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3D Printed Generative Design Drone Chassis

  • Published on Apr 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Wait for the end to see if the 3D printed drone flies! 👀 Check out our 3D printers: bit.ly/3n6Hhrk
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    With @adskfusion360, it's easy to make optimized organic shapes, also known as generative design. What's even more awesome is that we can run our simulation studies in Fusion 360 by directly tapping into the materials for the Formlabs materials library.
    In this example, we used the fusion toolkit to make generative design drone chassis printed in Rigid 4000 Resin. Let us know if you want to see a carbon fiber version!
    Shoutout to @holbrook_aerospace for their support with this project! 🚀
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  • Formlabs
    Formlabs  5 months ago +70

    Wait for the end to see if the 3D printed drone flies! 👀 Check out our 3D printers: bit.ly/3n6Hhrk

  • Vorname Nachname
    Vorname Nachname 4 months ago +3362

    This is not AI, and it's very common and long known algorithm class called topological optimization

    • Haroon Mohammed
      Haroon Mohammed 4 months ago +27

      Do you know which software this is ?
      I've done top op before, but how do you know that this is top op and not generative design ?

    • Edison Wong
      Edison Wong 4 months ago +113

      @Haroon Mohammed It's Fusion 360 lol.

    • Vorname Nachname
      Vorname Nachname 4 months ago +19

      @Edison Wong as mentioned it's inventor fusion, but I didn't knew that I just repeat other postings.
      I know that it's a classic algorithm because I know the current state of neuronal generators.
      You mentioned generative design. This kind of algorithm, that solves you stuff using meta heuristics, is also category "generative design".
      So "generative design" does not exclude "classic" algorithms.

    • String Studios
      String Studios 4 months ago +56

      AI is nothing more than an algorithm...

    • Chance
      Chance 4 months ago +47

      ​@String Studiosa different algorithm though.

  • Mr3344555
    Mr3344555 4 months ago +918

    He's riding the AI wave that's gotten famous recently instead of referring to it in the proper term, topological design

    • alejandrinos
      alejandrinos 4 months ago +4

      Except topological design implies manually designed by a human. Models and images built by a learning model are generative AI.

    • inflation
      inflation 4 months ago +3

      Typical YOU TUBERS do this daily.

    • Harry Hayek
      Harry Hayek 4 months ago +1

      Ai isn't a new thing. Anything from Google maps to facial recognition is classified as AI. The computer would have had to try multiple times to get that shape within the requirements

    • Human950
      Human950 4 months ago +1

      haha "riding the AI wave" exactly

  • chase alex
    chase alex 4 months ago +493

    it’s an algorithm not AI

    • chase alex
      chase alex 4 months ago +6

      @jacekmakes2168 an AI can change its outputs from the same input, an algorithm can’t

    • Omar Hashim
      Omar Hashim 4 months ago +4

      ​@chase alex
      Thanks for sharing this information.
      AI : different output from same input
      algorithms : same output from same input

    • Gabriel
      Gabriel 4 months ago +3

      Shut up if they computer does it in one click then it must be AI!!! (Joke) 😂😂

    • m3chanist
      m3chanist 4 months ago

      You don't know about generative design apart from a superficial understanding of a single generated solution. Which this isn't.

    • nlmaster
      nlmaster 4 months ago +1

      @Omar Hashim a bit of an oversimplification and not exactly on point.

  • Vikas Lekule
    Vikas Lekule 4 months ago +546

    That's not ai it is called topology optimization

    • NexIuz
      NexIuz 4 months ago +4


    • kuperjamper13
      kuperjamper13 4 months ago +11

      Is an algorithm

    • m3chanist
      m3chanist 4 months ago +1

      And how is the best topology filtered and selected from the very many optimisations produced in a single solve run do you suppose? Perhaps you should go find out.

    • Jack Wilson
      Jack Wilson 4 months ago +3

      @m3chanistit runs a lot of fea solves, doing some sort of convergence towards stiffness to weight. Definitely not ML, and not really ai

    • hồng sơn nguyễn
      hồng sơn nguyễn 4 months ago +3

      ​@NexIuz not everything on the computer is AI like when you press 1+1 it isn't AI calculating it

  • Ziyad S
    Ziyad S 4 months ago +151

    Just you wait. Soon cooking recipes pulled out of an old cooking book will be called AI.

    • Robert
      Robert 4 months ago

      You called it! So true

  • SooMSooM
    SooMSooM 4 months ago +53

    Can we stop calling everything ai?

    • m3chanist
      m3chanist 4 months ago +2

      This does use AI, it's not a mere single topographical solution as the ignorant halfwits elsewhere in these comments are bleating on about.

    • Jack Wilson
      Jack Wilson 4 months ago +6

      @m3chanisttell me you’ve never used topology study before without telling me you’ve never used topology study before

    • OmegaDeepBlue
      OmegaDeepBlue 3 months ago

      ​@m3chanistThe solution of a topology optimization process is not called "topographical solution" because it modifies the topology of the body, there is no terrains here so topography is not applied by the simple fact is not even related to Topology Optimization.
      The result of TO process is called "Optimization solution".

    • m3chanist
      m3chanist 2 months ago

      @OmegaDeepBlue Your pedantry is redundant and proves nothing. The point is, (the one you are avoiding by focussing on the irrelevant, the standard pedant dickhead playstyle) is that generative design is not mere topo optimisation AT ALL. It doesn't even need any input topology, just end constraints. Now go waste some time talking about my using "topo" twit.

  • Vincent Pelletier
    Vincent Pelletier 4 months ago +94

    When you remove matter on an already existing structure, its not generative design its actually topology optimisation...

    • m3chanist
      m3chanist 2 months ago +1

      A statement that clearly illustrates you have no idea about what what you just watched. That structure is merely a bounding box for solutions to be grown in

  • TechnoMaker
    TechnoMaker 4 months ago +60

    Arrows with force is upside down. Propellers drag up, not down.

    • Matthew Dethlefson
      Matthew Dethlefson 4 months ago +5

      Exactly what I was thinking

    • Justin T.
      Justin T. 4 months ago +3

      Maybe it's a reaction force?

    • Matthew Dethlefson
      Matthew Dethlefson 4 months ago

      @Justin T. what is a reaction force?

    • Martin s28
      Martin s28 4 months ago +4

      ​@Matthew Dethlefson the force Wich is the opposing force to the facing upwards force. The downward force is the reaction to the upward force and has an equal amount of force (actio and reactio)

    • Chex LeMeneux
      Chex LeMeneux 4 months ago +6

      Yup , looking at the shape of it you can tell it thought the load was reversed. Its not nearly as strong as it could be.

  • Felix Alexandru Neicu
    Felix Alexandru Neicu 4 months ago +7

    'will a lightweight chassis fly'
    Definitely unexpected that it did.

  • Jesse
    Jesse 4 months ago +7

    In 100 years people won’t be able to do anything without a computer

  • Fynnx
    Fynnx 4 months ago +10

    This is not AI its a Algorithm in Fusion 360.

    • Clinton
      Clinton 3 months ago

      Do you use fusion 360?

  • Mike Coman
    Mike Coman 4 months ago +60

    No you didn't use AI to make the model for you. It is generative design. Besides I doubt you even made the drone, since I checked your videos and there is nothing related to it except this short. doubt you will leave it at a short if you indeed made it.

    • Piers
      Piers 4 months ago +1

      This is the Formlabs channel...

    • Flvffette
      Flvffette 4 months ago

      There’s a bunch of 3d printed drone shorts on this channel…

    • PoopFartLord
      PoopFartLord 4 months ago +4

      Oop, another guy who doesn't know what AI is.

    • m3chanist
      m3chanist 4 months ago

      You are ignorant. Fusions Gen design isn't about a single topological solve.

    • Mike Coman
      Mike Coman 4 months ago +2

      @m3chanist it is not AI driven.

  • Matthew Connolly
    Matthew Connolly 4 months ago +6

    I’m so glad everyone else in the comments is calling this guy out for tossing around the term “AI”

  • Ivan Elizarov
    Ivan Elizarov 4 months ago +2

    Nice design, however the wireframe or Voronoi algorythms for topological optimization are better suited for machining or injection molding. A 3D printer generally allows acheiving better load-to-weight ratios with a "shell plus internal lattice" approach.
    p.s. I might be thinking too FDM'ish and I have little experience with SLA printers, so the need to drain excess resin from the infill volume while printing might severely limit the list of applicable infill patterns. Thus, the wireframe approach you've used might in fact be the best in case of SLA printing.

  • Kwiji
    Kwiji 4 months ago +3

    Did the generated shape turn out completely symmetrical or did you have to fix it?

  • J0ppi
    J0ppi 4 months ago +2

    Okay, but this is not AI

  • Cody Johnson
    Cody Johnson 4 months ago +3

    P.s. A.I. can legally claim patents. The software designer has legal rights to any and all designs A.I. creates.

  • Nicholas Deitrich
    Nicholas Deitrich 4 months ago

    I did this exact thing in F360 in my undergrad, the Generative design tool is very fun. We used Beta Flight and Ecalc to tune the hardware and hooked it up to one of those Shark VR headsets.

    • Nicholas Deitrich
      Nicholas Deitrich 4 months ago

      You’re gonna want to add lateral loads to your arms to stiffen them btw! Your arms are stiff in the vertical direction, but the vibration from the motors will be in the range of the resonating frequency for sure!

  • crypto Familie
    crypto Familie 4 months ago +1

    What an awesome idea and great organic result! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • shubham patidar
    shubham patidar 4 months ago

    It is also known as topology optimization.

  • Sonar Fleet
    Sonar Fleet 4 months ago +1

    Great job!

  • Ryan Barnes
    Ryan Barnes 4 months ago +1

    It's also expensive and no longer included for free in F360.

    CEREBROFERBY 3 months ago

    This is quite revolutionary! We could make incredible designs from a first principles perspective with this!

  • SirBaltimorgue
    SirBaltimorgue 4 months ago

    We officially don't even have to think for ourselves anymore...

  • MarrsAttax
    MarrsAttax 4 months ago

    At this rate we'll all be immortal within 50 years

  • Francois Dumon
    Francois Dumon 4 months ago

    This is nearly exactly what compound bow risers look like

  • Zolika Sabo
    Zolika Sabo 4 months ago

    Really looks awesome 🤩👍

  • Ron Netgrazer
    Ron Netgrazer 3 months ago

    This wasn't solved on your computer, it was solved in the cloud.

  • Pedro Rocha
    Pedro Rocha 4 months ago

    You can attach the electronic parts to a couple of rulers in a + shape and it will fly. You should crash it and test for resistance. Maybe test for flex as you want no flex for most predictability during flight and harsh manouvers.

  • Adam Woodworth
    Adam Woodworth 4 months ago +3

    And just like that
    Skynet was born

  • Rutvik Patil
    Rutvik Patil 4 months ago +1

    don't let the government find out

  • Space Air
    Space Air 4 months ago +3

    no, the real question is: Will it come back?

  • Liam Fanning
    Liam Fanning 4 months ago

    Its typically called topology optimization for us engineers 🤓

  • Jimmy Boe
    Jimmy Boe 4 months ago

    I wasn’t worried if it would fly but more curious of a durability test? How long does the print take? If one arm breaks do you have to print a whole new chassis. Can you design it for easily replaceable arms? Thank you 😇

  • Master Ivo
    Master Ivo 4 months ago

    we have a bridge like that, for bicycles only. I saw people drive their cars over it. it bounced. awesome tech

  • J R
    J R 4 months ago

    “Rough form factor” is 95% of the design. All the AI does is chip away from the build until it gets optimal strength to weight ratio. Soon it will be able to do the rough form itself

  • JamesButBetter
    JamesButBetter 4 months ago

    Ok. But we need the files for this 🥺

  • DuQua Enlightened
    DuQua Enlightened 4 months ago

    "Will it fly?"
    There is a popular saying in aviation.
    The Phantom F-4, proof that with enough force even a brick can fly.

  • Nick
    Nick 4 months ago

    Gotta stop calling everything AI. There is no AI in generative design. In fact, that’s been around since mid 90s.

    RANDOM STUFFZ 4 months ago +1

    Hey which AI TOOL did you use...Pls give tutorials.....plsss

  • Murat  YILMAZSOY
    Murat YILMAZSOY  4 months ago

    What software did you use to generate it?

  • Timofei Korostelev
    Timofei Korostelev 4 months ago +1

    This is not AI.

  • Trevor Goforth
    Trevor Goforth 4 months ago +1

    What drone kit did you use?

  • Atarge
    Atarge 4 months ago

    Not everything computers do is AI...

  • Wit Fon
    Wit Fon 4 months ago +2

    THIS IS NOT AI !!!!!

  • CheddarCheeseBandit
    CheddarCheeseBandit 4 months ago

    That’s not what AI is, it’s just an engineering assistant, but it’s not going to change in the future. AI continuously is improving.

  • PoopFartLord
    PoopFartLord 4 months ago +1

    The amount of non-technical people here that seem to think that they know what is and isn't AI is staggering. Anyone genuinely interested should look up "the AI effect", NLP and OCR were both once considered AI but now that they're so common many people disregard them.
    Saying "it's not AI, it's just an algorithm" might be one of the single easies ways to expose that you're a dummy who has no clue what they're talking about.

  • Efe Şimşek
    Efe Şimşek 4 months ago

    And that's how you move to Mars and start worshipping machines, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Jurridoras
    Jurridoras 4 months ago +3

    This is not AI its topology optimisation

  • Pedro Brandão
    Pedro Brandão 4 months ago

    You applied the torque in a tiny face which actually wont be resisting the torque.
    It will be the arm beam.

  • Dhia Hassen
    Dhia Hassen 4 months ago +4

    People dont know that algorithms are AI, He didnt say machine learning or deep learning. He said artificial intelligence

    • tomajino
      tomajino 4 months ago +1

      Quake games that I played in 1999 have algorithms coded in....but where's the artificial intelligence part then?

    • Dhia Hassen
      Dhia Hassen 4 months ago

      @tomajino any level of intelligence that is human made is artificial intelligence by definition and that includes automation algorithms.

    • RC cinematic shots
      RC cinematic shots 4 months ago

      When you learn to do something but you don't even know the name of the thing!!!

  • Timothy Tay
    Timothy Tay 4 months ago +2

    If it’s providing lift, wouldn’t the load be upwards instead? The video shows the load as if it’s pressing downwards.

  • That Freedom Guy
    That Freedom Guy 4 months ago

    That's brilliant! Can we use Ai to design a just and freedom-loving government? Seriously, if we gave it the basic design and the data and loads on it, perhaps it would make something worthy of investigation. Anyway, you are ahead of most major manufacturers, I reckon. 👍

  • Ferzi 3D Print
    Ferzi 3D Print 3 months ago

    Amazing ❤

  • Dobbsy London
    Dobbsy London 4 months ago

    Jarvis, throw some flame red on there.

  • PeetHobby
    PeetHobby 4 months ago

    Double check, yes the AI buzzword is included. 😁

  • Tieria Ardei
    Tieria Ardei 4 months ago


  • Old Soul
    Old Soul 4 months ago +1

    You should stress test it to see how much wieght an arm can take before it breaks, you don't know if it did what it was asked until you test it

  • 楚天翼
    楚天翼 4 months ago

    Strictly speaking, this is not an AI technology but rather a structural optimization function, as it cannot learn and lacks machine intelligence.

  • Vaisakh K M
    Vaisakh K M 4 months ago

    Isn't it freakin' math?

  • Good enough news
    Good enough news 4 months ago

    Amazing 😍

  • Der Elessar
    Der Elessar 4 months ago

    You put the force backwards, the motors do not push down but pull up.

  • Chip Hill
    Chip Hill 4 months ago +2

    Topological Optimization

  • ScienceMicroguy77
    ScienceMicroguy77 4 months ago

    Now you make sure and register your unregistered drone and keep it flying under 250'. Does it come in black with a one hour power supply in a 4 mile range? Does it come with a night vision camera?

  • Anders Svensk
    Anders Svensk 2 months ago

    AI is all good but to totally trust it for a critical design - *_NEVER_* !
    I've a master of science, working with CAE, structural engineering.
    But for designs like yours is OK with AI. So long as you know what you're doing and can assess reasonableness the result.

  • Rasmus Persson
    Rasmus Persson 4 months ago

    When you think this is AI 😂

  • Gaddam Abhishek
    Gaddam Abhishek 4 months ago

    Will it fly??
    BOOM 💥

  • Sinematografi
    Sinematografi  4 months ago +2

    Wich program is u use?

  • Bug Tussle Alien
    Bug Tussle Alien  4 months ago

    Did you get the straight AI or the gay AI?

  • Patrick Dulfo
    Patrick Dulfo 4 months ago

    Its a form of artificial intelligence

  • Caleb Dollarhide
    Caleb Dollarhide 4 months ago

    Strength is rarely an issue with drones...vibration is...

    • tormod hag
      tormod hag 4 months ago

      Yes strength is an issue when you inevitably crash if you fly aggressive. I can have my drone survive that because it has over engineered strength

  • Himangshu Deka
    Himangshu Deka 4 months ago

    Ok it's not AI, got it

  • Hardwell_01
    Hardwell_01 4 months ago

    Did it fly or not?

  • Kamel Labiad
    Kamel Labiad 4 months ago

    Can you use it to design aero dynamic shapes?

  • Axel
    Axel 4 months ago +1

    Guys guys, math is AI now!

  • Demetrios
    Demetrios 4 months ago

    That’s pretty cool

  • Jesus is lord
    Jesus is lord 4 months ago

    Nerds have entered the chat 🥴💀
    “tHiS iS noT AI”

  • StopaskingformynameYouTube

    Upi såecofoed the load force but you specified the load backwards. there's no downforce on the motor mounts, it pulls on it. obviously it doesn't matter much for that small drone, but i would enjoy seeing what the design would be with the correct force calculations.

  • Durgarao Anupoju
    Durgarao Anupoju 4 months ago +2

    Which software

  • Reecefpv
    Reecefpv 4 months ago +1

    I'd love to see a bigger one, maybe 7" props. It would be pretty cool to build up with powerful electronics and fpv gear

    • Adam Vargo
      Adam Vargo 4 months ago

      I'm couscous how this compares to carbon frames. I know what these sorts of resins can resist and what I've seen carbon frames take and honestly I'm skeptical in crashes

    • Reecefpv
      Reecefpv 4 months ago

      @adamvargo7830 prob not that good at all for durability sake. But it might be cool still to try. They already made a carbon frame similar to that but it was expensive

  • Deenu Suyte
    Deenu Suyte 4 months ago

    Hey, can you give a step by step way on how to do it?

  • Di325 GDS
    Di325 GDS 4 months ago

    As camadas da impressão podem descolar.

  • P
    P 4 months ago

    Could you assist us with designing a motor for electric bicycle but with reduced weight yet strong?

  • WK_fpv
    WK_fpv 4 months ago

    Question is not will it fly, is will it survive a crash

  • TheBomb
    TheBomb 4 months ago +1

    Everyone is saying how it isn't AI, and it's just some topological algorithm. But every form of "AI" that exists today is just an algorithm.

  • 8th Floor Harmony
    8th Floor Harmony 4 months ago

    You sure you used AI for the purpose of 3D printing it? 😅

  • Overcharge
    Overcharge 4 months ago

    Sell them dude 50$ a peice sick ass drone

  • Brian Case
    Brian Case 4 months ago


  • Flying Sandal
    Flying Sandal 4 months ago

    At 290g, that frame is a pig

  • Euan Dykes
    Euan Dykes 4 months ago +3

    Generative design is about goal seeking with a selection of variables in an established geometry. Topology is about the creation of geometry from load conditions.

  • Gadget Addict
    Gadget Addict 4 months ago

    Even chopsticks will fly. But the process is still cool

  • AtomicMuffin
    AtomicMuffin 4 months ago

    Anyone know what software had that generative design toggle?

  • Developer-Man
    Developer-Man 4 months ago

    Which software do you use for this optimizations?

  • ian aprecio
    ian aprecio Month ago

    How do you smoothen the model after printing?

  • IdiotBuilds
    IdiotBuilds 4 months ago

    Anyone know the software he used? Iv struggled to find any reasonable priced topo/generative design software

  • Kai Goodman
    Kai Goodman 3 months ago

    Quick question, why print the drone on its side? Does the vertical layering provide more support?

  • Books_lover101
    Books_lover101 4 months ago

    Do you have a course to all of this?

  • J'reality
    J'reality 4 months ago

    I would like to see an in-depth video on the drone ok

  • Marcia
    Marcia 4 months ago +6

    The possibilities really are endless!