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How To Make A Game ALONE (5 Secrets)!

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018 veröffentlicht
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  • Thomas Brush
    Thomas Brush  Year ago +7

    ► Learn Game Dev (Get 25% off with code LETSGAMEDEV): www.fulltimegamedev.com/
    ► Learn 2D Art (Get 25% off with code LETSGO): full-time-game-dev.teachable.com/p/2d-art-pro
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    • Jouni
      Jouni Year ago

      what is the background music name in your videos, i like it

  • Pro Gaming
    Pro Gaming 3 years ago +509

    I'm a sólo dev because my 3D artist left me, and now i have to learn a lot of 3D modeling to finish this big game, wish me good luck boys.

  • The Boosted Journal
    The Boosted Journal 3 years ago +70

    Loved this video! I've just started working game development and there's just so much I don't know but I'm eager to learn and I'd love to code a small game on my own in 2019 🙏🏻

    • • noobmaster69 •
      • noobmaster69 • 3 years ago

      Shimakee Makenza
      So, 4 months later, have you quit yet?

    • Shimakee Makenza
      Shimakee Makenza 3 years ago

      Started learning today aswell... watching his vids as guide and inspiration...

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  3 years ago +8

      Do it! Just remember it’s not everything 😄 it’s just a game, and it shouldn’t consume you!

  • Samba Gaming
    Samba Gaming 3 years ago +40

    I normally don't write comment in public but damn, I came across and saw your videos by accident so now I've already hooked your videos! It's not often that you get to see a wonderful dev that make video to inspire people so thank you for that. While I do agree with you that it isn't easy to make a game by your own but it is still possible to do so. I just started develop gaming project by accident since January 2018, you could say it's a happy accident, haha! For real though, I certainly have learn't many things on my own before I've across your video. I'm deaf and I use sign language to communicates. I haven't seen any deaf game dev that make game so that make me feel sad. It's pretty rare to see a deaf dev become standout so I decide to give 'game dev' a go and see if it works for me. I wanted to become a good example toward deaf communities someday, for now, I just need to focus on some things I need to learn. Although you already set a good example toward people so I think that's truly lovely and heart-warming to see!
    While we're on this topic, I'm an artist so it's actually quite stressful to do art, writing stories and many more. I'm considering of asking for help in future but the only problem is timing, I don't know when the timing is right. Oh well, we'll see how that goes. I haven't heard of your game so I might need to check it out when I have free time. For now, wishing you best of luck with whatever you do and I highly respect you for being good man! Thank you for making those wonderful videos, much appreciated it, man.

    • Labhansh Naik
      Labhansh Naik 2 years ago

      He wrote this much so that Tom could see this but unfortunately...

    • ManuAlvarado22
      ManuAlvarado22 3 years ago +1

      That's really amazing Samba!
      Just as this video is encouraging, this kind of honest comments are really encouraging as well.
      I don't struggle physically, but sometimes i have a hard time in my mind. Maybe it's anxiety, maybe it's a lack of focus and too much procrastination; but what is true, is that i want to make a game!
      I hope to see more from you, and that your game goes really well!
      Also, may i ask if you are planning to ask for help to someone else for sound effects? The other time i saw a game developer who made a game with no visuals, which i find truly amazing, and thought about the opposite, how it would be to make an only visual experience that is actually compelling.
      Again, thank you so much for your encouragement!

  • Chris Fibich
    Chris Fibich 3 years ago +66

    I'm a lone wolf dev and I need to use pre-made assets more often. I've always been a purist in that regard too but I'm slowly realizing it's hurting me in the long run.

    • Will Martin
      Will Martin Month ago

      @Mathew Klátil yeah that happens to me a lot as well. I’m doing some unity stuff now through them and every thing is out dated.

    • Mathew Klátil
      Mathew Klátil 3 years ago

      Chris Fibich Unity

    • Chris Fibich
      Chris Fibich 3 years ago

      @Mathew Klátil usually thats because the tool has been updated and is no longer compatible with the old version.
      What tool is it?

    • Mathew Klátil
      Mathew Klátil 3 years ago

      I have a question, what should I do when all the tutorials provided by the company itself dont work and shows an error in code ven when you download the whole already made game from the tutorial forums?

    • Groundbreak Games
      Groundbreak Games 3 years ago +5

      I use purchased assets too, but plan to modify and replace them later on. The most important thing is moving forward, not being a purist, ideological moron that creates nothing rather than use assets. Dont be that guy... I get them daily on my channel "omg you use purchased assets, I'd never do that" .... "This channel contains no content"...

  • Offerni
    Offerni 3 years ago +21

    I'm loving your videos man. I came from Brazil and now I'm living in Vancouver where there's a lot of game companies and indie developers and I'm making my first game ever, a simple runner but I'm learning so much doing this that I don't want to stop. I'm loving it. Your videos give me the motivation to go on and get the things done

    • Offerni
      Offerni 3 years ago +2

      @Thomas Brush thank you for replying! Yes, there're a lot of good stuff here, You should Come over sometime =D

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  3 years ago +3

      Diego, that really makes me smile. I’ve heard incredible things about Vancouver’s indie scene. You’re in good company, I’m sure! Hope to see you on the next video :)

  • ObadiahBumbley
    ObadiahBumbley 3 years ago +1

    I appreciate these videos, your very good at outlining important points without giving obvious/pretentious/overly-professional advice.

  • Lucas Pelletier
    Lucas Pelletier 3 years ago

    Awesome channel Thomas ! I'm thankful for all the cues for indie game devs you're pitching in here !! Happy new year to you and your family :) May you have a great launch for Once upon a Coma !

  • Frank Fox
    Frank Fox 3 years ago +5

    It is possible. With just coding knowledge alone, i have been working on Dungeon Ward for almost a year now. Started this january without ever touching Unity before. Great video, i like the professional look.

  • Delta Code
    Delta Code 3 years ago +1

    Thanks, you really convinced me that using pre-made assests is ok. I want to make a game of my own in 2019, I'll start off small and keep it 2D. My biggest worry is the coding but neverthless Im constantly having new ideas and my friends over the internet are always telling me how great they are and that I should "go work for Nintendo" 😂. But This video really helped, also your game looks awsome.

  • Ben Watki Studios
    Ben Watki Studios 3 years ago +143

    I'm a solo student game developer and I'm working on an open world rpg with AAA graphics. Every Dev I've ever talked to has told me to stick to mini ios games but after being told this for the 100th time in a row I decided "screw it, I'm gonna make a fallout game and do it better than bethesda". I dunno did im doing something wrong but I'm not actually finding it that hard... Sure im stressed to hell and I have ZERO time to sleep + homework but I'm.set to release next year.
    So my message here is if your a solo and you are scared to get into a game (No matter the size) just do it. I promise it will be the most rewarding and stupidly stressful thing you will ever do!

    • PoisonousEdward
      PoisonousEdward Year ago

      How's it going now?

    • Kulak
      Kulak Year ago

      Says you made this comment a year ago. How is development going?

    • Honey Hive
      Honey Hive 2 years ago

      Iam trying to make a game like the last of us, but 2d, is it a good idea?(it's not exactly like TLOU, like some aspects like it, like the relationship between an apocalypse)

    • Juanito pantufla Pantufla
      Juanito pantufla Pantufla 2 years ago

      You are mad
      But in a good way

    • Home Slice
      Home Slice 2 years ago +1

      You're going to miss next year's release deadline 100%. The game you are describing will take at least 5 years to do well. Possibly 7 years, if you want time to show it first at a few conventions. Good luck!

  • ealdie24
    ealdie24 3 years ago +1

    Thanks for the tips, I'm a 3D artist currently learning how to code in C# and I've done games as well as a hobby. But I'm planning to create my own game I can publish, including artwork and 3D models myself. its going to be a long ride.

  • FlipSide4000
    FlipSide4000 2 years ago

    This makes me feel so much better about using premade assets and where I should focus my main talents. I’ve been making music for years and about to graduate with my CS degree, but the art portion has been killing me. Thank you so much man.

  • LilFoxxxx
    LilFoxxxx 3 years ago +1

    You really have a way of words that in a sense, help me realise I can do this instead of doubting myself. I've been programming for just over a year, although I haven't yet learnt C++. I've also had experience in graphic design and 3d modelling so i'm looking forward to being able to put it all together.
    The meme you shared in the beginning is great, we have our own joke similar to that except it's straight to stack overflow haha.

  • Nintendo Believers
    Nintendo Believers 3 years ago +1

    Man I Love your Videos!!! You do a great job making quality, relatable and funny content!! I would love to hear more of what you have learned through the years being an indie developer.

    • Nintendo Believers
      Nintendo Believers 3 years ago

      I would also like to see a video of you going step by step making your backgrounds for your games!! It’s such a big dream of mine to make games that look so amazing like yours!!

  • Mohit Sethi
    Mohit Sethi 3 years ago +1

    I'm literally getting inspired by you. It's been 3 years I've been making games but I don't finish it, the gameplay doesn't look appealing so I drop the project every time. I'm going to start a new project this new year hope this time I finish it and I'll also start a Indiegogo campaign for a little help in fundings.

  • Yasmin Osmo
    Yasmin Osmo 3 years ago +4

    you make Unity sound easy to use. last I tried, I got lost in the menus, and doing anything was the opposite of intuitive. like, when I placed an HP bar of 20x100pixels, I had to zoom out to like 1% to see it and it covered the entire screen.
    also, there was an update every week or so, and when I skipped one update, my game wouldn't work anymore & I had to restart. how does anyone develop a game in Unity for years? won't it break at some point due to backwards (in)compatibility?

    • Flavio Konti
      Flavio Konti Year ago

      Thats why you can have multiple versions of Unity installed. As for Unity being easy, every beginning is hard, stick to it, invest an hour min every day and learn in small increments, rinse and repeat untill you understand it then move on, and in couple of months youll see how much you progressed.

  • Captain Natan Sharp: esplorando il multiverso

    I started game development one year ago and i'm satisfied beacause i'm learning a lot of cool things, making games it's hard but also funny. Anyway you are my ispiration Thomas!

  • Hernaldo Sandoval

    Hey Thomas! Thank you so much for this content, I'm a Senior UX Designer that had worked in a bunch of mobile games IP's, like Star Wars, Marvel, Tetris, and bla bla ... and I'm expecting to stop for a year to keep growing my coding skills and see If I can do my own game, I have the fundamentals of C# since I work with Unity all day. And believe me, this content goes straight to my soul.

  • Gagan G
    Gagan G 2 years ago

    Thanks for 6:15 this tip bro. It really means a lot to me. And a plus point for me is that my brother is a Music Producer. And i'm not gonna stress about creating my own assets. SO, i can focus on my project now rather than investing a huge time in designing art or music kind of stuff. Thanks for this video

  • Ritz Scythe
    Ritz Scythe 3 years ago

    I use Blender, and its hard to learn, but versatile when you know even a little bit. Haven't tinkered a lot with 2.8 though

  • steelshark studios
    steelshark studios 3 years ago

    i worked with a team one time... it was great...but between us all being in different times zones, several members going to school and it being a unpaid hobby project... everything fell apart rather quickly
    so i'm back to being a solo dev

  • This Guy
    This Guy 3 years ago +2

    i've just started work on my own game, still got so much to even start learning, but the main aspect of solo development i'm looking forward to is not having anyone to answer to but myself and being able to have an idea and work towards that exact idea without any lost time bouncing it between people or any good ideas being lost through compromise for the sake of fitting into a team.

    • This Guy
      This Guy Month ago

      @Will Martin it's going very slowly haha, have to admit scope creep got to me, so along the way i've actually considered trying to find people but i'll see how it continues. what about you? have anything you're working on or just enjoy watching the videos?

    • Will Martin
      Will Martin Month ago

      I agree 100% how’s everything going for you?

    MRXBRK 3 years ago

    this channel is the true love of me as a game addicted guy.Keep sharing your videos!

  • Javier Santos
    Javier Santos 3 years ago

    inspiring! Some topic I'm very interested of. 1. Your daily basis while working on a proyect? do you eat, sleep, sports, anything interesting aside from working? 2. Recommended tools do you use for project managemet (trello, jira, paper and pen) source-code repository, diagrams, flow-charts? 3. Any difficulty or block issues do you faced while you were working on the game? your HDD get burnt, you broke your fingers...

  • Miasma Geek
    Miasma Geek 3 years ago +2

    For me, the "fun" part of my career is right around the corner. Hopefully I find a way to balance game development, college, and The Army without wanting to die. We'll see...

  • No MansLand7
    No MansLand7 3 years ago +1

    Honestly i have been wanting to make games ever since i was a child and how no idea to code or make music etc and now watching your vids it makes me want to start making them and learning about it all thank you very much for the inspiration and push i really needed

    • Helmchen
      Helmchen 3 years ago

      dito .. now i'm programming for the last 15 years and working on websites, api's and general purpose software - fuck my life :D but i guess it's never to late to start making games, although it may be easier to be an artist who can not program instead of a programmer who does not understand graphics. But there's the credit card and the beloved asset store :D

  • sekhiong
    sekhiong 3 years ago

    Hi Thomas, i've been following your channel for somewhile, i like your contents, it teaches me a lot of things about game dev. i want to ask you something, what makes you keep going when developing Pinstripe from start to finish? not technically, but mentally, because i'm sure there are so much obstacles in the developing process, what makes you not giving up? because developing a game alone for many years must be stressful and a lot of pressure, maybe 5 tips like usual will be very helpful for newbies like me :) Thank you Thomas, good luck for Once Upon a Coma, and say hi to your family and your beautiful daugther :)

    • sekhiong
      sekhiong 3 years ago

      @Thomas Brush Thank you Thomas, i'll check it out

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  3 years ago

      Visualization. Read think and grow rich, especially the part about visualization. Great question!

  • Soham Sen
    Soham Sen 2 years ago

    Great content! How much time would each phase of the game Dev take?

  • arturMGS
    arturMGS 3 years ago

    thanks for the insight, man, lot of respect, realy gratefull for you giving a example that you can do it!!!!!

  • Scott_33
    Scott_33 3 years ago +3

    Blender is full of shortcuts thats why it is hard to get into, but when you get in well it is one of the fastest ways to work

  • Suraj Singha
    Suraj Singha Year ago

    your words are precious for me because I was stuck with coding and game ideas, now after watching your videos I get inspiration to make my next game. thank you a lot 10000 likes

  • Meashayshay2
    Meashayshay2 3 years ago +1

    I'm so shocked to hear Blender is finally user friendly. I remember when I first used it years ago when I used to major in game design, and would cry from frustration from trying to use it lol. I thought about getting back into 3d modeling recently and will try out the new version.

  • Jean-Noel Seneque
    Jean-Noel Seneque 3 years ago

    Thanks again. I steered away from pre-made stuff because I found in the early days when I was new to Unity, that my game ideas centralised around the pre-made assets and not the other way around. Now I am planning my games more and thinking "what does my game need" not "hmmm what kinds of games can I build with this"...Now that I am more experienced....you are right, why am I re-inventing the wheel trying to search "how to's". Also, with the experience now, I can figure out these assets and tweak them rather than just using the standard defaults they set.

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  3 years ago

      Really good thoughts here. No reason to reinvent the wheel!

  • Muratcan Agiç
    Muratcan Agiç 3 years ago

    In the past 2 years, i started and left 12-13 game projects. (2-3 of them even have good amount of working mechanics and 2d arts :) ) i may never finish a project, but i learned a lot. And learning makes life meaningful. So i am trying to say to you guys, never leave things that you like to do. Even if you couldn't come through... Don't overthink about your fails, fails make you better and better. :)

  • jtms1200
    jtms1200 3 years ago

    I'm a lifelong gamer who has been writing web apps for a living for the last 15 years... im sick of it. I recently began an earnest attempt to move into game development full time and your videos have been a wonderful source of inspiration. Thank you!

  • ZoommaiR
    ZoommaiR 3 years ago +1

    Love these tips, thanks!

  • GodDenix
    GodDenix 2 years ago

    Hi! Today i started to watch game dev videos like yours, and i don't know what to expect from the future. I am supposed to go to the university, i am enrolled since two years ago, but i didn't do any exams, i even change university with one that i can do online from home. I only attended the programming courses from both, but i am scared to tell my parents that i don't want to do the university, they already told me that the other choice is to go and live alone, so i pretend to attend it. Anyway, i am almost done with a course to program in unity C# and i want to develop my own game, what shall i expect? A total failure? Shall i put it free? What sites or platform shall i use to promote my game? Please help me!

  • Ishari
    Ishari 3 years ago

    One great thing is even if you want to go for 100% original art, you can still use free/cheap assets for prototyping.

  • Darkmatter52
    Darkmatter52 2 years ago

    I use Blender 2.79 every day. The muscle memory built around those key binds and UI locations is so ingrained I would never upgrade. A model is a model once it gets into a game engine, doesn't matter how fancy and "user friendly" Blender's UI is at that point. Its all about how skilled you are in creating objects with clean geometry, optimizing for games, and being mindful of how they will be used.

  • Mick 31 Falcon
    Mick 31 Falcon 11 months ago

    I have been trying so hard to code my game, I am a designer, artist, from Blender to even Paint. But coding is legit not my thing but, you gotta start alone first and then expand.

  • Runscream
    Runscream 2 years ago

    Now that 2D Toolkit is deprecated, is Corgi Engine a good option for 2D games or are there any other better options?

  • InnerEagle
    InnerEagle 3 years ago

    I decided I wanna become a solo game dev.. and I will push myself all in. I want that and make people happy.

  • mr-matt
    mr-matt 3 years ago +4

    Your release schedule fits so perfectly with my lunch break!

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  3 years ago +1

      Hahah! Thanks for joining me on your lunch break. See you tomorrow ;)

  • Ants-in-my-eyes Johnson
    Ants-in-my-eyes Johnson 3 years ago +15

    Grrrrrreat inspiration.. I went to animation school, and they loved to shoot down anyone who showed even the slightest inclination towards lone-wolfing it. They did everything they could to discourage it. The loner's struggle is real (not Isreal) so it's nice to hear from people who make it happen. I liked your video 13 times, but I think it only counted it once....

    • Bhavin Barbhaya
      Bhavin Barbhaya 3 years ago

      I am alone but I am still here

    • Bhavin Barbhaya
      Bhavin Barbhaya 3 years ago

      As a fact that's what heppend tome now idid 3 yrs in this stuff and animation and now I don't get a job becos I use blender and they also didn't fking good enough all those greedy ashole just destroying others dream just like tht

  • Chad Rockwell
    Chad Rockwell 3 years ago +10

    Coding makes sense to me, music I've been doing professionally for a while. Art, is why I havent made a complete game yet.
    With coding you can just reference the api and c# is so intuitive (learning javascript for react currently and is a lot to take in)
    But with art it's so much practice and dicipline it's frustrating. I can picture a whole song in my head and write it but I cant do that for visual art. Any tips?

    • Uncephalized
      Uncephalized 3 years ago +5

      @Xero Wolf First, off, "I usually end up in some forum" and needing practical examples--that's normal. Most people can't easily work from abstracted descriptions. And practically every self-taught coder earns their chops by hacking things together and asking Google about a million questions a day.
      As far as debugging--you are probably trying to write too much at once without testing. If you write 100 lines of code in one big rush, and the result doesn't run right, you often have to look through all 100 lines, painstakingly searching for that stray semicolon or mistyped function call. But testing quickly, every time you make a small change, lets you spot stuff quickly. And it will give your brain more chances to pick up on your common errors and start correcting your habits. Lots of quick, detailed feedback is the key.
      Now, this requires coding in a structured way, where you organize your work into chunks that can be tested. But that's good practice anyway. It will teach you to avoid unnecessary entanglements and use placeholder values and test cases to poke and prod at the code to really understand the flow of how everything happens in detail.
      The other thing is, whatever language or environment you are in--I happen to like JavaScript and coding in the browser--USE the debugging modes and console tools that are available to have a "conversation" with your code as it runs. Insert breakpoints and outputs into your code that will print to the console. If you think your problem might be in a certain block of code, have the program print a notification to the console before and after the lines in question--if only the first one prints before you error out or the bug appears, you are probably looking in the right place. Etc. When the bug is fixed you can just comment out or delete the test code.
      I hope you stick with it! Not to say it's for everyone, but coding is really rewarding when you start to get more experience. Hope some of ^that^ is helpful.

    • Xero Wolf
      Xero Wolf 3 years ago

      @Chad Rockwell I think it's mainly to do with debugging errors, especially the ones I can't see. A lot of the time I will try to use a new part of the unity api but it almost never works the way I expect it to. And the references end up leaving me more confused than I was before. I usually end up and some forum or something looking for someone using it in a practical example. I've recently tried my hand at using blueprints in UE4 and I must say I'm having a blast! While I do know basic c++ I find that I can try out idea Ideas in blueprint so must faster. I almost never have to look into the doc cuz they're right there in the tool tips. Its lets me avoid a ton of errors associated with traditional coding. Like forgetting a ";" "("

    • Chad Rockwell
      Chad Rockwell 3 years ago +1

      @Xero Wolf just curious, what about coding are you finding difficult? To me, its satisfying to work out a problem in code. You can see it working the way you like and a lot of the time you get an error or some sort of log letting you know something is wrong.
      With art its more subjective and I find myself hating everything I create when its finished haha

    • Chad Rockwell
      Chad Rockwell 3 years ago

      @Thomas Brush that makes sense. That's the hurdle I've been struggling to overcome but there's practices for recognizing shapes and stuff. I'm finding art has guidelines and principals like music does (i.e music theory)
      Thanks for these videos! They are really motivating and insiteful.

    • Xero Wolf
      Xero Wolf 3 years ago +2

      It's actually the other way around for me. The art part is fine for me. Weather it 2D or 3D but the programming side just doesn't stick. I've learned basic C# but there's a lot of the unity api to learn and memorize and if i don't work on my project for more than two weeks it like i have to start all over again getting up to speed with the code.

  • Ashton Phoenyx
    Ashton Phoenyx Year ago +3

    4:05 I love how you kept this in the video. Very authentic and shows that we all mess up sometimes. Just apart of being human :)

  • Lopa
    Lopa 3 years ago +3

    To what extent do I have to learn coding to start game development on unity ?
    Great video !
    I'm learning C# , I don't intend on rishug anything but I'm wondering how will I know it's time to switch over to learning unity ?

  • Johnny_GR
    Johnny_GR 3 years ago

    Hey Thomas! Do you have any idea, how to make a nice looking game, alone? Just like you did :) I mean, a high quality or good graphics, mostly 3d. :)
    I could even build one level/map and be a nice pro looking, but some other tutorials are mostly basic graphics. Ofcourse first thing is the idea of game but I dont know how to make game to look Good...

  • Koijo Tito
    Koijo Tito 3 years ago

    Hey Thomas, you've mentioned flash games a few times in your videos. Are they available anywhere to play?

  • Aasem Shokr
    Aasem Shokr 3 years ago +2

    Huge Like for My favorite Game Developer.
    oh! before I forget , The new Studio Looks Just Amazing!!
    and I'm looking forward to playing Once Upon a coma when it is released!

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  3 years ago +1

      Wow awesome to hear! Thanks for your kind words

  • Syed Fiaz Shah
    Syed Fiaz Shah 3 years ago

    Keep up the good work.

  • Jordan The Villain
    Jordan The Villain 2 years ago

    man.....i just finished the witcher 3 wild hunt and that game was long. I can't imagine how long that actually took to finish the game. Even with a full team!

  • Luoti Games
    Luoti Games 3 years ago +340

    "It's really okey to make small games". It's funny how I usually rather play small indie games than big AAA games.

    • »MARCEL«
      »MARCEL« Year ago

      All games have a valuable place, like books or movies do

    • Gagan G
      Gagan G 2 years ago

      @JKanimation Aah u got my words

    • Bel Vis
      Bel Vis 2 years ago

      Only AAA game I ever played was The Last Of Us. Won't play sequel though.

    • Dragon Samurai
      Dragon Samurai 2 years ago

      I have a weird taste. I like 3D games that are entirely stylistic. Like Splatoon is one of my favorite games but I ABHOR western AAA games like Skyrim or Last of Us

    • Hamster Shoulder
      Hamster Shoulder 2 years ago

      For AAA games i just watch gameplay on youtube. What i actually pay and play is indie 2D games most times

  • ShockingRotom
    ShockingRotom 3 years ago

    I agree fully. I acually think it’s better to do shorter games when u start out and even as u get better because doing small games can almost test your idea. If u had an amazing idea and u make it into a game and it’s not that great, it’s ok because u didn’t just waste years making it. Making a small game and if the idea works you mabye later can make it better and expand on it

  • SeireiART
    SeireiART Year ago

    If you ever had the thought of making a game by yourself is impossible.
    Always remember that Touhou was made by only one person (ZUN).

  • NotUr AverageHermit
    NotUr AverageHermit 3 years ago +1

    This video is helpful but I have some questions and I am new to this and I am also old. I tried some coding with Arduino but my mind does not grasp fully. I am a lover of video games I play many different genres. So I asked myself one day why not make one? I have an idea for a science fiction one based on a short book I wrote a while back. Of course, I wanted a full blown 3-d version of it then I realized the coding aspect that it may never happen. So after reading for while and researching I see I should probably try to use Construct 3 and then once I am capable of that to move onto Godot and then maybe something bigger working from 2-d and up like Unity or Unreal. I realize either way I probably will never get away from the coding aspect no matter how much I try to escape it. I also realize coding could take years to learn and is why I do try to escape it lol. So after reading, I heard to try and learn python after I learn construct 3 and go to Godot is this a good procedure that I am thinking of doing?. Also I am not sure art wise if I can achieve certain things am I able to buy assets and actually legally use them in a game?. I know you covered some of this in video but I am asking this because I have read many mixed things. Right now I just have been messing around with Daz studio and also working on learning hexagon hoping that this may help on this endeavor. Probably at my age, I am lucky to get a 2-d up and running on construct 3 lol.

    • Ian S
      Ian S 3 years ago

      Godot is pretty easy to pick up, there are a lot of great channels here on Clip-Share with plenty of great getting started content for the latest version of the engine. I wouldn't waste time on other languages and engines if you only plan to drop them in favor of something else that you can start with straight away.
      Python is a useful language to learn, as it is a great all-purpose productivity language. I turn to it any time that I want to automate a task that is too complicated to work out with a simple shell script (I'm on Linux). But there's absolutely no reason to waste time picking up that language unless you've got some uses in mind for it, or you just love learning programming languages. (I've picked up the basics on about a dozen over the years mostly just for fun, but I tend to always come back to Bash, Python, and as of now GDScript when working on game projects in Godot.)
      KidsCanCode, GDQuest, and GamesFromScratch are some of my favorite Godot tutorial creators on here. I really highly recommend KidsCanCode in particular; he has a way with explaining things that makes a lot of sense and he helped clear up a lot of my confusions. He also tends to create very clean and well organized code; you can learn a lot of good practices by following his lead on a lot of that stuff.
      If you really want a good first language to tackle though, I would probably suggest Processing. It will expose you to all the important concepts and it's geared towards a rapid iterative approach and specializes in producing multimedia projects. It has everything you need to jump right in to experiment with creating simple visual elements and basic game mechanics. They also have really top notch documentation which usually includes practical working examples for basically everything right there on their website ( processing.org/ ).
      There is also a great channel on here that focuses on covering a wide range of programming topics using Processing that I've really enjoyed over the past few years; it's called The Coding Train. Even though I don't use Processing much anymore, I still enjoy watching his content. It's pretty easy to adapt the concepts to basically any other language of your choice, since Processing has a very simple pseudo-code feel to it.

  • JSonMac
    JSonMac 2 years ago

    Great video. Just don't think the dark background is the best choice for your videos.

  • Kristy Koenig
    Kristy Koenig 3 years ago +1

    Great video, thank you! :)

  • DreamBrush
    DreamBrush 2 months ago

    artist/animator here that is interested in doing a game by myself but most likely sucks at coding, this was eye opening and thanks for doing this video :)

  • Pramit Samanta
    Pramit Samanta 2 years ago

    In that case Game Maker always wins, the GML is very easy to learn. But for features Unity is better.

  • hey ho
    hey ho 3 years ago

    Thank you for your great great Videos, I am a young optimistic teenager that think he can do all alone. I started to learn Python, C++ and a bit C# two years ago. Some months ago I said to myself have to do something with my knowledge. I begin to create a fcking 3D Game without engine🤦‍♂️. Stupid! It fails! I said to me "you never do this again". 1 month ago I started again I found the open source engine Godot, its an engine where you can use Python or C#. Its nice to make easy 2d Games. I started to create my own Jump and Run, with on sprites, background music where I play the guitar and my sister flute. A week ago I saw Videos on your Clip-Share Channel. I learned much from you. You show me to look more on details and make the game small. I hope one day, when I am an Adult, my dream being a programmer in a studio getting real.
    Thank you very much for your motivation.
    (Sry for my bad English)

  • Gaurav L Kanth
    Gaurav L Kanth 11 months ago +1

    My problem in getting started in game development is not coding but artwork and sound.

  • Ucguy Media
    Ucguy Media 3 years ago +1

    I love your personality you inspired me to achieve my dream

  • Sugar Gamer
    Sugar Gamer 2 years ago

    When ever I feel bored with my long game dev I watch ur video. I get boost to dev.

  • Monhoo Batraa
    Monhoo Batraa Year ago

    I am a solo self-thought 3d artist and I have a small project to finish. I did make my character on my own.
    But the environment has some problem but if I stop trying to make everything my self then start using pre-made assets. Did get right?

  • Edu Shola
    Edu Shola 3 years ago +1

    *I make games alone most of the time, I have made about 10 titles so far, but these days I like to give my trainees the chance to make some sprites and I use free music and sound effects, just to get things done faster.. YES IT POSSIBLE TO MAKE A GAME ALONE(SMALL GAMES THOUGH)*

    • SYV
      SYV 3 years ago +1

      What ur 10 games mate?

  • kaeltv
    kaeltv 3 years ago +1

    I’m Lone Wolf many aspects of my life.
    Great video. I did games before.. now I’m moved on to others things.

  • Hebert de Souza
    Hebert de Souza 3 years ago

    Thank you very much. Nice tips, bud. I'm motivated. Thank you again.

    • Hebert de Souza
      Hebert de Souza 3 years ago

      @Thomas Brush :) Thanks, bud. You too!

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  3 years ago +1

      Hebert, I’m happy to have you join us. Thanks for watching, and I wish you a happy holiday!

  • Thomas Brush
    Thomas Brush  2 years ago +17

    WHOA. My next game Neversong comes out on Steam MAY 20th! Wishlist now to snag that tasty launch discount :) store.steampowered.com/app/733210/Neversong/

  • Another Fool
    Another Fool 3 years ago

    I enjoy coding. But I really enjoy Unreals visual coding. I just wish more people put out more tutorials. My only frustration is trying to figure something out without any resources to help.
    I still say Blender sucks for modeling. But rigging and animation and rendering have been a lot easier to do than Maya. Now is it as powerful as Maya? I dont know, I haven't made something that Blender cant when Maya can. But yes Blenders issues are with the user friendliness. I choose Modo over Blender for my models.

  • Imperious Production
    Imperious Production 3 years ago

    I am currently making a 2D Medieval Survival RPG, the game is inspired by Mini Dayz. I am currently trying to build a fan base so I can have a decent launch when I release it. The platflorm will be PC, however I will release a mobile device version.

  • monochroma380
    monochroma380 3 years ago

    You're on point with everything that has been mentioned

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  3 years ago

      Stefan, that means a lot to me. Thank you!

    CODM WTF 3 years ago +1

    I'm really tired of my 9-6 job and I've always dreamed of being a solo game developer... My problem is i don't know a single thing on how to do it.. From coding graphic arts music etc.. I have a few ideas for what game i wanted to make but i really don't know how long it will take for me to learn all the things needed to get starting...
    By the way your videos makes me wanna do it even more... I love the way you say it that its really hard.. And not easy being an indie developer...
    And the i realized to my self if it was easy then everyone would do it :)
    I still dont know where to start or what should i learn first.. If you ever come across this comment please respond...
    Thanks and keep up these Motivating Videos :)

    • Tanicorn
      Tanicorn 2 years ago

      Hey I was just wondering how are you now? Do you still have your passion? Have you worked on it? If not then change your mindset, stop delaying. Now is the time. Coronavirus causes many people to be laid off or furloughed. This is your chance... unless you're a doctor.

  • Kovlad
    Kovlad 3 years ago

    Cant wait to get started :)

  • Xonix Striker
    Xonix Striker 3 years ago +9

    My problem is figuring out what kind of small game to make :c

    • ShadovvWolfie
      ShadovvWolfie 3 years ago +2

      If I learned anything from drawing bad comics in highschool, you should try to find a idea that you'll enjoy. Bounce it off afew trustworthy friends then go for it. Don't be too complicated at first. There is always room for improvement after you've tested and seen what you can improve. Overall have fun. Without fun, it becomes difficult for some people to polish it correctly. Take your time and goodluck.

  • Rin
    Rin Year ago

    Im still studying coding to make my own game rn but i really gonna need help if i want to actually make a good game

  • Daniel Wemmer
    Daniel Wemmer 3 years ago

    How does one make a premade asset look more personal?

  • Death GOD 7
    Death GOD 7 3 years ago +4

    Solution : make team of 2-5 people and learn together hehe

  • Eric LaRue
    Eric LaRue Year ago +1

    2:00 "...this is kind of a meme for game developers..."
    This is a meme for developers of any software!

  • e luddite
    e luddite 3 years ago

    You earned yourself an upvote somewhere around the middle

  • Eric LaRue
    Eric LaRue 3 years ago

    I was going to say, what if you have no art talent, but it seems you addressed that. I mean, premade assets would work well for something generic like grass, but what about something like a person, where it’s expected to look unique?

  • juno XII
    juno XII 3 years ago +1

    Well, people become more busier now a day. That's why short playtime like 5-60 minute but meaningful content is preferable

    EYECRED 3 years ago

    as an "artist" I tend to hit the coding wall pretty hard...Meaning that I can't remember shite.Therefore I'm prolly going to either go for Unity+Playmaker,RPGM MV or some engine that's drag and drop lol

  • sibi varman
    sibi varman 3 years ago

    Do you publish games in the app store or play store? If so? then how much will you make in those platforms

  • Chris Fibich
    Chris Fibich 3 years ago

    One thing I never anticipated being a lone wolf game dev is the loneliness. Making games is a long process and its really hard emotionally to do it by yourself. I'm hoping to collaborate more with others on future games.

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  3 years ago

      It’s very lonely. Part of the reason I made this channel!

  • heavena freelane
    heavena freelane 5 months ago

    Now we have game engine woth so many remade function feature,so now developing a game alone is not a big deal..

  • Sado Moreno
    Sado Moreno 2 years ago

    4:00 aww man I love that you kept that part in. subbed

  • Sun Jara
    Sun Jara 3 years ago +2

    Wonderful fact: Rollercoaster Tycoon is on Play Store now! 😄

  • SYV
    SYV 3 years ago

    Beside how hard to create the game even the small indie scope type game (platformer, tapping, etc.)...the other challenge is how you make ur game sold or at least, gamers know about ur game...???
    I mean for the Dayone and 1st month...it will be better if the game sold more than 1k units.

  • A. Allen
    A. Allen 3 years ago +147

    Thomas "I'm working on a game called 'Once Upon A Coma'" Brush

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      Now it's Thomas "I'm finishing up a game called Neversong" Brush

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      But now its named neversong

  • Dragon Samurai
    Dragon Samurai 2 years ago

    Anybody remember when 3D console games were on their second generation? Like Pac Man World 2 or something? Because that's kinda what I want to start out with

  • Khang Mai
    Khang Mai 3 years ago

    I’m a fan of 2d platformers, especially pixel like dead cells (fully action) and undertales( story game with many ending and break some kind of walls). But i’m having problem with coding. Can anyone help me or any course online for me to study? Thank you all

  • Groundbreak Games
    Groundbreak Games 3 years ago +6

    I made a multiplayer rpg with 4k texture and an entire melee and spell combat system.

    • ika hem
      ika hem 3 years ago +1

      @ShadovvWolfie thanks, that's sweet of you. 😊👍

    • ShadovvWolfie
      ShadovvWolfie 3 years ago +1

      @ika hem Shame you never got a answer. Assuming he did it on UE4 and followed tutorials I could expect maybe a year tops. Since I'm new to this I can't speak for unity.

    • ika hem
      ika hem 3 years ago +1

      If I may ask: How much time did it take you? How much did you invest? And what tools did you use?
      Thank you in advance.

  • ADistraction98
    ADistraction98 3 years ago +76

    that coaster game was made in assembly? I know assembly and I wouldn't give my worst enemy the task of making such a game in assembly!

    • Gabriel Eder
      Gabriel Eder 2 years ago +2

      @Aymane Drouzi Yes, Chris Sawyer made it alone. but the art was later refined by sombody at Atari

    • Aymane Drouzi
      Aymane Drouzi 2 years ago +6

      Correct me if im wrong but i guess that game was made by a single person

    • InnerEagle
      InnerEagle 3 years ago +2

      with the passion and determination anybody can achieve alot.

  • Savi digital
    Savi digital Year ago

    All success to you bro 💯💯💯

  • EU Arrow
    EU Arrow 2 years ago

    Dude that moment at 4:00 really tickled me

  • AKV7
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    Coding your own games is easier than you think! You know...

  • Ares noname
    Ares noname 3 years ago

    Is there a similar software as Logic Pro for Windows?

  • Knuckles #2761
    Knuckles #2761 3 years ago

    Love you videos. But music is a bit too loud, even louder than your voice on some frequences. It is not relaxing, it is not background, it is comnpete with talking and this is slightly annoying.

    • Knuckles #2761
      Knuckles #2761 3 years ago

      @Thomas Brush Glad to hear that!
      I am not a musician and so I don't know how is it all called and not sure if would be able to explain my thoughts in proper terms. What I am trying to say is that current music is based on many-many short beats based on a modulating frequency near the voice range. And those beats are slightly more frequent than the heart rate of excited person. So your voice become less important because of that, music overwhelm it with energy. Nobody uses dubstep or power metall as background music for podcasts even with low volume. And I saw some youtubers who used ambient, blues, classical waltzes. But why are they do so? To make music support voice rather than beat it with energy.
      Am I feel that music should be relaxing? Personally I prefer so, but I don't think that it is necessary. It is just a matter of taste.
      P.S. Your music in this video would be great for a game like Watchdogs: techno mood with a bit of futuristic notes. Imagine scene where you hack facility but hiding from the guards at the same time. That music would be perfect here.

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  3 years ago

      I love this feedback knuckles! I’ll address in Monday’s video! Do you feel the music should be relaxing? I have a ton of cozy songs I wrote I could use