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Larnell Lewis Hears "Enter Sandman" For The First Time

  • Published on Jan 27, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • Olcayto Cengiz
    Olcayto Cengiz Year ago +39989

    Not quite sure which is more unbelievable: His extraordinary talent OR the fact that he never heard of Enter Sandman.

    • Connor Jones
      Connor Jones 4 months ago

      @dio52 it’s surprising because it’s played at every sporting event and is played in the media quite a bit. Everyone knows this song, especially someone who plays music for a living and is an avid listener. He’s obviously heard this before, it’s blasphemous to believe otherwise

    • T2Master01
      T2Master01 4 months ago

      @Ezekiel Writer so how did you like it?

    • Cesare
      Cesare 5 months ago

      Actually the drum playing in the Enter sandman is fairly simple. It's just basic 8-bit drumming. I think it's true that it's the first listening to Larnell and he's also talented drummer.

    • Clint Coop
      Clint Coop 5 months ago

      To busy doing him 💯

    • elasta888
      elasta888 5 months ago

      That ist really funny 😂👍🏻

  • Esteban Uno
    Esteban Uno Month ago +406

    I could listen to this dude doing this with metal tracks all day. A show unto itself. He needs to hear some TOOL next.

  • Koguntetzu Gaming
    Koguntetzu Gaming Month ago +229

    Being able to play it so well after only hearing the song once is a true inspiration.

    • YourFavoriteApollo
      YourFavoriteApollo 4 days ago +1

      @Maidenize666 are yall forgetting this is the first time hes heard it and he only listened to it once? we get it yall have a better than you complex, let people enjoy shit.

    • GreekPerspective
      GreekPerspective 5 days ago

      He didn’t t even play it the same way as Lars he played it better added double base and way better fills

    • Mickey1012 _
      Mickey1012 _ 8 days ago

      should watch the dooo's omegale videos. he takes requests, listens to em, and plays em on guitar

    • Kevin Reyna
      Kevin Reyna 9 days ago

      @Maidenize666 take a video and upload it. We want proof. Anybody can just speak words but no actions. So upload it lol

    • Maidenize666
      Maidenize666 14 days ago +1

      No offense... My 8th standard newbie junior drummer played this song while i practiced...
      This guy is a true well read nd professionally learned musician...
      Seriously Are you kidding me 😂😂

  • Geelo
    Geelo Month ago +189

    He memorized ALL THE SONG with only one listening and played it nearly perfect, besides incredible talent in playing his memory is scary in a good way... It's impossible for most people :D

    • Red Rick
      Red Rick 5 days ago

      @hey boo This isn't a high school student. This is a middle aged professional musician. You are absurd.

    • hey boo
      hey boo 6 days ago

      @Red Rick I know someone who grew up singing and loves music that didn't hear a Michael Jackson song until high school. It's really not that crazy that he didn't know this song, obviously metal is not a genre he listens to. Actually, the more I think about it, I could probably easily pick out a dozen people in my life that couldn't name this song or have never heard it.

    • Cameron Nalley
      Cameron Nalley 7 days ago

      @Randy Bobandy 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Randy Bobandy
      Randy Bobandy 7 days ago +1

      @Red Rick Don't even bother with these people. Fans of "first time" reactors are incredibly gullible and flat out delusional.

    • Randy Bobandy
      Randy Bobandy 7 days ago +1

      @Cameron Nalley lol right.. "one time."

  • RhythmCaster
    RhythmCaster Month ago +67

    I tried this challenge with Larnell. But I heard the song before, never from head to finish.
    Thing is learning and transcribing with Larnell helps clarify each section and repeatition a lot. My notation sped up significantly, only took approx 4 hrs.
    "Bulid ups"
    I wrote all in each section just to be sure.
    Finally, it such an astonishing how Larnell integrate his vocabulary and color in to the song since 2nd chorus.
    Thank you, Larnell and Drumeo.

    • Christabel Logan
      Christabel Logan 4 days ago

      I doubt there's nothing Larnell Lewis can't play. Metallica is quite a distant genre for him.

  • The Brothers Murph
    The Brothers Murph 5 months ago +4650

    Larnell: "That half time will get ya"
    Me, not a musician, never played drums in my life: "He's right that half time will get ya, people don't realize that."

    • Simon-Pierre Lussier
      Simon-Pierre Lussier 12 days ago

      @Unregistered HyperCam 2 They don't think it be like it is but it do

    • photag216
      photag216 18 days ago

      🤣that is so funny

    • Emilly Yelen
      Emilly Yelen 19 days ago

      @Unregistered HyperCam 2 wow so smart...

    • Jason Marler
      Jason Marler 2 months ago


    • keakuawaleno
      keakuawaleno 2 months ago

      😂😂😂😂 I laughed so hard at this comment 😂 well played, definitely an underrated comment!

  • Ron Allen
    Ron Allen Month ago +128

    Lars plays this song, nearly collapses. Larnell adjusts his glasses between beats!

    • Tinto Brassimo
      Tinto Brassimo 4 days ago

      I try to imagine Lars playing What About Me after hearing for the first time.

    • Stellvia Hohenheim
      Stellvia Hohenheim 19 days ago +4

      That dude who went after Napster?

    • Daniel King
      Daniel King 20 days ago

      No he literally does not😂

    • crank fastle
      crank fastle Month ago +10

      To be fair this might be the one track lars can play easily. No double kick.

  • Mikko Pahkasalo / No Limit

    Pure art and skill. Love it.

    • Mikko Pahkasalo / No Limit
      Mikko Pahkasalo / No Limit 16 days ago +1

      @Vladímir Iljíč Uljánov Well, I think there are famous songs I don't know on different genres. If one listens only a couple of genres, it is natural that something is missed.

    • Vladímir Iljíč Uljánov
      Vladímir Iljíč Uljánov 17 days ago +2

      Yeah, but how did he not hear Enter Sandman in his life? It's just fake.

  • ktw70
    ktw70 Month ago +18

    This was transcendently good. He needs to play this with Metallica.

  • Juan Carlos Pereira quesada

    Excellent performance and the final messages was remarkable, I think you are a sweet and a good human being

    • Elkmonger
      Elkmonger Month ago

      You sure about that?? It's called CULTURAL APPROPRIATION. I suggest you get a clue. It's ok to listen to other culture's music, but you better not like it and you definitely better not like playing it. :-)

  • Atom Knight
    Atom Knight Year ago +7561

    "I'll take more volume" is the correct thing to say when listening to Metallica. He really is a natural

    • Unplugged Freedom
      Unplugged Freedom 2 months ago

      I now say this all the time 😂

    • jonser20Cent
      jonser20Cent 5 months ago

      I was delighted because the headphone volume wasn't loud enough

    • Raus
      Raus 5 months ago


    • scienzchic
      scienzchic 5 months ago

      Exactly right!

  • Travis Turner
    Travis Turner Month ago +12

    He can write it out in his head and read it back while playing. Wild.

  • pastuleo79
    pastuleo79 3 months ago +661

    Wow, this guy is so good he can even predict exactly where he will mess up. Unreal. 5:33 Whoa, Im'ma miss that. 13:58 he misses it. To know one's own flaws down to that level is true mastery of self.

    • Peter Bear
      Peter Bear 5 days ago

      @Charles Burnham True of many things, and not just music!

    • Atakdragonfly
      Atakdragonfly Month ago +1

      Also knowing that, eventually, you ain't gonna miss that anymore....

    • Charles Burnham
      Charles Burnham 2 months ago +4

      The great Artie Shaw said "You should always be playing at the edge of your ability". If you're not making mistakes, you're not trying hard enough; you're not growing as a person or as an artist".

    • BD
      BD 2 months ago

      At 5:33 I actually really love how he cocks his head in surprise. It’s like an involuntary “oh shit, you got me there.”

  • profgonzo
    profgonzo Month ago +10

    Good God...mark of a truly great session musician; took it and ran with it!

  • ElmwoodParkHulk
    ElmwoodParkHulk Month ago +20

    Wow his first time ...amazing talent

  • Dad Facts
    Dad Facts Year ago +3778

    He didnt enjoy the music like we do, he enjoys the arrangement, timing and rhythm. I like cake; he likes flour, sugar and eggs.
    So freakin positive too. Awesome

    • Stephen White
      Stephen White 21 day ago

      Love your great analogy! But might have to go deeper with Larnel....he loves growing wheat and milling it into flour, growing the finest sugar cane in existence, and raising chickens for the finest organic eggs possible....and understands them all in a deep scientific level.

    • Ali
      Ali 23 days ago

      You worded it perfectly

    • Mkali Hashiki
      Mkali Hashiki 5 months ago

      @Frank "Angry Donkey" Trevis I feel like this is more accurate yes. I play the 6 & 12-string (or rather I did for many years). I’m not a professional musician by any means. When I heard & saw the video of Lyndsey Buckingham doing his live solo of Big Love, I lost my effin mind (I still rewatch it occasionally). I loved the cake as a Fleetwood Mac fan. As a guitarist-however amateur-I’m also really appreciating the eggs, the flour, and the sugar.

    • Destroyerru
      Destroyerru 6 months ago

      Say for yourself, sucker. Don't use "we" in the future.

    • P Harris
      P Harris 6 months ago

      You said it better than I did. He understands every ingredient which makes any recipe accessible and interesting to him.

  • Matt M
    Matt M Month ago +22

    Cool. Never heard it before and still got it 80% right. Pretty badass

    • HamtaroTV
      HamtaroTV 9 hours ago

      @Kasey Suchowersky yeah, I enjoyed the changed ending

    • newmennium
      newmennium 11 days ago +1


    • Kasey Suchowersky
      Kasey Suchowersky 16 days ago +5

      Never heard it and played it in a more interesting way than the original.

  • Mark Bailey [Cimarron-Memorial HS]

    12:26 got me all up in my feelings.

  • Sergio Sanchez
    Sergio Sanchez Month ago +4

    Bro, you’re too good to fail, it was awesome!

  • cpip14
    cpip14 Month ago +17

    Cant believe he’s never heard the song. My dad was such a metal head this is what I grew up on 🤣

  • kickstar1
    kickstar1 Year ago +2602

    Besides being a ferocious drummer, does this guy not seem like the nicest guy ever?

    • JeeYao
      JeeYao 6 months ago +1

      @ChezBigwa Was looking for this comment! Haha, thanks!

    • Samy G
      Samy G 7 months ago +2

      He has “Cool Teacher” vibes

    • xxffrreeddyyxx
      xxffrreeddyyxx 7 months ago

      I thought the exact same thing, I was like , he’s so nice !!

    • Matthias Foo
      Matthias Foo 7 months ago

      @Allevo Syndicate the hard truth

    • James VanCleaf
      James VanCleaf 8 months ago +1

      @ChezBigwa I had the same exact thought

  • IamShrek GPnP
    IamShrek GPnP Month ago

    @cyril michaud @sebastien zunino Je sais pas si vous connaissez cette vidéo, mais je la trouve super intéressante. Comprendre le morceau et savoir le jouer presque parfaitement comme ça, je trouve ça impressionnant. L'écoute active, un sujet pour culture guitare ?

    STARLIGHT Month ago +3

    You nailed it... Dude..!!!

  • Christopher Felker
    Christopher Felker Month ago +9

    As a really poor drummer at 13.. you are a good drummer yet you sounded like me trying to play AC/Dc, Kiss cold Gin... after trying to figure them out over months 😊

    • Phizza73
      Phizza73 Month ago

      Lol same I’m 13 too 😂

  • scienzchic
    scienzchic 5 months ago +598

    Love when he unassumingly adjusts his glasses, like a professor, while listening, but when playing he is a natural, completely in the pocket!

    • TheGradyBaby
      TheGradyBaby Month ago +1

      Unassuming music professors are some of the best musicians out there.

    • Aaron F
      Aaron F 3 months ago +3

      He adjusts his glasses while playing too!

    • Drew Little
      Drew Little 4 months ago +8

      I've seen it said about this guy that, "his pockets have pockets." Fuckin' cherce.

    • Luke Warm
      Luke Warm 5 months ago +6

      He put on a good show

  • spikerbrad23
    spikerbrad23 Year ago +4663

    I don't know what's more impressive, his musical abilities, or the fact he made it to adulthood WITHOUT hearing enter sandman

    • MZLN MI
      MZLN MI 2 months ago

      @whosline07 enter sandman was like smell like a teen spirit back in the day which every radio station in a planet will play these songs at least once. He might have listened it before but not care to know the band or just skipped the radio station😂

    • Julian E
      Julian E 11 months ago

      @wannabemexican my Partner is 82 … I am 78. Before me she has never heard the Eagles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Credence, Canned Heat, Bob Dylan and so on.
      Ask her about anything Classical though and she’s right there. Hard to believe but true. Also true is that her Father owned a record shop. But all this takes place in country South Australia which for new things might as well be the Mongolian Plateau or the Moon, but with the temperatures whacked right up.

    • Small Minds Rule Dot Com
      Small Minds Rule Dot Com 11 months ago

      you gotta accept the fact that not everybody is Metal

    • Sean Clarke
      Sean Clarke Year ago

      I'm 54 years old, when I was a teenager I was into heavy metal, everything from Led Zep, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Black Sabbath and other rock bands... But I never got into Metallica. I guess they weren't very popular where I lived.
      I think watching this video might be the only time I've listened to the whole song.

    • Anthony
      Anthony Year ago

      Spiker bro guess life is pretty much complete huh 🤔 😂

  • Mika Kettunen
    Mika Kettunen Month ago +5

    Sometimes people are simply beautiful - speaking as pro drummer

  • Jake
    Jake Month ago +8

    the fact that lars never played drums when he was a kid, he just straight up played drums when he and james formed the band...

  • Sexy After Kids
    Sexy After Kids Month ago +5

    This is dope! 🔥🔥

  • FloridaManMatty
    FloridaManMatty 22 days ago +13

    And he plays it better after hearing it once than Lars has managed after playing it for 30 years😂

  • The Lazy Drummer
    The Lazy Drummer Year ago +4520

    It'd be cool to see him play to a famous song without hearing the original drums

    • Cipriano
      Cipriano 8 months ago +4

      They did it! The legend Danny Chambers playing Tool's Schism is as good as it gets

    • R. Lee
      R. Lee 8 months ago +3

      @Michael you got your wish

    • Transient Anomaly
      Transient Anomaly 8 months ago

      Plz plz

    • Javiii
      Javiii Year ago +1

      @Drumeo please have him do Lost in the static by after the burial. Insane drumming on that!

    • Dark Wolf
      Dark Wolf Year ago

      He would have played it better lol

  • xrz828
    xrz828 11 hours ago

    What a pleasure that was to experience. Would love to hear Larnell play more metal songs in the future. Class act

  • e h
    e h 3 days ago

    Larnell is a true artist in his craft. He’s able to hear a piece, dissect it, and then channel his energy into his own interpretation of that piece of music. I truly enjoy watching these guys completely rock out on some classic tunes. Keep up the good work!

  • Eric Scher
    Eric Scher Month ago +17

    I don't think I've ever watched someone dissect a song so clinically, forcing me to notice details I had never paid attention to, in spite of hearing the song an endless number of times over the years.
    I also don't think I fully appreciated until now; how much focus it takes to keep in time.
    Nice work.

  • Erin Perez
    Erin Perez Month ago

    I dig it.

  • godstriker8
    godstriker8 Year ago +7948

    Larnell, 9 hours into listening through Metallica's discography: "Still open hi-hats, okay."

  • Adam Simpson
    Adam Simpson 2 days ago

    It always fascinates me to listen to trained musicians listen to 80's/90's metal and give a technical analysis. The point of metal - and all rock really - was to not adhere to the rules of music. I'm sure this guy could play almost any of it without much effort. I would have preferred that he does Tom Sawyer. I've always preferred 80's Metallica to Rush, but I'd rather here a professional drummer learn that one.

  • Kits And Bits Scale Modelling

    Imagine if we lived in a world where Lars ulrich played it this well

    • Iain
      Iain 16 days ago

      @Mikael John Ledet metallica is the beatles of metal in two ways. Brought their genres to mainstream appeal and popularity, then lars and ringo are equally lucky drummers

    • Piraña Outdoors
      Piraña Outdoors 24 days ago

      @Mikael John Ledet wat?

    • V
      V 28 days ago

      It just wouldn't sound like Metallica if Lars playing was any different. It's a part of their sound as big as James' voice.

    • Red Rick
      Red Rick 29 days ago

      I'm imagining a world where Metallica never got big because their drummer was too busy and tasteless.

    • PlanetCaravan
      PlanetCaravan Month ago

      @E D hi lars

  • Ashish Rahul
    Ashish Rahul 4 months ago +305

    There were obviously places where he didn't play from memory, and brought in his own interpretation into his playing, but why do I like it more than the original ? 😂😂😂

    • Matthew Lawson
      Matthew Lawson 2 months ago +2

      @TheLuftpolsterfolie oh for sure it’s as basic as they come. Any really good drummer could likely do nothing but improve on the original. Unless they overplayed which Metallica does not call for but they definitely have room for better drum fills.

    • TheLuftpolsterfolie
      TheLuftpolsterfolie 2 months ago +2

      because the original is pretty basic for metal

    • Matthew Lawson
      Matthew Lawson 3 months ago +9

      Yeah the fills were far and above those done by Lars

    • youngskeletor
      youngskeletor 4 months ago +7

      snare sounds WAY better for starters.

    • Darren Z
      Darren Z 4 months ago +23

      Lots of tasty, musically interesting fills throughout. That's what makes it so good.

  • Felipe Matheus de Souza Santos

    Legends says Larnell was never the same after that day and he is until now playing metal songs and he can't stop it anymore.

  • tSp289
    tSp289 Year ago +1795

    There's something just really satisfying about watching people who're really good at what they do.

    • The Potato Cannon
      The Potato Cannon 6 months ago

      Agreed! I don't even care what they're good at. Mastery is captivating

    • Nicholas #51
      Nicholas #51 7 months ago

      I agree. I've been watching videos of these SE Asian villagers build amazing underground mansions with pools and fountains and shit. Just using their skills of carving up the ground. It's like sculpture you can live in. This is also cool

    • Daniel Bertola
      Daniel Bertola Year ago

      You just summed up the live concert industry!

    • wasabi-in-my-eye
      wasabi-in-my-eye Year ago +1

      Yeah that's why I love watching xxx

    • Dean Whelan
      Dean Whelan Year ago +4

      Pretty profound to witness the best of human talent and potential, a reminder of what we are all capable of which is just pretty cool and worth celebrating all around.

  • Jussi Hakala
    Jussi Hakala 2 months ago +12

    There is this portion starting from 3:21 when he makes hand motions and actually starts predicting on what's going to happen. He makes a small hand gesture towards the splash and his face goes "is this going to happen?" and then a half a second later when it does he nods to himself. He does this a couple of times then vocalizes it.
    For some reason that is immensely satisfying to watch.

  • Purple Man
    Purple Man Day ago

    I see many comments totally misunderstanding what music talent is, and reducing it to mere technical skills. I am not a Lars fan, but the guy has had a big role in the composition process in one of the best bands of all time, while creating the perfect drum parts for those songs, which are in some cases among the best ever written. What Larnell Lewis does here is awesome, but being able to replicate a song is nothing compared with the fact of creating it, especially when that song is a classic for the History of Music.

  • Erik Forsell
    Erik Forsell 3 months ago +82

    Best part is the "ooooh, Imma miss dat", which he then absolutely does miss. The man knows his stuff and himself.

    • letharja
      letharja 2 months ago +1

      I love the suspense in that part of the song

  • Zhantivar
    Zhantivar 11 days ago +1

    Love the point where Larnell begins to anticipate new sections. Active listening can really seem like magic, when done properly and this is an excellent display of that. Dope drumming, too.

  • ACG
    ACG Year ago +20545

    This is what happens when talent skips about 1 million people and then smashes itself into the soul of a dude who likes to bang on shit.
    Good on him. Incredible stuff

    • Jim Cheseborough
      Jim Cheseborough 11 months ago

      @Warloxolotl People need to learn how to express themselves properly. So they need someone like me to let them know that what they said wasn’t correct.
      You don’t tell a Photographer who’s picture you love “ you must have an awesome camera”

    • Warloxolotl
      Warloxolotl 11 months ago

      Maybe a little controversial but I don’t think talent and dedication are mutually exclusive, and I don’t believe that people saying he’s talented completely disregards all the work he’s put in to achieve his level of skill. Definitely emphasize all the hard work he’s out in over the course of his life but don’t flame people for trying to share their appreciation for what he does/did/will continue to do. ♥️♥️♥️

    • TokyoXtreme
      TokyoXtreme Year ago

      @Hummus Gaming “Deliberate practice” is what lets you skip several thousands of hours.

    • Jim Cheseborough
      Jim Cheseborough Year ago

      @Paul Best comment!

    • TJ 96
      TJ 96 Year ago

      Garrick! What’s up brother

  • Tyler Vain
    Tyler Vain 4 months ago +38

    This was an amazing performance, and I appreciate when he said he would miss that one hit and then he did. The sign of someone who knows what he's doing, beyond the performance itself, is his self awareness.

  • Andrew Robertson
    Andrew Robertson Month ago +7

    Lars is watching this wishing he had half the talent in one nut

  • The Representative
    The Representative 23 hours ago

    So funny how he could anticipate everything that Lars is going to do pretty much.😂Lars is so basic.You did a great job brother.

  • John
    John 2 months ago +15

    It is like Larnell and the song are having a discussion. I wish I had this level of musical knowledge, ear, and talent. So fun to watch.

  • 99.8% Survivor
    99.8% Survivor Year ago +1844

    1st rule of Metal: I'll take more volume.
    2nd rule of Metal: A little more volume.
    He had it nailed from the very beginning. :)

  • Simon Brooks
    Simon Brooks 4 months ago +34

    Larell is so good. Watching him diagnose the song and predict what was going to happen, and what "caught him out" was fascinating and brilliant

  • d i a n a
    d i a n a 27 days ago

    too easy for this man. so effortless.

  • lú oliver
    lú oliver 2 months ago +16

    Watching this video really made me appreciate just what a perfectly crafted song Enter Sandman is. Yes it’s a metal song, but it’s also the perfect pop song in its own way, with lots of little things happening in the instrumentation, chord structure, vocal melody to keep the listener engaged on the song. It’s those little things that have kept it an essential piece of music all these years later.

  • GreekPerspective
    GreekPerspective 5 days ago

    I like how he professionally breaks down a metal song.

  • JasonDrums
    JasonDrums Year ago +10325

    Larnell Lewis listening to his 100th Metallica song: "still open high hats okay"

  • Matt Dove
    Matt Dove 3 months ago +12

    Why do we not have more of these?! They're sooo insightful. And entertaining

  • Sho Ryu
    Sho Ryu 3 months ago +7

    What's impressive is that they actually found a musician who has NOT heard this song before. Let alone a professional.

  • Ennio
    Ennio 4 months ago +22

    This guy is as mind-boggling actively listening to the song as he is playing it. Amazing, well done!

  • Thomas Sullivan
    Thomas Sullivan 15 days ago

    For someone never hearing that song, I think he did a great job. Give him an hour and he'd have it down pat.

  • Peter van den Hoogen
    Peter van den Hoogen Year ago +4366

    Every now and then, the youtube algorythm randomly throws an absolute gem my way.

    • Schmee
      Schmee 7 months ago

      @richardthebeast ONG

    • Jake Williams
      Jake Williams 7 months ago

      For real, I was watching 7 Days to Die vids and ended up here. Worth it!

    • Jay Young
      Jay Young 7 months ago

      Same here... Nice 🤘🏼🤘🏼

    • fleshen
      fleshen 10 months ago


    • Working With Jim
      Working With Jim 10 months ago


  • erikkz
    erikkz 11 days ago +1

    Remember this guy went to record an album with Snarky Puppy and he learned all songs in the airplane ride to the studio and played them for the first time while recording. Killer talent.

  • Nedwin Lembar Hermavian

    Lars will really appreciate that. Amazing skill and tempo awareness of Larnell's. Thanks Drumeo!

  • Atakdragonfly
    Atakdragonfly Month ago

    Very cool but that song is more of a staight ahead rock beat mostly. I would've liked to have seen a more intricate song from them.

  • Stephen Davidson
    Stephen Davidson 12 days ago +1

    Listening to him vocalize how his brain works in picking this song apart was absolutely astonishing!

  • Jon Denton
    Jon Denton Year ago +20616

    Why did it take Clip-Share 6 days to recommend this to me?
    I'll take more volume please

  • Hendrik
    Hendrik 2 months ago +6

    Now do „Lars Ulrich hears Lingus for the first time“ ! He will certainly nail it.

  • C L
    C L 19 days ago +1

    This video format is super entertaining, and that outro was beautiful ❤️

  • Bobby A
    Bobby A Month ago +2

    That fact that he’s never heard that song before and still crushed is beyond talent. Pretty sure he didn’t play it, he’s a wizard and put spells on the kit haha!!! Amazing work and I’m now going to be watching more of these!!!!

  • Daniel Elise
    Daniel Elise 3 months ago +5

    I seriously can't believe this guy,I love how he's NOT full of himself, unbelievable 🥁👌😎

  • Jo
    Jo Year ago +3276

    He claims he’s not metal but then goes right ahead and says: “I’ll take more volume”. That’s a pretty metal way to say a pretty metal thing.

    • J M
      J M Year ago +1

      Jazz was the OG metal

    • Martin Malo
      Martin Malo Year ago +2

      He has the metal spirit!

    • dad on duty
      dad on duty Year ago +2

      True. That's a metal drummer would said. Lol

    • Bob Mullen
      Bob Mullen Year ago +1

      What you wrote almost brought a tear to my eye,,, well played!! 😊

    • Matthew Laney
      Matthew Laney Year ago +1

      True, but any decent musician who's never listened to metal would really really quickly that you need to crank it to appreciate it.

  • Olaf Augustus
    Olaf Augustus 2 days ago

    This was pure talent... Wow just wow

  • Elias Rodriguez
    Elias Rodriguez 2 months ago +5

    What an amazing talent, to be able to hear such an iconic song one time and be able to play along with it! I hope Metallica has seen this

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 3 months ago +6

    It's amazing the fact that he's such a lovely and polite guy normally, but when he's playing the drum, he transformed into a different beast!

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore 17 days ago

    Larnell , Great Job man :-D !!! Love how you broke it down before you layed it down brother .. One of my favorite Metal songs !! rj

  • Kleverson Iwatani
    Kleverson Iwatani Year ago +474

    Drumeo has to have a series of “Larnell Lewis hearing songs for the first time”. The creativity of this man is insane. Please, make more of this kind of stuff

  • blackderby80
    blackderby80 Day ago

    I have had several friends who are way better musicians than me assert that the toms are the key to this song's success. I don't disagree.

  • Chris Biggins
    Chris Biggins 17 days ago

    Absolutely awesome! I love Larnell's take on it

  • Links Between Drinks
    Links Between Drinks 5 months ago +5

    Can't be real. You're almost note-perfect and have the time signature nailed. No way! You're too good!

  • Андрей Бевза
    Андрей Бевза 20 days ago +1

    Wow, such a great person and a musician!

  • Rick Roll
    Rick Roll Year ago +773

    Fascinating to hear Sandman broken down by a musician while in the ‘listening’ phase....I’ve been ‘listening’ for 50 years, and I’m still just in the ‘that’s cool’ level of critical analysis.

    • hoes mad
      hoes mad Year ago +2

      @Ss Sss LMAOOO funniest comment 🤣

    • Aviv
      Aviv Year ago +1

      Try repeat listens but just focusing on one layer; like listen through the track just concentrating on high hats or basslines. Good learning experience.

    • triumphant39
      triumphant39 Year ago +1

      Tai Tai is one of those dudes that plays guitar a little but thinks that makes him yingwie malmsteen.

    • Ss Sss
      Ss Sss Year ago +28

      @Raja Sahala Noiborhu Literally what he said. Your comment is putting a hat on a hat. Which frankly it just looks silly to wear two hats.

    • Raja Sahala Noiborhu
      Raja Sahala Noiborhu Year ago

      Coz u are not musicians?

  • Dread
    Dread 2 months ago +2

    This guy is awesome and insanely talented. I loved when he got into the song and started adding his own flavor to it, kinda like it more than Metallica's LOL

  • LlamaKing96
    LlamaKing96 24 days ago

    Would be so dope to see him do with with “The Kill” by 30 seconds to Mars if he’s never heard that one!

  • StonyRC
    StonyRC 3 months ago +2

    Something I've always noticed about the finest classic rock tracks - less is more. This is a perfect example. It's measured, precise, not overly flamboyant and simply awesome.

  • MrPerrymi
    MrPerrymi 5 months ago +5

    I love your interpretation! I felt a kind of more dry hard rock sound that came out, which sounds very good with this song. And … thanks for your words at the end of the video, enlightning especially in these days. Great!!

  • Hector Murrieta
    Hector Murrieta Year ago +1464

    “Respect the music, respect the culture”
    Spoken like a profound thinker of music.

    • TheMonkeyscribe
      TheMonkeyscribe Year ago +1

      @mouloudo I’m a Canadian guy and was in my 20s during Metallica’s peak. I’ve probably heard this song before today, who knows, but this video is the first time I’ve ever listened to it. Metallica has never been part of my musical life. Doesn’t mean I don’t listen to music out of my alley. I’ve just never gone down this alley.

    • Invictum
      Invictum Year ago

      @perhaps ...where did he say that?
      But yes it is a race thing..... blacks listen to rap and RARELY DIVERGE. but mah culture is high with them.
      Whites tend to stay in country and roxk/metal music.
      Latinos with metal and native Spanish bands (i forgot the genre)
      See the trend here?????

    • perhaps
      perhaps Year ago +2

      @mouloudo what!! You dont even know the guy and your talking about 'white music' what the fuck lmao
      Why make this a race thing when literally no one else was and then accuse him of pretending to be open minded. One of the dumbest strawmen ive ever seen

    • mouloudo
      mouloudo Year ago

      @Kene Okpareke " you're the only one accusing other of being close minded" also " I ask you to open your mind" right... have also a nice day :)

    • Kene Okpareke
      Kene Okpareke Year ago +2

      @mouloudo This is a stupid analogy because it completely misrepresents the conversation.
      On this thread, you are the only person that has accused anyone of being closed minded. You, and you alone.
      I'm asking you to open your mind to the fact that people have different backgrounds. If you understood this, it wouldn't come as such a shock to you that a black man from Canada doesn't know Metallica songs.
      I'm done with this silly back-and-forth. Have a nice day.

  • Nan Hand
    Nan Hand Month ago +1

    Such amazing talent, kudos!
    Especially for one who has never heard this song before...pure genius 🥁

  • Kristina Shirley
    Kristina Shirley 4 months ago +4

    What a beast! So impressive! Was so fun to hear him breaking it down in his head and then playing it after hearing it once. Great job!

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    Raymond Magat 4 months ago +3

    Damn! Larnell got this out of the park. It may be not 1-1 with the recording, but man, first time hearing it and playing it this good?! It is like listening to Metallica live in concert. I love what he added to give the song his own flavor. You know he just enjoying the song and just vibing with those trance eyes! More power Larnell!

  • Wes Carroll
    Wes Carroll 2 months ago +1

    I keep rewatching this every couple months and I just love it more and more every time. Larnell, my man, you're a monster. Inspiring!

  • jason starek
    jason starek Year ago +679

    I love how an actual musician can respect the complexities of a genre he doesn’t play

    • Alan Douglas
      Alan Douglas Year ago

      Or anyone really... it’s music

    • Salamander Fry
      Salamander Fry Year ago +3

      My step father played and sang in a band. Sometimes he would secretly listen and learn songs from the games I was playing and surprise me by playing them on his piano. He absolutely mastered To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X. RIP.

    • LionMetalMusic
      LionMetalMusic Year ago +1

      wants to see him to play some DEATH or MORBID ANGEL hhhh

    • thereal nynetynyne
      thereal nynetynyne Year ago

      @Skull FC I loled for real

    • thereal nynetynyne
      thereal nynetynyne Year ago


  • Fate Hopkins
    Fate Hopkins 3 months ago +4

    I don’t know why but it gives me extreme joy that Larnell finds the musical value in metal. He’s viscerally into music. Dude is a beast.

  • John Foley
    John Foley 3 months ago +5

    Im so familiar with this song, being one of my all time favorites, but I don’t think I’d noted the halftime element. Its totally essential to how completely this song keeps your attention.

  • Gustavo Meireles
    Gustavo Meireles 2 months ago

    Actually amazing how hes in the "zone" sometimes when hes playing. Very awesome.

  • cedmelancon
    cedmelancon Month ago

    It’s always amazing seeing someone mastering his craft at that level.

  • Allan Nielsen
    Allan Nielsen Year ago +882

    This is Matrix level stuff.
    Morpheus: "But can you play Enter Sandman?"
    Larnell: "....... I can now"

  • broncokeeper
    broncokeeper 18 days ago

    Larnell: "I'm going to miss that"
    Narrator: "He indeed, missed that"
    Amazing job for a one time listen. Holy cow.

  • Louis Padron
    Louis Padron 4 months ago +7

    Watching him digest this is pure gold - stepping up to a song that’s fully written and recorded without you is not easy in any case

  • ComedyTragedy
    ComedyTragedy 3 months ago

    Amazing! Breakdown and playing. Wow. Although I'd love to see this with no edit before you played. Did you listen again? Practice? Either way, kudos!

  • WK_fpv
    WK_fpv 3 months ago +1

    The way he's able to recognize patterns is like he's seen the future, so amazing.