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I Came out of RETIREMENT & Signed for WREXHAM!! ft Ryan Reynolds!

  • Published on Mar 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • MATCHDAY VLOGS are back! 🔥
    The return of the GoPro in the Goal, stadium footage, fan cams and a certain special guest makes his debut on the CGK Channel...Ryan Reynolds! All in the official return of Match-day vlogs...
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Comments • 13 824

  • GoPro
    GoPro 2 months ago +4753

    GoPro in the Goal all day, everyday 🤩🙌 Thank you for taking us along!

    • Yuvan Jaidka
      Yuvan Jaidka 2 months ago +560

      Go on then, sponsor him

    • JB
      JB 2 months ago +178

      If you don't send him every single Accessory you've failed as an admin

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ 2 months ago +18

      Repent to Jesus Christ “just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.””
      ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭20‬:‭28‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • corner
      corner Month ago +17

      dang, the real gopro

  • Tyrone
    Tyrone Month ago +838

    This guys is one of the most wholesome footballers ever. Love the way he carries himself

    • Joy Okorodudu
      Joy Okorodudu Month ago

      I swear

    • Elizabeth Anne Pryce
      Elizabeth Anne Pryce Month ago

      Great game ben hubby and daughter follow the team your a great lad love your banter and it's nice to see a footballer what ever team love what he's doing and how interact with the fans especially the kids better tell you what my team is so you can have a laugh but I love them it's it's Liverpool wish you luck everybody for winning the league and you will and we will give a visit soon we are only up the road in Welshpool Good Luck 🥰

    • Mash butties
      Mash butties Month ago

      ​@Elizabeth Anne Pryce npc

  • Aaron Brody
    Aaron Brody Month ago +440

    Love seeing that parking lot attendant remember a keeper from 18 years prior. shows how much these players mean to fans of clubs outside of the top league

  • Stephen G
    Stephen G Month ago +230

    Truly love how genuine these guys are. The fan interactions are fantastic. And you can just tell that they are in it for the love of the game. Wish more American athletes were like this.

  • jack cawley
    jack cawley Month ago +155

    Loved your interaction with the kids. Teaching the boys some manners in a friendly easy going way, great work mate

  • Owen P
    Owen P Month ago +42

    What a signing for Wrexham, Absolute marketing machine and a great player for the rest of the lads to look up to

  • Clayton Reid
    Clayton Reid 2 months ago +8758

    Ryan is such an interesting guy to have as an owner, like he just makes joke and memes to advertise the club, but actually shows up and seems like he proper cares. Can't wait for more Matchday vlogs Ben, you're an absolute legend.

    • DXN Paniicz
      DXN Paniicz 2 months ago +248

      Almost as if Ted Lasso made a whole tv series around it

    • Food Reacts
      Food Reacts 2 months ago +48

      He’s just a awesome guy

    • Food Reacts
      Food Reacts 2 months ago +72

      Can’t wait for We are Wrexham season 2

    • Colin Clean
      Colin Clean 2 months ago +194

      With owners and a funding like this, they will end up in the Championship in a couple of years. Reynolds is an absolute A-Lister but seems to genuinly care about the project and club. This is awesome to see, Ryan and Rob seem very passionate about the club.

    • Dan.808
      Dan.808 2 months ago +11

      Cheers Geoff

  • Kian Pounder
    Kian Pounder Month ago +25

    You have to appreciate how nice ben is to come out of retirement to help a club get promoted

  • Hetanshu Bharadiya
    Hetanshu Bharadiya Month ago +90

    Ben and Ryan, I never thought I'd see this! Has me smiling ear to ear.

  • Caleb Morrison
    Caleb Morrison Month ago +3

    Ryan, you’re a genius! I hope this works out for both of you. Ben, thank you!!!

  • Slabberdewatski1990
    Slabberdewatski1990 Month ago +8

    Ben you're an absolute legend, welcome back to the game! I love your content with the Sidemen, ChrisMd etc. Hopefully you can combine everything. All the best to you and Wrexham!

  • Matthew Kolinoski
    Matthew Kolinoski Month ago +11

    Ben, It’s awesome to see you back! I’m in the states and I’m a GK trainer. I followed your career and you are truly a class act. I wish you all the best at Wrexham, you are a constant professional who plays the game because you love it!
    cheers mate..
    knoxville, Tn

  • Jay Reid
    Jay Reid 2 months ago +797

    Ben teaching the kids manners as well as being a class keeper, what a bloke

  • MKK Leygo
    MKK Leygo 25 days ago

    As an Aston Villa fan, I love the growth that has happened in this team! congrats Champions! 🎉

  • Philip Tunnicliffe
    Philip Tunnicliffe Month ago +16

    As a United fan was always a fan of Fozzy anyway and wished he could have become our number one long term with his story from how he got scouted. But watching his transition into a youtuber since lockdown and seeing the genuine nice bloke he is puts him above the majority of footballers. He shows respect, manners and just a all round humbleness there is alot of premier league footballers who could learn alot from this guy.

  • Terry Brown
    Terry Brown Month ago +14

    As an American who never really watched "football" for more than a couple minutes, I am really rooting for Wrexham! Love watching the highlight videos

  • imnosuperman
    imnosuperman Month ago +5

    Ben simply proves footballers of his caliber are ordinary guys with exceptional talents. Love these vlogs. What a lad!

  • G
    G Month ago +3

    Absolutely class act, Ben. Great to see you back at Wrexham!

  • جبروت
    جبروت Month ago +4

    I can't believe you are back my legend I'm very happy to you to get back to football man we wear missing you very much good luck for you man❤

  • GavCee123
    GavCee123 Month ago

    Such a great thing to see. Legend of a goalkeeper joining a legendary club on their rise back to glory! Keep those clean sheets coming big man! Ml&r

  • Norful BMX
    Norful BMX Month ago +2

    These videos used to make me so so so happy so to have this feeling back is amazing, right when I needed it, let’s go fozzy ❤

  • Ian Martin
    Ian Martin Month ago

    To see fozzy back in the goal was class well done ❤

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown Month ago +3

    Don’t actually think there’s a more likeable guy in football than Ben Foster. Rate everything about the videos, and just love how he is a normal bloke who treats everyone with respect. Glad to see the go pro in net is back

  • Matty
    Matty 2 months ago +416

    Ryan Reynolds and Ben Foster is the crossover no one knew we absolutely needed

  • 444
    444 Month ago +4

    Gotta love Ryan, such a genuine and sweet guy! Big things coming from you two!

  • prstnanoze
    prstnanoze Month ago +1

    Incredible attendance at the stadium. English relationship with football is just something else.
    We hardly get this many people in the top league in Czech rep.

  • Ade M
    Ade M Month ago

    Top class goalkeeper, big inspiration to me a few moons ago, and now my 7 year old josh started his goalkeeping career, forget Ramsdale and Pickford, your the man 🧤⚽️

  • Michael Mihalaros
    Michael Mihalaros Month ago +1

    ben has given a whole other perspective and view on goalkeeping and football in general. incredible lad, so happy to have you back. biggest role model, absolute legend🙌🙌

  • helgan35
    helgan35 Month ago

    Awesome to see you back at the Racecourse Fozzie, and the special treat at the end... my god he's a handsome lad that Mr Reynolds! Welcome home spud 😉

  • Terroriser
    Terroriser 2 months ago +200

    Brilliant stuff Foz, delighted you're back with the GoPro. Best of luck with the remainder of the season, get it done!

  • Marnick Claes
    Marnick Claes Month ago

    Love this Wrexham vibe, great thing of you returning

  • CarnageLTK
    CarnageLTK Month ago

    Honestly Ben seems like the nicest, most grounded person

  • Rico Williams
    Rico Williams Month ago +18

    What a joy it is to be watching the man himself again, league football bound and a clean sheet😍

  • AbdulRaheem
    AbdulRaheem Month ago

    The Goal post pov was so cool to watch, loved the saves ❤️

  • Nate Hagge
    Nate Hagge Month ago

    I was bummed when you retired. I’m happy to see you back playing, and with one of my favorite clubs ❤️

  • Galinho FC
    Galinho FC 2 months ago +154

    I missed these Ben

  • Hecky
    Hecky Month ago

    It's back! Can't wait to watch the rest of the season.

  • Tess Lambert-Hurley

    Thank you so much for returning to the mighty reds and you have done us a huge favour!!⚽️⚽️

  • James Partington
    James Partington Month ago

    Go on Ben! Great debut 👏

  • Jacob Sousa
    Jacob Sousa Month ago

    Nice to see Big Ben back on the pitch!!!

  • Robert Higgs
    Robert Higgs Month ago

    Great to see this back! Great content! Up CGK! Up The Fozcast!

  • Harry Stacey
    Harry Stacey 2 months ago +352

    Foz getting the lads to say "please" when asking for a photo was huge. Didn't tell them off, didn't patronise them, just making sure they do right thing in life to get what they want. Legend.

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ 2 months ago +3

      Repent to Jesus Christ “just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.””
      ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭20‬:‭28‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • Harry Stacey
      Harry Stacey 2 months ago

      hello mate 👋

    • marksern
      marksern Month ago +1

      @Repent and believe in Jesus Christ GAY LOL

  • Luke Cousins
    Luke Cousins Month ago +3

    Love to see you back with such a great bunch of lads where it all started for you! Best of luck for the rest of the season, we’ll be cheering you on from Darwin - Luke & Em

  • SaWh
    SaWh Month ago +2

    Fozzie my man, top role model for the youth of football. Showing people manners don’t cost a thing, but get you a long way🥳

  • Amir Mahmoud
    Amir Mahmoud Month ago

    Ben really played in the Prem, played with the Sunday league Clip-Sharers and now for the celebrities. Can’t imagine greater career, cheers lad.

  • Alex Hall
    Alex Hall Month ago

    Great to have you and the match day vlogs back!

  • Tobz
    Tobz Month ago

    The club has come so far and what a performance by forster and hi Ryan Reynolds
    And welcome back to the club ben ❤

  • Aman Varma
    Aman Varma Month ago +519

    Ben teaching the kids manners as well as being a class keeper, what a bloke and bruh the ryan is the goat of his industry

  • Oskar Gerremo
    Oskar Gerremo Month ago

    Great having you back with match day vlogs and GoPro in goal! I’ve missed those videos a lot
    Wish you all the best in Wrexham⚽️

  • Jay Kernaghan
    Jay Kernaghan Month ago +8

    Been a huge fan of Ben from his days at united and to see him to and join in with what Wrexham are doing is amazing. Teaching the kids manners along the way aswell.

  • Anthony Windust
    Anthony Windust Month ago

    Foster welcome home 18 years we missed you 😢 up the town 🎉🎉🎉

  • J S
    J S Month ago

    Great result today against Oldham, hope you love our new song for you!

  • Spencer FC
    Spencer FC 2 months ago +306

    He’s back!!!

    • AtoTheGee
      AtoTheGee 2 months ago +10

      You must’ve been close though?😅

    • exotikfooty
      exotikfooty 2 months ago +12

      Perhaps Hashtag United after Wrexham? 😂

    • Master Trams
      Master Trams 2 months ago +1

      @exotikfooty He'd have to displace Philp at Hashtag first!

    • nur yahya
      nur yahya 2 months ago +1

      @exotikfooty> Hashtag United??… I have to thank The Korean Englishman for introducing me to Hashtag United!!

    • Ben Foster - The Cycling GK
      Ben Foster - The Cycling GK  2 months ago +9

      Yes Spen 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Stones 1992
    Stones 1992 Month ago +1

    Maidstone fan here, massive soft spot for Wrexham. Amazing atmosphere!

  • truckerJK
    truckerJK Month ago +2

    Absolutely amazing first game back after months of retirement Ben. Fingers crossed for you and Wrexham getting that promotion

  • Vilhelm Kruse Hamre
    Vilhelm Kruse Hamre Month ago +1

    Loving seeing the support in the stands, another great W for the red dragons. Buzzin about the matchday vlogs being back. Love from Denmark :)

  • davva360
    davva360 Month ago

    Glad to see Ben back in goal doing what he does. Also happy to see Wrexham doing well. hope they get promoted this year.

  • Argyle supreme
    Argyle supreme  16 days ago

    I'm not a Wrexham supporter but as someone who just loves the sport respect everything the club has done to get back to the football league everyone one of those lads have put in hard work and it's paid off at long last also it's nice to see owners who actually care about the club staff players and who want to make sure the club is successful at whatever football level there playing I truly believe Wrexham are gonna keep improving with the way things are going and I hope the players staff and fans of Wrexham all the best for the season to come you've done so well and you've got a incredible fan base hope the Wrexham keep fighting the good fight

  • Phil Sage
    Phil Sage 2 months ago +190

    This is what football is all about. This is the fifth tier of the English league and look at that fan turnout, listen to that noise. Proper atmosphere, proper passion. Amazing!

    • Llywelyn Humphreys
      Llywelyn Humphreys 2 months ago +6

      Yeah it's a welsh club that used to be huge. It got absolutely battered through professionalism but pride and passion, Welsh simply exude the stuff

  • MagicTurtle
    MagicTurtle Month ago

    Nice to see you back in action. Much love from Sweden 🤙

    AMANDA MACMASTER Month ago +1

    Welcome back! Honestly loved to have you back... I may have done a happy dance when I saw you'd signed. I now immediately look to our goal to see your celebrations when we score. It is hilarious and fabulous at the same time!😂😂😂

  • Flips MC
    Flips MC Month ago

    So nice to see you enjoying yourself bud. Big up mate. Really hope you have a top end to the season. Top stuff.👏

  • Matthew Michie
    Matthew Michie Month ago

    Class debut, can’t wait for more matchday vlogs!

  • Ciaran Banham
    Ciaran Banham Month ago

    What a friggin legend this man is

  • 1314toby
    1314toby 2 months ago +234

    Ben and Ryan the combo we never knew we needed

  • Oscar Starck
    Oscar Starck Month ago

    Happy to see you back mate! All the best from Sweden!

  • Adam Elsley
    Adam Elsley Month ago +6

    Ryan has a lot of genuine passion unlike most owners, he has done wonders for the club and I think he is a perfect mix of comedy and serious for the job

  • Kristian Roebuck
    Kristian Roebuck Month ago +2

    Mad respect for Foz! A genuinely humble and down to earth bloke. Love the positive vibes, keep it up!

  • Limited
    Limited Month ago

    You can see how genuine everyone is at the club and all focusing to achieve the same goal. Great to see and all the best for the future games.

  • Devin Rodgers
    Devin Rodgers Month ago

    So excited to see you back!! Wish you all the best in the future!!

  • Henokh Boanerges
    Henokh Boanerges 2 months ago +257

    The ryan and Foster banter this season is going to be elite 😊

    • Scott Goode
      Scott Goode 2 months ago +1

      Please, that’s all you need to say when asking a sports person for their autograph and photo!! Please.

  • Ethan Matthews
    Ethan Matthews Month ago

    So good to see you back on the pitch, and great to see you go straight into the action and to have it all captured for us to watch. This type of footage has been missed!

  • MickeySpoonK
    MickeySpoonK Month ago

    Well done on your return man, massive hype!

  • Joe Rogers
    Joe Rogers Month ago

    It’s so mental having Ryan Gosling in a go pro in the goal vid 🤣 buzzin it’s back 🎉🥳

  • David Wiggall
    David Wiggall Month ago

    Rolling back the years Fozzy! Well done!

  • Johannes Palmdal
    Johannes Palmdal Month ago

    So happy you came out of retirement Ben, the match day vlogs are so much fun! Keep it up!

  • GløggeTV
    GløggeTV Month ago +327

    Ryan Reynolds and Ben Foster is a duo i didn't know i needed

  • MTedits
    MTedits Month ago +6

    You have been so a big inspiration to me throughout my football journey! In just 5 days time I will be on a plane to England to vs academies such as TNS, Everton, Nottingham Forest and Sheffield United! Your vlogs have always made me inspired to do better everyday and strive to reach my ultimate goal of playing in a professional game! Thank you so much! COME ON THE BOYS! UP THE WREXHAM!

    • Smitho
      Smitho Month ago

      Congrats bro

    • Bamboozle
      Bamboozle Month ago

      congrats dude wishing you all of the luck

  • Bob Shurunkle
    Bob Shurunkle Month ago +2

    It took about two minutes for me to realize just how much I love this series - and just how much I’ve missed it.

  • Kathryn Dievendorf
    Kathryn Dievendorf Month ago

    So happy to see you back between the sticks, Ben! You and the lads are doing such a great job! Go Wrexham!

  • Spuze Welshy
    Spuze Welshy Month ago

    What a great keeper and even greater person. Return of match day vlogs🔥

  • DArcey Heath
    DArcey Heath Month ago

    Your vids are just everything we need on a day

  • Lewis Edwards
    Lewis Edwards 2 months ago +320

    Yes Ben! Was a pleasure to see you back at the racecourse! Let’s hope you help get us promoted back to the football leaguel! Up the Fozzy! 👍🏻PS - I better win that shirt!

    • JayPea3008
      JayPea3008 2 months ago +6

      I second this fella to win the shirt!
      Come on the boys

    • Yup
      Yup 2 months ago +3

      Let this brudda win

    • Joe Watson
      Joe Watson 2 months ago

      Well happy to see the return of matchday vlogs. Well done Fozzie. Love the shirt as a fellow goalie!

  • Lard Jellers lol
    Lard Jellers lol Month ago

    Love the energy of you celebrating that first goal shows your love for the game ❤

  • Liam Nugent
    Liam Nugent Month ago

    Buzzing for the matchday vlogs to be back! Great start to the end of your retirement Fozzy!

  • ThatKidSmokey
    ThatKidSmokey Month ago

    Great to see the GoPro back and what a first game to come back to! Keeping smashing it!!!

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago

    Love that your back fozzy 🙌 I’m exited for you to be back at the amazing club Wrexham 🤝

  • Lewis Hills
    Lewis Hills Month ago

    Loving the comeback Ben 😍. I'm a bromley fan myself but love seeing you doing well mate.

  • Simon Cullup
    Simon Cullup 2 months ago +120

    Foster coming out of retirement to teach kids manners and remembering his path to the big leagues, such an inspiration for the younger generation.

  • ツMassafuuga
    ツMassafuuga Month ago

    This was actually really entertaining, cant wait too see more of this!

  • Jackson K
    Jackson K Month ago

    So happy to see you back! Enjoy it!

  • Kasper Vejen
    Kasper Vejen Month ago

    Great video, can’t wait for more of these! Excited to hear what chant the fans make up for you.

  • Daniel Ledward
    Daniel Ledward Month ago

    Good to see you back playing Ben, keep it going!

  • Eason
    Eason  Month ago +1

    Its very refreshing to see Ben Foster back in football, hopefully it lasts a few more years! The Clip-Share content is class

  • Fn
    Fn 2 months ago +111

    Young lad at 3:54 saying to Ben "Welcome back to Wrexham" when it's probably more than a decade before he was born that Fozzy was last at the club made me smile so much

  • N1ckxxx7
    N1ckxxx7 Month ago

    What a collaboration! The VLOGS are baaaaaaack!!!🎉🎉🎉

  • Jordan Baker
    Jordan Baker Month ago

    What a legend! Love that you have come out of retirement! Not just cause I think you’re great, but because you’ve gone to a club that genuinely need a keeper like you right now. Can’t wait to see this on welcome to Wrexham season 2 AND on the Fozcast! Love it!

  • Alexander Franks
    Alexander Franks Month ago

    So glad to see you back playing such a nice thing to see

  • liam evo
    liam evo Month ago

    Great to see the blogs back man ,, amazing you and the lads

  • Johnny Townsend
    Johnny Townsend Month ago

    So good to see you back. Missed the content getting behind the scenes! Quality result and clean sheet as a fellow keeper, great to see you back doing what you do best!