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Michigan Highlights vs Iowa | Big Ten Championship | 2021

  • Published on Dec 4, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Michigan radio call from Learfield
    Big Ten Championship Game 2021 Michigan Wolverines Football Highlights
    Michigan defeats Iowa 42-3 to earn a spot in the College Football Playoff
    #Michigan #Iowa
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Comments • 141

  • William Pharo
    William Pharo Year ago +225

    “My plan was perfect!” Lmao

    • WolverineManiac
      WolverineManiac Year ago +14

      LOL its true every time announcers comment on how good some dude is....they mess up.

    • slimj091
      slimj091 Year ago +19

      I'm gonna miss Dan on the radio. IMO the best "football guy" color commentator in the business.

    • Avery McBride
      Avery McBride Year ago

      Right 😂😂 soundin like stu pickles and shit lol. But he is a good man, all jokes.. #GoBlue

    • 11thHrPro
      11thHrPro Year ago


    • Thomshin
      Thomshin Year ago

      Too funny

  • youperguy
    youperguy Year ago +87

    I love how emotional Dan Dierdorf was in the last two games.

    • Gmail User
      Gmail User Year ago +7

      Remember, both he (Dan) and Jim PLAYED for Bo, and were accustomed to winning Conference Championships. Bo wasn't a fan - at all - of the Bowl system. In fact, Bo once said "if you don't win your Conference, I don't think you should go to a Bowl game." NOW we have 6-6 teams going to Bowl games. It's almost meaningless. For these guys, it's like watching your KID play football! Dan Dierdorf left a job at MNF to announce Michigan games at his Alma-Mater... and has only seen his team win the BIG one time. Jim has been around long enough to see Michigan win a National Championship (co-champion) in 1997. Dan has NEVER been affiliated with this program during even ONE season as an announcer. This had to be so special for him!

  • Danny Bo
    Danny Bo Year ago +39

    "Can I say something, we're Big Ten champions" bought me chills and a little tear Go Blue

  • Nolimit_dev
    Nolimit_dev Year ago +82

    Hearing these 2 announce the game makes it so much better

    • MoctezumasRevenge1
      MoctezumasRevenge1 Year ago +4

      I find his sack time line so cheesy.

    • Boomer T.
      Boomer T.  Year ago +4

      I think they are pretty awesome too

    • K C
      K C Year ago +4

      @MoctezumasRevenge1 Nah your crazy, “sack time”’ is iconic, love hearing it

    • MoctezumasRevenge1
      MoctezumasRevenge1 Year ago +1

      @K C doesn't sound natural to me. he's like dan miller, but dan miller is garbage. 'TOUCH DOWN DETROIT LIONS' every single time is just you trying to make a name for yourself. i find his sack time just as lame.
      Your voice and your colloquialisms are what carry you, not a specific, ordered phrase said a specific times.

    • Joe G
      Joe G Year ago +1

      @MoctezumasRevenge1 agreed. But overall Brandstetter is great thats just one little thing. I like that they are both former players who clearly give a shot about the team, not just collecting a check.

  • Lucas VanderBilt
    Lucas VanderBilt Year ago +66

    The handoff from McCarthy to Corum for a TD was great, McCarthy with the burners out of nowhere to block for Corum was hilarious!

    • Travis LaLonde
      Travis LaLonde Year ago +2

      People keep mentioning how he was down there blocking, but nobody talking about the JETS. Dude was burning faster than Corum or Sanraistil

  • MCsquare d
    MCsquare d Year ago +62

    1:20 "this guy is good he never misses"- ball somehow swerves from just inside the goal post to outside then back inside behind the goal post. His plan really was perfect holy sh*t. Best jinx I've seen😂

  • RockiG
    RockiG Year ago +22

    Michigan's tight ends are the most underrated players on the team imo. Such good hands and blocking!

  • Sam Bear
    Sam Bear Year ago +27

    Went to the game with my 11 year old son and got home at 4am , lifetime of memories, great getting caught up on the highlights
    GO BLUE!

    • Carson's World
      Carson's World Year ago +2

      Great memories!! Wish I was there, I’ve watch these highlights every single day!!

  • Paul Day
    Paul Day Year ago +21

    I love Ronnie Bell hugging Harbaugh to hold him in place while his teammates sneak up behind for a double Gatorade shower.

  • Sum1udontNo e
    Sum1udontNo e Year ago +15

    As a gopher and huge big ten fan I can not be more happy for Michigan rn

  • themandownthehall
    themandownthehall Year ago +42

    4:42 "that was an adjustment by.." Words never once uttered during the Don Brown defense era..

    • K C
      K C Year ago +3

      Lol truth right here

    • M_J Bo
      M_J Bo Year ago +3

      So true

  • mark
    mark Year ago +5

    You can see how much Dan Dierdorf loves this university and his football team!

  • ryder452
    ryder452 Year ago +16

    "can I say something.......we're big 10 champions...." chills, never experinced a winning Michigan team in my lifetime that I can actcually remember. Damn does it feel good to be a Michigan Wolverine! #GoBlue

  • Colin Fletcher
    Colin Fletcher Year ago +2

    I cried when michigan won. 20 years of suffering and rooting for mid level talent teams. And we do it.

  • 안재헌
    안재헌 Year ago +6

    2:18 QB lead blocking after being back 10 yards behind the play. That is just freaking awesome.

  • Scot Thomas
    Scot Thomas Year ago +4

    Man, hearing you all say "Michigan is the Big Ten Champ" six days later still made me cry.

  • J
    J 10 months ago +1

    So grateful I was able to attend this game! What a great moment, and a great game for my wife to see her first game watching Michigan football live.

  • BobboYoop
    BobboYoop Year ago +4

    So great hearing these guys announce huge wins in their last season announcing (especially a beat down of Iowa as I've lived in Iowa for 30 years and have had to endure their rabid fans' crap at work 8 times under Ferentz!), wish I could sync radio with tv but sadly the stream is behind. Hopefully Dan and Jim get TWO more games together and go out in tears after we win the CFP! Thought Branny got shafted by the Lions network, he gets a pass on JJ throw to Roman as Fox with 25 cameras and numerous spotters had it wrong too Nothing against Lomas, great guy, great player, but listening to him is brutal. (Of course rooting for the Lions for 51 of 59 years has been brutal enough!)

  • Raymond Penn
    Raymond Penn Year ago +3

    Best season I've seen since either '97 or '06. GO BLUE!

    • M Roberts
      M Roberts 10 months ago +1

      Wait, ‘06? The year that we were about to beat Ohio State and we stopped them on a crucial 3rd and 15 in the 4th quarter, giving us the ball with 7 minutes to run a game-winning drive, but then the refs bailed OSU out with a questionable helmet-to-helmet call on Shawn Crable after the play that kept their drive alive and handed them the game, which arguably cost us several major recruits and threw a dejected Michigan team into an embarrassing loss in their bowl game, which was the start of a 15-year depression for Michigan football? I’d say this season was slightly better than that.

    • lloyd kline
      lloyd kline 10 months ago

      @M Roberts tried of ohio state football fans saying 4000 plus days without a michigan victoriy ; etc etc it been like a years holiday ; ojio football fans has been quiet thankgiving 2021/ 2022

    ARTT III 9 months ago +1

    I’m from California and I wish we had these amazing play by play callers for my raiders ⚪️☠️⚫️

  • Riley Hanes
    Riley Hanes Year ago +1

    I am really going to miss these two announcers announcing the Michigan football games.

  • ronlippitt
    ronlippitt Year ago +1

    What an amazing season...

  • OGravesNESM1
    OGravesNESM1 Year ago +1

    Dan Dierdorf is a national treasure.

  • Clive Staples
    Clive Staples Year ago +2

    Is no one gonna mention the fact that jj blazed down the field on the first td by corum and ended up checking 2 iowa defenders? Dudes got some serious wheels.

  • Rollin Carrington
    Rollin Carrington 10 months ago

    I can’t believe our running back can throw so far but I love it !

  • Darell_1218
    Darell_1218 Year ago +7

    It truly took Coach Harbaugh getting rid of some 🗑 coaches, and changing the culture, to get this program to reach its potential. It took 2 years too long, but thankfully he got it done. I hope they keep the momentum going for years to come.

    • Dominic Frabotta
      Dominic Frabotta Year ago +1

      Brown was never the answer, it was easy to see. But, I will say. Unlike Dantonio, he does clean house, and switch staff. He didn't stay loyal for way to long.

    • Terry Powers
      Terry Powers 9 months ago

      I wouldn't say Brown is trash. Our offense wasn't that good when he was there. When his defense was clicking we were the best defense in the country. Athletic teams did eat us up yards wise but they did everyone else too. I think if our offense was better when he was there then it would have shown on both sides. The offense put them in some bad situations.

    • Darell_1218
      Darell_1218 9 months ago

      @Terry Powers that's nice. He was trash. He went to Arizona for 1 season and they had 1 of the worst defenses in cfb. He regressed each season in his last 3 at Michigan, and only looked good against mediocre teams. The guy sucked, which is why he wasn't allowed to take another job before leaving; He was fired. Coach Harbaugh has only publicly fired 2 Coordinators at Michigan...Drevno and Brown, because they're horrible at recruiting and coaching, and he finally saw it.

  • Nahnya Buhizniz
    Nahnya Buhizniz Year ago

    i get emotional watching this. So many years of frustration. This was sweet.

  • m0ntheg3rs
    m0ntheg3rs Year ago +14

    Complete team victory hail to the victor’s

  • Todd Michaelis
    Todd Michaelis Year ago +1

    As a Michigan fan what a great way to top off the season with a B1G Championship after beating Ohio State! Go Blue!!!!

  • Johnny Ballgame
    Johnny Ballgame Year ago

    Michigan has a great announcing crew! Good luck next year from a Georgia fan

  • Dawg Pound
    Dawg Pound Year ago +4


    • J L
      J L Year ago

      I noticed that.

  • Jim J
    Jim J Year ago +5

    Big Ten Champs. GO BLUE!! 🏆

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson Year ago +1

    I'll never get sick of watching McCarthy run and block for Corum.

    • SnesTea
      SnesTea 7 months ago

      That's what sold me on JJ

  • Mike Rotonda
    Mike Rotonda Year ago +3

    I was saying to myself when Dan said this is perfect, he got to be doing the reverse malouki!!! Lol!!

  • bifflilla
    bifflilla Year ago +7

    I have no ties to Michigan but dang this team is fun to watch. Great blocking, run to pass, swarming D. I hope they go the distance. Tired of watching SEC in the title game.

  • Matt Mirelez
    Matt Mirelez Year ago +3

    That was a grown ass man block by Haskins on the Schoonmaker catch

  • FreddyB 2K4L
    FreddyB 2K4L Year ago +2

    We have two amazing quarterbacks!

  • I bleed Maize & Blue

    1:22 _"This guy's automatic...he really is good."_ *JINX!* 🤣

  • Logan Fasan
    Logan Fasan Year ago +2

    That Donovan Edwards throw did not get enough attention

    • Dominic Frabotta
      Dominic Frabotta Year ago +2

      I had Iowa fans at the bar saying we had 3 qbs better than their starter. Lol.

  • William Billingsley

    3:35 This says it all without saying a thing 😂

  • Max Reilly
    Max Reilly Year ago +1

    I love listening to these two

  • Kyle B
    Kyle B Year ago +1

    8:56 is one of the smoothest fake handoffs I've ever seen. 92 was 5 feet away and bit completely

  • Blake Bias
    Blake Bias Year ago +17

    my plan was perfect😂😂

  • Ghengis Dong
    Ghengis Dong Year ago

    This commentary is brilliant!!!

  • Mohamad Darwish
    Mohamad Darwish Year ago +2

    Make more of these man there so cool

  • Timmy Gressler
    Timmy Gressler Year ago +3

    Thank you so much for doing these videos

    HEBREW HAMMER Year ago +1

    Michigan keeps playing like this and mark my words, there going to the natty and winning.

  • Gerald
    Gerald Year ago +1

    Just hand them the trophy 🏆

  • Terence Thomas
    Terence Thomas Year ago

    42 was scored twice in a row. 2 more to go , go blue

  • mark sanford
    mark sanford 6 months ago

    Jimmy has it dialed in now. Kaboom!

  • WolverineManiac
    WolverineManiac Year ago +3

    Hell Yeah! GO BLUE!

  • Bruce Gillett
    Bruce Gillett Year ago

    Georgia is gonna attack Ojabo in the pass game. I hope we are ready for RB choice routes and the like on #55. GO BLUE

  • JW28🇺🇸
    JW28🇺🇸 Year ago +1

    Edwards is gonna be special, boys.

  • Rapture
    Rapture Year ago

    By the end of the 3rd quarter Iowa just wanted to go home they couldn't injure michigans quarterback so they knew it was over

  • Dj Johns
    Dj Johns Year ago +1

    Great vids nd content buddy 👌

  • Robert bishop
    Robert bishop 6 months ago

    Michigan has 2 heisman candidates. This year and next it's Blake, next year and the following it's Donovan. Donovan can run, pass, and catch. Can he kick??

  • SWSportsNest
    SWSportsNest 10 months ago

    G O B L U E !!

  • mark fortes
    mark fortes Year ago +1

    It would be cool if you can make a video like this but its the losers team broadcast who will accompany it. Would love to hear their voice while losing like the ohio state game.

    • Boomer T.
      Boomer T.  Year ago +4

      I have a few like that. I have the Sec championship game with the bulldogs radio but I haven’t uploaded it yet

    • mark fortes
      mark fortes Year ago +1

      @Boomer T. can you do the THE GAME with ohio state broadcast? Please??? I want to know their mindset during the whole game. From hanging 100 to what the heck is happrning moment.

    • Boomer T.
      Boomer T.  Year ago +4

      @mark fortes lol okay I will try

    • mark fortes
      mark fortes Year ago

      @Boomer T. thanks, bro. Thats going to be epic if ever. Lol

    • mandalorian fett man
      mandalorian fett man Year ago +4

      What can I say but congrats to Michigan on playing a mistake free game and playing at that level even though I'm a Hawkeye fan still thanks for destroying Ohio State it was a thing of beauty to watch not so much seeing it happen to Iowa but you guy's deserve the big ten title.

    WEEGER Year ago +2

    Thanks for posting this

  • Jon A. Scholt
    Jon A. Scholt Year ago +1

    I think Iowa's QB Petras was the MVP for *Michigan* this game! I mean seriously, he played an awful game (if you're a Hawkeye fan). If Iowa had even an average or even just a slightly below average QB instead of Petras, Iowa would be a much much better team. I kinda feel taking a shot at this kid but man o man, he had a rough night. To the Iowa fans I ask, "Is his play always this, ahem, flawed?".

  • Nick Durst
    Nick Durst Year ago +11

    I love Brandstatter as a color commentator, but his play-by-play is so hard to listen to sometimes.

    • MoctezumasRevenge1
      MoctezumasRevenge1 Year ago

      I agree 100%

    • Jleed989
      Jleed989 Year ago

      You won’t have to much longer

    • rocklar3
      rocklar3 Year ago

      Agreed. He should be color commentator. You'd think Michigan would have had a guy in there with good flow and cadence at the PBP spot. Interesting to see who replaces these two.

    • Brian Wojcik
      Brian Wojcik Year ago

      @rocklar3 It's Doug Karsh, and I think Jon Jansen will be his color.

    • Roman Botello
      Roman Botello Year ago

      Agree. Should of stayed as the color man.

  • Alhambra Project
    Alhambra Project Year ago +3

    Harbaugh ok, he switched to his rain jacket at end of game so not gatorade soaked

  • Holy Family Crusader

    Anyone else feel like the B1G West Champion just gets killed in this game most years?

    • Waffle Man
      Waffle Man Year ago +1

      Its not a feeling, the west has never won this game, and only 3/8 of the games have been 1 score

  • Zentro
    Zentro Year ago

    If they could only do that tonight

  • E G
    E G Year ago +2

    The chairs!!

  • C__Hawk
    C__Hawk Year ago


  • Goblue5555
    Goblue5555 Year ago +1


  • Dustomatic
    Dustomatic Year ago

    Unpopular opinion… JJ reminds me of Tate Forcier.

  • Spektral
    Spektral Year ago


  • Dawgs3PEATn2023
    Dawgs3PEATn2023 Year ago

    Mediocre vs. Mediocre

  • M K
    M K Year ago +2

    Lol..the long drought of not beating MSU still continues.

    • Sheneedsme
      Sheneedsme Year ago +32

      Jealousy is strong with this one. You keep hugging the Paul Bunyan trophy while watching big brother win the Big Ten Championship Trophy. I’ll take that deal.

    • M K
      M K Year ago +1

      Lol....one Big Ten Championship since the new format....GO BLOW!

    • Corey Powers
      Corey Powers Year ago +16

      hope MSU enjoys their bowl game while UM plays for a National Championship

    • Richard Benacquisto
      Richard Benacquisto Year ago +16

      MSU isn't even mentioned on this thread. Admit it, you secretly watch UM highlights. Either that or you're here to start smack. Either way UM is in your head.
      GO BLUE

    • M K
      M K Year ago +1

      @Corey Powers you have to get to the Championship first....GEORGIA!!

  • mykul821
    mykul821 Year ago

    I live in Michigan and these guys are the worst to listen to