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How To Make A Game ALONE (5 Secrets)!

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018 veröffentlicht
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  • Thomas Brush

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  • Pro Gaming
    Pro Gaming 3 years ago +471

    I'm a sólo dev because my 3D artist left me, and now i have to learn a lot of 3D modeling to finish this big game, wish me good luck boys.

  • The Boosted Journal
    The Boosted Journal 3 years ago +71

    Loved this video! I've just started working game development and there's just so much I don't know but I'm eager to learn and I'd love to code a small game on my own in 2019 🙏🏻

  • Chris Fibich
    Chris Fibich 3 years ago +63

    I'm a lone wolf dev and I need to use pre-made assets more often. I've always been a purist in that regard too but I'm slowly realizing it's hurting me in the long run.

  • Samba Gaming
    Samba Gaming 3 years ago +38

    I normally don't write comment in public but damn, I came across and saw your videos by accident so now I've already hooked your videos! It's not often that you get to see a wonderful dev that make video to inspire people so thank you for that. While I do agree with you that it isn't easy to make a game by your own but it is still possible to do so. I just started develop gaming project by accident since January 2018, you could say it's a happy accident, haha! For real though, I certainly have learn't many things on my own before I've across your video. I'm deaf and I use sign language to communicates. I haven't seen any deaf game dev that make game so that make me feel sad. It's pretty rare to see a deaf dev become standout so I decide to give 'game dev' a go and see if it works for me. I wanted to become a good example toward deaf communities someday, for now, I just need to focus on some things I need to learn. Although you already set a good example toward people so I think that's truly lovely and heart-warming to see!

  • Diego Offerni
    Diego Offerni 3 years ago +21

    I'm loving your videos man. I came from Brazil and now I'm living in Vancouver where there's a lot of game companies and indie developers and I'm making my first game ever, a simple runner but I'm learning so much doing this that I don't want to stop. I'm loving it. Your videos give me the motivation to go on and get the things done

  • This Guy
    This Guy 3 years ago +1

    i've just started work on my own game, still got so much to even start learning, but the main aspect of solo development i'm looking forward to is not having anyone to answer to but myself and being able to have an idea and work towards that exact idea without any lost time bouncing it between people or any good ideas being lost through compromise for the sake of fitting into a team.

  • Frank Fox
    Frank Fox 3 years ago +5

    It is possible. With just coding knowledge alone, i have been working on Dungeon Ward for almost a year now. Started this january without ever touching Unity before. Great video, i like the professional look.

  • LilFoxxxx
    LilFoxxxx 2 years ago +1

    You really have a way of words that in a sense, help me realise I can do this instead of doubting myself. I've been programming for just over a year, although I haven't yet learnt C++. I've also had experience in graphic design and 3d modelling so i'm looking forward to being able to put it all together.

  • ObadiahBumbley
    ObadiahBumbley 3 years ago +1

    I appreciate these videos, your very good at outlining important points without giving obvious/pretentious/overly-professional advice.

  • Delta Code
    Delta Code 3 years ago +1

    Thanks, you really convinced me that using pre-made assests is ok. I want to make a game of my own in 2019, I'll start off small and keep it 2D. My biggest worry is the coding but neverthless Im constantly having new ideas and my friends over the internet are always telling me how great they are and that I should "go work for Nintendo" 😂. But This video really helped, also your game looks awsome.

  • ealdie24
    ealdie24 2 years ago +1

    Thanks for the tips, I'm a 3D artist currently learning how to code in C# and I've done games as well as a hobby. But I'm planning to create my own game I can publish, including artwork and 3D models myself. its going to be a long ride.

  • Yasmin Osmo
    Yasmin Osmo 2 years ago +4

    you make Unity sound easy to use. last I tried, I got lost in the menus, and doing anything was the opposite of intuitive. like, when I placed an HP bar of 20x100pixels, I had to zoom out to like 1% to see it and it covered the entire screen.

  • Luoti Games
    Luoti Games 3 years ago +342

    "It's really okey to make small games". It's funny how I usually rather play small indie games than big AAA games.

  • Lucas Pelletier
    Lucas Pelletier 3 years ago

    Awesome channel Thomas ! I'm thankful for all the cues for indie game devs you're pitching in here !! Happy new year to you and your family :) May you have a great launch for Once upon a Coma !

  • Ben Watki Studios
    Ben Watki Studios 3 years ago +143

    I'm a solo student game developer and I'm working on an open world rpg with AAA graphics. Every Dev I've ever talked to has told me to stick to mini ios games but after being told this for the 100th time in a row I decided "screw it, I'm gonna make a fallout game and do it better than bethesda". I dunno did im doing something wrong but I'm not actually finding it that hard... Sure im stressed to hell and I have ZERO time to sleep + homework but I'm.set to release next year.

  • Mohit Sethi
    Mohit Sethi 3 years ago +1

    I'm literally getting inspired by you. It's been 3 years I've been making games but I don't finish it, the gameplay doesn't look appealing so I drop the project every time. I'm going to start a new project this new year hope this time I finish it and I'll also start a Indiegogo campaign for a little help in fundings.

  • Nintendo Believers
    Nintendo Believers 2 years ago +1

    Man I Love your Videos!!! You do a great job making quality, relatable and funny content!! I would love to hear more of what you have learned through the years being an indie developer.

  • Hernaldo Sandoval

    Hey Thomas! Thank you so much for this content, I'm a Senior UX Designer that had worked in a bunch of mobile games IP's, like Star Wars, Marvel, Tetris, and bla bla ... and I'm expecting to stop for a year to keep growing my coding skills and see If I can do my own game, I have the fundamentals of C# since I work with Unity all day. And believe me, this content goes straight to my soul.