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The Big Game S1 ♠️ W2, E5 ♠️ Negreanu risky HERO CALL against Brunson ♠️ PokerStars

  • Published on Nov 17, 2018 veröffentlicht
  • The pressure is on: the Loose Cannon needs to make a serious comeback in order to earn money and with names like Daniel Negreanu and Doyle Brunson at the table, this will not be easy..
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    We're taking a trip back in time to make you relive some exclusive moments of the PokerStars Big Game! This means: big names, big pots and big egos. Big Game is the next generation of high stakes cash poker and we've got some exclusive throwbacks for you, featuring Daniel Negreanu, Phil Laak, Doyle Brunson, Barry Greenstein and many more pro poker players. With 5 top pros (who buy themselves in for $100,000) and one Loose Cannon, anything can happen…Check out some amazing bluffs and epic poker hands, see how a Loose Cannon takes on pro poker players and watch some CRAZY poker games.
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Comments • 424

  • PokerStars
    PokerStars  2 years ago +27

    Which of these players would you like to see come out on top?

  • JeremyCuddles
    JeremyCuddles Year ago +108

    As much as I like Daniel, it stings a little to see the Loose Cannon flop a flush then lose out after. He busted, but he played pretty good Poker. Also David was a true class act on the way out. He got unlucky twice.

    • Kleine Raupe
      Kleine Raupe 3 months ago

      I agree 100%

    • PokrPro21
      PokrPro21 4 months ago +1

      @CorporalPoon who David or the loose cannon? I was talking about David. David has style! The loose cannon is a robot lol

    • CorporalPoon
      CorporalPoon 4 months ago

      @PokrPro21 he was a lame NPC

    • PokrPro21
      PokrPro21 4 months ago +2

      Pure class and well dressed. Major respect. He's representing the game well

  • Arthigamya Financial Services Pvt Ltd

    The commentators are truly awesome. They make watching this so much more interesting for me.

    • PokrPro21
      PokrPro21 4 months ago +3

      I lost it with Robl-Cop. That was so corny but so goddamn funny 🤣

  • Noah Nordenström
    Noah Nordenström 4 years ago +767

    This Guy compared to the last loose cannon was like a pro. Still lost his stack and the superfish won over 50k. Thats poker!

    • gunsbulletsheroin
      gunsbulletsheroin 11 months ago

      @shane jett also wiggins missed tons of value bets, checking behind on every river

    • Charles Martin III
      Charles Martin III 11 months ago

      @CoL_Drake if Wiggins is a fish you must be the hole damn lake

    • 10Ammar
      10Ammar Year ago

      I was just thinking the same thing. Infinitely better player and yet...

    • Franklin G Rendon
      Franklin G Rendon 2 years ago

      I mean it’s only because Daniel called gambling

  • Nodus Man
    Nodus Man 4 years ago +324

    Doyle really must have tipped these dealers well with his hands.

  • Harsh verma
    Harsh verma Year ago +11

    It is just epic chemistry between Doyle and Danny

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith 2 years ago +97

    This guy did deserve to win, had good game played well just unfortunate.

  • Captain Morgan
    Captain Morgan 3 years ago +86

    Every time I see Robl it reminds me of one of the worst "bad beats" ever, when he hit quad 9's and lost everything to quad Q's. The dumbfounded look on his face was priceless.

    • Christian Wai
      Christian Wai 10 months ago +3

      @Piyush Ranjan what you just described is a cooler. A bad beat is for example when someone loses to a 2 outer on the river after shoving with over 90% equity on the turn

    • Piyush Ranjan
      Piyush Ranjan 10 months ago

      @Christian Wai It is a bad beat. He had a super strong hand on the flop, the turn, and the 2nd nuts on the river. He was losing to a hand you can never put someone on.
      If the river was a brick, you could've argued if a fold was possible but hitting quads and losing is definitely a bad beat.

    • Doc James Burton
      Doc James Burton Year ago +1

      Omg I need to watch this

    • Christian Wai
      Christian Wai 2 years ago +9

      Thats not really a bad beat is it? Cause queens were ahead on every turn. A super hard cooler though

  • Viktor Heredy
    Viktor Heredy 2 years ago +6

    Stapes has come such a long way. It’s weird to hear him so reserved here

  • Shakes First
    Shakes First 4 years ago +261

    I liked this wild card, he played some poker and wasn't too scared to get it in when he had to.

    • Shakes First
      Shakes First Year ago

      @JesusKong333 You can't fault him for nerves.

    • Lawrence Watson
      Lawrence Watson Year ago

      I felt for the guy because he played well. Especially compared to the loose cannon before him who got lucky against Hellmuth on one hand and otherwise played like a fish.

    • JesusKong333
      JesusKong333 Year ago +1

      He knows the game but he played too tight the first 75% of the show and got into a position where he had to get super aggressive. If he was more aggressive early, Daniel might not have called his all-in

    • Connman 8d
      Connman 8d 4 years ago

      He was definitely a player.

    • Shakes First
      Shakes First 4 years ago

      @PokerStars Thank you.

  • L S
    L S Year ago +3

    Doyle so old school he made Abe and the cannon put their hands up before jammin all-in. Classic

  • Sekaikage
    Sekaikage 10 months ago +7

    no wonder doyle is a legend, dude hits monster hands every other pot

  • Cristian-Ionuț Somirlea
    Cristian-Ionuț Somirlea 2 years ago +2

    When Brunson had aces and Abe folded for a second you can see he was dissapointed🤣🤣

  • Dabod
    Dabod Year ago

    Respect to the loose cannon. Made really good plays, I respect that very much.

  • Dmitry Piskarev
    Dmitry Piskarev Year ago

    This loose cannon was such a pleasure to watch, although he might be too good for this spot. But it is hard to sympathise to someone who is pushed around and stupid lucky at the same time.

  • ramonestefano
    ramonestefano 4 years ago +565

    Wow, that was one heck of a professional loose cannon.

    • ramonestefano
      ramonestefano 2 months ago

      @Jarrett Young don't be so jealous

    • Jarrett Young
      Jarrett Young 2 months ago

      Loose cannons are overrated

    • Trap Queen's Lawyer
      Trap Queen's Lawyer 2 months ago

      Meanwhile Daniel got it in terrible

    • gunsbulletsheroin
      gunsbulletsheroin 8 months ago

      @Joaquín Barzi i meant his hand selection in general, i wasn't talking about this particular hand. and again, i wasn't criticizing, i think looser than normal is correct for this format

    • Joaquín Barzi
      Joaquín Barzi 8 months ago +2

      @gunsbulletsheroin put the hand in a solver, and what he did was perfectly in line with ideal play

  • J-Lou Avila
    J-Lou Avila 3 years ago +2

    The Poker gods are in favor for doyle so much

  • David Bogossian
    David Bogossian Year ago +3

    This Loose cannon actually played very good poker but got into some really tough spots

  • Neil Pickup's wifes boyfriend

    Ive never seen anyone get cards like Doyle

  • deepstateflatmoonlizardcultist

    "I'm gonna get hyper-aggressive"
    *immediate voice crack*

  • Joe Boy
    Joe Boy 4 years ago +1

    ....espectacular game of Daniel Negreanu......fantastic 12:20

  • christopher garrison
    christopher garrison 2 years ago +2

    Heartbreaker loose cannon deserves an applause

  • Rob A
    Rob A 2 years ago +31

    The sad thing is last weeks loose cannon was horrendous just got lucky to have any chips.

    • Owen Schilling
      Owen Schilling 2 years ago +1

      More like too stupid to risk any. He won that one lucky hand from Phil, then he played nothing

  • Ryt
    Ryt 4 years ago +10

    Will Davis didn't seem that bad, I wanted to see more plays by him

  • out4delf
    out4delf 2 years ago +13

    The most awkward thing I’ve seen from professionals in a while. 34:52 Surprised the guy didn’t accidentally smack Doyle.

    HTX_DONUT_PATROL 7 months ago

    Loved the “behind the poker face” bit

  • 87plank
    87plank 4 years ago +8

    Hi Pokerstars,
    Can you please upload the episodes with Lex Veldhuis. That would be great. Thanks.

  • shravan singh
    shravan singh 2 years ago

    u can see the chemistry between them back then too

  • ccNuts
    ccNuts 2 years ago +3

    Funny how Daniel eventually knocks out the loose cannon

  • Bustin Ya
    Bustin Ya 2 years ago

    I think Daniels percentage at folding on the river is probably below 10%?!

  • Patricia Davis
    Patricia Davis 10 months ago

    I found a few of these videos and I love it. Whoever came up with the idea is a genius

  • AnthonyGL
    AnthonyGL 2 years ago +22

    Weird that the loose cannon lost to Daniel. Daniel’s definitely rubbing his wife the wrong way.

  • Jason Thompson
    Jason Thompson Year ago +1

    Will Davis played like a champ

  • Thoi Vo
    Thoi Vo 7 months ago

    Daniel is entertaining and good for tv.

  • Duran Jerome
    Duran Jerome 11 months ago

    Doyle going all in on an 8-5 two pair was baller af

  • Factology
    Factology Year ago +40

    Canon took it like a champ
    He decided to run just once.
    That takes some real guts

    • Roman
      Roman 26 days ago

      @jacob newman Got a math degree and played poker professionally. I think I do know a little bit about the game.
      At the end of the day I dont care. If you think he is a good player please feel free to copy his game.

    • jacob newman
      jacob newman 26 days ago

      @Roman hilarious coming from the fish that thinks he’s good 😂😂

    • Roman
      Roman 26 days ago

      @jacob newman Saying that just makes it obvious that you are a fish too.

    • jacob newman
      jacob newman 26 days ago

      @Roman your clueless, cannon played pretty good he just ran into a few times and he got sucked out on multiple times where he should’ve scooped a big pot

    • Kellen McHugh
      Kellen McHugh Month ago

      @Roman cannon played pretty good poker. You don’t know what you’re talking about

  • xsaberkid
    xsaberkid 2 years ago +2

    Had to Google huck seed was thoroughly impressed what a legend

  • landwolf00
    landwolf00 4 years ago +18

    I wish I had Doyle luck.

    • miked4309
      miked4309 4 years ago

      and that they hold up. daniel is the POW...but still wins..

  • TheGRTiger
    TheGRTiger 2 months ago +2

    The Abe v Doyle thing was impossibly fascinating.

  • MoshiKo 17
    MoshiKo 17 Year ago

    Bizarre call by Daniel with the QQ hand

  • Parham Haghshenas
    Parham Haghshenas 2 years ago +1

    "it's not grown up, is it?" killed me for some reason

  • Josh Freeman
    Josh Freeman 2 years ago +2

    I would love to see robl say "hey you guys".

  • Dark Thought
    Dark Thought 3 years ago +16

    28:22 glitch in the matrix. doyles time froze for like 5 seconds lol

  • civilian
    civilian 4 years ago +70

    150 hands Brunson gets KK QQ like a dozen times.

  • Malcolm Washer
    Malcolm Washer 2 years ago +1

    Doyle has mega luck

  • MCFoultier
    MCFoultier 3 years ago

    Doyle looked 15 years younger

  • Alvinator520
    Alvinator520 Year ago +2

    These commentators are savages - “someone’s still looking for approval from Daddy.” Sorry Robl, 10-2.

  • KenDev2
    KenDev2 4 years ago +512

    Jesus christ Doyle, 50% of your hands were pockets, how....

    • IceWarrior101
      IceWarrior101 2 years ago +2

      @Ryt Folding pre flop doesn't just give you monster hands though.. he was getting super lucky.

    • Onbored
      Onbored 3 years ago

      @troyhbk The original airing, not the throwback reruns that are cut to the good hands, is what I'm talking about.

    • troyhbk
      troyhbk 3 years ago +2

      @Onbored and finally at the 6:00 minute mark here they dont show the hand where abe is the button, they show none of that hand....they come back to the table and the rich business man is the button so no everyone they dont show every hand. Period. at 5:10 the cannon is the button, he wins the hand. at 5:58 the dealer motions to abe to put the ante in yet at 6:16 you clearly see abe isn't the button. So, I ended up being right after all. Not that I care that much but I paid close attention when watching some old hands this morning. Id love for someone to challenge the evidence I just gave. It just didn't add up. You cant show 30 hands in an episode, not when 10 minute of the episode is interviews on and off screen. Wow then the hand at 9:08 skipped over DNegs button. So they didn't show multiple hands. Not sure what you fellas were seeing.

    • troyhbk
      troyhbk 3 years ago +2

      @Onbored Throwback the big game season 1-week 3, episode 5 in and around the 9-11 min mark Nadia was the button then they did an interview with Barry Greenstein, comeback and 11:04 the button is now on Danny Aleia.....so they def didn't show all the hands.

    • troyhbk
      troyhbk 3 years ago

      @Onbored I watched this entire series.....both seasons.....it doesnt seem like that many hands but like i said. I will admit your right and I was wrong.

  • Mark Power
    Mark Power 3 years ago +7

    Sick beat for the cannon..... I knew a spade wud come ... Like internet poker... When u have AA and Ur opponent has 73 suited and gets 4 runners

  • mustafa mirza
    mustafa mirza 4 years ago

    How sick is that turn card???

  • Nick Sheehan
    Nick Sheehan 2 months ago

    Really love this show and wish they would bring it back somehow. The only thing I would change though is the set. I don’t really have an issue with this one, but it just feels kinda sterile and isolated.

  • Uwerlmi
    Uwerlmi 2 years ago

    Doyl has as much pairs as the letters in his name factorial.

  • Poker Tracker Coach Manager

    Love Big Game

  • Jack Gros
    Jack Gros 3 years ago

    Class act by the loose cannon

  • Sir David Cassidy
    Sir David Cassidy 3 years ago +111

    so each loose cannon is given a big goofy pink dress shirt to wear?

  • Jake Cooper
    Jake Cooper 2 years ago

    Abe has a lot of respect for Doyle, but honestly he shouldn't have taken hairstyle advice from him.

  • DeftTouch
    DeftTouch 4 years ago +20

    Thank you for these videos. I really enjoy them.

    • PokerStars
      PokerStars  4 years ago +9

      You're welcome! :) More to come

  • Doug G
    Doug G 2 years ago

    Nice quote from Tombstone by Doyle.

  • Micham Lanmi
    Micham Lanmi 2 years ago

    I just feel bad for the loose canon. He is the best player on the table

  • David Santa Carla
    David Santa Carla Year ago +1

    Tell your wife “sorry” AHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Lewis Debski
    Lewis Debski 3 years ago +1

    I reckon the loose cannon put his neck all in the last game and lost!! Anyone seen it?

  • Robert Demon
    Robert Demon Year ago +4

    I reckon the cannon was the best player at the table.

  • MCFoultier
    MCFoultier 3 years ago

    Abe mosseri is not in the hall of fame yet, and Doyle turns 87 this year...

  • special74n
    special74n Year ago

    Dont forget and keep in mind that each loose cannon is staked 100 000$. And the Randy Lew is the fastest player on internet.

  • Harry Weyer
    Harry Weyer 3 years ago

    11.08 and everyone is frothing at the mouth,Brunson on ace pairs,lol

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 4 years ago +5

    What is the probability of Doyle having that many KKs AAs and QQs?

    • Connman 8d
      Connman 8d 4 years ago +3

      He should pick up Aces Kings or Queens about 2 times in 150 hands. For it to happen 9 times in 150 hands is just absurd.

    • Aljoša Novak
      Aljoša Novak 4 years ago

      Near 0 hahaha

  • Kevin’s Disobedience
    Kevin’s Disobedience 3 years ago +2

    I think I detected a physical tell in Doyle right around the 24min mark. He has AA again Robl’s 33. The board runs dry so Doyle checks it down, giving Robl a chance to bluff at it or catch up, but each time Robl checks behind and Doyle cocks his head back the other way, almost as if he is physically hurt that Robl doesn’t take the bait. Check it out and let me know what you think. It seems pretty obvious to me, but then I can see the hole cards. Robl can’t.

  • Ramon Mendonça
    Ramon Mendonça 4 years ago

    Coloca narração em português!!!!!

  • MarkoAnzio
    MarkoAnzio 9 months ago

    Wonder if Daniel was extra incentivized to take out the LC due to the fact that the LC mentioned multiple times that his wife hates Daniel?

  • Taylor Sayliss
    Taylor Sayliss 2 years ago

    And Doyle is insane

  • Finnegan
    Finnegan 2 years ago +6

    This loose cannon was in my opinion the best one in terms of game theory, shame he busted but that's poker.

  • Abcdefg
    Abcdefg Year ago +1

    Will played excellent poker. He would’ve made more of the NAPT passport than any other of these loose cannons. I’m really disappointed he lost.

  • DIME
    DIME 4 years ago +3

    damn i like daniel but he sure got lucky ... that poor guy lost to a set of kings thats bad luck

    • Leo G Sparta
      Leo G Sparta 3 years ago

      daniel is actually a horrible cash player

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 3 years ago

    Can someone please explain to me how it wasn’t a split pot between Daniel and Davis at 16:35. Don’t they both technically have flush to K?

    • K.C.
      K.C. 3 years ago +3

      The top 5 cards of each hand apply. Daniel's K, Q, J, 3, 2 of spades beats Davis' K, J, 10, 4, 3 of spades.

  • CrysisFear
    CrysisFear 4 years ago +40

    31:10 should be a meme

  • kayeven
    kayeven 3 years ago +1

    Well, Wills wife was probably REALLY not into Daniel after all of that..

  • The Last Time Bender

    Why would someone dislike Daniel hes like the nicest fun guy at the table.

  • Nick
    Nick  3 years ago

    Anybody count how many times they said loose cannon

  • Mr Picky
    Mr Picky 4 years ago

    Ivy is dealing?) will never stop pointing out the gambling part was here the desider like in most poker matches no matter the level of players.

  • Eric
    Eric 3 years ago +2

    lmfao ... Doyle ran so hot, it's unreal

  • Turjo Joadder
    Turjo Joadder Year ago

    Damn the LC shook everyone’s hand except for DN’s…the disrespect

  • asterix811
    asterix811 4 years ago +8

    So they call Robl in to play 20 hands?

    • andrew wohlfart
      andrew wohlfart 3 years ago +4

      For The Big Game, they have reserves waiting in the green room just in case someone busts or leaves. Theyve shown that on a couple episodes before

  • PartyRaveAnimal
    PartyRaveAnimal 2 years ago +50

    Did anyone notice @3:19 when the Th hits the words "Pokerstars" on the felt moved? weird.

  • Sammy Sue
    Sammy Sue 2 years ago +6

    I like DN, I really do. But lord the way he got so freakin lucky against DW and Davis makes me sick to my stomach

    • Owen Schilling
      Owen Schilling 2 years ago

      It’s not luck if he makes those decisions all the time. It’s risk assessment; he took a shot and it came through. I agree I would’ve liked to see the loose cannon win tho

  • ElementalChaos
    ElementalChaos 2 years ago

    Yeah that's how I do it. I'm dead Daniel

  • Neil Simpson
    Neil Simpson 3 years ago

    Absolutely horrible call with the QQ by Daniel.

  • ConicalGutterSnake
    ConicalGutterSnake 2 years ago +2

    Doyle complains about not being able to read the cards from far away. But instantly can read the size of the cannons stack from across the table😂

  • Taylor Sayliss
    Taylor Sayliss 2 years ago +1

    Robl looks like Matt Damon or Jason bourne in those movies 😂

  • Straight Virginツ
    Straight Virginツ 4 years ago +5

    Bruhnson is so lucky 🍀. But I love him 😍

    • Connman 8d
      Connman 8d 4 years ago +1

      Mark Richardson I know right. I only pick up big pocket pairs once every 60-70 hands because I'm just not that good at poker.

  • 0gz
    0gz 3 years ago +9

    Daniel played the long game to marry Amanda.

  • Juan C. Kaún
    Juan C. Kaún Year ago +5

    Wow great episode. I was rooting for the loose cannon. His heart must've stopped for a second after that 2♤ dropped. Damn that sucks

    • Aeonian Gears
      Aeonian Gears 3 months ago

      @kojja It's just a saying, not meant to be taken literally. It's also said as "heart skipped a beat" commonly as well. Basically it just means you're nervous, excited, or surprised so it can be positive or negative depending on the context.

    • kojja
      kojja 7 months ago

      If his heart stopped wouldn't he have died? Sorry I am not from the states so I might have misunderstood your comment

  • james spiess
    james spiess Year ago

    The loose cannon's middle name is HanK! LOL!

  • omar kilani
    omar kilani 4 years ago +16

    13:36 you're welcome

  • Dawn Keener
    Dawn Keener 2 years ago

    Im a Texas gal and for a long time ive played poker and wished just once I could have played with Doyle. Not gonna happen now. But maybe one day I can go play with some others I have also wanted to play with...maybe one day.

  • Dark Thought
    Dark Thought 2 years ago

    moseri reminds me of the actor that played penguin lol

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike 2 years ago +4

    People who say Wiggins is better at poker than Davis needs their head knocked in with some smarts.

  • Some Random Dude
    Some Random Dude Year ago +2

    What an ABSOLUTE donkey call from Daniel in that 3 way all in


    Brunson said he looked 40 LoL

  • cameron meng
    cameron meng 5 months ago +1

    "Robl Cop" had me dying laughing! Well done

    • PokrPro21
      PokrPro21 4 months ago

      I lost it when I heard that. So cheesy yet so damn funny

  • Steve Xyz
    Steve Xyz 2 years ago

    Loose cannon" Who are you?" .. my name is Doyle.. I've been playing for 60 years... Loose Cannon.." and my wife hates you Daniel".. dudes a charmer