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AWS for the Haters in 100 Seconds

  • Published on May 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • AWS is the world's largest cloud provider, but it is far from perfect. Let's take a look at the main reasons people hate Amazon Web Services.
    #programming #humor #100SecondsOfCode
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  • Fireship
    Fireship  Month ago +2590

    We're hitting 2M subscribers today! This is video is my gift to you

  • Invoke
    Invoke Month ago +2323

    It's insane how large the collection of services is, almost as if they're building an A to Z for Web Services.

  • Bruce Xu
    Bruce Xu Month ago +2192

    As someone who ate a $300 bill from leaving a p3.2xlarge instance on overnight I can testify that this video is 100% accurate

    • zeyad kenawi
      zeyad kenawi Month ago +60

      These GPU ones are the worst.

    • NaisuCinema
      NaisuCinema Month ago +132

      To be fair they give plenty of warnings and you can set your billing up to avoid this. That sounds like user error to me lol.

    • N
      N Month ago +192

      Customer service will refund you if you’re not lying. They’re extremely forgiving to small devs

    • Doonutzs
      Doonutzs Month ago +36

      @N thats so nice to hear

  • KingUnKaged
    KingUnKaged Month ago +1392

    Suspicious how Fireship's output has increased so dramatically right around the time A.I. writing, voice replication, and art generation began to really take off. If the machines WERE going to take over, they'd probably start off with a channel that somewhat downplays their vast, world-ending potential...

    • SoNotTheHeroType
      SoNotTheHeroType Month ago +93

      Dude, I've been shouting about this for weeks. I think he's been taken over by AI, I even tried to get another tech Clip-Sharer to help me confirm this.

    • 8koi
      8koi Month ago +17

      @SoNotTheHeroType lmfao

    • Brenden
      Brenden Month ago +74

      @SoNotTheHeroType Jokes on you, that was just another AI sleeper cell account.

    • Larik
      Larik Month ago +21

      @SoNotTheHeroType no so fast ai, I know all of your tricks.

    • Bryan Gomez
      Bryan Gomez Month ago +6

      its just another ai generated video

  • chbrules
    chbrules Month ago +743

    I'm an AWS certified architect. I don't even bother with 99% of their services, because there are just too many to even bother with! The core services, like EC2, VPC, Route 53, RDS, etc, are worth learning, but the rest are just a mountain of sh**t of AWS-implementations of FOSS tools. You will experience serious vendor lock-in if you use all their stuff. Keep it simple and learn to manage some of your own stuff so you won't be forever beholden to Bezos.
    And yes, I've had nightmares in the middle of the night that I left some EC2's on or that I've over- or under-bought enough RI's for our infrastructure. :[

    • Met
      Met Month ago +9

      The truth.

    • Janaka Kumara
      Janaka Kumara Month ago +18

      Could you give us a list of the mature well formed ones? EC2, VPC, Route 53, S3, CloudFront, RDS. anything else that we should consider?

    • Jued Berros
      Jued Berros Month ago +33


    • chbrules
      chbrules Month ago +33

      @Janaka Kumara There are quite a few "mature" services on AWS. Most of AWS works great, and you wouldn't be initially limiting yourself by using them, for the most part. The question is, which do you really need? It's nice to have AWS manage so much for you with a nice little web UI or through their API. However, could you get away with using EC2 and running your own stack with scalability and/or load balancing? Maybe not if you don't have a DevOps sort of person to help. And that's why AWS makes so much money. It's cheaper in the short-run to spend more money on their hosted services than to learn or hire someone to help you architect a legit infrastructure for your needs. As you and your product/service evolve, you would want to move away from their increasingly expensive managed services. Then again, it will cost more and more to move away as time goes on. It's a catch-22.

  • Fraser Rennie
    Fraser Rennie Month ago +1282

    You made me log into my AWS account to make sure it hasn’t been hacked

    • spazda_mx5
      spazda_mx5 Month ago +55

      I'm enabling 2FA

    • Michael Bodalski
      Michael Bodalski Month ago +141

      Now someone grabbed your session cookie, and you are hacked, seriously go look... and after that, you should definitely look again just in case the second look was the one where they got you.

    • Argha Bhattacharjee
      Argha Bhattacharjee Month ago +29

      @Michael Bodalski LMG vibes

    • Jon KF
      Jon KF Month ago +56

      Jokes on you, hackers were just waiting for you to log in to hijack your session cookie

    • freakinmonkey85
      freakinmonkey85 Month ago +8

      2FA and use SSO as well, never the root account.

  • Samy David
    Samy David Month ago +230

    As a certified AWS Developer i can testify this is exactly how it is

    • TippyHippy
      TippyHippy Month ago +5

      l put my hamster in a sock and slammed it against the furniture.

    • BurgerKingHarkinian
      BurgerKingHarkinian Month ago +1

      @TippyHippy as a certified morin I can 100% testify this is exactly how it is

    • Nick Torres
      Nick Torres Month ago

      Were you able to get a job with the cert?

    • Rolf Spuler
      Rolf Spuler Month ago

      @Nick Torres I agree. E.g. ever used Cognito?

  • basdfgwe
    basdfgwe Month ago +73

    It's crazy how cloud computing doesn't give you a big red stop button. This is especially useful for startups who may be "breaking shit" to get their velocity.

    • Anbia Bohlam
      Anbia Bohlam Month ago +8

      it's about money LOL
      I think they would be really glad if someone did really break their things XD

    • metallaw89
      metallaw89 Month ago +4

      They give you everything to build that emergency stop button by yourself ;)

    • Keith Karanu
      Keith Karanu Month ago

      You could probably write a script to do it for you.

    • NoName M
      NoName M 14 days ago

      The no-button feature buys bezos a new yacht every now and then...

  • Manu Chatterjee
    Manu Chatterjee Month ago +45

    AWS is the software equivalent of Home Depot. Sure you've got access to build virtually anything but you really have to know what you are doing.

    • DontDoIt
      DontDoIt Month ago +3

      I go to Home Depot after a youtube tutorial to try something I barely know, so this checks out.

  • Monil
    Monil Month ago +54

    This is 100% correct. The reason for this is Amazon's god awful leadership principles, which requires shit to be built with 2 pizza teams. The result is 100+ "2 pizza" teams building products with overlapping scope and competing amongst themselves to win the next promotion. For some reason, product managers are used as UX designers, so every "design" looks like crap. Corporate shitshow on an epic scale.

    • Omeir Fawaz
      Omeir Fawaz Month ago +1

      What is 2 pizza teams?

    • Rob Fowler
      Rob Fowler Month ago +7

      ​@Omeir Fawaz Pretending you can get any shit service developed with a team small enough that two pizzas will feed them. It may be true because under the hood a lot of services are as ugly as two spewed up pizzas.

  • Stefan Åstrand
    Stefan Åstrand Month ago +143

    Forgot to mention the ridiculously complicated authentication system just to make basic requests and the non existing documentation to perform basic tasks.

    • Saiv46
      Saiv46 Month ago +6

      Well, that system have advantage. I wanted to reverse-engineer scooter sharing app so I wouldn't deal with crappy UX, but gave up when I stumbled upon usage of API Gateway.

    • TwoHeads studio
      TwoHeads studio Month ago

      What tasks, for example?

    • Ben Toth
      Ben Toth Month ago +26

      There's mountains of documentation. Of course none of it works, because they change everything week to week including folder structure, file location, default modules, and security policies. The best part about leaving your support to unpaid forum slaves is you can change whatever you want without updating any of the gigabytes of how-to guides because they were never official in the first place.

    • Victor Daniel Santillan Chalico
      Victor Daniel Santillan Chalico Month ago +1

      I found the answer faster on stack overflow and the main request is to just put links to the most common questions on the docs

  • yoyo ma
    yoyo ma Month ago +30

    By far the most insidious aspect of all of this is just how DAMN HARD it is close CLOSE everything that is costing you money or delete your account. Absolutely anti-consumer.

  • Karl Mathias Moberg
    Karl Mathias Moberg Month ago +79

    As an AWS Architect, I can confirm this video is 100% accurate.

  • oron cohen
    oron cohen Month ago +228

    I took the "get hacked" personally, because it literally happened, but with 5000 EC2s, not 500
    on 2 regions btw, it was fking "highly-available"

    • Holthuizen oemoet
      Holthuizen oemoet Month ago +92

      where are you living now, in a box or did emperor jeff bail you out?

    • b33thr33kay
      b33thr33kay Month ago +2

      Did you ever find out how you were hacked?

    • Abhishek Sathe
      Abhishek Sathe Month ago +10

      you gotta leave earth and go to mars or something at that point lmao

    • macklinrw
      macklinrw Month ago +52

      @Abhishek Sathe Jeff bezos is a founder of Blue Origin. Going to another planet ain't going to save you.

  • Coding with Lewis
    Coding with Lewis Month ago +61

    AWS was founded in 2006. Sadly, the AWS console still works like it's from 2006.

  • フローラ
    フローラ Month ago +6

    About 10 years ago I used the free year to host a game server for free, at first I was so scared to accidentally go over the free tier allowance but it went fine, but still I remember about being stressed about it

  • Jorge C. M.
    Jorge C. M. Month ago +28

    My favourite part of AWS S2 is individually selecting files inside of virtual folders and not letting me accidentally select all the files I need to download at once

  • Brian Ball
    Brian Ball Month ago +15

    Dang, if AWS adds a HelloWorld service, developers could get started with just a click and the entry of their credit card details.

  • Nene's Apostle [8th Apostle of the Twelve]

    I'm happy at this video's ability to tell both sides of the story so well! Yes, Amazon AWS is evil like all Amazon, but it's also revolutionary and there is a really good reason why everyone uses it. AWS just makes so much sense, GCP and Azure just pale in comparison! Also, it should be mentioned that the Amazon web console is very nice to use and actually kinda fast if you compare it to the dinosaurs that Google and Microsoft built.

    • skolarii
      skolarii Month ago +14

      you had me until "the AWS console is nice to use"

    • Sioax Aeriken
      Sioax Aeriken Month ago +1

      @skolarii I prefer it to Azure. Not sure about google but I hate using Azure...

    • Victor Daniel Santillan Chalico
      Victor Daniel Santillan Chalico Month ago

      Aws console doesnt even have the same ui for their services wtf you mean

  • One Man In a Boat
    One Man In a Boat Month ago +29

    Your video has made it to meme slack channel at AWS. We love it ❤

    • KucfLol
      KucfLol Month ago +2

      # ?

    • Joshua
      Joshua Month ago

      Can you guys make it to where I stop having to input 2 consecutive MFA codes? This happens at least 60% of the time. Very annoying.

  • ivancheesecake
    ivancheesecake Month ago +11

    Watching this gave me war flashbacks when I got billed $4000+ on a small app that I was working on. I accidentally added 16TB of storage to my instance when I only intended to add 16GB. Yup, I'm an idiot.

  • Mike Mcgrath
    Mike Mcgrath Day ago

    Oh my god, not a single miss. Every single aws meme covered beautifully in 100 seconds. Fireship you absolute legend.

  • JQ
    JQ Month ago +3

    The "for the haters" serie is a must when choosing new technologies. ❤

  • incyphe
    incyphe Month ago +8

    Amazon's own web site is no different. I just saw a page that hasn't been redesigned in 20 years.

  • Shard113
    Shard113 Month ago +4

    This is a very hard pill to swallow for the pro cloud crowd. The lock-in is real and the way out is difficult. Depending on what you're doing, you might be able to get away with only doing a few things (relatively) to achieve a somewhat agnostic architecture (like using an additional cloud service that bridges the gap for you, which exist but atm only for a few use-cases). Otherwise, Godspeed.

  • Stuart
    Stuart Month ago +8

    I was trying to figure out how to enable IPV6 on an EC2 instance, and I had to read through multiple help pages. I ended up killing IPV4 for the entire region we had servers on. It was like the sky fell in, and I had to beg AWS support to help me get out of the shit.

  • JustPyro
    JustPyro Month ago +26

    I like the "... For the haters" series soooo much!

    • Vaisakh K M
      Vaisakh K M Month ago +2

      i still can't get over the one about Java😆
      and it came the time when i was submitting my project on java, final project for my companies one year training....
      and since i never used it....

  • Hamid
    Hamid Month ago +60

    He manage with his narrating to give you a lot of punchlines while you still wait for the punchline.

  • joe sunshine
    joe sunshine Month ago +3

    The inconsistency of aws is such a pain to learn. And when ever there is a problem it is always a problem with IAM

  • Human Name
    Human Name Month ago +3

    I just remembered something. I was sitting my comp sci lecture, right at the back, and a guy ahead of me had an AWS account up, which I assume was his. I shit you not, I watched him write some kind of email or support message about there being activity on his account that wasn't his. Little did I know this was my introduction to AWS.

  • Anthony
    Anthony Month ago +6

    I think what is interesting about AWS is how it illustrates Amazon’s approach to finding their next money maker vs. the way Apple approaches finding their next money maker. Apple prides themselves on saying no to most projects. Meanwhile Amazon is willing to place multiple bets, like they did with AWS. The AWS bet paid off big. Both approaches can work.

  • Jamie Barton
    Jamie Barton Month ago

    This video should be in their docs. Really helpful explainer.

  • Cheegum
    Cheegum Month ago +1

    As a systems admin who has been exiled away from civilization for the last seven or so years due to garbage health reasons and now trying to get back into the game Fireship has been a beautiful find.

  • parthfilmz
    parthfilmz Month ago +2

    congratulations man , your content never disappoint

  • Kristian Rasmussen
    Kristian Rasmussen Month ago +125

    I'm currently learning AWS on ACG and the majority of this video made me think i was wasting my money and time and sabotaging my future THANKS A LOT LOL

    • GorillionDollarExtreme
      GorillionDollarExtreme Month ago +15

      you are, there's literally zero need for anyone to use aws

    • V - Sig
      V - Sig Month ago +8

      ​@GorillionDollarExtremeyeah in fact i dont get it. Wtf is this useful for ?

    • Capybara
      Capybara Month ago +14

      Under this post : on premises peasants

    • Tiago Dinis
      Tiago Dinis Month ago +16

      it's much easier to buy a dedicated server and build your infrastructure, trust me.

  • neiru
    neiru Month ago +4

    this was too funny as a cloud engineer who uses aws console great content man

  • chris felix
    chris felix Month ago +5

    I have never been a fan of AWS except for their Simple Email Service (because its the cheapest available). I am a big fan of Google Cloud though.

  • Richard Max
    Richard Max Month ago

    You’re on fire fireship! This is absolutely hilarious 👏👏

  • Ruxandra Bucos
    Ruxandra Bucos Month ago +2

    Fireship videos get better and better and I am here for it ❤

  • slikk66
    slikk66 Month ago

    Just think of the cost of "lock in" being 2 or 3 platform engineers you don't need around to keep things from breaking. And, use one of those freed up roles to have someone dedicated to keeping costs low as possible. You'll be fine.

  • Tadakuni Yasuda
    Tadakuni Yasuda Month ago +1


  • Mudbill
    Mudbill Month ago +2

    After working with AWS for 2 years, I can confirm that this is completely true and I still have no fucking idea what I'm doing

  • schedarr
    schedarr Month ago +4

    it's impossible to find out what are the prices of their services, it's so convoluded that I decided to use another cloud provided that's more expensive but at least has a readable price list

  • Omnik
    Omnik Month ago +2

    Some years ago I was there, choosing our test cloud hosting platform. I was like looking a M6 nut in a 1.5L bottle filled with all kinds of screws, nuts and bolts.

  • DevNami
    DevNami Month ago +1

    In between Azure, AWS and GCP, which would you choose for your own company or use case? Do you have any favorite?

  • J
    J Month ago +47

    I am loving everything GPT is doing for me with AWS.

    • SavageFPV
      SavageFPV Month ago +5

      ME TOO, such a nightmare of a documentation

    • Bangla
      Bangla Month ago


    • TheGkmasta
      TheGkmasta Month ago +3

      GPT did me dirty with a CORS configuration last week. I had to read the actual documentation 😢

    • Sioax Aeriken
      Sioax Aeriken Month ago +5

      @Bangla So Chat GPT answers questions you have about how anything works. It can even produce code in many different languages. So you can save a lot of time by just asking a question to Chat GPT instead of searching the web for answers.

    • Bangla
      Bangla Month ago

      Okay now i got it. Reading documentation or skimming throughout it for once is good though.

  • Leonard Petit-Breuilh
    Leonard Petit-Breuilh Month ago +3

    I literally worked for a project that had Amazon developing new AWS features on the go.

  • moh ali
    moh ali Month ago +2

    Very true! Best explanation I have ever seen about AWS in years :)

  • Indrajit Sarkar
    Indrajit Sarkar Month ago +4

    I am going to start learning AWS, this is the motivation I needed.

  • A.H.S.
    A.H.S. Month ago +2

    Everything about this video is agonizingly accurate

  • Gencoa
    Gencoa Month ago +7

    I like how he roasts AWS for 95% of the video and gives credit at the very last 5% 😅

  • Girth Brooks
    Girth Brooks Month ago +2

    I've been considering learning aws to get into tech for work finally. This video just helped make me more interested.

  • Snowyiu
    Snowyiu Month ago

    So, I was once considering AWS, but then I was going to calculate costs in advance, found it as opaque as vantablack, also found that I can't configure an upper spending limit and noped out immediately.

  • Aleksandr Strizhevskiy

    I made a simple website and hosted it on AWS. Then I got hacked and owed a few thousand dollars to Amazon, literally just like in the video lol. They let me go but made me sign an agreement about "shared responsibility" and about how it was my fault that I got hacked.

  • sanjarcode
    sanjarcode Month ago +13

    The absence of a "stop all" 🛑 button is a very annoying dark pattern. If you can calculate the bill, you know what services are running, and so, why can't kill the processes, evil AWS!!

    • Holy Moron Empire
      Holy Moron Empire 28 days ago +2

      Wonder if some browser extension or a TamperMonkey JS script can be made to automate that. It won't be concurrent and instead sequential, but it would be automated. I have been doing similar stuff for some websites, sorting lists by some type(size, usage, date), then performing automation.

    • sanjarcode
      sanjarcode 28 days ago

      @Holy Moron Empire this can be done, definitely. But a community/dedicated effort would be needed, since the app creators would like to preserve the dark "dark patterns", and a community effort can update the scripts to counter that. Example - changing something as simple as CSS classes can break automation UIs.

  • Riccardo Esclapon
    Riccardo Esclapon Month ago

    The stuff at 1:15 is too real... I remember using AWS like 5 years ago and not only was it super difficult to shut down instances one by one, there was some really convoluted system that would just create new ones automatically and I remember it took hours with support because there was some shitty bug. AWS is sooo bad like for real

  • Rhen Bovi
    Rhen Bovi Month ago +1

    Saying what we're all thinking/experiencing. Spot on. 👌🏼 Still kills the competition, IMO tho.

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin Month ago

    Let's not forget that AWS (Amazon Web Services) contains a service called AWS (Amazon WorkSpaces) so when talking about AWS you don't know if it's the AWS in AWS or the overall umbrella of AWS.

  • Dabbo Pabblo
    Dabbo Pabblo Month ago +2

    I recently contacted their customer support and thought I had been hacked or something was wrong on their end because the region I was checking had no ec2 instances running in it yet the instance was hidden on some other random region I don't use. After it required me deleting 2 things but the team despite identifying was my fault just refunded me half of what I owed, I assume they didn't refund for the storage volume but just the instance

  • Erik Elek
    Erik Elek Month ago

    Also, don't setup the root account with MFA or you can risk being locked out forever

  • Kierak
    Kierak Month ago +4

    Terry A. Davis was truly a genius, I miss him.

  • Petrrr33
    Petrrr33 Month ago

    This 'for the Haters' type videos should be a whole series

  • HarryBallsOnYa
    HarryBallsOnYa Month ago

    Feels like developing in a haunted amusement park. I don't think i could have said it any better 🤣

  • Michał Ślusarski
    Michał Ślusarski Month ago

    I'm starting at a company that uses AWS and... shit, thought this is some couple-of-years-old video and AWS has matured by now. Got nervous seeing this video was posted this week.

  • Fedi Aniefuna
    Fedi Aniefuna Month ago +1

    As someone who's bout to intern at Aws this summer, this video was a welcome surprise😂

  • Alejandro Pérez Malagón

    I needed to see this video today. Thank you! You are the hero we all need.

  • Shihab
    Shihab Month ago +3

    Awesome explanation. I laughed a lot 🤣

  • Black Playdoh
    Black Playdoh Month ago +1

    The search part got me, too relatable.

  • Gary Waddell
    Gary Waddell Month ago

    What a bitter sweet video to watch. This and the Java Haters Club LOL. I use AWS all the time, it makes my life much easier and affordable but you have some seriously good points in this video. Same as your Java Haters video, I personally love the Java Language but hate the overhead that goes with it (ie JVM, Dependencies etc) but it's an amazing Language to code with and thats proof most languages adopting similar coding standards that follow Java. I use so many AWS services today to build highly scalable apps, and believe me, it saves me a ton of money and time to build these apps (unforunately the vendor lock-in issue does come at a cost 😬)

  • The Fynn
    The Fynn Month ago

    never used AWS, but from your Java for haters Video, I have to assume your are totally right again.

  • José Herminio Parreño Piqueras

    I love when Fireship gets angry mode. (I still remember the Javascript hater video lol) . Great work.

  • Daniel Dogeanu
    Daniel Dogeanu Month ago

    This is precisely why I deleted my AWS account! 😆
    It was a big mistake of course, because they took my 2FA with it, and now I can't do anything on Amazon anymore. 😅

  • Satyam
    Satyam Month ago +16

    As an SDE at Amazon, I was traumatized for the first half😅

    • Morgan Blem
      Morgan Blem Month ago +2

      Same lol

    • KucfLol
      KucfLol Month ago +3

      Not an SDE but an infrastructure Engineer at AWS and I was equally traumatised… but as a non developer and trying to build applications is really a pain and documentation does really suck 😢

  • Anthony Northrup
    Anthony Northrup Month ago +1

    If this had been released tomorrow, I would've felt like an idiot for not understanding. But you didn't post on opposite/sarcasm day, so it makes me feel better for not understanding how to get started with AWS........ Also for the pit in my stomach when I received that "your leaving free tier, and will be charged" even though I had already cancelled everything

  • Cerebix
    Cerebix Month ago

    Just use lightsail like any other linode/digitalocean style service. Setup multi-auth and use SES for SMTP if needed.
    Use anything else, and you are playing with fire. Hopefully you're enough of a cloud architect to set the billing safeguards.

  • Alberto Riolly
    Alberto Riolly Month ago

    Imagine what it would be if Amazon has an OSS spirit.

  • abhinav kumar
    abhinav kumar Month ago

    got my aws cloud practicioner badge like yesterday and i am really happy to see this

  • canowyrms
    canowyrms Month ago

    Caught me off guard in the first 5 seconds and had me chuckling. Nice.

  • Flappy
    Flappy Month ago +6

    Great video! Except for the last 10 seconds which sent me into a visceral rage

  • Ang Mathew
    Ang Mathew Month ago

    You are only one who can voice like this. Great stuff

  • Bojan Savic
    Bojan Savic Month ago +1

    These satires need their own (wonderful) channel, very enjoyable!

  • Patrick Collins
    Patrick Collins Month ago +1

    How is every video you drop an absolute banger.

  • TJ Mora
    TJ Mora Month ago +1

    I hope you can keep this up for the rest of the year. A video every 2 or 3 days.

  • PepperPeterPiper Pickled

    "AWS glows in the dark; hit it with your car"
    -God's chosen programmer

  • First Last
    First Last Month ago +8

    Congrats on 2M subs! I've been subscribed since you were at less than 500k and you deserve it!

    • J
      J Month ago

      I still see 1.99

    • Renato Frota
      Renato Frota Month ago

      @J it's either due to timezone difference or you live in a sub-developed country. j/k

  • Norbertsson
    Norbertsson Month ago

    Okay, good save at 2:12. I was wondering if I lost my grip on a troll level detection 🙂

  • DaBossBabie360
    DaBossBabie360 Month ago +2

    only reason he put the last few seconds of real talk in there is to not get sued by aws

  • Namaste duniya
    Namaste duniya Month ago +1

    Sir please give your opinion on bca
    And give road map for learning programming.

  • Alejandro Alcaide
    Alejandro Alcaide Month ago

    Very creative, man. Kudos

  • E S
    E S Month ago

    I've played with these AWS services: Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB and CloudFormation.
    All 10/10, excellent, loved it. But I did not enjoy getting hacked and having russian ads hosted on my account.. xD

  • xorinzor
    xorinzor Month ago +13

    I guess this is supposed to be an april fools joke, but man I love it 😂

  • The Fizzlee NL
    The Fizzlee NL Month ago

    As someone who burned through a 100 bucks on azure by forgetting to shut down a storage server, it's all the same, you gotta be careful what you activate

  • Mal
    Mal Month ago

    Once we get everyone onto abstracted AWS services and away from EC2, there's no chance they can leave!!!. Oh no I said the quiet part loud.

  • Čonto
    Čonto Month ago

    The best description of AWS to date !

  • Eduardo Pereira de Sousa

    The end goal is to have one service for each JavaScript framework.

  • Elijah Knox
    Elijah Knox Month ago

    When you said AWS for haters, I thought you WEREN'T going to say bad things about it😂

  • Milky Way
    Milky Way Month ago +4

    A good solution is to build your own server

  • Sk00sha
    Sk00sha Month ago +1

    This hits hard after a $2600 opensearch bill 😬

  • Akinjide Sleek
    Akinjide Sleek Month ago

    🚀💯I have been waiting for this one! 😂I use AWS too but I kind of hate it!

  • noodle
    noodle Month ago

    these videos are incredibly entertaining