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Skip Bayless Can't Find Shannon Sharpe Replacement?! Nobody Wants to Work with Skip on Undisputed?!

  • Published on Jun 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • The line of hosts wanting to work with Skip Bayless is shorter than FOX Sports expected. Who do you think replaces Shannon Sharpe on Undisputed?!
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  • Marcellus Wiley
    Marcellus Wiley  3 months ago +35

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    • D Li
      D Li 3 months ago +2

      U hatin on skip brotha!! He made Shannon and can make another one!

    • Jesse Oglesby
      Jesse Oglesby 3 months ago

      Love your Podcast Wiley. Without UNC Shay Shay there is no Undisputed. Skip needs to retire. His journalism is Old and antiquated like him

    • 🔮Crystal fairy🔮
      🔮Crystal fairy🔮 3 months ago


    • Dominique John
      Dominique John 3 months ago

      John saley would be a good candidate for Skip Bayless

  • Giovanni Crownzz
    Giovanni Crownzz 3 months ago +136

    We need a “Surviving Skip Bayless” type documentary 😂

    • Justin Hymes
      Justin Hymes 3 months ago +4

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this is so true lol I'll support it

    • Hew Branford
      Hew Branford 3 months ago +3


    • Eric85
      Eric85 3 months ago +1


    • Gator Fan Cavon
      Gator Fan Cavon 3 months ago +1


    • Polo22546
      Polo22546 3 months ago +1


  • Cxry
    Cxry 3 months ago +29

    Shannon was the only reason my tv ever found its way to FS1. I feel sorry for them. I can't think of anyone who can fill that role.

  • Ben  Dover
    Ben Dover 3 months ago +427

    Skip been pretty chill the last few months. He didn't even roast Lebron after getting swept.

    • Shawn Angel
      Shawn Angel 3 months ago +134

      Because the last time it got heated shay almost jumped over the table

    • kashaan davis from ATL TO CALI
      kashaan davis from ATL TO CALI 3 months ago +51

      That's cuz shannon put them paws on em a few times off set 😂

    • Ben  Dover
      Ben Dover 3 months ago +61

      Well Shannon still got emotional and started yelling when talking about lebron. That shit with kwame brown was hilarious he got so defensive. 😆

    • Max Joynt
      Max Joynt 3 months ago +26

      ​@kashaan davis from ATL TO CALI he's got millions to lose in a lawsuit if that happened..nice fantasy tho

    • wadecountybabe
      wadecountybabe 3 months ago +29

      He's been super nice and kissing Shannon's ass

  • MGrabowski70
    MGrabowski70 3 months ago +114

    I hope they don’t move Nick Wright over to undisputed. First things first has become my favorite sports show. The chemistry between Nick, Chris and Wildes is unmatched anywhere else. I really just tuned into undisputed for Shannon

    • Geronimo Pratt
      Geronimo Pratt 3 months ago +4

      That's Nick Show, none of the cohost are bigger draws....different than Speak For Yourself

    • ChazzyPhizzle1
      ChazzyPhizzle1 3 months ago +4

      They would never. First things First is the best talking heads show out (not counting inside the NBA). They know how good they are together.

    • Kenneth Burks
      Kenneth Burks 3 months ago +2

      Actually to me ESPN was dumb to let Steven A and skip separate

    • Dennis The Menace
      Dennis The Menace 3 months ago

      I agree 1000% they have a great show, good humor, respectful and just a all around great sports show , fuck skip

    • Carlos M
      Carlos M 3 months ago +1

      @Kenneth Burks skip was offered way more money and creative control his own show. ESPN couldn't match that. It's just like a player going to the highest bidder during free agency

  • Fabian Elliott
    Fabian Elliott 3 months ago +11

    This is a tricky situation. Wise ones know to avoid replacing a great where you can because filling big shoes is not ideal. I think they will go with someone less established and on the come up who is hungry for the opportunity.
    I think someone like Ryan Clark could be interesting if chemistry with Skip could work

  • Matt
    Matt 3 months ago +36

    I imagine they split because Shannon is at a stage where he has more intriguing opportunities available to him. I don’t think there’s much true personal beef as much as maybe they aren’t clicking professionally like they had been and now Shannon is at a stage where he can easily move on and they probably came to agree on that. I’ve felt people have cooked up a much bigger issue than has ever really been there with them to me on a personal level. But who knows?

    • siner24
      siner24 3 months ago

      Shannon probably wanted more money… Skip said no and Shannon thought he leverage to negotiate? And they showed him the Exit door! 😂 I just see Shannon make a few guest appearances till they get tired of him…

    • Gavin Gannaway
      Gavin Gannaway 3 months ago +1

      @siner24 I don’t see that being the case. I could see skip having full control over who he works with but not how much he’s making.

    • Derrick Ali
      Derrick Ali 3 months ago +3

      I just think Shannon want to do his own thing he's saying I don't have to deal with this sht anymore I'm out I love that club Shay Shay do your thing UNC I believe in you player

    • Zora Delaney
      Zora Delaney 3 months ago +1

      Nope. In recent days, Shannon was liking tweets that literally called Skip a "piece of S" and other names.......

    • Carlos M
      Carlos M 3 months ago +1

      I don't know if I was shannon I'd still be pissed from the time skip got personal on Shannon's football career just to prop up Brady. That was below the belt .

  • P Sho
    P Sho 3 months ago +120

    Thank you Wiley for reminding us that the "characters" not the people were growing apart! Very direct to the point.

    • I Know More Than You.
      I Know More Than You. 3 months ago +8

      The people grew apart
      Shannon's brother said this and he co signed it

    • TheOriginal Troll
      TheOriginal Troll 3 months ago +9

      Nah it was definitely personal and it started showing on air...Both are professional, so they realized it made both of them look bad but Shannon more popular than Skip and just outgrew their relationship

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 3 months ago +1

      You know I'm not going to listen to this guy again. He didn't know what the hell he was talking about.

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 3 months ago +1

      It's obvious it was personal.

    • OscarUnrated
      OscarUnrated 3 months ago +5

      @I Know More Than You. not necessarily, you know the saying "don't ever go into business with a friend," it's not to say Skip & Shannon were close friends before the show but it's clear the business and the nature of the show caused this rift. Their job has literally been to argue with each other for 7 years, shit is definitely going to get heated at some point. Then you add the business part (it seems the biggest issue was that Shannon wanted more control over the show) and it ends up like this. If Skip and Shannon just talked occasionally and worked in the same building I'm sure they'd still be cool with each-other.

  • Joshua Lyles
    Joshua Lyles 3 months ago +165

    Only problem with Micheal Irvin is on football they both love the cowboys and would never disagree on it

    • unc54
      unc54 3 months ago +13

      Skip is a lot more pessimistic about the Cowboys than Irvin. Cowboys could be down 30 in the 4th and Michael Irvin would still be talking about Dem Boys.

    • Captain Chaosxx
      Captain Chaosxx 3 months ago +1

      ​@Hemanth Swarna I would be too... if we play the falcons lol😂

    • Lionel Loggin
      Lionel Loggin 3 months ago +3

      Skip would be an Eagles fan to argue😂😂

    • keith torbert
      keith torbert 3 months ago +2

      I don’t think Mike knows other sports

    • Casanova Casanova
      Casanova Casanova 3 months ago

      Skip will find another person to debate n agree with him, I like Skip Bayless show, been following him since he started the show

  • PhAntom ChiEf
    PhAntom ChiEf 3 months ago +82

    Respect to wiley for acknowledging the stature of skip, shannon, and the show. Its been cool for people within journalism to pretend like that show is just two guys screaming at each other. The truth is any journalists would love to have a show that allows them to voice their sports opinions for a large audience and with creditable debates.

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 3 months ago +3

      How can you respect a guy who doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. He said the character grew apart. He must think everybody's dumb or something. That's a lie. It's obvious it was personal.

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 3 months ago

      I will not be listening to him again.

    • J Jones
      J Jones 3 months ago +8

      Truth is they Skip Bayless is too smart for a guy like Shannon Sharpe. He needs someone on that show who isn’t going to get over emotional like a damn woman and who can give him good arguments ala Wilbon and Kornheiser.
      Sharpe isn’t that guy. He is low iq and an emotional debater. So many times I would see Shannon be completely selfish and self serving while bringing up left wing politics and black issues on a damn sports show while Skip had to nod and agree while staying silent lest he be labeled a racist.
      Skip was basically a hostage to this overgrown child. Now he’s free. Find someone smart and start over.

    • KT R
      KT R 3 months ago +13

      ​@J Jones why do you think that is true when the concensus of everyone who's talking about this breakup, has any connection to Skip, or even Skip him damn self have all openly stated that Skip controls every aspect of the show, down to the topics 😂 How can Shannon hijack the show with left wing politics if Skip came up with the topics? I've watched every episode of Undisputed, and I previously watched every episode of First Take while Skip was there. He has always covered race/social issues in some form or fashion. What are you talking about dude lol

    • OscarUnrated
      OscarUnrated 3 months ago +4

      @Antwan Dukes ai bro ✌ nobody ever knew u was watching in the first place

  • That One Right There
    That One Right There 3 months ago +5

    You're exactly right about the characters beefing. I've done a few shows with some people that wanted to play characters... the problem I find is that, as a character, you're willing to say things that you personally wouldn't. You'll go back to edit and be like, yea, that one has to get cut, just because its too wild of a take and you cringe at it. It's fun to get into character to explore and try different things, but you got to have disciplined to not let it get out of hand, which is a tough thing to do.

  • sofia cristina k.
    sofia cristina k. 3 months ago +129

    Shannon Sharpe has often mentioned how Skip Bayless helped him at a low point in his career. I believe he hadn't forgotten this & is forever grateful to Skip. I am sure the two have remained friends & that he spoke about his leave taking privately with Skip before hinting at, and then making the big announcement. I will miss Skip & Shannon as a team although I suppose change was inevitable. Undisputed was an enjoyable show for me. I do hope both Skip and Shannon continue to prosper & have a good life whatever direction they take...

    • Hank Channel
      Hank Channel 3 months ago +37

      Just because you help someone doesn’t mean you have the right to treat them like shit.

    • Jesse Oglesby
      Jesse Oglesby 3 months ago +23

      Skip is Jealous of how Shannon Sharpe has Blown up and surpassed him...#FACTS

    • Dee Delta
      Dee Delta 3 months ago +7

      Shannon has publicly stated before that he & Skip are not friends. He just great respects him as a colleague & professionally. Their relationship isn’t all that personal. Not in a bad way or good way

    • Goodnight Munchie
      Goodnight Munchie 3 months ago +11

      Shannon has that BLM attitude always the victim 🚬🤨

    • Denny Shawyer
      Denny Shawyer 3 months ago +3

      In Australia, we don't have journalists who speak sports. We get old players and stars of cricket nfl nrl. To speak about what they know firsthan. A journalist tried and brought down a tv show that was over 20 years old. 😂😂😂 it was called the footy show.

  • Gainz Train
    Gainz Train 3 months ago +56

    This is why Jalen Rose's "Water Pistol Pete Jr
    💦 🔫" roasting of Skip is still legendary till this day 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Carlos M
      Carlos M 3 months ago +12

      Don't forget richard Sherman's "I'm better than you in life" comment 🤣

    • Random Updates
      Random Updates 3 months ago +4

      Shaky voice Sherman got destroyed by Skip

    • truestdude
      truestdude 3 months ago +1

      ​@Carlos M both were classic moments lol

    • Andrew Slaughter
      Andrew Slaughter 3 months ago +2

      Facts skip calls people out their names all the time as soon as you give him a insulting nickname aka pistol Pete
      He get mad 😂😂😂

  • Zac Woods
    Zac Woods 3 months ago +15

    Hits aren’t hits anymore. Shows included. They’re just meaningful to a few and invisible to the rest. They need to find someone who appeals to the few that draw to Skip Bayless and forget the rest at this point. They wont ever regain the fans they are about to lose when Shannon officially leaves and there is 0 point in trying to convince them to return. Only option now is to lean into Skip 100% and trust that his body of work has garner just enough of a dedicated fanbase to sustain the show going forward. Otherwise this is just a GTA-style, slowed down carwreck for Undisputed.

  • Supremelegacy23
    Supremelegacy23 3 months ago +2

    Yes!!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!! So glad to hear that! I’m glad Shannon leaving and that Skip can’t find a replacement because clearly the network will always side with Skip.

  • Leslie Barber
    Leslie Barber 3 months ago +10

    I don't believe that they can't find a replacement, because Shannon Sharpe has been in talks to leave, the fact that the network is deciding to buy Shannon Sharpe out now means that they found someone!

  • Austin King
    Austin King 3 months ago +3

    I’d watch Wiley do it but I feel like he might throw hands 😂

  • PrimeTime TV
    PrimeTime TV 3 months ago +48

    Man Shannon Sharpe and Michael Ervin get a show that would be fire 🔥 I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing

    • AggiePride4life
      AggiePride4life 3 months ago +7

      Now your talking! Two football guys and one loves and played for the Cowboys and the other hates them! ESPN might try to cook that up!

    • Mark McCreadie
      Mark McCreadie 3 months ago +1

      @AggiePride4life except both are clueless about anything beyond foootball

    • janski1982
      janski1982 3 months ago


  • Darrin Nunyah
    Darrin Nunyah 3 months ago +6

    I knew it was over when they stopped the playful commentary at the end of each segment. It's not unexpected (or unwarranted), but its still sad to see Shannon leave. I hope he finds a good landing spot, because he's as good at sports commentary as he was at football.

    • EK TRAN
      EK TRAN 3 months ago +3

      skip will choose shannon's replacement

    • The Honest Blackman
      The Honest Blackman 3 months ago +1

      Yeah sure I like listening to a guy who sounds like he's got a mouthful of marbles.

  • Jared Dawkins
    Jared Dawkins 3 months ago +4

    I believe what will happen is, at some point FS1 is going to start to run through a mini musical chairs of co-hosts with Skip Bayless, then eventually Skip will end up doing that show by himself (like Stephen A Smith did for First Take when they let Max Kellerman go) once realize that they can find a firm permanent replacement for Shannon. Then I think eventually Jen Hale and Skip will end up doing the show themselves. Skip has no one to blame but himself....i could be wrong. But its just a thought

    • Travis09
      Travis09 3 months ago +3

      Skip found and fought for both Stephen A and Shannon to be on his shows. I won't be surprised if he finds a great replacement.

    • Jared Dawkins
      Jared Dawkins 3 months ago

      @Travis09 I doubt it. But we will see

    • Colin Edelman
      Colin Edelman 3 months ago

      First take is way better now

    • De Sava
      De Sava 3 months ago

      @Travis09 he didn’t expect them to outshine him though especially Shannon. Skip felt he was better because he was a seasoned journalist but he was often more biased and tried to hide behind the institution of the profession when he was wrong. Shannon was a hard worker, grind day in and day out and was able to compete with Skip’s journalistic background and he didn’t waiver on integrity. Shannon has character and willingness to be fair. Skip came from an era where it was acceptable to skirt the line and they weren’t called out for it; things have changed now.

    • TinYan
      TinYan 3 months ago

      @Travis09 theres a difference between skip wanting the person to if the person wants to actually work with skip.

    OSMAN BURLINGTON 3 months ago +1

    Cris Carter would be a very good replacement for Shannon. However, due to him departing FS1 on disagreeable terms it's not likely to happen.
    Another good choice would be Will Cain who is currently a part of The Fox family via Fox News. He has the credentials for the job from his history of working in sports tv and radio over at ESPN. He appeared on First Take against Stephen A. Smith and others numerous times.

  • Dylan5280
    Dylan5280 3 months ago +1

    Shannon is the whole reason i started watching sport debate shows. Being from denver it was nice having someone shine a light on Colorado every once and a while

  • BobbyJOnline
    BobbyJOnline 3 months ago +1

    On point as always Wiley!! 💪🏾💪🏾
    I strongly believe they have the utmost respect for each other. BUT Skip has disrespected Shannon too much and Shannon ain't gone deal with it.

  • The Dude
    The Dude 3 months ago +3

    They need to go ahead and bring Max to FS1 and allow him to work with Wiley again. I LOVED their program.

    RICO_BF 3 months ago +2

    Man😂😂😂😂, such an underrated line. This is one of them barbershop shows and you ain't got anybody that go to the barberahop. 😭😭😭😭💯💯💯💯👏🏿👏🏿
    Well done marcellus 😂😂😂

  • Zay Starks
    Zay Starks 3 months ago +161

    Could y’all imagine chad Johnson and skip on morning debate show daily 😂

    • calinator51
      calinator51 3 months ago +13

      Wouldn't be daily. That would probably last a half hour.

    • Zay Starks
      Zay Starks 3 months ago +9

      @calinator51 one segment in…. Yea this ain’t going work

    • Dominique Banks
      Dominique Banks 3 months ago +18

      Child please

    • Zay Starks
      Zay Starks 3 months ago +2

      @Dominique Banks 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Mike Thomas
      Mike Thomas 3 months ago

      You are right. I couldn't imagine🎉 Ocho Chinco on this show

  • William Allen
    William Allen 3 months ago +10

    To be fair, Skip aged to 70 by about age 30 and just stopped-he’s just catching up now 😂

  • BigG LilWayne
    BigG LilWayne 3 months ago +82

    Kwame gave Skip the most appropriate nickname, Dracula Face😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      AQUA VIII 3 months ago +11

      Kwame roasted both of them lol😂😂😂

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 3 months ago +8

      He did I didn't know that. 😂 But to be honest kwame Brown can sit down. He was a basketball bust for real. I'm not trying to hear anything he has to say.

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 3 months ago +3

      ​@AQUA VIIIkwame Brown can't talk about Shannon. Did you watch Kwame Brown play? Did you see Shannon Sharpe play? Shannon is a Hall of famer three-time super bowl champion 🏆 Kwame Brown was sorry as fck. That's the stuff I don't like about the internet, anybody can talk sht and get views. I'm not trying to hear anything Kwame the bumm Brown has to say. Dude was a liability on the basketball court his whole career. Check out his stats. He needs not to talk.

    • bangladeshirealtor
      bangladeshirealtor 3 months ago +6

      @Antwan Dukes kwame better at ball than shannon and skip so he has a right to state his opinions

  • rxtsec1
    rxtsec1 3 months ago +1

    This might be true but I just heard what Stephen a Smith said & he alluded to Shannon might have been the one let go & not him wanting to leave. He also alluded that whoever replaces Shannon will be handpicked by Skip. I personally think both guys have such a ego & Shannon wanted out & Skip wanted him out

  • Decker Moonboots
    Decker Moonboots 3 months ago +1

    No Cap I be waiting on this show more than anything. Marcellus keep it 100 always. I been taking pointers from him cuz he honestly has the perfect attitude and vibe for the camera I be thinking I know him when he talking bout stuff 😂😂😂

    • Jr Jr
      Jr Jr 3 months ago

      This my first

  • Evan Burnett
    Evan Burnett 3 months ago +5

    Since their last lil fall out Skip been super nice 😂

  • RawDollar
    RawDollar 3 months ago +32

    Lets be real. Skip plays the villain on purpose and is the reason their counterpart shines like a hero. I dont think anyone will bring the heat out of shannon like skip did.

    • ChiefTv
      ChiefTv 3 months ago +3

      Don’t need that from Shannon … he’s more than just a dude who argues with skip bay less… he’s entertaining outside of the debate show skip is nothing without somebody to play the villain with

      KNEWRETRO 3 months ago

      @ChiefTv how do u know that for sure,
      You’ve only seen him
      In two
      Separate situations.
      People just wanna villanize
      Skip but he’ll be just fine.
      Yall said the same thing when first take split up

    • ok dude
      ok dude 3 months ago +2

      True, Shannon's podcast isn't the same.

  • B Money
    B Money 3 months ago +1

    Brilliant take on the character perspective, both of them played into the narratives of the characters they created. This often happens in society as well…

  • gmmg82
    gmmg82 3 months ago +2

    someone will work with him. the exposure and or the ability to "move up" in the TV world are too great!

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 3 months ago +2

    Nick Wright & Shannon Sharpe doing a show together 🔥💯

  • J C
    J C 3 months ago +3

    Marcellus I love hearing you talk about this show because I can tell you watch it and have enjoyed it like we have. Loved you on the Bills and love you on the talk shows. Go Bills.

  • DYSK 1301
    DYSK 1301 3 months ago

    Even the people in the business know that Undisputed is the best show hands down. Skip n Shannon are the Goats right now. I hated Shannon at first cause i hate the broncos but Skip knew he had star talent and i hope he brings in someone fresh. He's looking for his replacement, trust me. Skip is the face of sports entertainment.

  • Charles Sims
    Charles Sims 3 months ago +3

    Skip brought StephenA an Shannon Sharp to the debate scene so he clearly has an eye for on air talent so I’m sure he’ll pick another great co host.

  • H.B.
    H.B. 3 months ago

    Whether I agree with you, or disagree with you Wiley, I can appreciate your humor and objectivity. I think you could go toe-to-toe with anyone in a discussion. You take things in jest and you keep it real.

  • Kevin Shepardson
    Kevin Shepardson 3 months ago +1

    Joel Klatt would be a good replacement. Nick Wright would also be a good replacement. Networks groom new talent for these big openings all the time. I think Klatt might be better, because like Shannon, he's a former athlete. That dynamic is what made the show so good. Don't know that anyone will ever be as good as Shannon. That's what their real problem is. Lots of people want that job, none as good as Shannon.

  • Jeffery
    Jeffery 3 months ago

    Do a show with Shannon would be funny as hell😂😂

  • MachoElbow
    MachoElbow 3 months ago +59

    Marcellus would take that spot in a second lmao

    • Illuminated Scarfaces
      Illuminated Scarfaces 3 months ago

      Did Wiley get demoted???

    • Think Wealth Land
      Think Wealth Land 3 months ago +7

      Wiley does not need Undisputed this setup works for him.

    • MachoElbow
      MachoElbow 3 months ago +5

      I think you guys really don't understand what real money and exposure is.

    • Gmail Gmail
      Gmail Gmail 3 months ago

      @MachoElbow exactly

    • j cherry
      j cherry 3 months ago

      Dang Wiley got fired from espn?

  • Cliff Freeman
    Cliff Freeman 3 months ago +1

    Great point on Michael Irvin! He’d be a hack of an opponent overall.

  • bowling 4clarity
    bowling 4clarity 3 months ago +14

    It was Doug Gotlieb who gave that insider quote about Skip . And he was the one reprimanded about his Skip takes .

    • Gyro Fan
      Gyro Fan 3 months ago +4

      Doug stole credit cards and slandered Casey Close!

    • ecron lewis
      ecron lewis 3 months ago

      Yea, what happened to him

    • Gyro Fan
      Gyro Fan 3 months ago +2

      @ecron lewis He stole credit cards and slandered Casey Close!

  • Allen Jarrell
    Allen Jarrell 3 months ago

    Everyone hates Skip for being the shock value he is. However, before I even watch this, there's no way he can't find a replacement. This isn't just a plug a dude in replacement show. He's gonna take his time and find someone as he did Stephan A and Shannon. While boosting both of their careers I should add at that time.

  • Chongo_Man7
    Chongo_Man7 2 months ago +1

    I agree,
    Michael Irvin will be an upgrade and will be the perfect piece

  • Kutzzz
    Kutzzz 3 months ago

    Proud of you Mercellus ✊🏾

  • LG3
    LG3 3 months ago +5

    The Michael Irvin suggestion took my mind to James Harrison holding up a "Cowboys talk" sign up when he was a guess 😂

  • Lou Rock33
    Lou Rock33 3 months ago

    They thought it wasn’t going to be the same when he left ESPN and it turned out pretty good with Sharpe so whoever comes in it’ll be a good show.

  • creaturecore13
    creaturecore13 3 months ago +4

    Irvin would have to much agreement with skip on the cowboys, not enough conflict. He won't get the job because of that alone

  • Essay Potna
    Essay Potna 3 months ago +37

    Nick Wright and Skip would be epic! Both of them get extremely emotional but Nick is really logical and can articulate like a MF. I’d love it

    • T.O. 81
      T.O. 81 3 months ago +14

      First things first is perfect like it is. The chemistry is awesome and funny. It's the best of all on the network

    • Maverick33 guy
      Maverick33 guy 3 months ago +9

      Honestly I'd like to see first things first take the time slot and fs1 move on from skip

    • Arizona Fire Ent
      Arizona Fire Ent 3 months ago +10

      Nick Wrong is far from logical

    • T P
      T P 3 months ago +4

      ​@Arizona Fire Enthe 2nd only to Shannon in Lebron fanboyism

    • KawayneTrioMusic
      KawayneTrioMusic 3 months ago +4

      nick is too smart for skip.. Skip has a need to feel intellectually superior to the guy across from him. He wasnt smarter than Stephen A but Stephen had no issues playing his role .

  • Zeke Floyd
    Zeke Floyd 3 months ago +1

    You’re right Michael Irvin would turn that show around. Another strong personality with 3 super bowls, in the hall of fame, and a legend in the game that’s been around on TV for awhile. Yeah that’s the move. Question is does he want to work with Skip after seeing how things played out with Shannon?

    • Virgil Conner
      Virgil Conner 3 months ago +1

      Yeah he like skip. Skip love Michael Irvin lol. True cowboys fan

    • ART X KVN
      ART X KVN 3 months ago +1

      Skip has more fanboyhood for Irvin than Shannon, especially being a Cowboy great, But yall know Irvin on works during football season.

  • Trevor S
    Trevor S 3 months ago +1

    Was Shannon lying? I just watched a video from Shannon saying Skip went to bat for him when the execs wanted another media type to the #2.

  • Andre 3000
    Andre 3000 3 months ago

    Are we forgetting Mika Parson from the Cowboys was supposed to be a co-host as well. Why didn't that work out? I'm sure Sharp had a problem with that too, I know I did.

  • RiCõ Rackeroni
    RiCõ Rackeroni 3 months ago

    I agree with you as far as no one wants to work with skip but you can’t deny he’s elevated every one he’s worked with..

  • AMI Vending
    AMI Vending 3 months ago +7

    Didn’t know big dog had a podcast. Great transition from the field to the tv. Keep up the great work

    • Tramayne Harris
      Tramayne Harris 3 months ago +2

      Club Shay Shay he's doing numbers

    • AMI Vending
      AMI Vending 3 months ago

      I was talking bout dat dude. I know bout club shay shay

  • William Allen
    William Allen 3 months ago

    It’s be a mistake for Nick Wright to leave his show-his chemistry and genuine friendship with Brou and Wildes makes First Things First the best sports show on TV…

  • Rebecca Bennett
    Rebecca Bennett 3 months ago +1

    Skip bought out of his contract because he is leaving Undisputed, and this is why Shannon was bought out of his contract.

  • 3 coco puff's
    3 coco puff's 3 months ago

    I never knew who Shannon Sharpe was till he joined Undisputed. Glad i found out about him though cz dude got great insights!

  • hayden alejandrino
    hayden alejandrino 3 months ago

    Well to be fair First take had to try different things to become what it is now; got rid of the 2 man game and went with multiple analysts in rotation. The pressure of finding a cohost speaks a lot about skip because not even Stephen A got the world talking about First Take in transitions.
    Also, the only shows in the same lane are get up, First take, PTI, Undisputed, FTF, SPY. Everything else is a completely different format. Comparing these shows to solo or duo podcast projects are just not the same.
    The focus should be someone with humor yet respectable. Skip could be very polarizing so two hosts that take themselves too serious is a no go.
    A Stephen Jackson perhaps?

  • Covers With Care
    Covers With Care 3 months ago +1

    I could never see Nick leaving first things first. It's by far the better show

  • Ddd
    Ddd 3 months ago +126

    Lavar Ball and Skip would be the best thing in sports media history lol

  • Esvan
    Esvan 3 months ago +2

    I agree with all your points. I think Joy is the best on that show, but I think Unc & Joy would be gold… If she ever decides to leave

  • rickybobby
    rickybobby 3 months ago +3

    Great insight Wiley ---"The characters had beef, not the people"

  • Studio_810
    Studio_810 3 months ago

    I think getting Michael Irvin would be a great move, but they would have to figure out a way to debate about the cowboys 🤓

  • R.E. Charles
    R.E. Charles 3 months ago +27

    Skip popularity is around being the heel with ridiculous takes. Viewers have never watched the to show see Skips and his personality so he would need a Shannon or Steven A. It's ashame he didn't realize this and nuture his relationship with Shannon.

      AQUA VIII 3 months ago +10

      People do like watching Skip's outrageous takes though lol

    • Darkrai
      Darkrai  3 months ago +3

      I’m sure Skip will find someone. Remember, Skip made Shannon by choosing him to be his partner on this show. If Skip had not done this, then Shannon would be nothing. This show is all about making outlandish takes. Outside of football, Shannon has no expertise in any other sport - his basketball takes are horrible but he’s entertaining. Skip just needs someone that has personality and that will make crazy takes and the show will be fine.

    • jay dot
      jay dot 3 months ago

      @AQUA VIIIyeah but people only enjoy hearing skips crazy takes when he has someone who is a complete opposite challenge him on it. Nobody wants to just watch skip say crazy sh*t with no pushback.

  • Al Van
    Al Van 3 months ago +1

    always appreciated you, agree or disagree you do great work. Miss the old show you were on, keep it up

  • bowling 4clarity
    bowling 4clarity 3 months ago +5

    Michael Irvin is nowhere as versatile in other sports knowledge . Say what you will, but Shannon is really probably the most well rounded ex athlete of all his peers in the space . If Skip wants a former athlete perspective for an array of sports related issues and play, he's got his work cut out for him .

    • Aaron Afrifa
      Aaron Afrifa 3 months ago

      This should have 10k likes

    • jeremy underhill
      jeremy underhill 3 months ago

      It's not that complicated everyone is leaving out the newest name in the game. It will probably take a year or so for everything to work out but by and large Skip's goal is Tom Brady newest former player now stake owner in the raiders stake owner in wnba team avid golfer wouldn't be surprised to see Brady into MLB before too long not to mention Skip's infatuation or bromance with Brady ever since Michigan.

    • bowling 4clarity
      bowling 4clarity 3 months ago

      @jeremy underhill there's NO WAY Brady would even a year or two from retiring as the GOAT qb would want to be on a live debate show the airs at 6 am for 5 days a week . NO WAY this happens. Be realistic . Besides, Skip worships Brady's football IQ too much for it to even be true disagreements which is the actual reason for a show .

    • bowling 4clarity
      bowling 4clarity 3 months ago

      @jeremy underhill even from a personality dynamic, to the reason why Skip vs Stephen A, or Skip vs Shannon works is because Skip's stubborn veracity needs a big voiced counterpart that can't be drowned out . Brady is far light voiced and new to the ranks to be the performer he would need to immediately be .

    • jeremy underhill
      jeremy underhill 3 months ago

      @bowling 4clarity the point your missing is skip wants to groom Brady to do just that and make millions to do it's Skip's way to keep Brady relevant and in the football and sports world as the current greatest QB of all time. Btw Brady is a lot more outspoken than you might think he just has not been in the position to voice it being a player you will see the difference when he starts his broadcasting career.

  • MsM
    MsM 3 months ago

    You’re spot on!!! 💯❌💯 Michael would be ~Perfect!!! Thanks for your show, it’s always refreshing! 🙏🏼

  • Mr. AAB
    Mr. AAB 3 months ago +29

    Nick never challenges Skip. It definitely makes sense now.

    • Shane Frederick
      Shane Frederick 3 months ago

      That would be great tv

    • Michael DiIorio
      Michael DiIorio 3 months ago +6

      Nick is a classy guy and speaks highly of everyone tho, cowherd, skip, dan patrick, Stephen a

      AQUA VIII 3 months ago +3

      @Michael DiIorio Facts Nick don't shit on anyone he show respect

    • Mr. AAB
      Mr. AAB 3 months ago +2

      @michaeldiiorio7555 Being classy and challenging sports opinions of your colleagues are 2 different things.

    • TZ Charles
      TZ Charles 3 months ago +1

      @Mr. AAB EXACTLY….I can show respect and still vehemently disagree with an opinion you have lol

  • Allen Jarrell
    Allen Jarrell 3 months ago

    Wiley, you are right about the way politics are working in the world leader of woke instead of just sports. 💯

  • Monaco Benedict
    Monaco Benedict 3 months ago +4

    Nice breakdown of this Shannon Skip breakup. I didn't realize Skip had all the power.

  • Fiend's SANCTUARY ™️ ©️

    I can see Broussard, rob parker, acho, and some other fox analysts working with him. They already be on his show and they will take that bigger check for that show

  • Sgt Slaughter
    Sgt Slaughter 3 months ago +436

    Ngl Michael Irvin would save this show I'ma be tuned in everyday 😂😂

    • Goodnight Munchie
      Goodnight Munchie 3 months ago +17

      Hopefully they don't get drunken Michael Irvin and his grabby hands 🚬🤦

    • Stinky Fingers
      Stinky Fingers 3 months ago +53

      Right? I want the coked up Michael Irvin. That dude is comically intense

    • Terrance W
      Terrance W 3 months ago +15

      No he wouldn’t.

    • Coty James
      Coty James 3 months ago +18

      Irvine still got all that legal shit going on, the producers probably ain't gonna let that happen.

    • Bran
      Bran 3 months ago +18

      They couldn’t, Mike likes the cowboys too much

  • Quentin
    Quentin 3 months ago +3

    My man be Droppin heat!! Respect ✊🏾

  • James Maguire
    James Maguire 3 months ago +1

    I appreciate there’s no sugar coating or no bs on this channel.

  • Lotso
    Lotso 3 months ago +38

    Nobody wants to work with Skip???? Sorry but that’s hard to believe or they are intimidated, because just look at what he did for Steven A and Shape’s career. No doubt Skip can be a pain and he has has his flaws, but the dude is brilliant at what he does. Creating First take and then taking his concept to Fox and making Undisputed, they are both the #1 show on their channel. So whoever he picks has the opportunity to shine and run with it for the rest of their career.

    • Alex H
      Alex H 3 months ago +1


    • Can't Stop- Won't Stop
      Can't Stop- Won't Stop 3 months ago +11

      Skip gave Steven A and Shannon opportunities.
      The outcomes came from them and their talents.
      Shannon did waaaay more for Undisputed's success than Skip did.
      Skip better call Chris Carter, he ain't doin nothin.

    • A.W.
      A.W. 3 months ago +1

      Yup money talks. They’ll definitely find a co-host. Will he be as good as Stephen A and Shannon is the real question. But it’s a massive opportunity for that person to co-host with Skip, love him or hate him it’s gonna set them up for life.

    • Madd Dogg No Good
      Madd Dogg No Good 3 months ago +8

      Yeah skip has done a lot for people but he's been insufferable over the past 2 years.
      You haven't notices they don't even go on the road or even have guests on anymore
      Because nobody likes skip outside of the people who know him because of his takes
      I like skip I've been a fan of his since 2001
      But his act is running thin on people
      The fact you can't even tweet about him or he doesn't want anyone who can challenge him like SAS or Shannon did really says something about him

  • Mark Hammer
    Mark Hammer 3 months ago

    Hopefully this “breakup” improves the show …so we’re not just hearing about lebron and the Lakers .

  • Docta91104
    Docta91104 3 months ago +8

    That’s not true Wiley. Skip fought for Shannon to be on the show. Shannon has said this multiple times

  • Josey munoz
    Josey munoz 3 months ago

    The one I would love but due to how the relationship between him and fox ended, it won't ever happen, but I think cris Carter would be amazing with skip

  • Easton
    Easton 3 months ago

    I’m so upset that you are so right, Nick Wright and Skip would be great but there’s no way they’d put them together

  • Roshan Vermezyari
    Roshan Vermezyari 3 months ago

    There are PLENTY OF PEOPLE willing to work with Skip if the $$$ is right. Undisputed literally catapulted Shannon’s career to new levels.

  • Shudigg
    Shudigg 3 months ago

    Imagine if LeBron actually takes a year off from NBA and co hosts with Skip 😂😂😂

  • Pound That Pavement
    Pound That Pavement 3 months ago

    Good luck finding someone to work with Skip. If they do find someone to work with Skip, they are still going to have to get good ratings and have chemistry. With all of that power that the network has given Skip with what seems like no over watch, who would really want to work with him? Joy was use to be on the show also and she left. In my opinion Skip is just to old and stuck in his ways. His mentality seems to be He has all of the accomplishments so he can do what he wants. What helped Shannon blow pass Skip also is that Shannon engages with viewers through social media. Skip has asked Shannon multiple times as to why he does that. Skip's version of engagement is tweet out something and that's it. I'm not saying you have to reply to everything but it helps for viewers to know you will say something if a comment is relevant. When undisputed first came out I would watch the whole show. Now even with Shannon on the show I just watch the first segment because 80% of the time it's the same topics with the same takes. At the end Skip can micro manage all he wants. If that first year goes by and the ratings have dropped, he will then have to worry about the show being canceled.

  • Southeast Daygo619
    Southeast Daygo619 3 months ago +4

    I believe this 💯 you can't say anything about skip, I remember Shannon and Skip used to go back and forth in the morning on Instagram. Shannon used to post his breakfast and his shoes of the day compared to what ever skip had on. Shannon would end every post with #Bustupskip then we would roast skip mercilessly even on his posts then one day it just stopped!

  • Byron Montesflores
    Byron Montesflores 3 months ago

    Interesting how you mention that it’s the characters that started beefing. I believe that, they get caught up in the characters and start feeling like they untouchable

  • Tavon Adams
    Tavon Adams 3 months ago +1

    How about Marcellus Wiley….? I’m just saying. He checks ALL the boxes:

  • Esus Walk
    Esus Walk 3 months ago +1

    The reality is NOBODY is feeling Skip, there is no audience for just him so if you have to find someone that people want to watch why does Skip even have a show?

  • nsenpai
    nsenpai 3 months ago

    They don't talk about replacements to pave way for shannon to leave peacefully. He is still under contract, their show is still on and talking about replacements is inappropriate. Thats what you call respect.

  • SMASH 🔨
    SMASH 🔨 3 months ago +8

    Bro I'd be down with some Wiley on Undisputed.

  • P the Producer
    P the Producer 3 months ago +1

    Skip is hilarious lol I hope they pick someone completely unexpected. I could see them having a rotation for a while

  • Kevin T
    Kevin T 3 months ago

    I am surprised with the notion that people are saying nobody wants to work with Skip. That's total BS. I agree that would apply for already established media members/personalities, but there are plenty of people (ex-players, HOFs, media personalities) that would view this as a great opportunity to gain experience and build their own brand.

  • Jeffrey Luckado
    Jeffrey Luckado 3 months ago

    what about Marcus Spears? I think that could possibly be a good fit

  • midnightshadow
    midnightshadow 3 months ago

    They can do what First Take is doing right now and have different guest hosts. Michael Irvin would be awesome during football season. Of course Broussard would probably come at times over videochat.

  • Nick B
    Nick B 3 months ago

    Idk why people pretend that thousands wouldn’t jump at an opportunity to work with him. Whether they like him or not

  • rafsoverflow
    rafsoverflow 3 months ago +27

    Nick Wright would be really cool as long as he stays on first things first too

    • Eric Ross
      Eric Ross 3 months ago

      Nick Wright is as unlikable as Skip.

    • kenny price
      kenny price 3 months ago

      Can’t because one show is based out of Ny the other is in La

  • maggie hill
    maggie hill 3 months ago +2

    Wiley wants to raise his hand but skip be like put your hands back down

  • John Bowen
    John Bowen 3 months ago

    I remember the day after the Damar incident happened and Shannon didn’t come in, my boy hit me talking about nobody wants to works with Skip. I mentioned your name a few times but boy I’m glad you did your own thing and got this podcast off the ground

  • 4TF infamous
    4TF infamous 3 months ago +2

    Talk that talk cell 😂 it's good to hear somebody actually know what the deal is

  • Freddy Es
    Freddy Es 3 months ago

    I read the comment and some of the reactions are kind of weird if you think about it. For one skip is in his 70s, he’s a made man and elite in success in his profession. Some people are talking about him like his career is over, the guy helped launch both Stephen a smith and sharpe and made them sympathetic when they weren’t really beforehand. Sharpe is the one that has to prove himself without skip just like Stephen a smith did and set out to do. Skip can help launch another star and if he doesn’t then what does he lose? The other co-host will be attached to skip and probably wont reach the peak they had when they we working with skip anyways. Regardless skip made it and has left his mark in his profession. Sharpe made it and has the talent and peoples love to keep going and we’ll see who he works with. It’s up to skip if he wants to create another star, keep
    Working or retire. What else does he have to prove? He is what he is as far as what we think of him. Lebron won’t be jordan most likely and that’s ok, Kobe wasn’t either, curry and Giannis probably won’t be either. Skip keeps working but he doesn’t seem like he has to anymore.they will both still be succeeded without each other