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River Steak?!

  • Published on Jan 20, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Extra flavour? #shorts #river #steak #uncleroger
    Original weejio here: vm.tiktok.com/ZMYdMXEQH/

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  • Retro Scope
    Retro Scope 2 months ago +88981

    He just seasoned the whole ecosystem

  • mia
    mia Month ago +2996

    “it actually not bad”
    the dog proceeding to choke on that full steak:

    • Water
      Water 2 days ago

      @Unknown_User ok

    • Mr. Truth777
      Mr. Truth777 10 days ago +2


    • Ella
      Ella 11 days ago +1

      @Unknown_User thanks for the reminder I wont

    • Crow
      Crow 11 days ago +1


    • Aquic Andaquak
      Aquic Andaquak 12 days ago +3

      ​@GenoCyber joking

  • SpunkyCat09
    SpunkyCat09 18 days ago +1122

    “Why my home spicy?” -Fish 2023 (edit: Hi thanks for da likes plus is dat fish Nemo?) (EDIT 2! THIS IS THE MOST LIKE IVE GOTTEN LOLLLLL.)

    • Murpman
      Murpman 21 hour ago

      @Mirshieasx ahh, sorry, I thought you were meaning that I thought the OP was joking about not noting what a clown fish is. Sorry

    • Mirshieasx
      Mirshieasx Day ago


    • Mirshieasx
      Mirshieasx Day ago

      Misunderstanding I guess.

    • Murpman
      Murpman Day ago

      @Mirshieasx I know, I was also joking

    • Mirshieasx
      Mirshieasx 2 days ago +1


  • LilianKelmes
    LilianKelmes Month ago +10326

    “Why my home spicy” got me dying 😅

  • phoenixpup_17
    phoenixpup_17 17 days ago +143

    "This what you do when you want to eat steak, but your wife kicked you out the house bcz you get caught cheating" got me rolling 😭💀

  • Jamiel John Jimenea
    Jamiel John Jimenea Month ago +66

    " Haiya season the steak properly" got me dying (He just said it too fast 😂

    • Bingus McGringus
      Bingus McGringus Month ago +2

      Thats the part i kept laughing at and was confused why nobody pointed it out! It’s great!

  • Sloth King
    Sloth King 2 months ago +3187

    "why my home spicy" I cannot, I'm in literal tears from laughter

    • Beegee 🐝
      Beegee 🐝 5 days ago

      @Shezan Karim me too 😂

    • Kratos
      Kratos Month ago +2

      Kid named literal tears from laughter:

    • Tantwoo
      Tantwoo Month ago +1

      Fish home feeling spicy = human home on fire 😭

    • zoe あー♡
      zoe あー♡ Month ago


    • Pancake
      Pancake Month ago +2

      ​@James Wiggle frr

  • Suvam Mondal
    Suvam Mondal Month ago +48

    Steven's dad taught us to Cook in the river on a Rock before going to the school, while fighting two lions.

  • Bestie Festie
    Bestie Festie Month ago +59

    It's always weejio that gets me ❤️

    • nsms .s
      nsms .s 5 days ago

      Weejio? He means video aite?

  • Just Monaca
    Just Monaca Month ago +11733

    That doggo had a full ass feast right there

    • Snoot E
      Snoot E 16 days ago

      Oh yeah true
      It's not about the poison
      It's the dosage

    • Snoot E
      Snoot E 16 days ago

      ​@Syasabra sierra
      I had a husky and I COMFIRM your statement to be TRUE AF

    • Snoot E
      Snoot E 16 days ago

      ​@Bonnobo Monkey
      I think it's a samoyed instead of huskie

    • Snoot E
      Snoot E 16 days ago

      Not exactly but who knows
      I've seen a samoyed wolf down a buncha food

  • vertonimal
    vertonimal Month ago +33

    Tip from personal experience. If your out hiking or rafting or just camping, there is no more disappointing feeling than dropping your steak on the sandbar by the river. I had to rinse off my steak in the river and I still had crunch in my steak let alone all the juices I lost. Don't be dumb like me, watch out for your food like a mother would with their child.

    • Matt Ranger
      Matt Ranger 17 days ago +1

      Also can confirm, but I didn’t drop it. The rock I was cooking on splintered and dumped the entire meal into the fire pit.
      I don’t recommend cooking on rocks of any size and shape.

    • Diane Brooks
      Diane Brooks 26 days ago

      Can confirm it mega sucks to drop the buttery steak on the ground while camping 😭

  • Zoe La Vie
    Zoe La Vie Month ago +31

    "Why my home spicy?"
    Most iconic line ever😭

  • Ender
    Ender 2 months ago +8267

    *3 weeks later*
    Bear: I dont know, its just the fish been hittin different lately

  • bruh
    bruh 9 days ago +4

    *the dog has been waiting for that moment it's entire life*

  • Sanjesh9999
    Sanjesh9999 Month ago +9

    That guy flipping the steak with his hand " THIS GUY IS MACHINE "

  • La Pulga
    La Pulga 2 months ago +6892

    "Why my home spicy"
    Uncle Roger as a fish

  • S
    S 29 days ago +3

    "RiWeR" had me dying

  • Darrylene Mattie P. Golla

    dude seasoned all of the human generation of living

  • Shoot Stack Reload
    Shoot Stack Reload 2 months ago +10977

    “Homeless cooking outside weejo” is a wild ass statement 😂💀

    • Versoysaucey
      Versoysaucey 12 days ago

      @Bernard it’s for the aesthetic.. I thought everyone knew that. There are channels out there that film this kind of content because people like it. I didn’t think people actually thought they were homeless, doesn’t mean some aren’t though.

    • L. C.
      L. C. Month ago

      ​@Mason Raworth "No, it's really not" -🤓

    • Hailey Draper
      Hailey Draper Month ago


    • Shoot Stack Reload
      Shoot Stack Reload Month ago

      @Chronobob Vibes nah bro 😂I just saw 10k it’s cool

    • Esu X Lucifer
      Esu X Lucifer Month ago


  • 🌺Lala☁️
    🌺Lala☁️ 16 days ago +16

    uncle rodger and kim seungmin must be related both are natural comedians

  • Melissa Schaer
    Melissa Schaer 18 days ago +1

    Bro seasoned the whole country

  • Dean Harstad
    Dean Harstad 2 months ago +5888

    Holy shit that dog straight up swallowed that whole steak.

    • Oliver Starfall
      Oliver Starfall 27 days ago

      @Dean Harstad young tomatoes can also be toxic and grapes are INCREDIBLY Toxic and will give the dog health complications. I had a dog die because of eating grapes someone had left out

    • FrozenBanana
      FrozenBanana Month ago


    • Dean Harstad
      Dean Harstad Month ago +1

      @aleski it is. Same with onions.

    • aleski
      aleski Month ago

      Tell me if I'm wrong but isn't garlic toxic to dogs?

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi 13 days ago

    I'll never get bored with his “haiiiyaaaaaa” ✨

  • Kalishaun Lane
    Kalishaun Lane 4 days ago +1

    "WhY mY hOMe SpicY?"
    😂😂😂I'm dead from thisss

  • Larricus 029
    Larricus 029 2 months ago +2304

    Don’t ever use river rocks in your campfire. They can have trapped moisture in them that can cause them to explode when heated.

    • Autumn Wind
      Autumn Wind 26 days ago

      I was looking for this comment

    • ゆこ
      ゆこ Month ago

      oh daddy you’re so smart

    • Mr Hombre Gordo
      Mr Hombre Gordo Month ago

      Dry them out slow w low heat and be fine make sure they're "hard stone" you'll be fine.

    • Ferry
      Ferry 2 months ago

      Oowh so that's why my campfire have some little explosion, thanks you learn something every day..

  • Josh Mubiru
    Josh Mubiru 10 days ago

    “Another homeless cooking weejio had me and the boys dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shiraki Azwelled
    Shiraki Azwelled 25 days ago +1

    😭 the cheating part is too accurate-
    My mom kicked out my step dad for that shit....

  • falrune
    falrune Month ago +3653

    the multitude of species of bacteria coming from rivers:
    "you can't see me 👀"

  • AyoubTN
    AyoubTN Day ago

    "Another homeless cooking outside weijo" got me rolling on the floor

  • ASTA pro gamer
    ASTA pro gamer 8 days ago

    Ma guy needs Oscar

  • ImWorldwideLevel
    ImWorldwideLevel 2 months ago +10004

    Bro roasting him faster than he could roast the steak😭✋

  • Bas Haan
    Bas Haan 7 days ago

    “This is what you do when you really want to eat steak, but your wife kick you out of house bcz you get caught cheating”

  • pinkforest
    pinkforest 45 minutes ago

    "Another homeless cooking outside weejio" Really caught me🤣🤣🤣

  • pr3tt1e4phas1ckids
    pr3tt1e4phas1ckids 2 months ago +969

    Bro the "why my home spicy?" punchline is on a another level 🤣🤣

    • cyril ang
      cyril ang Month ago

      ​@JimmiEatsCoochie its actually pretty funny ngl

    • Isaac likesturtles
      Isaac likesturtles 2 months ago +1

      ​​@JimmiEatsCoochiee share Clip-Share with all ages but sometimes I can't stand what people find funny now

    • JimmiEatsCoochie
      JimmiEatsCoochie 2 months ago +4

      Wasn’t THAT funny

    • Austin
      Austin 2 months ago +2

      ​@RenderHub you can't even bait people into your profile lol

    • RenderHub
      RenderHub 2 months ago

      Don’t click my profile😮

  • charax yEET
    charax yEET 8 days ago

    No one gonna talk about how cute that dog is😭💗💗

  • sucky sucky chuky wuky

    I still cant get enough of "weejio"

  • Father Jebediah
    Father Jebediah 2 months ago +6926

    “It’s actually not bad”
    The greatest compliment Uncle Roger has ever given

    • Igualnomas
      Igualnomas 2 months ago +1

      to be fair, the food in most stone cooking videos doesn't look as good as this one.

    • Nick C.
      Nick C. 2 months ago +6

      Fuiyoh has left the chat

    • Sparky Marky
      Sparky Marky 2 months ago

      Hahaha right

    • Mehdi Mouss
      Mehdi Mouss 2 months ago +1

      It actually not bad *

    OPDEREL 13 days ago +1

    Normal people : "river"
    Uncle Roger : "rewear"

  • Marina Albert
    Marina Albert 16 days ago +1

    "Why my home spicy?" Got me rolling on the floor 🤣

  • Kayalvizhi Sivaraj
    Kayalvizhi Sivaraj 2 months ago +1331

    "Why my home spicy?! " had me rolling

  • Isaac Desmond The III

    The fact that uncle roger is mad u can feel the danger aura into your spine

  • Ivana Plavsic
    Ivana Plavsic 2 days ago

    That dog eats better than I do.

  • Msté Brm
    Msté Brm 2 months ago +3289

    "Huh....Another homeless cooking outside weejio" 💀

    • Mattie
      Mattie 2 months ago

      ​@Canadian Shield this is what pissed me off. homeless people do not have the resources to accomplish this shit

    • Random R.R.T member
      Random R.R.T member 2 months ago

      @Canadian Shield nah im good it took you 2 days just to correct me

    • Canadian Shield
      Canadian Shield 2 months ago

      @Random R.R.T member *You're

    • BWS Rascals
      BWS Rascals 2 months ago +1

      @Random R.R.T membermaybe the joke is that he sold his house for the steak

    • ArmaniLovesRamen
      ArmaniLovesRamen 2 months ago

      @Random R.R.T member 🤨

  • Ayesha A
    Ayesha A 15 hours ago

    'Why my home so spicy?'
    Wise words

  • xkqitlynx
    xkqitlynx 8 days ago

    "People can pee upstream to the river, and you going to get steak with pee" got me dying for real 😂

  • ReviEditz
    ReviEditz 2 months ago +2691

    “Why My Home Spicy” Bro forgot how big his home is 💀

    • rod_ trip LXVI
      rod_ trip LXVI 2 months ago

      @Rea ok then I am very sorry.

    • Rea
      Rea 2 months ago

      @rod_ trip LXVI well, they should before saying anything

    • rod_ trip LXVI
      rod_ trip LXVI 2 months ago

      @Rea not all people knew that he is a comedian.

    • rod_ trip LXVI
      rod_ trip LXVI 2 months ago

      @Refleksi well thank you and God bless you all the time.

    • Refleksi
      Refleksi 2 months ago

      ​@rod_ trip LXVI you literally described yourself

  • Tursilisk
    Tursilisk 9 days ago

    “Now the whole ecosystem more flavorful than Jamie Oliver’s restaurant” - Wise Student

  • Psycho Path
    Psycho Path 16 days ago +1

    I now wanna take the 1 chip challenge to a reef and see what the fish will do...

  • xgay.ghost.
    xgay.ghost. 2 months ago +1908

    Uncle Roger needs his own Cooking show !! Also the "Why my home spicy?" Made me laugh

  • Harsi gallage
    Harsi gallage 2 days ago +1

    his iconic word.

  • I'M BORED!!!
    I'M BORED!!! 10 days ago +1

    "You are eating just stake and pee!"😂💀
    -Uncle Roger (HAIYAAA)

  • Mike Weber
    Mike Weber 2 months ago +1576

    Rumor has it, he's still chewing that eye of round steak.

    • Aida Allen
      Aida Allen 2 months ago

      @Mike Weber 😂😂😂😂

    • Billy Shithead
      Billy Shithead 2 months ago +2

      ​@Old Luke Fuck yeah, chicken fried steak! 😋 Have some fried okra on the side...even if it's the Rapture, you won't want to stop eating! "Sorry, Jesus, I'm on lunch...can you get my neighbors first and then come back for me?"

    • Lewis Fane
      Lewis Fane 2 months ago +2

      ​@Mike Weber cook it low and slow, braise it or stew it. It breaks down.

    • Rpodnee
      Rpodnee 2 months ago +2

      Sirloin is not much more expensive. Or just slow cook a chuck roast.

    • SDP The Ghost
      SDP The Ghost 2 months ago +3

      Hey, some of us want steak, but only have soup money

  • victor kaunda
    victor kaunda 9 days ago

    ''this is what you do when you really want to eat steak but your wife kick you out of house cause you got caught cheating'' got me good

  • Dreamer Girl
    Dreamer Girl Month ago +3

    “And you just eating steak with pee” got me flying to heaven😂

  • Candyeyeball
    Candyeyeball 2 months ago +1907

    Warning ⚠️: you should NEVER use river stones in fire making! River stones can still retain water even at high heat and it can cause the stones to explode.

    • okmoneymonkeyhmmaaa
      okmoneymonkeyhmmaaa Month ago

      @Cat Ngaum your just trying to start another argument

    • asafimc
      asafimc Month ago +1

      I like to live dangerously

    • Reuben Betts
      Reuben Betts Month ago

      ​@Mshojat Air gets trapped inside the rock, expands & builds up pressure when you heat it -> explosion

    • QuotaRuota
      QuotaRuota Month ago

      Idk about explode, but they crack, or split into 2

    • chazz0418
      chazz0418 Month ago

      ​@Mshojat my sister made a fire pit with some river rocks in it and first few fires were fine but when I burned some pallets it was too hot and they definitely exploded, didn't know what the hell was going on when it happened.

  • froboyxd6565(Roblox username)

    "Why my home spicy?"had me rolling💀

  • Veda Ozah
    Veda Ozah 12 days ago

    Bro is a Asian legend

  • Sara Dan
    Sara Dan 2 months ago +12183

    Uncle Roger really can roast people in less than a minute
    Edit: Woah I didn't expect this much... thx guyss:)

    • King Me7odee
      King Me7odee 2 months ago

      It’s not even 5 seconds yet💀😂😂

    • hy by
      hy by 2 months ago

      @Real NEWS thats what make it funny..........thats the whole point he roast people in a broken accent
      He was known before Clip-Share for doing this

    • pablo escuerda
      pablo escuerda 2 months ago

      Actually to my calculations it is less then 5 seconds 🤣

    • Real NEWS
      Real NEWS 2 months ago

      In broken ass English no less

    • Neil 123
      Neil 123 2 months ago

      So true 😂😂😂

  • Toxin Tide
    Toxin Tide 10 days ago

    I like how Uncle Roger Vanished right after saying he cheated his wife 😂😂

  • Dancing SpiderLady
    Dancing SpiderLady 27 days ago

    This is one of the things you can eat 1 time in your life then later die from heart attack
    -Uncle Roger

  • zz.a
    zz.a Month ago +1794

    As a man who got kicked out of the house we comfirm that we cook steak in the river

    • ay ru
      ay ru Month ago

      As a cheater, i can confirm we cook steak in tge river

    • NeonStar
      NeonStar Month ago +1

      1,500th like
      Can I spam just to see the numbers change?

    • Ceezey
      Ceezey Month ago

      ​@Bilguun Ganbat don't move

    • Bilguun Ganbat
      Bilguun Ganbat Month ago +1

      ​@Allison Dont exist 😮

  • Youtube User
    Youtube User 18 days ago +1

    Bro went trough all that and still ate the raw steak lol

  • Mikaela Gilmore
    Mikaela Gilmore Month ago

    “*sniffs* why my home spicy” had me dead

  • Aravind kumat Rajagopalan
    Aravind kumat Rajagopalan 2 months ago +2143

    Bro is Gordan ramsay's personal trainer 💀💀

  • Ujwal Kakodkar
    Ujwal Kakodkar 2 days ago

    This what u do when u really want steak but u get kicked out of the house because u got caught cheating 💀
    Uncle Roger 2023

  • dhanashri sg
    dhanashri sg 17 days ago

    The line “why my home is so spicy “ just made me laugh the living crap out of me

  • Nba_Kid123
    Nba_Kid123 Month ago +3584

    Homeless cooking weejio got me dying😂

  • Dgcvb
    Dgcvb 9 days ago

    Imagine laying on the couch and being like “ why my home spicy?”

  • ONE
    ONE 3 days ago

    He ain't homeless with that marbling score on that steak

  • Rosa Waldron
    Rosa Waldron 2 months ago +602

    “Why my home spicy?”
    -fish uncle roger

  • Cosmic
    Cosmic Day ago

    “why my home spicy” got me so good 😂

  • x.its__rrrra
    x.its__rrrra 7 days ago

    "don't let the fish thinking..why my home is spicy??"got me

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 2 months ago +940

    The dog is eating better than half of the humans on planet earth💀

    • FIREFOX274
      FIREFOX274 Month ago

      more than half...

    • LilaOk?
      LilaOk? 2 months ago

      Bro was starving fr

    • Mr Harry But Whole
      Mr Harry But Whole 2 months ago

      @Chilly Thicc Yes, but honestly it isn't about the diet plan. It's about the exploitation of animals. Exploitation will always exist, but i rather reduce it with people. Technology can only do that to an extent, but it also creates more problems. Animals should be a lesser concern for people than humans.

    • Patrick Muzzi
      Patrick Muzzi 2 months ago

      ​@GG there's not a dog on Earth that would choose a dry food over steak 🤣 idc how rubbery you think it looked on video, no dog food is better than a piece of meat.

    • Chilly Thicc
      Chilly Thicc 2 months ago

      @Mr Harry But Whole veganism is just a very involved diet plan. Meat contains a lot of the things our body needs to survive, so it's kinda like easy mode, but when you're eating nothing but plants, its up to you to make sure you're getting everything you need, which is often overlooked. You can't just eat vegetables and think you're good, you have to eat based on what's in the food and how much of your daily value it contains.

  • pepe the frog
    pepe the frog 13 days ago

    Bro is roasting everything rn fr💀

  • Okisok Ok
    Okisok Ok 9 days ago

    “Why my home spicy”, got me good💀

  • Sanghi Prince Gaming
    Sanghi Prince Gaming 2 months ago +1781

    Proceeds to feed it to the dog like a Homeless king👑

    • LilaOk?
      LilaOk? 2 months ago

      ​​@Sauron bro, you seriously forgot about how dogs can die to chocolate and other things that are bad for them 🤦‍♀️

    • Alexa Bliss
      Alexa Bliss 2 months ago

      ​@Sauron Thats how you end up killing your dog. There are a lot of things that will kill your dog. A basic google search will enlighten you.

    • JuMiKu
      JuMiKu 2 months ago

      @Steven Edwards The toxicity of grapes is so high for dogs that even a single one can lead to sudden kidney failure. That is a "not even once" sort of thing. I know that wasn't the point. Garlic isn't as dangerous, but it's important to know just how dangerous grapes are.

    • JuMiKu
      JuMiKu 2 months ago

      ​@LxK3ez Are you kidding? I thought it was a parody as he had the dog splashing in the same water he was cooking with. 🤢

  • Sunflower_roblox
    Sunflower_roblox 8 days ago

    “Why my home spicy “uncle roger 2023

  • st4rry
    st4rry 14 days ago

    *"another homeless cooking outside weejo"*
    wise words.💀

  • Edith
    Edith 2 months ago +1267

    ProTip: Don't heat up river rocks, its dangerous.

    KENSHI 14 days ago

    “Homeless cooking weejio”💀💀💀💀

  • Jaylin7434
    Jaylin7434 8 days ago

    “Why my home spicy” got me dying

  • HackingDuck4
    HackingDuck4 Month ago +1885

    Fun fact: Heating a rock that was near a river can cause it to explode because the water inside the rock turns to steam and expands.

    • MrNater41
      MrNater41 Month ago

      This is the comment I was searching for

    • Bald Kiwi
      Bald Kiwi Month ago +1

      @Jaret Donald Patterson you typed a partial sentence just to say you didn't understand what you read.

    • CASharkHunter
      CASharkHunter Month ago

      Did this once got hit with exploding hot rocks at the beach…. Not fun

    • MikeH3853
      MikeH3853 Month ago

      ​@Jaret Donald Patterson no, he expanded on and clarified what was said.

    • lyfislemons 00
      lyfislemons 00 Month ago +1

      Yup, I think I watched a video of that. That's why some people remind us that rocks in rivers or any rocks near a body of water are not advisable near a fire.

  • NoobAMV
    NoobAMV 21 day ago

    The “got got caught cheating” had me

  • Comical
    Comical 24 days ago +1

    "Why my home spicy" 💀

  • The Rat Overlord
    The Rat Overlord 2 months ago +3834

    “Why my home spicy?”
    Got me rolling
    Edit: omg I came back after 1 day to 2.4k likes ty

    • Chandler Abbott
      Chandler Abbott 2 months ago

      Same bro 😂😂😂

    • Rdee
      Rdee 2 months ago +1

      Go outside more.

      CHUBUMPKINS76 2 months ago

      I pictured little fish with uncle Rodgers voice!!2🤣🤣

    • Jonathan Ribnick
      Jonathan Ribnick 2 months ago +2

      I always find it so cringe when people say thank you for likes.

  • MwB2Lake
    MwB2Lake 15 hours ago

    "Why my home spicy?"

  • Parasite Prime
    Parasite Prime Day ago

    This guy and Stephen He should do a Collab, fr.

  • Somemothwhoeatsclothes
    Somemothwhoeatsclothes Month ago +1688

    “Just eating steak with pee” 💀💀

    • coldest beer
      coldest beer Month ago +2

      That's salt bae's secret recipe

    • Pory
      Pory Month ago +2


    • Potato 🥔
      Potato 🥔 Month ago +2

      491 likes and no comments? Let me fix that

  • Darx
    Darx 10 days ago +1

    *kitchen exist*
    The dude cooking outside : What's a kitchen?

  • doll
    doll 7 days ago

    “Later the fish swimming around thinking…why my home spicy?”

  • War robots
    War robots 16 days ago

    "Why my home spicy" got me so good 😂

  • TheMaskedHedgehog
    TheMaskedHedgehog 9 days ago

    “Why my home spicy?”
    GOT ME DYING 😂😂😂

  • Samantha Clarkson
    Samantha Clarkson Month ago +804

    What I’ve learned from this is to never cook with a stone from the river bc the water trapped inside will turn to steam and could cause the stone to explode.

    • Ashrylka _
      Ashrylka _ Month ago

      I remember that from reading Embers

    • Matt Maynard
      Matt Maynard Month ago

      Use granite. Obviously.

    • MoggTheBoss
      MoggTheBoss Month ago +3

      @E V that would be sedimentary rocks formed by deposition and erosion while submerged inside the water

    • MoggTheBoss
      MoggTheBoss Month ago +13

      That’s mostly true for sedimentary rocks such as sandstone and chalk as they are highly porous, but this is slate, a metamorphic rock. Slate is composed of hundreds or thousands of layers of dense sediment formed over the lifetime of the river, which makes it nonporous and suitable for things such as roofing tiles and cooking surfaces.

    • #CommentSectionCassie
      #CommentSectionCassie Month ago +6

      Thank you all for this insight! Stones exploding would totally happen to me if I didn't know better. Lol 😅

  • Angela Role
    Angela Role 2 days ago

    he spend life saving uncle roger but no house💀

  • Snehasmita Chakraborty

    "Why my home spicy" got me rolling

  • Pyroraptor0001
    Pyroraptor0001 2 months ago +1145

    Uncle Roger knows how to not get caught so he doesn't have to cook outside

    • adhyjc8
      adhyjc8 2 months ago +2

      ​@Molly Anderson she caught him with Auntie Esther?

    • Molly Anderson
      Molly Anderson 2 months ago +3

      Aunty Helen would beg to differ

  • Edi L
    Edi L 2 hours ago

    ''And you just eating steak with pee hoeyaaaa"😂😂😂

  • oLiViA~
    oLiViA~ Month ago

    "homless cooking" really got me

  • Trot along bxtch
    Trot along bxtch 2 months ago +1834

    At this point, Uncle Roger should have his own cooking show on Food Network😂😂😂

  • Ana Katherine Haze
    Ana Katherine Haze 9 days ago

    It’s so hard to make me laugh but the “why my home spicy?” took me out 🤣