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Huge Fake Game Scam

  • Published on Feb 3, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This is the greatest weird fake game of All Time
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  • Some Bastard with a YouTube channel

    “My dog ate my files so I couldn’t show the gameplay” what a glorious quote

    • kumi
      kumi 3 days ago

      @Troll🎖 you don't sound like a guy who's been here since 2012

    • Purple aki
      Purple aki Month ago +1

      I think your easily amused

    • Joosher56
      Joosher56 Month ago +1

      @Jeremy Clarkson did you have too much exhoost fume

  • FalseProphet
    FalseProphet Month ago +2286

    My dad always used to tell me about some French Jean designer who didn’t have the money to make his product but he had enough to market. He spent all his money on marketing and billboards rather than creating a product, and when the demand for the jeans for really high, he was able to get a loan from the bank to make the jeans. That entire story sounds entirely ridiculous now that I’m older but maybe the day before is a case of that 👀

    • Tomaniak
      Tomaniak 6 days ago

      dude that's exactly what Kickstarter is for

    • How to change name?
      How to change name? 8 days ago

      A risky bet, but much more prominent and real than game nowadays

    • Matt
      Matt 15 days ago

      don't be hopeful
      windows genuine advantage was discontinued with windows 7, scams are everywhere now

    • Nick Chivers
      Nick Chivers 26 days ago

      ​@Deaf go to 2022 and keep going back a year til you find it bro, trust me im on the internet.

  • Leep_Actual
    Leep_Actual Month ago +904

    Spent more time on the butt shaping and yoga pants creation than the actual game world.

    • lgd661
      lgd661 Month ago +7

      @𝔞𝔟𝔶𝔰𝔰 𝔧𝔲𝔪𝔭𝔢𝔯 I think it looks more like the character model from the rebooted tomb raider series with some polish on it, the whole game looks like its parts of other games from recent years

    • RoundDuck Kira
      RoundDuck Kira Month ago +12

      @𝔞𝔟𝔶𝔰𝔰 𝔧𝔲𝔪𝔭𝔢𝔯 nah better, considering the character didn't look as obnoxious and clearly GTA VI is early in development
      This looks like a demo made to look "good" but in reality it's simple underneath, and it has assets that don't fit

    • 𝔞𝔟𝔶𝔰𝔰 𝔧𝔲𝔪𝔭𝔢𝔯
      𝔞𝔟𝔶𝔰𝔰 𝔧𝔲𝔪𝔭𝔢𝔯 Month ago +21

      thats literally the gta 6 female protagonist lol

    • TheMytoya
      TheMytoya Month ago +74

      More than likely they bought that character (ass)et.

  • Bruh Mem
    Bruh Mem Month ago +42

    They spent more time making her thicc than the game UI 💀

  • William Miller
    William Miller Month ago +797

    This feels, at least in this moment, more like a small company that overhyped what they could do and are scrambling when people are asking why it's taking so long.

    • Malte
      Malte 19 days ago

      Looks like War Z (Infestation Surviver Story)

    • Sebastian Inzos
      Sebastian Inzos 26 days ago

      Well they hyped it up with obviously fake gameplay, and are calling it actual gameplay.

    • hLVE
      hLVE Month ago +1

      This feels more likely than this idea they’re scamming their community with some malicious intent.

    • YupI'mStupid
      YupI'mStupid Month ago +7

      Exactly. "Scam" implies they are cheating to gain something (like money) but that's not what's happening here

    • Dippschitt
      Dippschitt Month ago +1

      @Zeromaus well yeah, after several years, adding content that should have been added during the launch (which for a small studio would be nearly impossible).

  • Aniel Heera
    Aniel Heera Month ago +291

    The Literal definition of "Fake it till you make it" but, they may never make it LOL.

    • TimeDeos
      TimeDeos Month ago +1


    • TimeDeos
      TimeDeos Month ago +1

      @Joosher56 yeah pretty kuch

    • Joosher56
      Joosher56 Month ago +4

      They’ve made it in terms of popularity but they haven’t actually made anything lol

    • TimeDeos
      TimeDeos Month ago +4

      Yeah I agree, they haven’t really made much in terms of revenue but in hype they’ve definitely made it

  • Ray The Beast
    Ray The Beast Month ago +18153

    Charlie is just the reporter of all scams at this point.

    • Indigo Gilliam
      Indigo Gilliam 21 day ago

      He is the greatest scam reporter of All Time you mean

    • Swim Fan
      Swim Fan Month ago

      Don't be ridiculous

    • Gabriele V.
      Gabriele V. Month ago

      Can't wait for him to do a video on the Amico.
      (And avoiding lawsuits from the small Amico fanbase)

  • Kevin Mach
    Kevin Mach Month ago +408

    "Why would they fake a game?" They genuinely wanted to do it. and just got why in over their heads. Wouldn't be the first time someone saw an opportunity and it never materialized. Happens all the time.

    • Robert
      Robert Month ago +1

      Are we talking about Logan Paul's cryptofarm here?

    • Kogasengaha Hishoshi
      Kogasengaha Hishoshi Month ago +1

      @EVOLICIOUS Dude, they don't HAVE any money XD Its not a money scam on their part that they took from somewhere. Theres no crime into crypto or marketing in nvidia from a sponsor. They don't have a dime. Don't even need to watch MC's video here for that fact lol

    • Kogasengaha Hishoshi
      Kogasengaha Hishoshi Month ago +4

      @Kevin Mach Because it IS a promising venture. Just a venture that will never see fruit, it was a risk. But when you have, again. A polished Trailer/teaser snippet of that sort of lvl, should of said at least somethin lol They want to hold onto it but it will never have anything substantial of course.

  • Livid
    Livid Month ago +503

    I know it probably won’t happen but, it’d be so badass to be this company and actually have the game created and launching soon-ish and actually be the game it’s represented to be. Damn they’d have so much free promo off the accusations and then again off all the apologies from content creators. The ball truly is in their court, unfortunately I think they’ll waste the opportunity, but imagine.

    • legendofrobbo
      legendofrobbo 21 day ago

      looking at the trailers they have nothing even close to a finished game, all this shit is just assets and templates with a somewhat competent inventory UI that may or may not even be tied to any actual backend systems

    • Oliver Charles
      Oliver Charles 21 day ago

      @Sun rise are you unable to read?? i dont think that is a fanboy.

    • Jared Silvers
      Jared Silvers Month ago

      @Vibechecker628 Yes... thousands of people in total. Do you know how many people work on each Call of Duty? It's an insane number.

    • Vibechecker628
      Vibechecker628 Month ago +1

      @Kepps Again, he was just saying it'd be funny.

    • Vibechecker628
      Vibechecker628 Month ago +1

      @Jared Silvers Thousands? Dawg what kinda games you playing? But uh, yeah, he was just saying 'imagine' because it'd be funny. You guys associate 'imagine' with 'I know this is what it's gonna be', they're two totally different things.

  • Banta
    Banta Month ago +38

    It really is amazing how far games have come and how the differences are in the finer details now. I remember the jump from the 16 bit to 32/64 bit era and it was like going from black and white to color. Now the differences between thrown together crap and top notch development is textures, lighting effects, AI, depth of menu options, etc. Honestly, the gameplay trailer didn’t look bad to my boomer eyes (graphically anyway, seemed boring) until Charlie showed the initial trailer.

      EVOLICIOUS Month ago +3

      It's important to learn how to catch these things if you plan on not getting scammed in the modern era. Please, get yourself educated.

  • wilsudi
    wilsudi Month ago +104

    That woman character has been doing more squats than anything else useful in post apocalyptic world

    • Wagon Racing
      Wagon Racing Month ago +14

      At least there’s something interesting to look at while jogging around a random american suburb

  • Tav Hamsteak
    Tav Hamsteak Month ago +53

    I think the sad thing is that even if this game were to come out, people would still buy it in droves and let games that actually have passion put into them swept under the rug.

  • Draconian
    Draconian Month ago +1022

    “My dog ate my files”
    “He took a megabyte”

    • Matt
      Matt 15 days ago

      the pitbull named princess who bit an exabyte from the library of congress

    • moviemaker2011z
      moviemaker2011z Month ago

      i hate the fact that this is funny. and i hate the fact i laughed. you get a like for that

    • ThatGreenLED
      ThatGreenLED Month ago

      "Yeah! Not a nibble, a megabyte!"

    • Chaotika
      Chaotika Month ago


    • Ltwpe
      Ltwpe Month ago


  • Yagi
    Yagi Month ago +19

    I've actually worked on a similar game before. Just like our game, this game seems to gave a ton of really nice assets, but no actual gameplay. Long story short, the investors that put money into these companies are often braindead idiots that don't know how games work, so you can woo them with beautiful models and prerendered cutscenes and they'll throw money at you. But once it comes to creating gameplay, this is usually put to the side because it's more important to show something nice for the next investor meeting.

  • Two Dolla Ant
    Two Dolla Ant Month ago +116

    I wouldn’t necessarily call it a scam if they’re not making money but they DEFINITELY bit off way more than they could chew 🤣😭

    • concepcion
      concepcion Month ago +1

      Nah bruh they just cyberpunked it lol

    • GmmBeast
      GmmBeast Month ago +2

      The definition of scam is "a dishonest scheme; a fraud." And the definition of fraud is "wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain." So it's not always about money. Sometimes it's for personal reasons. They're promising a specific product, but if it doesn't exist then it's fraudulent.

    • tacowithgiantbeansallover
      tacowithgiantbeansallover Month ago +13

      @hurt sauce Source: Trust me bro

  • HedgeHound
    HedgeHound Month ago +33

    I was so hyped for this game and seeing it turn out this way makes me mad

  • Laatmaas Quanariin
    Laatmaas Quanariin Month ago +14

    Obviously this is a test to see how well a game can be made with only a marketing team

  • Neomic
    Neomic Month ago +7

    I think what happened was they wanted to make this game, so they threw together the initial trailer as a pitch, hoping to get investors or a publisher on board. It generated a ton of buzz, but didn't work, and now they've made all these little trailer videos trying to get anyone to fund the project, but fans wanted gameplay. So they stalled as long as they could so the team they have could throw together this "vertical slice" as a last ditch effort, hoping SOMEONE will see the buzz it's gotten and throw them some money to finally make it.

  • inQieGaming
    inQieGaming Month ago +1774

    the fact that even "the day before" discord mods questioned the existence of this game is hilarious

    • Charles Galaxion
      Charles Galaxion Month ago +2

      ​@Smokey Animations some, certainly. I mean, me and my friends have a discord server just to hang about, and 3 of us are the mods that more or less just make sure no NSFW stuff goes onto the general chat.

    • Sephiroso
      Sephiroso Month ago +8

      Why in the world would you think a game dev studio would share anything special with discord mods? Discord mods are almost always volunteers from the community, it's not a paid role like community manager most of the time.

    • Sora
      Sora Month ago +4

      @Loast Im doing alright, thank you very much ^^ Let me guess, discord mod is your occupation? kek

    • Loast
      Loast Month ago +17

      @Sora home boy said kekw brother walk outside your house one piece wont get you laid

    • Sora
      Sora Month ago +14

      I mean i work as a game dev, and i wonder why ppl think discord mods would know anything really? XD Companies don't invite discord mods to their meetings KEKW

  • Drakeziel Mathis
    Drakeziel Mathis Month ago +4

    This truly shows the validity of IGN and GameSpot!

  • Brian Bru
    Brian Bru Month ago +3

    The one that never sat right with me was the boy who used Cohh Carnage's community during Project Resurgence. Their crowd funding raised some $200,000 just shy of it. 1 year later the company folds and Cohh's friend releases a post-mortem that showed of the $184,000 raised wages spent during that year of development reached $184,000. What that says to me is it was a scam from day one.

  • GeneralTon1
    GeneralTon1 Month ago +10

    The funny thing was that it came out from nowhere, so unexpected and people just started hyping it up knew it from the start this shit wasn't going to end well

  • EPPY !
    EPPY ! Month ago +10

    you have developers in crowded rooms sleeping there with crunch to release a game and then you have these 2 guys on a chromebook in the middle of nowhere making this amazing looking game that even the crunch guys cant make. tells you everything you need to know on wether its a fake game or not.

  • Bread
    Bread Month ago

    My guess is this game was initially made as a joke or just to troll the internet, but then they saw that there was a genuine interest they tried to figure out how to make an actual game, making the initial trailer serve more as a concept test.

  • Joel YT
    Joel YT Month ago +3652

    This is like the equivalent of kids bragging about things they have at home but they don't really have it.

    • armani
      armani Month ago

      its like them bragging about having 50 lego sets but they actually have 50 small mega blocks sets

    • 117MasterSpartan
      117MasterSpartan Month ago +1

      “I have a girlfriend.
      She’s from another school.”

    • Mathias Maximus
      Mathias Maximus Month ago

      There was a kid in school that said his dad worked for Sony and he had the pss3 in 2003

      EVOLICIOUS Month ago

      @★彡AƘƖMƁƠ DƲƊЄ彡★ yikes, dude.

    • batmanonabike
      batmanonabike Month ago

      What BS! My home lie detector would prove you wrong!

  • Skylar
    Skylar Month ago +2

    i actually quite like it 😭 i just hope they add actually good storyline and just stuff to do instead of running around killing zombies

  • A Fat Bearded Dragon
    A Fat Bearded Dragon Month ago +4

    2:34 this is exactly how news should be shared. Good stuff Charlie

  • Villager 1
    Villager 1 Month ago +2

    One reason I can think of is that they might have done this to drive people towards the other game they made, while they wait for the “game” they’re actually interested in - with these people thinking that, based on a cool looking concept, their previous work would be similar

  • Butters_
    Butters_ 29 days ago

    Day before devs: We need something to distract the audience from the lacking gameplay
    Character artist: Calls the bakery

  • Drew Patterson
    Drew Patterson Month ago +1

    DAMN I had a feeling this was too good to be true..... I was actually SO hype about this....

  • Veli
    Veli Month ago +3501

    I think what happened was, they released the initial reveal trailer as a proof of concept, to gauge the interest for a project, and then got way too excited trying to deliver on something even a triple A studio would struggle to develop. They set the bar too high for themselves and are now doing this balancing act - trying to capitalize on the fanbase they cultivated, but on a budget that is nowhere near enough, so they keep pushing back the game hoping to salvage the situation.

    • Veli
      Veli Month ago

      @EVOLICIOUS Well that's even worse 😂if they've been doing this for years, they obviously haven't developed anything lmao. I can also claim that I'm developing a quadruple A open-world space-pirate base-building simulator for example, and then have a friend build like, a single level so I can post screenshots.

      EVOLICIOUS Month ago

      @Hobo Joe sure, if you only watched this video and know nothing else, but even charlie didn't take more than a few seconds of sleuthing.

      EVOLICIOUS Month ago

      @Crentshen Then you probably don't work in the industry and/or have the intuition of a toddler.
      It doesn't take a lot of effort to look further into this and find out this entire project is an investor scam.

      EVOLICIOUS Month ago

      @A Ny The fact that no game like that could ever exist. The server space, assets, development cycle, none of which is possible with the modern teams, networking hardware and average consumer hardware we will ever have outside of 30 years into the future with massive scientific breakthroughs in AI networking and computing on both local and commercial scales in the trillions of dollars.
      Star Citizen is the only example of that sort of crowd funding scam, sorta working, and even then, it's still an unplayable mess after 11 years, and is still a mostly empty metaverse.

      EVOLICIOUS Month ago

      Absolutely not. If you are to read their claims, you will find what you typed to be entirely untrue. They made very clear claims that they have a game under development, while showcasing screen shots, before any gameplay YEARS AGO. Which turned out to not resemble anything like the initial gameplay trailers either.

  • blues3531
    blues3531 Month ago +1

    Also as far as what its supposed to be - i guess its like a Tarkov type thing where you go into a zone to extract stuff and there are PVE zombies and maybe you run into other squads of people to fight for stuff? That would actually be a sick game if an actual real, proven developer was working on it.

  • Nicoshmico
    Nicoshmico Month ago +5

    I think the most telling thing about this is that this game was supposed to already be out…

  • Connor Chambers
    Connor Chambers Month ago +3

    I do believe there's hope for the game, if this is a rush job, with time actually put in, I can see it going well. They had the atmosphere indoors down really well, I feel like the issue is that it's not quite a full environment. Adding in hordes and real ambience is all that is needed to appear genuine. The textures are bad, but not impossible to improve. They have a good base, all that it needs is polish

  • Dr Dickinson
    Dr Dickinson Month ago +7

    Chat : ''What are you even suppose to do in this game?''
    Charlie : ''Feel remorse''

  • Thee Spanish God
    Thee Spanish God Month ago +4

    It's a good time for these developers to come thru even more now!

  • David Cummins
    David Cummins Month ago +1296

    I have some experience in the game industry, and I would say that they intended to release something kind of like the original trailer, but underestimated how difficult it was. They got some nice models and effects, tightly scripted it out (any parts that are not walking simulator totally faked). They ground out the render at like 1fps and thought they had it in the bag. Then the moment the huge variety of systems (e.g. AI, animation, survival systems, narrative, etc) started clashing with each other and the performance requirements, they realized they were toast. If you build things out of off-the-shelf components a lot of them don't play nice with each other. So now they're desperately trying to scrape some kind of playable game together partly for ego and partly so they don't go broke over it.

    • Carlos1818
      Carlos1818 Month ago +1

      is this similar to what happened with Cyberpunk 2077

    • Aggressiver Türsteher
      Aggressiver Türsteher Month ago

      @Matt Ward Productions EXACTLY! I hate when people say "why do you still have a CD-Drive, just download. I'm a physical disc enjoyer/embracer

    • Aggressiver Türsteher
      Aggressiver Türsteher Month ago

      @Mark Burke yeah I already thought about that but I'm working on a horror game. If I nail the story and gameplay it's fine 🙂 I mean look at Alien Isolation (my favorite horror game) we are at peak graphics basically
      Edit: Alien Isolation could be released today, just like it is and it would be a hit. You have one main enemy, androids that look all the same, mostly small environments and gameplay/mechanics that carry the game.

    • Mark Burke
      Mark Burke Month ago

      @Aggressiver Türsteher I agree with your initial statement, but I'm curious on your thoughts on the timeline. lets say your or an indie game takes 10years to make, is there an issue that the game is already outdated by the time it is finally ready to be released?

    • IrisCorven
      IrisCorven Month ago +1

      Or - and stick with me here - they're habitual con artists who make terrible games, hype their new game/product near the end of the dev cycle, and then drop support a week after the game releases. Which, y'know, is kind of their track record.

  • jessabelleanna
    jessabelleanna Month ago

    What I'm guessing happened is the copyright issue was code related. A developer might have used code that was copyrighted and had to remove it and that's set them back quite a bit. Gameplay doesn't look bad to me just not nearly complete

    • Condorian
      Condorian Month ago +1

      Considering many animations look like they have been directly ripped out of The Last Of Us, this wouldn't surprise me one bit. Like, how the hell is almost no one else saying it? If you look at any trailer with a male character it's clear as day.

  • Canadian But not French

    My guess is that it probably is really being made but most likely its majorly understaffed or something, so the missed deadlines and stuff is because they actually literally don't have the man power to get it done in a timely manner, or probably something like that

  • IrisCorven
    IrisCorven Month ago

    That feeling when the muzzle flash was dissected in a deep dive video, and it's literally a single PNG of a muzzle flash that's super-imposed mid-way up the barrel. Not even at the end of the barrel.

  • zoro4661
    zoro4661 Month ago +1

    Charlie not making an edging joke about "every time they hype up gameplay...it doesn't come" shows some real restraint

  • Andrew Boby Jacob
    Andrew Boby Jacob Month ago

    Imagine they actually come up with something amazing in the end. Highly unlikely though.

  • Jason Patterson
    Jason Patterson Month ago +2592

    Dunno if you noticed, but the zombies did exactly two things. They either crouched and growled loudly or they ran forward in a straight line (not necessarily toward the player). Says something about the AI's level of development, at a minimum.

    • Kevin Dawson
      Kevin Dawson Month ago +1

      @Ryan Diaz lol Udemy. Brings back nightmares of writing reviews as a freelancer.

    • Ryan Diaz
      Ryan Diaz Month ago

      Gotta take that next Udemy class to learn how to do a third thing

    • Kevin Dawson
      Kevin Dawson Month ago

      NaN iD Software had better AI in the early 90s.

    • Kevin Dawson
      Kevin Dawson Month ago

      @Nick Hollen You mean the YT handle that's literally an error meaning "undefined" in certain runtime errors? Who is completely full of buzzwords?

    • Scorpion
      Scorpion Month ago

      NaN Why so salty bro? go outside

  • Michael Vick
    Michael Vick Month ago

    I thought this game was never coming out, but for it to be fake it hilarious😂

  • DJ Not Okay
    DJ Not Okay 28 days ago

    i honestly hope its not a scam, i was honestly kinda hyped for this

  • izzy
    izzy Month ago

    if they actually made a game that looks like this i’d probably play it, but they’re just lying to lie

  • Andrey filimonov
    Andrey filimonov Month ago

    This game started to be developed 6 years ago approx, huge boost to it was given due hiring distant coders and artists 3-4 years ago. They(fntastic) just gone too ambitious and received a lot of content with various quality, there was no control over development, but this was in 2020-2021. I don't know the state of the game since then.

  • Levi Little
    Levi Little Month ago +1

    I love zombie games and I kind of want to see it actually do well, hopefully it doesn't end up like that "I Am Legend" game where it never releases and just silently dies

  • Golden Mantis
    Golden Mantis Month ago +1731

    I will never stop being baffled at the ability of gamers to get super hyped about games that they have next to 0 information about

    • BaconBelly Pig
      BaconBelly Pig Month ago

      Is this what’s happening with atomic heart? Seems like that games been hyped up for a while despite being delayed for like 3 years

    • Deryan Lorenz
      Deryan Lorenz Month ago

      @Lego Addiction the game is absolutely good now but a launch it had a lot of problems and bugs. Now I do think it is good but at launch it was dreadful.

    • Kepps
      Kepps Month ago

      @vi’s mattress You are still delusional, the game is fun but nowhere near what they promised, that's the entire point of the discussion.

    • vi’s mattress
      vi’s mattress Month ago

      @Kepps I played it both on release and now, and it’s much better and an actual fun experience. Stop flipping out and chillax.

    • Mandz
      Mandz Month ago

      @Kepps No disagreements there, it's just an observation that I had.
      I didn't watch cyberpunk that closely myself (as I was also trying to avoid spoilers) so whether the promises went up a notch as it got closer to release I have no idea.
      Also, for the record even then I myself didn't pre-order cyberpunk, I did eventually get the game, but only after the v1.6 (and the anime) came out.

  • thisusernamecursed55

    Honestly at this point if this game actually released I would be amazed

  • Orthane
    Orthane Month ago

    I think this is actually a social experiment to see how much interest you can get in a project while still missing every deadline, making constant excuses, and showing 0 gameplay.

  • AquaKlef
    AquaKlef Month ago

    I have a theory, a publisher approached them. They went honest and said: "we don't know how to move forward", they were offered to create the vision and recently received funding and workforce to get moving and what we see is the result of the work that started way sooner than what was led to be believed.

  • SuperSR Animation
    SuperSR Animation Month ago

    I don't know what to do with an empty day but as soon as I saw you post this video I was so happy you made a new day for me and I hope you won't stop making videos ❤

  • Propaganda Jamboree
    Propaganda Jamboree 28 days ago

    I think its a case that people can be ambitious to the point were it becomes delusional. The two bothers believed in their own legends without properly understanding the weight of what they were taking on. Sadly this is rife in the gaming industry.

  • oobergoober
    oobergoober Month ago +2366

    What I think is that they're doing what I did when I was an indie developer: get too excited about the idea of a game, start making devlogs to gather hype thinking I could fulfill promises I was too early in development to achieve, throw shit together trying to maintain the fanbase I created and was now afraid to loose incase they'd never come back.
    Note to developers: just don't make promises until you are chin deep into development. you'll save yourself a lot of stress.
    edit: i misspelled lose but im going to keep it like that just to annoy nerds who correct grammar on social media posts :)

    • AAA AAA
      AAA AAA Month ago

      @Dec Hastings The game. It's just way harder than you think at first. That's why those smaller titles tend to have some pretty big glitches like in amok.

    • Butwhowas
      Butwhowas Month ago

      @Tybz I assume we're both talking about KOTOR Apeiron, right? That one got shut down with a C&D letter. Not sure what you're talking about if we're not talking about the same thing.

    • Mr Ralph
      Mr Ralph Month ago

      @oobergoober you must be looking at the wrong games force gaming has done some good videos explaining them go watch them

    • Tybz
      Tybz Month ago

      @Brain It's not. You are thinking about Apeiron, it's true, they were working on a remake and got a C&D. The ones I'm talking about are not remaking the game, but a are making a series with episodes and shit. And after 2 years of trailers and promises and hype they haven't released a single episode and nobody knows nothing about them cause they haven't posted a single update

  • oObattlechaserOo
    oObattlechaserOo Month ago

    I never believed that a small team like fntastic is able to make a AAA game of this caliber.

    • Guinea Ranch
      Guinea Ranch Month ago

      The people who made the Harry Potter game that teams beat fame was Pixar’s cars 3.

  • Yo ItsTidus
    Yo ItsTidus Month ago

    Such a good looking game getting exposed right before it releases

  • cyphercrack
    cyphercrack Month ago +1

    Perhaps it started as a honest project but got bigger then they thought.
    Anxiety can do this I belive

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller Month ago +2

    Charlie is legit the most based man ever to exist on the internet, like seriously man!!!

  • Terranak
    Terranak 25 days ago

    So during “development” the company Fantastic created a platform that allows people to work remotely (like during Covid) called Continent and some speculate that they used the game as a marketing strategy saying “our platform is so sophisticated you could make a video game with tons of different people working together”

  • Kolljak
    Kolljak Month ago +1860

    This is exactly why there should be anti-fraud laws against game studios that fake "real gameplay".

    • Spinner132
      Spinner132 Month ago +1

      @yellowsaurus hey you want to know how you make it easier on yourself then? Don't make a huge ass vision and then tell people you'll be able to do it if you don't know for absolute certainty that you can. If you have to start removing features you promised you've already failed

    • Greyish
      Greyish Month ago

      @Tim Noonan No, but it means that big game companies will probably do anything in their power to stop this law from becoming a thing.

    • Kolljak
      Kolljak Month ago

      @CorruptedPoison I kinda do. they are the guiltiest party, they also have had dirty business practices that I noticed around the time Rainbow six siege started. at least this is when I started to notice, maybe even before that.

    • Faridzul Anuar
      Faridzul Anuar Month ago

      @Tim Noonan of course its bad...how can I pirate ubisoft game anymore?

    • Chill Cult
      Chill Cult Month ago

      @Tim Noonan My guy have a solid point

  • Nannada1212
    Nannada1212 Month ago

    Obviously, they're innovating the whole zombie game genre. They just took less is more too literally

  • Ash
    Ash Month ago

    This is so wild because they apparently made Propnight which is actually a pretty good game

  • KeineGnade
    KeineGnade Month ago

    My guess as to why the game has been advertised and made without any preorder or Kickstarter yet is either like Charlie said to lie to investors or that they are planning to create a Kickstarter for this game after attempting to build some hype and then take people's money and run with it.


    Ty for making the internet a better place officer Charlie

  • Tiller Phil
    Tiller Phil Month ago

    That classic no man's sky release where the dev team is super small and making huge promises that are gonna take years to smooth out by themselves

  • Ravade
    Ravade Month ago +12896

    They couldn’t even come up with an original logo lol

    • Mystic Relaxation - Nature
      Mystic Relaxation - Nature Month ago

      When I first saw it I thought it was a last of us prequel😅

    • Step Sis
      Step Sis Month ago

      💀 I'm dead

    • Chowdercloud
      Chowdercloud Month ago

      Why are people toxic about this guys logo. Game logos are a big deal, but not a random youtube profile.

    • The Saiber Samurai
      The Saiber Samurai Month ago

      @🎲Vlad_Is_Mad ಠಗಠ🎲 wdym suuuure…

  • mifsopo
    mifsopo Month ago +2

    Sad part, ive been looking forward to this game for over a year looked soo fantastic

  • Rhett
    Rhett Month ago

    This is certainly the game of all time

  • Turtleman
    Turtleman Month ago

    theyve been spent all development on the cutscenes so the team can have a clear idea of what the levels should look like

  • weavle96
    weavle96 Month ago +1

    It feels more like the devs had a cool concept, built out a hype up trailer to see where it would go and it got way more hype than they were expecting and didn't know what to actually do at that point having bit off more than they could chew.

  • Jesse
    Jesse Month ago

    This really sucks cuz when it was first announced it looked super interesting and promising, I hope in the future we get something similar from a AAA company

  • WaffleKing
    WaffleKing Month ago +2453

    It’s honestly a shame that the video game industry has now turned into this giant husk of its former self, full of scams, shitty development time frames, and shady practices
    Edit: Yes I know this type of behavior has been around in the industry for years, its just been getting worse for the past 10 years

    • deediedededoe
      deediedededoe Month ago

      @Joel Vela Caneiro what? 😂

    • Joel Vela Caneiro
      Joel Vela Caneiro Month ago

      @deediedededoe you really had to invent a new metaphor to defend your point, that’s laughable dude, like come on

    • deediedededoe
      deediedededoe Month ago

      @Joel Vela Caneiro exactly you believe what you want to believe.... Keep those black tinted glasses on for as long as you like, nobody is stopping you

    • deediedededoe
      deediedededoe Month ago

      @Joel Vela Caneiro ask anyone and look anywhere
      And don't pull the whole "that doesn't count" because you either are playing dumb or actually are dumb if you can't find all the games and everyone who agrees all over the world
      If you put the time in to look you will find it

  • Hoboglobin
    Hoboglobin Month ago

    I feel like they maybe were trying to get the game pushed through to the ability to preorder based on pre render footage, and then they were gonna pull the plug.

  • Cassie Jenecke
    Cassie Jenecke Month ago

    When I first saw this I thought it'd be pretty cool (I've played both last of us games and this gave me similar vibes while still going in a different direction) but seeing this makes me think it's like a bootleg version of those games which are absolutely beautiful and very well constructed. And when he read the comment of it being the shifty version of The Division that's true. A dollar tree version if The Last of Us met The Division.

  • Samuel Brown
    Samuel Brown Month ago +7

    8:15 that fast & furious reference will never get old 🤣

  • Cloud
    Cloud Month ago

    i feel like such an idiot i was so hyped for this game i reallly just thought they needed more time to get the game more polished because even i knew the gameplay footage they've released is flawed but i still had faith

  • The Bystander
    The Bystander Month ago +3

    "Did I ever tell you the defintion of insanity?" ~A witty psychopath

  • birds fly
    birds fly Month ago +1030

    What a time to be alive. We can get amazing games once in a while, with total bullcrap in the middle to fill the gaps. I don’t even play these types of games, but I’m so tired of hearing about and buying into a cool concept for a video game only to see it be something else.

    • XxDaRkDeMoNxxX
      XxDaRkDeMoNxxX Month ago

      @Xz Nytro But that not the point. My original post was saying CP2077 is not a scam, which is true. The devs owned up to all their mistakes, and plenty of refunds were handed out. And now years later the devs are still working on the game and have eliminated the majority of problems people originally had with it

    • Griffin McKenzie
      Griffin McKenzie Month ago

      @Xz Nytro I'm sorry, what - *exactly* - were you "promised"? Lmfao

    • Ethan Upton
      Ethan Upton Month ago

      @Vex o hating on destiny is just a trend now, I bet all the people who call it shit have put more than 500hrs 😂

    • Xz Nytro
      Xz Nytro Month ago +1

      @XxDaRkDeMoNxxX And it still isn't what we were promised

  • Pre0ccupied Clips
    Pre0ccupied Clips Month ago

    I mean they could absolutely turn this into a game. It's definitely not a game rn though

  • sabertooth_lifts
    sabertooth_lifts Month ago

    I think this is more of a case of a indie team taking on and promising more then they could deliver and being scared to admit they went overboard on what they promised and dont know how or want to complete it which i can understand.

  • Nathan Dykes
    Nathan Dykes Month ago

    What is going to happen with this game is going to be exactly what we went through with Anthem a few years ago.

  • Blind Side
    Blind Side Month ago

    Here's the thing, if they opened with that main gameplay video my thought process would be "needs work but could be cool". That Announcement video though makes such a huge promise that it makes everything so much worse.

  • travis adams
    travis adams Month ago +1

    Reminds me of those low budget movies that spent all their movie on cool cover art. Then way too many people (way way too many)thought that was some cool cover art.

  • Nadestraight
    Nadestraight Month ago +1476

    All I can assume (Judging from my 2 years of being in the game dev industry) is that they're going to/ already have, done this as a marketing campaign for a product which didn't exist, but now their bargaining chip to publishers and investors is "We have a potential reach of millions, we're the most wishlisted game on steam". And they're using that to hopefully ACTUALLY start the development of the title by hiring a team to work on the project, as the actual studio is/ was just 2 people not long ago.

    • RaulDaniel
      RaulDaniel Month ago

      @Raktor The game is done tho, it just needs improvements

    • brock kelsch
      brock kelsch Month ago

      @Nadestraight thanks for the response so pretty much looking for a small game to volunteer and help on is the best way to go about it

    • Nadestraight
      Nadestraight Month ago

      @brock kelsch I got my start QA Testing for a game that blew up last year called Splitgate, when I found them they were really young and needed people to volunteer, therefor no experience needed. From there I went on to join their skins/ texture team, and then started my own studio with 2 other devs I met online!

    • Tyler Young
      Tyler Young Month ago

      @Corwin Keylon ok... noted i guess, what are some jobs youve made

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago

    I think this is an example of Newtons law of inertia... "A Student (or as in this Special Case, a Game developer) remains motionless until theyre compelled by sufficient panic"

  • Wes Syde
    Wes Syde Month ago

    They thought the extra cake would distract us from the fact the character is rendered without fingernails

  • Blazingamer
    Blazingamer Month ago

    I swear after watching all of charlie’s videos, you could become a 4th level intellect from dc

  • James Akins
    James Akins Month ago

    i was really exccited for this game too :( a cross platform zombie open world game with non pixel graphics is something we need and its a wonder why nobody has done that yet.

  • Boots.Drifts
    Boots.Drifts Month ago

    8:15 - 8:22 made me laugh so hard

  • Tajee_y
    Tajee_y Month ago +241

    You know the market is bad when people are shitting their pants over a generic zombie game that looks like 95% of all other generic zombie games

    • Viscount Rainbows🌈🦄
      Viscount Rainbows🌈🦄  Month ago +3

      Your average unity asset flip has as much unique charm as even this glorified short animated film. I swear, there has to be some kinda embargo on these brown and grey zombie "survival" "games" being continually sharted out to just disappoint as the genre deteriorates like a biologically realistic zombie under the sun. And insult to injury that the "game" may be vaporware anyway. Double kill of disappointment for anyone who was fooled into this hype that hopefully nobody forgets after like, two months.

    • Drace
      Drace Month ago

      @Professorlicme8 Never even heard of the game, I was simply disputing that just because it's a "generic zombie game" it does not on it's own mean it's not worthy of attention. Generic concepts does not mean bad game.

    • Knight
      Knight Month ago

      The sad part is there's already Day's Gone which was a great Zombies game. This looks way worse by comparison

    • Drace
      Drace Month ago +5

      as opposed to people shitting their pants over a bi-annual addition to an AAA franchise that never delivers? compared to that I think getting excited over a zombie game that finally looked decent isn't that bad, haven't an actual good one since l4d2

  • Chazzky
    Chazzky Month ago +1

    Love how the suppressor has a muzzle flash

  • RainbowVibes
    RainbowVibes Month ago

    At this point I'm just hoping for an open world survival, multiplayer, DayZ type game that doesn't FORCE ME TO PLAY with randoms I don't know and are toxic and make me pay for a server to be able to play privately with my friends. It doesn't have to be this one, I just want one. A good one.

  • Guy Mecha
    Guy Mecha Month ago

    The second I found out what their catalog looked like I moved on

  • Killua_135i
    Killua_135i Month ago

    Penguin is the definition of a keyboard warrior

  • xcloudx01's Alt Account

    In 2 years they managed to remove the graphics! well done guys

  • Keanu Reeves
    Keanu Reeves Month ago +464

    I think this is the classic “Fake it, till you make it” scenario 😂

    • Hqqq
      Hqqq Month ago +4

      @Ano Nony thats 100% their plan

    • Ano Nony
      Ano Nony Month ago +21

      Exactly. If it released without being exposed they'd have a bunch of money and a player base waiting for updates. They'd be able to string it along into some profit

  • Bry-Guy
    Bry-Guy Month ago

    Damn I was hella exited for this game for like the past year and a half

  • asherael
    asherael Month ago

    I'm so curious to find out why they're doing it when it comes out

  • Dewabarasunderan
    Dewabarasunderan Month ago

    They actually started programming this gameplay demo *The Day Before* 😂