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  • Published on Jan 20, 2018 veröffentlicht
  • Second video with my Mama teaching everyone how to cool Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup
    Let me know if you have any more questions in the comment section below
    Clear Beef Stock
    - 2500cc Water
    - 1.5 kg Beef Shank and Bone Marrow
    - 2500cc Water
    - 1/2 pc Onion
    - 1 pc Carrot
    - 1 pc Apple
    - 1 pc Radish
    - 2 Tbsp Cooking Wine
    Beef Broth
    - 1 Whole Garlic
    - 2 Stalks Green Onions
    - 4 to 5 Slices Ginger
    - 2 pcs Anise
    - 2 pcs Bayleaf
    - 1 tsp Black Pepper
    - 0.9 kg Kenchi/Boneless Shin
    - 0.4 kg Flank Steak
    - 2 tsp Chili Bean Sauce
    - 2 tsp Soybean Sauce
    - 4 pcs Tomato
    - 200cc Soy Sauce
    - 2 Tbsp Cooking Wine
    - 1500cc Water
    - 1/2 pc Onion
    - 1 pc Carrot
    - 1 pc Radish
    - 2 Batches Noodles
    - Bokchoy
    - Chopped Spring Onion
    Music: Gurty Beats - The Cat Strut
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  • JYPmina_ penguinprincess

    Your mom is super pretty

  • Jess Calvan
    Jess Calvan 2 months ago

    This video reminds me so much of my childhood-- watching Chinese cooking shows with mom. Love love Mama Wong ❤️❤️❤️

  • Louisek
    Louisek 3 months ago

    I think Winnie’s still pleasing her mom. The mom looks like a tiger mom. Heck, the mom looks prettier and more successful. She looks like she cant get her mom’s attention.

  • Jc may Baculi
    Jc may Baculi 6 months ago

    Ganda ni momshie😍

  • Josephine Teo
    Josephine Teo 6 months ago

    Please post more videos with mama Wong 😘

  • Bem Cronologia
    Bem Cronologia 6 months ago


  • abc 123
    abc 123 6 months ago

    Adopt me please lol

  • Danuel Luo
    Danuel Luo 6 months ago +1

    how come your parents do not know how to speak tagalog? somebody fill me in. Thank you

  • Andrea Dimatatac
    Andrea Dimatatac 7 months ago +1

    Mama Wong is so gorgeous!! ☺️

  • Nelson Tongoy
    Nelson Tongoy 8 months ago

    Your mom is so warm and nice. And the food the she cooks look all so delicious and healthy too! Do more cooking videos with her Pen Pops! 😍❣️💐🙏🏻

  • Pink
    Pink 8 months ago

    Fancy mama wong

  • Rj Cheng2
    Rj Cheng2 8 months ago

    Doesnt she knows how to speak tagalog or english? So hard to always look for the subtitles when the vlog is abt cooking🤔

  • ren ber
    ren ber 9 months ago

    Hi winnie do you speak/understand tagalog?

  • Giggling Gail
    Giggling Gail 9 months ago +1

    I'm pregnant and is in NEED of Mama Wong's noodle soup😖😫😩

  • J Kennedy
    J Kennedy 9 months ago

    Wow your mama Wong is very very good at cooking while discussing it, #newyearnewwan

  • Rizza Capuno
    Rizza Capuno 9 months ago +1

    Your mom is so poise even when cooking. Btw the noodles looks yummy 😋 #NewYearNewWan

  • Milarey Bano
    Milarey Bano 9 months ago

    I love all your videos, Ms. Winnie!!! I've watched all of them and you inspire me with your videos, you made me fall in love with you and Patrick, made me laugh with your videos with Mama Wong (w/c made me really miss my Mom even more who passed away bec. of colon cancer), The content of your videos were really helpful in my everyday life. Your videos are an inspiration of hard work, talent, success, simplicity and life balance. All your videos are my favorite, but I chose this video COOKING with MAMA WONG as my most favorite bec. you two look cute in here and your mom is so lovable and cute. I also like your video with you doing Mama Wong's make-up, which by the way you speaking in Chinese is very pleasing in my ears. I really hope to meet you one day, Ms. Winnie! I idolize and look up to you a lot. P.S. Please make more videos with Patrick :--) #NewYearNewWan

  • Ruby Anne Posadas
    Ruby Anne Posadas 9 months ago

    This is definitely one of my favorite videos in your channel! Not only because I personally like watching videos on how to make ramen and everything about noodles, but mainly because in this video, you show us how you and your mom bonds ( or one of the things that you and your mom do together). And I guess it's one of the many things that (working)people can't do nowadays, so I really appreciate and like vlogs like this, because it's not everyday that you get to do it with your mom/dad/sibs. #NewYearNewWan

    ORANGE CAT 9 months ago

    More of this kind of video 🙏🏻 mama wong ❤️ #NewYearNewWan

  • Kristiana de Guzman
    Kristiana de Guzman 9 months ago

    I actually checked your account after watching Alex Gonzaga's Meteor Garden spoof. This is my favorite because this is the first video that I watched from your channel that made me subscribe immediately. Your bubbly personality and informative videos are what i love the most. For me, you are the only youtuber that actually influences me. I even have your Everyday planner hehe ♥ #NewYearNewWan

  • Eileen Rakenrol
    Eileen Rakenrol 9 months ago

    Mama Wong is 💯 #NewYearNewWan

  • Yael Lingat
    Yael Lingat 9 months ago

    lovethis video cause i love watching cooking videos especially this video is with your mom who we rarely see! More cooking videos with your mom pls! Happy 2019! Love u so much!! Btw, ur so pretty and classy and basic but sophisticated 💕

  • Ivee Cavalida
    Ivee Cavalida 9 months ago

    Hope I can smell and taste it!!

  • Leilani Tungol
    Leilani Tungol 9 months ago +1

    You're soooo pretttyy.. So is your mom.. ❤️❤️ It's so refreshing watching your videos..

  • Marjorie Anne Monteza
    Marjorie Anne Monteza 9 months ago

    #NewYearNewWan i like how cool your Mom is, so natural. 😘

  • Lala Torres
    Lala Torres 9 months ago

    (I'm sorry, I am no longer active on Facebook for a year now. But I'm still on high hopes for this) ps: mama wong is so relatable & i love her

  • Paola Z
    Paola Z 9 months ago

    #NEWYEARNEWWAN I like this video. Your mom is beautiful :)

  • aunela chua
    aunela chua 9 months ago

    mommy wong cooking show or cooking vblog please

  • Marecil JC
    Marecil JC 9 months ago


  • Queenie Basilio
    Queenie Basilio 9 months ago

    I love your videos! You're truly inspiring!

  • La Familia Proulx
    La Familia Proulx 10 months ago

    thanks for sharing ..ur mom is a natural...i would love to try this recipe here in Canada... i looks so tastety

  • Sarah Jane Laxamana
    Sarah Jane Laxamana 11 months ago

    Your mom is sooo beautiful😍❤️

  • reynifire
    reynifire 11 months ago

    Mama Wong is so cute! Hehe

  • jeza magana
    jeza magana Year ago

    Hope to see a lot of mama wong's cooking recipes in your vlog ms. winnie....😍 Love it! 😊i wanna try it at home doing it with my love one's i also like the bubble tea' Nice!

  • zedok kodak
    zedok kodak Year ago

    You should do more cooking segments with your mom. Cook some Taiwanese food.

  • car dv
    car dv Year ago

    Hello , Winne! I saw you on Alex Gonzaga's vlog (that's the first time I saw you) Well, here it is I dont know you but I just know I like you. So , I just watched you SFo vlog and lucky finally alam ko na IG mo , anyways , I subscribed you YTC na. Xoxo

  • plim808
    plim808 Year ago

    Mama wong is awesome
    I wants some homemade twn beef noodle 🤪

  • Nick Star
    Nick Star Year ago

    mama wong energy is very strong though such a strong woman with ❤️

  • Ruth Uy
    Ruth Uy Year ago

    我可以到你們的家吃飯嗎? ;) 您媽媽是一個廚師 。很厲害

  • Jessa Monsanto
    Jessa Monsanto Year ago

    lakas maka cookibg show ng mommy mo. Akala ko you tube channel nya . 😊😊

  • Joy Flor
    Joy Flor Year ago

    Your mom should have a cooking show in youtube, she's a natural.

  • ma. eda tapalla
    ma. eda tapalla Year ago

    Mama Wong is sooooo cute! Hi mama Wong! I'm one of your fans from Dubai..❤️♥️❤️

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    Pam de Ausen Year ago

    Hi winnie. Thank you for sharing your mom’s recipe. 😘

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    Rona Chen Year ago

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    Vilma Parilla Year ago

    Good afternoon from Dubai. I am binge watching your videos. I love watching you especially with Mama Wong. She's so beautiful just like you.

  • Sister
    Sister Year ago

    Omg your mom is like one of the “having Tiger Asian Mom” growing up Hahahha. Love the cooking show!!! It looks difficult so I think I’m just going to a Taiwanese restaurant instead 😜

  • Jamy Valenzuela
    Jamy Valenzuela Year ago

    Mama Wong is so cute!!! I love her alreadyyy!!!

  • Louise
    Louise Year ago

    Are you an only child?

  • rhad Ybanez
    rhad Ybanez Year ago

    Niu Rou mien.. Wan mei.. 👍👍👍👍

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    Shila 'moure Year ago

    Mama Wang reminds me of my mum she moves so fast in the kitchen haha

  • TheTotodor
    TheTotodor Year ago

    王媽媽 reminds me of 我們家的黃媽媽! My mom's Taiwanese too! Wonder why they're all good cooks! + they don't look their age!! 😱
    you got a new subbie here @PenelopePop! keep'em vids coming! 😁👍🏽

  • Carl John
    Carl John Year ago +3

    I feel bad for Winnie, she would like to get involve but mama Wong was like "nope, this is my moment" . hahaha

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    Ledayl Maralit Year ago

    Hi winnie i'd like to know what'# your nationality?☺😊

  • Shara A
    Shara A Year ago

    I love how you sometimes keep your distance while your mom is cooking. It reminds me of myself every time I want to try and help my mom cook. I would sometimes end more like a distraction than a helping hand. Hahaha.

  • Style By Adriel
    Style By Adriel Year ago

    I love Taiwanese foooddd! Love you Winnie! ❤

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    08SuperNate Lin Year ago

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    Joana Ay-ad Year ago +4

    Your mom's so pretty!! And she looks familiar. :---) I think I saw her before at Greenbelt? Hehe.

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    Genella Flores Year ago

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  • Kristal Evangelista

    @Penelope Are you a Taiwanese or Chinese? You are my life peg. Hope you inspire more people :)