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Chris Evans & Scarlett Johansson - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Marvel stars Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson talked about "Avengers: Endgame" becoming the highest-grossing movie of all time and Martin Scorsese saying Marvel films aren't cinema in their Actors on Actors conversation.
    Read the full story here: bit.ly/36XoFNh
    Will Chris Evans return as Captain America? bit.ly/36SAMv6
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  • Angelica Woods
    Angelica Woods 3 years ago +15774

    They're both such great listeners. Scarlett takes longer to express her self, yet Chris doesn't interrupt her like a lot of guys would. I love that. He also seems comfortable expressing his intellectual side with her because she clearly gives him space to do so. It's nice to see them out of character, just being themselves and enjoying each other's company.

    • MsLissette2005
      MsLissette2005 17 days ago

      Well said! Couldn't have said it better. I threw this on while I was washing the dishes and tidying up the kitchen. Worth the watch. Never saw one of these

    • Rareonyx Courtney
      Rareonyx Courtney 2 months ago

      @Zoey Kiritu Who's a perfect match for Aries? Lol

    • falconater68
      falconater68 3 months ago

      Actors act...reel it in.

    • Elis. Regina
      Elis. Regina 8 months ago

      That was one of my favorite

    • Dae
      Dae 11 months ago

      @trash the banger Not from what I've seen and with research.

  • Ellie Joudy
    Ellie Joudy 2 years ago +8336

    These two should do a podcast together I could listen to them talk all day.

    • Gianna Faith
      Gianna Faith 5 days ago

      @Jenny Cryptic i personally love it

    • Tali W
      Tali W 5 months ago

      totally! super fun and talented plus so genuine and soothing voices

    • A J
      A J 8 months ago

      @AB K Ha! I see what you did there.

    • A J
      A J 8 months ago

      He really does have such an inviting voice

    • M07
      M07 8 months ago


  • just trying to be better
    just trying to be better 2 years ago +2066

    The way Scarlett looks at Chris is so precious.Their friendship is so inspiring for me because I would like to have such a real friendship.I love these people so so much.Such an inspiration.

    • Максим Лютый
      Максим Лютый 8 days ago

      The is nothing wrong to have sex with best friends. They meant for each other

    • Michael LaSumiso
      Michael LaSumiso 17 days ago

      There must be some sexual tension there, but their love is even deeper than that.

    • Selwan Omar
      Selwan Omar 9 months ago +1

      @Laughing Lucy clearly you didn't know when Chris is joking! 🥴

    • Elina Pasos
      Elina Pasos 9 months ago +1

      They remind me so much to my bff and me. Next year we celebrate 20 years. Known each other since we were 9

    • Mr West
      Mr West Year ago

      @marvelxavatar - agreed. as would i.

  • Kaia Taylor
    Kaia Taylor 2 years ago +6452

    I'm really disappointed that most people only think of Scarlett Johansson as a sex symbol when she very clearly is a very intelligent person with a lot of insight in the industry. I wish more people would give her the respect that she deserves.

    • Gigi D
      Gigi D 22 days ago

      ​@Tania Zaman prob more jealousy

    • Juan Arocha
      Juan Arocha 2 months ago

      @FartyFat I blame Black Widow

  • CurtMC
    CurtMC Year ago +985

    The fact that it took 3 different people to convince Chris Evans after he rejected the role twice meant that he was so perfect for it that they couldn’t ask anyone else.

  • cam01ban
    cam01ban 2 years ago +780

    25:57 makes me smile so much because you can see the way Scarlett looks at Chris like she loves and treasures him in a platonic way but it's so great because you can see her understanding how passionate he is about buddhism and their beliefs and that gets me every time because she understands him on another level to see how happy he is when he talks about what he enjoys.

    • Shaimah Hameed
      Shaimah Hameed 7 months ago +2

      @Patch Cipriano in which interview please i never saw that

    • Patch Cipriano
      Patch Cipriano 7 months ago +1

      @Hannah Long Making something clear doesn't require saying it literally.

    • Hannah Long
      Hannah Long 7 months ago +2

      @Patch Cipriano he never said that😂

    • Patch Cipriano
      Patch Cipriano 8 months ago

      Well platonic not so much- they've had sex ,_, Chris made that clear lmao

  • Jill Austin
    Jill Austin 3 years ago +6846

    The interview feels genuine and not forced. The questions and interaction is so natural and you can tell they like eachother's company. I love their friendship and I hope it won't be ruined by idiots.

    • Raiden blood
      Raiden blood Year ago +1

      @Aaron Jan Listanco my bad Chris said 02 that’s 17 years from your comment lol

    • Raiden blood
      Raiden blood Year ago

      @Aaron Jan Listanco in 2019? Lol they met in 03/04. So from your comment they’ve known each other for 16 years

    • jahid lm
      jahid lm Year ago +2

      They know each other a long time ago of course it wouldn't be awkward

    • __jan
      __jan 2 years ago +5

      I was surprised by the comments from people on one of her Interviews in Ellen where she was talking about her fiancée and those stans were wishing for her divorce only because they want her to be married with Chris. Such people do not deserve to be called as fans like who will wish things like that for their favorite actor.

    • OnlyYeHaVaH
      OnlyYeHaVaH 3 years ago +3

      @Jessica Flores thank you because i was about to say that they've been in other projects together way before the MCU franchise

  • Zoë Erickson
    Zoë Erickson 2 years ago +626

    Scarlett really is the full package, she's so intelligent and talented but she doesn't take her job for granted. You can see how much of a hard worker and how down to earth and humble she really is. I love the friendship and how supportive and respectful they are of each other!

  • Montesama314
    Montesama314 Year ago +311

    I love how they talk about Chris's insecurity with asking for more takes. She is surprised, but gets him to elaborate about it and work through the issue, instead of him just letting the fear settle there on his shoulders. Then she gives a bit of advice. It feels less like an interview and more of just a talk between friends on the set of Chris's new movie.

  • Amna Sheikh
    Amna Sheikh 2 years ago +4684

    Chris Evans: exceptional vocabulary
    Also Chris Evans: I don't wike it

    • Abel Hart
      Abel Hart 2 months ago

      @The Dark Criminal I make this reference ALL THE TIME i love it

    • Selwan Omar
      Selwan Omar 6 months ago

      @Ms.Bubs4fun he's FROM Boston! 😂

    • Ms.Bubs4fun
      Ms.Bubs4fun 9 months ago

      Boston accent?

    • Selwan Omar
      Selwan Omar 9 months ago +1

      @ISAIAH 5417 I've known it from pride and prejudice

    • Ava Thomaston
      Ava Thomaston Year ago +2

      This is one thing I constantly quote too 🤣

  • Chelsea B
    Chelsea B 2 years ago +149

    This is by far one of my favorite duos. Their friendship is so pure and underrated. I love how much they support each other on camera and behind the scenes. The fact that Scarlett was one of his few actor friends to watch his play performance is so freakin adorable. I love how both of them just sit there and listen so attentively to one another. I especially love how Chris is very vocal and intellectually invested on what Scarlett was talking to him about. Plus he’s a very great speaker as well. This is the most wholesome interview I’ve ever seen. Love these two together, honestly ❤️🥰👏🏽

    • Nissan Skyline
      Nissan Skyline 3 months ago

      Can you please elaborate on what you mean by when you say their friendship is underrated, and by who? I'm just genuinely curious cause "underrated" means something that has not received the merit, recognition or praise it deserves. I'm sure a massive amount of people around the world are aware of their longtime/close friendship and have admiration for them, but I think the only ones who can truly value a friendship are the friends themselves, and whether the public does or doesn't is irrelevant. Is a personal friendship supposed to be deserving of critical acclaim from the masses?

    • Brenda Kat
      Brenda Kat 9 months ago +3

      I couldn’t agree more! I’ve never witnessed more respectful conversationalists than these two. And to have the friendship they have would be a wonderful blessing. Also, I could listen to Chris talk all day. A most interesting man.

  • alana
    alana 2 years ago +2148

    yes i just watched 40 minutes of chris evans and scarlett johansson having a conversation and I don't regret it

  • Andrea G.
    Andrea G. 3 years ago +27131

    Normally this interviews are with actors who support and respect each other, but in this case you can see two actual friends.

    • Mimsy
      Mimsy Year ago

      @hkchrism “on good authority” lmaoooo
      Source: “trustmebro”

    • Mimsy
      Mimsy Year ago

      Who also support and respect each other

    • Ashley Jimenez
      Ashley Jimenez 2 years ago

      I mean they’ve known each other for almost 20 years

    • Skylar~♡
      Skylar~♡ 2 years ago

      @kirch ??

    • Skylar~♡
      Skylar~♡ 2 years ago

      @Mohamed Mubeen yes

  • Erica 아름 Kang
    Erica 아름 Kang Year ago +136

    Their friendship is so genuine and beautiful because of their genuineness. I loved how direct, clear, and specific Scarlett's compliments were. I also loved how she went to his play. Chris also emphasized that she was his only actor friend to go. That loyalty and support is amazing and literal fire. I loved seeing them on screen together and now I can tell why I loved them together so much. Their connection is so there. Looking forward to more from them.

  • Jeff Thibodeaux
    Jeff Thibodeaux 2 years ago +483

    They never once step on each others toes verbally. They always share the conversation equally. Theres a lot of trust between these two and it shows with this simple fact. Conversations with friends are so lovely and wonderful. I miss my friends.

  • Ash
    Ash 2 years ago +911

    5:50 Chris being a savage: "I don't know if you were there....cause you DIED." Love seeing their friendship off screen!

    • Forick Grimaldus
      Forick Grimaldus Year ago +2

      Chris: plays Cap and Human Torch, Cap is a hit, Johnny not so much but he acts like Johnny.

    • ify chi
      ify chi Year ago +2

      me too

  • Siezama
    Siezama 2 years ago +96

    It can’t just be me who could listen to them talk for hours without getting bored. They have such a great chemistry as friends and actors and even a year later I’m still coming back to this interview.

  • Iris Arnold
    Iris Arnold 2 years ago +150

    Chris is so wise. When he said the audience comes to see themselves I really felt that. The way they both interacted with each other in this was refreshing to be honest. Scarlett is so amazingly talennted and insightful. You can tell how much respect they have for each other. Their friendship is so special. :)))

  • Brian Kelly
    Brian Kelly 3 years ago +1438

    An actual, mature conversation between two adults, who are friends, showing patience, kindness, and respect. A beautiful thing to witness.

    • Giulia S.
      Giulia S. 2 years ago

      Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. ;)

  • coucou
    coucou 2 years ago +183

    chris is so genuine and humble, and also very relatable. like he makes us feel that he's just one of us. that life is real and doesn't let wordly things go into his head. what a guy, hard not to love.

  • My Life So Far Vlogs
    My Life So Far Vlogs 2 years ago +175

    This was fantastic. I love the professionalism, chemistry, and friendship between them

  • girlnextdoor
    girlnextdoor Year ago +85

    This is a really great interview. Both actors definitely respect and admire one another. I hope they get a film that they can work on that is not comics-related or a rom com. Just something that we could get them on together again. I think it will be something good because they just work well together. Plus their actor’s chemistry is sooo good. Their friendship is so golden that it bleeds right through. I think this 2 had great conversations all the time.
    Hoping for a Chris and Scarlett film in the future. 😊

    • nikita blank
      nikita blank Year ago +2

      They literally just got cast in a rom com action movie....again. I think they'll work great in a thriller like Nocturnal Animals. Chris can play the plot twist baddie to Scarlett's protagonist. It'll be nice to subvert expectation given their close working relationship on screen.

  • Tara Evans
    Tara Evans 2 years ago +88

    My favorite quote by Chris Evans is "They don't come to see me, they come to see themselves" there is such a deeper truth in that statement that the gift of acting gives us the mirror, to both see who we are and who we can be.

  • Gracyn Traub
    Gracyn Traub 2 years ago +150

    This feels like a 40 min therapy session with 2 of my favorite actors 😂

  • bosgotnojams
    bosgotnojams 3 years ago +1411

    Didn't expect to watch the entire 40 minutes but I did. The power of brilliant actors who actually have a genuine friendship.

    • DazyHeadMayzie
      DazyHeadMayzie Year ago


    • Elf Sieben
      Elf Sieben Year ago +13

      They really go deep into the acting experience as well. Maybe because they are comfortable with each other, which leaves headspace to really dig into your memories and open up. It's different when you are anxious for reactions. Especially Chris seems very thoughtful, he has no guards up and really goes there, not afraid to show insecurities. Also interesting to see how different Scarlett is. I mean, she's also open and honest to go by the way how quick she's to reply, no filters there. But she comes across so very, very self-assured. I've got the "Ghost World" DVD, one of her early films, might have been minor age, and already there: Very extravert & outspoken, bubbly in an earnest way, very mature. Chris knows how to hold himself in public, be a handsome flirt, professional, short, to the point. Nice to see his more, I guess introvert (?) side here. Great to see how such different personalities have a common vibe. Lots to take away from this talk!

  • Ronniechops
    Ronniechops Year ago +34

    I love their friendship! This was such a natural, fluid conversation so you can tell that they are so comfortable in each other’s company and genuinely like each other. The Marvel movies are some of my favourites. Everything moves in and out of phases and I think there is room for everyone. We all need to escape our reality sometimes and in different ways. Marvel with its magic and the alternate reality of that with superheroes that can save us all is an amazing escape.

  • Pamela Rhyan
    Pamela Rhyan Year ago +25

    they're both such great conversationalists. there's so much depth to this simple conversation and they're both so level with each other, i wouldn't be surprised if this is only one of the many other things they talk about in their decade long friendship. undeniable respect for them both, because you can tell they both have so much of it for each other too. chris especially is such an interesting person to talk to i think, for his expansive but still understandable articulation of his real time thoughts alone. i know the bar is low for men but tbh its an underrated form of respect for him to sit thru her stuttering bec i myself get frustrated with people like that & probably would've expressed it more than once if not as a reflex, but he didnt do it not once so u can tell he genuinely has waited for her to verbally process her words in all their conversations

  • Starkreactor 82
    Starkreactor 82 Year ago +92

    I will always remember them as Cap and Black Widow. However, Chris Evans & Scarlett Johansson seem like real down to earth people and make great movies outside of Marvel as well. Marriage Story was a great movie.

  • Johaimen Omar
    Johaimen Omar Year ago +40

    On a personal note, as someone whose first language isn't English, Chris's eloquence in expressing his thoughts is superb. He has excellent vocabulary and even observes correct grammar rules (Scarlett does too) which we know can be ignored in spoken English.
    This is such a substantive conversation. Both of them are good speakers and listeners. I wish I could find one. 😔

    • It'sMe
      It'sMe 8 months ago

      Is that supposed to be a joke cause he's from Boston?

  • Caroline
    Caroline 2 years ago +70

    "you never judge the character you play" i love that. as an aspiring actress i know how true that is. one of the things that
    i've learned from 5 years of acting is that you can't judge the character and that honestly rubs off into my real life. i don't judge anyone and i've kind of forgotten that people are actually really judgemental to people

    • Hannah Garcia
      Hannah Garcia Year ago +2

      Hi, is it crazy to ask for advice on acting and starting out ?

    AMJAD AHDAB 2 years ago +7075

    I'm only gonna say two things:
    1. God bless the one who convinced Chris Evans to play Captin America.
    2.God bless the one who set this Interview.

    • Kat Gr
      Kat Gr Year ago

      Then God bless RDJ, cause Cevans talked to him and RDJ encourage him to accept the role c:

    • Gracyn Traub
      Gracyn Traub Year ago

      @STH it was scarlett

    • rose red
      rose red Year ago +1

      3. God bless Emily Blunt being too busy to play Black Widow

    • Lawless One
      Lawless One Year ago

      @尺工KK工 Ah. I see. Nvm then.

    • 尺工KK工
      尺工KK工 Year ago +2

      @Lawless One but Chris evans even said that it was Scarlett that helped him

  • afshan ansari
    afshan ansari Year ago +122

    Can we please get Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth together on this. It'd be so good hear them talk together about literally everything.

  • hollabigT
    hollabigT 2 years ago +60

    I"m glad they talked about theatre - we are an ENTIRELY different medium, not everyone has the emotional and physical stamina to create every single day in moment in front of a new audience. You don't get the pleasure of stopping and looking back at what you did, you only have THAT MOMENT on stage w/ the audience and fellow actors. It's difficult and beautiful all at the same time.

  • Matteo Mino
    Matteo Mino 2 years ago +5203

    Use me as a "Scarlett Johansson got robbed at the oscars" Button

    • WÈL.
      WÈL. Year ago +2

      as much as I'm OBSESSED with her and Marriage Story, we all can't deny that Reene Zellweger as Judy is really a lock as Best Actress winner the moment the movie released cause she just nailed it in every aspect

    • Veronica
      Veronica 2 years ago +4

      Ryan Akwar nah, I saw Judy and Renee was alright but nothing groundbreaking. Not to take anything away from her performance, it was a good solid one, but I felt that she was overhyped for sure. Scarlett gave a more nuanced, emotional performance. She really was robbed that year.

    • SNG
      SNG 2 years ago

      Bro frr

    • Skye
      Skye 2 years ago

      Don't even think about it, that will be me

    • Bruce Banner
      Bruce Banner 2 years ago +1

      "People's Choice" awards matter more.

  • air
    air Year ago +39

    So enjoyable. Love that Scarlett really encouraged Chris to open up. It's nice to see these two as they sort of really are.

  • Lee Hutchings
    Lee Hutchings Year ago +19

    Such a great video/interview. Is there - or will there be - an extended cut? It feels like there's so much more these two could talk about and maybe did? But either way, thank you for making this happen and allowing us to watch it. I wish Chris and Scarlett all the best.

  • Anandini Kumari Rathore
    Anandini Kumari Rathore 2 years ago +5289

    "The audience doesn't come to see you, they come to see themselves"-Chris Evans

  • Divzhere
    Divzhere 2 years ago +1529

    Everyone commenting on their friendship and I can't take my eyes off Scarlett's gorgeous golden heels

    • KiX the Kat
      KiX the Kat Year ago +3

      I don't care for all gold, cause I'm of a fair, pale, ivory complexion and gold doesn't really work unless it's in beautiful darker skin, imo. But those heels omg! They look good. (Then again some of the credit goes to Scarlett's heels lol)

    • Natalie Kresic
      Natalie Kresic Year ago +8

      Hahahaha stop me too I was just thinking about that

    • Divzhere
      Divzhere 2 years ago +13

      @PurushaDesa Yess.. this guy gets it!🙌😁

    • PurushaDesa
      PurushaDesa 2 years ago +40

      Snap. Such business-casual attire and then BOOM those red carpet heels.

    • Rosie Thacker
      Rosie Thacker 2 years ago +34

      I can’t take my eyes of her eyes they are so beautiful

  • Montesama314
    Montesama314 Year ago +99

    Remembering when they first met:
    Scarlett--"It was so long ago..."
    Chris probably has that moment burned into his soul.

  • Temsalet Abebe
    Temsalet Abebe 5 months ago +7

    Scarlet is an icon. she is honestly the full package an inspiration to young actors or to all young women going for hard work and success .Chris also is a true professional and not just good looks.

  • Simone R
    Simone R 8 months ago +6

    you know, you see these two people portrating different characters on screen every now and then, being only interested in the movie, that you forget they are genuinly amazing artists. and people too. Scarlett and Chris are a proof of this. they are both so passionate and caring it’s just so inspiring.

  • S S
    S S 2 years ago +15

    The marriage story was amazing and so painful to watch and yet it was beautiful.... They were both incredible to watch. They both deserves a Oscar...

  • Beatriz de Sá
    Beatriz de Sá 3 years ago +2589

    Marriage Story is Scarlett's best performance ever. She deserves the Oscar more than anything.

    • Elf Sieben
      Elf Sieben Year ago

      @Joshua Fletcher Pryce in which movie? I'd like to add Adèle Haenel & Noémie Merlant in Portrait of a Lady on Fire, and Helena Zengel & Albrecht Schuch in System Crasher.

    • Elf Sieben
      Elf Sieben Year ago +2

      @Mangosocks Those were great. Also "Portrait of a Woman on Fire"! That one and "Marriage Story" were really great portrayals of intimate relationships.

    • Elf Sieben
      Elf Sieben Year ago

      "Marriage Story" is one of my two favourite movies of hers; the other one is "Ghost World".

    • Jesus Antaya
      Jesus Antaya 2 years ago


  • Sherby Silva
    Sherby Silva Year ago +16

    One of the best ones yet. I think its more rewarding to watch people that have worked together and have chemistry then putting two random actors together

  • Isabell Claudia
    Isabell Claudia Year ago +15

    A few years ago, I thought Chris Evans didn't talk much about his personal life because he parties a lot and is a player and maybe, because of his role in the public eye, some of that has transferred to him. But at the core, it shows that he's clearly thought deeply about the world and his role in it, and his own demands on himself and his life. He can articulate himself fantastically and shares so many rare insights into his thoughts. The public labels him far too easily, he has so much to offer beyond his career. The conversations with Scarlett show how intelligent they both are and how little platform there is in normal interviews to show their true personalities.

  • Mugatu
    Mugatu Year ago +14

    I wish there was something like this when they were relatively just starting on acting just so we can compare, but even then it's such a delight to see them grow both as friends and actors. I specially love how we can feel how their deep respect for each other is.

  • Alessa Barreto
    Alessa Barreto Month ago +1

    nunca assisti uma entrevista tão longa com atores, mas essa foi uma experiência muito gostosa; eu não conhecia Chris e Scarlett fora dos papéis, e percebi que são muito honestos mas com gentileza de pensar antes de falar, cuidadosos mesmo; eu amei essa minha primeira vez e por causa deles vou assistir mais entrevistas... eles são completamente diferentes do que imaginei e eu adorei isso, muito bom mesmo 💜

  • Sotero Mares
    Sotero Mares Year ago +23

    I always wanted these two be together but this interview really made me love the brother and sister dynamic that they have always had.

  • Anna Neprawskey
    Anna Neprawskey 3 years ago +8105

    "she is my only actor friend who actually came to see the play" awwwwwww I LIVE FOR THESE TWO

    • Panda Express Tae
      Panda Express Tae Year ago +1

      @Frida W or maybe he just forgot🤷‍♀️

    • K G
      K G Year ago +3

      @Frida W I think that’s because Chris directly invited Seb as his + 1. Scarlett, Paul, and Mark chose to go voluntarily.

    • rj
      rj Year ago

      marietou kebe it‘s still different from having known someone since you were 17, they‘re best friends, they said that a lot

    • Alanna Mills
      Alanna Mills 2 years ago +1

      @Ольга Туркова no offense. But we dont really care. We came to watch this interview

    • Wash Urhands
      Wash Urhands 2 years ago

      @Lucía “ ‘Ella es la única de mis amigos actores que fue a ver mi obra’. ay que lindo vivo por estos dos.” Es la mejor traducción que le puedo dar.

  • That Girl At The Party

    I love Chris. I got to interview him once and he is so unaffected and very humble. And I love Scarlett too. Her voice is so awesome and she seems cool too. And I hated Endgame - they killed half the flipping cast. My whole audience was bawling out eyes out and it made us feel shitty. We did not feel happy about that ending.

  • Joanna P
    Joanna P 2 months ago +2

    I could see both of them getting into production and directing. This was such a good interview, so insightful and honest.

  • Steven Iverson
    Steven Iverson 2 years ago +19

    That panoramic shot of the avengers "assembling" in the first film still gives me chills when it happens, you guys killed it 👍

  • Justin Freeman
    Justin Freeman Year ago +62

    2 years later listening to Chris Evans talk about not ruining Steve Rogers is so heartwarming, but also gives me a lot of hope since he could play a DIFFERENT steve rogers from a different universe now lol

  • Imagine It
    Imagine It 9 months ago +11

    After watching this interview first and then watching others, I just wanted to say how GOOD this conversation was. It felt very natural and they were very equal and on the same page. I liked there questions and even the flow. ❤️

  • emma lee
    emma lee 3 years ago +1299

    i never realised how well spoken chris was. he truly has such a way with words and even though his vocabulary is little extensive for me (i’m young lol) i can still understand what he says because of how articulate he is. it’s nice to see him let his guard down a little and have a genuine conversation with not only a great actor but friend.

    • skdavidnba
      skdavidnba 2 years ago +21

      This. People thought i was silly thinking he's an eloquent speaker. For a hollywood actor, i really think he is. Im glad im not the only one..

    • bluuesnapper
      bluuesnapper 3 years ago +36

      Agreed,so true,also in this video he is very relaxed and talkative,I feel like he can inspire anyone.

  • Havelock V
    Havelock V 2 years ago +25

    It's interesting to see the difference in confidence levels here. Two very talented people, Scarlet is so invested and sure of her talent while Chris is more insecure and tentative with it. The dynamic is interesting to watch.

  • La Jolla Playhouse
    La Jolla Playhouse 2 years ago +8

    Dynamic duo! Thank you Variety for this series. We love Chris' take on theatre as "building little sandcastles" every night that the ocean washes away.

    • La Jolla Playhouse
      La Jolla Playhouse 2 years ago

      If Chris or Scarlett ever want a spot on the La Jolla Playhouse stage, DM us.

  • May Lee
    May Lee Year ago +15

    I love how upfront and honest Chris Evans is, he's such a standup guy. As real as it gets.

  • ProfPolish
    ProfPolish 2 years ago +11

    These 2 have been in many movies together. They’re both wonderful people and talented actors. Watching them just chatting kinda humanizes them. I feel like we often see them as “Stars” and it makes them something else. Seeing them as people, sometimes vulnerable or imperfect makes me like them more.

  • Liz S.
    Liz S. Year ago +14

    I love this. Thank you Variety for making this possible. Scarlett and Chris really have great chemistry. I love them~

  • MeTube
    MeTube 3 years ago +9653

    This is why the Marvel movies succeeded. They gave the parts to actors who cared about the characters they played.

    • Rushking20 #Cheesehead
      Rushking20 #Cheesehead Year ago

      @Kirstine Thygesen lots loll they just get the role because they know mcu is by far biggest thing rn and disney pays good but they couldn’t care less about the characters ryan reynolds has said he dosent even like marvel fans

    • Han Yolo
      Han Yolo Year ago

      ​@MeTube It's DC. It was bigger than Marvel before the start of MCU. Commercially the movies still made a profit is an oversimplication. The Justice League got outshined by a raccoon and a tree. They underachieved. A lot. And it wasn't because of their actors. Their planning was poop compared to MCU. They didn't have a Feige-like figurehead to guide the film development. And a bunch of other crap.

    • MeTube
      MeTube Year ago

      @Han Yolo What makes you think DCEU failed? Commercially the movies still made a profit.

    • Han Yolo
      Han Yolo Year ago

      @MeTube So DCEU failed mainly because of the actors? Is that what you're saying? Justice League couldn't reach 1 billion because they didn't care about their characters? Did you not see a difference in the Zack Snyder version?

    • MeTube
      MeTube Year ago

      @Han Yolo Well that is where you are wrong. Because it IS the actors that bring the characters to life in the way that appeals to the audience. Casting directors wouldn't cast them otherwise.

  • Conor Price
    Conor Price 2 years ago +32

    The Marriage story was such a good movie, and the acting was amazing.

    • Elf Sieben
      Elf Sieben Year ago

      Yep, that's one of the best from recent years.

  • Thomas Edward Cochrane
    Thomas Edward Cochrane 2 years ago +12

    The amount of times these two wonderful human beings said "I wonder" or "I'm curious" genuinely revealed how much they care. About something beyond their own self-interests

  • Hriday sengupta
    Hriday sengupta 3 months ago +51

    How can you NOT love Chris Evans

  • ny_kia31
    ny_kia31 2 years ago +23

    Easy to see why their on screen chemistry is amazing. They genuinely like each other.

  • kokoa
    kokoa Year ago +13

    The way they both were gushing over Taika made me so happy! 💛 Taika is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Fell in love with his work back in 2010 with ‘Boy’.

  • Inès Castellano
    Inès Castellano 3 years ago +4853

    Scarlett is such a sweet woman. She doesn't deserve the hate she has received on social media.

    • Md Muzamil
      Md Muzamil Year ago +1

      She is perfect role model

    • Scruff D0g
      Scruff D0g Year ago

      People love to spread hatred around the world

    • xyz890
      xyz890 Year ago +1

      what?..i ddnt know this kind of almost perfection human gets hates

    • Elf Sieben
      Elf Sieben Year ago

      @__jan He basically said they are so different from traditional cinema that it goes beyond his concept of cinema, so maybe there should be another word for it. He didn't say there were no art to it, but they were so different to cinema as he experienced and made it and is interested in, they are hard to compare. And he burns for the more traditional way of making and looking at them. And it's true that serialised movie plotting, making, post-production, marketing, financing, watching and audience spectrum is entirely different to single standalone stories. And yet both exist in the same market. Many people don't even think about it or even realize that. It's understandable that a senior to that artform who is passionate about a form of moviemaking that is becoming more and more sidelined/niche, not for lack of quality, but because different internal machinations/functions/rules apply, is drawing attention to the fact. That's only fair. Instead of asking how something is meant, which they don't really understand (and which maybe Martin doesn't fully understand, because he is involved in his mode of filmmaking), people go for the worst possible interpretation of his words and bash him for it. He tried to clarify later, but once a narrative is out, people have formed their opinions around that already. Many people get bitter about that and entrench themselves in a me-against-the-world stance, but Scorsese was relatively cool about it. But it can also backfire and change people for the worse.

  • Kari Lynn
    Kari Lynn 5 months ago +2

    To have that special connection, the friendship bond that these two have had over years time. Is truly incredible. I've had two close friends in my life for alil over 20 years and it really is something so special. This interview was great between Scarlett and Chris, you can clearly see they have such interest in each other.

  • Shelby Butler
    Shelby Butler 10 months ago +6

    You can tell that these two are genuine friends. They are both very generous in this interview and supportive of one another.

    • chrisevansr640@gmail com
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      Thanks for your love and support I really appreciate it ❤️🥰 you can write me through my email

  • Emma Rigsby
    Emma Rigsby Year ago +14

    their friendship is unmatched. i love watching how they act around each other and they are just so comfortable :)

  • Pamela Rhyan
    Pamela Rhyan Year ago +18

    i have so much respect for chris for his acting philosphy. his greatest role for me to date has been his more low stakes roles like snowpiercer and the gifted

  • Ayako Fukuhara
    Ayako Fukuhara Year ago +3

    What an amazing interview. Great to witness how deeply they feel and think about every perspective of their profession. I’ve become a fan of both today.

  • Michela Ross
    Michela Ross 3 years ago +4390

    Chris Evans being insecure about his art is honestly the most encouraging thing ever

    • Tweedle Dum
      Tweedle Dum Year ago +4

      @AeneasGemini pretty sure men are "less generous" when it comes to ordinary women too it's not just something do. For example, men literally have this entire thing of which women are just pump and dump/one night stands that they just use and run away from vs which ones are "worthy of any emotional investment and/or commitment" and in fact unlike men where it's heavily dependant on things like your career/bank balance which unless you were born into abject poverty is more or less entirely your doing i.e. something you have control over, with women men make the decision mostly based on your face, something that is 100% out of your control.
      But in the context of this particular case yea I agree him being *Chris Evans* makes it easier for him to pull this off.

    • AeneasGemini
      AeneasGemini 3 years ago +12

      It helps that he's charming, rich and good looking, in my experience women are sometimes less generous when it comes to ordinary blokes. Not always mind, but quite often men get bellitled for having vulnerabilities

  • matasuki
    matasuki Year ago +34

    He's right. Cap and Black Widow have completed their arc. Such talented actors

  • Juan_RockGuitar
    Juan_RockGuitar 2 years ago +11

    I love how much passion and respect they have for the Marvel movies.

  • Breanna B
    Breanna B 7 months ago +9

    Great interview! I love the authenticity, and I didn't know these two have known each other for so long! The one thing that gets me is the whole "One thing about Marvel, they don't do cash grabs. They care." line didn't age well now that we're in the disappointment that is phase 4 lmbo.

  • leena
    leena Year ago +22

    i like how chris is actually hearing what she’s saying and not just nodding at scarlett he’s a great listener

  • kevin084life
    kevin084life 2 years ago +170

    If they had kids, those kids would be insanely beautiful.

    • Scarlett Johnsson
      Scarlett Johnsson Year ago

      Thanks for being a fans!!!! I just wanna appreciate you in particular for being a fans and you should keep supporting me it brings me so much joy that I'm able to put smile on your face and heart ♥️ I love you all ♥️💗❤️💕💕😘🥰👋👋

  • Loukes
    Loukes 3 years ago +619

    So much to learn from this. One massive thing is the eye contact and respect they have for eachother. They let eachother speak and listen intently. They aren't thinking about their dinner tonight or what they gotta do, they are putting their entire focus on who's in front of them. That's how a conversation should be.

  • G Irlbeck
    G Irlbeck 6 months ago +5

    Love this conversation between these two friends. I happened to be in the audience for Lobby Hero the night Scarlett saw it. She walked past us at intermission and I fangirled (quietly). I agree with her that Chris was "in the pocket" that night. I'm a big fan of his, but still got lost enough in the performance that he frightened me at one point when his character was threatening the female officer "partner". I went to the play because he was in it, I confess, but I understand what he means about the audience wanting to see themselves & explore how they might navigate fictional situations. The audience was super sympathetic to Michael Cera's character. LH is up there on my list of his fave performances, with Snowpiercer (an under-distributed film caught up in studio producer power politics) at the top w CATWS. Listening to him talk about hesitating to ask for more takes, etc. makes me think he needs a supercharged bit of self-confidence like Downey got fr the role of Tony Stark. Part of what audiences responded to w RDJ/TS was Downey's JOY in the role. CE showed glimmers of that in CATWS, a film where it felt like he and the audience both fell in love with Steve Rogers.

    • chrisevansr640@gmail com
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    Every time I think of how much I love them I’m about to start crying

  • carlos paredes
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    Amo a Scarlett Johansson. Su voz, sus gestos, 😍😍😍

  • Emma Moncada
    Emma Moncada 2 years ago +8

    It's music to my ears how articulate Chris Evans is. This is the type of content I want to see of my favourite people instead of negative gossips about them.

  • Celia Veiga de Roovere

    i like the fact that they are so intrigued by the work that they have done outside of the marvel world as if it’s something that’s never been talked abt before

  • AJ Taylor
    AJ Taylor 3 years ago +769

    Awesome to see childhood friends just having a talk about their careers, and after their time under the Marvel Studios umbrella. One of the best Actors on Actors episodes to date.

    • Audrey Lei Flores
      Audrey Lei Flores 3 years ago

      In a USO tour interview Chris said they have know each other since they were basically children and scarlett was like I was 17 I was not a child

    • BLK CHLD
      BLK CHLD 3 years ago +2

      Trinell Jones I get it. “Technically “ it’s childhood. The cut off has to be somewhere, but I would argue that some would say it ends at 13. I went to a district high school where most of the kids knew each other since elementary. I came in 9th grade at 14, and I don’t feel like they’ve known me since childhood, but they have known me since I was a very young person. At 17 you’re almost an adult.

    • Spider Rocket
      Spider Rocket 3 years ago +11

      BLK CHLD childhood-the period during which a person is a child. At age 17 you are legally for all intents and purposes still a child hence childhood

    • BLK CHLD
      BLK CHLD 3 years ago +3

      Trinell Jones 17 is not childhood

    • Spider Rocket
      Spider Rocket 3 years ago +10

      Funk O'Matic actually on Ellen Scarlett said she’s known him since she was 17 so at least from her perspective he’s a friend she’s known since childhood

  • A113
    A113 2 years ago +9

    As MCU fan, I watched this a year ago and as a Pixar fan I decided to watch this again because, on 39:45 onwards, I was intrigue when Chris Evans talked on how Pixar cares knowing he doesn't have any projects from Pixar then after a year ago, he was announce to be the voice lead of the upcoming movie of Pixar which is LIGHTYEAR!!! so that means he's working on Pixar by that time. SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!!

  • Polly Ann
    Polly Ann 2 months ago +1

    Probably my favorite Actors on Actors. They're so at ease with each other. Great questions were asked and answered. It definitely felt more like a conversation. It felt honest.

  • Inti Feelmaker
    Inti Feelmaker 9 months ago +4

    This interview is my favourite, they both let us in so nicely!!

  • MrKaidyEight
    MrKaidyEight 2 years ago +10

    What Chris said is pretty sad because it's true. When you do your job well, and you play a villain, all you're gonna get is hatred. You're not gonna get any of the sympathetic "awwh"s or "ooh"s you're just gonna get people that relate to you as the person in their life that they hate the most. And I guess it's a good thing because he's doing his job well, but still. Feels bad man.

  • HoopleHeadUSA
    HoopleHeadUSA Year ago +11

    One of the most top tier platonic friendships out there 👊

  • Nawshaba Aziz
    Nawshaba Aziz 3 years ago +3847

    Chris Evans is the ideal man. He's attentive, articulate, empathetic and humble. You can't help but be drawn to his personality. ❤

    • videos The life of Bruno
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    • Molly Swartz
      Molly Swartz 2 years ago

      yes totally agree

    • Phil Dawson
      Phil Dawson 2 years ago

      Robert Mitchell sorry to hear you are poor. Get a job is a good start. Good luck

    • Phil Dawson
      Phil Dawson 2 years ago

      @AeneasGemini how refreshing well done to you

  • lixquidlilo
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    I want so badly for them to work together again

  • Raji Vasireddi
    Raji Vasireddi 2 years ago

    The respect that they share for each other is so genuine and equal that it is somewhat mesmerizing.

  • Split Dimension
    Split Dimension Year ago +3

    I love what they touch on in this discussion and what Chris was mentioning about finding good material to go off of and create a film. I think its within me to come up with some creative ideas and stories not told before. I don't know if anything I wrote would get into Chris Evans hands, but I would love to see him direct again. I've enjoyed a lot of indie films that feel original that take me to a place I have not been before. Even movies similar to Blaire witch project. Everyone would say, well your watching a knock off, but since I never saw Blaire Witch at the time I thought it was really inventive. Because I had nothing to go off of that I had seen before. It was all new to me.
    I remember watching the movie Archive and I thought it was exceptionally well made for the budget it had. It was a similar idea to Ex Machina, which I still haven't seen, but if I did I hope to find something unique in each that I would enjoy.

    KADABRA 2 years ago +24

    I feel like at some point at least one of them might have had a crush on the other but the other wasn‘t interested or emotionally available, and they remained friends. In general, I feel like these two are genuinely friends and the closest among the MCU cast. They probably still frequently contact each other even though the Marvel contract is over.

    • Frida W
      Frida W 2 years ago +9

      They’re definitely the closest among the MCU cast. They’ve been friends for nearly 20 years now.

  • PenCapsandBandAids
    PenCapsandBandAids 2 years ago +1

    I hope they realize how adored they are, such successful actors, but truly adored for bringing our characters to life. All Marvel Fans everywhere absolutely adore these actors. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For fans like me who were ten year old kids sitting under a tree at recess reading Marvel comics, thank you.

  • Zeke Xander
    Zeke Xander 3 years ago +3542

    "Audiences dont come to see you, they come to see themselves" - Chris Evans

    • Oisin Reilly
      Oisin Reilly 3 years ago

      @Markus E wow, you see ably have a problem

    • Braxton_ 2304
      Braxton_ 2304 3 years ago

      Ok but why did I read this as soon as he said it

    • Whathisface
      Whathisface 3 years ago

      This is so accurate.

    • Imperfect_Dan
      Imperfect_Dan 3 years ago

      @Trevor Philips wdym okay and? That's a huge deal

    • Imperfect_Dan
      Imperfect_Dan 3 years ago +2

      @Markus E So damn true. With real good movies. Audience actually go to see themselves represented. With superhero films, it's the other way around

  • hun23nam
    hun23nam 2 years ago +6

    I like Chris Evans as an actor and a human being I was fan since Fantastic Four when I was a kid. I wish he has more confidence to himself cause he deserves it and honestly I want to see him more active and more often on movies or even TV shows

  • Shri
    Shri 2 years ago +5

    I honestly feel like they should be the way they are. Some relationships are best meant to be the way they are. They are real true friends and taking it to next level might change whole damn thing because marriage is complicated. I crave this particular kind of relationship in my life where you don't have any obligations whatsoever. There's love, there's respect, there's affection and that makes it so beautiful.

  • Esperanza Rodriguez
    Esperanza Rodriguez 2 years ago +7

    Very good management of the interview, they treated each other with respect and know each other deeply, well done 👏🏽👏🏽