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BLAST Premier Fall Final, Quarter Finals: Heroic vs G2, NIP vs NAVI

  • Published on Nov 24, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • StR0K3
    StR0K3 2 months ago +32

    Blast Premier fall final, Quarter finals
    Heroic Vs G2
    Mirage 59:17
    Nuke 2:04:25
    Vertigo 3:09:35
    Inferno 4:53:26 (pause 5:23:06 )
    Mirage 6:46:00
    Overpass 8:53:34

  • Niko Moin
    Niko Moin 2 months ago +7

    So happy for nip

  • Gary
    Gary 2 months ago +28

    It's not SDY's fault at all, Look at everyone's attitude towards him, He's shaking from nervousness, nobody even makes eye contact with him after a map loss, and he stands there with his paper to hand to the coach blade for like 30 seconds and the coach ignores him. How could anyone perform with such disrespect and attitude towards them, let alone FROM TEAMMATES. Teammates should be there to bring you up, not tear you down and make you feel small.
    I don't like or dislike SDY personally, but he should walk away and find a different team, NAVI is a group of toxic has-beens. They will continue to lose because they deserve to lose. Their mentals are weak, they are toxic to each other, and are simply not a team, they are a group of individuals with great skill and even larger egos.

    • Gary
      Gary 2 months ago +2

      @BlueBox 29 Yeah check out the game vs Liquid, see how Blade (coach) treats SDY, and see how awkward SDY is when they lose maps. It's actually sad.

    • BlueBox 29
      BlueBox 29 2 months ago

      not denying anything you say, but can you link clips. I really wanna see more into the Navi drought as of this 2nd half 2022

  • Wretched Egg
    Wretched Egg Month ago

    7:21:00 Pimp showing his EU bias with those rigged questions, I'm glad both players made sure to hit the cutout this time.

    • Fnutek
      Fnutek Month ago

      Arent all these teams eu?

  • koiun dwrru
    koiun dwrru 2 months ago +1

    and are simply not a team, they are a group of individuals with great skill and even larger egos.

  • Xriqq
    Xriqq 2 months ago

    Simple: “gotta be prepared for this AWP nerf once we switch over to the new patch”
    *buys auto shotty*

  • Roman Protasov
    Roman Protasov 2 months ago +8

    Kinda shame how Na'Vi playing lately. Unfortunately, they didn't deserve to win with this game. We can wait till next Spring for Na'Vi to comeback hopefully

    • blaukatze
      blaukatze Month ago

      @Javier Romero bro like someone has said he has higher rating than b1t and I think s1mple lately, why would they replace him

    • avel
      avel 2 months ago

      @Javier Romero perfecto is the best player for his ingame role bro. dont mind the stats, its about the role. if you dont get it - dont write anything

    • Noble
      Noble 2 months ago +1

      @Javier Romero Perfecto literally 2nd highest rated player in Navi

    • Javier Romero
      Javier Romero 2 months ago

      @Muhammad Bilal Navi needs to change SDY and Perfecto.

    • Muhammad Bilal
      Muhammad Bilal 2 months ago +4

      Navi have been playing with a Stand in player SDY, hopefully they'll soon sign a permanent member and then build chemistry, even S1mple recently stressed this
      And ideally another IGL, Navi need to free and unleash Electronic from IGL role

  • Anshul Kedia
    Anshul Kedia 2 months ago +9

    8:58:00 all my respect for s1mple is over.

    • Malhaar
      Malhaar 2 months ago

      He's been chatting shit at the major and this tournament and vents at the more consistent player. Truly a humbling experience.

  • Gor Gharagyozyan
    Gor Gharagyozyan 2 months ago +2

    Na`Vi without boombl4 😏

  • Ян
    Ян 2 months ago

    Why did the Navi t-shirt lose letters of sponsors?

  • DPK
    DPK 2 months ago +2

    9:29:20 😂 beautifully games) gg

  • kinkiboy skrrr
    kinkiboy skrrr 2 months ago +17

    Pain for Navi. It hurts. And anyone knows what happened to gambit?

  • xxyz
    xxyz 2 months ago +1

    This is Faze's tournament to lose

  • notrobert
    notrobert 2 months ago

    Hooxi is from a different planet 🤣

    • notrobert
      notrobert 2 months ago

      @koiun dwrru the issue isn't with team chemistry, it's with hooxi as a player. 3 kills after 25 rounds is not tier 1 stats. If you watch how Hooxi plays this whole game, he's always at the front holding a nade, and he gets fragged for it. Almost 50% of his deaths were while he was holding utility. Removing Alexi and Jackz from the roster was one of the most terrible decisions G2 could make.
      As for sdy, I don't know what he's like, but I know G2 do everything to try and boost Hooxis ego despite how much he brings the team down.

    • koiun dwrru
      koiun dwrru 2 months ago

      alone FROM TEAMMATES. Teammates should be there to bring you up, not tear you down and make you feel small. I don't like or dislike SDY personally, but he should walk

  • Vladimir Olegovich
    Vladimir Olegovich 2 months ago +4

    Бит просто ужасно отыгрывает в последнее время (

    • xBGLx
      xBGLx 2 months ago

      @Vladimir Olegovich SDY то как раз нормально играет, никто от него топ игры не ждет, но свои минусы он дает, а вот с Битом надо что-то делать. Я бы на месяцок его отправил в фейсит поиграть, Саньку в отпуск на полгодика, взять двух молодых как те же Спириты сделали и катать на хайпе. А может найти кого-то из более опытных ребят, как те же Аутсайдеры сделали и мажор даже взяли.

    • Vladimir Olegovich
      Vladimir Olegovich 2 months ago

      @Асека сублимирует Да,в Рио Саня не показал свой уровень 👍согласен)Но я думаю проблемы команды начались с кика Вумы4а,из за страха за свою репутацию развалили самый сильный состав в истории клуба,взяв на его место sdy только ради того чтобы закрыть дыру в составе и навязали кэпа на Элика который вроде бы и справляться но при этом тоже % индивидуалки чуток спал,думаю замена Вити не поможет сейчас нужен здравый Кэп это раз,и нужно биту сменить роль на картах он не в своей стезе играет сейчас.ну это просто мои мысли в слух а как будет на деле деле руководства!

    • Асека сублимирует
      Асека сублимирует 2 months ago

      @Vladimir Olegovich только вот прикол в том, что в Рио как раз Саня и плохо отыграл, хотя команда делала все возможное ради победы. Ещё и, наверное, в своём репертуаре токсичил и задизморалил всех. Под конец игры он весь красный встал от злости

    • Vladimir Olegovich
      Vladimir Olegovich 2 months ago

      @Roman Protasov а при чем тут то что в команде происходит?речь идёт о индивидуальном скилле Бита,топ 3 команда мира и ты отыгрываешь на мираже 5:19 и я сужу не 2 видео а за весь 2022 год он сдал и не слабо так.А то что Саня читает игру базара нет от феномен но это не помогает им выходить победителями а всё по тому что 1 в поле не воин!А что до ошибок ну так на этот случай есть будкемпы где всё это нужно разбирать и решать но не во время игры кричать и нах..й посылать тем самым сея дезмораль в игре.

    • Roman Protasov
      Roman Protasov 2 months ago

      У меня реально ощущение, что посты о симпл токсик от людей, у кого 5й уровень и калаш

  • Martín
    Martín Month ago +1

    hooxi worst igl ever?

  • xBGLx
    xBGLx 2 months ago

    electronic lul

    DVN_DRA 2 months ago +5

    8:58:00 why ;_;

  • Сталин СССР
    Сталин СССР 2 months ago +1

    Noob team Navi

  • alida flus
    alida flus 2 months ago +1

    Noob team Navi

  • Paul Borisov
    Paul Borisov 2 months ago

    Simple noob :(

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue 2 months ago

    SDwhy :(

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa 2 months ago

    SDwhy :(

  • Rina Sultanov
    Rina Sultanov 2 months ago +1

    Can u switch sdy?

  • Lekeing
    Lekeing 2 months ago

    SDwhy :(

    • Remus Cocis
      Remus Cocis 2 months ago

      yea probably his last tournament with navi xD

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss 2 months ago

    Very Scary Maybe Baby

  • Nenvolk
    Nenvolk 2 months ago +1

    Very Scary
    Maybe Baby

  • DPK
    DPK 2 months ago +3

    b1t Красавчик

  • Soldier Boy
    Soldier Boy 2 months ago

    1:21:38 Fan assli8cking again. I am surprised how iunprofessional these casters are! Really! Be neutral.