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World’s toughest hill climb race 😳

  • Published on Sep 11, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • (via @enduro_alwernia)

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  • @ryancorn5425

    Them 2 guys who jump out to stop the bikes were always 5 seconds too late hahaha

  • @telensatsuki6817

    Those 2 guys we're just there to do their best 😂

  • @bgreatstartfmofficial4221

    I’m glad to see those 2 guys subliminally pissed us all off

  • @Nivek4g
    @Nivek4g  +29

    The two people on the side tied to rope is the definition of trying to look like you’re working.

  • @jaydave791

    I came in the comments section for those two guys and was not disappointed 😂😂

  • @tattertott112

    Just 2 guys showing us what "Quiet Quiting" looks like. 😂

  • @user-si4ln3we8n

    Those two guys are like my contribution in group projects

  • @Markwa1234

    Guy 1: Stop pushing me.

  • @ArtificialCombo

    That jump of bike made by that Man got me 🤩 that was amazing

  • @hahssh
    @hahssh  +2

    If you ever felt useless in life just remember those two guys...🙃

  • @user-yd2fh5wt1c

    I just press the Like button only for those two hardworking guys😌😂

  • @kuroikokujinn


  • @sebastian7708

    The two guys just trying to avoid the bikes 😂 “oops we missed it “

  • @user-ip7xh7fr5s

    Если чувствуешь себя бесполезным, то просто вспомни тех двух ребят на страховке 🧐

  • @Pellemain

    man sometimes these shorts just deliver with some cool clips and nothing more... good job, sick video..

  • @aa1chris123

    Those 2 guys are the embodiment of “it ain’t much, but it’s honest work”🤣

  • @duckytruckg5059

    Them 2 guys talking to each other on the side like, you know we are not catching shit today.

  • @brinleejohnson7715

    Dude this hurt to watch the cost of those bikes just made me furious 😂❤

  • @bodikhuutumurbaatar6626

    2 guys' reaction time is beyond the human.

  • @sheffielduk3428
    @sheffielduk3428 7 hours ago

    My heart broke when I saw that RM go down