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SHAQ's Restaurant FULL MENU Challenge!

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Shaq just opened a brand new Big Chicken restaurant and we ordered EVERY FOOD ITEM on the Menu!!
    The Shaq Attack, Uncle Jerome, Big Aristotle, The Big & Sloppy, The M.D.E., Crispy Chicken Grilled Cheese, The Chicago, Popcorn Chicken, & Chicken Tenders.
    Sides were Sweet Potato Waffle Fries, B.C.'s Fries, Jalapeno Slaw, & Cheeze-it Mac & Cheese, & a GIANT BIG Cookie.
    Tons of food, can I eat & review all of them in under 15mins???
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  • Matt Stonie
    Matt Stonie  Month ago +1747

    First video of the year!!
    Bringing back the bigger challenges. Big Chicken. Shaq's a big dude. Big 2023 planned.
    Trying out some new stuff so lmk what you think :)

      SLENARIO 21 day ago

      Can someone explain how he does not gain fat from this

    • Homemaker life
      Homemaker life 23 days ago

      You are inspiration for lazy eating people

    • Homemaker life
      Homemaker life 23 days ago

      How you adjust all food in your stomach 😂

    • Robin_
      Robin_ 28 days ago


  • Dee Ca.
    Dee Ca. Month ago +9836

    Essentially the best commercial Shaq could ever ask for.

    DEBAM CHAKRABORTY Month ago +4378

    That gaint cookie really looks like a regular cookie in Shaq's hand

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +1680

    That all looks so good

    • Joseph
      Joseph Month ago +4

      It mostly isn’t though. There’s like one decent sandwich on the menu. I guess it all depends on your standards. The older you get you end up eating better quality food a d you realize a lot of fast food or food like this isn’t that’s good.

      AALIMA OFFICIAL Month ago


    • akriti dwivedi studies
      akriti dwivedi studies Month ago

      Very nice

    • zFl3me [GD]
      zFl3me [GD] Month ago +1

      I’m your 1,200th like

  • JalexanderR39
    JalexanderR39 Month ago +239

    Shaq need to come eat this all with Matt now lol 😂

    • Tanvir singh
      Tanvir singh 2 days ago

      your mum called me and said that you’re adopted (your uncle)

    • Rogue Sly
      Rogue Sly 29 days ago +4

      Shaq would make those burgers look like sliders hahaha

  • Spekky🌙
    Spekky🌙 Month ago +338

    I actually don't really care how fast he eats in these challenges, i just love to watch to see how much he CAN eat in general 😂👌

    • doan tran van
      doan tran van Month ago


    • v
      v Month ago

      @TravelMediaGuide why you lying

    • TravelMediaGuide
      TravelMediaGuide Month ago

      Yoo, Matt commented on my most recent video.. I'm so happy lol 😅😅

    • son van
      son van Month ago +1


    • Kirby
      Kirby Month ago +4

      Look at his world records for eating competitions. He eats like over 100 tacos at one challenge Im pretty sure

  • MadChristoph
    MadChristoph Month ago +38

    This takes me eating like Shaq to a new whole meaning

  • Lasse Lappalainen
    Lasse Lappalainen Month ago +2470

    Those actually look pretty good 😂

    • Kris West
      Kris West 16 days ago

      @TravelMediaGuide stop spamming lies.

    • Annihilator X-12
      Annihilator X-12 Month ago

      @TravelMediaGuide nope bro I checked

    • thi tran
      thi tran Month ago


    • TravelMediaGuide
      TravelMediaGuide Month ago

      Yoo, Matt commented on my most recent video.. I'm so happy lol 😅😅

    • Annihilator X-12
      Annihilator X-12 Month ago

      No way this get so much likes (btw I liked don't know why)

  • Dark Savior
    Dark Savior Month ago +100

    Love love love that you gave quick reviews of each item, overall looked like a tasty challenge!

    • Lol AThe Regular Person
      Lol AThe Regular Person Month ago

      @erik nulty when it’s 2 hours cold he can’t really review good

    • erik nulty
      erik nulty Month ago +2

      favorite part was rating the items with a score.

  • D
    D Month ago +12

    this place is so good! the quality of the food is really surprisingly amazing and the prices arent bad. the bread, the meat, the condiments and sides are so damn good!

    • alo
      alo 12 days ago

      This for some reason felt like the most genuine comment ever

  • InitialSven
    InitialSven Month ago +229

    love the voiceover style. Please more of that, works really well!

    • Ayo?
      Ayo? 17 days ago

      @Jegnur Again no it doesn't. We're here to see him eat, not hear him talk so whichever way he decides to talk doesn't matter. Who cares about being "unique" when it comes to commentary? 💀

    • Jegnur
      Jegnur 17 days ago

      @Ayo? It literally does change the content and the way the videos flow, but ok

    • Ayo?
      Ayo? 18 days ago

      ​@Jegnur Who cares? We're here to see this man demolish huge amounts of foods while being timed. Voice-over or not won't change that content

    • Mahigiri
      Mahigiri Month ago +1

      i preferred old video styles

    • Jegnur
      Jegnur Month ago

      @freakcan Joel is a beast.. lots of times he'll do two challenges in one sitting.

  • Anxiety
    Anxiety Month ago +10

    I could literally just get done eating and watch a video of yours and be hungry all over again 😂

  • Your Driver Mike
    Your Driver Mike Month ago +813

    Got me craving some chicken sandwiches now 😯🔥

    • Halfmoonclub
      Halfmoonclub 9 days ago

      LIKE?????? HUH????

    • RabidSnipes
      RabidSnipes Month ago

      @AliasOne It's not that deep...

    • Taylor Wilson
      Taylor Wilson Month ago +1

      @AliasOne All burgers are sandwiches but not all sandwiches are burgers. To qualify as a burger the meat would have to be ground and shaped into a patty also it’s not that deep. Chill lol

    • AliasOne
      AliasOne Month ago

      It's a burger not a sandwich ..Bun = Burgers,. Bread = Sandwich !!

    • The Comedy Pilot
      The Comedy Pilot Month ago


  • THEBobGoetsch
    THEBobGoetsch Month ago +154

    I dig the voice-over! "Here I am eating. It tasted really good! ...me eating ...me still eating" 😂

    • Light of the Seven
      Light of the Seven Month ago +6

      sorry, you are incorrect. the voice over was terrible. i dont need him telling me exactly what i can see on the screen...

    • Miranda Andrews
      Miranda Andrews Month ago +1


  • Monster Flame
    Monster Flame Month ago +31

    What a monster of a meal! 🔥

  • shupfan6
    shupfan6 10 days ago +1

    I feel like Matt stonie has become like what Devon Larratt is to arm wrestling in competitive eating. He’s so good at what he does that these food “challenges” are more of a chance at getting promotions and enjoying good food than something that requires a ton of effort to do. Ig it varies, but his newer style of content seems to reflect that.

  • SILentjudgmENT
    SILentjudgmENT Month ago +75

    Damn I need a chicken sandwich now.
    Great video and review, Matt!

  • Mason
    Mason Month ago +7

    Uncle Jerome has a special place in my heart

  • Natalie P
    Natalie P Month ago +17

    Gotta admit.. those burgers looks really delicious.

  • Dan
    Dan Month ago +81

    Come on now Mr. Stoney. I want you to start winning some challenges my dude. Gotta say, I’m impressed at the quality of Shaq’s food

    • Clifton
      Clifton 22 days ago

      @Sam Teks I wouldn’t even say crazy I would just say ridiculous lmao.

    • OnePunchTrombone
      OnePunchTrombone 24 days ago +1

      @Sam Teks Matt can still eat more though. He doesn’t go as hard anymore

    • Sam Teks
      Sam Teks Month ago +7

      Watch Erik if you wanna see some really crazy food challenges

    • Kakakashi Hatake
      Kakakashi Hatake Month ago +6

      He did win some a few years back

  • Queenie
    Queenie Month ago

    I've been watching you for many years. Can you please do another spicy challenge soon? You always kill it

  • Isaiah Watson
    Isaiah Watson Month ago +10

    That Big Sloppy looks so great.😋

  • saso yan
    saso yan Month ago

    Honest reviews r always great to watch

  • Andyjoseph8
    Andyjoseph8 Month ago +345

    I want to try that mac and cheese so bad😋

    • Your ass ain't safe
      Your ass ain't safe Month ago

      Any mac and cheese that isnt baked is 🤢

    • Rude Boy
      Rude Boy Month ago

      @Azmi Maulana Hamdani He forgot the chicken tenders. 🤣
      Racist Matty. "Surprisingly good" he says lol

    • Luke SKYWLKR
      Luke SKYWLKR Month ago

      You mean the 'Shaq n Cheese'

    • World Order
      World Order Month ago +3

      I've had it, it's just ok imo. Chick fila mac is better and any soul food restaurant easily makes better.

    • usaid
      usaid Month ago +30

      @Ezio Auditore ye ur mamas mac n cheese is soooo good 🤤🤤🤤

  • Alex Eats
    Alex Eats Month ago +33

    That all looks so good...I need to go check it out soon!!

    • Alex Eats
      Alex Eats Month ago

      Update: Had Big Chicken this weekend, and it is literally my favorite chicken sandwich place! THANK YOU, Matt!!

  • Lorenz Rutgersson
    Lorenz Rutgersson Month ago +5

    That "Big and Sloppy" burger looks SO delicious. I really wanna try that!!

  • JustAnotherGuy
    JustAnotherGuy Month ago

    Wow, that looks so good! If only I didn't live across the country from the place, then I'd get some.

  • Wrenlin Whitelight
    Wrenlin Whitelight Month ago +4

    I follow literally dozens of pro eaters on Clip-Share. No one can match Stonie. Every time he uploads I get a dopamine drip 🙏🏼

  • Kevin Youngblood
    Kevin Youngblood Month ago +284

    Matt's the Shaq of eating competition

  • Vincent Mazzone
    Vincent Mazzone Month ago +10

    Good attempt. I’m always impressed with your challenges.

  • Louisa Lewis
    Louisa Lewis Month ago +2

    Those chicken sandwiches,fries and giant cookie all look so delicious.😋 Too bad the Mac and cheese was dry tho.

  • YourDruncUnkle
    YourDruncUnkle Month ago +2

    Am I the only one that thinks bbq sauce and mayo sounds like a good combo?

  • Your Homie Chillin Vibes

    Food likes fire, definitely catering towards to the whole chicken sandwich game!

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    • Joel Marsh
      Joel Marsh Month ago

      I'm from Los Angeles , I and two other of my friends tried him immediately we testified his performing wonders

    • Scott Yan
      Scott Yan Month ago

      @noahnich0las thanks a lot i have contacted him now and he responded i see this as an opportunity to escape my financial situation 😊😊😊

    • Scott Yan
      Scott Yan Month ago

      @noahnich0las Please how can I contact Mr. Wan Zuhao? I really like what he has done for you, and I also want to benefit from it.

  • Bunj
    Bunj Month ago +2

    Now you gotta have Shaq make a video where he tries and eats his whole menu

  • Taryn Morgan
    Taryn Morgan Month ago +33

    I love the voice over and the ratings and commentary keep up the good work

  • GermanEggplant
    GermanEggplant Month ago +23

    Low key loved how he added the commentary, it really adds something new to his content

  • Brandon Shiados
    Brandon Shiados Month ago +8

    Haven't watched a stony video in about a year lol. Dude is getting really good at making these in video commercials

  • Slippery slapper
    Slippery slapper Month ago +1

    How can you rate them without enjoying it 😂😂😂 love your vids bro

  • N S
    N S Month ago +7

    Just discovered this channel last week and been binging your old videos. Finally get to see a new one

  • Beetle Guice
    Beetle Guice Month ago

    Love the voiceover and the real voice from the video interaction. Super dope bro. Mr. Fruit and you are going hard with the new audios.

  • Unggul Kirindi
    Unggul Kirindi Month ago +29


  • Ryan Pham
    Ryan Pham Month ago +9

    Love the commentary during the challenge.

  • bleh
    bleh Month ago +2

    Their Mac and cheese is criminally underrated.

  • Lucas
    Lucas Month ago +2

    Happy new year to ya. I didn't know Shaq opened up a restaurant all that food looks pretty good.

  • Jhoe ribs
    Jhoe ribs Month ago

    If shaq truly had a voice in any of these foods, id bet itd be delicious

  • ZetxQ
    ZetxQ Month ago +35

    I love these when I am trying to cut on calories! Love the content

  • Mr R
    Mr R Month ago +4

    those mac and cheese makes me drooling just by watching 🤣

  • LAG
    LAG Month ago +13

    Saw a hilarious meme yesterday asking who you would want to help you finish 500 nuggets and there was a dog licking his lips which then just made me think it would be cool to see Stonie compete vs. a dog. You could make them a dog friendly version of whatever you eat. Lol. 😆 would be fun.

    • Lyla
      Lyla Month ago +2

      @ricky fatty Ummmmm......No. lol!

    • ricky fatty
      ricky fatty Month ago +1

      Animal abuse

  • Wolf.
    Wolf. Month ago +1

    Currently eating and trying to match the speed 😂😂

  • Maxximus Prime
    Maxximus Prime Month ago +7

    No idea this even existed, now I want to drive to Vegas just to try it

  • shupfan6
    shupfan6 10 days ago

    Nothing like watching Matt stonie while ferociously hungry.

  • Matt Stonie
    Matt Stonie  Month ago +682

    Download the Fetch app now → fetch.thld.co/stonie_0123 and use the code STONIE to get 5000 points on your first receipt! #ad #Sponsored

    • Asif Shah
      Asif Shah Month ago


    • Magix Magix
      Magix Magix Month ago

      @NewKamil America is the best that's why.. we millions of illegals/non illegals coming here every week.. Trump was the best thing for us. Soak it in

    • DarkJanet
      DarkJanet Month ago

      I have Fetch and I’ve been collecting those receipts for 3 years.

  • Him 10
    Him 10 Month ago +8

    That food looks amazing😩

  • Jeremy Ogburn
    Jeremy Ogburn Month ago +1

    Thanks sir for the referral code. That looks good! You did cut yourself short, but one hell of an effort. I wanna go to Vegas so bad, not only the good food but Stonie bowls too!

  • Curious Challenges 🐝

    Haven't heard of this place before, our team will have to check it out. Thanks for the recco!

  • Cry about it
    Cry about it Month ago +6

    Someone’s gotta show Shaq this video so he can promote it more

  • Zoi
    Zoi Month ago +1

    This really proves you can enjoy a meal even when you're stuffing your face like a monster.

  • Keen Pray Nanit
    Keen Pray Nanit Month ago +5

    I'm more impressed about how he could still taste at the speed he was eating lol

  • Caleb Bowen
    Caleb Bowen Month ago +1

    Had this on a cruise ship a few weeks ago but they only had about 4 of the items. I actually enjoyed the shack sauce

  • Anthony Mcmillan
    Anthony Mcmillan Month ago

    I agree with him. He should've made the time to a half HR so he could finish everything. All of those sandwiches are crunchy! It's good that he doesn't scrapes or bites his tongue! A skillful eater he is👍!

  • HeyKrazy
    HeyKrazy Day ago

    Shaq is legit just doing everything lol

  • Anand Soyol
    Anand Soyol Month ago +6

    Imagine ordering Shaq Attack and instead of burger you see Shaq running at you at full speed

  • DarkJanet
    DarkJanet Month ago +1

    Shaq opened his first restaurant? Man, I am so jealous.

  • Andre Brown
    Andre Brown Month ago +26

    Shaq is out somewhere doin the birdman hand rub.☠️

  • AwesomeAdam From 2099
    AwesomeAdam From 2099 Month ago +6

    Awesome job Matt.

  • localcrew
    localcrew Month ago +5

    That was a full-on Shaq snack attack.

  • Ethan Brad
    Ethan Brad Month ago

    This food actually looks really good

  • lealea j
    lealea j Month ago +6

    Love how excited you got over $6!!!🥰

  • Stephen Price
    Stephen Price Month ago +4

    These videos are really a treat since we don’t get many nowadays.

  • Iceman
    Iceman Month ago +4

    6:20 happy to see the 🍟 at a great rate 👍

  • SkyClouds
    SkyClouds Month ago +1

    This guy is amazing for eating so fast but those mukbang people might eat slower but they eat this much almost every other day. There are some amazing people out there.

  • The Kiwi Rebellion
    The Kiwi Rebellion Month ago +1

    We ordered EVERYTHING!
    "Yea okay, crazy but thats Stonie for ya"
    and to make it a *real* challenge, I'm only giving myself 15 minutes to finish it all
    "AYO- WHAT"

  • Isaac’s Cards
    Isaac’s Cards Month ago

    OMG that looks mouth watering. Too bad it’s not in Idaho

  • cadionjuice
    cadionjuice Month ago

    I know you normally do challenges. It be cool to watch you do a Mukbang review

  • Isaac Rodriguez
    Isaac Rodriguez Month ago +7

    Dang man I never seen stonie face light up like that after the first bite!

  • Christopher Dawson
    Christopher Dawson Month ago

    You wild BRO ,your personality will ALWAYS carry you anywhere you ever wanna go !!👌👍😎✌

  • geehooelse
    geehooelse Month ago

    I wanna know what Stonies bite force is. I bet he can bite through concrete haha

  • Bryce Hill
    Bryce Hill Month ago

    He’s eating most of that food cold, I can’t stomach that lol. Stonie is a 🐐

  • DefinitelyNotBen
    DefinitelyNotBen Month ago +1

    looks soooo goood, I’m jealous 😂😂

  • solodolo
    solodolo Month ago

    Love how you got diet coke with it all 🤣
    Great vid

  • Mihir Bhasin
    Mihir Bhasin Month ago +4

    Welcome back Matt!! Happy New Year! Glad to see you back at it! Btw, congratulations to you and Mei on the engagement!!!! All the love and light to you both for the future!❤️

  • Jimmy is Promo
    Jimmy is Promo Month ago

    Great job on the voice over work man. Surprised it took this long for it lol

  • Albertus Aswin Christian

    Best way to advertise a restaurant. Well done, Shaq

  • Ulysses
    Ulysses Month ago

    Do you plan on redoing the KFC full menu challenge? You been getting better and better with every challenge so the KFC challenge would be less difficult than it was years ago.

  • KAichi Sendou
    KAichi Sendou Month ago

    Bigger versions of menu items are always more cost efficient. It being more "worth it" depends on how much of it you consume (or I guess use for some other arbitrary purpose).

  • Commander Minh
    Commander Minh Month ago

    Matt you are a real beast man,I actually surprise!

  • Awesomeness!
    Awesomeness! Month ago +9

    It's so crazy how much and how fast you can eat! Keep up the good work and producing these great videos!

    • Awesomeness!
      Awesomeness! Month ago

      @ᴛᴇxᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ 👉 GregSalazar I have you added now

    • Awesomeness!
      Awesomeness! Month ago

      @Mattstonie.- that's awesome! What do I do next!

  • Yogotti Jr
    Yogotti Jr Month ago

    Shag could easily eat all that as a snack 😂

  • NovakEatsFood
    NovakEatsFood Month ago

    Looks good I want to try the food!

  • MKF30
    MKF30 Month ago +1

    Fast Food joints must love when Matt orders hahaha 😆 😂 they're probably like "damn this guys hungry!" Haha 😄 awesome video.

  • Smithy's collectibles

    All of that's looks good. You and shaq should have a eat off!

  • Space💫
    Space💫 Month ago +73

    The devil works hard but Matts metabolism works harder

      SHIVAMGAMING7725 Month ago

      ​@Don't Read My Profile Picture are you crazy ?

    • Xiongstondew
      Xiongstondew Month ago

      You got two bots in your chat. Idk if I should congratulate you or be sad for you.

    • xdthugers
      xdthugers Month ago

      @Don't Read My Profile Picture no

    • Joshua Yoon
      Joshua Yoon Month ago +3

      his digestive tract literally transcends this reality after every video

    • Chad 007
      Chad 007 Month ago

      I have been waiting so long for this :

  • Step-Moonton
    Step-Moonton Month ago +1

    Hey Matt Stonie fans.
    Wouldn't it be cool so see him enjoy a meal in a restaurant? Just watch him order whatever he likes and eat a lot, maybe record the reaction people have when he annihilates a lot of food. 😁

  • G'cuttz
    G'cuttz Month ago +2

    Probably could have done it if you weren’t rating everything 😂 but this got me hungry 🔥

  • MrNuts70
    MrNuts70 Month ago +1

    Voice over idea was AWESOME!
    Please keep doing it!

  • Ashen Light
    Ashen Light Month ago

    that food looks so good.

  • Stephanie Murphy
    Stephanie Murphy 18 days ago

    Looked liked you enjoyed the food great job 👍

  • Starcita
    Starcita Month ago +3

    I didn't even realize Shaq have his own Restaurant wth 😂

  • Tameira Edwards
    Tameira Edwards Month ago +2

    Miss the videos like this!! Loved this video Matt!