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Surprising a Wife Who Hates Surprises


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  • Blacktail Studio
    Blacktail Studio  2 months ago +248

    Thanks so much to everyone for the support. And if you are interested, the Black Friday sale is live until Monday! blacktailstudio.myshopify.com/pages/black-friday

    • Phil Vale
      Phil Vale Day ago

      Hi 👋, Blacktail , I did Watch it all the way through to the end, And no handle. Great looking project and the main thing is your dear wife appreciated your work, Your comments on how to have a good relationship with your partner i.e. doing things together explaining what we’re doing doesn’t always pay off, As i was in a relationship for approximately 18 years and I have noticed that I was being used and manipulated.
      So at the age of 71 years old I now live by myself in an old mill in France. PHIL FROM THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOULIN FRANCE

    • Phil Vale
      Phil Vale Day ago

      Hi 👋, BlackTail Studio, I have always been impressed with work, I am into listening to music, I have built my own loudspeaker cabinets transmission line and they sound amazing, an idea that I came up with a year or so ago which I’m hoping to do this year is that I’m going to make a Live Edge wall unit to house my hi-fi equipment, Yes you guessed it I’m going to use epoxy Inc in the shelving, However the unit is going to be fixed to the wall not touching the floor as I do not want to vibration occurring in the units, Especially the record deck which will be attached to the wall using metal brackets and will only house the record that it’s self, As this is the worst piece of equipment for compromise any sound, It is just a thought it might be an idea you approach Companies that deal with high end audio recruitment offering them your service, To make high end audio equipment stands equipment shelving units. People will pay for very good equipment, Especially when people are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars euros in pounds for the equipment and they want very good Quality furniture to complement the hi-fi equipment, If you do some research I’m sure it will pay off, good luck. PHIL FROM THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOULIN FRANCE.

    • Mark Sandford
      Mark Sandford 7 days ago

      No hardware. Wow some of the peeps that reply to you are really personal and mean. When I say mean I’m being nice as…..

    • Suzanne Poffel
      Suzanne Poffel Month ago

      Hardware new walnut

    • BigDave8802008
      BigDave8802008 Month ago

      Didn't need a name, but I would call the entire build the Corrupt Code Barn Door Build

  • Jason Hiser
    Jason Hiser Month ago +846

    I didn't think I would like the no hardware. I was wrong. I love it. Funniest part of this video was when your wife asked "slow close?" and you're like "yea we don't mess around here" when in fact you didn't even realize you ordered slow close.
    Ya did good. The door is beautiful.

    • Sirios Star
      Sirios Star 26 days ago +1

      "soft close " not slow close .

    • love2scoobysnack
      love2scoobysnack Month ago +7

      @Keith Andre and sometimes accidents get names like Matt or Betty

    • Keith Andre
      Keith Andre Month ago +14

      I cracked up at that unintentional slow close,sometimes accidents are lucky

    • ShieldInHand
      ShieldInHand Month ago +132

      Rules for being a husband:
      1. Love and respect your wife unconditionally etc etc.
      2. Take credit for anything that goes right, because you’ll sure as hell get credit for anything that goes wrong.

    • Blacktail Studio
      Blacktail Studio  Month ago +134

      Ya man, that’s the only way to respond

  • templar
    templar Month ago +289

    couldnt stop laughing when your wife found the patch and your reaction was to block her out and walk away. you did a great job with the door and patching up the wall and ill definitely be looking into that shop locator if i ever plan to do any custom wood work

    • Electric Rune Games
      Electric Rune Games 2 days ago

      Walk away is all you can do and not suffer...

    • Francesco Varoli
      Francesco Varoli 22 days ago

      OCD life!!!!

    • Sharp
      Sharp 24 days ago

      Anyone married knows all about that lol

    • Totavo
      Totavo 28 days ago +2

      This is the first time I've watched one of his videos. Their relationship is amazing lol.

  • Birdnan
    Birdnan Month ago +71

    I’m very OCD myself. The door looks fabulous! I’m sure your wife will always know the patch is there but no one else will every see it! I am an artist and many of my pieces don’t come out as I saw it in my head, but they sell well, which speaks volumes.

  • Michael Østergaard
    Michael Østergaard Month ago +37

    I’m not a handyman AT ALL, but I do love seeing all the tools that are available for almost every idea possible.

  • Frfun
    Frfun Month ago +16

    Old door, but the new one looks like it fits your home better. Nice work!

  • Mike Laughlin
    Mike Laughlin Month ago +4

    No hardware! Great job. Love the finish, I’m planning to use this on an arch top guitar project.

  • Wrestler Dude
    Wrestler Dude Month ago +5

    Man. That is a beautiful door. The color of that wood looks fantastic.

  • space berries
    space berries Month ago +4

    Me and my girlfriend have been enjoying your videos a lot on our tv. We've subbed on our tv and on our phones to give you x3 the subs love your work 👌 Door looks absolutely friggin beautiful. No show was definitely the way to go. I cannot believe she noticed!

  • Rafael Leite
    Rafael Leite Month ago +1

    That looks beautiful. I will I could do something like that for our bedroom. Amazing work.

  • DIY Corner - Eduardo D'Ávila
    DIY Corner - Eduardo D'Ávila  2 months ago +2656

    LOL...the best part was your wife pointing out the tiny patch !!! That was hilarious man !!! Great job and very clean and simple system.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 22 days ago

      @Brett Fafata I know I don't

    • Dale Smalley
      Dale Smalley Month ago


    • Shane Johnson
      Shane Johnson Month ago

      best part?.... I have different feelings...

    • Eugene Wilson
      Eugene Wilson Month ago

      @Steampunk Skunk either left it or filled it with black epoxy

    • TheSeriesofTubes
      TheSeriesofTubes Month ago

      @Monique H she seems like a nightmare. Only cares about aesthetics and if it’s ‘fancy’ to impress others. Many Jews are neurotic and have low empathy though, so likely it’s genetic.

  • Gabe Border
    Gabe Border Month ago +1

    Glad to see they've made that floor guide pin metal. Mine is older and plastic. Still works great. Love that hardware.

  • L C
    L C Month ago +1

    Personally I liked the old hardware, what I think from your finished doors, both of them are fantastic, where they fail is that you didn't do anything with the all to tie it into the wood door, they both seem kinda out of place with the wall just being ..well a wall

  • Bannister Nicholas
    Bannister Nicholas Month ago

    Oh, so on the fence, I love the idea of the door without the rail, yet I love that rustic door pattern. I think if the rail was more rustic, with curled iron or hammered look & feel, I would have preferred the old, they're both great. I can't say I've seen enough of your house to know which suits.

  • ( ̄へ ̄)
    ( ̄へ ̄) Month ago +4

    wow man, this was great and such an inspiration. my father is super handy like this and while I did inherit it and worked with him growing up, I am nowhere near on you guys level. this was amazing. my gf thinks I’m super handy and I gotta show her this channel 😂

  • B
    B Month ago +464

    Love the
    “is that soft close?”
    “You know how we do it”
    5 mins earlier
    “Didn’t even know it was soft close when I bought it”😂😂😂

  • Pinky Taylor
    Pinky Taylor Month ago +1

    New hardware! I love this door! My husband has been an anti-barn door guy because we do NOT like rustic. Ha! I'm getting my barn door! I really love the hidden hardware. Great job. BTW I liked the glitch table.

  • Espen Danielsen
    Espen Danielsen Month ago

    No hardware: I thought the old hardware was good 'till I saw the new door. That is amazingly clean! Very nice work!

  • ryan welling
    ryan welling Month ago +1

    Looks really really clean without the hardware. Really nice job!

  • gbuck1000
    gbuck1000 Month ago

    It is Beautiful! Love the look of no hardware. 👍

  • Thomas Nielsen
    Thomas Nielsen Month ago +98

    I liked the old door - But the hidden mechanism and the clean look of the new one is awesome 👍

    • David Edds
      David Edds 28 days ago

      @Kraken also the fact that they just made an outlet completely unusable is hilariously stupid to me 🤣

    • Kraken
      Kraken Month ago

      my mom put a barn door on her master bath. I hated it. Looked exactly like theirs. Hardware is an eyesore, I like modern look any day.

  • CrazyDogGame
    CrazyDogGame Month ago

    Both works for hardware just depends on what you are looking for. In this situation, the no hardware goes better with your house. It is much cleaner which is beautiful.

  • Miller Beer
    Miller Beer Month ago +2

    I like the old hardware. Mostly, because my son treats my house like a barn.

  • skitzy76
    skitzy76 Month ago

    Just installed 2 of these a week ago for the first time,the instructions are a nightmare but the system works really well and the clients are very happy with the result

  • Erik Hagström
    Erik Hagström Month ago

    Great job, much nicer than the old door. Also think the patch was a nice work around.

  • That Guy
    That Guy Month ago

    Personally love the new door hardware. May have been a pain, but it looks clean as all get out!

  • Christine J Jones
    Christine J Jones Month ago +3

    I know I'm late to the conversation... but the new door rocks! I didn't like the old one at all... I might have noticed the fixed knot, but I'd probably have said you did a really good job fixing it! Especially knowing you are an awesome woodworker .

  • Eliott Raymondeau
    Eliott Raymondeau Month ago

    This may just be me but you could make a table or anything out of mahogany wood, I personally love it and although it is roughly similar to most other colors you use I think it could turn out great idk

  • snurgledragon
    snurgledragon Month ago

    No hardware. It looks gorgeous!

  • Reid Beebe
    Reid Beebe Month ago +121

    Your, sir, are an extremely talented man. The door, so cleanly hung, is a piece of art!

    • velkanzi
      velkanzi Month ago +4

      Yes, totally, and yet the modern woman can still criticize it.

  • 3DCGdesign
    3DCGdesign Month ago

    architect here: I like 'em both. Depends on the style of space you are going for. That said, if you have idiot guests renting an airbnb they may break the door without visible hardware trying to figure out how to open it.

  • Steve Williams
    Steve Williams Month ago +1

    Love the new door... that color is fantastic!

  • Nowhere Man
    Nowhere Man Month ago

    They are both terrific styles, but I would go for the modern look that seems to float. However, if I had a cabin in the woods, I would use the one on the left. Wonderful work.

  • darthjump
    darthjump Month ago

    At the end when i saw the reaction of the Wife i understood the panic and doubt in the beginning. She seems very concerned about details, maybe a little too much.

  • Ernst de Roo-Straatemans
    Ernst de Roo-Straatemans Month ago +104

    I do like the old door, but the new one fits the house so much better. Great job!

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams Month ago

    No hardware! Those barn doors have been cheapened down so much and so overused it’s refreshing to see a fresh take. I also personally like a modern aesthetic so NO HW

  • András Salfay
    András Salfay Month ago

    Finally! Blacktail Studio 2.0!!! One more channel that I can subscribe to, allows me to avoid OTHER channels in my recommendations other than Blacktail Studio and also supports someone who makes amazing stuff that I cannot :D.
    Your perfectionism mixed with honest mistakes always inspires me to do better even in my own amatuer projects, and has made my environment (both for us and for our animals) so much better in a short amount of time.
    Some dozen chicken and rabbits thank you too, and they don't even care about Festool either. :D

  • Szalkai Sándor András

    05:50 Love these DIY videos, where they use "machines that everyone has home", that worth more than my house...

  • Jeff Trechter
    Jeff Trechter Month ago

    One of the best tips I've gotten as a homeowner is to drill through drywall with masonry bits unless you're absolutely certain you're hitting a stud and NOT hitting anything you don't want to, like wires, or tubes of any sort. Masonry bits are rubbish at going through wood, metal, and even plastic like the pipe you hit or the sheathing on wires.

  • Hamid Khosravi
    Hamid Khosravi Month ago

    Old hard wear, Love your work, it teaches me and gives me a relaxation feeling 😊 👍

  • David C Baeza
    David C Baeza Month ago

    The new hardware/door is AMAZING!!!!

  • Byron Billy
    Byron Billy Month ago

    Love that hiden hardware! But both styles have their place!👍

  • Joost Adorf
    Joost Adorf Month ago

    No hardware! Amazing job, don't worry about the patch!

  • Денис Коцеба
    Денис Коцеба 2 months ago +359

    No hardware, it looks cleaner. Boy, your wife does have a sharp eye 🔥 No wonder your finish process is so meticulous 👏

    • Briguy1027
      Briguy1027 2 months ago +2

      @Денис Коцеба No worries, it's not a big deal.

    • Денис Коцеба
      Денис Коцеба 2 months ago +1

      @Briguy1027 oh, sorry, didn't know that

    • Briguy1027
      Briguy1027 2 months ago +2

      Heh, he had mentioned in past videos that he's like that because his wife has OCD.

    • Tom O
      Tom O 2 months ago +7

      No hardware please. It's not a door in a hospital.

  • Michael Gilbert
    Michael Gilbert Month ago

    No hardware. I had never seen that before. I like it. Great job, and great video.

  • Troy Stephens
    Troy Stephens Month ago

    No hardware, and yeah, my wife is like that also. I feel ya man. Looks great.

  • Wonderfully Made
    Wonderfully Made Month ago

    All the hard work & planning - DRUM ROLL...REVEAL: ."Oooh, do you see it, was I not supposed to say anything?" 🤣 😆 No hardware for sure. AMAZING JOB!!

  • Viktor Andersson
    Viktor Andersson 29 days ago

    What realy stuck out to me, is "if she's involved, this 5 day build will turn into a 3 month build" and that kinda says something about having a clear structure and vision of what you want to do. with no distractions or changes to the innitial idea

  • Torie Grenier
    Torie Grenier Month ago +12

    I like the hidden hardware look.
    I’m debating on sliding doors for my closet… it seems intimidating to me so haven’t tackled it quite yet

    • Tyuji Vulpus
      Tyuji Vulpus 27 days ago +1

      Give it a crack mate. You never never know if you never give it a go✌🏼

  • Leif Jonsson
    Leif Jonsson Month ago

    Great job!!! So want all your tools and work place!! 👍👍

  • Dan
    Dan Month ago

    I'm not a wood worker nor do I have any interesting in getting into it, but your videos are awesome - Also happy to support you by subscribing to your channels , however It appears the URL provided for Blacktail studio 2.0 seems to be down.

  • blue33
    blue33 Month ago

    No hardware. LOVE the door!

  • Jan Sharp
    Jan Sharp Month ago

    No hardware!!! so beautiful!

  • Number1Pappy
    Number1Pappy Month ago

    Being an amateur wood worker, I received this video in my" recommend to watch" list. Normally, I love finding new woodworking channels. However, after researching this channel, I came to the immediate conclusion that your channel is nothing but "infomercials."" To be clear, it's totally in your prerogative to run your channel anyway you see fit. All I'm saying is it's just not for me. In a perfect world, you tube channels that are primarily infomercials would put a notification on their channel to let people know ahead of time, but it's not a perfect world sadly...

  • AstroRoss
    AstroRoss Month ago

    New Hardware. Great video, first time here, that dog made her go down and thus see the circle patch! Whoops, next time dog treats? Very enjoyable video - thanks 🙂

  • Coolabah Woodworking

    Love this one great idea!!

  • Sam NoLastName
    Sam NoLastName Month ago

    No hardware for sure! I have a questions. Is there any structural reason that you could not carve an inlay pattern on an existing table (regular glue-up hardwood, not one solid piece)? Asking for a friend 🤔 😉

  • PTSD
    PTSD Month ago +5

    Beautifully done! So much better than the original one. Great job! No hardware definitely better.

  • Jake Schmidt
    Jake Schmidt Month ago +1

    New hardware!! Your wife has a very good eye for detail, sorry you lost that one😅

  • Digging_In
    Digging_In Month ago

    New hardware, however I'm unfortunately probably stuck with old based on thickness and material my wife wants to use. Very clean not having the hanging rod on top.

  • Thomas Mundal
    Thomas Mundal Month ago

    No hardware for sure. The new door looks amazing. Good job :)

  • Charles J. Read
    Charles J. Read Month ago

    old/new hardware = depends on the space. New seems better in your space. I opted for pocket doors in my space. Nice job on door and drywall (lol). fun video. By the way Happy Wife is making it her idea. So happy wife , happy life. 45 years of experience!

  • magno
    magno Month ago +10

    That's it. We're hooked. You've got to do "surprise my wife who hates surprises" videos routinely from now on!

  • De Cuevas
    De Cuevas Month ago

    I love both looks. I believe what you picked fell right in line with the rest of your house, I'm sure. You have the biggest parts of success in your thinking!!! Your aspiration towards success in EVERY piece that comes across your hands starts in your desire for excellence! Your person has a solid and true foundation. All that is built from this foundation will show its value, as it is; solid, and true. When you start with square and level, all your walls will be plumb and square, your joists will be level, the trim carpenter will love the framer for this attention to detail. It always shows up somewhere, when you skimp here or there... Sorry, all that to say, I have a deep appreciation for all I have seen you do. I know right away, your approach is right on the money, its filled with wisdom, caution, and most of all, your heart! That's what has brought you to where you are on this journey. Thanks so much for sharing it! 66carpenter

  • Jakob Folmar
    Jakob Folmar Month ago

    More interested how you got that drywall done so clean.

  • Volt
    Volt Month ago

    No hardware looks so good. Shoutout for proper house temperature too!

  • Brendan Carpenter
    Brendan Carpenter Month ago

    I'm surprised that I'm "NO HARDWARE". Love the look . Great job...every wood worker NEEDS an OCD friend or spouse lol...

  • M L.
    M L. 28 days ago

    I would have left the knot.
    Beautiful door.

  • Dennis Parham
    Dennis Parham Month ago

    I like the no hardware. Beautiful work

  • Daniel Seals
    Daniel Seals Month ago

    Great job! Don't understand the patch issue? I mean the door is made from seven boards. The grains don't match anyway. You can still see and count the boards. It's not like hanging wallpaper.
    Your patch, the way you did it works best.

  • onefinishline
    onefinishline Month ago

    I like the no hardware look, but there has got to be a better, simpler design for the hidden hardware.

  • Tim Bergmann
    Tim Bergmann Month ago +5

    No hardware! I knew as soon as your wife knelt down to pet your dog that she would see the patch! I had to laugh a little bit. Nothing gets by the women in our lives! Great job as always. Is the N3 the same as ceramic?

  • Palladin54
    Palladin54 Month ago

    I like the new style hardware and I plan to utilize it myself.

  • Jeff Millar
    Jeff Millar Month ago

    No hardware. That is such a clean look and works well with a more modern house design.

  • Paul Matsumoto
    Paul Matsumoto Month ago

    No hardware. Thanks for the video. Beautiful. Did she know you were hidden camera recording her later?

  • Michal Misiaszek
    Michal Misiaszek Month ago

    NO HARDWARE - this exact project I have wanted to do for our master bath for the last 4 years. You mentioned hollow-core doors from HD. As I understand, installing this hardware requires quite a lot of routing; how will hollow doors accept it?

  • Savagemandalore
    Savagemandalore Month ago

    The new hardware is nicer it is subtle and can fit in more styles. The old hardware works in more specific styles that your place just isnt.

  • Derrick Howell
    Derrick Howell Month ago

    New. I like old as well but the new certainly fits the house style much better. You do read from the book of over kill though, that's one very expensive interior door, lol.

  • Marlad1
    Marlad1 Month ago

    No hardware! Love it

  • EzerArthiom
    EzerArthiom Month ago

    Gosh, she's such a perfectionist!!! That's probably why you guys are together! ;)

  • Barry Polis
    Barry Polis Month ago +4

    I prefer the older hardware (but, my house is rustic, and the older hardware simply works on the door and shutters I've used them on). Great job on the door. Loved the "soft close" feature.

  • Steve J
    Steve J Month ago +1

    Oh my gosh, super nice door. Must be difficult to live with a woman like that. She actually has the nerve after all the work put into that to even MENTION the patch (which you did great by the way)

    • Myem
      Myem 17 hours ago

      Oh no she pointed out something she is a horrible person!!

    • Steve J
      Steve J Month ago

      @Willowin Yeah and the rest of his life he will have to always deal with her. UGH LOL

    • Willowin
      Willowin Month ago +1

      Agreed. It was like the visual version of nails on a chalkboard watching her reaction. 😢

  • Mike & Erin
    Mike & Erin 27 days ago

    No hardware for the win. The barn style door has grown old.

  • Steve Woodrow
    Steve Woodrow Month ago

    New hardware as it looks more fitting to your home!

  • saravanan natarajan
    saravanan natarajan Month ago +2

    A wife who hates surprise itself a surprise!!!!❤

  • kaveh b
    kaveh b Month ago +3

    This door hardware is the reason I bought a hand router. It's an excellent tech and a great look.
    I made my own hollow core door with birch ply and veneer.
    I've been wondering how to finish it, and now I know the product I'm gonna use, if I can order it.

  • John Burns
    John Burns Month ago

    I think Gaudi table is most apt. Love your work.

  • Micah denBok
    Micah denBok Month ago

    Someone has likely already asked this - but have you looked into an automated mixer for your epoxy? Maybe a magnetic mixing machine or something?
    I’m not a wood worker, but I’m sure if you found a product like that - or made one - you’d save a ton of time 🤷‍♂️
    Love your videos, keep it up!

  • Tainowarrior00707
    Tainowarrior00707 Month ago

    Should of put the patch in the inside part of the pantry lol all in all beautiful door👍🏻

  • lupo10
    lupo10 Month ago

    1:11 you’re indirectly explaining yourself to the whole interwebs.
    But your logic is correct, just get it done. Gaining forgiveness is easier than permission 😂

  • skoomskaa
    skoomskaa 2 months ago +598

    No hardware - your wife noticing that patch was both funny and frightening. The ability to see such a tiny imperfection in the midst of all that other excellent work is a scary power. I pray for you sir...

    • skoomskaa
      skoomskaa Month ago

      @M. deWylde a whole board? I'm talking about the little plug he put in the knot hole. What whole board are you talking about? And what does toxic masculinity have to do with any of this?

    • M. deWylde
      M. deWylde Month ago

      Not "a tiny" imperfection. It's a whole board that is a different color! As a carpenter, I wouldn't allow myself such a "mistake", let alone install it, call it good AND show it to others with pride!?! Not to mention that she doesn't like surprises, but he did it anyway. Cause...toxic masculinity. "Am I allowed to touch it?" Poor woman...

    • Kamalakanta Nieves
      Kamalakanta Nieves Month ago


    • Clyde Craft
      Clyde Craft Month ago

      @boo humanity has issues because we have so much time to care about stupid things instead of not dying of some epidemic

    • Easton Von Schist
      Easton Von Schist Month ago +2

      @Maritime FoxI agree, if you live in fear of what your wife is going to think or say all the time, I would not call that a healthy marriage.

  • Midgaard
    Midgaard Month ago

    No hardware for sure, i think its gorgeous. I bet your wife dosnt like kintsugi either :|
    The making them think they thought about it trick, aslso works with bosses ^^

  • Eric Griffith
    Eric Griffith Month ago

    No hardware I think it is it very sleek look very impressive and in most homes now I think it would fit their Decour very well.

  • estudiom142
    estudiom142 Month ago

    love it!

  • jmart014
    jmart014 Month ago

    No Hardware - Hey random question, what type of tape measure do you use?

  • Paul
    Paul Month ago

    Love to no hardware look!!

  • Ravenous Pathogen
    Ravenous Pathogen Month ago

    I think you and your skills are amazing, but those criticisms from your wife, c'mon man. If she's so good, show us what she can build.

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      Congratulations you have been selected among our shortlisted winner 🎁🎁 contact the number above.........✅

  • Loidis
    Loidis Month ago

    'i can't believe you got it done in time' - i thought she didn't know you were doing it?!

  • Eugene Wong
    Eugene Wong Month ago

    New hardware.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  • Jennifer Mauceri
    Jennifer Mauceri 2 months ago +6

    I loved this build and the door is gorgeous, only change I would’ve made was put the slight indentation on the outside of the door, like the inside to make it easier to open and close from the outside. ❤