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One Night in Miami... | Official Trailer

  • Published on Nov 17, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • A look at Regina King’s directorial debut of One Night in Miami… What happens when Cassius Clay, Malcolm X, Jim Brown, and Sam Cooke find themselves in the same room.
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Comments • 624

  • Kalila Lee
    Kalila Lee Year ago +143

    I cried so hard at the end of this. Knowing that Malcolm essentially ended up “alone”, completed his autobiography with Alex Hayley and was then assasinated, that hurt so bad. 4 different men, dealing with the same exact thing. With all unique perspectives. This was beautifully portrayed.

    • tomie makes mini films
      tomie makes mini films 8 months ago +2

      @T REX none of them die during this movie. and since she’s speaking about the real life people portrayed in the film, it’s not much of a spoiler especially when these events took place many decades ago

    • Earthy Nomad
      Earthy Nomad 11 months ago

      He died young before reaching 40

    • Viyah Ingra
      Viyah Ingra Year ago

      @africanbella28 and possibly them

    • africanbella28
      africanbella28 Year ago +3

      Beautifully said!!! It also really hurt seeing Malcolm cry in the movie because he knew what was about to happen to him😞

    • T REX
      T REX Year ago +2

      Thanks for spoiling the movie

  • Rajon313
    Rajon313 Year ago +180

    I just finished watching it, and it destroyed me. It's a beautiful and powerful film. Anything about Malcolm that's well done really get's to me.

    • Viyah Ingra
      Viyah Ingra Year ago

      It broke me into pieces for real

    • Kenneth Coats
      Kenneth Coats Year ago

      @MUFC And yes Soccer is globally a popular sport

    • Kenneth Coats
      Kenneth Coats Year ago +1

      @MUFC The only thing bigger and more powerful than any sport is god.

    • Brian Magee
      Brian Magee Year ago +8

      I really did enjoy seeing Malcolm's Daddy Daughter moment with oldest Attallah it was so cute and precious.

    • Deadpoo-poo
      Deadpoo-poo Year ago +3

      It's a good one

  • Miriam. A
    Miriam. A Year ago +590

    looks like someone finally made it into the room where it happens......

    • Eduardo Fernandes
      Eduardo Fernandes 10 months ago

      Really poor directing and acting

    • german Katalaha
      german Katalaha 11 months ago +1

      @SoapMusik 312 yup

    • Rodrigo Ycaza
      Rodrigo Ycaza Year ago

      @Kayla Currie Not really.

    • Bbrave17
      Bbrave17 Year ago +1

      @MusicAddict RockGrungeR&B let me tell you, you will cry cos God know I did.

    • SoapMusik 312
      SoapMusik 312 Year ago +2

      Miriam yep
      BMW Exxxotic, i co-sign each word, we mexicano. pero blk in our familia throughout (2 of my sister in laws are black.)We are loving the preview for this,and i am just thrilled it was Regina who did it! brought it to film. so good. it is.

  • Beyond Blessed
    Beyond Blessed Year ago +98

    This movie was absolutely inspiring, beautiful and brilliant! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    • Kenneth Coats
      Kenneth Coats Year ago +4

      Yess, it honestly was. I loved every single part about it. Just having the movie going deeper into Muhammad Ali converting to Islam was sooo interesting and every single thing in this movie was amazing

  • HeWhoThinks
    HeWhoThinks Year ago +43

    This movie is GREAT!! For Regina King in her directorial debut you would not know it. Very powerful performances by all of the actors. In my opinion Kingsley Ben-Adir as Malcolm X stands out as one of most powerful portrayals of Malcolm X since Denzel Washington.

  • Green Hornet
    Green Hornet Year ago +136

    Just finished it. Amazing! As an African American, I can’t explain how much I felt in this film

    • Earthy Nomad
      Earthy Nomad 11 months ago

      Stay strong our brothers and sisters in America.
      The struggle is one.
      The enemy is one.
      This war is against all black people around the globe

    • Fire Water
      Fire Water Year ago +1

      @moe green You didn't say Sub-Saharan Africa. You claimed "nothing has come out of Africa." Which is factually incorrect. But even if you meant just Sub-Saharan Africa, your claim would still be factually incorrect. Humanity came from Africa. Your ancestors came from Africa. The earliest inventions in human history came from Africa. The earliest forms of medicine and mathematics came from Africa.

    • moe green
      moe green Year ago +1

      @Fire Water you clearly don't read my comments that sub-Saharan African that's a different people. Yes Egyptians are smart

    • Fire Water
      Fire Water Year ago +1

      @moe green You've clearly never heard of Egypt before. That was in Africa. "Western" science and technology came from Egypt. Inventions like medicine, transport and water power came from Egypt.

  • David Netterwald
    David Netterwald Year ago +16

    I just got done watching this movie a few minutes ago and this movie was fantastic. The acting writing and direction were tremendous. One Night In Miami is phenomenal it's so good I would definitely watch it again.

  • SuperSaiyanT92
    SuperSaiyanT92 Year ago +438

    Anything with Regina King is a must watch for me

    • SuperSaiyanT92
      SuperSaiyanT92 Year ago

      @Dashrath Bhargav I said WITH Regina King meaning whether she’s directing, producing or acting. If she’s on board then so am I.

    • Cerl84
      Cerl84 Year ago

      @NubianP6 what are you doing then?

    • Ellen Pearl Jackson
      Ellen Pearl Jackson Year ago


    • Hugh Campered
      Hugh Campered Year ago +8

      Yep, she never dissapoints whether is acting or directing

    • Lindsey Kerr
      Lindsey Kerr Year ago +1


  • LightUponLight
    LightUponLight Year ago +202

    I believe Ms KIng has knocked it outta the park with this one...... already nothing but excellent reviews. Bravo!

    • Speaking Of Being Correct
      Speaking Of Being Correct 9 months ago

      @Natalie Dunn yt ppl so outta pocket

    • Speaking Of Being Correct
      Speaking Of Being Correct 9 months ago

      @Infinite zombies Yt ppl so outta pocket

    • Infinite zombies
      Infinite zombies Year ago

      Of course the reviews are excellent. Cancel culture SJWs would have the head of any critic who dare criticize this bloated crap

    • Michael Maps
      Michael Maps Year ago +4

      @Ram Singh True sounds like she only enjoys fiction and fantasy. That movie was great considering that it was only one night

    • Natalie Dunn
      Natalie Dunn Year ago +1

      @Kendal Moraes "It was about equality and being treated as a human despite the color of their skin" Are you serious with this? And, not being respected in that manner is called racism! That's exactly what I was referring to duh 🙄. How could you not understand that? And, I don't want to watch a stage play filmed in one room debating abt race issues & their place in the fight with no other plots, action, or stories happening. Just monologues only. Sorry I don't. Glad u enjoyed it though.

  • Nora Nora
    Nora Nora Year ago +13

    What a movie pfff 👌🏽👌🏽. Like I had tears in my eyes at the end of this movie especially the last scenes.

    • Dominique Cross
      Dominique Cross Year ago

      I just got done watching this & the last 10 minutes i was teary eyed. Starting with the scene of malcom looking out the window at the restaurant seeing one of his FOI’s paying the white guy & giving him intel. I was angry. Sam singing change is gonna come added to it.


    I just finished watching this movie and man let me tell you this was a masterpiece put together by Regina king and all these gentlemen in this movie played all four these iconic accurately especially the guys who played Sam Cooke and Muhammad ali I was so shocked and amazed at how they played them down pat they had Sam and Muhammad’s voice, mannerisms, personalities, and everything down pat. Amazing cast and amazing movie💯👏🏽👏🏽

  • Dylan G
    Dylan G Year ago +8

    I just watched it 10 out of 10 Regina King is perfect to direct this and all four of the main stars play their parts perfectly. There is nothing wrong with this movie except it should have been longer!

  • Josh Bryan
    Josh Bryan Year ago +117

    Interesting trailer, definitely looks like a home run for Regina King!

    • Roger Jones
      Roger Jones Year ago +2

      It definitely is! Awesome and powerful 👏

  • Flurry Joe
    Flurry Joe Year ago +162

    This Muhammad Ali has accurate mannerisms...
    but Malcolm X gave me chills. Simply beautiful!

    • Mark Johnson
      Mark Johnson Year ago

      Did they depict Ali extreme racism in the movie? Just curious.

    • Monica Thomas
      Monica Thomas Year ago +1

      @wu yeah that's what i thought lol

    • Monica Thomas
      Monica Thomas Year ago

      @Alkebulan Lion bullshit

  • True Talk
    True Talk Year ago +33

    I love Malcolm ...ending is powerful and shocking at the same time

  • africanbella28
    africanbella28 Year ago +2

    Simply an amazing and powerful movie!!! Kudos to Regina King for doing a wonderful job producing this movie❤️❤️❤️

  • francisco aguilar
    francisco aguilar Year ago +18

    This movie is perfect for this time in america (2021) w all this hate and negativity we live in. To show 4 iconic black men who were strong and inteligent men of American past is necessary right now. A clear message that black people are not only what many movies depict them as. And as for the actors, im glad to see them getting strong important roles a way lot more in Hollywood now. I may not be a brotha mysel but Im proud to see people of color in progression. A clear example us minorities can accomplish great things when they give us equal treatment and judge us by our intelligence, hearts, skill and skin color not a factor.

  • donaldburlontrump
    donaldburlontrump Year ago +151

    A Regina King Film? Obviously, I will see this film.

    • Hasan x
      Hasan x Year ago +2

      a Jody Klein film. King was just put out there to draw in the sheep.

  • Adyfilk
    Adyfilk Year ago +101

    This is looking super interesting. Acting, Cinematography, Music - everything looks perfect in this one.

    • amanda bauer
      amanda bauer Year ago +1

      @Eva Harris so good. i hear. i will see it this winter before spring(so that's six weeks away still.)i am wanting to see it.
      look real good. true stories.love them.

    • David Netterwald
      David Netterwald Year ago +2

      It is excellent it's one of the best movies I've seen in awhile.

    • Farrah Tami7080
      Farrah Tami7080 Year ago +3

      @Steve Jackson i agree to this right here. so true, and i can't wait, being white though, i can't wait to see this movie as my 2 brothers.

    • SoapMusik 312
      SoapMusik 312 Year ago +4

      @Eva Harris eva me too chulita, hello. with blk and mexicana all through mi familia.( sister in law both are black) we all oving this preview, three more days 2 watch, i am so happy for it coming out, this winter, this is 1 i will watch few x a year." or more than that. great men. all, in their own way,but x is my fave in it, already. then muhammad.

    • Steve Jackson
      Steve Jackson Year ago +6

      @BMW Exxxotic Redhead Mami Bella that's how i feel, beautiful. hi redhead bmw mami bella. i feel this way like i was saying earlier here how somethin' about how we our people make our films, songs so f-kin real, it is hard to turn away from what's real. this is real. this is great. fire. all blk strong men legends, in they own right. especially X . and ALI. but this look good, real talk. you right what you're saying, bout blk movie, blk actor, blk directors are a win, real talk mami.

  • TheChado
    TheChado Year ago +11

    Just watched it! It was rivioting and stunningly surprising!! I highly recommend it, if your into a meaningful storyline with well placed key moments and acting. Has a wonderful way of drawing you into every character, especially the main I give it a 12 outa 10!! Masterful!! Especially when it involves a struggle of a race or people. Brilliant! Masterful!! Powerful!! Moving!!

  • Zeyad
    Zeyad Year ago +65

    I'm not black, I'm a Palestinian teenager from Jerusalem. But I can still very much appreciate this movie. I just finished it and I really loved it, legit my favorite movie of 2020. Amazing work!

  • Prem Liar
    Prem Liar Year ago

    I came here after watching "One night in Miami" and the character played by Kingsley Ben Adir was amazing and portrayed all the emotion and frustration and even fear if Malcolm X. Having seen so many documentaries of Malcolm X, this movie made me almost cry (now I'm someone who rarely cries after a movie, last I cried was probably 1998/99) Malcolm X, for some reason appeals more to me than MLK, don't get me wrong I respect both but the more I see and know about Malcolm X, the more I feel his importance compared to MLK

  • B Sure
    B Sure Year ago +4

    This is a must see movie! Everyone did a fantastic job!! That was one hell of conversation in that room!!!!

  • Tony M
    Tony M Year ago +11

    Just watched it! Well done to all involved! That's how you tell a story.

  • Malcolm Mabota
    Malcolm Mabota 9 months ago +2

    It's sad to think that all these legends except Jim Brown are dead. Rest in Power

  • Pablo Opazo
    Pablo Opazo Year ago +32

    I saw this film last Sunday in Stockholms film festival and I must say it’s a very good film. However it’s quite slow paced unlike what the trailer shows but I liked that personally ! Definitely wanna see it again and yall should definitely see this !

    • Earthy Nomad
      Earthy Nomad 11 months ago

      Welcome to Sweden

    • Bbrave17
      Bbrave17 Year ago +1

      It’s drama, not action packed so if you don’t like dialogue then you won’t like this.

    • david mckesey
      david mckesey Year ago +3

      It's a oscar film. I like that it will be slow

  • Aurélia Joy Pae
    Aurélia Joy Pae Year ago +1

    As the biggest fan of Malcolm X, everytime he's portrayed in a movie, I should watch it. And let me tell you that this movie is so powerful and deep. Masterpiece

  • Kayla Currie
    Kayla Currie Year ago +20

    Kemp Powers and Regina King. A spark for more black representation on the screen and behind the screen. Love this.

  • JR Youngin
    JR Youngin Year ago +3

    It was an honor to be apart of this film, had a great time on set!!! Regina was cool and very hard working 💯 can’t wait to see my face on the big screen

    • JR Youngin
      JR Youngin Year ago

      @thatsketchy boi Word.. thats dope bro! Cant wait to see the film.. follow me on ig bro @iam_jryoungin and send me a dm

    • thatsketchy boi
      thatsketchy boi Year ago +1

      Ayye same bro glad to see other people involved here

    • JR Youngin
      JR Youngin Year ago +2

      @Dennis Dubin I was in the scene on stage when Cassius Clay transitioned to Muhammad Ali! I’m actually sitting right next to Elijah and Malcom X

    • JR Youngin
      JR Youngin Year ago

      @Jack Donohue I’m in the film..

    • Dennis Dubin
      Dennis Dubin Year ago +1

      I was in the crowd in the fight scenes, which were shot at Second Line Stages in New Orleans. Can't wait to see the movie.

  • Shanna
    Shanna Year ago +25

    This movie was amazing!

  • Michael Maps
    Michael Maps Year ago

    Great movie. i almost didn't watch it thinking what can happen in one night but the perfomance turned out to be amazing and phenomenal

  • Evin Grindle
    Evin Grindle 23 days ago

    Not even kidding, I came for Leslie Odom Jr, but this is literally one of my favorite movies now. I didn't think I'd enjoy a movie all about a bunch of guys in a room talking, but it's pretty good

  • MoonLightOnWater
    MoonLightOnWater Year ago

    Good heavens.....amazing movie!! Those guys nailed their characters....just a joy to watch. So moving!

  • Yash Agrawal
    Yash Agrawal Year ago +20

    Definitely inspired.
    Another bulls-eye for Regina King and the incredible cast🔥

  • Paola Bueso
    Paola Bueso Year ago

    What a movie!!!! Absolutely amazing!! Thank you for making this. 🙌🙌🙌

  • DK Jami
    DK Jami Year ago +1

    I have waited a lifetime to see Sam Cooke's life on the big screen, even if it was only one night. His music influenced my life, and I wrote about it in a short essay for "This I Believe." His music will always be my guide and has served me well to better understand the unimaginable events in our country (thisibelieve.org/essay/166694/).

  • rowland kelechi
    rowland kelechi Year ago +1

    Just saw the movie , they all killed it. Really love Sam Cooke. Shame what happened to him. Great movie.

  • colstonlchinese
    colstonlchinese Year ago +12

    This film moved me deeply.

  • Vanessa Louis
    Vanessa Louis Year ago +4

    Excellent cast powerful messge every second of this movie was absolutely amazing!

  • I know you got the feels

    I'm Chinese, but I got tears watching Sam singing A Change Is Gonna Come at the end of the movie. So powerful, so strong. May Malcolm's and Sam's soul rest in peace.

  • Shine Highlights
    Shine Highlights Year ago +3

    I just got done watching the movie. Very good movie, Malcom sure did piss off Sam when he pull out that record lol.

  • Steven Song
    Steven Song Year ago +5

    As a directorial debut I'm impressed. Ms. King.

  • AngelNicole513
    AngelNicole513 Year ago +4

    I watched it last night. Excellent. 5 stars✨✨✨

  • Mauricio Graham
    Mauricio Graham Year ago +1

    My God this trailer gave me goosebumps! I can't wait to watch this great job Regina King!

  • Adri Versity
    Adri Versity Year ago

    Cried at the end. Peace to Brother Malcolm🙌🏽💪🏽... and Sam Cooke song at the end✊🏽👏🏽🔥

  • Xin Gaming
    Xin Gaming 6 months ago

    Sam Cooke need a stand alone movie, the man is a legend.

  • Bryan Mendoza
    Bryan Mendoza Year ago +2

    I was actually lucky enough to have seen the World Premiere/Opening Night of the play this is based on in 2013. I really hope it translates because the play was amazing. One big difference I'm seeing in the trailer, though, is that in the play we were in the room the entire time. This trailer seems to show more happening outside of the room than actually in it. Fingers crossed.

    • Bbrave17
      Bbrave17 Year ago +2

      It was fantastic!!!!

    • Bryan Mendoza
      Bryan Mendoza Year ago +1

      Looking forward to it.

    • Joi Benjamin
      Joi Benjamin Year ago +2

      I just finished watching it and it was really good and powerful. There are some parts shown outside of the room but majority of the film’s content takes place in the room.

  • Dee Giles
    Dee Giles 9 months ago

    I saw this movie and it was so great that I have to see it one more time

  • NubianP6
    NubianP6 Year ago +2

    A Regina King film??
    I’m already there!!! 💜

  • Fiaz Rahman
    Fiaz Rahman Year ago +29

    I have a feeling this will be extraordinary!

  • Kalimah Priforce
    Kalimah Priforce Year ago +3

    I am here for it! Thank you Regina King!!!!

  • Lou Cipher
    Lou Cipher Year ago

    this is a great movie with great acting, alis character deserves an award for his role...

  • Cloudy Days
    Cloudy Days 11 months ago

    incredible story. Great acting. Just profound.

  • Vlad M
    Vlad M Year ago +1

    Great film, loved it

  • jack power
    jack power Year ago +2

    I cannot wait for this movie been waiting for this trailer for months thank you Amazon for picking up the rights to this

  • spartan0404
    spartan0404 Year ago

    The directing, acting, casting, writing, and cinematography was amazing! Definitely choked up a few times at the exchanges. If this isn’t nominated for an Academy, then those people voting have no souls and no eye for talent.

  • Konijn KidM68
    Konijn KidM68 Year ago +325

    Disney: Avengers Endgame is the greatest crossover ever.
    Amazon: Hold my beer....

    • Konijn KidM68
      Konijn KidM68 Year ago +2

      @Samurai x 27 I know. Just a joke. It's amazing that it is based on a historical event. That's sweet. These are some of the greatest gentlemen of all time.

    • Samurai x 27
      Samurai x 27 Year ago +2

      The thing is this is based on a true story making it not a crossover

    • Danny 90
      Danny 90 Year ago +7

      @MUFC didn't ask

    • JOY
      JOY Year ago +4

      On my liiiiiffeeeeee💯💯💯

    • Txgz
      Txgz Year ago +16

      Underrated comment

  • GG InkosiA3
    GG InkosiA3 Year ago +2

    This movie was amazing

  • Ry B
    Ry B Year ago

    This looks absolutely phenomenal !!

  • Fullof Integrity
    Fullof Integrity Year ago

    Amazing movie 🍿🎥 just finished watching.

  • Me Jo
    Me Jo 6 months ago

    Just watched it. I have to say the setting was so brilliant. A masterpiece! The show left me wondering what if, if so, Malcolm was a serious threat. Well done, Regina King! Now, I am off to dust off Malcom’s autobiography. A must read once again. As for Sam Cooke, hope to see a documentary soon.

  • Ellen Pearl Jackson
    Ellen Pearl Jackson Year ago +2

    I have no words to explain how proud I am of this young sister but I want to say two words thank you you done good young sister you done good

  • KAM
    KAM Year ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed it! 🥰

  • Roz McCoy
    Roz McCoy Year ago +55

    Leslie Odom Jr as Sam Cooke??? I'm so here for this!

  • Alkebulan Lion
    Alkebulan Lion Year ago +1

    Man I got chills 4 legends man great leaders

  • Fart Ing
    Fart Ing Year ago +1


  • virtuous soulhealer
    virtuous soulhealer Year ago +2

    I love seeing this Queen win.. So deserving.

  • Steven DiBartolo
    Steven DiBartolo Year ago

    Was privileged to see the play at the Colony Theatre in Miami Beach. It was electric! Congratulations to the all!

  • Renee V
    Renee V Year ago

    Regina King I am so immensely proud of you way that you and so many other black women are showing the beauty and the strength that we have for YEARS NOW.......years! You go girl!

  • Fire Water
    Fire Water Year ago

    Great movie! Almost felt like a follow-up to the movie Malcolm X. It's funny how he ends up having arguments with all of them at some point, one after the other.

  • Abdelghafour addarif
    Abdelghafour addarif 8 months ago

    Wonderful movie, pretty music.
    I'll give it 10/10

  • B88
    B88 Year ago +2

    I would love to see a movie 🎥 showing the flaws of Ali instead of a narrative that portrays him as perfect

  • Selina Hester
    Selina Hester Year ago +1

    Regina King directed this movie. Great job!

  • Dennis Dubin
    Dennis Dubin Year ago +8

    Although I didn't spot myself in this trailer, I was in the crowd in the fight scenes. It was a four-day shoot in New Orleans. Watching the fight scenes between "Clay" and "Liston" was like watching a cross between a legendary fight and a complex ballet.

  • Thugzman
    Thugzman Year ago +1

    Sheesh.....I gotta see this, I’m a super Sam Cooke fan, haven’t seen many movies with him portrayed in them.

  • Alok nr
    Alok nr Year ago

    Cant wait for it!

  • Dominique Copes
    Dominique Copes Year ago +92

    I love Lecrae’s welcome to America as the background music!

  • Ibrahim Zengin
    Ibrahim Zengin Year ago

    I saw this movie yesterday and "Nomadland" the best picture winning movie. In my opinion "One night in Miami " is better. It stucks in your head. Great emotional ending.

  • Daenerys Targaryen

    This looks awesome!! Well done trailer 👍

  • Eric827Fidelio
    Eric827Fidelio Year ago +293

    So sad that by the end of the next year, two of the four had been shot to death.

    • Mohammad Reza
      Mohammad Reza Year ago

      Begone bots

    • Mohammad Reza
      Mohammad Reza Year ago +3

      Bet at least a couple were assassinated by the CIA

    • africanbella28
      africanbella28 Year ago +2

      I was thinking the same thing😞😞😞

    • Hasan x
      Hasan x Year ago +12

      one of whom had his music stolen by the son of the producer of this whitewashed film...and possibly had him murdered. Jody Klein. son of Allen Klein.

    • SoapMusik 312
      SoapMusik 312 Year ago +9

      yes. my blk sister in law, carmella mention this, but we are all seeing it, fam is mexi latino's but 2 sister in laws black and the both were actually saying this at dinner the other night, talkin bout how this look SO great, but sad to know 2 had been well murdered. rip. great regina king made this movie, though it's one mi family goin to b watching few x a year maybe more. look that good.
      g-night. #ONENightInMiami

  • Gee
    Gee Year ago

    Spectacular I LOVE it

  • Gee
    Gee Year ago +2

    sam cooke casting brilliant

  • Marie Poncé
    Marie Poncé Year ago +1

    Regina King's One Night in Miami is the most powerful intricate layered SAG-Aftra nominated movie this year!! It gave me insights into my childhood, growing up with arts media activists. One Night in Miami is a lesson in innovative writing like a Derik Walcott poem or a Jack Kerouac novel. Casting by Kimberly Hardin flawless and risky!! The acting, directing and ensemble work a leap in character development. detailed exposition and lyric flow!!! A beautiful experience of a period piece!!

  • Noman Noman
    Noman Noman Year ago +6

    This amazing work of art is about to clean up the oscars!. Goodness!

  • Krystin Douglas
    Krystin Douglas Year ago +11

    YESSUHHH!!! LecCrae getting the exposure he deserves!! All glory be to God! 🔥🔥 Welcome to America

  • david mckesey
    david mckesey Year ago +46

    This movie may win the oscar. And shout out to Lecrae

    • Green Hornet
      Green Hornet Year ago +1

      @Monica Thomas so you went from they never left the motel to they went to the store and outside

    • Monica Thomas
      Monica Thomas Year ago

      @Green Hornet i watched the whole thing they went to the store and outside

    • Green Hornet
      Green Hornet Year ago +1

      @Monica Thomas you didn’t watch the movie at all. Lol

    • The Tyliek Show
      The Tyliek Show Year ago

      @Monica Thomas they did go to the bar for a little while

    • Monica Thomas
      Monica Thomas Year ago

      They never left the hotel lol

  • Cindy Christian
    Cindy Christian Year ago

    I can't wait to see this!!

  • ShadyTay
    ShadyTay Year ago


  • Roman Soto
    Roman Soto Year ago

    Finally! It looks so good.

  • LaughingSaint
    LaughingSaint Year ago +39

    Wow The actor portraying Ali sounds just like him👍👏🏼👏🏼

    • ForeverZoeful
      ForeverZoeful 11 months ago

      @cressa pellom no he doesn’t

    • cressa pellom
      cressa pellom Year ago

      @ForeverZoeful yes he does.

    • EdTV
      EdTV Year ago +3

      @Antwen Jackson he does*

    • ForeverZoeful
      ForeverZoeful Year ago +2

      No it doesn't but still a good casting choice for him

  • Martin The Movie Collector

    This film needs an oscar

  • Nzegu ima
    Nzegu ima Year ago +1

    This looks amazing!

  • Jose Magallon
    Jose Magallon Year ago

    I’m excited for this movie.

  • Machinecity Inc.
    Machinecity Inc. Year ago

    The most beautiful brotherhood in American history. I have been very interested in four of those wonderful personalities for a very long time ... love

  • chlorine08
    chlorine08 Year ago

    what an honor to be chosen to portray those heroes to liberty, equality & never giving in

  • Unstoppable Enigmatic Gambler

    This is Incredible ❤️🙏🏽🙏👌 Really uplifting to see Good and Creative Black Americans help make things better for all when there is no discrimination just Understanding talent and Love how Malcom X Looks very similar in mannerisms to He was and still is so important just like Martin Luther King making things right by following his God giving dream .

  • JFresh214YT
    JFresh214YT Year ago +1

    Im not even black and this movie is inspiring cant do nun but respect history and salute to the ones that wanted to make a change

  • Jon Ali
    Jon Ali Year ago

    I’ve waited for song long.... the time is now ! Thank you Amazon Studio

  • Danman
    Danman Year ago +1

    I can’t wait to watch the movie! but I can’t figure out what it’s about by the trailer. I might be slow lol but I can’t wait to see this

  • Suzette Lange
    Suzette Lange Year ago +2

    I’m a Sam Cooke fan and a Nation of Islam ☪️ sister in this Oscar worthy movie 🎥!! It was such an honor to have contributed to this Masterpiece!! Congrats to Ms. Regina King!! 🌹🤩👏🏼💯💯

    • Earthy Nomad
      Earthy Nomad 11 months ago

      Do you guys still exist ? I thought you guys adopted the real islam after the founder of NOI was exposed. Please enlighten me , am not from America