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DANCE with the FAMILY😍| JamooTv Shorts

  • Published on Jan 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • #shorts

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  • Cool
    Cool Month ago +1486

    Ain’t anyone going to be talking about how the 7 year old is 160cm tall
    Bro has surely played a tree in the school play

  • Rickplayz
    Rickplayz Month ago +272

    Finally some family who got the right years but the height 💀

    • Giuseppe Todisco
      Giuseppe Todisco Month ago

      Look at the door behind them, they could be real

    • RandomThings420
      RandomThings420 Month ago +1

      ​@Alex Eriksson 2020 means 2 or 3 and she looks about that

    • 那个问的人!
      那个问的人! Month ago

      Yeah you do know most of those are jokes rigjtv

    • Alex Eriksson
      Alex Eriksson Month ago +5

      The lil girl 💀 2020 man shes probably from 2015-2018 (---- somewhere in there at least
      (not hating)

  • RainbowClouds
    RainbowClouds Month ago +78

    3 year old killing it! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️

  • Gamer Alia
    Gamer Alia 2 months ago +1327

    LOL wer findet auch das baba bisschen groß ist 😂 ?
    Omg ich zerstör gleich mein Handy mit 1000 likes

    • Fini Reinartz
      Fini Reinartz Month ago

      Wie das einfach der einzigst deutsche Kommentar ist😂

    • eyli ela
      eyli ela Month ago

      Mein Bruder ist 1 90 groß und er sind im Bildschirm größerr aus😂

    • fl4mmy
      fl4mmy Month ago

      ​@BraveHCR2 junge er kann kein deutsch es gibt so ne Funktion wo man übersetzen kann

    • MG_Gaming
      MG_Gaming Month ago +1

      Die Tochter is such erst 3 und sieht aus wie 6

    • Florentina Kuliqi
      Florentina Kuliqi Month ago

      übertreiben einfach😳
      alle über 2m 😂

  • PokeDude_11
    PokeDude_11 Month ago +103

    At least it ain't that 2002 mom and 2014 son 🤣🤣🤣. They are legit honest
    Edit: holy cow, 100 likes and no replies? But ay, at least I'm famous

    • Millie🩸🔪
      Millie🩸🔪 Month ago +2

      Some of those type of videos is where the bigger sibling adopts the other invade they head to run away from their family 😬, I would know I adopted my sister and I did this trend on TikTok 💀

    • Xavier
      Xavier Month ago +2

      That’s when they started dancing if your talking about merrick

  • Player
    Player Month ago +41

    Finally someone that actually graduated from a real school 💀

  • Steffi Nentwig
    Steffi Nentwig 2 months ago +177

    Ich glaube da stimmt was nicht mit denn Größen wer 👇🏻

  • Axel
    Axel Month ago

    Janall du bist cooooool🥰😘😍

  • Little Duhig
    Little Duhig Month ago

    Soooooo cute❤

  • psg messi neymar mbappé
    psg messi neymar mbappé Month ago +419

    Dad's killing it

      HOGUEE RIDEERRRR Month ago +1

      But the 7 year old danced so gay at the beggining

    • Son Gokus Vater
      Son Gokus Vater Month ago +4

      "Big bro" and "Baba" are the same height but theres of course 17 cm difference

  • Spirit
    Spirit Month ago


  • Ayden
    Ayden Month ago

    😂😂 lil bro so zesty

  • sebastian olavarrieta
    sebastian olavarrieta Month ago +192

    we cant forget the 3.47m grandpa😅

  • Ahmed Abadour
    Ahmed Abadour Month ago


  • MNM
    MNM Month ago +36

    In 2 years later, she became 5 years old

    • Grinder
      Grinder Month ago

      Dann ist sie auch 2m groß

  • hasawu74
    hasawu74 2 months ago +78

    Ich hab Ürgend wie das Gefühl bei den Größen stimmt irgend was nicht🤣🤣

  • Aline Bitencourt
    Aline Bitencourt Month ago

    👏👏👏👏🌟🌟🌟🌟 Contagiante, família linda!❤️

  • Sausage_Dog12
    Sausage_Dog12 Month ago

    Bro finally one that makes sense

  • Leonard Lange
    Leonard Lange 2 months ago +130

    Wie groß ist dein Baba bitte? Nie im Leben 🤣🤣🤣

    • Dany Fritsch
      Dany Fritsch Month ago +1

      + Der große Bruder ist fast größer als der Vater also macht es euch kein Sinn 👌 bin zwar selber 1,98 m groß aber joa man sieht's

    • Carlotta. R🦋
      Carlotta. R🦋 Month ago +1

      ​@Klombonen es gibt aber fast niemanden der so groß ist und meine tür sit nicht 2 Meter

    • Klombonen
      Klombonen Month ago +2

      Doch du kannst es mit der Tür vergleichen jede Tür ist 2 Meter hoch

  • Damian Van der wal
    Damian Van der wal Month ago

    ❤️❤️❤️Litle sister! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Leonardo🌶️
    Leonardo🌶️ Month ago

    You make me feel small, and I'm 1,87.🤔

  • Jules
    Jules Month ago +8

    7 years old=1.60m
    Me wondering why am I only 1.55m 😭😭

  • WorldFootball
    WorldFootball Month ago

    Finally one of these that it real 😭

  • Killerkampfkekse
    Killerkampfkekse Month ago

    So cute

  • RST
    RST 2 months ago +483

    Kann doch nicht sein das jalal größer ist als ich 😂

  • The crafting TNT
    The crafting TNT Month ago

    theyre so wide

  • Imposter Editzz
    Imposter Editzz Month ago

    Yall bigger than my house Man 💀

  • ED_Editz
    ED_Editz Month ago +82

    i dont think 7 year olds can be 170 cm tall

    • Dutch ball
      Dutch ball Month ago

      They can I myself was (very close to a example)

    • ronaldo+messi=goat
      ronaldo+messi=goat Month ago

      ​@Crusher_54 no tf nobody in world is 140m thats like 1040 cm

    • Legendice_
      Legendice_ Month ago

      @Tech Geek wow that’s great tab arak الله

    • Tech Geek
      Tech Geek Month ago

      175 cm at 12 lol am tall

    • Legendice_
      Legendice_ Month ago

      @Crusher_54 I’m 13 too and I’m 163 cm

  • Roblox games
    Roblox games Month ago

    Baba slays

  • vetrien
    vetrien Month ago

    nice moves uncle

  • FC Toaster
    FC Toaster Month ago +6

    Bruh, der kleine Jalal ist 2016 geboren, das bedeutet, er ist 7 Jahre alt. Mit 7 war ich noch 1,30m groß und habe statt GTA, mit Lego gespielt😅.

  • Monke Basketball
    Monke Basketball  Month ago

    now this one i believe

  • BigDJyeager
    BigDJyeager Month ago +4

    That 2 yr old be killing it

  • bananaxeditz
    bananaxeditz Month ago +1

    persian gang!!! baba - dad

  • Omegoosh
    Omegoosh Month ago +1

    Bro dads 7 foot tall 😂

  • ∅SE12⅜
    ∅SE12⅜ 2 months ago +5

    Baba is mal happy ein wunder ist geschehen

  • zzdsoccereditz
    zzdsoccereditz Month ago

    Finally the best one without math problems

  • Uros Scekic
    Uros Scekic Month ago +1

    Why you have to Remember me how Short I am?

  • Spaghetti studios
    Spaghetti studios Month ago +24

    If you 2/3 you ain’t a meter tall (I swear this goofy family is an anomaly)

  • Neymar Fan Lol
    Neymar Fan Lol Month ago +1

    2'20 at 50 160 at 7 something is sus ☠️

  • Pro gaming content
    Pro gaming content Month ago


  • Susanna
    Susanna 2 months ago +89

    Niemals kann jalal grösser als mich sein😂

  • 1kid
    1kid Month ago

    Finally a familly that has the correct age

  • Veysel Ocal
    Veysel Ocal Month ago

    🥺🥺🥺🥺 hevin ked

  • Cheetlon
    Cheetlon Month ago +4

    Ich: *lese 2016* 😧
    Auch ich: *lese 2020* 😵
    Wie die Zeit vergeht... 🥴😅

  • AJSniperZs
    AJSniperZs Month ago

    baba is 7'2

  • Jaroslav Havlíček
    Jaroslav Havlíček Month ago +1

    Oh hell nah the heights

  • Shadow Benny
    Shadow Benny 2 months ago +53

    Baba ist riese🤣

  • Dave the Nigerian 🇳🇬


  • Krystian Koza
    Krystian Koza Month ago

    Baba 😂

  • Oscar_Chip10
    Oscar_Chip10 Month ago +6

    Es imposible que el padre mida 2,20 metros, creo que un jugador de basket mide menos.

    • Dramey
      Dramey Month ago

      No it isn’t?? The tallest NBA player currently is 7’3 feet which 2.20 meters is 7’2.

  • SplankyVr
    SplankyVr Month ago

    Finnaly one of these that make sense

  • Racovita Stefan
    Racovita Stefan Month ago +1

    Cant wait to meet the cousin 3.69m

  • Ghost
    Ghost Month ago +8

    This is finally the family video that makes sense

    • Hackyjan
      Hackyjan Month ago

      It seems like none of you noticed that the big bro is taller than his dad even tho its stated that he's 2.20🤦‍♂️

    • Awesome Arhaan
      Awesome Arhaan Month ago

      7 year old is 1.6m bruh my bro when he was 14 was that height

    • Crappy Entertainment ツ
      Crappy Entertainment ツ Month ago

      1m 3 year old in 2020?

    • Octogecko
      Octogecko Month ago

      Rly not

  • McRaffz
    McRaffz Month ago +2

    that 6 y/o is taller than an average 11 y/o💀

  • Jeremy Clauss
    Jeremy Clauss Month ago +2

    The fact that a kid born in 2016 already looks like that makes me feel ancient

  • Jungkookie
    Jungkookie 2 months ago +17

    Clip-Share:the boy is 1.60m tall🤨
    Me:Bro, the boy is about 1.39m tall, how did they figure it out 🤨

  • Zayn Kassim
    Zayn Kassim Month ago +2

    2 ½ year old killing it😭

  • Krishan
    Krishan Month ago +1

    2,20m, no way😂

  • Somaye Jafari
    Somaye Jafari Month ago +26

    *when math ain’t mathin*

  • Cozmations 2
    Cozmations 2 Month ago

    Finally one where it makes sense

  • Neiron Uchimaki
    Neiron Uchimaki Month ago

    Nació en 2016 y mide más que yo

  • Aym0906
    Aym0906 Month ago +3

    Baba :" I'm 2,20m tall"
    NLE Choppa: "You really a fraud"

  • Az ad
    Az ad Month ago

    2m 🤣🤣

  • Mohamed El yahyaoui

    Maschalla so süß alles🎈

  • FruitMonkeVR
    FruitMonkeVR Month ago +14

    Bro the first time I’ve seen a short that makes sense

    • Smile
      Smile Month ago

      Baba is 220 and the guy is taller

    • Georg Weber
      Georg Weber Month ago

      His 7 year old brother is 1,60m.
      That makes sense

  • Anas
    Anas Month ago +1

    Jaaaaaaa die 2016 sind jetzt schon 7, das war doch noch gestern gefühlt😥

    THE GREEN MAN Month ago

    Finally one that makes sense

  • LuigiTheNumberOne1
    LuigiTheNumberOne1 Month ago +3

    The mother Left the chat 💀

  • Degu
    Degu Month ago

    2020 hit hard

  • Xrtich
    Xrtich Month ago +2

    the 5 ft 2 seven year old is killing it

  • Sweet Scarletta
    Sweet Scarletta Month ago +3

    When the math doesn’t look right but it is 😢

  • top 10
    top 10 Month ago +1

    When the math aint right

  • Bikutake
    Bikutake Month ago +9

    Bro is 6 years old and still taller than me 💀

    • Bikutake
      Bikutake Month ago

      ​@Niko Koulouri well

  • Jackyboy9978
    Jackyboy9978 Month ago +2

    53 year old killing it

  • Dominick Gerardi
    Dominick Gerardi Month ago

    I like this a lot

  • Zacery
    Zacery Month ago +4

    It’s crazy how she was born in 2020 and already is 2/3 years old….

  • same
    same Month ago

    Most accurate

  • LUAL
    LUAL Month ago +1

    At least the agent kinase makes more sense than the other ones

  • X-treme Jojo
    X-treme Jojo Month ago +12

    Finally a video where the math is mathing
    Edit : I just realized the heights are 💀💀💀

    • Red Harlow
      Red Harlow Month ago

      @Taq it’s a green screen, if you don’t believe me then pay close attention to the edges of their bodies, not to mention there aren’t any shadows either

    • Taq
      Taq Month ago

      The younger boy is supposedly 2 feet taller then the little girl yet he only looks half a foot taller

    • Yuan Dela Cuesta
      Yuan Dela Cuesta Month ago

      Math has left the chat
      *meth has joined the chat*

    • Aybro
      Aybro Month ago

      Nah still the math isn't mathing

  • Anonymous Capybara
    Anonymous Capybara Month ago

    Finally something where the ages make sense

  • Angela Longyear
    Angela Longyear Month ago


  • coney's a poser
    coney's a poser Month ago +4

    That 7 year old is taller than my mum

    • macky dog
      macky dog Month ago

      fuck im dumb 💀

    • coney's a poser
      coney's a poser Month ago

      @macky dog ?

    • Cool
      Cool Month ago

      @macky dogwhat’s wrong with it I see nothing

    • macky dog
      macky dog Month ago

      Uhm might want to check ur spelling lol

  • Panda🐼
    Panda🐼 Month ago +1

    Bruh this kid is literally 130cm...

  • Marie-luis Neumann
    Marie-luis Neumann 8 days ago


  • MasterKaneGaming
    MasterKaneGaming Month ago +7

    i wonder how the conversation went when this guy asked his family to film this with him

  • Akkev
    Akkev Month ago

    When the height ain't mathin☠☠

  • ActMild
    ActMild Month ago

    my bro finna get called a cheese string soon

  • IDK
    IDK Month ago +6

    “That shit was ass, no”- kai cenat

  • TechWiz7
    TechWiz7 Month ago +1

    Papa: 1801 9,56m

  • Soviet countryball [A.O.G] member

    Finnaly one that actually has accurate ages

  • Joni
    Joni  2 months ago +37

    Jalal 1,60😂

    • England_football
      England_football Month ago

      @pp er ist grad mal 1,25

    • Aleyşian
      Aleyşian Month ago

      Ich bin 12 und erst 149😭

    • Greta Völkner
      Greta Völkner 2 months ago

      ​@🍉Melonenlea🍉 ich 11 und 1m 42🥲

    • LeaS
      LeaS 2 months ago

      @Elana Oha, aber man wächst ja noch bis 18 oder 17

    • Football edits 🤩
      Football edits 🤩 2 months ago +1

      Ich 10 Jahre alt 1,40 Jalal 6 Jahre alt 1,60 🤔😂

  • Anton Ten Elsen
    Anton Ten Elsen Month ago


  • okcalls
    okcalls Month ago +1

    big bro gotta get on little bros diet

  • Smiley11
    Smiley11 Month ago +3

    Baba is 7 foot 2 inches this has to be wrong 😂😂😂

  • [ 😻 Lina 🤍 ]
    [ 😻 Lina 🤍 ] Month ago +1

    L intro: ------- la danse: --

  • lenoM BMGO
    lenoM BMGO Month ago

    grande irmão

  • ManUTD_EditZ
    ManUTD_EditZ Month ago +6

    That 2 year old is killing it

    • ManUTD_EditZ
      ManUTD_EditZ Month ago

      @Lazer it's a joke can't you tell and why is your name lazer if your not tryna be lazarbeam because he has a channel called lazar and your lazer so why's your name tha then

    • Lazer
      Lazer Month ago

      @ManUTD_EditZ not trying to be lazarbeam lol also I’m aware she’s 2 but that doesn’t make her automatically good at dancing

    • ManUTD_EditZ
      ManUTD_EditZ Month ago

      @Lazer she is for a 2 yo and stop tryna be lazarbeam because lazar is spelt lazar not lazer

    • Lazer
      Lazer Month ago

      Be honest no she isn’t

  • JamalChutney
    JamalChutney Month ago

    24 year age difference what?😂