15 days ago +27

      @Steven Simpson they clearly treat their teammates as if they're special people as well, and both are impact players

    • T Gibbo
      T Gibbo 15 days ago +26

      @Steven SimpsonDumb comment when one had a pick 6 and forced fumble. The other leads the Nation in passing. Yeah special treatment 😂

    • Steven Simpson
      Steven Simpson 15 days ago

      @T Gibbo against bad teams not that impressive

    • j f
      j f 15 days ago +25

      @Steven Simpson I'll be waiting till you lead the nation in passing get a pick 6 + force a fumble in college.. Oh wait you're in your 30s commenting on youtube instead of playing the game. 😂

    CBEDEV 16 days ago +355

    Shout out to Shedeur for giving his Kicker praise and letting reporters know to ask him questions as well. That’s huge man he really want’s everyone to eat

    • Good Business LLC
      Good Business LLC 16 days ago +31

      Class act

    • greenbeagle13
      greenbeagle13 16 days ago +24

      Well said. That is the Deion Effect coming out in him. I loved that he did that too. Much respect for this team, these young men. ❤❤

    • Niatate's Reading Nook
      Niatate's Reading Nook 16 days ago +12

      He is such a great team player

    • Jordan Edwards
      Jordan Edwards 15 days ago +3

      That’s real love

    • Pastor Charles Humphrey
      Pastor Charles Humphrey 15 days ago +11

      I was hoping they had the tight end out there because he made some big catches!

  • Domonic Nguyen
    Domonic Nguyen 16 days ago +94

    The kicker through the whole interview looked so nervous.
    Then you hear him speak and see the confidence usher out. You can feel his confidence when he gets to talk about him and his game, and you can hear the way coach prime affects these players and how they talk.
    I’ve never been a college football fan, but coach prime and these young men have put it on the map for me. Peak entertainment

    • The Jazzy Life
      The Jazzy Life 14 days ago

      I was thinking the same thing he’s so confident when he speaks

    • Mil Jones
      Mil Jones 12 days ago +1

      I never watch NCAA football. I’m a big Philadelphia Eagles Fan and been watching Nfl for years. But Coach Prime and those young men have me waiting for the game to come on. Heck I stayed up til 230 that morning watching the last game. Incredible how you can motivate and inspire the nation by just be genuine and caring about the players. Salute 🫡

    • Alexander Gallant
      Alexander Gallant 12 days ago +1

      Alejandro doesn't get nervous. HE DON'T MISS

  • Rance Rob
    Rance Rob 16 days ago +2659

    Marching your team 98 yards to tie or win the game is something kids dream about. Incredible game.

    • Demon-lition
      Demon-lition 16 days ago +25

      Colorado State 😂🥱

    • Art Artwell
      Art Artwell 16 days ago +78

      Regardless of the opponents..
      Great work 👏 👍 young King 🤴 👏 🙌 💪 and the Buffs....

    • maurice amos
      maurice amos 16 days ago +47

      @Demon-litionyou boys is real haters I bet they whoop the next few teams they play😂

    • Demon-lition
      Demon-lition 16 days ago +19

      @maurice amos Oregon is a 17 and a half point favorite.. put a bet down 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Tulsa Made
      Tulsa Made 16 days ago +31

      @Demon-litionColorado beating them🗣️

  • Mimi
    Mimi 16 days ago +78

    Shilo and Shadeur in one interview is like having Coach Prima split into two people. One is very serious all business the other is the lite hearted jokester . 🎩 and 🕶️

  • David #BKG
    David #BKG 16 days ago +31

    These boys were raised right. The QB making sure the kicker gets his props and attention too speaks volume because that normally doesnt happen

  • Swooshman_3
    Swooshman_3 16 days ago +558

    They always find a way to mention Jackson, MS in each presser… them boys miss JSU on a personal level. They don’t forget where they came from. Hopefully JSU feels the same as well.❤

    • DJ Smith
      DJ Smith 16 days ago +79

      They keep mentioning JSU to let people know they ain’t new this. They been performing like this.

    • Eugenia Grissom
      Eugenia Grissom 16 days ago +98

      But to also put the world on notice, that there are DAWGS at HBCU's.

    • Demon-lition
      Demon-lition 16 days ago +5

      Researchers at the Boston University CTE Center recently announced that they have now diagnosed CTE in the brains of 345 of 376 (91.7%) of NFL players studied.

    • Dena Bilbrew
      Dena Bilbrew 16 days ago +47

      As a JSU alum, we LOVE Shilo and Shedeur!!

  • Nite Tyme
    Nite Tyme 16 days ago +55

    These young men are so confident in themselves. We need more of this in the world. This was a crazy good game. Happy for the Colorado Buffs team win, this one of the best college games I've ever seen.

  • tom craft
    tom craft 16 days ago +289

    What amazing human beings Shilo and Shadeur are, Coach Prime should be so proud of them

    • Demon-lition
      Demon-lition 16 days ago

      Researchers at the Boston University CTE Center recently announced that they have now diagnosed CTE in the brains of 345 of 376 (91.7%) of NFL players studied.

    • Sophia Elayne
      Sophia Elayne 15 days ago +2

      So their mother had a lot to do with too.

    • tom craft
      tom craft 15 days ago

      @sophiaelayne9984 I was just trying to say something nice no need to make a point out of it, of course they both have the same praise

    • cnmoss #3
      cnmoss #3 12 days ago

      ⁠@Demon-litionyour weird spamming the same comments over and over again nobody asked and people still say hater which you are

  • Rodriguez
    Rodriguez 16 days ago +1269

    Shilo is going to be a coach. Very well spoken, can get his message across and knows the game.

    • Cubano Comment King
      Cubano Comment King 16 days ago +62

      Yup he definitely has Dad's personality and his brother is a bit shy so it's a good balance 👍🏽

    • Demon-lition
      Demon-lition 16 days ago +6

      They all end up broke with CTE🤷🏾‍♂️ chances are one of them will kill all of them🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Marcellus Newkirk
      Marcellus Newkirk 16 days ago +46

      @Cubano Comment KingI think Shilo got Prime’s heart being that he’s a DB also but Shedeur has his swag. I don’t think he’s timid especially after taking that big shot tonight and after, instantly went into Brady mode. Nothing about that screams timid to me 😂

    • Demon-lition
      Demon-lition 16 days ago +3

      @Cubano Comment King unfortunately it's facts 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Cubano Comment King
      Cubano Comment King 16 days ago +16

      @Marcellus Newkirk Don't take it personal to over analyze, I say timid in the way of not wanting to be in the spotlight low energy quietly spoken compared to his brother as you see here 😂

  • Cindy Rolle
    Cindy Rolle 15 days ago +20

    I love Sheduer’s happiness and team leadership. So proud of the entire team. So proud to see Shilo shine along with Meta.

  • J Rally6
    J Rally6 16 days ago +35

    Brothers representing for their father….come on y’all. This is beautiful

    • matt judy
      matt judy 11 days ago

      Deion raised men. They're amazing

  • Lady Tee
    Lady Tee 16 days ago +98

    I love Shiloh- “We did it, we came through, they gotta respect us when we wear our hats and sunglasses and Coach Prime does and Coach Prime was raised right! And we just proved that today”😂 😂shiloh with the get back😎

    • andre thompson
      andre thompson 15 days ago +3

      He just like his daddy

    • AngelFire
      AngelFire 15 days ago +4

      The most significant comment of all the comments. This is why Coach Prime has no worries about Shilo. That comment came unsolicited, unprompted. He's three steps ahead of the average bear.

  • Zain Gunsby
    Zain Gunsby 16 days ago +107

    I gotta give props to both QB’s. Them dudes were snapping off some throws man. Tight spirals into tight windows. I was very impressed with both guys’ arm talent.

    • TwanB
      TwanB 16 days ago +4

      CSU QB was doing his job!

    • greenbeagle13
      greenbeagle13 16 days ago +8

      @zaingunsby6028 - I agree. He wasn't as sharp as Sanders, but he did what he could. The biggest thing that hurt CSU is the fact that they had no discipline - especially #8. Coach Prime's team just makes great plays, gives the ball back to the refs, and go on to t he next play. CSU undisciplined players gave up a ton of yardage. I have so much more respect for Coach Prime teaching his team to not do what CSU players did.

    • seldomsceen
      seldomsceen 16 days ago +3

      Yeah that CSU QB made some amazing throws. Props to him

    • andre thompson
      andre thompson 16 days ago +2

      Yeah man they were ballin hats off to both teams

    • Fatima Amerson
      Fatima Amerson 14 days ago

      But SHEDEUR out played him in the end.

  • Dawntoya Thomason
    Dawntoya Thomason 15 days ago +14

    “Coach Prime was raised right and we proved that.” I love his kids lol. People outside of the culture call it arrogance but it’s just the culture and it’s fun and games. Clearly these guys work hard at FOOTBALL. People said the same things about Deion back in the day and look at what an amazing person he’s proven to be over the long haul.

  • You Matter
    You Matter 16 days ago +1245

    If Shilo isn’t in the next post game interview… we riot!!!!
    We want Shilo clap clap clap clap 👏🏽

    • BBAKER
      BBAKER 16 days ago +20

      We riot? Lol.. WTF is WRONG with you?

    • Jay Mariah Love
      Jay Mariah Love 16 days ago +5


      DJJJONAH 16 days ago +6


    • Nade Cha
      Nade Cha 16 days ago +5

      Well he needs to make a big play, he not gona be up there for nothing

    • Raymond Bentley
      Raymond Bentley 16 days ago +1

      Say that!!!!

  • Gary
    Gary 16 days ago +184

    Shiloh is so much fun to listen to. He's diffinitely his father's son! "They got a whole animal running around". 😂😂

    • Loyaltee55
      Loyaltee55 16 days ago +3


    • Gabe Stackson
      Gabe Stackson 15 days ago +6

      That had me on the crying out laughing🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Marcell Johnson
      Marcell Johnson 15 days ago

      That was hilarious 😂

    • Michele M
      Michele M 15 days ago

      😂😂 Never really thought about it but I guess most mascots are symbolic, a picture or something. 😂😂

    • Loyaltee55
      Loyaltee55 15 days ago

      @Michele M that’s what I ask my husband they don’t do costumes anymore😂😂😂

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 15 days ago +16

    These guys are finally adding some excitement to the college football scene. I love it. College football needed this. College football has been so boring the last 10 years. I really think these college players should be able to celebrate after touchdowns. The league really needs to change some things. I’m a ohio state fan but this Colorado team is growing on me. I love the excitement they bring and all the hype they bring to college football

  • MacVar
    MacVar 16 days ago +78

    2:59 I love that even though Shadeur pivoted away from her question to acknowledge his brother and give him praise, he was able to settle back and remember and respond to her question..Most people would have forgot about the question due to being distracted or asked for the question to be repeated. Goes to show at cubi you have to be able to think and multitask

    • Ali.Daviss
      Ali.Daviss 16 days ago +7

      I was thinking the same thing … underrated skill.

    • Niatate's Reading Nook
      Niatate's Reading Nook 16 days ago +6

      That was great! I was hoping he would come back to it

    • Marcell Johnson
      Marcell Johnson 15 days ago +8

      I love how the brothers genuinely love each other. I see no apparent sibling rivalry or jealousy.

    • Michele M
      Michele M 15 days ago +5

      Yes, that was love. He couldn't wait to see his brother come into the interview room. Greeted him and then got back down to the business.

  • Modern Legacy
    Modern Legacy 15 days ago +18

    I love how Sheduer and Shilo had a whole moment like no cameras were there when Shilo entered the press conference.

  • Uncle Watts
    Uncle Watts 16 days ago +17

    I appreciated this game more than a blow out. This game was a gritty dog fight, it showed how the Buffaloes work under pressure and come back for the win. Go Buffs.

  • LuvSummer7
    LuvSummer7 16 days ago +569

    I love Shilo!!! He is so funny! Deion raised his children right. Real father. Real man. Real coach. Kudos Coach Prime❤

    • Demon-lition
      Demon-lition 16 days ago +2

      Researchers at the Boston University CTE Center recently announced that they have now diagnosed CTE in the brains of 345 of 376 (91.7%) of NFL players studied.

    • Ben Scheurer
      Ben Scheurer 16 days ago +1

      @Demon-lition Why else do you think they get paid the big bucks?

  • Cassandra Paine
    Cassandra Paine 13 days ago +17

    This is the first time in my 70 plus years I have actually witnessed the proverbial "chips of the old block". Great job Coach Prime. You have reared two classy intelligent fun sons. 👏🏼👍🏼

    TOM BRADY 16 days ago +47

    Deion Sanders letting these young men know that it's OK to be respectful, classy , Accountable and have INTEGRITY. You're going to be loved even More. All the single Mammas out there, this is where your child needs to be. 🙏

  • Rob Norwood
    Rob Norwood 14 days ago +5

    They both are their daddy sons. Love to see these brothers shining and manifesting. Coach prime on the ballot for greatest sports dad of all time.

  • David Toledo
    David Toledo 15 days ago +4

    You can see the LOVE these boys have for one another! Getting the back up kicker hype and the support they show one another, that’s great to see! These boys, CU going to Be great. 15:16 Keep up the good work fellas!🙏🏽🏈❤️

  • AKa Big
    AKa Big 16 days ago +281

    The Sanders' have NO hate in their heart towards JSU.

    • AKWl0l
      AKWl0l 16 days ago +26

      But some of JSU has hate towards the sanders

    • Dena Bilbrew
      Dena Bilbrew 16 days ago +16

      @AKWl0l JSU has no hate towards Shilo and Shedeur

    • Alexis Browning
      Alexis Browning 16 days ago +13

      @Dena BilbrewIf they have hate for Prime, they might as well have hate for his sons. You can tell they have less forgiveness in their heart when it comes to their dad. Shedeur tried to stop the handshake between Prime and Norvell at the end of the game 🤣

    • The Main Attraction
      The Main Attraction 16 days ago +6

      @Alexis Browning: Naw, that’s not what he was doing, he was having his dad’s back and making sure he was good! lol 😂
      Keep staying salty, keep crying, & keep being a beeyatch in the comments! Haha 😆

    • Alexis Browning
      Alexis Browning 16 days ago +9

      @The Main Attraction What am I salty about? CU beat a bunch of dirty players who are coached by someone who obviously wasn’t raised right. I’m ecstatic

  • simply sheba
    simply sheba 16 days ago +871

    We need more Shilo!!! He just know what to say, he’s pure ENTERTAINMENT!

    • Car'mella
      Car'mella 16 days ago +32

      He is his Dad All Day Long...Very Entertaining....Primetime & Showtime ...🤣🤣 and Easy on the Eyez .....👀

    • BXI
      BXI 16 days ago +19

      He doesn’t want you 304.

    • Justin Chiles
      Justin Chiles 16 days ago +5

      He look just like his dad 😂

    • Nade Cha
      Nade Cha 16 days ago +8

      He needs to keep making big plays that’s the only way def makes it to interviews

    • Jjjyli
      Jjjyli 16 days ago +19

      Shilo got the sanders talking gene for sure😂

  • BhBraaq
    BhBraaq 16 days ago +19

    I went to Arizona. I never thought I’d stay up until midnight watching Colorado and their coach and players press conference but I am. Deion, his sons and the team he put together are fun to watch, listen to. They’re the best thing in College football

    • greenbeagle13
      greenbeagle13 16 days ago +1

      @BhBraaq - Same here. I live in Florida, so the time difference was killing me, but I wasn't gonna' miss this game. I told myself, just take a nap tomorrow because this game is gonna' be worth it. 🤣🤣❤❤

    • Eze Asuoha
      Eze Asuoha 13 days ago

      ​@greenbeagle13i stayed up til 1:30am

  • Jeff Forbus
    Jeff Forbus 15 days ago +18

    Tremendous respect for these young men! I wish I would’ve been as mature as these young men when I was their age! They sat there and answered questions respectfully, downplayed rhetoric before it could get out of hand, gracefully and meaningfully complimented their opponent, as well as, helping fans understand they approach the game knowing their positions have a role to fulfill to win the game! They are united leaders! May they be blessed to win many more games!

  • Curtis Robinson
    Curtis Robinson 15 days ago +5

    Deion is a heck of a coach and was an even better player, but what he excelled at even more than football is raising those boys into strong, respectful men.

  • BangemJ
    BangemJ 16 days ago +32

    These boys will never forget JSU and that’s real!! They know that’s their foundation for all and this. They all fought hard to get this win tonight.

  • De Sava
    De Sava 16 days ago +32

    Shilo is hilarious Talk about keeping it light😂😂😂” just battling for hats and sunglasses”🤣❤

  • SP69
    SP69 16 days ago +705

    Shilo is absolutely correct! State really wasn’t doing anything special but they were killing the Buffs on the under rout. Thank god Shedeur and the whole team knows & understand what’s at stake. When he said, “If we stop winning everything goes away” I felt that. He was absolutely correct. He knows that they have to win cause if not, folks will make it seem like they’re the worse team to ever play the game. When in all actuality, they’re just out there playing the game they love to play. No matter the fanfare or how many celebrities are on their sidelines or in their locker room, they just want to play the game the way it’s supposed to be played and they want to win.

    • Demon-lition
      Demon-lition 16 days ago +4

      Researchers at the Boston University CTE Center recently announced that they have now diagnosed CTE in the brains of 345 of 376 (91.7%) of NFL players studied.

    • Niatate's Reading Nook
      Niatate's Reading Nook 16 days ago +10

      @Demon-lition STOP SPAMMING DANG

    • Jjjyli
      Jjjyli 16 days ago +4

      Biggest pressure for shedur really was kamara and the fact that colorado failed to fill the middle with receivers was the problem in the first half. 2nd half the tight end was open in the middle all the time

    • Larry Lemons
      Larry Lemons 16 days ago +1

      ​@Niatate's Reading Nookhe really need to stop 😂

  • Rich S.
    Rich S. 16 days ago +10

    Refreshing to see guys just be themselves. A post game press conference worth listening to.

    ETNEVOS23 16 days ago +16

    Shilo is legit press conference gold !! Pure fire 🔥 😎

  • Keith Dupri
    Keith Dupri 16 days ago +26

    man these dudes are hella authentic, none of that typical player in front of the media speak,and even complimentary to their opponents, seems like they're really enjoying playing the game, its refreshing to see

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot 16 days ago +4

    What a freakin game... Love these kids they are so fun to watch grow, great test with two more big games left. Get well soon Trav!

  • Jdonaldson 901
    Jdonaldson 901 16 days ago +17

    Shilo is the life of the family this mane too funny and you can tell it’s just his personality.. 🔥🔥🔥 postgame press

  • Chef T
    Chef T 16 days ago +705

    Mata was the player of the game, people dont really understand how valuable kickers are 〽️

    • Cutei pi
      Cutei pi 16 days ago +38

      3 points can win or lose a game. Their last opponents found that out when the locker missed. The needed up losing by three.

    • crimnvL
      crimnvL 16 days ago +53

      been clutch since JSU days

    • Zakker Zak
      Zakker Zak 16 days ago +12

      I want dolphins to draft in the draft

    • Last Call
      Last Call 16 days ago +48

      Mata def wasn’t MVP but he was an important piece

    • Demon-lition
      Demon-lition 16 days ago +4

      Researchers at the Boston University CTE Center recently announced that they have now diagnosed CTE in the brains of 345 of 376 (91.7%) of NFL players studied.

  • Winfred Davis
    Winfred Davis 15 days ago +5

    Shilo is going to be a problem. This dude is to funny, and his honesty is unmatched. "At the end of the day, it's entertainment " " we wouldn't miss the script:😮😮😂😂

  • Bryant K. Oden
    Bryant K. Oden 16 days ago +14

    God is so good🙌🏾…to see these young men stay poised and pull out the win… it’s so inspiring. Love these guys🙏🏽❤️

  • Lady Tamara G
    Lady Tamara G 16 days ago +50

    Pilar & Deion raised their children well. I know they're proud of their accomplishments.

  • velleione
    velleione 15 days ago +2

    These young men are an example of what can happen with our youth if they are put in the right situations their needs to be more opportunities for our youth I love what coach Sanders is doing God bless all these young men and every young man that's doing something positive with their life

  • Bsm BigJay
    Bsm BigJay 16 days ago +3

    People miss kicks all the time and stay in the game but for Coach Sanders to see that early and switch kickers was an underrated clutch coaching move 🔥🔥🔥 They lose if they don’t get those field goals down the stretch and they win in regulation if the kicker hits the first kick

  • Scotty B
    Scotty B 16 days ago +339

    Deion’s sons are true leaders. They are gonna win a lot of games because they have amazing player leadership

    • T. Brooks Harris
      T. Brooks Harris 16 days ago +15

      They are gonna win the bigger game called Life. Awesome kids

    • Evelyn Wesley-Allen
      Evelyn Wesley-Allen 15 days ago

      Yes they are.

    • David King
      David King 13 days ago +1

      And faith....what a great dad, what great kids! What a wonderful role model as a coach, especially to those young men who NEED a father figure.

  • Niatate's Reading Nook
    Niatate's Reading Nook 16 days ago +3

    Looking just like a young Prime😂 Nothing wrong with a scrabble game. Ir is just preparation for what is to come💪🏾 Shilo is an entire mood!! Love it🎉🎉🏈

  • Sierra McPherson
    Sierra McPherson 15 days ago +2

    I love their accountability! They know where they were wrong and they’re gonna fix it and come back better!!!

  • Keith Lott
    Keith Lott 16 days ago +8

    One thing you notice is how in depth of an understand both Prime kids have of the game, how they can disect the team and their own play with clear understanding not only of the game but the fans, media and social media. They have been well schooled on the entire dynamic of college football.

  • Minh Cao
    Minh Cao 16 days ago +28

    This is what sports is all about.
    I’m glad Colorado gets this spotlight and entertainment.
    It’s good for the school, it’s good for the football program, it’s good for the community. Enjoy it while it last!

  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo 15 days ago

    Loved this post interview. Love to see them win together. This is awesome.

  • Annie Wissner
    Annie Wissner 16 days ago +145

    I can’t imagine how amazing it is to be Deion Sanders. His sons are great. What a moment!

  • Vicki G
    Vicki G 15 days ago +4

    Loved Shilo he is Amazing at saying like it is! Congrats Buffs WIN!!!🎉🏈🤩

  • Desmond Duke Miller
    Desmond Duke Miller 16 days ago +21

    I love the way Sheduer always has his pops back man. I thought something was different bout the interview cause he typical put that “💩” on but due to all the talking - he went extra and made a statement. Man; you gotta love a son like that 💪🏾🍾🎊

  • Sylvia Boone
    Sylvia Boone 16 days ago +3

    Awesome interview !! Well done ! Pilar and Coach Prime ! And the whole Team, Players and Coaching staff are Awesome ! Keep up the great work ! I have never watched a college game before They went to Jackson State and now !! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤❤

  • Wallace Smith
    Wallace Smith 16 days ago +14

    That was the most incredible game I've ever seen!

  • sam sneadd
    sam sneadd 16 days ago +7

    Love the Luv Shadeur showed Mata. He was like Mata is here to right before they asked him a question. Great team effort.

  • Wesley Esquivel
    Wesley Esquivel 16 days ago +244

    Three HBCU guys last year, I am very happy for these young men, I believe they will keep winning!

    • Larry Morgan
      Larry Morgan 16 days ago +20

      All 3 were and are well respected at JSU. This is coming from a JSU alum/JSU fan. HBCU for life. Great win though Buffs💯

    • Westword
      Westword 16 days ago +2

      They looked no to good a overtime win vs state 😂 they look like they will lose to Oregon usc. Washington ucla Utah Oregon st

    • Omeezy
      Omeezy 16 days ago +1

      UCLA and Oregon st what have they done to get respect

    • andre thompson
      andre thompson 16 days ago +1

      Yes sir the same here

  • Edgar Gonzalez
    Edgar Gonzalez 15 days ago +1

    Great press conference both kids will make it to the NFL glad we get another upcoming decade of prime time !

  • mrsn212
    mrsn212 16 days ago +22

    Shilo really does have IT! Lol that charisma alone is gonna take him places

  • Dodi K., Minister of Love & Laughter

    Good kids! Raised right. I find myself watching CU games. WTG Coach Prime you’re turning this team around ❤

  • Nick Having Fun
    Nick Having Fun 14 days ago

    I love this combination the answers energy etc is great. Congrats buffs the game was worth the watch! 👏

  • Khol Milk
    Khol Milk 15 days ago

    The Sanders boys just make me smile. I am so proud of them.. this game was electric. My boy carried team 98 yards to tie and then win game.OMG

  • vern dolla
    vern dolla 16 days ago +772

    I love how shilo came in and shut the interview down saving his bro for a moment 😂😂😂😂

    • Gary Triano
      Gary Triano 16 days ago +6


    • Mr. Evans
      Mr. Evans 16 days ago +129

      ​@Gary Triano I hope you find happiness.

    • De Sava
      De Sava 16 days ago +74

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      brandon pacheco 16 days ago +8

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      Rafeeq Warfield 16 days ago +9

      @Gary Trianothat’s not nice Gary

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    Telia Starks 16 days ago +11

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  • VanGogh
    VanGogh 16 days ago +10

    Shilo such a character. We got IT. "And if you dont know what IT is then you dont got IT"

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson 16 days ago

    I am seaux PROUD of Coach Sanders and his leadership EVERYWHERE he goes. Congratulations and may God continue to bless you and your team! What a dayumn awesome and edge-of-the-seat game!

  • Xxdachosen1xx
    Xxdachosen1xx 16 days ago +7

    This was the best college game I saw in years.

  • Ingemar Sankara
    Ingemar Sankara 16 days ago +235

    Alejandro played his position in the game and press conference. 💯💯

    • TwanB
      TwanB 16 days ago +20

      He may now be the starting Kicker, he was like that at Jackson State, he is that dude 😎

  • Robert Nevol
    Robert Nevol 16 days ago +12

    Prime did a really good job as a father with his boys . The most competitive sports and these boys have so composer and talent but most important there well spoken young men ..

    • greenbeagle13
      greenbeagle13 16 days ago

      @hard2grd - Absolute truth. And it shows. And I love how disciplined this team is - they don't have silly and unnecessary penalties that can cause their team the game. Coach Prime ain't gonna' allow that. Love watching this team play, love the Post Game interviews. And Coach Prime doesn't talk smack or disrespect other coaches, players, or teams. I can't wait to see who they will be playing for the National Championship. 😊😊✌✌

  • Rissa R.
    Rissa R. 16 days ago +6

    Shilo definitely articulate well and has his dad's gift for gab. Love to see him in his own lane and driving in it well..Especially with so much well deserve attention on his brother. And the brotherly love, great job to parents🫶 # Mato Don't Miss

  • Sister No. 9
    Sister No. 9 16 days ago

    These young men handled themselves with the upmost maturity in answering the reporters questions and didn’t stray away from who they are (the same yesterday, today and tomorrow). Great job!👏

  • Richard Thomas
    Richard Thomas 16 days ago +5

    Back to back 2 point plays were fantastic and not seen often

  • WonkaLito
    WonkaLito 16 days ago +1

    That game was crazy, nail bitter, edge of the seat the whole second half. Great football 🏈

  • Brian Teague
    Brian Teague 16 days ago +276

    If we stop winning everything goes away!" -Shedeur Sanders
    I felt that, everyone loves you when you're up! When the tide turns only those who truly love you will remain thru the storm.

  • Daughter of The Most High

    I am happy to see Coach Sanders sons, the kicker stepped up to show he can do it. I do want to say all those young men did well to step up and #7 showed up and showed out as well . Great Job CU. I believe this was the best Rocky Mountain Showdown. My brothers played for CSU and this reminds me of them, two brothers on the same team, doing their thing. Keep up the Good Work!!

    • Jack Fanning
      Jack Fanning 15 days ago

      Your brothers need to tell the CSU team to play football and cut out the cheap shots. CSU's reputation is in freefall after that game.

  • bizzieone
    bizzieone 16 days ago +8

    I know 2 of these guys are brothers but you can tell these kids really love and respect each other. Prime is really building something special

  • Erika Edwards
    Erika Edwards 16 days ago +4

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  • n_tha_middle W.
    n_tha_middle W. 16 days ago +3

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    Luthel Brooker 16 days ago +130

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  • Derrick Harper
    Derrick Harper 15 days ago

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  • Merovingian
    Merovingian 11 days ago

    Deion has taken college football to another level. The NFL owners are definitely paying attention.

  • A T
    A T 16 days ago +8

    They made me cry .. I remember them praying for their dad back in Dallas 🥲🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Bryant Carey
    Bryant Carey 16 days ago +2

    This team kept on doing what they always done and that’s lose college football games, Coach Prime probably told them” if you keep on being what you always been you will lose more games and if you want change nothing changes unless you want to change”. Coach Prime sir…….you are a game and people “Changer”, you are creating better lives for this institution and community. Great game last night!

  • Irene Smith
    Irene Smith 16 days ago +1

    I LOVE THIS!!!! I really wish this team well, and especially both of Sanders sons!!!!

  • kev barre
    kev barre 16 days ago +347

    Sheduer moves the ball down the field like Tom Brady. a great quarterback with impeccable vision and resilience. similar to Brady. if Brady's team was losing, no matter how many seconds were on the clock, and he had the ball, you couldn't count the Patriots out. Sheduer is the same way.

    • BlackMarq20
      BlackMarq20 16 days ago +38

      Brady is his mentor and trains with him, so it makes sense. I do think he needs to run the ball more at times. Get out of the pocket and use those legs.

    • Raymel Leonard
      Raymel Leonard 16 days ago +6

      @BlackMarq20yea and my only other gripe is getting out the pocket/throwing ball away. Don’t want him turning into Josh Allen taking hits tryna make a big play

    • MS
      MS 16 days ago +9

      He definitely does move the ball downfield like Brady. I was shocked to see it. So happy for him n motivated myself

    • sam sneadd
      sam sneadd 16 days ago +6

      Listen, no body knows Brady more than a Seahawks fan cause we felt it. I swear there were times I literall asked myself is that number 2 Shaduer or Brady?!?!? Retirement my butt he just wanted to come back and flex in a big college game. And the qb on the rams was out there looking like Rogers at times ! Okay season injury this was apart of Arrons master plan. Half time put on a jersey and throw darts. Both qbs played great whn they turned it up. But yea I ahree Shaduer's stance and poise as well as ball release was so Brady esq.

      MRLA450BIK3LIFE 16 days ago +2

      @Raymel Leonardyea that’s what it is for me too when the pressure is on he has to get that ball out couple of those sacks could’ve cost him in a real way holding on to that ball get it out

    TIMOWATCH 16 days ago +11

    "They got a whole animal runnin
    round." Shilo Funny Af 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jeiv Dmow
    Jeiv Dmow 9 days ago

    being aware of the functions their locations must do to win the game! They are a group of leaders! Wishing them luck for many more victories!

  • Jigga Richardson
    Jigga Richardson 16 days ago +27

    That’s crazy them boys up there looking like Deion in 2 stages of his life the flashy Deion,and the cool Deion 😂😂😂

  • Cailey Smith
    Cailey Smith 15 days ago

    Love the sanders family!!! Such good human beings!!

  • Bombflags
    Bombflags 15 days ago +1

    I like Shilo…he keeps it authentic with these interviews 😂

  • Lee Cee
    Lee Cee 16 days ago +88

    I'm glad to see Shilo make MAJOR impact on the game. Need to be a 1st day pick

  • Tracy Johnson
    Tracy Johnson 15 days ago +1

    Deion' sons number well over 85 if you count his players! Something about this just feels wholesome and good! Hate will try to disrupt their focus and this moment. CSU failed, but made them more aware not everyone in the state appreciates them for being young, gifted, and prime-time.

  • Mike Rozic
    Mike Rozic 16 days ago

    Way to get it done Buffaloes!!!! Outstanding!

  • 3x3
    3x3 16 days ago +3

    We are witnessing greatness 💯

  • Man In The Mirror
    Man In The Mirror 16 days ago +9

    Where's Harrison?? That young man stepped up BIG TIME!!!! Respect!!!!