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  • Published on Jan 26, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • Bloodblade58
    Bloodblade58 Month ago +33515

    Triple H being a fucking absolute unit. Man was gigantic

    • Michael B
      Michael B 2 days ago

      @Adam Murphy Ryan he’s 6 foot fucking fo 😂

    • Kris Jones
      Kris Jones 3 days ago

      He’s also wearing boots

    • Sleepy Joe
      Sleepy Joe 5 days ago

      @Adam Murphy Ryan no shit, look at the dudes he’s next to

    • codsworth
      codsworth 8 days ago

      @A H HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA well said

  • Chad
    Chad 16 days ago +3072

    Jay Cutler has a fucking 10 pack

  • Conradical C
    Conradical C 21 day ago +1871

    Triple H is like Thanos up there.

  • Zimzim Al
    Zimzim Al 2 months ago +33988

    Marcus knows how to turn every pose into a most muscular

    • Inhaji
      Inhaji 12 days ago

      @nico_. 8you say that but he flexed it better and you could see his muscles better thats it. It might not look good but in comparison you just can see more of his muscle structure.
      In my Opinion its just because the judge didn’t want anyone to win that wasn’t American.

    • Ruel Harris
      Ruel Harris 15 days ago

      It was the arms, his aren’t as full he just has a blow with a small bulge in the middle no real mass in there

    • Vfasse
      Vfasse 25 days ago

      @Gg 👍🏻

  • Anthony Fonseca
    Anthony Fonseca 23 days ago +1990

    Holy shit Triple H towers over all of them, even coleman. What an absolute tank.

    • Anthony Fonseca
      Anthony Fonseca 3 days ago

      @Devante Yeah that’s what I meant lol ronnie definitely ain’t small

    • Healthy Life Hub
      Healthy Life Hub 3 days ago

      He was in shoes

    • T-T
      T-T 4 days ago

      ​@Jaynot camera angle. 98% wrestlers are above 6'2 height that's why triple H looked medium in ring whereas bodybuilders are generally 5'6-5'10.

    • Anthony Fonseca
      Anthony Fonseca 7 days ago +1

      @Dan L I always imagined coleman and cutler being roughly that tall, that’s what threw me off

    • Dan L
      Dan L 8 days ago

      He’s only 6’4”

  • leo
    leo 15 days ago +220

    I mean Jay is a beast, but Ronnie is an absolute FUCKIN LEGEND!

  • KaneDeathBreaker
    KaneDeathBreaker Month ago +5005

    Triple HHH looking like the final boss telling his goons what to expect.

    • Eddy Flo
      Eddy Flo Day ago

      🤣👏🤣👏🤣👏 brilliant comment

    • GigaChad
      GigaChad 9 days ago

      ​@Onyx bro's full name is HHH HHH HHH

    • Lishi Akin
      Lishi Akin 12 days ago

      Quadruple HHHH.

    • nayak paswan
      nayak paswan 18 days ago +1

      U wrote triple h twice.

    • JayKayAye
      JayKayAye 19 days ago +1

      So is that like 9 h’s?

  • Onyroo
    Onyroo 25 days ago +252

    Them early 2000’s suits were crazyyyyy

    • Malik Uzayr Ali Khan
      Malik Uzayr Ali Khan 5 days ago

      And crappppp.

    • Silo 101
      Silo 101 5 days ago

      ​@48BC naw man thats just early 2000s style. Go look at any big man in a suit today they arent baggy like that.

    • 48BC
      48BC 7 days ago

      ​@jesseeberle6839 It has to be loose when you're that big, because every movement you make your muscles tense up. Dude can't walk around in some skim tight fairy suit lol

    • Chris Banach
      Chris Banach 13 days ago

      Crazy big! 😂

    • Arthur Eberle
      Arthur Eberle 15 days ago

      @mor what funny?

  • Spike Spiegel
    Spike Spiegel 8 days ago +11

    You know Triple H was just a normal in term of size and height in WWE , but he towers these dude who look like monsters

  • Karan Shah
    Karan Shah Month ago +10018

    I know Triple H is 6'3" while Ronnie, Jay, and Markus are around 5'9", but holy cow man looks massive

    • OPM-Just-SUCKS
      OPM-Just-SUCKS 4 days ago

      ​@Pečený Zemiak 6ft1 i think atleast in his prime

    • OPM-Just-SUCKS
      OPM-Just-SUCKS 4 days ago

      ​@Kyle shaheed with shoes 6,3

    • OPM-Just-SUCKS
      OPM-Just-SUCKS 4 days ago

      ​@Sukhchain Singh nah

    • Corey Jackson
      Corey Jackson 8 days ago

      ​@Stephen Dilley rock is 6'2 I met him twice

    • adam cz
      adam cz 16 days ago +1

      ​@pramish chakravarty Cena is barely 6 ft at best

  • Grave Gaming
    Grave Gaming 21 day ago +66

    Man I never realized how massive Triple H is
    Gives some perspective on larger than Life Undertaker

  • Raul Abarca
    Raul Abarca 7 days ago +25

    Triple H wore that big ass suit to not embarrass the stage full of body builders.

  • Apricot
    Apricot Month ago +6793

    Triple H is fucking massive

    • Fajar
      Fajar 7 days ago

      Massive body but arms no?

    • RicePRT
      RicePRT 7 days ago

      @Jay Breacher no shit bruh look at the replies

    • Jay Breacher
      Jay Breacher 7 days ago

      ​@RicePRT wym he's not bro is his prime was like 6'5 260lb of muscle lmao

  • Myles Gmail
    Myles Gmail 29 days ago +144

    Mark Ruhl looked amazing

  • Kunal Jha
    Kunal Jha 27 days ago +15

    Tripple H is a beast ,an absolute unit

  • The Chad
    The Chad 2 months ago +18212

    Triple H looks like godlike wtf dude is huge

    • Johnny Jones
      Johnny Jones 22 days ago

      Like he was too big too compete... Just busting out the suit

    • TheAnime_King
      TheAnime_King Month ago

      @RAKSHAK KING a famous WWE wrestler

    • Marvellous Productions
      Marvellous Productions Month ago

      ​@Quintos hahahaha

    • Geo. B
      Geo. B Month ago

      @Charlie Vernon Hickey he wasn’t on roofs till after his quad tear

    FIT-TECHIE 🦾 29 days ago +4

    I actually wanted HHH to pose down after seeing his size 😱

  • Javier Vivanco
    Javier Vivanco 22 days ago +18

    Man had to save the thighs for the last one lol, god damn specialty

  • SJ
    SJ Month ago +1751

    He exactly knew everyone else's weak points. He definitely did his homework.

    • jemes halhed
      jemes halhed 14 days ago

      @Jamie Loughran Ronnie triceps

    • Mayo
      Mayo 14 days ago

      @jarvis thomas his quads are far better than Ronnie’s and jay has mediocre abs which are better than bad abs.

    • jarvis thomas
      jarvis thomas 14 days ago

      ​@Mayo Jay has horrible abs, with a wide waist, and his legs not touching Ronnie's smh lol

    • Abidemi Pt Abimola
      Abidemi Pt Abimola 15 days ago

      That's the entire point of the challenge round omg look how smart jay was 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • StdsRbop1
      StdsRbop1 20 days ago

      Jay definitely saved his golden goose (thighs) for the champ , so he could contend

  • KaiGo
    KaiGo 8 days ago +9

    Holy shit. Triple H made the world's best bodybuilders look small. WTF....

  • Dj Rotz
    Dj Rotz 29 days ago +36

    bro wtf, HHH looking like a Greek god next to Greek gods 😭

  • Mogambo
    Mogambo Month ago +5972

    Triple H being an absolute tank 💀💀

    • LAbased
      LAbased Month ago

      @André Silva Are you most tall people? No. Okay then. Reading comprehension guy, it’s a thing.

    • André Silva
      André Silva Month ago

      @Number 75 i am tall and very broad, i'm not skinny

    • Number 75
      Number 75 Month ago +1

      @André Silva I’m not saying his statement is right, but He said “most” not “André Silva”.

    • superbadisfunny
      superbadisfunny Month ago

      ​@தற்குறி™nah ya think

  • Charlie Davis
    Charlie Davis 3 days ago

    Ruhl was all up on Jay like crazy 😂😂

  • Star Movies Explained
    Star Movies Explained 15 days ago +1

    Time to play the GAME

  • Anupam Mukherjee
    Anupam Mukherjee 2 months ago +7721

    Markus vs Triple H would be 😅

    • Rookie  Outdoors
      Rookie Outdoors  Month ago

      ​@J Spades!

    • ItsKrome
      ItsKrome Month ago

      @Adit 😊😊😊😊😊

    • Allen Garcia
      Allen Garcia Month ago +10

      ​@J Spades my thoughts exactly then hit him with the DX after💀

    • J Spades
      J Spades Month ago +96

      Triple h wouldn’t win shit😭But he’d prolly hit Jay with the Pedigree after he loses

  • Afroz Jahan
    Afroz Jahan 13 days ago +5

    Only Triple H can make Mr Olympia runner ups look small in front of him!!

  • Bitu hussain Bitu Hussain

    The game 💀🔥

  • FS Gaming
    FS Gaming Month ago +1612

    H wore that suit cause he didn’t wanna embarrass the contestants. H always been a unit of a man. A fucking monster in the ring too

    • High Thoughtz Podcast
      High Thoughtz Podcast 17 days ago

      He was no where near as cut as these guys though maybe as big but the only time he was really really shredded was when he came back from his injury in 02 he’s always been big though

    • darrell Turnage
      darrell Turnage 17 days ago

      @Yashvin Tackoory fr

    • Yashvin Tackoory
      Yashvin Tackoory 17 days ago +1

      @darrell Turnage none of these bodybuilders would have been able to amswer the question without admitting to taling ped

    • darrell Turnage
      darrell Turnage 18 days ago

      @Yashvin Tackoory he couldn’t dodge the question when a reporter asked him about steroid usage n in fact got mad at the question

    • darrell Turnage
      darrell Turnage 18 days ago

      @Yashvin Tackoory significantly accurate proven that all the bodybuilders n wrestlers were indeed fact on the juices take Brock lensar for an example

  • Zydecobro bro
    Zydecobro bro Month ago +3

    Imagine had Triple H taken the pro bodybuilding route we probably would never heard of Jay or Ron 😄😄😁

  • Pokeo lokeo
    Pokeo lokeo 7 days ago

    bro knew 😈

  • Tharaka Madushanka
    Tharaka Madushanka Month ago +2486

    Triple H looks like a god 💀

  • B-Boye
    B-Boye 5 days ago

    This really puts HHH size in perspective lol

  • JahMahDah
    JahMahDah 16 days ago +9

    Dude hunter is a fucking beast

  • John Garcia
    John Garcia Month ago +5015

    Jay cutler really stepped up his health after retiring from the nfl

    • Maurice Martin
      Maurice Martin 17 days ago


    • THIRDY
      THIRDY 26 days ago +1

      Was looking for this comment😭”jay cutler” turned on a lightbulb immediately

    • - LowResDream
      - LowResDream 26 days ago

      Stepped up his roids

    • ?? ? ?
      ?? ? ? 26 days ago

      He's a bear now

    • David Baez
      David Baez 26 days ago +1

      I wouldn’t call irreversible high blood pressure being healthy

  • Yogi Saini yk
    Yogi Saini yk 29 days ago +1

    God damn tripiiii

  • Picmanreborn
    Picmanreborn 6 days ago

    First time I've seen Hunter covered neck to toe 😂💀

  • revisionfour
    revisionfour 2 months ago +1805

    I think you could literally make a tent out of Triple H's suit, no lie. Man is huge wearing a ton of fabric.

  • Reap
    Reap 17 days ago

    Close as hell 🫣

  • Lorenzo de Solminihac
    Lorenzo de Solminihac 17 days ago +2

    Bring back challenge rounds

  • kesa saanp
    kesa saanp 2 months ago +1203

    Bruh Marcus deserved the trophy

    • Syed Aqil Aliyan
      Syed Aqil Aliyan Month ago

      @Jonas F lol nope

    • Jonas F
      Jonas F Month ago +1

      ​@Syed Aqil Aliyan Markus mocked em bothu people just make up shit to cope

    • Jonas F
      Jonas F Month ago +1

      ​@Simon Rosen Markus was better in every way, cope

    • Sandyman
      Sandyman Month ago

      ​@Syed Aqil Aliyan o

    • I Broke My back spinal
      I Broke My back spinal Month ago

      @Radim Novotný size isn’t everything. Markus was the biggest but he lacked conditioning and his shape was ugly as fuck. Ronnie had everyone beat with conditioning and shape.

  • slimeswiper
    slimeswiper 8 days ago +2

    Dude Coleman looks like a regular guy in a muscle mech suit 😭

  • _Lazlow
    _Lazlow Month ago

    Lol that grey suit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The Duketube
    The Duketube Month ago +483

    Triple H casually walking in, among the Mr Olympia contestants making them look like kids in front of him

  • Lorenzo Wright
    Lorenzo Wright 6 days ago

    Put that on like "this fit fire"

  • Ankur Tyagi
    Ankur Tyagi 15 days ago +1

    That’s not a suit .. that’s a tent 😂

  • Rana Haseeb
    Rana Haseeb Month ago +440

    Ronnie has more muscles in his legs, then I do in my entire body

    • John Varas
      John Varas 26 days ago

      No literally I would choose to do a flex off with a man whose legs r the size of my waist

    • Local Review King
      Local Review King Month ago +1

      In his forehead

  • Dreak2k
    Dreak2k 23 days ago +1

    The human body 🤯

  • The big fat pixel
    The big fat pixel Month ago

    Imagen if any of these guys were your jail sail partner 💀😭

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 2 months ago +1824

    The suit man looks huge

  • Guilherme Machado
    Guilherme Machado 7 days ago


  • Tony MonXana
    Tony MonXana 14 days ago +2

    Great rivalry!💪🏼😈🔱

  • Josue Fuentes
    Josue Fuentes Month ago +709

    God damn Triple H is tall.

  • SirJabsAlot
    SirJabsAlot 10 days ago +1

    Dang, HHH making these Olympians looks small!

  • R A
    R A 10 days ago +3

    Omg! It’s Triple H! I haven’t seen him since I was a kid watching wrestling. And he still looks good. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Dj Sowers
    Dj Sowers Month ago +384

    I didn’t think someone could stand next to literal Greek gods and make them look small.

  • [GD] Chronic
    [GD] Chronic 24 days ago +1

    Thank you for doing this Tucker!

  • Markus Uden
    Markus Uden 7 days ago +1

    Maggus 💪🏼

  • His Majesty
    His Majesty Month ago +84

    Somebody give a trophy to Triple H, dude’s the real tank 😮

  • Julian 2Wavy
    Julian 2Wavy 9 days ago

    “I’m natty bro”

  • Nijin Pkr
    Nijin Pkr 11 days ago

    ഡേ അത് triple H അല്ലെ 😳

  • BigCheese
    BigCheese 2 months ago +395

    How Marcus didn't win a single Mr o is a robbery fr

    • Syed Aqil Aliyan
      Syed Aqil Aliyan Month ago

      @Deity Neo 🤡 says the one that knows nothing about bodybuilding.

    • Deity Neo
      Deity Neo Month ago

      @Syed Aqil AliyanJust don’t talk if you have no clue. Thx

    • Syed Aqil Aliyan
      Syed Aqil Aliyan Month ago

      @Alex S 🤡 Ronnie won convincingly. Mark has a weak sides and ok back lol. Nowhere near winning.

  • TheInstinctWithin
    TheInstinctWithin 14 days ago +2

    Triple H makes them look like really buff kids

  • beepbopboh
    beepbopboh Day ago

    Trips must be huge. I worked with Jay on a few commercials for some supplements. Dude had to walk out of the trailer SIDEWAYS he was so big…and Hunter towers over him. Holy shit

  • Hem Creations
    Hem Creations Month ago +196

    Chest- 51
    Biceps- 21.5
    Height - 6'4"
    Weight- 264lbs
    That's 90s kid's HHH for you...

  • TheMenz24
    TheMenz24 15 days ago

    I love how short they are😂

  • Kirk Doran
    Kirk Doran 6 days ago +2

    Triple H is a monster there I never knew he was that big .

  • Fer Rocha
    Fer Rocha Month ago +179

    Wtf HHH was huge af

    • Manuj Madan
      Manuj Madan 18 days ago

      ​@Nahmir Fleming and? That's small?

    • Waka Waka
      Waka Waka Month ago

      My thinking exactly. Never realised he was that big.

    • Nahmir Fleming
      Nahmir Fleming Month ago +2

      He's like 6'5

    • Ryujin Darkblood
      Ryujin Darkblood Month ago +5

      Imagine if the Big Show was there instead of Triple H. They'd be in the presence of a Mastodon Giant.

  • Samiuddin Omer
    Samiuddin Omer 11 days ago

    Ronnie 'the king' coleman 💪yeah buddy lightweight

  • wu kong
    wu kong 23 days ago +1

    I'm 6'4 280lb strongman and stood next to Jay Cutler a few years back. He was barely at my shoulder. Most bodybuilders are relatively short

  • NightOwl
    NightOwl Month ago +244

    Jay Cutler was a bodybuilder and went on to play quarterback in the NFL, major respect to him.

  • johnnygxiii
    johnnygxiii 6 days ago

    When your Italian sausage flexes 💪

  • Zs99
    Zs99 Month ago +3

    The suit is a war crime 😂

  • Tomy Freemusic
    Tomy Freemusic 2 months ago +281

    Bro h looks way bigger then both of them

    • r̸e̸v̸e̸r̸s̸e̸b⃠h⃠
      r̸e̸v̸e̸r̸s̸e̸b⃠h⃠ Month ago +2

      @Lucas Brandt bro triple h is 256 lbs and 6’4 lmao

    • Wail Bezzaz
      Wail Bezzaz Month ago +9

      ​@Lucas Brandt not the suit and not the shoes, his 6'4 and weight 110kg which is less than 30lbs from these men, his just way bigger

    • Ciaran Brady
      Ciaran Brady 2 months ago +4

      ​@Lucas Brandt Yeah and looks like he borrowed the suit off the big show

    • Tupapito
      Tupapito 2 months ago +7

      ​@Lucas Brandt Hes like 1'93

    • Lucas Brandt
      Lucas Brandt 2 months ago +24

      He’s wearing a suit + shoes and they’re essentially naked

  • Callum abbott
    Callum abbott 29 days ago

    Yoo that turkey golden brown take it out da oven 🤣

    SMELLYMAN 28 days ago +1

    Bros looking a titan

  • Rem Veel
    Rem Veel Month ago +79

    Marcus deserves a win. Holy didn't realize how WHAM he got

  • OIC
    OIC 17 days ago

    yooo. incredible, also, Here in my town Ronnie Coleman was persecuted by his fellow police officers and run out of town, they staked his mother picking up his mail cuz they felt smol

  • Ryno Might
    Ryno Might 16 days ago +4

    You really do have to watch it over and over again to appreciate how enormous Triple H is compared to those men their heads come up to his damn shoulder.

  • Leonerd Klondike
    Leonerd Klondike 2 months ago +338

    Jay hit Cole where it hurts.

  • Shadow
    Shadow 18 days ago +1

    It was always interesting for me, how do they live with all that muscles? Is it uncomfortable?

  • Luhther Edits
    Luhther Edits 2 days ago

    Absolute Batman!!

  • Hanumat Negi
    Hanumat Negi 2 months ago +1321

    When you realise the guy with mic is Triple H
    Edit:- Holy shet this is the first time my comment got 600+ likes in 23 hrs
    Edit 2:- very near to 1k let's goooo
    Edit:- f 1.1k first time in my life I got this much likes... Thankyou all

  • Super EDITS
    Super EDITS 23 days ago +6

    These wrestlers are huge.
    In the ring they look normal but actually they are giants.

    • Dscwac
      Dscwac 9 days ago

      Lol it's because the guys they're wrestling are freaks of nature too.

  • Akhil Joshi
    Akhil Joshi 26 days ago +6

    HHH making them all look small even in his suit 😂😂

  • Scott Montgomry
    Scott Montgomry Month ago +9

    He's 6.4 around 250 and he's still in the pony tail era there so I'm sure he was just as roided up 😂😂

  • Anthony Sammons
    Anthony Sammons 28 days ago

    built different😊

  • Sage Dougherty
    Sage Dougherty 24 days ago

    Bro looked a little too excited 😅

  • Não existente. 🏳️‍🌈⃠

    They look like they're having fun such a great vibe this video gives me 💪🏾

    XxBPxPEANUTxX X 7 days ago

    😂 the egos in that room 😂😂😂😂🤡

  • Tharvin Mavithiran
    Tharvin Mavithiran 7 days ago

    Wow the muscles are so big

  • Emmanuel C
    Emmanuel C 2 months ago +147

    Markus Ruhl looked bigger than the 2 of them, clearly the difference was enormous, perhaps he was not well conditioned, but it was noticeable, they underestimated him in 2004, it must have been for him, but I think that bodybuilding seems to prefer the favorite to win

    • Ye Huncho
      Ye Huncho Month ago

      @MeowMeow Marcus chest wasn’t as big as jays tho and jay knew that. Smart of him to take advantage of that

    • Real Joshua
      Real Joshua Month ago +1

      Markus had no chest compared to jay it was not proportionate to the rest of his body his arms are bigger than jays but his chest is smaller than jays it looks silly when you’re that big that’s why jay chose side chest

    • Dustin Pictou
      Dustin Pictou Month ago +1

      It’s the conditioning sure he’s gots got
      The size and muscle
      But he’s not as conditioned as Ronnie or jay

    • Ashutosh Priyam
      Ashutosh Priyam 2 months ago +1

      @Prathamesh look who it's being compared to fam

    • Prathamesh
      Prathamesh 2 months ago

      @Ashutosh Priyam so thats the new meaning of 0 then

  • Allkindsofgains
    Allkindsofgains 6 days ago

    Ronnie wheels were unreal

    BALJINDER SINGH 21 day ago

    Yeah buddy 😍

  • Stefan K.
    Stefan K. Month ago +39

    Marcus Rühl is the Real Mr.Olympia 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • Amer khan.
    Amer khan. 11 days ago

    Light weight... 🔥

  • JAYANTH joseph
    JAYANTH joseph 27 days ago +2

    I was waiting for triple H to drop a pedigree on one of them 😂

  • tyrone loki
    tyrone loki Month ago +19

    I love how HHH looks the biggest amongst them

  • Ashroberts🦋
    Ashroberts🦋 11 days ago

    Bruh it’s literally human beef jerky 😂

  • Popcornkernal29
    Popcornkernal29 28 days ago

    They lookin like radioactive beetles 💀😭

  • GunWalkyrie
    GunWalkyrie 2 months ago +12

    Markus is a beast.